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10 Best Maldives Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Maldives Tour Operators 2024

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Are you planning a trip of a lifetime to the Maldives? Are you wondering what the best tours in the Maldives are? Are you looking for the highest rated and safest Maldives tour operators to organize your trip?

The Maldives is a small island nation in South Asia, surrounded by the shimmering turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean. Resting southwest of Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives is regarded as one of the most beautiful paradises of the world. This would be the beach holiday of your dreams.

While visiting Maldives is a wonderful experience to be treasured for a lifetime, it can get complex when you start looking for the best tours in Maldives. The minute you Google tour operators in Maldives, hundreds of results appear, all claiming say “We are the best!”. Some however aren’t trustworthy – so how will you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong tour company in Maldives could result in a disastrous holiday in the Maldives.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see choosing the wrong Maldives tour operator and possibly sabotaging the quality of your trip. We want you to find a safe and sound tour operator to organize your trip to the Maldives.

In this article, we tell you our unbiased selection of the 10 best Maldives tour operators of the world.

Providers Reviews
Prodivers Maldives Trip Advisor – 857 reviews
Secret Paradise Maldives Trip Advisor – 632 reviews
Island Divers Trip Advisor – 498 reviews
Maldives Passions Trip Advisor – 694 reviews
Euro-Divers Club Med Kani Trip Advisor – 460 reviews
Dive Club Maldives Trip Advisor – 333 reviews
OK Maldives Trip Advisor – 365 reviews
Shadowpalm Tours Trip Advisor – 378 reviews
Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports Trip Advisor – 235 reviews
iCom Tours Trip Advisor – 776 reviews

Table update Jan 4, 2024

Prodivers Maldives

Prodivers Maldives is the best tour operator and dive center in the Maldives, earning praise with awards like certificates of excellence and TAUCHEN AWARDS. They have got dive centers spread across the Maldives, each tailored to fit the vibe of its island. Whether you’re into family-friendly, adult-only, or fascinated by marine biology, they have got you covered in Lhaviyani Atoll and South Ari Atoll.

Prodivers Maldives dive spots are top-notch, offering everything from deep drop-offs to lively reefs and current-filled channels. Safety is their priority, and they recommend dive insurance from providers like DAN Europe for comprehensive coverage during your underwater escapades. Dive into the extraordinary with Prodivers Maldives!

Prodivers Maldives Best Packages

Prodivers Maldives presents an array of incredible vacation packages for your Maldives getaway. Dive enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned pros, can take advantage of their comprehensive range of PADI courses led by their experienced instructors.

For those seeking worldwide diving certification, their PADI Open Water and Scuba Diver courses provide an unforgettable experience in the warm, clear waters of the Maldives, surrounded by vibrant marine life.

Already a PADI Open Water Diver? Explore further possibilities with our PADI Advanced Course and various Specialty Courses available at our dive centers.

Take your diving skill to the next level with the PADI Rescue Diver Course, designed for certified PADI Advanced Open Water Divers or equivalent. This course enhances your diving abilities and prepares you for unforeseen challenges.

For those aspiring to become dive professionals, the PADI Divemaster Course is your first step. This intensive program, emphasizing self-study and hands-on learning, elevates your dive knowledge, skillset, and leadership abilities.

Prodivers Maldives Reviews

Prodivers Maldives is the best local dive center and tour operator in Maldives. The company has over 850 amazing reviews with 5-star rating and ranks #1 amongst tour providers in Maldives. The reviews show that 99% rated the operator as very good and excellent. See the comment below:

Prodivers reignited our passion for scuba diving. Great training to get our Nitrox card and amazing scooter diving…Mike B

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Secret Paradise Maldives

Secret Paradise Maldives is a Maldives tour operator that can answer all your traveling needs during your trip to the Maldives. Whether you are looking to explore Male city or escape city life altogether for an adventure to discover the natural salt-water beauty of the Maldives, the travel company’s day tours are designed for you to experience the best of the Maldives through the eyes of a local. The travel company has many erudite and accredited guides who all have insider knowledge to ensure your trip will be truly brilliant.

Secret Paradise Maldives Best Packages

Secret Paradise Maldives offers many amazing Maldives tour packages. You can join their 3 Night Beach Break, where you will be encircled by a turquoise lagoon and immaculate white sand beaches.

