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10 Best Everest Base Camp Trek Operators 2024 [With Reviews]

10 Best Everest Base Camp Trek Operators 2024

Are you planning to trek to the Everest Base Camp, but unsure which trek provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple trek providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost trekking tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you ever dreamed of reaching Mount Everest Base Camp? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrills of the Everest Base Camp trekking with a company that is known for its safety? Are you looking for the best Mount Everest base camp trekking packages and their operators?

The famed Everest Base Camp Trek offers you a grand journey with extravagant views of Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains, towering Buddhist temples, world heritage sites and many other invigorating attractions that will give you travel memories to savor forever. This once-in-a-lifetime trip will give you a sense of accomplishment like no other, while also affording you a profound look into the lives, culture and traditions of the Nepali people.

But when you search for the best Mount Everest trekking companies in Nepal, you will find a whopping number of trekking companies offering their services that all differ in terms of rating and quality of service, company history and prices. How do you choose the right company to organize your trek to Mount Everest Base Camp?

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see you make the wrong choice or end up trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp with a poorly-rated company. We want to see you join a reputable and safe trekking company in Nepal to organize your trek to Mount Everest Base Camp which you will treasure for the rest of your life.

So, we did the hard work for you. We spent hundreds of hours researching, and finding the best and safest Mount Everest Base Camp trekking companies in Nepal.

Here we present an unbiased selection of the 10 Best Mount Everest Base Camp trekking companies in Nepal.

Table of Contents

Providers Package Reviews
Nepal Eco Adventure Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar Trek 15 Days Trip Advisor:1716 reviews
Nepal Hiking Team Everest Base Camp Horse Riding Trek 14 Days Trip Advisor:1336 reviews
Ace the Himalaya Everest Base Camp with Island Peak – 19 Days Trip Advisor: 1812 reviews
Alpine Ramble Treks Everest Base Camp Trek- 12 Days Trip Advisor: 630 reviews
Eastern Light Trek Everest Base camp Trek- 14 Days Trip Advisor: 773 reviews
Nepal Mountain Adventure Everest Base Camp Trek From Salleri 19 Days Trip Advisor: 493 reviews
Green Valley Nepal 14- days Everest Base Camp Trekking Trip Advisor: 745 reviews
Himalayan Social Journey 16 days Everest Base Camp Trek Trip Advisor: 1616 reviews
Himalayan Glacier Trekking Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass – 18 Days Trip Advisor: 537 reviews
Accessible Adventure Everest Base Camp Trekking – 15 Days Trip Advisor: 508 reviews

Table update August 7, 2023

Nepal Eco Adventure      

Nepal Eco Adventure stands out as the premier Everest base camp trek operator in Nepal, with its headquarters situated in the capital city. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the industry, Nepal Eco Adventure is committed to providing exceptional travel opportunities to all types of travellers.

The agency takes pride in its meticulously crafted trekking packages, curated by experts to ensure the utmost safety and satisfaction of the travelers. Consistently delivering outstanding services, the company has garnered acclaim, earning the Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor for four consecutive years.

Nepal Eco Adventure’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar Trek 15 Days

Join an incredible trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar with Nepal Eco Adventure. Starting from Lukla, the trek takes you through stunning Himalayan villages, steep hills, and dense forests. Experience the thrill of crossing rocky terrains and frozen lakebeds before reaching Everest Base Camp. Finally, conquer Kala Patthar for breathtaking mountain views. It’s a memorable adventure amid nature’s grandeur that you’ll cherish forever.

Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return 9 Days

Experience the ultimate adventure with Nepal Eco Adventure’s 9-day Everest Base Camp Trek, featuring a thrilling helicopter return. Begin your trek to the iconic Everest Base Camp, passing through breathtaking landscapes and charming villages. Witness the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, trekking through rugged terrains and diverse terrain. At the Everest Base Camp, immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring surroundings. And to top it off, enjoy a spectacular helicopter ride back, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the stunning region. This unforgettable trek promises an incredible experience that will stay with you forever.

Nepal Eco Adventure Reviews

Nepal Eco Adventure stands as a renowned and well-regarded tour and travel operator in Nepal. The company has garnered a significant number of positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Approximately 1711 delighted customers have expressed their satisfaction. These glowing reviews contribute to the impressive 95% client satisfaction rating for Nepal Eco Adventure, solidifying its position as a top choice for travelers seeking remarkable experiences in the region.

Excellent Eco-Adventure Company. Emails were promptly answered with all questions answered. Our guide Bijay was excellent- knowledgeable, good-natured, motivating, and kind. Paula B, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Read all reviews of Nepal Eco Adventure on TripAdvisor.

