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10 Best Ireland Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Ireland Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Ireland, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you looking to take a dream holiday in Ireland? Are you wondering which are the best Ireland tours? Do you want to find the highest-rated, safest, and most affordable Ireland tour operators to manage your trip?

Commonly known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe, offering vibrant culture, splendid history, and naturally beautiful landscapes. No matter what you decide to do during your Ireland trip, every destination will be fascinating, captivating, and inspiring to every curious traveler. On this Celtic Island, you visit the busy cosmopolitan cities such as Dublin, Galway, and Cork or steer off on the unbeaten path to discover glacial lakes, ancient castles, and the Atlantic Sea cliffs.

While vacationing in Ireland is a wonderful experience to be remembered for a lifetime, it is difficult to find the best Ireland tour companies. The minute you Google tour agencies in Ireland, many results will appear and claim to offer everything you are looking for in Ireland. Several, however, aren’t trustworthy – so how do you know the one you can trust and select? Picking the wrong tour operator in Ireland could have horrible consequences on your Ireland vacation.

But we are here to help! TravellersQuest would hate to see you choose the wrong Ireland tour operator and perhaps ruin your entire holiday. We want you to find an affordable and safe tour agency to organize your vacation to Ireland. So, our research team did the groundwork for you to save your time and money. We spent thousands of hours analyzing and finding the top-rated and best tour companies for Ireland for you.

Providers Package Reviews
Wild Rover Tours Private Tour from Dublin to Glendalough
Game of Thrones Tour From Dublin
Trip Advisor – 12964 reviews
Dublin Free Walking Tour Glendalough, Kilkenny & Wicklow Mountains Tour
Cliffs of Moher Day Tour From Dublin
Trip Advisor – 3970 reviews
Wild N Happy The Celtic Voyage – 6 Day Tour from Dublin
Wild Grande
Trip Advisor – 405 reviews
Game of Thrones Tours Winterfell Trek from Dublin
Glass of Thrones Walking Trail
Trip Advisor – 1199 reviews
Shamrocker Irish Adventures 8 Days Southern Rocker
Private Tour
Trip Advisor – 1,073 reviews
Little Gem Private Tours of Ireland Cork & Blarney Private Day Tour
Private Dublin Walking Tour
Trip Advisor – 305 reviews
See Dublin by Bike Biking Tour of U2’s Dublin
Dublin Castle Gardens
Trip Advisor – 389 reviews
Darby O’Gill Day Tours Splendour of Wicklow Tour
Lough Tay Guide
Trip Advisor – 1719 reviews
Rural Pub Tours Dublin Mountain Pub Tour
Sunday Afternoon Pub Tour
Trip Advisor – 838 reviews
Sean Patrick Tours – Private Tours Hiking Tours Of Ireland
Extende Tour
Trip Advisor – 128 reviews

Table update Oct 12, 2021

Wild Rover Tours

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 2014
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019/2020
Reviews: 12,964 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated excellent and outstanding

About Company

Wild Rover Tours is a multi-award-winning best Ireland tour company founded in 2014 to deliver memorable adventures through incredible landscapes, quaint medieval villages, and historical landmarks. Based in Dublin, this family-owned company is specialized in private and guided tours for individuals, families, and corporates. With a team of Irish History experts, Wild Rover Tours is committed to helping you unearth the true essence of the cities and discover the scenic beauty of the countryside. Join Wild Rover Tours for a fun trip in Ireland.


Wild Rover Tours offers many package tours of Ireland, and you can choose any of the below pre-designed expeditions for a memorable trip abroad. 

Take a Wild Rover Private Day Tour for a remarkable adventure in the medieval Kilkenny, Wicklow Mountains, and glacial valley of Glendalough, some of the best gems in the ancient East. The Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula is undoubtedly the most stunning location in Ireland, with gorgeous and rugged landscapes. Join the Game of Thrones Tour and see where the scenes of one of the most iconic movies were filmed and an opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne.


Wild Rover Tours is one of the best Ireland tour companies that has received many excellent reviews. The reviews show that past clients really enjoy the customer services and tour guide’s expertise. With nearly 13,000 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the clients consider the company as excellent or great See the glowing review below:

“David and Joe were incredible guides! Exceptional! Some Irish history and fun facts, followed by really nice guitar playing! Cliffs of Moher and Galway are two must-dos when in Ireland!” -Lina: Aug 2021

Dublin Free Walking Tour

ireland tours

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 3,970 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated professional and exceptional

About Company

Dublin Free Walking Tours is a highly rated and reputable travel company based in Dublin that crafts free private tours led by professional and friendly tour guides. The company prides itself on carefully designing modern and environmentally friendly private tours and casual strolls through the streets of Dublin, the most historic and vibrant city in Europe. Their goal is to deliver the best possible services for your trip to Ireland. Founded over a decade ago, Dublin Free Walking Tours has been recognized for its excellence by Trip Advisor, and it’s one of the best-rated tour companies in Ireland.


