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10 Best Barbados Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Barbados Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Barbados, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you looking for a memorable and meaningful adventure on a beautiful Caribbean Island? Would you like to experience white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean water with gorgeous scenic views? Are you interested in finding the best tour operators in Barbados to plan your tour?

Barbados is a tiny jewel in the Caribbean with soft-sand beaches, postcard-perfect turquoise water, and friendly and fun people. A British colony, Barbados is English-speaking with a classic British vibe, including high tea, cricket, and driving on the left side of the road. With thousands of tourist attractions, the country is most famous for snorkeling, diving, and food and music festivals. Each location in Barbados has a great story, every meal is a celebration, and each day promises new experiences and lasting memories.

As you begin to research how to find the best tour provider in Barbados, you will discover hundreds, if not thousands, of tour companies offering services in the country. Investing in a top-notch tour agency is a big decision that could also cost you thousands of dollars. You should invest in a tour company that is trustworthy to give you a memorable experience in Barbados. Being able to choose a great tour operator carefully comes with knowledge, and TravellersQuest is here to ensure you are well conversant with the best of Barbados tours.

We would hate for you to spend thousands of dollars on a dishonest and untrustworthy tour provider. For this reason, we have spent thousands of hours combing through hundreds of tour operators in Barbados to provide you with this in-depth list of the best options for you. Everything you need to know about the best 10 Barbados tour companies is below!

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable Barbados tour operators.

Providers Package Reviews
Silver Moon Charters Luxury Catamaran Cruise
Luxury Private Charters
Trip Advisor – 4704 reviews
Calabaza Sailing Cruises Calabaza Island Charters
Lunch Cruise
Trip Advisor – 4281 reviews
Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises Cruise Package Private
Cruise Package Lunch
Trip Advisor – 2979 reviews
El Tigre Catamaran Sailing Cruises Turtle & Shipwreck Cruise
Turtles & Shipwreck with Lunch
Trip Advisor – 1397reviews
Cliff Sharker Private turtles and wrecks
Folkestone Coral Reef Clear Kayak Tour
Trip Advisor – 1052 reviews
Bodie’s School of Surf Kitesurfing Lesson
Windsurfing Lessons
Trip Advisor – 1023 reviews
Good Times Catamaran Cruises WATER SPORTS
Trip Advisor – 771 reviews
Elegance Catamaran Cruises Lunch Cruise
Sunset Dinner Cruise
Trip Advisor – 1365 reviews
Barry’s Surf Barbados Surf School BARRY’S SURF SCHOOL IN BARBADOS
Trip Advisor – 510 reviews
Ride The Tide Surf School 3-Pack Surf Lessons
Trip Advisor – 742 reviews

Table update Oct 24, 2021

Silver Moon Charter

barbados tour

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2021
Reviews: 4,704 reviews on Trip advisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

If a trusted, dependable, and top-rated Barbados catamaran tour excursion is what you are looking for, look no further than Silver Moon Charter. It is a reputable Barbados tour company founded in 1984 by Nick to provide luxury Catamarans and exclusive seasoned voyages in the Barbados sea. With a team of professional guides and divers, you can enjoy a sunset or day cruise and explore secret gems while enjoying local snacks and cocktails. Silver Moon Charter team is engaging and committed to delivering you a once-in-a-lifetime Barbados experience.


Silver Moon Charter offers many great Barbados tour packages for any level of adventurer to relax and enjoy the sea.

Sit back and relax with a cocktail, set sail in a Luxury Catamaran Excursion, and dive deep to explore a 19th-century shipwreck, marine life, and coral reefs while making friends and embracing Barbados. Sail intimately in a Luxury Private Charter designed to accommodate romantic nights, family reunions, or weddings.


Silver Moon Charter has immense positive praise from past customers and earned a Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Advisor in 2021. They also have over 4,700 outstanding reviews with a 5-star rating. So they are on our top list for the best Barbados tour companies. You can read the review posted below:

“What a great experience. The captain and his crew were phenomenal! The snorkeling was a blast, and the dinner was delicious! I would highly recommend the Silver Moon Catamaran!!!” – Denis Z: Aug 2021

Calabaza Sailing Cruises

best of barbados tour

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #2 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2021
Reviews: 4,281reviews on Trip advisor

About Company

Calabaza Sailing Cruises is one of the most reliable and efficient local tour operators in Barbados, founded in 2010. The company’s primary goal is to offer exclusive, customized, and private catamaran sailing cruises for small groups of up to 12 guests and ensure that your traveling experience in Barbados is unforgettable. With an experienced, knowledgeable, and highly dedicated team, Calabaza Sailing Cruises guarantees a relaxing cruise on a luxury and spacious catamaran with opportunities to snorkel and swim with the turtles and explore the coral reefs.


