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10 Best Denmark Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Denmark Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Denmark, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you been looking to explore the medieval and stunning cities in Denmark? Do you want to know how to find a professional, affordable, and highly rated tour operator in Denmark? Do you need help to find the best Denmark tour company?

Denmark is one of the most stunning countries in the world. The charms of this country attract millions of global tourists each year. Denmark boasts one of the oldest Royal Families, and as a result, castles and palaces are a common feature on the landscape. From floating sand dunes that change location each year, the islands off the main coast, and the majestic cliffs, Denmark boasts thousands of outdoor adventures to choose from. Food in Demark is legendary, and fine Danish dining paves the way for the best Scandinavian culinary. For literature lovers, this is home to the world-famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Although it may appear easy to select a tour agency in Denmark, narrowing down the best option can actually be tricky. Each Denmark tour company will have varying costs, tour programs, and customer care policies. Giving your hard-earned money to a company without knowing the complete and correct information can lead to you wasting your money or having a dreary tour experience in Denmark.

You may end up spending thousands of dollars, only for the company to offer you a measly tour in Denmark and potentially ruin your entire trip experience. To help you avoid wasting your time and money on a bad Denmark tour operator, TravellersQuest has read hundreds of reviews and meticulously researched companies to deliver this highly rated best 10 tour agencies list in Denmark.

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable tour operators in Denmark.

Providers Package Reviews
Segway Tours Copenhagen Copenhagen Segway Tour
Daily Bike Tour
Trip Advisor – 2167 reviews
Go Running Tours Copenhagen Sunrise Tour
Copenhagen Architecture Tour
Trip Advisor – 410 reviews
Copenhagen Free Walking Tour Grand tour Of Copenhagen
Tour of Christianshavn
Trip Advisor – 10,643 reviews
Food Of Copenhagen Culinary Bike Tour
Private Food Tour
Trip Advisor – 338 reviews
Segway Cruise Copenhagen Winter Segway Tour
Private VIP Tours
Trip Advisor – 277 reviews
SANDEMANs NEW Europe – Copenhagen Copenhagen Food Tour
Alternative Copenhagen Tour
Trip Advisor – 6740 reviews
Cycling Copenhagen Group tour
Urban Tour
Trip Advisor – 251 reviews
beCopenhagen Private bike tours in Copenhagen
Waterfront Architecture Boat tour
Trip Advisor – 209 reviews
Nova Experiences Copenhagen Copenhagen Bike Tour
Oslo Walking Tour
Trip Advisor – 837 reviews
Copenhagen By Mie & Friends Copenhagen Sights Tour
Hygge & Happiness Tour
Trip Advisor – 602 reviews

Table update Oct 9, 2021

Segway Tours Copenhagen

denmark tours

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 2,167 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated professional and outstanding

About Company

Segway Tours Copenhagen is a leading tour operator in Denmark founded by Morten Malmros to provide Segway tours that guarantee an experience exceeding your expectations. This award-winning company has more than 15 professional guides who have curated over ten tour packages to match your budget and schedule. Their goal is to meet high standards while offering customers safe and memorable experiences. Segway Tours Copenhagen is a local company that has quickly gained an outstanding reputation in the Denmark tourism industry.


Segway Tours Copenhagen primarily focuses on delivering immersive Segway tours in Copenhagen, Denmark, and you can join one of their many excursions.

Jump right in and join the Copenhagen Discovery Jopo Bike Tour and explore the largest bike city in the world through green gardens, grand castles, and colorful streets and take perfect photos.  On the Wonderful Copenhagen Segway Tour, you will take two hours and visit St. Nicholas Church, Kings New Square, Inner Harbor, etc., in a small group with a professional guide. Copenhagen has over four kilometers of beachfront located at the Amager Beachpark that you will be able to see on a Segway.


This Denmark tour company is a great choice for fantastic tour opportunities, and they have been ranked #1 of 160 Outdoor Activities in Copenhagen. Segway Tours Copenhagen has also been rated 5 stars with almost 2,200 unique reviews on Trip Advisor. You can read a review below:

“We booked a tour as a family, and both I and my kids really enjoyed seeing Copenhagen by Segway. It was fun at the same time as we learned historic facts about important monuments in Copenhagen. Our guide Rikke did a splendid job as a tour guide, and we will highly recommend her when booking a Segway tour.” – Lin: July 2021

Go Running Tours

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 2011
Awards, Certification: Ranked #4 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 410 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Founded in 2011 by Lena Anderssen, a tourism professional, Go Running Tours is a top tour operator in Denmark that builds a worldwide community of runners with a goal for a healthy lifestyle. The company prides itself in giving a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and its mission is to provide unmatchable tour services at an affordable cost. Go Running Tours specializes in private and group day running tours that can be personalized to meet your needs and conditions. With this operator, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable happy adventure while keeping you safe.


