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The 10 Best Tour Operators in Mauritius 2024 (Unbiased & With Reviews)

10 Best Mauritius Tour Operators 2024

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Are you planning on spending some time in Mauritius? Are you wondering what are the best tours of Mauritius? Are you looking for the highest rated and safest Mauritius tour operator to plan your trip?

Located off the coast of East Africa, Mauritius is one of the most popular island travel destinations of the world. The island nation located in the Indian Ocean is renowned for its beautiful beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. The island’s mountainous interior features gorgeous rainforests and waterfalls, hiking trails and exceptional wildlife, noted for being the home of interesting animals such as the flying fox. With plenty of tourist attractions to consider in the capital Port Louis, and fun activities such as catamaran tours, bird tours and more, Mauritius is definitely worth considering for your next holiday.

While touring Mauritius is an amazing experience to be remembered for a lifetime, it can get complicated when you start looking for the tours in Mauritius. The minute you Google tour operators in Mauritius, hundreds of results pop up, all claiming to be as good as each other. Some however aren’t trustworthy – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong tour company in Mauritius could have terrible consequences for your safari holiday.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see choosing the wrong Mauritius tour operator and potentially threatening the quality of your trip. We want you to find a safe and reputable tour operator to organize your trip to Mauritius. To save you time, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching, and found the safest and best Mauritius tour companies for you.

In this article, we’ll present to you an unbiased selection of the 10 best Mauritius tour operators of the world.

Providers Reviews
La Vallée des Couleurs Trip Advisor – 1,936 reviews
Taxi à Maurice Trip Advisor – 1,407 reviews
Yanature Trip Advisor – 896 reviews
Belle Mare Tours Trip Advisor – 897 reviews
Dolphin Warrior Trip Advisor – 594 reviews
Catamaran Cruises Mauritius Trip Advisor – 738 reviews
Blue Safari Submarine Trip Advisor – 681 reviews
Karlos Excursions Trip Advisor – 621 reviews
Dodo Divers Trip Advisor – 568 reviews

Table update Oct 8, 2023

La Vallée des Couleurs

La Vallee des Couleurs is a Mauritius tour operator and nature park that prides itself on being a haven of peace and beauty. The land is gorgeous and composed of 23 colors where visitors are able to contemplate and appreciate nature’s majestic beauty. As a real beauty of nature, the landscape features lush vegetation, birds, animals, endemic plants, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, and multi-colored earth.

The park is very reputable and was established in 1998 and has a credible team of local professionals on the ground organizing its experiences. With opportunities to explore the park either by foot or by the park’s extensive zip line system that is the longest in the Indian Ocean, visitors are able to say a lot of the natural wonders the climate and terrain of Mauritius have to offer.

La Vallée des Couleurs Best Mauritius Tour Packages

La Vallee des Couleurs has some amazing Mauritius tours to offer within its park. With the vast terrain of land to be explored, there are a number of ways guests can achieve this. The picturesque park can be explored by quad bike, by zip line or by foot.

Other fun activities to do in the park include Mountain Luge Karting, have a one-of-a-kind and family experience on a buggy ride that follows a similar trail to the quad bike, or do some fun trekking through that takes you on the Nepalese Bridge and through forests as well as animals passing by like the deer and the macaques.

La Valley des Couleurs Reviews

La Valley des Couleurs’s Mauritius reviews show that La Valley des Couleurs’ client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 1936 reviews made on Trip Advisor, a moderately exceptional 79% of the customers of La Valley des Couleurs rated the operator as very good and excellent. See the positive review below:

Great day walking with the lions well looked after well informed great experience tidy safari great transport. Peter

Read all reviews of La Valley des Couleurs on TripAdvisor.

Taxi à Maurice

Taxi à Maurice

Taxi in Maurice stands as the premier tour operator and vehicle rental provider in Mauritius, renowned for its top-notch services. Whether you seek a luxurious villa or a comfortable hotel, their accommodation services will ensure a memorable stay. With expert destination management, they meticulously plan and organize every detail of your trip. Private guide tours and efficient airport transfers make arriving and exploring hassle-free.