As the number one rated tour provider, Calabaza Sailing Cruises has the best Barbados catamaran turtle snorkeling tour packages.

Get ready to get spoiled on the company’s Private Cruise with meals and drinks while discovering marine life, shipwrecks, and sea turtles. There beats the beautiful and stunning Caribbean Sunset Cruise deep in the Barbados sea. This evening tour includes two snorkel stops, by the turtles and by the shipwreck or reef.


When you join Calabaza Sailing Cruises, you can expect great cruises and fulfilling experiences. This Barbados tour company is well equipped to handle all your tour and travel requirements, and the proof is the #2 ranking out of 143 tour operators Barbados with 4,287 reviews on Trip Advisor. Read this review from a past client:

“Such a fantastic experience with a fabulous friendly crew who went out of their way to look after their guests. Snorkelling with turtles was an amazing experience.” – Vicky W: Sep 2021

Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises

run tour barbados

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #6 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2021
Reviews: 2,979 reviews on Trip advisor

About Company

Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises is a local and award-winning highly rated Barbados tour company. Furthermore, the company has been voted the second most popular attraction by the Zagat Survey and named the “Rolls-Royce” of catamaran tours in Barbados. They offer unique charters and personalized luxury cruises, ensuring your utmost comfort, service, and pleasure. Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises runs elegant, spacious, and custom-built catamarans that only carry a limited number of passengers to guarantee a wonderful day of sailing in a private setting.


Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises, you can be guaranteed the best of Barbados tour.

You can join the Cruise Lunch Package and enjoy snorkeling with modern equipment, unlimited drinks, and a buffet lunch with a stop at a beach in a tranquil, secluded bay. The Barbados Sunset Cruise Package is the best opportunity to discover the stunning sunset in the Caribbean Sea by sipping on the company’s famous Rum Punch. Enjoy the Private Cruise, perfect for celebrating occasions such as weddings, proposals, and intimate gatherings. Cool Runnings turns this tour from fantasy to reality.


Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises has earned its place as one of the great tour operators in Barbados. They are ranked highly at #6 out of 143in companies within Bridgetown and continue to provide great tours every day. See this positive review left on Trip Advisor by a former traveler:

“The Crew of Cool runnings II yesterday 30/8/21 together with the food and drink were amazing, highly recommended and will be a highlight for your visit / holiday. Great humor so thanks to Captain Aston Villa 😂.” – Tug 50: Aug 2021

El Tigre Catamaran Sailing Cruises

barbados jeep tour

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #3 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2012/13/15/16
Reviews: 1,937 reviews on Trip advisor 99% rated great and outstanding

About Company

El Tigre Catamaran Cruises is an award-winning licensed and registered Barbados tour company with exclusive catamarans built for performance, comfort, and security. With over ten years of professional experience, the company is passionate about offering the best marine tours in Barbados with professional and high-quality experienced PADI divers and crew members on board. All El Tigre Catamaran tours will take you to snorkel with an open drinks bar and buffet meals available throughout the excursion. Join them and sail in style and comfort!


You can join the Barbados tour packages provided by El Tigre Catamaran and feel safe knowing that they will deliver a first-class and unmatched tour experience.

Get on board for the Turtle and Shipwreck with Lunch Tour and swim with the amazing sea turtles, see the shipwrecks, and discover hundreds of tropical fish while sailing along the West Coast. You can also enjoy a relaxing Barbados Sunset Turtle and Shipwreck Cruise from Bridgetown along the West Coast whilst enjoying scenic views over canapes and a glass of sparkling wine. If you are looking for a Private Excursion, you can charter one of the El Tigre classic catamarans for a special experience with friends, family, or a romantic cruise.


El Tigre Catamaran has earned its place as one of our top Barbados tour company. They are top-ranked at #3 out of 143 companies within Bridgetown with a 5-star rating and nearly 2,000 reviews on Trip Advisor. See a positive review left on Trip Advisor by a happy tourist:

“Lovely day out with El Tigre. Fantastic crew, really looked after you, both in the water and out. Saw turtles and lots of fish at the shipwreck. Good lunch too.” – Tc2: Sep 2021

Cliff Sharker

tour company barbados

Company’s location and type: Oistins, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #3 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2011/2019
Reviews: 1,052 reviews on Trip advisor 96% rated professional and excellent

About Company

Cliff Sharker is one of the most reputed and multi-award-winning Barbados tours companies that guarantees turtles during excursions. The company is locally owned and operated by experts with years of experience in finding turtles deep in the sea. So, if you want to take a boat ride with a small group and swim with turtles, then Cliff Sharker is the right tour company for you.


