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The 10 [Best Cheap] China Panda Conservation Volunteer Providers 2023

The 10 Best Cheap China Panda Conservation Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer in China with a panda conservation program, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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China, the land of mythical dragons, many centuries of fascinating history and that most treasured of national animals, the panda. Unfortunately these cute yet majestic creatures are now on the endangered species list, and in real danger of becoming extinct.

If you care about this topic then choosing to volunteer on a China panda conservation project is a great way to make a difference.

Sharing your time and effort on a panda conservation volunteer project is a truly rewarding experience, combining the opportunity to save panda bears from extinction, but also to explore China and its exotic culture.

This situation is so urgent that there are many China based panda conservation programs available for you to choose from, so be prepared for information overload when you begin looking around at what is on offer.

The volunteer programs available in the internet are plentiful, but they can vary quite dramatically in terms of things like quality, affordability, reliability and safety.

If you choose a volunteering program randomly without doing proper research you may not only ruin your volunteering experience by spending cash on a poorly organized project, you could even jeopardize your safety in a new country.

The great news is there’s no need to waste your time, money or energy, as we have done lots of research and poured it all into this article.

Here you can read about the background, programs, and prices of a number of carefully researched and selected panda conservation volunteer programs in China, and also find out how they are reviewed and rated by those who have completed a placement.

Go Eco (USA)

Go Eco Panda  Conservation Volunteer  Project in China
Photo Credit:

Established in 2005, Go Eco is an international volunteering company which focuses on projects dealing with environmental conservation.

This ethical and popular volunteer abroad company has placed over1000 volunteers since its establishment, and now has reputed and affordable volunteering projects  available in 33 destinations. 

Go Eco provides people who love to travel the chance to do so alongside engaging in some meaningful volunteer work in the environmental and wildlife conservation field.

Go Eco Panda Conservation Volunteer Programs

Go Eco provides an array of volunteer opportunities that focus on environment and wildlife conservation. The highly rated volunteer in China panda conservation scheme is one of the most exciting projects on offer.

The project provides volunteers with hands-on experience as they help in efforts to save this endangered species from extinction.

On this project volunteers help with daily tasks and activities such as preparing food for and feeding the pandas, or cleaning their enclosures.

By volunteering on this project you are playing a vital role in saving these lovable and endangered creatures from extinction. .

Go Eco Volunteer Program Fees

Go Eco offers very cheap  China Conservation Programs. This highly recommended panda conservation volunteer project runs for a minimum period of 1 week, up to a maximum stay of 4 weeks. The fees for this project start at $750, with around a $400 increment for each extra week added.

The program fees cover meals, accommodation, staff support, pre departure kit, transportation and so on. Volunteers should note that airfares, personal expenses, and health checkup costs are not included.

There is no application/registration fee for this program.

Go Eco Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Go Eco is a volunteering organization with experienced staff and high quality programs in over 33 destinations. The company offers a variety of volunteering projects, all with affordable volunteering program fees.

Go Eco has gained love and support from over 1000 volunteer worldwide, and has many positive and favorable reviews from online reviewing companies like Go Abroad, Go Overseas, Abroad Reviews and Volunteer Forever:

RCDP International (Nepal)

RCDP China Panda Conservation Volunteering Project
Photo Credit:

RCDP International was the first volunteering abroad organization to offer volunteering opportunities in Nepal.

RCDP offer volunteering programs in 18 different countries, including Tanzania, Nepal, India, Uganda and Tibet. The company collaborates with many colleges, and UK and USA based universities to make their programs meaningful and exciting.

Well over 12,000 volunteers from all around the world have volunteered through RCDP on programs in the fields of childcare, healthcare, panda conservation, community development, and more.

RCDP International Panda Conservation Volunteer Program

RCDP International provides many different kinds of volunteering projects. If you like to work with children or help and contribute towards wellbeing of the local community, then you have volunteering projects like childcare and community development. Similarly, animal lovers can volunteer on a China panda conservation project.

As pandas are regarded as an endangered species RCDP developed this program to support projects which are working hard to save these beautiful animals.

As a volunteer you are expected to help out with many different kinds of activities, both practical and admin related.  

In any given week you may find yourself keeping the panda enclosures clean, preparing food for the pandas and helping their handlers at feeding time, assisting in the day-to-day running of the conservation centre, directing tours, undertaking some administrative tasks, doing some web designing and also teaching English to the local staff to help them communicate with tourists.

RCDP International Program Fees

RCDP International provides one of the cheapest abroad volunteering programs, with fees which are very low compared to other volunteering organizations.

As you would expect, RCDP’s panda conservation project in China is an affordable volunteering program, with program fees of $800 for one week. (Four weeks is the maximum length of stay allowed.)