From land excursions to sea activities and private sightseeing trips, their comprehensive offerings guarantee an unforgettable experience. For convenient island exploration, their transportation services are at your disposal. Additionally, they arrange captivating catamaran and boat tours for sea enthusiasts and can even assist with airline ticket bookings upon request. To further enhance your mobility, Taxi in Maurice also provides reliable car rental options, ensuring you have the freedom to explore this beautiful island paradise at your own pace.

Taxi à Maurice Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Taxi à Maurice offers an array of enticing Mauritius tour packages, promising unforgettable experiences on this picturesque island. One standout adventure includes swimming with dolphins in the tranquil Tamarind Bay lagoons, followed by a delectable picnic on the enchanting Ile aux Bénitiers.

Additionally, their full-day excursion to Ile aux Cerfs by catamaran or speed boat, complete with a BBQ lunch and unlimited drinks, offers a perfect island getaway. Meanwhile, their South West Tour unveils the island’s cultural and natural wonders, from the Trou aux Cerfs crater and sacred Grand Bassin to the captivating Chamarel’s “lands of the 7 colors.” Taxi à Maurice promises a diverse range of experiences to explore the best of Mauritius.

Taxi à Maurice Reviews

Taxi à Maurice is indeed the best rated tour operators in Mauritius. The company boasts an impressive 95% “excellent” rating from 1,407 reviews, earning the top spot for tour operating agency and transportation services in Mauritius. In 2023, they received the coveted Travelers’ Choice award, reaffirming their reputation as the go-to choose for travelers in Mauritius.

We took the South exit with the driver Viki… The meal we ate at lunchtime was simply excellent. Melissa

Read all reviews of Taxi in Mauritius on TripAdvisor.


Yanature is one of the best tour operating agency in Mauritius. The company is run by a team of outdoor enthusiasts who’ve been guiding visitors for 20 years in Mauritius. They pioneered outdoor tourism on the island and are known for their love of nature and commitment to preserving it. Their qualified local guides prioritize safety, and they’ve earned recognition, including being the 14th best experience in Africa on TripAdvisor. Yanature’s mission is to provide a fun, unforgettable, and environmentally responsible way to explore Mauritius’ natural beauty, ensuring it’s protected for future generations to enjoy. Join them on an adventure to discover the island’s wonders.

Yanature’s Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Yanature offers fantastic Mauritius tour packages. You can hike up the iconic Le Morne Brabant mountain, home to rare endemic species and a symbol of peace and freedom in Mauritius.

For an unforgettable experience, join their kayaking tour at sunrise to see dolphins in their natural habitat. If you’re a bird enthusiast, Yanature’s bird-watching tour in the Black-River Gorges National Park lets you discover native birds in a breathtaking setting, complete with a picnic.

Yanature Reviews

Yanature is incredibly popular in Mauritius, with 896 great reviews. They’re the number one choice for outdoor activities in Riviere Noire. They even won a special award called the Travelers’ Choice award in 2023 from TripAdvisor.

What a wonderful experience: kayaking and watching dolphins. It’s a much better way to get closer to the dolphins than by speedboat. Michael K

Read all reviews of Yanature on TripAdvisor.

Belle Mare Tours

Belle Mare Tours is a trusted tour operator in Mauritius, situated in Belle Mare in the southeast of the island. Founded by Noorani and Satar, two highly regarded tour guides in Mauritius, this company is known for its excellent reputation on platforms like TripAdvisor and Routard.

With Belle Mare Tours, you can expect a seamless and personalized experience throughout your holiday. Unlike other operators, they provide a dedicated guide who stays with you from start to finish, ensuring your needs are met and offering insights into the authentic Mauritius. Their licensed services include transfers, customized tours, cruises, shopping, and cultural attractions, all with a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Belle Mare Tours Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Belle Mare Tours offers fantastic Mauritius tour packages for travelers to enjoy. You can embark on a refreshing hike at Tamarind Falls, also known as 7 Cascades, where you’ll explore lush forests and encounter five of the seven stunning waterfalls, with a chance to swim in a natural pool.

