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10 Best Iceland Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Iceland Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Iceland, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you wanted to explore the magnificent landscapes in Iceland? Do you want to have a life-changing adventure with a top-rated Iceland tour operator? Are you wondering how to find affordable and top-notch tours to Iceland?

Iceland is an island of remarkable landscapes where rivers run through the deserts while molten lava casually erupts from ice. The country is known for its contrasting scenes where the natural elements dance between poles during the long winters, and in summer, the sun never sets. Iceland is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise as a country perpetually covered in snow and the most volcanic-active region in the world. Also known as the land of myths and legends, you can find underground caves, glittering glaciers, and scenic national parks full of wild reindeer.

While it may seem like a candid task to find the best tour company to guide you during your trip abroad, finding and selecting the best tour company in Iceland can get very complicated. When you search for prospects, you will find pages upon pages of great possibilities to visit Iceland. All these options will also have different costs, tour packages, and expertise in the Iceland tourism industry. Devoting your time and hard-earned money to an agency without having all the information or doing thorough research can result in you having a disastrous Iceland tour.

TravellersQuest ‘s goal is for you to invest in a company that only gives you a safe, fun, and fulfilling trip abroad. Thankfully, we have a seamless solution to help you achieve your dream tour to Iceland, giving you more than you could have anticipated. Our research team has spent hours analyzing hundreds of best Iceland tour companies by comparing their prices, the quality of their tour packages, and their online reviews. We have therefore put together this great and reliable list of best tour companies in Iceland.

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 highly rated and professional tour providers in Iceland.

Providers Package Reviews
DIVE.IS Driving Day Tour
Snorkeling Tour
Trip Advisor – 6036 reviews
Hidden Iceland Glacier Tour
Private Golden Circle Northern Ligghts Tour
Trip Advisor – 667 reviews
CityWalk Reykjavik Northern Lights Tour
Golden Circle Classic Tour
Trip Advisor – 5135 reviews
Adventure Vikings Snorkeling & horse Riding Tour
Snorkeling & Golden circle Tour
Trip Advisor – 1463 reviews
Superjeep.is Northern Light Tours
Private Golden Circle & Langjökull Glacier
Trip Advisor – 2159 reviews
Nordurflug Helicopter Tours Geothermal Tour
Heli Helicopter Tour
Trip Advisor – 1314 reviews
Iceland Go Tours Jokulsarlon Glacial lagoon and
Iceland South Coast day Tour
WestIceland & cave Tour
Trip Advisor – 163 reviews
Moonwalker The Ultimate Circle Private Adventure Tour
South Coast Private Adventure Tour
Trip Advisor – 368 reviews
Adventure Patrol Iceland Grand Tour
The Reykjanes Peninsula Adventure
Trip Advisor – 155 reviews
Reykjavik Erupts South Coast Volcanoes – Private Tour
Reykjavik erupts – visit the volcanoes
Trip Advisor – 144 reviews

Table update Oct 13, 2021


iceland tours

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1997
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015/2019
Reviews: 6,032 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated exceptional and professional

About Company

DIVE.IS is a local best tour operator in Iceland founded in 1997 to run sport diving education and training for the Reykjavik people. The company then expanded to provide tours to international travelers in one of the best divers’ destinations, Silfra. With years of experience, they boast of delivering world-class diving and snorkeling adventures in Iceland. The staff is professionals, passionate about sustainable tourism and sharing hidden gems with travelers worldwide.


Iceland is a highly adventurous country, with DIVE.IS, you can find Iceland tour packages that fit your interest and budget.

Discover the diverse underwater landscape by taking the Diving Tours for amazing scenery above and under the water in a country best known for its crystal-clear glacial water. You try Snorkeling and enjoy the deep views through the pure glacial water for unforgettable memories to back home. On the Multiple Day Dive Tours, you will engage in exciting trips through Iceland’s wild and breathtaking nature.


As one the best Iceland tour companies, DIVE.IS is top-rated with nearly 6,100 reviews on Trip Advisor, and 99% have attested the company as “good” or “professional.” They have served thousands of happy travelers and are ranked #1out of 489 tours in Reykjavik. Read what someone else has said about their vacation:

“Wonderful Anna was our guide 🌺 We felt so secure and had so much fun with her 🍀 The trip was so well prepared and guided through this wonderful part of Þingvellir. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.” – Ingibjorg T: Aug 2021

Hidden Iceland

iceland daily tours

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2020
Reviews: 667 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Hidden Iceland is a boutique best Iceland tour company specializing in small group tours and personalized tour services. Established by young professional experts, the company works with passionate and experienced guides who design well-crafted tours that are truly unforgettable. Their philosophy and goal are to be the most trusted and dependable, working to help local communities. Hidden Iceland believes their superior services will your trip into an unforgettable experience no matter what you choose to do in Iceland.


