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10 Best Cheap Volunteer Overseas Programs Providers for 2020

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Are you struggling to find the right provider for your overseas volunteer work? With so many companies online, choosing the wrong one can cost you time and money, jeopardize your safety and shatter your dream of an amazing volunteer experience.

For this reason, we’ve researched many companies and created this list of the best overseas volunteer programs in the world. It’s our hope that this will save you time, effort and money as well as ensure that you have the most rewarding and impactful volunteer experience possible. In this article, you will get to:

  • Know who the best 10 cheap volunteer providers for volunteering overseas in the world are.
  • Click the “Get More Info” button below and send an inquiry to all the listed providers.
  • Compare prices and programs and choose the best one for you with no obligations.
  • Download our free volunteer abroad guide at the bottom of this article which will tell you everything you need to know for a safe and life changing volunteer experience.
Providers Projects & starting Price Reviews
International Volunteer HQ Volunteer in Costa Rica : ($299 + $625)
Volunteer in Ghana ($299+$390)
Go Overseas-9.5/10 – ‎1,427 reviews
Go Abroad-9.53/10-1074 Reviews
Love Volunteers Volunteer in South Africa : ($299+$449)
Volunteer in Nepal ($299+ Childcare $259)
Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
Cross-Cultural Solutions Volunteer in Peru : ($2750)
Volunteer in Thailand ($2750)
Go Overseas- 9.2/10 – ‎181 reviews
Go Abroad- 9.67/6 Reviews
Plan My Gap Year Volunteer in Ghana : ($190+ starts $317)
Volunteer in Cambodia ($190+starts $304)
Go Overseas;96%- 314 reviews
Review Center:4.8/5- 297 reviews
RCDP International Volunteers Volunteer in Kenya : ($279+$250)
Volunteer in Costa Rica ($279+starts $445)
Abroad Review:9.2 / 10 +221 Reviews
Go overseas:Rating: 94% – ‎32 reviews
IFRE International Volunteers Volunteer in India : ($299+ $300)
Volunteer in South Africa ($299+$450)
Abroad Reviews-9.1 / 10 after 327 Reviews
Go Overseas:8.9/10 – ‎67 reviews
Global Crossroad Volunteers Volunteer in Mexico: ($299+ starts $391)
Volunteer in Tanzania ($299+ starts $300)
Go overseas:9.2/10 – ‎60 reviews
Abroad Reviews:8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
African Impact Volunteer in Tanzania : (Starts $1284)
Volunteer in South Africa (Starts $1229)
Go Overseas- 9.4/10 – ‎164 reviews
Volunteer Forever- 3.4 – ‎19 reviews
GoEco Volunteer in Madagascar: (starts $1050)
Volunteer in Guatemala ($1,650)
Go Overseas- 9.4/10 – ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad-9.76-517 reviews
Global Vision International Volunteer in Mexico: ($918)
Volunteer in Greece (Starts $1212)
Go Overseas- 9.5/10 – ‎333 reviews
Volunteer Forever- 4.3/5- ‎50 reviews

Table Updated: Dec 12, 2019

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

About the Organization

After a life changing journey volunteering overseas, Daniel Radcliffe founded International Volunteer HQ in New Zealand in 2007. IVHQ goes to great length to ensure that their volunteer programs are both socially and environmentally responsible as well as sustainable. Their support for their volunteers is excellent, something that many former volunteers brag about in reviews.

IVHQ’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

While IVHQ manages overseas volunteering in a wide variety of countries and locations, for this article we’ve decided to highlight their efforts in Costa Rica, Ghana, Thailand, and Nepal. In these countries you can take part in a wide variety of projects from turtle conservation to sports teaching or helping make agriculture more sustainable.

The Fees

IVHQ is a very affordable organization to volunteer overseas with. Considering how prolific they are and the huge amount of reviews, their registration fee of $299USD followed by project fees starting as low as $250USD is a great deal.

The Reviews

Like all the companies you’ll read about on this list of the best overseas volunteer opportunities, IVHQ gets great reviews with a score of 9.5 on Go Overseas, 9.53 on Go Abroad, 9.6 on Trust Pilot, and 4.8/5 on Volunteer Forever. What really sets them apart though is the incredible number of reviewers, with more than 3500 former volunteers checking in to leave their feedback.

