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10 Best Hungary Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Hungary Tour Operators 2024

Are you planning to visit Hungary, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Would you like to travel to Hungary for a memorable trip of a lifetime? Would you like our help to look for an affordable and authentic Hungary tour provider? Do you wonder where to find the top highly rated tours in Hungary?

Hungary is famous for its goulash and paprika, including world-class fine wines, pear liqueur, and palinka, the orange-colored sweet dessert. From the capital city Budapest, also known as the city of light, Hungary evokes a strong sense of history and traditions to its numerous old-fashioned villages and eccentric scenery. The countryside includes some of the most beautiful views from spectacular mountains and lakes, lush valleys, and beautiful rivers, giving you numerous opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. In addition, Hungary has a fascinating history with rich and varied cultural traditions since it emerged from the shadows of communism.

There is no secret that you could end up researching for hours and hours to find different tour agencies available in Hungary and still end up with so many options to choose from. Since your decision is so critical, TravellersQuest wants to help you select a top-rated tour agency! Out of all the tour operators in Hungary, they will each offer distinctive tour packages and cost for each tour. You should be cautious to only spend your money with a reputable and professional tour company that will fulfill all your interests and needs during your trip to Hungary.

TravellersQuest has vigilantly selected the 10 best Hungary tour companies by analyzing hundreds of options, comparing reviews, and scrutinizing their tour packages in Hungary. Using this article to assist you in making a concise decision, you can be confident that you have all the info you need to choose the right tour company.

Below is an easy-to-follow list of the top 10 Hungary tour providers:

Providers Reviews
Free Budapest Walking Tours Trip Advisor – 8,313 reviews
Legenda Trip Advisor – 5,912 reviews
Hungaria Koncert Trip Advisor – 7,665 reviews
E-Magine Tours Budapest Trip Advisor – 1,819 reviews
Budapest TukTuk Trip Advisor – 1,277 reviews
Taste Hungary Trip Advisor – 1,507 reviews
Sfumature di Budapest Trip Advisor – 1,039 reviews
Luna Tours Budapest Trip Advisor – 801 reviews
Anna’Sights Trip Advisor – 138 reviews
Flavors of Budapest Trip Advisor – 353 reviews
Duna Cruises Trip Advisor – 330 reviews

Table update Feb 2, 2024

Free Budapest Walking Tours

Free Budapest Walking Tours

Free Budapest Walking Tours is a top-rated travel and tour operator in Hungary. Established in 2007, Free Budapest Walking Tours is operated by Walking Tours Kft. and offers a range of insightful city walks in Budapest. Led by licensed local guides, all born and bred in Hungary, the company provides an authentic experience. Free Budapest Walking Tours has established themselves as a prominent tour operator of the country since the establishment. They are rated best in Budapest by over 8400 travelers across TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook.

Free Budapest Walking Tours Best Hungary Tour Packages

Free Budapest Walking Tours offers an enriching experience through captivating packages.

If you’re into fun-filled free adventure, go on a Free Budapest Tour. The tour explores Pest’s highlights, starting at Elisabeth Square, delving into Hungarian culture, and concluding at the iconic Parliament.

Their Free Buda Castle Tour unveils the treasures of Buda’s royal district, from St. Anna Church to the Royal Palace. The tour provides historical insights and panoramic views.

For a comprehensive exploration, the Grand Budapest Tour is the best. The tour encompasses Heroes’ Square, Széchenyi Baths, Castle District, and more.

Free Budapest Walking Tours Reviews

Free Budapest Walking Tours is a best-rated tour company in Hungary. In TripAdvisor, the company has 8,313 reviews with 5-star ratings and praise from the satisfied clients. Free Budapest Walking Tours ranks top among tours & activities in Budapest and is a recipient of the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Great tour with Bogash! Very informative and interesting! Covered all the main points in 2 hours. Strongly recommend !… Anna A

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Legenda is a premier cruise company based in Budapest, Hungary. The company offers year-round daytime, evening, and dinner cruises on the Danube. Their new panorama ship, launched in 2004, reflects 15 years of experience and guest feedback. Their cruises are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that prioritize safety and comfort of the clients. With decades of experience, Legenda has established themselves as a leading cruise-based company in Hungary.

Legenda Best Hungary Tour Packages

Legenda offers several exciting packages for a memorable Budapest experience.

The Duna Bella Cruise Tour provides a 1-hour 10-minute daytime sightseeing cruise along the Danube. You’ll get to enjoy 45 minutes of free time on Margaret Island, with exclusive maps and special discounts on island activities and restaurants in this tour.

You can also opt for the Danube Legend Cruise Tour for a captivating nighttime adventure. This 1-hour evening cruise showcases Budapest’s iconic landmarks bathed in light, accompanied by a 30-language guide and a drink of your choice.