You will have many Iceland vacation tour packages with Hidden Iceland, and they can personalize any tour to fit what you are searching for.

You can join any of the many Iceland Glacier Tours, but the most popular is the South Coast Fire and Ice trip. This tour is action-packed with the best parts of the south coast, including massive glaciers, waterfalls, volcanic black sandy beaches, and the world-famous volcanoes. On the Private Golden Circle Platinum Tour, you will hunt for the northern lights with a perfect combination of relaxation adventures featuring Iceland’s renowned Golden Circle area. The south of Iceland is vibrant and holds all of Iceland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, you will discover vast lava fields, visible tectonic shifts, volcanoes, glaciers, archipelagos, and rock formations.


Hidden Iceland delivers the best private tours in Iceland and has earned a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor in 2020.  Besides, they have a 5-star rating and are ranked #3 of tours in Reykjavik for offering excellent tour packages. You can read this lovely review left by a former traveler:

“The whole experience was fantastic, but the best part was the glacier hike and hanging out with our superb guide Ingimundur. I highly recommend Hidden Iceland. They were super responsive, and everything was exactly as planned. I wish they could arrange all my travel plans. If you go to Iceland and don’t use Hidden Iceland, you are missing out.” – Rakram: July 2021

CityWalk Reykjavik

tours of iceland

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #4 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 5,135 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated exceptional and professional

About Company

CityWalk Reykjavik is a highly rated and best Iceland tour company established in 2014 but swiftly evolved into one of the best Iceland tour companies that host thousands of visitors every month. They specialize in free classic tours and unique guided free walking tours in Reykjavík. The company is renowned and has been featured in international blogs and leading travel social media platforms. Furthermore, CityWalk Reykjavik is highly rated for being cost-effective, professional guides, and quality tour packages in Iceland.  Join them for a life-changing vacation abroad!


Your trip to Iceland will only get better with any of the CityWalk Reykjavik’s wonderful tour packages to Iceland for great adventures.

This tour not only sets you up to find the legendary Northern Lights, but it’s also an opportunity to discover the stars and special constellations in the sky with beautiful celestial displays.  The Golden Circle Classic is the best-selling tour that will allow you to see the iconic erupting geyser and hot springs, discover the mighty Gullfoss Waterfalls, and learn the ancient history of the Vikings.  In the morning, you can join the Iceland Horse Riding Tour on the outskirts of Reykjavik.


CityWalk Reykjavik is ranked number #4 out of 489 tours in Reykjavik for outstanding customer service. They also have over 5,140 positive reviews on Trip Advisor, with almost 100% of clients rating them as professional and exceptional making them one of the best Iceland tour companies. You can see what this past customer said:

“Our guide tour Erik was very knowledgeable and funny! We enjoyed a lot learning about the city and the country and would totally recommend it to anyone.” – Ingrid M: July 2021


best iceland tours company

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #4 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015/2019
Reviews: 2,159 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Operating out of Reykjavik, Superjeep.is is arguably one of the best tour companies in Iceland, with professional guides and highly rated tour packages. With years of experience in the tourism industry, the company specializes in transport, offering 4by4 Land Rover Defender and Ford Excursion. They deliver the most affordable and safest tailor-made private tours and have been award the certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor for seven years in a row.


No matter which best private tours Iceland options you choose, you can be sure that you will be traveling in style for a dream vacation abroad.

Their Northern Lights Superjeep Tour takes you to experience a unique natural phenomenon in the world. For the best outdoor experience, take the Iceland Private Golden Circle and Langjokull Glacier tour and visit Thingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic parliament was created 1000 years ago. On the South Coast Day Tour, Superjeep.is will take you to see Katla Ice, the Secret Ice Cave, and the blue ice that is over 800 years old.