The South Tour Mauritius takes you to the highlands to witness the impressive Trou aux Cerfs crater and other scenic spots in one day. For a unique adventure, kayak through the mangroves of Amber Island, discovering its history and the vital role of these plants in the marine ecosystem. Lastly, don’t miss the chance to swim with wild dolphins in the ocean, followed by snorkeling in crystal-clear waters with an enchanting fish feeding frenzy.

Belle Mare Tours Reviews

Belle Mare Tours is a top-rated Mauritius tour operator with 897 glowing reviews. They’ve earned the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor in 2023, which means lots of travelers loved their services.

We has such an amazing time. I want to say Thank you to Ronny and Noorani for the wonderful experience. I would definitely be using them again. Michael A

Read all reviews of Belle Mare Tours on TripAdvisor.

Dolphin Warrior

Dolphin Warrior

Dolphin Warrior stands out as one of the premier tour operating agencies in Mauritius. This esteemed company is founded and led by Navin, who serves as your dedicated captain for an unforgettable boat excursion. Hailing from the picturesque village of La Gaulette, Navin’s profound passion for the sea has been a lifelong affair, and he’s thrilled to share the mesmerizing beauty of the southwest coast with you.

To ensure your experience is both comfortable and safe, Dolphin Warrior prioritizes a maximum passenger capacity of 15 individuals, guaranteeing an intimate journey. Whether you seek dolphin watching, whale encounters, scenic boat tours, or a delightful lunch on Benitier Island, Dolphin Warrior has it all.

Dolphin Warrior Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Explore the wonders of the sea with Dolphin Warrior’s best Mauritius tour packages. With the Dolphin Trip, set off at 6:00 a.m. for a 3-hour adventure featuring dolphin watching and an exhilarating opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures using provided snorkel gear.

For a more extended exploration, choose the Dolphin Trip with a stop at Benitier Island, a 6-hour and 30-minute excursion that includes dolphin watching, swimming, morning snacks, and a visit to the picturesque Crystal Rock for snorkeling. Alternatively, opt for the Whale Excursion, departing at 6:00 a.m., offering whale and dolphin watching, swimming, snacks, and another snorkeling stop at Crystal Rock.

Dolphin Warrior Reviews

Dolphin Warrior is highly acclaimed tour company in Mauritius, with 594 fantastic reviews. They’re ranked as the number one choice for tours and activities in La Gaulette. Plus, they received a special Travelers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor in 2023.

Amazing experience!!! Starting at 5.30 is a bull’s eye. We saw dolphins that were still lethargic so we could swim with them longer. Łukasz P

Read all reviews of Dolphin Warrior on TripAdvisor. 

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius is one of the best Mauritius tour operators. The company offers a variety of exciting cruises around Mauritius, including popular full-day trips to Isle aux Cerfs, Ilot Bénéitiers, and Ilot Gabriel. They cater to both individuals looking for shared experiences and those seeking exclusive charters tailored to their preferences. Their offerings extend to sunset cruises, dinner cruises, overnight trips, wedding cruises, and live-on-board charters with a skilled crew.

Whether you’re looking for a day of adventure or a unique live-aboard experience, Catamaran Cruises Mauritius provides comfort, safety, and unforgettable memories with spacious catamarans featuring sunbathing trampolines, queen-size cabins, and more. They take care of the details while you relax, explore, and recharge.

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius’s Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius offers a range of exciting tour packages. Embark on a luxurious private catamaran cruise, where you can snorkel, watch dolphins, and enjoy the stunning scenery along the West Coast.

If you’re looking for a more secluded adventure, opt for the private full-day cruise to Ilot Gabriel, Flat Island, and Gunners Coin, with opportunities for snorkeling and a flexible itinerary.

For an extraordinary overnight experience, sail on the luxurious Nautitech 40 Open catamaran, witnessing the peaceful lagoon near Benitiers Island at sunset, enjoying canapés, a delicious dinner, and even spotting wild dolphins while sailing. These tours offer a unique perspective to discover the beauty of Mauritius.

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius Reviews

Catamaran Cruises Mauritius is highly regarded as a top-rated tour company in Mauritius, with an impressive 738 glowing reviews from satisfied customers. They are ranked as the third-best outdoor activity in Mahebourg. Catamaran Cruises Mauritius is indeed the trusted choice for exploring the beauty of Mauritius.