Dublin Free Walking Tours has an array of package tours to Ireland that you can choose from and try during your vacation.

Join the Glendalough, Kilkenny & Wicklow Mountains Tour and enjoy stunning scenery through the countryside villages with unique flora and fauna. You cannot afford to miss the tour to Cliffs of Moher, located in the west with spectacular views of the Atlantic and close to the Burren National Park. The famous Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel and Cork City Tour allows you to learn about the most evocative sites in Ireland.


Outstanding Ireland tours reviews of Dublin Free Walking Tours include statements like “best experience”, “highly recommended,” “friendly guides.” With over 3,971 reviews on Trip Advisor, this best Ireland tour company is ranked #1 out of 81 Dublin food tours.  Check out this review below:

“It’s been a while now, but I must give a big shout out to our tour guide Wally, who was brilliant! He was very informative, without making anyone feel like they were stuck in a lecture. So funny, charismatic and an all-round top bloke!”VelTrip: July 2020

Wild N Happy

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 405 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Wild N Happy is highly rated and one of the best Ireland tour companies. The company was founded by tour expert Michael Crawley to cater to many types of adventures and opportunities to explore the county with like-minded people while indulging in the local culture. So, whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, family, group, or a specific luxury experience, Wild N Happy is passionate about offering an unforgettable Ireland tour by crafting an all-inclusive itinerary for you.


Wild N Happy private Ireland tours packages are professional and cautiously designed to offer you the best value for your money.

Join the impressive Celtic Voyage Tour that brings you to the Edge of Europe and see the Atlantic coastline, experience cultural secrets, see wild ecological wonders and amazing landscapes. The company allows you to create your adventure and embark on a fascinating Authentic Ireland Tour to unearth the Wild Atlantic Way and Ancient East for 15 days.  On the Wild Grande Trip, you will go off the beaten track to unearth spectacular landscapes and warm, vibrant people, starting from the Cork’s wild Atlantic in the south to the North in the Giant’s Causeway.


When looking for the best Ireland tours, it is important that you see the feedback from past visitors. Wild N Happy has over 415 raving online reviews on Trip Advisor. The most common include “excellent guides” “best packages.”

Read this online review:

“Did the Ross Castle kayak tour with my daughter and was the highlight of our trip to Killarney. Was my first time and loved it. Great guides very informative and fun. Highly recommended.” – Tracey M: July 2021

Game of Thrones Tours

tours of ireland

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 1,199 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated great and very good

About Company

Game of Thrones Tours delivers private guided tours for travelers to explore the spectacular Northern Ireland and Games of Throne filming locations. This best Ireland tour company was founded by passionate tourism experts committed to offering quality and special guided Ireland tours. The company guides are passionate about helping you to explore the unique location and hidden treasures in Belfast. During the trips, you will feel protected and safe with one of the best tour operators in Ireland.  


Game of Thrones Tours offers an assortment of tour packages to Ireland that are unique, leaving you with life-changing memories.

Winter is coming! The Tollymore Forest Tour starts in the location of the first scene where Wills of the Night’s Watch finds mutilated wildling bodies in the snow. To celebrate ten years of Game of Thrones’ filming in Belfast, six huge stained-glass windows were constructed, each depicting the famous character, families, and scenes. On the Glass of Throne Walking Trail tour Ireland, you will learn personal stories from the set and personalities of each character.  The company’s famous Castle Tour will let you see many castles, including the Dunluce Castle perched in the sea cliff since the 17th Century and the Downhill Strand, featured in Season two as Dragonstone Beach.


Past tourists attest to Game of Thrones Tours delivering second-to-none, private free Ireland tours with safety and the highest customer service. With over 1,199 reviews on Trip Advisor, this best Ireland tour company is ranked #1 out of 161 outdoor tours in Dublin. Read a glowing review of the company below:  

“Probably the best tour guide ever, both Aenne & Denis were marvelous it was such an amazing time and so much to see along the countryside.” – Cory S; Sep 2020

Shamrocker Irish Adventures- Day Tour

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1999
Awards, Certification: Ranked #4 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 1,073 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

 Shamrocker Irish Adventure is one of the top tour operators in Ireland based in Dublin, providing tours around the country. The company was founded in 1999 and has since built a stellar reputation for taking budget tourists on epic expeditions of Ireland. They have a highly dedicated and passionate team of local experts with extensive insight and in-depth knowledge of Ireland and its most valued destinations. Besides, Shamrocker Irish Adventure is internationally recognized for its excellent tours in Ireland.