You can also try the 7-Night Maldives Multi-Activity Adventure Holiday, where you get to snorkel in diverse reefs, encounter nurse sharks, discover shipwrecks, kayak, dive and chat to friendly locals.

The 3 Point Snorkeling is a snorkeling safari tour package in the Maldives which will allow you to explore the Maldives’ stunning selection of marine life and coral and you’ll be sure to spot sea turtles, reef sharks and much more.

Secret Paradise Maldives Reviews

Secret Paradise Maldives is a credible tour agency in the Maldives that has garnered over 600 reviews. They have 5-star rating and ranks # 1 of 31 tours and activities providers in Maldives on TripAdvisor.  See the positive review below:

Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!!! Without ANY reservation, we can wholeheartedly recommend this tour if you are thinking of visiting the Maldives… Jordan H.

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Island Divers

Island Divers

Island Divers is one of the best and most highly rated tour operators and dive centers in Maldives. Based in Dhigurah, they guarantee that your time with them will be some of the best holidays ever. From learning to dive to advancing your skills or just soaking in the sea life around South Ari, their local and pro staff are here to make sure you have a blast.

The Island Divers team, all trained PADI professionals, are safety-first locals who’ve spent their lives in these waters. They’re all set for individual and group diving charters, earning trust from luxury and small yachts visiting South Ari Atoll over the years.

Island Divers Best Packages

Island Divers has a bunch of cool Maldives vacation packages for all kinds of tourists. Whether you seeking exciting trips or want to learn PADI courses, they have got you. And if you’re feeling a bit special or rolling with your crew, check out their private charters – your own Maldives adventure. From fun trips to diving lessons, Island Divers makes sure your holiday is all about you, full of good times.

For the diving crew, they’ve got special packages ready to roll. Solo, with your partner, or bringing your whole squad – pick what suits you best. And if you’re all about that VIP vibe, their private charters let you take control. Island Divers is all about giving you options, making sure your time with them is not just fun but exactly how you dream your Maldivian getaway to be.

Island Divers Reviews

Island Divers has a number of glowing reviews. The reviews show that Island Divers client satisfaction rate is quite high. Of the total of 500 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 98% of the customers of this tour agency in the Maldives as either very good or excellent. See below:

We went to island divers for our dive shop. Really good and friendly service! Good dive guides, and they took us to so may beautiful dive sites. Daan P

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Maldives Passions

Maldives passions is a well-regarded tour company and dive center in Maldives. The company is situated on Maafushi, a local island in south male’ atoll, approximately 90 minutes by ferry or 30 minutes by speedboat from the airport. Affiliated with both SSI and PADI, Maldives passions dive school offers a range of internationally recognized certifications. Equipped with 35 aqualung sets, 2 coltri compressors, and 70 aluminum tanks in various sizes, the dive school prioritizes safety and excellence, ensuring a memorable and secure diving experience for enthusiasts.

Maldives Passions Best Packages

Maldives Passions offers a variety of diving packages in Maldives, including “fun dives” and dive packages with 5, 10, or 15 dives. These packages are available with or without equipment, and the diving schedule includes 3 dives daily. Additionally, Maldives Passions provides a comprehensive range of SSI and PADI diving courses, catering to all levels of experience.

For those looking to get certified, the SSI/PADI Open Water Diver course is a “cornerstone” certification with lifetime validity and worldwide recognition. Other courses offered include the PADI Adventure Diver, where participants complete 3 adventure dives of their choice.

The SSI Advanced Adventurer and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver courses, both requires 5 adventure dives with various options to choose from. The minimum age and depth requirements vary for each course, providing flexibility for divers of different ages and experience levels.

Maldives Passions Reviews

Maldives Passions is a reputed dive center and tour operator in Maldives. This company has garnered 694 raving reviews with 5-star rating and stands at #4 ranking on TripAdvisor. 

I successfully completed the open water course this past week over a three-day course. It is a fantastic experience to get your diving certification at Maldives Passions…Djenti D

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Euro-Divers Club Med Kani

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani stands out as one of the top-rated dive centers and tour providers in the Maldives. Founded by Swiss nationals in 1972, the company has earned acclaim for offering safe, exciting, and professional scuba diving activities and lessons. In addition to the Maldives, Euro-Divers operates in Mauritius, Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Japan, and Oman.

