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The 10 [Best Cheap] Uganda Medical Volunteer Providers 2023

The 10 Best Cheap Uganda Medical Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you a medical student or a professional planning to volunteer in Uganda, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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You’re passionate about healthcare and want to make a difference in Uganda. The trouble is, how can you know which of the hundreds of Uganda Medical Volunteer programs out there are right for you? What if you choose the wrong provider and spend way too much money, don’t really make a difference, or worse, aren’t safe or supported while abroad?

These fears are justified, and to ensure you have a safe, impactful, affordable, and successful experience volunteering in Uganda, you need to select a reliable provider that is just right for your particular situation. To make this choice easy on you, Traveller’s Quest has compared all the program providers out there and narrowed it down to the top 10.

Providers Sample price
2 weeks
RCDP International $679 Abroad:9 / 10 -64+ 221 Reviews
Go overseas: 9.5/10 – ‎28 reviews
Volunteering Solutions $910 Go Overseas: 9.4/10 – ‎306 reviews
Volunteer forever: 4.7 – ‎77 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $749 Go Overseas:-8.8/10 – ‎58 reviews
Sitejabber:-3.4 – ‎7 reviews
Eli Abroad $995 Go overseas: 9.1/10 – ‎31 reviews
Go Abroad: 9.69-51 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $874 Go overseas:9.5/10 – ‎1,364 reviews
Go Abroad:9.5/10 – ‎1,008 reviews
Love Volunteers $938 Go overseas 9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad: 9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
A broader view $1290 Go Over seas: 9.9/10 – ‎178 reviews
Volunteer forever : 5 – ‎234 reviews
Global Crossroad $749 Go overseas: 9.1/10 – ‎49 reviews
Abroad Reviews: 8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
New hope volunteer $679 Abroad reviews- 8.9/10 – 19 reviews

Table update Jan 11, 2020

RCDP International

rcdp uganda medical project

RCDP was founded way back in 1998, and the non-profit organization believes anyone should be able to make a difference, so they only charge enough to keep their life changing programs running, putting them within the reach of everyone. RCDP is a trusted organization that makes a big difference and immerses you in local communities.

About the Uganda medical volunteering program:

Many people in Uganda still lack access to basic healthcare, and the facilities that serve them often struggle to keep up with the many patients that need to be seen each day. You’ll observe and assist doctors and nurses, gaining valuable experience in the medical field while helping Ugandan people in need.


RCDP offers extremely low rates as part of their dedication to allow everyone to make a difference, no matter their financial situation. They charge a low registration fee of $279, and only $100 per week of volunteering. This includes your accommodations with a local host family, meals, airport pickup, and full support from the RCDP team.


RCDP has excellent past reviews, a great sign when searching for a Uganda Medical Volunteer. This past volunteer said, “RCDP- honest, reasonable and very user friendly. I would 100% use them again. VERY GOOD DEAL…”

Abroad Reviews

Go overseas:

Why we selected RCDP International:

RCDP was a shoo-in for our top 10 Uganda medical volunteer providers thanks to their low rates, many years of experience, emphasis on cultural immersion, and their positive past reviews. A great choice to make a difference for less!

Volunteering Solutions

This organization, nicknamed VolSol, has over 12 years of experience. They’ve sent over 14,000 volunteers to 155 projects in 25 countries around the world. VolSol offers affordable rates and flexible programs, and if you are traveling with a friend, partner, or group, they make sure you’ll be placed together.

About the Uganda medical program

After joining this medical volunteer work opportunity in Uganda, You will be volunteering in a healthcare facility in the Kampala region that has 140 beds. You will be shadowing and assisting in various departments such as radiology, dental, surgery, maternity, etc. Weekly health camps are held to service low-income rural residents and promote health education, and you’ll join these, helping the local community.


You will pay an application fee of $250, and one week of the program will cost $260, while a 2-week program is $380. Your fee will cover your accommodations, meals, airport pickup, the full support of the VolSol team, and local transport from where you’re staying to your project each day.


Past volunteers highly recommend VolSol, something to keep in mind when choosing your Uganda healthcare volunteering program. This past volunteer said, “It was an enriching experience, Volunteering Solution has the best program, and exceptional planning, we will continue participating…anywhere in the world where the organization has a program.”

Go Overseas

Volunteer forever

Why we selected Volunteering Solutions:

We selected VolSol as a reliable provider for your volunteer healthcare trip to Uganda because of their affordable rates, years of experience, and impactful program which will allow you to work in a hospital as well as going out into the local community to serve people in need.

IFRE Volunteer

ifre uganda medical program

Founded in 2006, this non-profit has helped over 22,000 volunteers travel to 20 countries around the world and make a big difference in poor communities that are in desperate need of help. IFRE offers very low rates, places you in the home of a welcoming local host family, offers a crash course in local culture, and helps you make a big impact while abroad.