You have many different Barbados submarine tours to choose from when touring with Cliff Sharker, and you can customize a package that fits your interest.

Join the Sunset Happy Hour Music Boat Ride for a fun, exclusive small group tour. On this excursion, you will listen to dance hall music over delicious snacks, tasty Rum Punch, and scenic views of the sunset. With a group of just eight people, discover the Turtles and Wrecks, the company’s most famous snorkeling tour deep in the Barbados sea. For a romantic night out with your loved ones, take the Private Sunset Cruise and watch the fantastic sun get down over a glass of sparkling wine.


Cliff Sharker offers excellent tour services suitable for different tourists, including families, couples, or individuals. As one of the highly-rated Barbados tour companies, the tours are highly efficient and professionally conducted by experts. They have over 1,000 positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Read this review left by a past tourist recently:

“Highly recommend a trip with Charles! Such an amazing experience. Knowledgable and respectful of the animals. Best day of our holiday. Would 100% do again.” – Sophie R: Feb 2020

Bodie’s School of Surf

safari tour barbados

Company’s location and type: Oistins, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2021
Reviews: 1,023reviews on Trip advisor 98% rated outstanding and excellent

About Company

Bodie’s School of Surf is an award-winning Barbados tour operator highly rated for surfing and windsurfing for both beginners and intermediates. The company also specializes in surf disciplines such as Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) and Kitesurfing to provide a complete watersports experience to tourists and water enthusiasts. With years of knowledge and experience in Barbados, Bodie’s School of Surf’s goal is to provide the highest level of safety, professional expertise, and fun surfing experiences.


Picking Barbados tour packages with Bodie’s School of Surf is a simple and fun process with exciting choices to make for a vacation to remember.

Are you looking to take Kitesurfing Lessons in Barbados? School of Surf will deliver the best kitesurfing instructors in Barbados along Long Beach or Silver Rock Beach. If you are looking for Windsurfing Lessons Barbados, this company has the best packages to offer you near Oistins Bay. Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing watersport, with its origin in Hawaii in the 1960s. Today, the re-emergence and rise in popularity of this sport have opened opportunities to learn.


Bodie’s School of Surf is on top of our list of the best 10 Barbados tour companies offering excellent tour experiences to thousands of happy travelers. On Trip Advisor, the company has over 1,010 reviews, and 99% of them are rating the company as very great or outstanding. Read this comment made by a past tourist:

“A really great instructor! Creates an environment filled with joy and laughter, and also teaches u how to surf.” – Tasch Rask: July 2021

Good Times Catamaran

Company’s location and type: St. James Parish, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #3 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017
Reviews: 771 reviews on Trip advisor

About Company

Founded in 2004, Good Times Catamaran is one of the top-rated Barbados tour companies offering top-notch watersport activities. Established by Antje and Kenneth Jones, professional tourism enthusiasts, the company believes in delivering the best value for your money with excellent service. They have a philosophy to provide the best holidays that are safe, fun, and memorable. Good Times Catamaran has French-built boats designed to offer safety and comfort for ultimate luxury, which is unmatched in Barbados.


Good Times Catamaran offers specialized tour packages in Barbados that are fun and memorable, and you can choose one that best fits your requirements.

Join in the Adventure Cruise for three hours of relaxed excursion in the Caribbean underwater, where you will discover turtles and snorkel with colorful tropical fish. If you are looking for the best tour with this company, go on the Water Sports expeditions with an experienced PADI instructor. On this tour, you will see the shipwrecks and many corals around the island. Treat yourself to something extra special by taking the Private Cruise, an exclusive sailing adventure on the elegant catamarans, and see the underwater world on your own private beach.


You can rest assured that your trip to Barbados will be exceptional with Good Times Catamaran. The company has been offering Barbados tours that are unique and authentic for more than 17 years. Additionally, they have 772 great reviews on Trip Advisor and ranked #3 out of 21 companies in St. James Parish. Here is a review received recently:

“Amazing trip, crew were lovely, snorkeling was great, and the boat was not crowded and just perfect. Wish it had lasted longer.” – Jane: Aug 2021

Elegance Catamaran Cruises

tour operator in barbados

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #14 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 1,365 reviews on Trip advisor 99% rated outstanding and excellent

About Company

Elegance Catamaran Cruises is a pioneer of luxury, style, and pure elegance of grand tour Barbados based in Bridgetown. This Barbados tour company is a complete water cruise outfitter with all the accreditations and licenses from the Barbados Tourism Board. Elegance Catamaran Cruises’ core principles are customer satisfaction, luxury travel, and small group private charters. In addition, the company takes pride in its PADI licensed operators, who are multilingual and passionate about secure, exciting, and fulfilling underwater experiences.