Nepal Hiking Team

Nepal Hiking Team is a reputable Everest base camp trek operator with a rich history of operating since 2009. Headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, this company caters to diverse travel interests, offering enticing group tours and private trips to enchanting destinations like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. With a team of highly experienced staff, Nepal Hiking Team is committed to delivering you pocket-friendly and unforgettable travel experiences.

Nepal Hiking Team’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp Horse Riding Trek 14 Days

The Everest Base Camp Horse Riding Trek offers a unique 14-day adventure, allowing you to experience the wonders of this renowned destination on horseback. Unlike traditional treks, this horse-riding journey reduces physical exertion, providing an opportunity to cover the distance in a less tiring manner. By opting for this eco-friendly approach, you contribute to the local community by providing employment opportunities for horsemen, porters, and guides.

Commencing from Lukla, the trek takes you through picturesque Sherpa villages such as Phakding, Jorsale, and Namche. In Namche, a two-night halt allows your body to adapt to the high altitude. As you progress, the mountains draw nearer, granting breathtaking views of towering peaks. This exceptional horse riding trek offers an unforgettable and distinctive perspective of the Everest Base Camp region, making it an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime.

Everest Base Camp Short Trek 14 Days

Discover the wonders of the Himalayas with Nepal Hiking Team’s 14-day Everest Base Camp Short Trek. This carefully crafted journey takes you through picturesque Sherpa villages like Namche, offering a glimpse into the local culture. As you ascend, the landscapes unfold, leading you to the iconic Everest Base Camp. The awe-inspiring views of the world’s tallest mountain will leave you spellbound. This trek promises an unforgettable experience, combining adventure, culture, and natural beauty in the heart of the Himalayas.

Nepal Hiking Team Reviews

Nepal Hiking Team, a renowned Everest trek company headquartered in Kathmandu, has earned a stellar reputation in the industry. With a multitude of positive reviews on Trip Advisor, the company boasts an impressive rating based on 1,335 satisfied customers. Many of these reviewers have awarded the company five stars, commending its reliability, consistency, and exceptional service.

Very professional when enquiring. Happy to answer any questions quickly. I was asking about trekking in Nepal. I had many questions and worries. They understood and explained clearly. Richard, Oxford

Read all reviews of Nepal Hiking Team on TripAdvisor.

Ace the Himalaya

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Ace the Himalaya is a most highly rated Everest base camp trek operator. The company has nearly two decades of experience in the travel industry. With expertly designed trek and tour packages, the company prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of travelers.  With a commitment to delivering remarkable experiences, Ace the Himalaya stands out as a reliable and top-notch option in the realm of travel adventures.

Ace the Himalaya’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp with Island Peak – 19 Days

Experience the ultimate adventure with Ace The Himalaya’s Everest Base Camp and Island Peak expedition. Trek to iconic destinations like Namche Bazaar and Everest Base Camp before taking on the exhilarating challenge of climbing Island Peak.

With determination and expertise, you undertake the thrilling challenge of Island Peak, embracing the sense of accomplishment as we reach the summit. This journey offers a perfect balance of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and adrenaline-pumping excitement in the stunning Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek – 8 Days

Ace The Himalaya’s Everest Base Camp Heli Trek provides a unique opportunity to experience the famed Everest region in a more accessible and less challenging manner. This trek is designed for all, as it involves only a few days of trekking in lower altitudes. The highlight of this trip is the thrilling helicopter ride that awaits you in Namche Bazaar. The helicopter tour takes you over the stunning Khumbu Valley and Glacier, allowing you to witness the breathtaking beauty of Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.

Combining the best of hiking and heli touring, this trek offers a delightful blend of adventure and comfort. Instead of tiring long walks, you’ll enjoy a comfortable helicopter ride that provides unparalleled views of the Everest region and a close encounter with the majestic Himalayan giants.

Ace The Himalaya Reviews

Ace the Himalaya stands as a highly acclaimed and reliable travel agency in Nepal, earning a remarkable reputation among past travelers. With a satisfaction rate exceeding 95%, the company has garnered numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Travelers have praised the expertise of the tour guides, the courteous staff, and the excellent accommodations provided during their trips. For those interested in reading more reviews, TripAdvisor boasts over 1812 reviews about Ace the Himalaya.

Had an amazing time trekking to EBC with Ace The Himalaya. Both our guide Pasang and porter Gombu made this trek unforgettable and were very caring during the 14 days !! Benzaid s

Read all reviews of Ace The Himalaya on TripAdvisor.