Join in one of Go Running Tours’ tour packages in Denmark and get an experience that will give you lasting memories.

Explore Copenhagen by joining the  Urban Treasure Hunt running tour for an opportunity to learn the history of the neighborhoods from the medial era to recent modern developments.  The Copenhagen Morning Run tour Denmark is the best way to start your day with beautiful views of the harbor, Little Mermaid, and then watch the sun rising over the Opera in magnificent orange color. Denmark is best known for its architectural designs, such as the Opera and the Playhouse. During the 10KM Architectural Tour, you will run through the city via the harbor to the city center as you learn the history of different developments.


Go Running Tours is an exceptionally popular tour operator in Denmark and has hosted thousands of runners since its inception. With a combination of unique tours and friendly guides, the company has received 410 outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor and is ranked #4 of 160 outdoor tours in Copenhagen. Read this comment from a past tourist:

“Great time running 15K with Kim. The weather was perfect, the tour informative, and the city beautiful. I highly recommend doing this tour!” – Ivymay13: June 2019

Copenhagen Free Walking Tours

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #5 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014/2019
Reviews: 10, 643 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Copenhagen Free Walking Tours is a local Denmark tour company founded by a group of professional tour guides born and live in Copenhagen. With over 10,000 positive reviews on Trip Advisor, the company specializes in free private and small group walking tours that meet your interest and budget. Your itinerary with Copenhagen Free Walking Tours is personalized and flexible, designed by a knowledgeable and multilingual guide. You can count on them to offer you a cherished experience in Denmark.


With many package tours to Denmark to choose from, you can design your schedule. No matter what you are looking for, Copenhagen Free Walking Tours got you covered!

Copenhagen’s history is rich, and it’s a major city on the edge of the Baltic. On the Grand Tour of Copenhagen, you will explore the city’s history, the founding fathers, and the evolution to become the fantastic city it is today. Plan not to miss out on the Christianshavn Denmark Tour and walk down winding cobblestone streets, past distinctive churches, right through to the Free Town of Christiania. After seeing the city during the day, join in on the Pub Crawl to experience the city’s nightlife and dance your heart with locals.


This tour operator in Denmark is proudly the holder of the most reviews in the country, and every day they continue to gain more glowing feedback from past tourists. With over 10,642 reviews, Copenhagen Free Walking Tours has been rated 5 stars. You can see this nice review left on Trip Advisor:

“Great tour. Daniel, our guide, was very informative and funny, friendly, and welcoming. The pace was good, I learned a lot about the city and picked up some good tips on places to eat/drink.” -Clare J: Sep 2020

Food of Copenhagen

denmark tours

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 388 reviews on Trip Advisor 95% rated professional and outstanding

About Company

For many years, Food of Copenhagen has been a top-performing tour operator in Denmark founded by Cindy, a food enthusiast. The company creates authentic experiences for you to enjoy with friends or family and learn about the local food culture while getting involved in adventurous trips and affordable trips around Copenhagen. With Food of Copenhagen, you will feel safe knowing that you will have the best culinary experience, which is safe and professional with a highly experienced team of food activists who are creative and fun for an unforgettable time.


Make your tour to Denmark remarkable by investing in a top-rated package with Food of Copenhagen. Be ready to experience the country differently.

If you’re a foodie, join in experiencing everything in Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands genuinely by taking the exclusive 3-day Nordic Gastro Tour. The Denmark Culinary Bike Tour invites you to discover the eccentric food scene on a bike from the red-light district to the Christianshavn while tasting street food like a local.


This tour in Copenhagen Denmark is a highly rated operator and has proudly earned 5 stars rating on Trip Advisor with close to 400 reviews. Out of all their feedback, 95% of past travelers have rated Food of Copenhagen exceptional. They are also ranked the #2 of 76 food tours in Copenhagen. You can see the high praise here:

“Lisa was a fantastic host, providing a wonderful commentary on the food scene in Copenhagen, as well as a bit of the history of the city. The intimate group was perfect, and the coverage of the city was just right. I recommend starting with a tour like this and re-visiting the neighborhoods that spark your interest. Highly recommend!” – Scott S: Nov 2019

Segway Cruise Copenhagen

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #5 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018/2019
Reviews: 277 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated great and professional

About Company

Segway Cruise Copenhagen is an award-winning tour operator in Denmark specializing in guided Segway tours that are safe, all-inclusive, and affordable. They are passionate about customer satisfaction, and their goal is to provide you with unrivaled tour packages that are personalized and custom-made. Segway Cruise Copenhagen also offers private day tours, and all you need to do is tell them your interest and budget, then they will give you a memorable adventure leaving you happy, fulfilled, and safe.  


