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10 Best Zimbabwe Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Zimbabwe Tour Operators 2024

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Are you planning on traveling to Zimbabwe? Are you wondering what the best tours of Zimbabwe are? Are you looking for the highest rated and safest Zimbabwe tour operators to plan your trip?

Known for its dramatic landscapes and diverse array of wildlife, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa simply teeming with natural parks, reserves and safari areas to explore. White-water rafting and bungee-jumping are some of the action-filled adventures that are part and parcel of a trip to Zimbabwe, home to the Zambezi river and Victoria Falls that create a powerful 354 foot drop into the narrow Batoka Gorge. The home of hippos, rhinos and an abundance of birdlife can be found downstream at Matusadona and Mana Pools national parks. With plenty of things to do and see, a trip to Zimbabwe is an adventure favored by many.

While touring Zimbabwe is a special experience to be remembered for a lifetime, it can get complicated when you start looking for tours in Zimbabwe. The minute you Google tour operators in Zimbabwe, hundreds of results pop up, all claiming to be as good as each other. Some however aren’t trustworthy – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong tour company in Zimbabwe could have terrible consequences for your safari holiday.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see choosing the wrong Zimbabwe tour operator and potentially threatening the quality of your trip. We want you to find a safe and reputable tour operator to organize your trip to Zimbabwe. To save you time, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching, and found the safest and best Zimbabwe tour companies for you.

In this article, we’ll present to you an unbiased selection of the 10 best Zimbabwe tour operators of the world.

Providers Reviews
Shockwave Adventures Trip Advisor – 687 reviews
Wild Horizons Trip Advisor – 1,905 reviews
Shearwater Victoria Falls Trip Advisor – 892 reviews
Africa Zim Travel & Tours Trip Advisor – 171 reviews
DK Tours & Safaris Trip Advisor – 118 reviews
Wildlife Encounter Trip Advisor – 1,115 reviews
Ra-Ikane Trip Advisor – 165 reviews
The Zambezi Helicopter Company Trip Advisor – 389 reviews
Crocodile Cage Diving Trip Advisor – 137 reviews
Savannah Adventures Safaris Trip Advisor – 125 reviews

Table update Dec 21, 2023

Shockwave Adventures

shockwave adventures

Shockwave Adventures is a Zimbabwe tour operator that specializes in Whitewater rafting adventures as well as safari tours, kayaking, river boarding, multiday and overnight rafting trips, canoeing, sunset cruises, and more along the Zambezi rivers. The team organizes a series of Zimbabwe tour packages to Victoria Falls.

The company has a team of highly experienced staff known in the industry that has been in the tourism industry since the 1990s and who are international and speak multiple languages. The company is part of an international network of professional rafting companies around the world. The company prides itself on safety first.

Shockwave Adventures Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Shockwave Adventures offers a variety of tour packages in Zimbabwe. They include popular options such as Multi-Day Rafting, with 2.5-day trips covering approximately 70km and 5-day excursions spanning about 130km.

You can also embark on Victoria Falls Tours, where you’ll encounter warm smiles, abundant wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the world’s seventh natural wonder. For the adventurous, there’s the opportunity to experience “Devils Delight” by Swimming Below The Falls, providing a unique perspective of Victoria Falls from its base.

Additionally, private tours are available for a personalized and exclusive experience.

Shockwave Adventures Reviews

Shockwave Adventures is one of the top Zimbabwe tour operators with a number of reviews. The reviews shows that Shockwave Adventures’s client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 687 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 95% of the customers rated the operator as very good and excellent. 

JB, Silent and Tambo are legends. Epic experience. Having just turned 52, I was super nervous. This team are so reassuring and we had the best time… Belinda S

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Wild Horizons

Wild Horizons is a tour operator that has been active since 198. It organizes a complete range of tours in Zimbabwe as well as is apt at planning transfers, activities, and accommodation in and around Victoria Falls.

With a team of dedicated and highly professional experts on the ground, the team at Wild Horizons is passionate about helping travelers explore an extraordinary part of southern Africa. The tour company has a vast array of activities and Zimbabwe excursions to cater to every single type of traveler to create a memorable holiday.

Wild Horizons Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Wild Horizons offers a variety of tours. One option is the Zambezi Classic Package in Victoria Falls. It includes a tour of Victoria Falls, a two-course lunch at the lookout café, and a scenic sunset cruise.

Another unique experience is the Elephant Art Safari, where you can create art in the African bush while surrounded by elephants.

If you’re up for adventure, you can try White-water-rafting at Victoria Falls, where you navigate the rushing water as it cascades down the rocks into the canyons below.