In Barbados, Elegance Catamaran Cruises offers a variety of tour Barbados packages that you can choose from

Lunch Cruise is a luxury cruise with a gentle sail out of Bridgetown across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean with picturesque background views of the city. Stopping in a quiet bay in this Barbados tour, you will have sumptuous Bajan lunch and a glass of wine. Relax in the luxury Dinner Cruise while enjoying the magnificent view of the island in comfort and, cool breeze with twinkling lights on the horizon. Elegance is also available on a Private Cruise that is completely tailored to your requirements.


Elegance Catamaran Cruises is one of the best Barbados tour companies, with numerous raving reviews. The company boasts of 99% client satisfaction rate with nearly 800 reviews left on Trip Advisor. They have also been rated with 5-stars for exceptional and luxury tours. Read a positive review here:

“Great excursion, no regrets! Good food, good company, lots of turtles, stingrays, fish. Clean boat, great bunch of guys onboard, very accommodating. Loved having a limited passenger boat, no crowds.” – Chloee45: Feb 2021

Barry’s Surf Barbados Surf School

segway tour barbados

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
Reviews: 510 reviews on Trip advisor

About Company

Surf Lessons at Barry’s Surf School is a renowned Barbados tours company that allows you to ride your first wave with professional PADI instructors. The company will ensure you have the ultimate experience and adventure to add to your Barbados tour during the beginner surf lessons.  Surf Lessons at Barry’s Surf School instructors are well trained with years of experience spent surfing the waters of Barbados. In addition, the school is set up for small groups so you can get the necessary attention to make speedy progress throughout the week.


There are so many fantastic and fun-filled tour packages in Barbados to explore with Surf Lessons at Barry’s Surf School.

The Beginner Surf package is designed to take your surfing skills to the next level by improving your techniques for three days.  If you are a professional, take the South Coast of Barbados Tour, popular for great restaurants and great nightlife. Intro To Surfing teaches you the fundamentals of Surfing.


As one of the best Barbados tours, Barry’s Surf School upholds an exemplary record of great lessons and professionalism. On Trip Advisor, they are ranked #1of outdoor tours in Dover. With over 500 reviews, this company is one of the best Barbados tour operators. Here is something a past client had to say about them:

“So glad we went with Barry’s. Matt and Andrew were awesome and very relaxed surf instructors. Overall, very enjoyable lessons and easy to rent boards for the week.” – Niraj Patel 13: Feb 2020

Ride The Tide Surf School

Company’s location and type: Bridgetown, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: #1 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 742 reviews on Trip advisor

About Company

If you are looking to learn how to surf, Ride the Tide, a Barbados tour company, is your best bet. The company is conveniently located at Freight’s Bay, a great surf spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. They are passionate about fun, safe, and effective surfing lessons that leave you with memorable and life-changing skills. In addition, Ride the Tide provides free all-day surfboard rental after your surf lesson. Join a private or small group for the best learning experience with qualified instructors who can perform First Aid and CPR.


You can find the experience of your dreams with Ride the Tide Surf School. They have the best Barbados tour packages, and you have many tour options.

Join in on the Group Surf Lessons with a small group of family or friends for three surfing lessons regardless of if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer. The 3-PACK Surf Lessons are an excellent opportunity to maximize your surfing experience in Barbados for a cost-effective price. You will learn and improve your surfing with a professional surf coach. If you are looking for great Barbados Surfboard Rentals, look no further. They have a premium surfboard with longboards & Mals from world-renown brands, including & Walden and Surftech.


Ride the Tide Surf School has been in operation for over ten years, and over the years, they have garnered credibility and respect as one of the tour companies Barbados. They are ranked #1 with nearly 750 reviews on Trip Advisor and a 99% satisfaction rate from past customers. Here is a lovely comment left by a satisfied customer:

“Great service and equipment. Instructors were really good with both adults and kids. Everyone (except for me!) was standing and surfing in no time. We will be going back for another session.” – Giles W: Aug 2021

In Conclusion

This top 10 list for Barbados tour companies has been created with the primary goal of educating and helping you during your research for the best tour operator in Barbados. If you would like to visit and immerse in the colorful Caribbean culture, please use this list to assist you during your search.

Once you travel to Barbados, we would be excited to hear back about your tour experience. If you have gone on a vacation with one of these Barbados tour operators in the past, send us a message and share your trip adventures with us!

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