Why We Chose International Volunteer HQ

The biggest reason we chose International Volunteer HQ for this list is the incredible amount of reviews they have received, with the vast majority of them being overwhelmingly positive. They also offer great support for volunteers (a theme in many of the reviews) as well as eminently affordable prices for such a prestigious overseas volunteer organization.

Love Volunteers

About the Organization

Founded in New Zealand in 2009 by brother and sister Julian and Kelly, Love Volunteers aims to offer great overseas volunteer opportunities with a focus on transparency and reasonable prices, so that volunteers can rest easy knowing exactly what their money is going towards.

Love Volunteers’ Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

After researching the various overseas volunteering destinations offered by Love Volunteers, we were most taken with four countries, namely Nepal, Guatemala, South Africa and Jamaica. In these countries they offer anything from internships, both in medicine and physiotherapy, to environmental conservation and earthquake reconstruction efforts.

The Fees

Love Volunteers is affordable, charging $299USD up front as a registration fee, followed by project fees as low as $250USD for programs in Nepal for example. Some of their more unusual volunteer overseas destinations such as Jamaica are pricier though, where two weeks of volunteering will run you $1439USD.

The Reviews

While Love Volunteers doesn’t have the same quantity of reviews that IVHQ has, their feedback is nonetheless overwhelmingly positive. With over 450 past volunteers sharing their experience, they enjoy a 9.1 score on Go Overseas, 9.7 on Go Abroad and 4.6/5 on Volunteer Forever.

Why We Chose Love Volunteers

We chose Love Volunteers for this list of overseas volunteer programs primarily for their commitment to transparent and low fees, as well as their great reviews and interesting and unusual volunteering destinations.

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS)

About the Organization

Cross-Cultural Solutions have extensive experience in the overseas volunteering world, having served more than 35,000 volunteers since their foundation in 1995. As their name implies, they design their overseas volunteer programs to provide their volunteers with the maximum amount of cultural immersion, going beyond simply volunteering.

CCS’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

Out of CCS’s many destinations for volunteering overseas, we like their programs in Thailand, Ghana, Peru and Morocco the most. Like in all their destinations, in these countries you can take part in one of two programs, either focusing on children’s health or children’s education.

The Fees

While Cross-Cultural Solutions’ fees are significantly higher than the rest of the entries on this list of the best volunteer opportunities overseas, this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. They don’t charge a registration fee, and programs start at $1990USD.

The Reviews

CCS enjoys stellar reviews on both Go Overseas and Go Abroad, where they have a 9.2 and 9.67 score respectively. They don’t have as many reviews as other providers though, with just under 200 people leaving their feedback.

Why We Chose Cross-Cultural Solutions

We made the choice to have Cross-Cultural Solutions on this list despite their somewhat higher prices due to their excellent focus on immersing their volunteers in the culture of their overseas volunteering destination, something that is left up to the travelers themselves with many other organizations. We also like that they have specialized themselves in programs focused on children’s health and education.

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

About the Organization

Plan My Gap Year was founded by a group of experienced volunteers who sat down together in the UK in 2011 and decided that they wanted to offer overseas volunteer opportunities to others for reasonable prices and a focus on the social aspect of volunteering. Since their humble beginnings in the UK, they have now established offices across the world in their volunteer destinations as well as one in the US.

PMGY’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

We think Plan My Gap Year is at their best when volunteering overseas in Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Ghana. Projects include teaching English, caring for disabled children, language immersion and more.

The Fees

Fees with Plan My Gap Year are very low, starting with their below-average $190USD registration fee, and of the programs featured above, Cambodia is the cheapest at $304USD for 2 weeks and Ecuador coming in at the other end at $419USD.

The Reviews

Good reviews are a must to get on this list of the best overseas volunteer programs and Plan My Gap Year is no exception. They have a 96% score on Go Overseas and 4.8/5 on Review Center with more than 600 reviews between the two sites.

Why We Chose Plan My Gap Year

We selected Plan My Gap Year for this list due to their incredibly affordable fees, including low registration fees, as well as their great reviews and heavy focus on the social part of volunteering, putting you in contact with the those you will volunteer with well before your departure, allowing you to get to know them even better.