Since its establishment, this company has established a commendable reputation in the diving industry, emphasizing high standards in professionalism, safety and customer relationship management. Euro-Divers Club Med Kani is a trusted choice for those seeking exceptional diving experiences and expert tour services in the Maldives and beyond.

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani Best Packages

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani offers a range of exciting Maldives travel packages. They offer PADI diving courses, Scuba diving courses and fun dives facilitated by qualified multilingual PADI Instructors and Water Sports Guides. With a commitment to providing personal and friendly service, their team ensures a tailored experience for divers of all levels.

Dive enthusiasts can choose from a variety of experiences, including shark dives, reef dives, night dives, and special fluorescent dives. The offerings extend to full-day diving excursions, wreck dives, and special trips, providing diverse opportunities to explore the mesmerizing underwater world. Whether you’re just starting your diving journey or seeking to enhance your skills, Euro-Divers Club Med Kani is dedicated to delivering exceptional dive experiences in the Maldives, ensuring a memorable and safe adventure for all.

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani Reviews

Euro-Divers Club Med Kani has garnered 460 reviews, earning the commendable position of #1 out of 1 Tours & Activities in Kanifinolhu Island. This achievement is highlighted by the Travelers’ Choice recognition for 2023. The positive reviews reflect the satisfaction of visitors who have experienced the diving adventures and tours offered by Euro-Divers Club Med Kani.

Tomas and Pierre lead a great team. Special mention though to Julianne who did a great job of my refresher training and was a real pleasure to dive with… Rebecca E

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Dive Club Maldives

Dive Club Maldives

Dive Club Maldives is government registered local tour company and dive center in the Maldives. The company’s primary focus is on providing affordable recreational Scuba Diving, PADI training and Water Sports. The company possesses a valid license to operate Dive Center issued by the Ministry of Tourism. They also have a membership in the PADI International Resort & Retailers Association. Operating from fully equipped diving facilities in Hulhumale and Male, Dive Club Maldives extends its services to include Dive Centers in Fuvahmulah, Dhigurah, Rasdhoo, and Furaveri.

Dive Club Maldives Best Packages

Dive Club Maldives presents many amazing Maldives tour and dive packages to cater to diverse preferences. The Daily Dives program allows participants to explore the underwater wonders of the Maldives on a daily basis, with sites chosen based on experience levels and weather conditions.

For beginners, the PADI Open Water Diver course provides an immersive introduction to scuba diving.

The Maldivian Holiday Packages ensure a seamless getaway, covering transfers, activities, and accommodation in partner hotels, making each stay in the Maldives memorable. Whether exploring urban charm in Hulhumale or experiencing a resort ambiance at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa, Dive Club Maldives aims to provide a perfect and enduring Maldivian experience.

Dive Club Maldives Reviews

Dive Club Maldives is a reputed Maldives tour operator with a growing number of reviews. The reviews show that Dive Club Maldives’s client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 333 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 97% of the customers rated the company as good and excellent. See below:

He had nice snorkelling connected with Delphins trip, fishing and barbecue. The entire team was very friendly and professional… Michał S

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OK Maldives

Ok Maldives is a top-rated tour company in the Maldives, standing out as a pioneer in the diving safari industry since its establishment in 1983. With a rich history and extensive experience, Ok Maldives has become a trusted name in crafting exceptional diving holidays and providing unparalleled expertise in the Maldives.

The organization’s commitment to safety, satisfaction, and transparency sets it apart, ensuring that each guest receives a memorable and enjoyable diving cruise vacation. With a small team of dedicated professionals, Ok Maldives prioritizes respect and friendliness, creating a welcoming environment for every vacationer.

OK Maldives Best Packages

OK Maldives offers a selection of extraordinary diving and cruise packages in Maldives, each providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

The “Far North Cruises, 3 Wild Atolls” take you to remote areas, providing a sense of solitude and the chance to see rare species like the great guitar ray and leopard sharks during a 10 to 12-night cruise.

The “South-Central Atolls Cruises” offer a classic yet remarkable experience with diverse sites in Ari Atoll, featuring encounters with whale sharks, Manta rays, and sharks.

For those seeking something different, the “Great South and Integrale South Cruises” allow you to explore less-touristy routes, showcasing well-preserved corals and exciting marine life like Tiger sharks and oceanic mantas.