We had a fabulous day trip in a private speed boat with Neptune Cruises. The boat captain John Paul, young and energetic was helpfully courteous making our day trip worth the expense. Basant_Maheshwari

Read all reviews of Catamaran Cruises Mauritius on TripAdvisor.

Blue Safari Submarine

Blue Safari Submarine

Blue Safari Submarine is a Mauritius tour operator that owns two submarines that enable adventurers to explore the deep bed of the Indian Ocean off of Mauritius. The company is one of 12 leisure submarine operations in the world, and the only one operating in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean.

With a team of highly dedicated experts on the ground helping manage Mauritius Indian Ocean tours, customers can be sure they will get a very unique experience of the marine life of Mauritius. Having been established in 1998, the Mauritius submarine operator has been noted for its excellence, having been awarded the famed Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor in 2017.

Blue Safari Submarine’s Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Blue Safari Submarine offers some amazing Mauritius ocean tour packages. With two submarines allowing a maximum seating of 10 that can take Submarine trip ocean explorers up to 115 feet under water to see a range of the Indian Ocean’s colorful fish, coral reef, crabs, and stingrays.

Choose between the larger BS1100 submarine and the smaller BS600 and pick your choice of ways to go down, such as on an exclusive underwater lunch with a meal cooked by a private chef, a sub-scooter trip for one or two where you can breathe naturally underwater through a shared bubble which gives you a 360-degree view through the glass.

Blue Safari Submarine Reviews

Blue Safari Submarine has a number of positive tour operators in Mauritius. Of the total of 681 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 90% of the customers of Blue Safari Submarine rated the operator as very good and excellent. See the positive review below:

We had such an incredible moment at Blue Safari. Eugenia M

Read all reviews of Blue Safari Submarine on TripAdvisor.

Karlos Excursions

Karlos Excursions

Karlos Excursions is a pioneer in the tourism industry in Mauritius, founded by Karlos himself in 1988. They specialize in boat services and cultural picnics on Ile aux Bénitiers, located in the stunning South West of Mauritius. What sets them apart is their dedication to sharing Mauritian cultural heritage, featuring Sega performances and music. They provide a comfortable setup on Bénitiers Island amid the picturesque Le Morne scenery and are committed to preserving and protecting Bénitiers Island.

Karlos, the founder and director, personally meets guests daily, promoting boat services and welcoming visitors from all regions for excursions. Over 35 years, he has organized excursions for small and large groups and has played an active role in social activism related to land, coastal area preservation, and UNESCO World Heritage recognition for Le Morne Mountain.

Karlos Excursions Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Karlos Excursions offers a variety of captivating Mauritius tour packages for an unforgettable adventure. With their “Snorkeling & Sightseeing” option, you can immerse yourself in the mesmerizing South West Seascape, snorkel at the finest spots, and enjoy the iconic Coral Rock (Crystal Rock).

Their “Dolphin Experiences” let you meet dolphins, snorkel in the lagoon, relish Sega music and dance, and savor a beach buffet on Benitiers Island, which even includes lobsters. Customizable packages can feature fishing or whale searching, catering to all, with deposit-free* booking for convenience.

For fishing enthusiasts, their “Fishing Experiences” provide a chance to join a crew of professional fishermen, equipped with all necessary gear, and explore the waters for a memorable angling adventure.

Karlos Excursions Reviews

Karlos Excursions is widely recognized as one of the best tour companies in Mauritius, boasting an impressive 621 amazing reviews from satisfied travelers. They hold the impressive rank of #4 out of 34 in the category of Boat Tours & Water Sports in Le Morne.

The trip was well organised and Virginia communicated promptly and clearly to organise everything by email. Karen&Jon

Read all reviews of Karlos Excursions on TripAdvisor.

Dodo Divers

Dodo Divers

Dodo Divers is a Mauritius tour operator offering some of the best diving experiences in Mauritius. The company is apt at organizing a series of one to two-hour hikes through sugar cane landscapes and tropical forests that will ensure absolute thrill and total immersion in nature. With a team of highly expert locals crafting the paths and a professional guide riding with you, your group, or your family every step of the way, this company provides one of the best and most fun options for discovering Mauritius.