This Iceland tour has a great reputation for delivering affordable and high-quality packages to the best attractions in the country. Whether you join a group or private tour, their 5-star rating on Trip Advisor will give you the confidence to trust them to deliver a memorable trip. You can read about this best Iceland tour company’s customers on this review:

“We had a brilliant tour yesterday, including driving on a glacier! The outstanding guide and the modified Land Rover Defender were incredible. Highly recommended, but this top of your list when you visit Iceland.” – TheMelds: July 2021

Nordurflug Helicopter Tours

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #6 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
Reviews: 1,314 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Nordurflug Helicopter Tours is one of the largest helicopter tour companies in Iceland with, a long reputation for excellent customer service and great operational standards. The company offers the largest fleet of helicopters, so they are flexible, and for your complete comfort, all their helicopter seats face forward. They have a team of hardworking pilots who continuously provide exceptional service with care. Besides, Nordurflug Helicopter Tours is one of the best Iceland tour companies, according to Trip Advisor.


Nordurflug Helicopter Tours provides wonderful opportunities across many locations. You will not miss an Iceland tour package that meets all your interests.

On the company’s most popular Geothermal Tour, you will fly over Hellisheidi Plateau one of the most active volcanic zones that cover lava fields. You will see colorful basalt mountains, hot springs, and the geothermal power plant that supplies renewable energy to Reykjavik. The Fire and Ice Tour Iceland offers an exceptional combination of excursions by first landing on a glacier, then on a volcano. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be near a volcano? The Volcano Eruption Tour is a chance to experience the explosion sites in Geldingadalur.


This best Iceland tour operator has earned a solid 5-star rating with almost 1,400 reviews on Trip Advisor. The company was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2019 and is ranked at #5 of 321 outdoors tours in Reykjavik. You can read about how well they provide their services here:

Vulcano tour with my kids! Fantastic company, very nice, best service, nice pilots with knowledge about the surroundings. We didn’t see the vulcano active; they gave us a second chance for a really nice deal!” – Gitta K: July 2021

Iceland Go Tours

best tour companies in iceland

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #9 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017/18/19
Reviews: 163 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated exceptional and great

About Company

Iceland Go Tours is a multi-award-winning family-owned best Iceland tour company based in Reykjavik. The company specializes in high-end travel tours of Iceland at affordable prices with utmost safety precautions. The expeditions are offered in small groups, with a mission to show you all the hidden gems with the best personal service so that your vacation in Iceland will be as good as possible. Iceland Go Tours’ guides are mostly family members with years of experience and know the country in and out.


Iceland Go Tour offers high-quality package tours to Iceland, and they are well suited for any traveler, including families, couples, or individuals.

Experience the South Coast by taking a Glacial Lagoon and Iceland South Coast Day tour to see the spectacular floating icebergs in Jokulsarlon and the Skaftafell National Park. Take a tour to Snaefellsnes Peninsula to see stunning sceneries that bring out the area’s true beauty on a well-conditioned and comfortable jeep. For an amazing day of everchanging landscapes, join the West Iceland and Ice Cave Tour Iceland with a local expert guide to see the Ice Caves, lava falls, and the spectacular Thingvellir National Park.


Iceland Go Tour is ranked #8 of 321 outdoor activities in Reykjavik and has earned hundreds of glowing and raving Iceland tour reviews on Trip Advisor. They also have earned the Certificate of Excellence three years in a row with a solid 5-star rating because of their top-notch Iceland glacier tours. You can read about a review here:

“Bjorn and Gunnar are the owners and made the trip very special. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to do private tours of Iceland. They know all the spots and make sure you want to do what’s you wish rather like other tours which have a fixed agenda.” – Sameerkmusale: Feb 2020


Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #11 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019/2020
Reviews: 369 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Moonwalker is a family-owned best Iceland tour company based in Reykjavik. With experienced drivers and rugged vehicles, the company enjoys nothing better than going out and exploring the vast beauty of their rugged cars and experienced drivers. If you are looking for a day tour with tremendous fun and pleasure and good personal service, you are in the right place. Besides, Moonwalker is a multi-award-winning, fully licensed tour operator in Iceland.


Moonwalker has many top-notch package tours to Iceland for you to choose from, for exceptional chances to discover the country.

Porsmork Valley is a heaven for hikers and the best hiking destination in Iceland. On this tour, you will see three glaciers, beautiful volcanic landscapes, and Stakkholtsgja Canyon. During the Ultimate Circle Private Adventure Tour, you will try snowmobiling, ice-caving, off-road cruising, and waterfalls and geysers all in one day. If you are looking for spectacular outdoor escapades, take the Iceland South Coast Private Adventure Tour to see the waterfalls and black sand.