Volunteers also pay $269 as a registration fee, which covers administration and marketing costs.

RCDP International Volunteer Abroad Reviews:

RCDP is a reputed and well managed volunteering abroad company. Since its establishment it has gained the love and support of over 12,000 volunteers worldwide.

The company has plenty of nice reviews from alumni volunteers and reliable online reviewing companies like Abroad Reviews and Go Overseas.

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

China Panda Conservation Volunteers from IFRE feeding Panda
Photo Credit:

If you’ve always wanted to help people while travelling the world but have been held back because of financial constraints then IFRE volunteers is the organization you are looking for.

A non-profit abroad volunteering organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas, IFRE Volunteers was established in 2005, launching its volunteering program in 2006.

The company offers the most exciting volunteering projects, with adventurous trips available in 18 different countries across Asia, Latin America and Africa.

So far the company has worked with over 20,000 happy volunteers from all over the world.

IFRE Panda Conservation Volunteer Program

Choosing an IFRE panda conservation project in China means you get to volunteer abroad in a safe environment, and for an affordable fee.

Volunteers opting for this program have the chance to work with local conservation organizations, and learn the methods used to protect endangered species from extinction, and then in their free time they can experience the beauty and culture of China.

As a volunteer on  China panda conservation project you will work with handlers to keep the pandas fed, and both their homes and selves clean, as well as helping with basic medical treatments, artificial insemination, ultrasounds and perhaps even delivering cubs.

Other tasks may include handling visitors at the conservation centre and conducting tours, or doing some admin/promotional work.

IFRE Volunteer Program Fees

IFRE Volunteers offer various abroad volunteering projects at very affordable prices; starting at just $99. The final cost varies with the projects chosen, the country and the length of the stay.

The panda conservation project in China costs $850 for 1 week and $3250 for 4 weeks (which is the maximum stay allowed.) Volunteers also need to pay a registration fee of $299 before starting the project.

IFRE Volunteer Abroad Reviews

IFRE Volunteers is an extremely well thought of and experienced organization, offering the best volunteering projects, with affordable pricing and safe environments.

The company has over 250 reviews, with positive and encouraging comments from volunteer alumni and online reviewing companies like Go Overseas and Abroad Reviews.

Global crossroad (USA)

Mother Panda and Baby Panda in Global Crossroad Panda Conservation Centre
Photo Credit:

Global Crossroad is a volunteering company that was established and registered in Dallas, Texas, in 2003. The company’s primary focus is to help people who are looking to combine travel with making the world a better place.

It offers life changing abroad volunteering projects and adventurous trips to 18 exotic international destinations in America, Africa and Asia.

Global Crossroad China Panda Conservation Program

Pandas are the second most endangered species of the world, and every year thousands of these animals are dying due to both pollution and human encroachment on their habitat.

Many organizations like the WWF, and forest reserves like National Nature Reserve are trying their level best to conserve these endangered species. Global Crossroad offers this volunteer in China panda project  to support their efforts.

As a volunteer on this project you are required to help with all aspects of panda conservation. These include maintenance tasks such as feeding, providing medical care, and tourism/promotional activities.

Most volunteers also teach some English classes to help local staff who must communicate with visitors improve their language skills.

Global Crossroad Program Fees

Global Crossroad is well known for providing top quality and very affordable projects with professional service to volunteers from all over the world.

This top rated panda conservation project in China runs from 1 to 4 weeks. The program fees start at $850, rising to $3250 for a stay of one month.

A registration/application fee of $299 is paid before volunteers start the project.

Global Crossroad volunteer abroad reviews:

Global Crossroad is a professional abroad volunteering organization, providing excellent volunteer projects in an affordable price in 18 international destinations.

With over 18,000 happy volunteer alumni there are many positive reviews on the Global Crossroad website and on Abroad Reviews too.

Travelers Worldwide (UK)

Volunteer enjoying Panda Conservation Project by Travellers Worldwide
Photo Credit:

Travelers Worldwide is a UK based volunteering organization, established in 1994 by Phil and Jennifer Perkes.

Following their own experiences of travelling the world in the dual role of volunteer and cultural explorer the couple wanted to offer the same opportunities to others. 

Travelers Worldwide is a well recognized organization offering exciting voluntary placements in over 20 destinations worldwide.

Travelers Worldwide Panda Conservation Program

As a Travelers Worldwide volunteer on a China panda conservation project you will be working at the largest panda base in China, in the area of Woolong Nature Reserve near the UNESCO world heritage site.

As a volunteer you will be working closely with local staff, and have plenty of contact with both grown and baby pandas. Tasks range from cleaning and feeding, to admin and research.