For a romantic evening, the Candlelit Dinner Cruise Tour is the best. The tour offers an exquisite a la carte dinner, live music, and breathtaking views in the panorama “bubble boat.”

Legenda Reviews

Legenda is a highly-rated travel and tour operating agency in Hungary. The company has 5,912 reviews on TripAdvisor, comprising 5-star ratings and positive complements for their packages and services. Legenda ranks top among Boat Tours & Water Sports providers in Budapest.

Everything about this trip was first class. The staff and crew were amazing. The food was top quality and we had a fantastic evening… Dan P

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Hungaria Koncert

Hungaria Koncert

Hungaria Koncert is a Hungary’s premier event and tourist program organizer. Founded in 1995, the company hosts over 2,000 programs annually. Specializing in cultural concert programs and river cruises, Hungaria Koncert caters to both individual and group travelers. Their mission is to immerse visitors in Hungary’s rich history and vibrant culture through historical monuments, UNESCO sites, and traditional music and dance performances. The company offers instructive walking tours, boat cruises, and theatre shows, providing an authentic Hungarian experience.

Hungaria Koncert Best Hungary Tour Packages

Hungaria Koncert offers an authentic Hungarian experience with their top packages.

Join their relaxing Széchenyi Spa & Guided Pálinka Experience Package. This package combines a visit to Budapest’s famous spa with a guided tour exploring Hungary’s renowned spirit, Pálinka.

For a nostalgic journey, go on a Budapest Retro Interactive Museum Tour. Immerse yourself in Socialist Hungary with this tour, from driving a Lada to experiencing a retro news studio.

The Palinka Experience Budapest Package offers two options: museum entrance with a live guide or an enhanced experience with Palinka tasting.

Hungaria Koncert Reviews

Hungaria Koncert is a highly-rated tour agency in Hungary with top reviews and ratings. In TripAdvisor, the company has 7,674 reviews and a ranking of #3 of 67 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Budapest. The reviews are filled with 5-star ratings and praise for their excellent services.

Great experience. Staff friendly and professional. I loved the cruise, the atmosphere and the music on board. I recommend!…Rute S

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E-Magine Tours Budapest

E-Magine Tours Budapest

E-Magine Tours Budapest is a leading tour agency in Hungary. The company has been offering thrilling adventures since 2016. Pioneers in chopper-style electric scooters, they offer immersive experiences in Budapest with top-notch packages. E-Magine Tours Budapest’s professional local guides ensure a fun and informative city discovery, sharing stories of Hungary’s culture. With over 100 vehicles, they’re a leading electric tour provider in Hungary.

E-Magine Tours Budapest Best Hungary Tour Packages

E-Magine Tours Budapest offers thrilling experiences with their best packages.

If you are short on time, go on The Essence of Budapest City Tour. It provides a 90-minute adventure exploring iconic landmarks like St. Stephen’s Basilica and the House of Parliament on MonsterRoller electric scooters.

For a deeper dive into history, the Buda Castle Tour is the best. In this tour, you’ll get to explore through the Castle District, Chain Bridge, and Fisherman’s Bastion and experience sensory delight with breathtaking views.

The All in Tour of Budapest is a three-hour journey across Buda and Pest. The tour covers must-see spots like Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Margaret Island’s Rose Garden, and Fisherman’s Bastion.

E-Magine Tours Budapest Reviews

E-Magine Tours Budapest is a leading tour operator in Hungary. The company has garnered over 1,819 reviews on TripAdvisor. The company is rated #1 of 222 Outdoor Activities in Budapest by TripAdvisor and is also a recipient of the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Great first day in Budapest. E-bike tour was amazing. Got to see many sites while enjoying the beautiful views of Budapest. Bianca was an awesome guide and made the tour fun and exciting… Shashi P

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Budapest TukTuk

Budapest TukTuk

Budapest TukTuk is one of Hungary’s premier tour companies that specializes in unique and intimate city tours. Using urban convertibles, they offer a relaxed exploration experience not achievable in traditional cars. The company is registered with the Hungarian tourism board and boasts a team of highly experienced staff committed to safety and excellent customer service. Their focus on safety and personalized journeys sets them apart, allowing tourists to discover the city’s charm in a distinctive and comfortable manner.

Budapest TukTuk Best Tour Packages

Budapest TukTuk offers captivating packages to explore the city’s charm.

If you are into cruising experience, take the Danube Cruise Package. The tour unveils hidden gems and iconic landmarks like Andrássy Avenue, the City Park Circle, and the Buda Castle District.

For wine enthusiasts, the DiVino Package is perfect. It leads you through romantic Budapest streets to a bar showcasing wines from Hungary’s 10 regions and indulges you in a delightful wine tasting.