RCDP International Volunteers

rcdp voluteer overseas program

About the Organization

Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1998, RCDP International Volunteers distinguishes itself by being the very first organization in the whole world to offer volunteer overseas programs in Nepal. Since then they expanded rapidly, first to India, Sri Lanka and Tibet, and then destinations across Asia, Latin America and Africa in 2008.

RCDP’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

We like RCDP’s overseas volunteering programs in Kenya, Costa Rica, Nepal and Uganda. This gives you a varied selection of destinations, with wildly different cultures, climates, wildlife and scenery. Projects include sea turtle conservation, working with indigenous tribes and a very unique photojournalism internship in the mountains of Nepal.

The Fees

RCDP is an incredibly affordable way to volunteer overseas. All you need is a $279USD registration fee, followed by programs as cheap as $200USD in Uganda and Nepal, or $250USD and $445USD in Kenya and Costa Rica respectively.

The Reviews

RCDP receives great reviews and feedback from former volunteers. On Abroad Reviews they have a 9.2/10 score, as well as a 94% rating on Go Overseas. There’s a good number of reviewers as well, with more than 300 former volunteers chiming in.

Why We Chose RCDP International Volunteers

We chose RCDP for their extensive experience providing opportunities for overseas volunteer work, especially in countries like Nepal, where they have been running programs for over two decades. Their large number of different projects in for example Costa Rica also played a part, as well as of course their great reviews from past volunteers.

IFRE International Volunteers

ifre overseas projects

About the Organization

IFRE was founded in Dallas, Texas way back in 2006, and prides itself on offering the most affordable volunteer opportunities overseas as well as providing extensive and in-depth support to all of their volunteer on every step of their journey.

IFRE’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

Among IFRE’s best programs are teaching English to kids living in slums in India, social welfare initiatives or wildlife conservation in South Africa, or teaching computer skills or athletics to kids in Brazil. In all three countries, Brazil, South Africa and India, there are plenty more great approaches to overseas volunteering, so we recommend checking them all out.

The Fees

Fees with IFRE for volunteering overseas are very low. The registration fee comes in at $299USD and the projects we featured above will cost you anywhere between $300USD for India and $595USD for Brazil, which is incredibly reasonable for these destinations.

The Reviews

Once again, IFRE receives great reviews across the board They enjoy a 9.1/10 score on Abroad Reviews, and 8.9/10 on Go Overseas, with roughly 400 former volunteers speaking up and telling their overwhelmingly positive stories.

Why We Chose IFRE International Volunteers

IFRE was selected for this list for their incredibly reasonable prices for many destinations that are often quite expensive, as well as their great reviews and commitment to a very personal level of support for individual volunteers choosing them for their volunteering work overseas.

Global Crossroad International Volunteers (GCR)

gcr programs

About the Organization

Like IFRE, Global Crossroad International Volunteers was also founded in the city of Dallas, Texas. Starting in 2003, GCR has accrued tons of experience facilitating adventures to volunteer overseas, and the company believes in a grassroots approach to changing the life of struggling people in developing countries, which we think is the perfect way to go about things.

GCR’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

While all of GCR’s projects and destinations look very interesting, we think their strengths are best displayed in the countries of Mexico, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Argentina. While some of these destinations are often an expensive choice for volunteering overseas, that’s not so with GCR. Interesting programs include a dental project in Argentina, teaching Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, helping with sea turtle conservation in Mexico and much more.

The Fees

Global Crossroad is incredibly affordable, as after paying a $299USD registration fee, you can find programs in the countries listed above for as little as $300USD. Even destinations that are usually very expensive to do volunteer work overseas in like Argentina are on offer for as little as $488USD.

The Reviews

Global Crossroad combines its other benefits with very positive reviews. On Go Overseas they have a 9.2/10 and an 8.8/10 on Abroad Reviews. This from as many as 400 former volunteers, all eager to share their praise for this volunteer overseas organization.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad International Volunteers

We chose GCR for this list of the best volunteer opportunities overseas due to their incredibly affordable rates, high number of projects, great reviews and their commitment to grassroots projects in developing countries, making their efforts much more sustainable and viable long-term.