About the Medical Program in Uganda

Much help is needed to support the undermanned medical facilities in Uganda. You’ll be observing and assisting doctors, performing tasks such as outpatient care, blood tests, family planning, community outreach, taking vitals, etc. When health camps are set up to go out into the local community, you’ll join in. A great chance to get hands-on experience!


IFRE offers extremely affordable rates and a unique payment model that allows you to pay your weekly fee right back into the local community you are there to help. You’ll pay a registration fee of $299, and a one-week program will cost you only $150. This will cover your accommodations, meals, airport pickup, and full support from the IFRE team.


Ensuring your safety is the top reason why you need to select a reliable provider for your medical volunteering work opportunity in Uganda. IFRE is a great choice in this regard. “I am happy that I used IFRE Volunteers for my first experience in Africa because it provided me with the security and reassurance I needed. There was always someone there to help me.”

Go Overseas

Abroad Reviews

Why we selected IFRE Volunteer:

IFRE is a fantastic choice to Uganda Medical Volunteer programs. They offer very affordable rates, life-changing, and impactful programs, and ensure that your money is going back into the local communities right where it’s needed.

Eli Abroad

eli uganda medical health project

This non-profit organization was founded in 2001 in Colorado. Eli is short for Experiential Learning International, and this illustrates this company’s philosophy. They believe hands-on experience in international destinations will change the way you see the world and combine that with making a difference in needy communities around the globe.

About the medical volunteer in Uganda program:

Eli Abroad offers three different meaningful medical programs, which can be combined. You can help patients infected with HIV/AIDS and fight this terrible epidemic, work in a small clinic doing physical therapy, or observe and assist in a very busy hospital where the doctor to patient ratio is a shocking 1 to 25,000. Your help is desperately needed!


You’ll pay a registration fee of $200, and a two-week medical program will cost $590. This fee will include your accommodations with a local host family, local meals, a safe pickup from the airport, and 24/7 support from the Eli Abroad team.


According to past reviews, you can count on Eli to match your skills to the perfect placement in Uganda Medical Volunteer. “The reason that I chose ELI as my internship organizer was because of their emphasis on matching the skills of the intern to the skill-set required for the internship.”

Go overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected Eli Abroad:

Eli Abroad is a great choice for your medical volunteer work in Uganda, particularly if you are seeking specialized programs such as physical therapy or working with AIDS patients. Low rates and impactful programs are more plusses in favor of this provider.

International Volunteer HQ

Founded back in 2007, IVHQ has since grown to become the largest volunteer organization in the world. They’ve helped over 107,000 volunteers make a difference at programs in 40 destinations around the world. With low rates and a steady stream of IVHQ volunteers traveling each month, this is a great choice for you.

About the Uganda medical program:

At this program, you will be observing and offering assistance to doctors and nurses who work in a busy medical facility and are in great need of support. You will be helping in a variety of departments, and if you have a certain specialty you are pursuing, IVHQ can match your placement so you can best utilize your special skills.


IVHQ offers very affordable rates. You’ll pay a registration fee of $299, and a weekly fee of $280 per week. This includes your accommodations in a volunteer house you’ll share with fellow volunteers, meals, airport pickup, and 24/7 support from the IVHQ team. You’ll also receive online training before you travel, and discounts on flights and insurance.


The high number of volunteers traveling with IVHQ each month means you’ll have lots of like-minded companies as a medical volunteering experience in Uganda. This past volunteer said, “Naturally you become part of a really huge family and easily become knitted into a very welcoming community. By far this was the best summer of my life.”

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected International Volunteer HQ:

IVHQ is a great choice for your medical program thanks to its low rates, years of experience in the field, positive past reviews, and the chance to travel and bond with many like-minded volunteers.

Love Volunteers

love uganda public health project

Shocked by the high prices being charged by other organizations, a brother and sister team from New Zealand set out in 2009 on a journey around the world to find worthy non-profits in need of help from volunteers. With reasonable rates and a helpful online dashboard to help plan your trip, Love Volunteers is a good choice for first-time volunteers.

About the medical volunteer in Uganda program:

You will be volunteering at a busy medical facility called Mukono Health Center 4. You’ll be observing and helping out medical professionals in a variety of capacities. A large surgical theater is where many c-sections and similar procedures are carried out, and the health center also has a full-scale HIV/AIDS clinic you will be helping out in.


You’ll pay a registration fee of $299, and a two-week program will cost you $429. This works out to only $31 per day and includes your accommodations in a welcoming local host family, who will also serve you breakfast and dinner. You will also receive airport pickup and 24/7 support from the Love Volunteers team.


According to past reviews, you can expect a high level of support during your Uganda Medical Volunteer. One former volunteer said, “The Love Volunteer staff members were so helpful in creating a smooth process from start to finish with regular check-ins, and always being available to assist.”