Experience romance with the Romantic Budapest Package.  It includes a journey through the city’s most enchanting locations and help you explore the “Little Paris” of Pest, Gellért Hill, and the Buda Castle District.

Budapest TukTuk Reviews

Budapest TukTuk is one of the best travel and tour agency in Hungary that has top ratings and rankings. In TripAdvisor, the company has 1,278 reviews with 5-star ratings and praise for their premium packages and services. The company is rated #1 of 671 Tours & Activities in Budapest.

This is a definite must if you come to Budapest,Paul and Greg our drivers and guides were fantastic,we saw so much and learnt so much too… kathaveyard

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Taste Hungary

Taste Hungary is a premier Hungary tour company. The company is devoted to sharing the delights of Hungarian cuisine and wine. Founded in 2008, Taste Hungary has become a leading culinary and wine tour company in Hungary. The company offers daily food walks, wine tastings, and private tours. Their independent wine shop and tasting room, Tasting Table Budapest, boasts a vast selection of 200+ labels, including rare Tokaji Aszú. The company also operates in the US, importing Hungarian wines and running a quarterly Wine Club. With a dedicated team and a mission to break cultural barriers, Taste Hungary provides best Hungary experience.

Taste Hungary Best Hungary Tour Packages

Taste Hungary provides exquisite journey through Hungarian flavors with enticing packages.

For a combined experience, go on a Wine, Cheese, & Charcuterie Tasting Tour. You’ll explore five fine Hungarian wines, including the legendary Tokaji aszú, meet a curated selection of local cheese and charcuterie.

Delve deeper with the Essentials of Hungarian Wine Package. It is a sommelier-led tasting of eight exceptional wines accompanied by delectable food pairings.

For a truly indulgent affair, join the Chef’s Table – Wine Cellar Dinner Party. It features a 6-course dinner by Chef Tamás paired with a variety of wines and a communal seating in the old brick wine cellar.  

Taste Hungary Reviews

Taste Hungary is one of the top Hungary tour operators. The company has over 1,507 reviews on TripAdvisor and a ranking #3 of 79 Classes & Workshops in Budapest. The reviews comprise of 5-star ratings and positive complements from the satisfied clients.

Really nice wine. Host very knowledgeable such a lovely place. Great food tasting board. We really enjoyed it would highly recommend… Laura F

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Sfumature di Budapest

Sfumature di Budapest

Sfumature di Budapest is one of the finest travel and tour company dedicated to providing a captivating exploration of Budapest, Hungary. The company aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the city’s diverse influences with their customized packages. The company stands out by embracing a holistic approach, ensuring that visitors witness the stunning architecture and connect with the emotions embedded in the city’s narrative. With well-qualified guides, Sfumature di Budapest has been providing great tours for over a decade.

Sfumature di Budapest Best Hungary Tour Packages

Sfumature di Budapest offers captivating tours, each unveiling unique aspects of Hungary.

Explore Budapest with a spectacular Buda Tour. You’ll discover the tales of medieval Hungary at Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Royal Palace with this tour.

If you want some cultural experience, you can also opt to join their Tour of the Jewish Quarter Package. You’ll explore the cultural and tragic past of Budapest’s Jews and visit the Great Synagogue, the Tree of Life, and vibrant ruin pubs.

Experience the charm of Budapest with the Pest Tour. You’ll stroll along UNESCO-listed Andrassy Avenue, 19th-century Hungarian landmarks like the Opera, Mai Manó House, and Heroes’ Square in this tour.

Sfumature di Budapest Reviews

Sfumature di Budapest is one of the best tour operators in Hungary with great ratings and rankings. In TripAdvisor, the company has 1,040 reviews with 5-star ratings. Sfumature di Budapest is ranked #3 of 671 Tours & Activities in Budapest by TripAdvisor and has also received multiple awards.  

Super free tour with our competent and always smiling guide Marianna. We have learnt a lot about the city, hungarian culture, history, food and language… Lara S

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Luna Tours Budapest

Luna Tours Budapest

Luna Tours is one of the premier tour operating agencies in Hungary. The company has consistently proven itself as the best for e-Scooter Tours and Rentals in Budapest.  With Luna Tours, there’s no need for a driving license to explore Budapest’s stunning streets and historical landmarks. They offer guided tours led by expert guides and provide freedom of e-scooter rentals for a personalized adventure.

 Luna Tours Budapest Best Hungary Tour Packages

Luna Tours Budapest offers captivating packages to explore the Hungary’s rich history and breathtaking views.

For the picturesque experience, go on the Buda Castle Tour. The tour helps you explore cobblestone streets, witness medieval charm, and discover landmarks like Fisherman’s Bastion.

The Sunset & Night Tour promises an unforgettable experience, chasing sunsets from Gellért-Hill, cruising the iconic buildings on electric scooters, and enjoying Budapest’s glittering lights.

