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10 Best Norway Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Norway Tour Operators 2024

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Are you fantasizing about a trip to Norway, a stunning destination that has become so popular lately? Are you wondering where to find the best tours in Norway? Are you looking for an affordable, safe, and professional Norway tour operator to plan your trip?

Norway is the land of creeks, picturesque fishing villages, the Northern Lights, the Vikings, trolls, the midnight sun, and scenic drives and hikes. As one of the most affluent cities in Europe, Norway offers great quality facilities, including the best public transport options for travelers. You can arrive in Oslo, take a train to Bergen, then head down to Stavanger or explore Geirangerfjord in the North. The country has remarkable attractions that will make your trip memorable, from the glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, sublime power, fjords, and national parks. You will not miss a highlight to enjoy in the country.

While traveling to Norway is a delightful experience to be appreciated, it can get problematic when you start finding the best Norway tour operators. You will find hundreds of tour companies offering similar tour packages to Norway and claiming to be the best on the internet. You should be cautious to only spend your money with a reputable and professional tour company to deliver the best trip to Norway.

We are here to help you make the best decision. TravellersQuest would hate to see you spend your hard-earned money on the wrong tour company in Norway and potentially ruin your entire vacation. Therefore, we have spent thousands of hours researching and analyzing the top highly rated Norway tour agencies for you. They are all listed right here, in the article below. Read and choose wisely from this list of top 10 tour providers in Norway.

Providers Reviews
Chasing Lights Trip Advisor – 4,156 reviews
Nordic Ventures Trip Advisor – 1,712 reviews
Greenlander Trip Advisor – 1,665 reviews
Northern Soul Adventures Trip Advisor – 1,750 reviews
Northern Horizon Trip Advisor – 1,446 reviews
FjordSafari Trip Advisor – 1,219 reviews
Green Dog Svalbard Trip Advisor – 1,276 reviews
Poli Arctici Trip Advisor – 814 reviews
The Green Adventure Trip Advisor – 937 reviews
Arctic Adventure Tours Trip Advisor – 1,226 reviews

Table update Feb 13, 2024

Chasing Lights

Chasing Lights

Chasing Lights is a top-rated travel and tour operator in Norway. Based in Tromso, Norway, the company is a local tour operator that offers an authentic Arctic adventure. Chasing Lights was founded with a passion for showcasing Tromso’s beauty. Their signature tours offer a mix of professional guides and photographers. With years of experience in travel and touring sector, Chasing Lights has consistently stood out as the best tour operator in the country and has garnered top rankings and awards.

Chasing Lights Best Norway Tour Packages

Chasing Lights offers several exciting packages for a memorable adventure.

Immerse yourself in Sami culture with the Sami Reindeer Experience Tour.  In this tour, you can feed wild reindeer, try lasso throwing, and enjoy traditional Sami storytelling and a joik performance.

For a romantic evening, go on the Aurora Dinner Cruise Tour in the electric catamaran Brim. With this tour, you’ll savor local specialties with a chance to witness the enchanting Northern Lights.

Alternatively, indulge in the winter wonderland with the Tromsø Ice Domes Guided Tour. The tour features breathtaking ice sculptures, an ice bar, and a visit to a reindeer herd.

Chasing Lights Reviews

Chasing Lights is a best-rated Norway tour operator with stellar ratings and reviews. In TripAdvisor, the company has 4,156 reviews with 5-star ratings and praise for their top-notch packages and services.

The most special experience of my trip to the arctic! A very knowledgeable & humourous pairing of French & Dutch tour guides… George H

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Nordic Ventures

Nordic Ventures

Nordic Ventures is a leading tour agency in Norway. Established in 1998, Nordic Ventures is a premier outdoor adventure company located in the breathtaking landscapes of western Norway. With main bases in Gudvangen and Voss, the company specializes in providing nature-based experiences, including guided Sea Kayaking tours and exhilarating Tandem Paragliding flights. Nordic Ventures prioritizes safety with an impeccable track record and adherence to international safety codes. The company distinguishes itself through modern, well-maintained equipment, ensuring client comfort and enjoyment. Offering convenient transportation options, delicious catering, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Nordic Ventures promises a unique, client-centric adventure.

Nordic Ventures Best Tour Packages

Nordic Ventures offers an array of unforgettable guided tours in the stunning landscapes of Norway.

Their Guided Lake Tour is a 4-5 hour adventure exploring the serene lakes around Voss. In this tour, you’ll enjoy sea kayaking, gourmet lunch, and family-friendly discounts for kids.

Opt for the Half-Day Sea Kayaking Tour in Gudvangen for a shorter yet equally immersive experience starting at 1 pm.

For hiking enthusiasts, 2-Day Norway Fjords Hiking Tour is a must. You’ll explore the shores of the Nærøyfjord, witness breathtaking mountain views, and unwind in a rustic cabin in this tour.

