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Volunteer in Thailand: Assist the Abused ,Neglected, & Abandoned Street Children of Thailand

Sea Volunteers Program Co Ltd

Street Address:
Rojana Road, Ban Wararak
Wang Noi

Assist the Abused ,Neglected, & Abandoned Street Children of Thailand

Ayuthaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Nong Khai
Dates of Program
Flexible Dates
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

The Convention of the United Nations has guaranteed the rights of children to live normal life and to study. However, there are still millions of children in the world who are suffering. Based on the human rights notion, any child should not be discriminated because of their physical, mental, social, economic
and legal conditions. Children of various kinds e.g. orphans, handicapped, mentally retarded children,  street children, abandoned children, children from poor and broken families, physically/sexually abused children, young offender, children with no custodians, children at risks of abuse and neglects, children
from ethnic minority are socialized in shelters or special schools. These children and adolescents need  adequate care and protection from others. Most of these places lack physical facilities, qualified staff and/or adequate educational materials. Your even one hour’s time can make a big difference to them.
In summary, our program is targeting to deal with children (0-18 years of age) who are vulnerable of abuse and neglect, orphans, abandoned children, street children, and mentally and physically handicapped. Volunteers can help these children with activities related to day-care, physical development and various therapeutic activities i.e. arts, crafts, etc. These activities are supervised and carefully assigned by staff in the placements.

Major Responsibilities

Major Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide protective shelter to the children
  • Act finding i.e. physical damage, health, economic & social conditions, family histories, incidence
    of abuse, legal provision etc.
  • Child protection i.e. temporary separation of children from their families, legal proceeding,
    medical check-up
  • Providing financial supports and necessary items to both children and the family
  • Counseling mostly concerned problem-solving and social skills of the children 
  • Help mental/intellectual development by teaching and other activities
  • Help develop physical health through sports, exercises, and nourishment
  • Help develop personal skills through training e.g. cooking, sewing, dancing, singing, drawing,
    gardening, teaching handicraft making
  • Help socialize with other children, relatives, neighbors and the communities, facilitate re-
    integration i.e. help return to the normal life to live with family and the society
  • Help re-integration of the children with the community
  • Monitor the re-integrated children in community until the case is closed
Cost/Program Fee
USD 299 (1 Week) &1392 (12 Weeks)
What program fee Includes

Cost includes:

  • Pick up from the airport
  • In-country supervision
  • Accommodation and Meal
  • Country orientation

Cost Excludes:

  • Personal expenses
  • Airfare Cost
  • Visa Cost
  • Vaccination Cost
Skills/ Qualifications

Volunteer needs to be friendly, open, and flexible and should have good communication skills and must have the knowledge about Child Care, health education & Medicine.  

Arrangements for Room/Food

Food & Accommodation:  Food and accommodation will be provided at the host family in the placement area or hostel,Guest House. 

Any Missing Important Information

Make sure that your visa and other legal work are properly done so that you don’t have to face any legal obligations.

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