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Youngest Person To Climb Mount Everest

Introduction to Mount Everest

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Do you know who is the youngest person to climb the Mt. Everest? Are you willing to read more about the people who climbed the summit of the Everest at a very young age? Do you know what age were they while they kissed the summit of the Everest? Keep reading this article to learn everything about the young climbers to the Everest, the types of challenges they faced during the expedition and more.

Mount Everest– the highest peak in the world lies in the Himalayan mountain range located between Nepal and Tibet. This beautiful mountain has stolen the heart of thousands of trekking enthusiasts and has been on the bucket list of numerous visitors across the globe. The spirit to climb Everest has been alive in the hearts of most people despite their age and the challenges it throws.

Right from kids, the highest point on Earth, has captivated the hearts of both adventure and nature lovers. The breathtaking natural marvel is considered the ultimate challenge for mountaineers all over the world despite its rocky terrain, steep ridges, and icy slopes.

For everyone who wants to test their physical limits and learn more about human endurance, Mount Everest serves as a thrilling opportunity. Its untamed beauty and commanding presence remind the power and majesty of nature. Not just the highest peak but the whole journey to Everest takes you through the excellent scenery of nature. You will walk through deep rivers of Nepal, lush green forests, alpine meadows, and exotic wildlife.

Even after the most tragic incidents, heart wrenching tales, and expedition challenges in Nepal, climbers believe in the rewards this journey spreads are beyond measurement. A life-changing experience and a true wonder of the natural world, Mount Everest expedition  is yet an inspiration to many who are fortunate enough to pursue it.

8 Youngest People to Climb Mount Everest

The allure of Mount Everest is undeniable and attracts climbers to witness the stunning beauty and set records for years. Every year many people risk their lives to give try to fulfill their dream of summiting Everest. While most people achieve their goal, many are only successful enough to be made stories of bravery.

Mount Everest has been attempted to climb by many young climbers. Though Nepal has set age restrictions of 16 years to climb the highest peak in the world. Although Jordan Romero had gained the title of youngest kid to summit Everest, many other young backpackers have given this remarkable journey a try before and after him. Lets’ have a look at 8 people who climbed Mount Everest at a young age.

Jordan Romero

Jordan, an American climber was born on July 12, 1996, to father Paul Romero and Mother Leigh Anne-Drake. He started his climbing activities in 2006 and successfully climbed five out of the seven highest peaks in the world before summiting Everest. He approached the Everest from most difficult Tibetan side because getting a permit from Nepal was against the rule of mountaineering due to age. At the age of 13 on May 22, 2010, this young soul from Big Bear Lake, California became the youngest climber to reach the summit of the Everest. His journey to Everest was accompanied by his father, stepmother, and three Sherpas namely Lama Dawa Sherpa, Ang Pasang Sherpa, and Lama Karma Sherp.

When talking about his journey to Everest, Jordan expressed that he and his team did a lot of hard work before and after the training. They spend 50 days in the Himalayas to prepare their bodies well and get ready for the final journey.

Later after climbing the highest peak in the world, in less than six months, he approached Antarctica’s Mount Vinson at the age of 15. This let him set records to be the youngest climber able to conquer the famed Seven Summits Challenge. His inspiration to climb Everest was from the mural of Seven Summits he saw while walking in the hallway of his school.

Did you Know?

Jordan even wrote a children’s novel “No Summit Out Of Sight” to share his unique experience of being a mountaineer.

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Malavath Poorna

Just like Jordan Romero, Malavath Poorna (born June 10, 2000) gained the title of being the first youngest girl to reach the Mount Everest summit successfully on May 25, 2014. Born to father Devidas and mother Lakshmi, Malavath is titled as youngest Indian and youngest female to make this amazing history.

For this Everest expedition, Malavath was selected among 110 students from 300 welfare schools. She trained herself for around 8 months and was even coached by Shekhar Babu(Everest climber, 2007). For preparing her body to survive in extreme conditions, Malavath upskilled herself to survive in a sub-zero temperature of -35˚C in Ladakh. She edified herself for Mount Everest at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling.