Dodo Divers Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Dodo Divers, a renowned PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and Instructor Development Center, offers a diverse range of PADI courses, from Scuba Diver to Divemaster and beyond. With a professional team of highly qualified diving instructors, they’re dedicated to helping you pursue your diving dreams and advance your skills.

The courses are flexible and can be tailored to your schedule and needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Additionally, Dodo Divers provides opportunities to become a certified PADI instructor, guiding you through intense yet enjoyable Instructor Development Courses (IDCs) led by their Course Director, Anthony.

Dodo Divers Reviews

Dodo Divers is widely recognized as one of the best travel companies in Mauritius, boasting an impressive 568 excellent reviews from satisfied travelers. They hold the prestigious rank of #1 out of 5 in the category of Tours & Activities in Calodyne.

We enjoyed 2 fabulous trips with Dodo divers… I was really impressed by the whole team and especially Pascal who helped my kids overcome their nerves for their first dive. Paul

Read all reviews of Dodo Divers on TripAdvisor.

Casela Nature Parks

Casela Nature Park is a Mauritius tour operator and amusement park destination offering a plethora of activities to do on its 250 hectares of land. Set on the west coast of Mauritius on top of sugarcane fields, Casela has without a doubt established itself as a leading attraction of the island offering a range of activities for all ages.

Dubbed as being one of the most exciting places in Mauritius, this local tour operator has a credible team of local professionals on the ground organizing its experiences. As an amusement park and travel destination, it is your one-stop go-to if you want to see all that Mauritius has to offer in one place. With an extremely high number of rave reviews, Caseka Nature Park is a wonderful park with something for everyone.

Best Mauritius Tour Packages

Casela Nature Park has some amazing tour packages to offer within its park. Casela Nature Park Whether its family adult packages that involve animal-focused tours, featuring giraffe feeding, petting farms and tortoise feeding, getting involved in a Mauritius safari on a quad bike, diving into the canyon, or having fun on Thrill Mountain, the island’s unique and biggest zipline park, there’s truly something for everyone.

Casela Nature Parks Reviews

Casela Nature Parks is one of the best Mauritius tour operators with a number of reviews. The tour operator in Mauritius reviews shows that Casela Nature Parks’s client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 4,744 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 78% of the customers of Casela Nature Parks rated the operator as very good and excellent.

MUTT – Mauritius Travel Tours

MUTT – Mauritius Travel Tours

MUTT – Mauritius Travel Tours is a Mauritius tour operator and private taxi tour company offering services to facilitate transportation in and around Mauritius. The company has a team of highly competent and trained employees and drivers to ensure high-quality service at all times.

On top of organizing all Mauritius taxis and airport transfers to and from the hotel, the company is also apt at organizing one-of-a-kind sightseeing and Mauritius tours that will allow visitors to experience the beautiful island nation in the best ways.

Best Madagascar Tour Packages

In Mauritius, MUTT offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its popular packages include the Underwater Sun Scooter tour that allows pilots and passengers a panoramic 360-degree view of the underwater world.

The fun Seakart Adventure  allows explorers to travel around the South West Coast of Mauritius on a seakart and discover the exotic marine life of the island.

Another popular Mauritius tour package is the North Tours, which takes guests on a sightseeing trip around the tourist attractions of Mauritius, such as Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, a city tour of Port-Louis, L’aventure du Sucre, Mont Choisy Beach, Grand Baie La Croisette, and more.

MUTT – Mauritius Travel Tours Reviews

The tour operator in Mauritius reviews shows that MUTT’s client satisfaction rate is very good. Of the total of 575 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 84% of the customers of MUTT rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Mauritius Attractions Day Tours

Mauritius Attractions Day Tours is a Mauritius tour operator offering leading attractions, Mauritius tours, as well as travel and excursions. The activities provided by the company are across a wide range of categories such as sightseeing tours, extreme adventures, spa and massage activities, sea and underwater activities, sports-focused adventures, and more.

The company has a team of dedicated and local professionals working to craft the best Mauritius tours and packages, providing top-class customer service as well as tailor-made adventures that can be catered to individual requirements. 