Shamrocker Irish Adventure offers top-notch Ireland package tours, and you can find exactly what you have been looking to achieve during your vacation.

Take the amazing Five-Days Celtic Rocker Trip around the stunning West and South of the country and see the monumental Emerald Isle from the beaches to the mountains and the castles.  If you do not have much time to spend in Ireland, take the Southern Rocker 3-Day tour and explore the Dingle Peninsula, Killarney city, and the Blaney Castle.


Past tourists are delighted with their travel experiences with Shamrocker Irish Adventure and rated it as one of the best Ireland tour companies. Most reviews mention ‘welcoming’ and ‘excellent guides.’ With over 1,073 reviews on Trip Advisor, the company is ranked #4 out of 161 outdoor tours in Dublin. You can read what someone wrote here:

“For three days we really crammed it in. Had a fantastic time. Our guide Emma was awesome. Great knowledge and sense of humor. The tour was a really great way to see the highlights of Ireland, would highly recommend it. Sad it had to come to an end!” – Kirstiejns: Jan 2020

Little Gem Private Tours of Ireland

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #9 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
Reviews: 305 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Little Gem Private Tour of Ireland is an Ireland tour company approved by the Irish Tourism Board. It provides the safest and stress-free travel experiences to travelers, led by well-trained personal drivers and guides who are equipped with expert knowledge of the county. Within a short period in the business, the company won the Excellence Award from Trip Advisor in 2019 due to its sustainable tourism objectives. Besides, Little Gem Private Tour of Ireland’s goal is to address guests’ needs, tourism industry, environment, and host communities.


Little Gem Private Tour of Ireland has plenty of affordable private tours of Ireland for you to select from and experience.

Travel to the Ancient East and Atlantic Way for 7-day Trip whilst exploring the hidden gems along the way with a private guide. From the magnificent Ring of Kerry to the remarkable Cliffs of Moher, this excursion takes you on a journey of Ireland’s ancient past and the scenic present. On the Cork and Blarney Private Day tour, you will explore the Irish legends, castles, and folklore. Dublin City is best explored on foot. When you take this Private Dublin Tour, you will walk on cobbled streets of the temple, to the Trinity College, around Dublin Castle.


Little Gem Private Tour of Ireland has more than 305 glowing reviews on Trip Advisor. Many past tourists attest to outstanding customer care and affordable packages this best tour company in Ireland offers. The company is ranked #9 out of 436 tours in Dublin. Read feedback below.

Private tour to Kilkenny. Amazing tour, very comfortable transportation. The guide was very friendly. The trip went on time with all the stops. Very easy and relaxing trip. Highly recommended.” – Dalal A: July 2021

See Dublin by Bike

tours in ireland

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 2012
Awards, Certification: Ranked #12 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 389 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated great and excellent

About Company

See Dublin By Bike was established in 2012 and has been providing Ireland bicycle tours to local and international tourists for the last nine years. Since its inception, the company has grown from a fleet of 10 bikes to over 50 cube bikes. The company is part of the Lazy Bike Tour Company, which has a huge portfolio of tour packages in Ireland. Besides, they are a government-approved travel agent registered with the Irish Tourism Authority.


See Dublin By Bike is one of the best Ireland tour companies, which and offers many exciting tour packages for you to choose from.

Their best Taste of Dublin Tour discovers the charm of the rich history, folklore, beautiful architecture in the city center’s unique atmosphere with a friendly guide. If you are a fan of rock music, then this Bike Tour of U2’s Dublin will allow you to visit the home of the Band members and the famous Hanover Studio, where they recorded most of their songs.


See Dublin By Bike is one of the top Ireland operator tours with many rave and outstanding reviews. The reviews show that the client satisfaction rate is excellent, nearly perfect. With more than 385 reviews on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers rated the agency as excellent. Read a great review below:

“Today we enjoyed a nice bike trip through Dublin under the expert guidance of Laura. At least 15 stops were made, including the Guinness brewery, both cathedrals, the Famine Memorial, and Dublin Castle. Nice guide, good bikes, friendly group, great tour.” – Matthijs: Sep 2019

Darby O’Gill Day Tours

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #15 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
Reviews: 1,719 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Darby O’gill Dat Tours is a local best Ireland tour company specializing in Hop-on Hop-off tours of sightseeing tours of Dublin city, and luxury transport services. Based in Dublin and with professional tour experts and guides, the company’s core values include a dedication to exceeding your expectations with quality excursions and exceptional customer services. Darby O’gill Dat Tours include day, private, and guided experiences around the country. 