Unlike other climbers, Malavath was the one to climb the Superman of all mountains, Everest, first. She later asends to Mount Kilimanjaro (2016), Mount Elbrus(2017), Mount Aconcagua(2019), Carstensz Pyramid(2019) and Vinson Massif (2019).

Did you know?

A biopic of her journey to Everest “Poora” (2017) was prepared by Rahul Boose and played by Aditi Inamdar.

Ming Kipa

Another name on the list of the youngest person to climb Mount Everest is Mingma Gyalu Sherpa aka Ming Kipa. Ming Kipa(born Jan6, 1998) was able to make it to the list of youngest climbers to summit Everest from the Tibetan side. She even holds her name in the Guinness Book of World Records (in 2009) as the youngest person to climb Everest until 2010.

Ming successfully did this for the first time on May 24, 2003, with her brother Mingma Gyula and sister Laphka at the young age of 15. She has also set records as the one to have successfully reached Everest for seven years from 2003 to 2010.

Did you know?

Ming Kipa summited Everest from the Tibetian side as she was young enough to get a permit from Nepal.

Temba Tsheri

Next to this list is a Nepalese boy named Temba Tsheri who reached the Everest summit on May 22, 2001. Temba was 16 years old when he became the youngest person to summit Everest from Nepal side. His achievement is notable because, on his first try in 2000, he survived a near-fatal fall that left him with injuries. It happened on his journey back when he suffered severe frostbite making his climbing partner and cousin lose their life.

Fortunately, Temba survived but was left with multiple surgeries and a prosthetic limb. His strong determination overpowered those surgeries and he started climbing numerous other peaks like Island Peak, Lobuche East, etc. His strong determination and courage of being so brave at a such young age have gained International recognition. Temba used his opportunities to encourage Nepalese climbers and make them aware about how hard it is to climb Everest.

Did you know?

Temba Tsheri wrote a book “Touching My Father’s Soul” about his journey to Everest.

Dicky Dolma

Similarly, like these above-mentioned young climbers, Dicky Dolma was another name that was able enough to be added to the list of the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. Dicky Dolma was a native Indian born on 5th April 1974. She made her successful attempt at summiting Everest on May 10, 1993, at the age of 19 via the Indo-Nepal Everest Expedition.

Dicky was no different to the cold and extreme conditions of Everest as she was a skier. She took her mountaineering courses at Manali Institute and was also awarded the 1994 National Adventure Award.

Did you Know?

Dicky Dolma was on the same Everest expedition with Santosh Yadav on her second Everest summit.

Santosh Yadav

Another name that is worth adding to the list of the youngest person to climb Mount Everest is Santosh Yadav. She, an Indian female born on (10th October 1967) completed this incredible journey of summiting Everest on May 12, 1992, at the age of 24.

“Once is not enough”- a statement made for expressing the beauty of Mount Everest was surely loved by her. She summited Everest again a year later marking her name to the list of women who summitted Everest twice. During her second attempt, she was with Dicky Dolma on Indo Nepalese team.

The best thing about her journey to Everest in 1992 was that she saved the life of a climber, Mohan Singh sharing her oxygen supplement. It’s more like god sent her to save him.

Santosh Yadav was inspired enough by villagers who used to climb mountains every now and then. Her inspiration grew so higher that she wished to do it herself and see how it feels and to her surprise, it was amazingly beautiful.

Did you Know?

Santosh Yadav has received two of India’s most honorable awards Padma Shree and Arjuna Awards.

Lydia Bradey

Lydia Bradey (born 9th Oct.1961) was the first woman to conquer Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1988. Everest stands tall at an elevation of 8848 meters. For climbers above 8000 meters, considered as Rainbow Valley Everest, it’s almost impossible to survive without supplemental oxygen. Lydia, during the time of her ascend, was the first female Newzelander and the first youngest New Zealander to climb Everest.

Lydia Bradey is also known for her trip to summits over 8000m 10 times and has almost participated 35 times in excursions to peaks above 6000 meters.