Best Mauritius Tour Packages

In Mauritius, Mauritius Attractions Day Tours offers a variety of Mauritius tour packages across a number of activity categories. Some of its popular packages include Mauritius Aquarium package that takes explorers to an aquarium that’s situated in the charming village in the North West of Mauritius that houses a large number of species including 150 types of fish.

The Tamaka Boutique Winery Tour is another popular tour package that takes wine-lovers on a tantalizing journey of wine tasting at the only winery in the world dedicated exclusively to lychee wine.

Another must-try Mauritius tour package organized by the company is the Big Cats Drive Thru in Mauritius (Casela Park) that allows visitors to experience a true safari and see some lions and more at the famous natural park of Casela.

Mauritius Attractions Day Tours Reviews

Of the total of 234 Mauritius tour reviews made on Trip Advisor, 60% of the customers of Mauritius Attractions Day Tours rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Ebony Forest Reserve

Ebony Forest Reserve

Ebony Forest Reserve is a Mauritius tour operator and nature park that houses some of the most amazing and majestic black ebony trees in what come together to make the Ebony Forest. This special forest is home to the threatened native flora and fauna of Mauritius and visitors can appreciate its beauty through open-air safaris, jeep rides, and mid-canopy walkway tours organized by the company’s team of highly experienced and well-trained employees and tour guides.

The company is well-respected and has become a notable attraction of Mauritius. It is associated and partnered with prestigious institutions such as La Vanille NATURE PARK, Boating Gardens, Critical Ecosystem, BlOCULTURE, and Middlesex University Mauritius.

Best Mauritius Tour Packages

In Mauritius, Ebony Forest Reserve offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its popular packages include one-of-a-kind experiences that will allow visitors to experience the true natural beauty of the forest, such as a Safari jeep ride through the forest which has often been likened to the Jurassic park experience that takes you to Subline Point.

The Mauritius birdwatching tour that will allow bird-lovers to see some of the world’s rarest birds and wildlife and the one-of-a-kind hiking experience to learn about the island’s history and secrets as well as appreciate breath-taking views from Piton Canot.

Ebony Forest Reserve Reviews

Ebony Forest Reserve is one of the top Mauritius tour operators with a number of reviews. The tour operator in Mauritius reviews shows that Ebony Forest Reserve’s client satisfaction rate is incredible. Of the total of 333 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers of Ebony Forest Reserve rated the operator as very good and excellent.


How much does a Mauritius trip cost?

The cost of a Mauritius trip can vary widely depending on your preferences and travel style. On average, a moderate budget trip for a week can range from $1,000 to $2,500 per person, including accommodation, meals, activities, and transportation.

How many days are enough in Mauritius?

The number of days needed for a Mauritius trip depends on your interests and what you want to experience. Many travelers find 7 to 10 days sufficient to explore the island’s highlights, but if you want a more relaxed pace, consider staying for two weeks to delve deeper into its culture and beauty.

How much does it cost for a Mauritius trip from India?

The cost of a Mauritius trip from India can vary based on factors like the time of year, accommodation choices, and activities. On average, a 5 to 7-day trip from India can cost between INR 60,000 to INR 150,000 per person, including flights.

Which is better Bali or Mauritius?

Whether Bali or Mauritius is better depends on your preferences. Bali offers a mix of cultural experiences, lush landscapes, and vibrant nightlife. Mauritius, on the other hand, is known for its stunning beaches, water activities, and diverse culture. Choose based on what suits your interests best.

Which is more expensive, Maldives or Mauritius?

Generally, the Maldives is considered more expensive than Mauritius. The Maldives is known for luxury resorts, while Mauritius offers a wider range of accommodation options. Food and activities can also be pricier in the Maldives.

Does Mauritius have good scuba diving?

Yes, Mauritius offers excellent scuba diving opportunities. The island boasts colorful coral reefs, marine life, and several dive sites suitable for divers of all levels, making it a popular destination for underwater enthusiasts.

Which part of Mauritius is best for diving?

The best part of Mauritius for diving is the North, particularly the Grand Baie and Trou aux Biches areas. These regions offer a variety of dive sites, including coral gardens, wrecks, and opportunities to spot diverse marine life.