For a comprehensive adventure, choose the Grand City Tour. In this tour, you’ll explore both Buda and Pest, visiting iconic landmarks like Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the Parliament, and Matthias Church.

Luna Tours Budapest Reviews

Luna Tours is a leading travel and tour agency in Hungary with stellar reviews and rankings. In TripAdvisor, the company has 802 reviews with 5-star ratings. Luna Tours is rated #4 of 671 Tours & Activities in Budapest and has also received the Travelers’ Choice Award of 2023.

This is a fantastic tour. Our guide Zita was so knowledgeable about everything we were seeing and clearly has true passion for her city and country… Debbie S

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Flavors of Budapest

Flavors of Budapest is a highly acclaimed travel and tour operating agency in Hungary. Led by Chef Marti, the company offers a unique culinary journey in the heart of Hungary’s capital. With two conveniently located kitchen-studios, participants can engage in hands-on experiences, including market tours and cooking classes. With their exclusive touring packages, guests not only savor Hungarian and Jewish dishes but also indulge in local wines and pálinka. With a decade of providing delightful experiences, Flavors of Budapest guarantees a friendly, educational, and delicious adventure into Hungary’s rich cuisine heritage.

Flavors of Budapest Best Hungary Tour Packages

Flavors of Budapest offers enticing packages to explore Hungarian cuisine and culture.

The Market Tour with Cooking is a 4-hour culinary adventure in Budapest’s Central Market Hall. In this tour, you’ll discover local history, ingredients, and customs before cooking a famous Hungarian dish guided by a professional chef.

For those who prefer a private dining experience, the Hungarian Private Dining package is perfect. It provides a two-hour dinner featuring a typical 3-course menu with homemade Hungarian dishes, accompanied by local drinks.

For group adventure, the Tourist Groups Tour is perfect. It is a unique experience where groups can engage in hands-on cooking classes, customized menus, and a complete Hungarian meal paired with local wines.

Flavors of Budapest Reviews

Flavors of Budapest is a prominent travel company in Hungary. The company has 353 reviews on TripAdvisor and is rated #1 of 79 Classes & Workshops providers in Budapest.

Extraordinary experience with breathtaking dishes. We loved the atmosphere like in a local family with lovely Cook. 😀… Kugundermann

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Duna Cruises

Duna Cruises

Duna Cruises is a top-rated tour company in Hungary that offers enchanting boat tours in the heart of Budapest. Operating on the elegant Citadella ship, the company provides a luxurious experience with air-conditioned seating, a stylish ship bar, and an open-air deck. With a focus on convenience, the tour packages ensure seamless and safe boat experiences. Duna Cruises enhances the tour experience with an online guide accessible in 11 languages, providing intriguing insights into the landmarks along the way.

Duna Cruises Best Hungary Tour Packages

Duna Cruises offers several exciting packages to explore Budapest in unique ways.

The Daytime Cruise Tour provides a one-hour boat journey down the Danube, showcasing iconic attractions with a premium welcome drink on the elegant Citadella boat.

For a mesmerizing evening experience, the Evening Cruise Tour is perfect. It allows you to witness the city lights during sunset, also on the sophisticated Citadella, complete with a welcome drink.

For a historical immersion, the Historical Cruise Tour is the best. With Kisfaludy Paddle Steamer, this tour offers a reconstructed 19th-century steamship experience, including a premium welcome drink and a glimpse into Hungary’s past.

Duna Cruises Reviews

Duna Cruises is one of the finest tour operating agencies in Hungary. In TripAdvisor, the company has 330 reviews with 5-star ratings. Duna Cruises has also received the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023 and ranks top among Boat Tours & Water Sports in Budapest.

Loved this cruise on the Danube! Friendly staff and very reasonably priced. Easy to book online, loved the prosecco as a welcome drink. Can highly recommend!… Charlene B

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What do you need to know before going to Hungary?

Before visiting Hungary, it’s important to know that the official language is Hungarian, and English may not be widely spoken in rural areas. The currency used is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), and it’s advisable to have some cash on hand, as not all places accept credit cards. Hungary has a rich cultural heritage, so familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions to fully appreciate your experience.

What makes Hungary special?

Hungary is special for its stunning architecture. Particularly in Budapest, you can find the Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Hungarian Parliament Building along the Danube River. The country is also famous for its thermal baths, including the historic Széchenyi and Gellért Baths.

How long does it take to see Hungary?

The amount of time needed to explore Hungary depends on your travel preferences. A week is generally sufficient to visit major attractions in Budapest and explore some of the charming towns and countryside.

What is Hungary famous for making?

Hungary is renowned for its high-quality wines, with regions like Tokaj producing some of the world’s finest sweet wines. The country is also famous for its paprika, a spice made from dried and ground peppers, which is a key ingredient in many Hungarian dishes.