Wild Horizons Reviews

Wild Horizons is reputed local Zimbabwean tour company with a number of glowing reviews. The reviews shows that Wild Horizons’s client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 1905 reviews made on Trip Advisor, a high 93% of the customers of Wild Horizons rated the operator as very good and excellent. 

Excellent adrenaline fuelled activity. Did the gorge swing after the Canopy Tour (Excellent in its own right) then the tandem Zip (also excellent)… Chippsss

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Shearwater Victoria Falls

Shearwater Victoria Falls is a Zimbabwe tour operator that initially began as a small canoeing company on the upper Zambezi river to what it is today, one of the largest tour operators in Victoria Falls. With a philosophy of its customers being its greatest teachers – with every service offering and change made with the intention of elevating the customer’s experience to the highest degree.

With a team of highly dedicated travel professionals crafting one-of-a-kind experiences, the company is able to organize everything from tours through Victoria Falls, Livingstone, and Chobe to airport transfers, accommodation, places to eat, Zimbabwe adventure safaris, and more.

Shearwater Victoria Falls Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Shearwater Victoria Falls has various tour packages. One of their popular options is the Victoria Falls Tour, where you can explore the falls in 24 hours with Safari and Adventure packages suitable for different adventure levels.

They also offer the River Boarding and Rafting Combo for those seeking an extra adrenaline rush as you tackle the Zambezi’s challenging rapids with flippers and a boogie board.

Additionally, you can join the Rhino Encounter Game Drives, which includes a sunrise Game Drive in the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve, home to over 2,000 animals and a diverse bird population.

Shearwater Victoria Falls Reviews

The tour operator in Zimbabwe reviews shows that of the 892 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 95% of the customers of Shearwater Victoria Falls rated the operator as very good and excellent. 

It was amazing – so beautifull landscape. great. I’d like back to Zimbabwe and reserved this tour. Highly recomended. Maciej G

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Africa Zim Travel & Tours

Africa Zim Travel & Tours

Africa Zim Travel & Tours is a Zimbabwe tour operator that organizes many tours, safaris, and adventure activities around Victoria Falls, including transfers and any related travel services in southern Africa and as well East Africa.

With a team of dedicated travel professionals and experts working on the ground to craft one-of-a-kind Zimbabwe tours and safaris, the company is able to organize anything from cruises and elephant safaris to game drives, lion encounters, canoeing, and more.

Africa Zim Travel & Tours Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

African Safari Experience in Zimbabwe offers various tour packages. One of their well-liked options is the Canoe Safari Zimbabwe, a thrilling canoeing adventure above Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River, providing beautiful views of Zambezi National Park.

They also have the Hwange Day trip, where you can enjoy game drives and spot a variety of animals like giraffes, elephants, zebras, and more.

If you’re looking for a more extended journey, there’s the 11-day Harare to Victoria Falls tour, which includes stays in lodges and visits to Nyanga National Park, Great Zimbabwe (Ruins), Matobo National Park, and other exciting destinations.

Africa Zim Travel & Tours Reviews

Africa Zim Travel & Tours is a top-rated Zimbabwe tour company, with an impressive record of 171 excellent reviews and a 5-star satisfaction rate. They hold the 3rd position out of 73 Boat Tours & Water Sports providers in Victoria Falls, showcasing their excellence in the industry.

Amazing experience. Up close with hippos and elephants. Beautiful lunch included. Rustic vehicles but all authentic… Wendyann58

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DK Tours & Safaris

DK Tours & Safaris is a local Zimbabwe tour operator and is a Travel and Touring Company based in Victoria Falls. The company is owned by Zimbabweans and is fully registered under Zimbabwe laws. DK Tours & Safaris specializes in personalized services and conducts luxury and adventure excursions at Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls as well as Botswana and South Africa. The company’s itineraries are adjustable to suit every client’s requirements.

The company is a member of Zimbabwe Tourism. At DK Tours and Safaris, there is a team of dedicated and highly expert professionals prospering through their teamwork with the aim of providing the best management of their clients’ time. At DK Tours and Safaris, the company aims to give you the best value of service and to ensure that every Victoria Falls holiday is a success whilst ensuring safety and utmost security.

DK Tours & Safaris Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

DK Tours & Safaris in Zimbabwe provides a range of tour packages. Among their popular options is White Water Rafting in Victoria Falls, an exciting adventure on the rapids.

They also offer the Elephant Encounter in Victoria Falls, where guests can learn about the Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage.

For thrill-seekers, there’s the Zipline in Victoria Falls, the world’s longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride.

Additionally, you can experience the Canopy Tour in Victoria Falls, which offers fantastic views of the Zambezi rapids, the Victoria Falls Bridge, and the falls’ spray.

DK Tours & Safaris Reviews

The reviews show that DK Tours & Safaris’ clients are quite happy. Out of the 118 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 86% say it’s either good or excellent. 