Denmark is a country with prospects for an impactful adventure, and you can participate in one of Segway Cruise Copenhagen’s great Denmark tour packages.

Segway Winter Cruises will take you to explore the no-car zone to see major sights, including The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, and the Amalienborg Palace. The company’s popular Copenhagen Cruise is a two-hour excursion through the Danish and Organic Cafe into the Royal Theatre with high-quality helmets and a HIFI radio system. The fastest way to understand the Danish culture and experience Copenhagen is by taking the City Center Cruise on a Segway while enjoying local street foods and buying gifts to take back home.


Segway Cruise Copenhagen has affordable and safe Denmark bike tours. The reviews show that past clients are satisfied and happy with the customer service, so they ranked them #5 out of 160 agencies in Copenhagen. With 278 reviews on Trip Advisor,99% of the tourists attest to this tour operator in Denmark’s excellent professionalism and unique tour packages. Read the testimony here:

A really enjoyable way to see the city. Our guide was excellent and made Segway cruising fun and accessible. Would recommend it as a great introduction to Copenhagen. – Laura F: July 2021

SANDEMANs NEW Europe – Copenhagen

tour of denmark

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #5 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 6,740 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

SANDEMANs NEW Europe – Copenhagen network is a leading operator offering walking tours in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chris Sandeman, a Yale student, created the company in 2003 when he realized that his guests appreciated history during the expeditions more than anything. Currently, SANDEMANs NEW Europe operates in more than 20 cities across Europe, the Middle East, and the US. With a network of over 600 friendly and professional guides, they are best known for their incredible walking tours, pub crawls, historical trips.


You can join in on one of these top-rated tours in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a fulfilling and impactful vacation experience.

Danish cuisine has experienced increased popularity in the past 20 years and has become renowned for quality, creativity, and innovation. The Copenhagen Food Tour will start at Espresso House all through to the Torvehallerne food market. Besides,  Alternative Walking Tour takes you to two distinct neighborhoods best known for its green-light district and Vesterbro, the red-light district. In the evening, enjoy a great night out on the Pub Crawl and taste the best beers in the world.


SANDEMANs is a tour operator in Denmark with remarkable tour programs in Copenhagen and has glowing and raving reviews on Trip Advisor. In Copenhagen, the company is ranked number 1 out of 203 tour operators with 6,740 reviews. You can see what this past customer had to say about SANDEMANs:

“I had a great time during the walking tour with the best guide you can imagine -Mo! He explained the history of Denmark in such a simple, fun, and enjoyable way! I loved it.” – Farah: Sep 2020

Cycling Copenhagen

tour in Denmark

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 2012
Awards, Certification: Ranked #7 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 251 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Cycling Copenhagen is a reputable and award-winning tour company in Denmark founded by Christian, a biking enthusiast. Founded in 2012, the company specializes in guided customized tours, corporate events, and airport transfers. With a mission to help you discover the layers of Denmark’s incredible history Cycling Copenhagen, is led by passionate, experienced, and multilingual guides with years of experience in bike tours. You can trust this company to have authentic experiences with top customer service.


Regardless of the Denmark tour packages, you choose; you can feel comfortable knowing that Cycling Copenhagen will deliver an exceptional experience.

You can take Private Guided Tour and ride around the harbor sporadically, stopping at coffee shops in Sluseholmen. The Urban Tour delivers significant sights in Copenhagen’s diverse neighborhoods, such as the Norrebro and Christianshavn. If you are a foodie, this Walking Tour Denmark is a culinary expedition to many of the best shops to taste local foods in the district of hip and trendy Vesterbro.


This tour operator in Denmark has a good reputation for providing professional and safe tours in Copenhagen and is ranked number 7 out of 160 outdoor operators. Here is one of the reviews on Trip Advisor:

“My guide was very friendly and knowledgeable about the city and how the locals live. It was a great way to experience the city!” – Teresac: Oct 2019


denmark tour guide

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #9 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 209 reviews on Trip Advisor 96% rated great and professional

About Company

beCopenhagen is a privately owned tour operator in Denmark with a strong belief in personalizing your trip to Denmark the way you like and with their professional support and expertise. Specializing in bike tours, the company provides you with high-quality and mind-blowing custom-made expeditions in Copenhagen. beCopenhagen main objective is ensuring you are safe and captivated through the entirety of your tour.  