OK Maldives Reviews

OK Maldives has a number of glowing reviews. The reviews show that OK Maldives client satisfaction rate is quite high. Of the total of 365 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 98% of the customers rated this Maldives tour company as either very good or excellent. See below:

The nicest dive cruise I ever made ! Everything was just perfect : the dives, the food, the cabin … and the gentle guides : Franz and Aurore . I will come back !!! Henleyan

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Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports

Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports

Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports is a Maldives tour operator and is the only 5* PADI Dive Centre located in Fulidhoo Island, Vaavu Atoll, Maldives. The diving company offers daily diving excursions, PADI courses, and one-of-a-kind snorkelling trips. The company can also arrange stay and diving packages, including accommodation and transfers. The mission of the company is to offer inexpensive diving opportunities in some of the island nation’s most beautiful spots – especially routes with lots of sharks. The company has a highly dedicated team that can communicate with you in English, French or Spanish!

Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports Best Packages

In the Maldives, Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports offers some great tour packages. Some of its popular Maldives tour packages include 4nights stay dive, a great choice for a quick dive getaway as it is so close to Male international airport; or try to Learn To dive, for those who are keen to start learning to dive in a very beautiful and safe environment with very advanced instructors; or try Advanced Open Water tour in the Maldives, with those who have time to do at least five dives during their visit to the Maldives and have a lot more experience under their belt.

Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports Reviews

Fulidhoo Dive & Water Sports has a number of positive reviews, with 99% of its 235 reviews made on TripAdvisor saying the company is either very good or excellent. See the positive review below:

Great place to get certified . We did the Padi Open Water and for the Advanced Open Water and it was a great experience since the first moment… Roushou

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iCom Tours

iCom Tours

iCom Tours is a Maldives tour operator that was founded in 2004 as the first internet and speed boat service company in the Maafushi Island of the Maldives. Since its beginning, the travel company has positioned itself as one of the most prominent transport providers in the Maldives. The company offers services such as resort excursions, airport transfers, full-day speed boat rentals, and much more and has furthermore been noted for its excellence by Trip Advisor.

iCom Tours Best Packages

In the Maldives, iCom Tours offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its most popular Maldivian tours include the visit to Adaaran Club Rannalhi Resort, a must visit place during your trip to the Maldives; or try the Whale Shark trip, a 2 hours journey to South Ari Atoll to explore one of the largest and most majestic marine creatures; or try the company’s Snorkeling tour Packages in the Maldives, with two different packages to choose from depending on what kind of marine animals and ocean life you want to see, i.e. dolphins or sharks, etc.

iCom Tours Reviews

iCom Tours is a great tour operator with a number of glowing reviews. The reviews show that iCom Tours’ client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 776 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 93% rated this tour agency in the Maldives as very good and excellent. See the positive review below:

It was a very nice tour. We had a comfortable journey despite the wavy and current sea. I will always remember the beauty of Sand Bank and the helpful crew… Ebru A

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This article has shown the 10 best Maldives tour operators. If you are planning on taking a trip to the Maldives and experiencing one of the most outstanding island-nations of the world, do refer to this list.

If you have already been to the Maldives with one of these tour companies in the Maldives, then please get in touch and tell us all about it!


How much does a Maldives tour cost?

The cost of a Maldives tour can vary widely based on factors such as accommodation, activities, and travel preferences. Generally, Maldives is known for its luxury resorts, but budget-friendly options are also available. It’s advisable to plan and budget accordingly based on your preferences and travel style.

How many days are enough to explore Maldives?

The ideal duration to explore Maldives depends on the type of experience you seek. For a relaxing beach vacation, a week might suffice. However, if you want to explore multiple islands or engage in various activities like diving and water sports, extending your stay to 10 days or more would allow for a more comprehensive experience.

Does Maldives have good diving?

Yes, Maldives is renowned for its exceptional diving opportunities. The crystal-clear waters house vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it a paradise for divers. The atolls offer various dive sites, including channels, thilas, and reef slopes, catering to both beginners and experienced divers.

Can beginners scuba dive in Maldives?

Absolutely! Maldives is suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. Many dive centers and resorts offer PADI certification courses, allowing beginners to learn scuba diving in the calm and clear waters of the Maldives. The abundant marine life and colorful coral reefs provide an excellent backdrop for those taking their first diving steps.