Thank you, DK Tours for a breathtaking adventure! From the moment I contacted Brighton at DK Tours and Safaris, his exceptional customer service set the tone… Monica

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Wildlife Encounter

Wildlife Encounter

Wildlife Encounter is a Zimbabwe tour operator that was founded in 2005 in Victoria Falls. Slightly different from others and with a focus on ethical tourism, Wildlife Encounter is an ethical commercial tourism operator that is pro-active in local sustainability initiatives, 100% invested in many areas of wildlife conservation. Highly reputable, the company is associated with a number of professional bodies such as SATIB, ZTOA, African Impact, Safari PAR Excellence, and the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe.

Wildlife Encounter Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Wildlife Encounter provides various tour packages, and some of their top Zimbabwe options are Conservation Matters, where you can engage in studies of local predators, large mammals, and environmental ecology for years to come.

They also offer Lion Encounters, involving participation in the rehabilitation and release into the wild program of ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust).

Moreover, you can explore Africa through their Encounter Africa tour, with custom safari trips covering multiple destinations in Zimbabwe and across the continent.

Wildlife Encounter Reviews

Wildlife Encounter is a reputable Zimbabwe tour company with a number of good reviews. The reviews shows that Wildlife Encounter’s client satisfaction rate is promising. Of the total of 1115 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 88.7% of the customers rated the operator as excellent.

This was a fantastic experience. Getting outside the vehicle and having our photos taken with the hyenas was awesome… 195bushbunny

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Ra-Ikane is a local Zimbabwe tour operator that runs boat tours and water sporting activities in Victoria Falls. Ra-Ikane is actually a series of cruises that allows travelers to explore and relive the historical journey taken by David Livingstone along the mighty Zambezi river. With a maximum of 16 seats available on each boat, the Ra-Ikane offers a unique vantage point for viewing birdlife and wildlife up-close on the islands along the river.

Ra-Ikane Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Ra-Ikane provides a range of tour packages. One option is the Breakfast Cruise, which lets you have breakfast in the African bush alongside elephants and birds during the morning.

You can also choose the Lunch Cruise, a serene experience in the midday heat while aboard the Ra-Ikane Lunch Cruise.

For a relaxing end to your adventurous day in Victoria Falls, the Sunset Cruise offers a perfect choice, where you can unwind with a refreshing sun-downer while taking in the surroundings.

Ra-Ikane also offers a Bird Watching Cruise, catering to nature enthusiasts.

Ra-Ikane Reviews

Ra-Ikane’s client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 165 Zimbabwe reviews made on Trip Advisor, 93% of the customers of Ra-Ikane rated this Zimbabwe tour operator as very good and excellent. 

We loved the morning bird watching cruise with Captain Ernest! The river (Zambezi) was beautiful and the food was delicious… Audrey W

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The Zambezi Helicopter Company

Zambezi Helicopter Company

The Zambezi Helicopter Company, based in Victoria Falls since 1996, is a highly rated Zimbabwe tour company. The company specializes in providing scenic helicopter flights to tourists. Their location is conveniently close to Victoria Falls, offering a stunning backdrop for flights. They also collaborate with the Medical Air Rescue Service (M.A.R.S.) for medical evacuations in remote areas.

The company exclusively operates Bell helicopters, including the JetRanger and LongRanger models, which are known for their reliability. Safety is a top priority, and they maintain high industry standards. In case of flight disruptions due to medical emergencies, rescheduling is attempted, or customers receive a full refund.

The Zambezi Helicopter Company Best Zimbabwe Heli Tour Packages

The Zambezi Helicopter Company presents a range of captivating helicopter tour packages to explore Zimbabwe’s beauty in a thrilling way. The “Flight of Angels” tour lets you circle the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, providing fantastic photo and video opportunities as you fly over the falls and along the Zambezi River.

If you choose the “Scenic Flight over the Batoka Gorge,” you’ll combine the Victoria Falls experience with a breathtaking flight over the dramatic Batoka Gorge, offering a close look at nature’s wonder and another chance to admire the Falls on your return.

The “Zambezi Spectacular” takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey over the Falls, the Batoka Gorge, and the Zambezi River, providing a bird’s-eye view of the stunning landscape and an opportunity to spot wildlife in the National Park on your way back.

The Zambezi Helicopter Company Reviews

The Zambezi Helicopter Company is a leading tour operator in Zimbabwe, and it boasts an impressive track record based on numerous reviews. According to reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, a substantial 90% of customers have rated the company as “very good” or “excellent.” 