When Lydia first started her teen carrier as a climber, who knew she would end up climbing Everest six times? She even guided the Everest expedition five times successfully. Her climbing journey has taken her to countries like Nepal, India, Bhutan, Europe, China, Alaska, and Pakistan.

Do you know?

Lydia was appointed as an Officer of New Zealand of Merit.

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Sharon Wood

Last but not least in the list of youngest person to climb Mount Everest is Sharon Adele Wood. Sharon Wood (born May 18, 1957), a North American made history on May 20, 1986, as the first woman to climb Mount Everest. Sharon ascended Everest using Rongbuk Glacier, a completely new route of the west shoulder.

Her journey was even accompanied by Dwayne Congdon but was done with no assistance from Sherpas. Thus, she is known as one of the first-ever women to have climbed Everest from that unique route with no help from Sherpas.

Known for her strong aggressive climbing, Sharon has an impressive list of difficult ascends that inspire a huge number of climbers. Her long list of summits includes Mt. Logan, Kane’s face of Mt. Robson, Cassin Ridge on Mt. McKinley, etc.

Did you Know?

Sharon Wood received Tenzing Norgay Award for “Professional Mountaineer of the Year”.

Challenges Faced by Young Climbers while Summiting Mount Everest

Climbing Mount Everest Challenges

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The Mount Everest expedition is an extreme challenge even for the most experienced climbers. To reach the summit one has to undergo a lot of hardships. The risks associated with Everest climbing include extreme weather conditions, altitude sickness, avalanches, and frostbite. It requires a lot of physical training and months of preparations for anyone willing to reach the top of the World where the weather conditions are just unpredictable. Despite other experienced climbers, young climbers face a lot more challenges that can be addressed as given below:

Lack of Experience: Mount Everest stands tall at 8848 meters and is considered an inherently risky adventure. At such altitudes, the air runs very thin and the temperature falls very low. Most experienced climbers have even lost their lives because of the dangers this journey holds. In such a scenario, it is barely possible for young climbers to make it to the top because they don’t have enough essential experience.

Acclimatization: It is a process of giving your body enough time to adjust to the surrounding atmosphere. Acclimatization is very essential during Everest climbing because the temperature keeps falling as we ascends higher. The body of young climbers might not get used to acclimatization and they may suffer fatal health complications.

Permits: To summit Everest, one needs to get a permit from Nepal Government. However, not everyone is capable of getting it. Similarly, the Nepal government has made it clear that no one below 16 years can get permits for climbing Everest keeping insight into the safety of climbers. Thus, for young climbers, it’s mostly impossible to climb Everest from Nepal if they do not meet age requirements.

Physical Strengths: Climbing Mount Everest requires a huge amount of physical strength. Although it is a matter of mental determination and spirit, one must be equally fit in terms of physics. Thus, young climbers might not have the required stamina and ability to cope with long hours of traveling and harsh conditions of high altitudes. Additionally, young climbers are thought to be at higher risks of injury and death because of their inexperience and inability to take the right decision during uneven situations.

Cost: Cost is another factor that might be a hindrance for young climbers. Summiting Everest requires thousands of dollars and for young climbers it’s almost impossible to make themselves able to fund on their own.

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FAQs of Young Person to Climb Mount Everest

Who is the youngest person to climb Mount Everest?

Jordan Romero is the youngest person to climb Mount Everest at the age of 13.

Who is the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest?

Malavath Poorna (born 10, June 2000) is an Indian mountaineer and the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest. She even climbed Mt Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia.

Who is the 18-year-old girl that climbed Mount Everest?

Lucy Westlake, the youngest US woman, climbed Mount Everest at the age of 18. She shared her diet tips, training, and fundraising methods with the Insider. Even though the heavy traffic, the Himalayas are the most beautiful mountains Lucy has ever seen.

Who is the youngest person to climb all 7 Summits?

George Atkinson became the first person to climb all Seven Summits at the age of 16 and set records for being the youngest to climb them. Later after seven months, his record was broken by Jordan Romero who climbed all the Seven Summits at the age of 15.

What is the scariest mountain to climb?

The main peak of Annapurna massif is considered one of the most dangerous mountains.