Nordic Ventures Reviews

Nordic Ventures is a highly acclaimed travel and tour agency in Norway that has garnered top ratings and reviews. The company has 1,712 reviews on TripAdvisor with 5-star ratings from the satisfied clients. Nordic Ventures is rated #1 of 19 Outdoor Activities in Voss Municipality and has also received the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Great adventure! fantastic experience! Would recommend to anyone! Jordan was our guide and he was absolutely brilliant…Tasha R

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tours of norway

Greenlander is a premier tour operator in Norway that specializes in private and adventurous tours. Based in Tromsø, Norway, they prioritize personal experience and safety in the challenging Arctic conditions. Greenlander offers diverse packages such as Northern Lights tours, day trips, and kayaking and ensures a unique and authentic exploration of the region. The company is renowned for its highly trained team of professional photographers, PADI divers, and guides, guaranteeing high-quality outdoor adventures.

Greenlander Best Norway Tour Packages

Greenlander offers thrilling packages for you ultimate Norway Adventure.

Go on an exhilarating Northern Lights Tour.  With a remarkable 97% success rate in Aurora sightings, this tour will help you explore Arctic terrains and receive a cozy experience as you chase the elusive Northern Lights.

If you are into personalized adventure, you can opt for the enchanting Private Day tour on Kvaløya Island. It is an immersive 5-hour journey that lets you explore the breathtaking beauty of fjords, wildlife, and landscapes, capturing timeless moments along the way.

You can also join their exclusive Private Northern Lights Tour for a personalized, private-only experience. Tailored for couples, families, or those seeking solitude, this adventure promises a comfortable and adventurous night under the Northern Lights.

Greenlander Reviews

Greenlander is a highly-rated travel and tour operating company in Norway. In TripAdvisor, the company has 1,665 reviews with 5-star ratings. Greenlander is rated #1 of 140 Tours & Activities in Tromso and is also the recipient of Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

It was a ´once in a lifetime ´ experience. We were hoping to see the Northern lights. Markus our guide drove us to a beach and gave us thermal suits to wear over our clothes… laurencefrench2015

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Northern Soul Adventures

Northern Soul Adventures

Northern Soul Adventures is one of the finest tour operators in Norway. Based in Tromsø, Norway, they offer unique nature tours with a focus on authenticity and sustainability. Founded in 2016 by travel enthusiasts Hannah and Jeff, the company provides authentic Norway experiences. Northern Soul Adventures specialize in Northern Lights exploration and Arctic fjord road trips. Their tours feature professional photographs, homemade vegan-friendly food, and an eco-friendly approach. The company values responsible tourism, respecting wildlife and local villages, and strives to protect the ecosystem.

Northern Soul Adventures Best Norway Tour Packages

Northern Soul Adventures offers unforgettable experiences in Norway.

Experience the Aurora thrill with Northern Lights expedition package in Tromsø. Their expert guides maximize your chances of viewing with weather analysis and remote locations.

For the adventure enthusiasts, the Arctic Roadtrip is the best. In this trip, you’ll explore Kvaløya & Sommarøy, witness raw landscapes, wildlife encounters, and scenic stops. You’ll also indulge in an organic picnic amidst stunning views.

Northern Soul Adventures Reviews

Northern Soul Adventures is a highly reviewed tour operating agency in Norway. The company has over 1,750 reviews on TripAdvisor with 5-star ratings and praise from the clients. Northern Soul Adventures is ranked #5 of 140 Tours & Activities in Tromso by TripAdvisor.

What an amazing experience! My tour guide was Bogdan! He’s very friendly and patient and answered as many of the group’s questions as possible!… Lin A Oma

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Northern Horizon

Northern Horizon is one of the top-rated travel companies in Norway. Deeply rooted in a love for nature and the Arctic wilderness, the company specializes in northern Norway adventures. With their top-notch packages, Northern Horizon offers a magical exploration of the aurora borealis and breathtaking Arctic landscapes. Their mission is to provide authentic and well-designed travel experiences.

Northern Horizon Best Norway Tour Packages

Northern Horizon offers incredible packages to explore the Arctic wonders.

The Arctic Nature Tour on Kvaløya island promises a 5-hour adventure, showcasing fjords, mountains, and wildlife, with a full package of photos, lunch, and thermal gear provided.

For those seeking the enchanting Northern Lights, the Northern Lights Tour is perfect. It ensures comfort and companionship, with predictions based on weather analysis, bonfires, and hot drinks.

Additionally, Northern Horizon caters to personalized preferences with their Private Tour Package, offering an exclusive Northern Lights experience tailored to your desires.