It was a great experience flying over Victoria Falls in a helicopter, but especially with this team. Completely safe organized flights… Wilbi

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Crocodile Cage Diving

Crocodile Cage Diving

Crocodile Cage Diving is a local Zimbabwe tour operator and crocodile cage diving company located in the center of Victoria Falls town and Elephants Walk Shopping Village, giving visitors once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to view Zambezi predators in action. Experience the chance to be a crocodile diver, where you can watch, touch, and experience crocodiles in their own environment.

With a team of expert professionals on the ground organizing the tours, you can be sure this will be the safest crocodile encounter you experience in Zimbabwe. Operated by an over-head monorail and designed for 2-4 people per cage. The cage is suspended above the crocs before being lowered into the croc cage enclosure to get an up-close and personal look at the amazing reptiles.

Crocodile Cage Diving Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Crocodile Cage Diving in Zimbabwe presents various tour packages. One intriguing option is the Crocodile Cage Diving, providing you with a distinctive underwater view of these creatures showcasing their short legs, thick tails, scaly scutes along their backs, and impressive jaws.

If you prefer a more scenic experience, the Tour of The Falls is a choice where you can admire the Zambezi River as it cascades down the Batoka Gorge, forming the majestic Victoria Falls.

For those seeking adventure in the treetops, the Canopy Tour offers an array of slides, trails, and rope bridge walkways within the hardwood forest canopy of the Zambezi gorges.

Additionally, you can opt for a thrilling Helicopter Flight over the captivating landscape.

Crocodile Cage Diving Reviews

Crocodile Cage Diving is a highly rated tour company in Zimbabwe, and many people have shared their opinions about it. The reviews show that most customers are very happy with their experiences. In fact, 96% of the 137 reviews on TripAdvisor rated Crocodile Cage Diving as “very good” or “excellent.”

Amazing experience! Seeing the big crocodiles up close in their environment is surreal and a total adrenaline rush… Max W

Read all reviews of Crocodile Cage Diving on TripAdvisor.

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Savannah Adventures Safaris

Savannah Adventures Safaris is a one of the top-rated Zimbabwean safari companies. The company is based in Victoria Falls and established and run by a team of experts including Taf Mashiri and Taurai Mandeya. They’ve partnered with a German marketing professional to promote African wonders worldwide.

Their mission is to offer a more personal and immersive experience for visitors, prioritizing small groups and a deep connection to Zimbabwean culture. They collaborate with emerging safari companies in Victoria Falls and provide both private and group safaris, ensuring a tailored travel experience.

Savannah Adventures Safaris Best Zimbabwe Tour Packages

Savannah Adventures Safaris offers a range of captivating Zimbabwe tour packages. The “Rhino Encounter” provides a unique African savanna experience with close encounters with white rhinos, guided by an expert local guide.

The “Victoria Falls 2 Night Break” features a stay at the A’Zambezi River Lodge and includes a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, a visit to Victoria Falls, and a traditional Amulonga dinner. The “Exhilarating Victoria Falls and Chobe 3 Nights” package combines the best of Victoria Falls with a Chobe National Park adventure in Botswana, including a boat cruise and game drive.

The comprehensive “Vic Falls, Hwange, Kariba & Mana Pools 11 Nights” tour takes you through Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Kariba, and Mana Pools National Park, offering a diverse range of activities and experiences in these stunning locations.

Savannah Adventures Safaris Reviews

Savannah Adventures Safaris stands out as one of the premier Zimbabwe tour companies, boasting a remarkable reputation with 125 incredible reviews and an impressive 5-star rating. Their exceptional performance has earned them the well-deserved rank of #2 out of 225 Tours & Activities in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Unique high Tea it was very nice we had wines, beers,syrup we got cakes,fruits. It was just fantastic. I will visit there next. Haaa it was awesome. Thanks Taf you are a star… Chido m

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Does Zimbabwe have good safaris?

Yes, Zimbabwe offers exceptional safari experiences. It is renowned for its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and well-preserved national parks. Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, and others provide opportunities to witness the Big Five and more.

How much does a safari in Zimbabwe cost?

The cost of a safari in Zimbabwe can vary significantly depending on factors like the duration, type of safari, and the level of luxury. Budget safaris can start at around $150 per day, while more upscale safaris can range from $500 to $1,500 or more per day.

Where do you fly into for Zimbabwe safari?

The main international gateway for a Zimbabwe safari is Victoria Falls International Airport (VFA) in the town of Victoria Falls. This airport is well-connected to major cities in southern Africa. Alternatively, you can fly into Harare International Airport (HRE) if you plan to visit other parts of Zimbabwe. From these airports, you can easily access various safari destinations within the country.

What is Zimbabwe famous for?

Zimbabwe is famous for its iconic Victoria Falls, renowned as the largest waterfall in the world; its diverse wildlife; the ancient Great Zimbabwe ruins; picturesque landscapes like the Matobo Hills and Eastern Highlands.