Travelers Worldwide Panda Conservation Program Fees

Travelers offers low cost China Panda Volunteer Conservation Program. The program fees for this China Panda Conservation Project are $893 for 1 week, rising to $2693 for 4 weeks. There is no additional registration/application fee.

Travelers Worldwide Volunteer Abroad Reviews:

Travelers Worldwide has gained some really good, positive reviews from highly satisfied volunteer alumni, who respect and appreciate the company’s commitment to providing quality volunteer and travel experiences.

Similar excellent feedback can be found on websites such as Go Overseas and Abroad Reviews.

Frontier (USA)

Volunteer in China Panda conservation with Frontier Gap
Photo Credit:

Since offering its first volunteering project in Tanzania, non - profit volunteering and conservation organization Frontier has developed a wide range of quality philanthropic programs; all of which are intended to change the lives of young people in a positive way.

The company has more than 25 years of experience in providing quality volunteering services and worthwhile travel options to people from all over the world.

Frontier offers affordable volunteering opportunities in 50 international destinations.

Frontier Panda Conservation Program

Frontier offers various volunteering programs focused in areas such as childcare, healthcare, teaching, animal conservation, and community development.

Panda Conservation is one of the most popular projects that Frontier offers, attracting animal lovers who want to help save endangered species from extinction.

As a volunteer on a China panda conservation project, you will begin your placement by taking introductory classes run by sanctuary staff. These will equip you with enough basic knowledge to carry out any activities available during the volunteering period.

Your tasks as a volunteer will include helping staff feed the pandas and clean their sleeping quarters.

Frontier Panda Conservation Program fees

Volunteering on Frontier’s highly reviewed Panda Conservation Project in China costs $1045 for 1 week. If you wish to volunteer for longer simply add $745 for each extra week. Volunteers are not required to pay any registration fees.

The program fees cover your accommodation, discounted medical kit; pre departure support, travel and medical advice and more.

Frontier volunteer abroad reviews:

Frontier has been offering a wide array of volunteering projects for over 25 years. With such immense experience in providing world class volunteering opportunities many previous volunteers have left positive testimonials of their programs

You can read many favorable reviews of the company on online reviewing websites such as Abroad Reviews, Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

Rustic Pathways (USA)

Pandas in their Rustic Pathways Panda Conservation Centre
Photo Credit:

Rustic Pathways is one of the leading abroad volunteer companies, providing better quality travel and voluntary programs for students as well as families in 18 international destinations.

Founded in 1983, the company is very serious about both the safety and satisfaction of volunteers participating in their programs.

The company aims to provide students with top quality yet affordable volunteering programs, in order to promote responsible travel experiences that empower them in a positive way.

The company is committed to make the world a better and wiser place, one where travelling and volunteerism are an important part of education, while promoting sustainable development and the idea that all people are connected by the shared goal of humanity to do good.

Rustic Pathways Volunteer in China Panda Conservation Project

The focus area for this best and cheap China Panda Conservation project by Rustic Pathways is Chengdu.

You will work with researchers, helping them to take care of the pandas. Your work as a volunteer will be to monitor the species’ behavior, prepare food for pandas - as well as feeding them, and cleaning their living spaces.

During your free time you can trek across the mountains, and explore Chengdu and Shanghai.

Rustic Pathways Program Fees

This high quality Panda Conservation project in China lasts for a period of 2 weeks and costs $3995. Volunteers pay a registration fee of $100 to join the program.

Rustic Pathways Volunteer Abroad Reviews:

If you are looking forward to traveling the world as well as engaging in the noble activity of volunteerism, then Rustic Pathways is the right choice.

Rustic Pathways offers you the opportunity to travel to 18 exotics lands, where you can explore as well as volunteer on a unique and safe program in some of the world’s fascinating countries.

The company has received many positive reviews from former volunteers, and online reviewing websites; Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

Did we miss any best China Panda Conservation Program?

We hope this article has provided all the information needed to help you decide on the right kind of panda conservation volunteering opportunity to fit your time, budget and expectations.

Our hope is that you feel inspired to travel with a purpose by getting involved in the meaningful act of volunteering, and help make this world a better place.    

But perhaps we missed some amazing, affordable and well reviewed panda conservation programs in China?

Travellers Quest aims to provide fair and truthful articles on the topic of affordable volunteering abroad programs, and always strives to present useful information on the projects available.

However, if you recently completed a panda conservation volunteer program in China, and you believe it offered a meaningful experience at a great price we want to hear about it.

Please share your experience/story explaining why it was a top level program, and include links to prices and reviews.

This will help prospective volunteers make the best decision they possibly can.


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