Alpine Ramble Treks

Alpine Ramble Treks is a well-established and reliable trekking company that specializes in Everest Base Camp trekking. Their team of experienced guides and staff is committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction throughout the journey.

At Alpine Ramble Treks, they take pride in offering a diverse selection of treks, tours, and expeditions tailored to suit various interests and fitness levels. With their meticulous attention to detail, you can be confident that every aspect of your trip, from accommodations to logistics, will be well taken care of. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural beauty and cultural richness of Nepal without any worries.

Alpine Ramble Treks Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

12 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

Embark on an extraordinary 12-day Everest Base Camp Trek, packed with mesmerizing highlights. The adventure kicks off with a spectacular mountain flight that offers magical views of the majestic Himalayas. Over the course of the trek, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich traditions and culture of the Sherpa people, gaining insights into their way of life.

As you make your way through the Khumbu region, you’ll encounter high-altitude suspension bridges adorned with colorful Buddhist prayer flags, creating a truly picturesque sight. The climb to Kala Patthar, a renowned viewpoint, rewards you with awe-inspiring vistas, with mountains like Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse seemingly close enough to touch. Following the footsteps of legendary mountaineers, you’ll reach the base of the world’s tallest mountain, a momentous achievement to cherish forever.

7 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

Imagine trekking to the base of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, and then returning by a thrilling helicopter ride. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Explore astonishing alpine landscapes, untouched wilderness, and sacred Buddhist sites on this remarkable journey. Join Alpine Ramble Treks on this 7-Day Everest Base Camp Trek, offering you the chance to reach your ultimate destination in just a single week.

This adventure is tailor-made for those seeking an unforgettable experience in the magnificent Himalayas, a paradise for adventurous trekkers. In just seven days, you’ll immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan region and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Alpine Ramble Treks Reviews

Alpine Ramble Treks has earned a notable reputation with 630 reviews on Trip Advisor. This significant number of reviews reflects the trust and satisfaction of the travelers, making Alpine Ramble Treks a reliable choice for those seeking remarkable journeys in the Himalayas.

We just finished the 8 day Everest Base Camp trek led by our guide, Sujal. This was a great experience. Alpine Ramble Treks helped us before the trip, during the trip, and after the trip. Justin c

Read all reviews of Alpine Ramble Treks on TripAdvisor.

Eastern Light Trek

Eastern Light Trek

Eastern Light Trek is a well-reputed Everest base camp trekking company in Nepal. With a genuine love for the area and extensive local knowledge, this company provides a wide range of trekking and tour options to all kinds of travelers. Their team of skilled guides and staff is fully devoted to delivering exceptional service, ensuring each trip is meticulously planned and tailored.

Eastern Light Trek’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days

The Everest Base Camp Trek offered by Eastern Light Trek is a mesmerizing 14-day adventure that takes you to the foot of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Join this incredible trek and experience picturesque Sherpa villages, lush forests, and challenging terrains. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of towering peaks like Nuptse, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam along the way. This 14-day expedition also includes acclimatization days, ensuring you adjust to the high altitudes for a safe and enjoyable trek.

Eastern Light Trek Reviews

With a remarkable presence on Trip Advisor, Eastern Light Trek has amassed 773 reviews, showcasing their excellence in providing exceptional trekking and adventure experiences in Nepal.

This was the best trip ever! The guide guide – Gorkhey – was absolutely amazing and I could not have wished for anything better! Bettina

Read all reviews of Eastern Light Treks on TripAdvisor.

Nepal Mountain Adventure

Nepal Mountain Adventure

Nepal Mountain Adventure is a top rated Everest trek companies in Nepal. This company is indeed a gateway to your unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Himalayas. Their dedicated team is passionate about exploration and takes pride in providing exceptional trekking, tours, and adventure activities.

Since inception in 2020, they have been committed to delivering personalized and tailor-made experiences that cater to your unique preferences. From trekking to cultural tours and wildlife safaris, they handle all aspects of your journey to ensure a seamless and memorable adventure.

Nepal Mountain Adventure’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp Trek 15 Days

Nepal Mountain Adventure’s Everest Base Camp Trek is a thrilling adventure that leads you to the foot of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Starting from Lukla, the journey takes you through picturesque Sherpa villages, lush forests, and suspension bridges. Namche Bazaar, a vibrant market town, offers a perfect acclimatization spot before heading deeper into the Himalayas. Along the way, you’ll be captivated by the stunning views of Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and the iconic Mount Everest.