In Ireland, Darby O’gill Dat Tours delivers many tour packages to Ireland to choose from.

The Cliff of Moher Tour is a spectacular expedition through the Burren and along the Atlantic Ocean with the picturesque village of Doolin as a backdrop.  This Giant Causeway Express tour is not for the faint-hearted because you will explore the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Dunluce Castle, and Dark Hedges. All in nature, seize an escape to Glendalough and Avoca to the Garden of Ireland and enjoy the stunning scenic Mt. Wicklow.


The reviews show that Darby O’gill Dat Tours’ past tourists’ satisfaction rate is excellent. Out of 1,719 reviews made on Trip Advisor, this Ireland tours company is ranked at #15 out of 161 tours in Dublin, and many customers said they are “very friendly,” “outstanding services.” See the positive review below:

“It was a great trip! Our guide, Mr. Eugene, was very nice and talkative. He gave us very good information about all the places we passed through and played very good music on the bus, which was very comfortable.
The sights of Northern Ireland were breathtaking, and, in spite of the bad weather, the trip was very pleasant.” – Maria L: Feb 2020

Rural Pub Tour

tours in dublin ireland

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 838 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated great and excellent

About Company

Founded over 20 years ago, Rural Pub Tours is an adventurous, fun, and professional Ireland tours specializing in real pub experiences in Dublin and the countryside. They will take you through an unforgettable journey to Ireland’s most spectacular scenery and explore many famous pubs and some of Ireland’s hidden local bars. Rural Pub Tours delivers unrivaled tour packages in the industry and has hosted many happy travelers ranked then highly on Trip Advisor.


Rural Pub Tours delivers many immersive small group tours of Ireland you to experience around the country.

Take the incredible Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Pub Tour and enjoy the best views over the Bay while sitting in the beer garden with a cozy fireplace and a Guinness in hand. In a group of eight people rake the Rural Sightseeing Tour to the Cliff of Moher and the Bunratty Castle. The Dublin Mountain Pub Tour gives you the occasion to experience an evening of fun at three of Dublin’s finest rural pubs with amazing views and great company.


The reviews show that the client satisfaction rate is top-notch as one of the best Ireland tour companies. With nearly 840 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99 % of past tourists rated Rural Pub Tours as excellent and great. See the below review:

“Shane was superb as always. It was my second tour with Shane but the first for my family (father, brother, sister, and spouses). Shane was funny and charming and became like family by the end of the night. We greatly enjoyed the pubs and Shane’s hospitality.” – PMG20_20: March 2020

Sean Patrick Tours-Private Tours

tour companies in ireland

Company’s location and type: Dublin, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #8 Trip Advisor Certificate of excellence 2016
Reviews: 128 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Sean Patrick Tours is a private Ireland tour company founded by Patrick, a National Tour Guide, fully licensed by the Irish Bord Failte. With many years of experience, he has an avid interest in Irish history, culture, geography, and flora and fauna. The company delivers customized services for solo travelers, groups, and couples and specializes in organizing Dublin tours that are impactful and fulfilling.


Sean Patrick Tours offers many tour packages to Ireland for a great adventure and memorable trip.

Together with a small group, you can take a road trip from Dublin to Wicklow and explore the Glendalough and its early Christian monastery founded by St Kevin in the 6th century. If you want to spend more time in Dublin, join the Ireland Historical Tour to learn about the Trinity College and the Old Library that holds the Manuscript of Book of Kells. Ireland is also known as a hiking paradise. On the Hiking Tour, you can climb the Wicklow Mountain ranges, the Sliabh Liag in Donegal, or the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.


Sean Patrick Tours is one of the best Ireland tour companies with numerous raving reviews. The Ireland tours reviews indicate that the client satisfaction rate is exceptional with minimal complaints. With almost 130 reviews made on Trip Advisor, nearly 99% of the customers say either affordable or outstanding. See the amazing review below:

“Sean Patrick is a real gem. He’s incredibly thoughtful and informed, but he’s also absolutely hilarious. A real joy to spend time with. This past week was our second time with Sean and I am certainly not our last. If you want to better understand Ireland and what you are seeing and experiencing, booking Sean is a MUST. Plan early though, because the secret is out.” – Amyfisher: Nov 2019


This article has shown the 10 best Ireland tour companies. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Ireland and experience one of the most famous and culturally diverse countries in the world, consider any of these companies and possibly get in touch with them to find the one that best fits your desires. Remember to keep safe during your trip to Ireland.

We would love to hear about your Ireland tours, so if you have already been to Ireland with one of these tour operators, please get in touch and tell us how it went.

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