Even though beCopenhagen provides many great packages of tours in Denmark, you can also choose from pre-selected and high-quality excursions.

Using architecture and building designs as the lens, you will explore the rise and challenges facing social urbanism and equality in Denmark today during the Architecture and Urban Bike Tour. You can also spend the afternoon on the sea and discover the Waterfront Architecture for a unique opportunity to sail the harbor. Finally, you can join the Contemporary Architecture tour for an excellent overview of authentic Copenhagen and learn about the Copenhill project.


This Denmark tour agency has earned glowing and outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor. With nearly 210 raving reviews, this provider has a 96% satisfaction rate from previous travelers. You can confirm by reading the review below:

“We rented an e-bike to cruise around the city, and it was a perfect quality bike. The people working there are very helpful and flexible about returning times. They gave great tips and were so nice. Thanks a lot for a great time in Copenhagen!” – Pieter: July 2021

Nova Experiences Copenhagen

tour copenhagen denmark

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 837 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Nova Experiences Copenhagen is a family-owned tour company in Denmark based in Copenhagen. Established in 2013, the company is operated by professional tour experts to help you discover the beautiful modern architecture, culinary options, and history of Denmark. They also offer various personalized tour opportunities in Oslo and Stockholm with specialized guides at affordable rates. Join their tours for a memorable and impactful vacation tour.


If you are looking for tours in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nova Experiences Copenhagen will offer you many tour packages to choose from.

Perfect if you have a short time to spend in Oslo, this Walking Tour will allow you to cover medieval and modern Oslo highlights. You can experience cycling in the world’s most bike-friendly city when you join the Copenhagen Bike Tour. If you are looking to visit Stockholm, this Guided Private Bike Tour will let you see the most of Stockholm by moving from one island to another island for a fulfilling and memorable tour in Denmark.


Nova Experiences Copenhagen is ranked #7 of 78 tours in Copenhagen with 837 outstanding and excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. This tour operator in Denmark is also highly rated for their exemplary service. Here is a 5-star review by a past traveler:

“I had a great tour with my tour guide, Martin. He made the whole tour exciting by turning it into a storytelling-like tour which made me appreciate the city even more. It’s a great tour. Highly recommended!” – Ellaine T: March 2020

Copenhagen By Mie & Friends

tours of copenhagen denmark

Company’s location and type: Copenhagen, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 2015
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Reviews: 602 reviews on Trip Advisor 96% rated outstanding and great

About Company

Copenhagen By Mie & Friends is a local and highly rated tour operator in Denmark founded by Mie, her husband Lars, and a few friends. The company’s goal is to show and discover authentic, unique, and fun Danish adventures. As one of the leading Denmark tours, this provider has been reviewed highly as a trusted option by thousands of past travelers in various reputable tour platforms. With Copenhagen By Mie & Friends, you will be safe and secure with a team of professional guides for a memorable vacation in Denmark.


Join any of Copenhagen By Mie & Friends’ tour packages in Denmark for an experience that will give you lasting memories.

If you do not have a lot of time, join in a short Copenhagen Sights Tour and experience over 15 of Copenhagen’s greatest hits. You will be introduced to fascinating royal dramas, fairytales, and politics. The Hygge and Happiness Tour and discover why the Danish are some of the happiest people on Earth. You can combine the Denmark Food and Bike Tour for a culinary ride with a native expert and pass through all the small restaurants and bars to taste famed beer straight from the brewery.


This highly-rated tour Denmark operator has earned a lot of positive feedback on Trip Advisor over their years for professional guides and impactful tour packages. Copenhagen By Mie & Friends is ranked #1 of 78 operators in Copenhagen with a commendable 5-star rating and over 600 glowing reviews. If you are still skeptical, read this review by a past holidaymaker:

“Wonderful walking tour filled with mini treats along the way. Sandra was my host for the tour, and she was amazing with her facts and stories about Copenhagen. The tour ends in a super cute cafe!”Saee: July 2021


TravellersQuest hopes that this top 10 list of tour operators in Denmark provides you with everything you need to make a good decision for your future trip to Nordic medieval and Modern paradise. When you decide that you are ready to take the trip to Denmark and immerse yourself in the unique culture, we urge you to refer to this list to assist you in your search for the best tours in Denmark.

Once you arrive home from Denmark, we would love to hear about your ventures abroad. If you have gone on a journey with any of these companies in the past, please send us a message and let us know how it was.

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