Northern Horizon Reviews

Northern Horizon is a highly acclaimed travel and tour agency in Norway with great ratings and rankings. In TripAdvisor, the company has 1,446 reviews, with 5-star ratings and positive compliments. Northern Horizon is rated #2 of 140 Tours & Activities in Tromso and is also a recipient of the Travelers’ Choice Award of 2023.

Totally recommended, they did a fantastic job explaining everything, being so nice to all of us, and we got to see and incredible Auroras. Hermann and Marcin were the perfect guides for our group!… fran d

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FjordSafari is a top-rated tour agency in Norway. Founded in 2003 by Rune and May Lene, the company is passionate about sharing the stunning fjord landscape through their exclusive packages. With a focus on respect, enthusiasm, and authenticity, they offer personalized adventures including FjordSafari, biking, and hiking. Certified as an Eco-lighthouse in March 2022, the company prioritizes the well-being of travelers and follows strict environmental regulations.

FjordSafari Best Norway Tour Packages

FjordSafari offers several exciting packages to explore the stunning Norwegian fjords.

The Winter FjordSafari Package takes you on open RIB boats for an intimate experience. In this tour, you’ll explore snow-covered villages and frozen waterfalls while spotting wildlife.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Snowshoe Hike Trip is the best. It includes a minibus journey to the Stegastein viewpoint, where you’ll witness breathtaking fjord views.

The Flåm Zipline & Biking Package is perfect for the combined adventure. It begins with the famous Flåm Railway, followed by a thrilling 1381-meter zipline descent and a bike ride down the valley. 

FjordSafari Reviews

FjordSafari is the leading travel and tour operator in Norway with stellar rankings and reviews. In TripAdvisor, the company has 1,219 reviews and is rated as #1 of 21 Tours & Activities in Flam. The reviews are filled with 5-star ratings and praise from the past clients.

This is by far the best fjord exploration we had in Norway! We got so up close with the waterfalls and the views… Jennifer S

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Green Dog Svalbard

Green Dog Svalbard

Green Dog Svalbard is one of the finest companies located in Bolterdalen, Norway. They are a dog kennel service and have a unique mix of Greenland dogs and huskies. Led by Martin Munck and Karina Bernlow, the team live near the kennels year-round, prioritizing the welfare of their dogs. Green Dog Svalbard offers dog sled tours throughout the year, utilizing sledges in winter and carts or foot travel in summer. The tours are designed for a maximum of 8 guests, providing an intimate and personalized experience.

Green Dog Svalbard Best Norway Tour Packages

Green Dog Svalbard offers thrilling dog sled adventures in the Arctic wilderness.

In their Half-Day Dog Sled Tour, experience the pristine Bolterdalen valley, where the guide leads you through mountains and moraine, providing a chance to witness nature’s beauty.

The Dogs & Sea Tour is a family-friendly expedition along the stunning Isfjorden coast. You’ll encounter wildlife and cultural relics in this tour.

For an immersive experience, the 3-Day Expedition with Dog Sled Package is the best. It takes you deep into Svalbard’s heart, exploring valleys, frozen waterfalls, and cozy cabins.

Green Dog Svalbard Reviews

Green Dog Svalbard is a highly-rated tour operator in Norway with great reviews and ratings. The company has accumulated 1,277 reviews on TripAdvisor with  5-star ratings and positive compliments. Green Dog Svalbard is ranked #2 of 35 Tours & Activities providers in Longyearbyen and is also a proud recipient of Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

The trip was magical. The guide took care of us and the dogs all the way. We were traveling through the white Arctic and were able to control the dogs… Kseniia E

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Poli Arctici

Poli Arctici

Poli Arctici is a top-rated specialized tour operator based in Longyearbyen, Norway. Established in 1999, the company offers thrilling adventures in Svalbard’s Arctic wilderness. Owned by Stefano Poli, the company boasts a close-knit team of experienced guides with a strong personal interest in the High Arctic. Poli Arctici offers trekking, skiing, snowmobile, and boat excursions in both summer and winter. The name “Poli Arctici,” meaning “The Arctic Pole” in Latin, reflects their commitment to exploring the northernmost regions.

Poli Arctici Best Norway Tour Packages

Poli Arctici offers incredible packages to explore the pristine beauty of Svalbard.

The Skansbukta Trekking Package is perfect for adventurers to discover rugged coastlines, mountains, and cultural heritage. The package include glacier walks, fossil hunting, and wildlife encounters.

For ski enthusiasts, The Atomfjella Alpine Ski Touring package is a dream. It features a week of skiing in the highest and remotest mountains of Svalbard. You’ll get to traverse glaciers, summit peaks, and experience the true Arctic under the midnight sun.

The Svalbard Discovery Package provides a 5-day Arctic adventure. It explores frozen fjords, glaciers, and valleys with cozy cabin stays and offers the chance to witness polar bears and visit historic sites.

