How To Get Reviews & Deals With Negative And Fake Reviews

Online reviews matter more than you realize. Reviews are an effective marketing strategy to establish your company's credibility, influence consumer decisions, and encourage customer interaction with your company. Reviews help attract prospective customers, increase your profits as well as gain insight to improve your business.

Almost all customers read reviews online before purchasing any product or service. You should always encourage all your customers to write a review once they complete a tour program with you.

How to encourage your customers to write reviews?

Simply ask for a review:: The best way to get reviews for your customers is to provide them excellent services and ask them for a review. More often than not, customers are happy to leave a review if they are satisfied. Even negative reviews help build credibility. Make sure to send review requests to customers at the right time to maximize your chance of getting reviews.

Target the right customers:: Focus on getting good reviews and not just mere feedback because it helps improve your company’s ratings. If your customer expresses satisfaction with your services, ask them to write a review immediately and tell them how much it would help your business.

Create an effective review process:: Make asking for reviews an integral part of your business strategy. Improve your chances of getting great reviews by engaging with your customers and personalizing your communication with your customers right from the start. If you do not hear back, it is helpful to follow up more than once.

Explain your customers why reviews are important:: Explain to your customers how important their reviews are for your company and how much they impact your business. Help them understand that their feedback would help you improve your services and benefit fellow customers.

Respond to reviews: Thank your customers for writing a review and engage with them. Address any issues and resolve any negative reviews immediately rather than ignoring them. When you respond, it shows customers that you care.

Offer an incentive: Some customers may put off leaving a review or may not bother writing one. Offering your customers incentives with discounts, credits, or gift cards may encourage customers to leave a review.

Negative Reviews

Not all reviews are positive and negative reviews tend to impact your business. Unhappy customers are more likely to share their experiences.

However, negative reviews are equally important in the sense that they help you identify areas of your business that needs improvement. They also provide a fair counterbalance to positive reviews and help build your credibility among customers.

Fortunately, you can use proven methods to turn a negative review into a positive experience and an opportunity to attract even more customers in the long run.

How to deal with negative reviews?

Respond immediately

If a customer leaves a negative review, they are unhappy and expect a swift response. It would be best if you dealt with the negative review promptly to prevent further damage. Do not ignore any negative reviews.

Follow up on the negative reviewers

Make sure that you always follow up with negative reviews. Take the necessary steps to resolve the issue and try to turn the unsatisfied customer into a happy one.

Personalize your response

Through the negative reviews, customers generally want to impact the business and help future customers, so they don’t face the same issues. Always personalize your response and make the customer feel heard. Personalizing your response shows the customer that you listen and care.

Respond in a professional manner

Don’t react to a negative review, even if some reviews may be harsh. Try to understand your customer’s perspective and take the negative review positively. Always offer an apology and respond politely and calmly.

Be honest and thoughtful

Transparency is important for any business, and customers appreciate an honest response. Do not create excuses or blame the customer. Make the customer feel that you understand their concern and show empathy.

Be Thankful

Be thankful to the customer for taking out the time to leave feedback. Take the negative reviews as a learning opportunity and use them to change your business's aspects that need improvement. Respond to the customer that you are working on the issues.

Take the issue offline

After acknowledging the negative review, try and move the communication offline as soon as possible and handle the matter out of public view by contacting the customer through phone or email. Once you resolve the issue, you can post a public comment about the resolution.

Ask the customer to remove their negative review

If a resolution has been provided, you can request the customer to remove their negative review or ask them to mention that the issue was solved.

Offer compensation

Whenever it helps, offer compensation to negate negative reviews, especially when a customer has suffered hardship, financial loss, or personal damage. It could help calm down an upset customer and save your business in the long run.

Fake reviews

Not all reviews will be authentic, and you may get unwanted reviews out of spite and from competitors looking to tarnish your brand image. If you suspect any reviews to be fake or misleading, please write to us immediately at explaining your concerns. We will check the authenticity of the negative review and have it removed if the reviewer cannot provide valid proof of participating in your program.

Please also refrain from leaving any fake reviews yourself. If TravellersQuest receives any complaint regarding your review being fake or dishonest, you may be asked to provide valid proof to show that your review is genuine. If you are not able to do so, TravellersQuest reserves the right to delete such reviews.

Inappropriate reviews

Sometimes, a review may have unwanted and inappropriate content that may impact your business. Inappropriate content may relate to abusive, hate speech, vulgar language, trolling, and spamming.

If you receive any such reviews, please write to us immediately at, and we will take the necessary action to remove any such inappropriate reviews. TravellersQuest reserves the right to delete such reviews with or without your consent if a review has inappropriate content.