Go overseas

Go Abroad:

Why we selected Love Volunteers:

Love Volunteers is a great choice for volunteers who are seeking some extra help planning their Uganda medical volunteering experience, as their online dashboard walks you through step by step. They also have low rates and great reviews.

A Broader View

This Pennsylvania based non-profit was founded in 2007. Although they offer a variety of programs, their primary focus is helping poor communities and orphanages. Although their cost is a little higher, you know the money is going to a good cause as they have donated over $3.5 million to their local partners to build orphanages and clinics and a lot more.

About the medical program in Uganda

A Broader View offers two exciting medical program in Uganda. At the first one, you will be observing and assisting at one of two busy medical facilities, counseling teenage mothers as well as treating ailments such as Typhoid, Malaria, diarrhea, etc. The other program is a maternity/midwifery program, so if that’s your focus this is the perfect program for you!


A Broader View does not charge a registration fee, which is important to keep in mind when comparing the prices of programs. A one-week program will cost you $820, and this will cover accommodations and meals, airport pickup and drop-off, and full support from the A Broader View team. Weekly rates go down the longer you stay.


Positive past reviews can be a good indicator of a trusted provider for your Uganda Medical Volunteer. This past volunteer said, “Overall it was a wonderful eye-opening experience.”

Go Overseas

Volunteer forever

Go abroad

Why we selected A Broader View:

A Broader View is a great provider for you to volunteer trips to Uganda in medical programs, and our top choice for maternity and mid-wife volunteers. While their prices are a bit higher, you can save by staying longer, and also feel good that they donate such a large amount of money to their local partners and make a big impact with the funds you pay.

Global Crossroad

uganda public health program

Global Crossroad is an impactful non-profit organization that was founded in 2003. So far, they have helped over 20,000 volunteers make a big difference in life-changing programs around the world. They offer incredibly reasonable rates while maintaining high-quality service and make a great choice for volunteers looking to make a big impact for less.

About the Uganda healthcare volunteering program:

Global Crossroads offers two meaningful and impactful programs in the Kampala region of Uganda. One is treating and supporting HIV/AIDS patients while helping fight this terrible epidemic through education. The other is a more traditional medical program that will have you observing and offering much-needed support to doctors in a busy health center.


Global Crossroad offers some of the lowest prices around. They charge a standard $299 registration fee, and you can volunteer for one week for only $150! The price goes down the longer you stay, increasing the impact you can make. The fee covers your housing, meals, airport pickup, and the dedicated support of the Global Crossroad team.


You want a well-organized experience as Uganda Medical Volunteer programs, and Global Crossroad delivers on this. A past volunteer said, “The program was very well organized…It was incredible to see how much work could be done in a short time!”

Go overseas:

Abroad Reviews:

Why we selected Global Crossroad:

Global Crossroad was a shoo-in for our list of top medical volunteer programs in Uganda providers. Their extremely low rates, years of experience, and great reviews make this organization a great choice. We also love the cultural immersion they offer their volunteers.

New Hope Volunteers

new hope voluteer uganda

This long-standing non-profit has been around since 1998 and has helped over 18,000 volunteers make a difference worldwide. They offer a unique three-phase approach to the volunteer experience. 1. Cultural Immersion 2. Service Work  3. Travel and recreational excursions to make the most of your time in another country. Low rates and high quality!

About the medical program in Uganda:

Many rural people in Uganda have to travel great distances for medical clinics and lack access to the most basic forms of healthcare. You will help out in rural outposts and clinics supporting the hardworking medical professionals who are trying to ensure these impoverished rural Ugandans get the care they so desperately need.


New Hope keeps their prices low to allow volunteers to have money left over to take safaris and excursions, as well as volunteering to make a difference, and they offer these trips at a reasonable additional fee. You’ll pay $279 for registration, and only $100 a week to volunteer! This includes accommodations, meals, and 24/7 support.


New Hope Volunteers has rave reviews, a good sign you’ll have a positive experience when volunteering in Uganda healthcare. “An amazing experience and one we would recommend to anybody. Age is no barrier….. Go For It and Thank you, New Hope.”

Abroad reviews-

Why we selected New Hope Volunteers:

New Hope made our list of top 10 providers thanks to their super-low rates, and their unique three-phase approach to volunteering abroad which immerses you in the local culture and language, helps you make a difference and ensures you get in enough travel and recreation to take full advantage of the amazing place you are traveling to.


Now you’re well-acquainted with the top 10 providers of Uganda Medical Volunteer, and you’ve been able to compare what they have to offer you. Based on the information we’ve provided you; you should be able to easily select a reliable and vetted provider and be certain you’re going to have an amazing experience abroad.

You can never be armed with enough knowledge, so keep checking back in at Traveller’s Quest as we add helpful articles like this one all the time. As our free gift to you, be sure to download our Volunteer Abroad Guide below. This will give you all the insider tips and helpful hints you need to make your trip overseas a resounding success! Good luck!

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