Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience


  • Gain hands-on veterinary experience in the field
  • Learn new skills and techniques to progress your career
  • Work alongside some of Africa’s most experienced wildlife vets
  • Make a meaningful contribution to Africa’s wildlife


In one of the most prolific wildlife areas of southern Africa, our Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience gives you the chance to join the day-to-day activities of experienced wildlife vets. Whether you’re bouncing across the bush in the back of an old jeep in pursuit of a darted giraffe or monitoring the vital signs of an immobilised buffalo – volunteering alongside an African wildlife vet isn’t just work experience, it’s the experience of a lifetime. Depending on your goals and interests, we’ll pair you with an individual or team of vets to give you the best possible exposure to the skills and experiences you’d like to gain.

As a veterinary volunteer, you’ll shadow some of Africa’s most experienced wildlife vets into the field, assisting them with immobilising and moving many different species, testing for diseases, performing necropsies and more. Your involvement will depend on your skill level. So whether you’re a seasoned veterinarian or vet nurse looking for a fresh challenge, a veterinary undergraduate seeking an adventurous internship, or you’re interested in studying veterinary science in future, this is the experience for you.

You’ll find yourself working up close with a range of Africa’s wildlife species – often in situations that are unpredictable and require you to think on your feet. This could involve learning how the vet darts animals, helping to capture and relocate wild animals, or assist with disease prevention and pregnancy testing in the field.

A personalised veterinary experience
Our vet groups range in size from two to ten people, which means you’ll have a personalised experience assisting some of Africa’s most respected wildlife vets in their day-to-day work.

Get involved with animal darting
You’ll be a key member of the vet’s team when they dart wild buffalo, giraffe, rhino and other species. While the animal is immobilised you’ll be responsible for important tasks like monitoring its heart and breathing rates.

Learn new skills
You’ll be fully involved with the treatment and handling of wildlife, including responding to emergency call outs and learning how to immobilise wildlife and test for diseases.

Explore rural Africa
Working in the field, you’ll travel to many different wildlife reserves and explore Africa’s diverse ecosystems. You’ll also gain an insight into the culture of local towns and communities.

Support African wildlife conservation
As a veterinary volunteer, you’ll play an important role in treating and managing South Africa’s famous wildlife.

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