Poli Arctici Reviews

Poli Arctici is one of the best-rated tour operators in Norway. The company has over 814 reviews and is rated #1 of 35 Tours & Activities in Longyearbyen. The reviews are filled with positive comments and 5-star ratings. Poli Arctici has also recently received the Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

An amazing Arctic adventures. My son and I decided to go on two trips with Poli Arctici. Each of them took place in a different fiord… Guide18033553651

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The Green Adventure

The Green Adventure

The Green Adventure is one of the leading travel and tour operators in Norway. Based in Tromsø, Norway, they offer intimate and eco-friendly guided tours, including northern lights hunts, fjord drives, and snowshoeing hikes. As a family-run company, The Green Adventure prioritizes personalized experiences with a focus on details. Their small team comprises of passionate owners and close friends and ensure a warm and special atmosphere during touring.

The Green Adventure Best Tour Packages

The Green Adventure offers several exciting packages to explore the wonders of Norway.

Join the Northern Lights Hunt Tour for an intimate, small group experience in chasing the elusive Aurora. In this tour, you’ll enjoy the mesmerizing lights while indulging in warm soup by a campfire.

Discover the Fjords Tour takes you on a road trip to the picturesque Kvaløya island. The tour showcases iconic fjords, sandy beaches, and arctic wildlife and lets you embrace the harmony of tourism with nature.

For a pure nature adventure, join their Snowshoe Adventure Tour. On this tour, you will hike 3-kilometer on Kvaløya and experiencing breathtaking fjord views, wildlife spotting, and savoring hot chocolate at the top.

The Green Adventure Reviews

The Green Adventure is one of the finest travel and tour operating agencies in Norway with stellar ratings and reviews. In TripAdvisor, the company has 938 reviews with 5-star ratings and positive comments from the satisfied clients.

very cool – we had a great tour with guide Kat – driving all the way to Finnish Lapland, but finally we were in the right spot on right time to see the light…Eveline R

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Arctic Adventure Tours

Arctic Adventure Tours

Arctic Adventure Tours is one of the top-rated travel and tour companies in Norway. The company is a family-owned, founded by Hege and PT in 1999. Arctic Adventure has been providing thrilling Arctic experiences for over 20 years with their exclusive packages. The company boasts a kennel of 160 Alaskan Huskies, two 16-seater Mercedes minibuses, and a 50ft cabin cruiser named the Orca Express. The family-friendly atmosphere extends to their staff, with seasoned professionals, including mountain guides, dog handlers, drivers, and boat crews, who share the passion for the Arctic outdoors.

Arctic Adventure Tours Best Norway Tour Packages

Arctic Adventure Tours offer an array of captivating experiences in Tromsø with their exclusive packages.

Their Self-Drive Husky Dog Sledding Tour lets you drive your own team of Alaskan Huskies through snowy landscapes, fully equipped in provided winter clothing. With this tour, you’ll immerse yourself in the friendly kennel atmosphere and learn about husky history. 

For a maritime adventure, go on the Whale Watching RIB Tour. You’ll set out from Skjervøy between October and January to witness Orcas and Humpback whales feeding on migrating herring.

Alternatively, you can also explore the magic of Sami culture with Reindeer Tours. In this tour, you’ll get to feed and interact with reindeer, choose between sledding options, and even try your hand at lasso throwing.

Arctic Adventure Tours Reviews

Arctic Adventure Tours is one of the finest tour agencies in Norway. The company has over 1,228 reviews on TripAdvisor and is rated top among Boat Tours & Water Sports providers in Tromso. The company’s reviews are filled with 5-star ratings and positive compliments for their excellent services.

Such an amazing tour! I would highly recommend to anyone that wants a great view of Tromsø and a chance to be a musher!… Stacy S

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How many days do you need to tour Norway?

For a comprehensive tour of Norway, it’s recommended to plan for at least 7 to 10 days. This allows you to explore the stunning fjords, vibrant cities like Oslo and Bergen, picturesque coastal areas, and experience the unique culture and outdoor activities that Norway has to offer.

Which is the best time to visit Norway?

The best time to visit Norway is in summer, from June to August. During this time, the weather is relatively mild, and you can enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian landscapes without the extreme cold.

What is the best way to tour Norway?

The best way to tour Norway is a combination of train, ferry, and car. The scenic train rides offer breathtaking views, ferry rides showcase the coastal beauty, and having a car allows you to explore remote areas.

Why is Norway famous for tourism?

Norway is famous for tourism due to its stunning natural landscapes, including majestic fjords, waterfalls, and northern lights. The country also boasts a rich cultural heritage, friendly locals, and outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and fishing.

What food is Norway known for?

Norwegian cuisine is known for its focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Some iconic dishes include “rakfisk” (fermented fish), “lutefisk” (dried fish rehydrated in a lye solution), and traditional seafood like salmon and cod.