Over the years that Moonwalker has been in business, they have accumulated outstanding feedback from many past clients. On Trip Advisor, the company has been rated with 5-stars out of over 369 reviews and earned the Certificate of Excellence in 2019 and 2020 for best Iceland tour companies. Here is a review from satisfied adventurer:

“Moonwalker is an amazing way to tour Iceland with. Bessi is knowledgeable and practices safety all the time. We have been to Iceland twice and he has been our person to go to. I highly recommend Moonwalker for an unforgettable, fun, private, personalized tour through Iceland.” – Maradelavega: Jun 2021

Adventure Patrol

iceland tour companies

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #10 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2020
Reviews: 155 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated outstanding and great

About Company

Adventure Patrol is the best Iceland tour catering luxury and the private travel market. A fully Icelandic-owned and run, the company prides itself on flexibility and reliability. They specialize in organizing personalized Iceland tour packages for families and small groups that can be tailor-made to meet your budget and needs. With their super-jeeps, Adventure Patrol leaves no place inaccessible, and if you are looking for added comfort, they also have luxury vehicles. In addition, the guides are passionate about creating a unique experience with fun and creativity to your satisfaction.


Adventure Patrol has an exciting array of Iceland-guided tour packages from volcanoes, glaciers, and Northern Lights escapades. 

The Iceland Grand Adventure is a private tour that allows you to circumnavigate the island and to get to all hidden gems for a minimum of eight days, depending on your preferences. Located in the Southwest region, Reykjanes Peninsula is a geothermal phenomenon, where lighthouses outnumber villages and a hotbed for recreational activities. Golden Circle Adventure is the most popular tour in Iceland, and for a great reason! This excursion combines Iceland’s history with exceptional geology and a breath-taking sight such as the largest natural lake, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, and rivers.


Adventure Patrol has earned its place on this top 10 list of best company tours in Iceland because of its glowing reviews and many satisfied past tourists. With 156 reviews and a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor in 2020, the company is praised for outstanding customer service and professionalism. Here is a review received recently:

“Arnar and the team at Adventure Patrol were phenomenal and brought us on the best trip we’ve ever been on. We were looking for some” off-the-grid” places to enjoy with someone who we could trust and who knows how to have a good time with. Adventure Patrol exceeded all of our expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone coming to Iceland!” – 298jacob: May 2019

Reykjavik Erupts

Company’s location and type: Reykjavik, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #8 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2020
Reviews: 144 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Reykjavik Erupts is a small family and friends-based company and of our top 10 best Iceland tour companies. Founded by Dofri Hermannsson, a professional tour guide with a deep love for nature and a great flair for storytelling, the company is authentic, friendly, and specialized in showing you Iceland’s magnificent landscape. They specialize in the best day tours in Iceland and customized tours for groups. Besides, all the guides at Reykjavik Erupts have years of experience guiding and living the unique and vibrant volcanic island, Iceland.


If you are looking for the best package tour to Iceland, Reykjavik Erupts provides you with various unique options to enjoy.

The Golden Circle Tour is famous, and you can take a stroll at Thingvellir, a distinctive place with phenomenal history and geology and one of the best lava center volcanoes shows in the world. The 7-hours Tour is a great choice if you just have a short day to spend in Iceland. The tour will take you to see the Golden Circle, Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal, and Gullfoss Waterfalls. South Coast Volcanoes are the most active. You will drive to Mt. Hengill and discover the world wonder and the newly opened museum.


Out of the 145 reviews that Reykjavik Erupts has received on Trip Advisor, 99% have commented as great or excellent. The Iceland tours review shows that the company is rated #7 of 321 outdoor tours in Reykjavik. See this excellent review left by a past client:

“We spent a magical day with Gylfi, touring the active volcano and the surrounding area. How fortunate we were to see the earth perform in this spectacular fashion. How fortunate we were to have had such an excellent tour guide.” – Dorothy Z: May 2021


TravellersQuest hopes that this top 10 list of the best Iceland tour companies offers you everything you need to make a concise decision for your future tours in the country. If you do choose to travel abroad to Iceland and see the great places as you immerse yourself in adventure and local culture by joining a highly rated Iceland tour, we encourage you to reference this list to assist you in selecting the best tour company.

Once you arrive home from Iceland, we would be delighted to hear back about your ventures abroad. If you have gone on a trip with any of these Iceland companies in the past, send us a message and let us know how it went!

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