African Impact

About the Organization

Founded in South Africa 2004 after a life changing trip doing volunteer work overseas in Africa, the founders of African Impact wanted to introduce travelers to the Africa that they knew. Since then, they have expanded to offer volunteer trips across 11 African countries, and they offer a significant level of transparency throughout the process.

African Impact’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

Out of the 11 destinations to choose from when going with African Impact to volunteer overseas, we think their most impressive programs are located in Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi. While in South Africa and Tanzania you can take part in a varied range of projects such as human rights and wildlife conservation, in Malawi you can help protect endangered monkeys.

The Fees

There are no registration fees with African Impact, and the company is very transparent about where all the money is going. While their project fees are somewhat higher than others on this list, you get what you pay for in terms of support and expertise. The overseas volunteer programs in South Africa and Tanzania run from $1229USD to $1284USD while their Malawi project costs a bit more at $1740USD.

The Reviews

African Impact not only has a great score on most review websites like 9.4 on Go Overseas and 9.2 on Go Abroad, they also have a stunning quantity of feedback that few on this list can match, with more than 2500 reviews across the two sites.

Why We Chose African Impact

We think African Impact belongs on this list of the best volunteering overseas program as they are a local African company, giving them a deeper expertise and experience than others, as well as their excellent selection of projects, transparent fees and multitude of excellent reviews.


About the Organization

GoEco was founded in 2006 after two Israeli overseas volunteers had a life changing journey working across Southeast Asia. They are now committed to providing great volunteer programs for those who want to follow in their footsteps in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.

GoEco’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

When looking through GoEco’s catalogue, we were most impressed with their offerings in Madagascar, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. Here you can take part in projects such as Lemur conservation, medical internships , and more.

The Fees

While the fees at GoEco are somewhat higher than usual, they also have no registration fees. Of the countries featured above, Sri Lanka is the cheapest at $990USD and Guatemala the most expensive at $1650USD.

The Reviews

GoEco’s commitment to responsible and sustainable volunteering overseas has earned them dividends with their clients. More than 550 reviewers have left their feedback on Go Overseas and Go Abroad, where they have a 9.4 and 9.76 score respectively.

Why We Chose Go Eco

We chose GoEco for this list of the best volunteer overseas programs due to their focus on sustainability, responsibility and the environment, which paired with their lack of a registration fee and great reviews across several sites makes them a great option.

Global Vision International (GVI)

About the Organization

Founded in the US in 1998, Global Vision International is one of the biggest names in the volunteer overseas industry and has received universal acclaim from various institutions and publications such as National Geographic.

GVI’s Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

We were most impressed with GVI’s overseas volunteer programs in the countries of Greece, Mexico, Nepal and Fiji. Greece and Fiji especially are unusual destinations for volunteer work, which makes them an excellent choice. Across these countries you can take part in all sorts of projects like turtle conservation, working with disadvantaged kids and more.

The Fees

Global Vision International doesn’t charge a registration fee for your volunteer work overseas, but their project prices are higher than usual to reflect this, but not so much that they become unaffordable. On the low end of the featured countries above is Mexico at $918USD and Nepal at $890USD, with Greece on the high end at $1212USD.

The Reviews

Global Vision International certainly gets a lot of acclaim. This holds true for former volunteers leaving reviews as well as formal institutions, with the organization enjoying a 9.5 on Go Overseas and 9.55 on Go Abroad, with a humongous 3000+ reviewers checking in.

Why We Chose Global Vision International

Picking GVI for this list of the best volunteer opportunities overseas was a no-brainer with their extensive amount of positive reviews online as well as their critical acclaim from various organizations, universities and publications. Couple that with moderate prices and no registration fee and you have a winner.

Other Best Volunteer Overseas Programs

Aside from the 10 companies and their programs listed above for volunteering overseas, there are a few more that you should definitely check out if none of the above strike your fancy. These are:


So, there you have it, the 10 best cheap volunteer opportunities overseas. Armed with all this info and data, you can now make an informed decision and find the volunteer overseas program that is right for you. This ensures that you have the most memorable, rewarding and impactful experience as you dedicate your love, passion and valuable time to helping those in need.

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