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Volunteer in Vietnam

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Volunteer in Vietnam and learn to love the country’s vast geographical diversity. Vietnam lies at the furthest eastern edge of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. The country spans mostly mountainous and forestry terrain, including nearly 50% of tropical rainforests. Be sure to pay a visit to The Red River Delta, the Annamite Range and the capital city of Hanoi – known for its incredible beauty.

Travellersquest has compiled a list of volunteer opportunities in Vietnam so that you can encounter rare opportunities like teaching English to disadvantaged children or supporting welfare centers in the Hai Duong province. Check reviews about Vietnam volunteer programs and deals provided by volunteer abroad companies before finalizing your decision.

Vietnam Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of volunteer programs in Vietnam, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

Help in a HIV/AIDS Clinic in Vietnam

ELI works with several centers providing care for patients with HIV/AIDS as well as with educational outreach programs for the larger community. Many of the patients staying in the centers are in the…

Volunteer in Distributing Wheelchairs

Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV) is currently seeking Vietnamese volunteers to attend wheelchair distributions throughout Northern Vietnam. Volunteers will interview wheelchair…

Conversation Partner Program in Vietnam

Volunteer 15 hours each week in Vietnam in exchange for free room and board.  Conversation Partners are placed in either Ho Chi Min City or Hanoi.  Weekends are usually free to explore local…

Volunteer at Village Teaching Project in Vietnam

Volunteering in the village kindergarten or grammar school is a fantastic opportunity to be a responsible traveler and make a positive contribution during your stay. You will be placed in a local school,…

Practice Conversational English with the Children of Viet Nam

In Vietnam, volunteers work at a range of government run schools located in different areas of Hanoi. The schools are generally large, with over 1000 pupils, and there may be more than 40 pupils in…

Teaching English to Children in Orphanages

With support from SOS International, the SOS Orphanage was built in Viet Tri to take care of orphans from 5 provinces in the area.At this moment, there are about 180 orphans living in 15 SOS families…

Orphanage Project in Vietnam

More than 170 orphans stay in the orphanage where our volunteers will work. The orphanage is trying to educate, feed, clothe and house the children, but the government funding has recently been cut…

Initiate Help For the Street Children of Vietnam

For the poor children, there is no school to attend and nothing to learn. Instead, they have to make their living collecting rubbish, polishing shoes and some even begging. There is no future of these…

Rescue Endangered Animals of Vietnam with WAVA

Let's face it, Vietnam is one of those countries dogged by its history and past involvement in the war. However, in recent times there have been undercurrents of interest bubbling away at the surface,…

Child Care Volunteers Program

Volunteers in Vietnam provide much-needed support and assistance to children at various childcare facilities. One such facility is a government-owned school for orphans with disabilities aged five…

Business Development and Health Program

The government has extended free health insurance to most of the poorest in Hanoi. However, the quality of healthcare remains problematic and susceptibility to infectious diseases and high rates of…

Teaching English Volunteering Program Work On Kindergarten And Primary School

Volunteers, depending on number of volunteers per group, will be engaged in a variety of projects, from teaching English pronunciation and colloquialisms, the building of playgrounds and better homes…

Vietnam Volunteers Street Children and Orphanage Program at Hanoi

Volunteering tasks are centered in providing education to ensure these children's access to schools.The volunteer project takes place in the outskirts of Ha Noi (North Vietnam).This projects is located…

Volunteer Abroad Guides and EBook

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guide volunteer in vietnam

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide To Volunteering in Vietnam

This volunteer ebook covers reasons to choose this destination, projects on offer, how to choose the best organization and which companies offering volunteer programs in Vietnam the best and most affordable. Tips on fundraising, paperwork, health checks, safety and coping with culture shock are also covered in this detailed guide.Use this free ebook as your go-to resource when planning for your affordable and life changing Vietnam volunteer experience.

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