Everest Base Camp Trek From Salleri 19 Days

The Everest Base Camp Trek from Salleri provides an alternative and cost-effective route to explore the breathtaking Himalayas. It offers an excellent option for travelers with extended vacations who want to experience the Everest region without taking a one-way flight to Lukla, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Starting from Salleri, the trek follows the route of the Jiri Everest base camp trek and eventually joins at Ringu. Throughout the journey, you will be treated to spectacular mountain scenery, including the iconic Mt. Everest. This trail also holds historical significance as it follows the path taken by legendary climbers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa during their historic summit of Everest in 1953.

Nepal Mountain Adventure Reviews

Nepal Mountain Adventure has achieved a remarkable feat with an impressive 95% five-star rating out of 493 reviews on Trip Advisor. The company’s past trekkers have showered them with excellent reviews, praising the combination of cost-effectiveness and top-notch services they provide.

Fantastic service and guide. And really convenient if you are staying at wander thirst hostel. And I didn’t find anyone where could match the price. Fredric N

Read all reviews of Nepal Mountain Adventure on TripAdvisor.

Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub

Green Valley Nepal

Located in Thamel, Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal. Offering services like trekking, peak climbing, adventure travel, tours, researches, and expedition, the company operates in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Green Valley Nepal would certainly be a good choice.

Green Valley Nepal’s Everest Base Camp Trekking Packages

Everest Base Camp Trekking trip

Visit the Buddhist monasteries in Namche, Khumjung, Tengboche, and Panboche, and relish the mesmerizing views of the gigantic AmaDablam from Mugla Pass.

The major attractions of this 14-day trekking expedition to Everest Base Camp are the sunrises and sunsets, the sight of Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, and Pumari from Kala Patthar, the Khumbu Glacier, and icefalls, and the Namche and Sherpa villages.

The Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most highly praised and immensely recommended trekking expeditions which will take you on an unimaginable journey of adventure, thrill, and fun all at once.

Everest Three High Passes Trek

Renjo-La Pass, Gokyo Valley and the lakes, Ngozumpa Glacier, Chola-Pass, Kala Patthar, Everest Base Camp, and Kongma-La Pass are the major spots in the region of Everest. During the trek to Everest Base Camp, the scenic beauty of the alpine forests, Sagarmatha National Park, Buddhist monasteries, wildlife, lakes, and the astonishing range of the Himalayas will be a real treat for your eyes.

This 18-day Everest three high passes package gives you an adventure trekking experience to Everest Base Camp in which you can be able to explore the Three High Passes of the region. This is one of the most popular trekking packages in Nepal. You’ll get to see Kala Patthar and then, on another route, you will view the three high passes and Gokyo.

Green Valley Nepal Trek Reviews

The company persistently provides high-quality packages for the trek to Everest Base Camp and the Everest three high passes trek. Read all the reviews of Green Valley Treks on Trip Advisor.

Himalayan Social Journey

Himalayan Social Journey

Based in Kathmandu and with 17 years of experience, Himalayan Social Journey is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal . Himalayan Social Journey focuses exclusively on deluxe and luxury trekking travel experiences for Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet. The company also provides tour packages to locations other than the Himalayas. Having launched the program more than a decade ago, Everest Base Camp trekking is the company’s specialty. Himalayan Social Journey is also a Trip Advisor Excellency Award winner.

Himalayan Social Journey’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

16 Days Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp trekking trail is one amongst the very few classical and legendary trekking trails in the world. The most pursued dream of the trekkers, while they visit Nepal, is to see the gigantic Mt. Everest. Trekking through Namche Bazaar via Tengboche to Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp is an exhilarating experience for the trekkers. The thrills of the trek to Everest Base Camp are just awesome. Most importantly, getting an insight into the ways of the Sherpa villages and their lifestyle, and exploring the Himalayan flora and fauna in Sagarmatha National Park are other splendors that you will experience in this trek.

The Himalayan Social Journey’s EBC trekking commences after a heritage and cultural sightseeing tour within the Kathmandu valley. Then you will have to take a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Upon your arrival at Lukla, you will trek to Phakdingand to Namche. Namche Bazaar is also known as the gateway to the Everest Region. Tibetan style markets, hotels, and some astonishing mountain views are major attractions here.

Passing through Tengboche Monastery, the trek takes you to Lobuche and Gorakshep. From Gorakshep, you ascend to the Everest Base Camp and after you have spent time there, you will further climb up to Kala Patthar. Kala Patthar offers a breathtakingly beautiful and vivid view of the mighty Mt. Everest which cannot be witnessed from elsewhere.

Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp Trek -19 days

Among the highest Lakes of the world, located at an altitude of 18000ft above sea level, Gokyo is a freshwater lake known as the Ramsar site. During broad daylight, the snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake and the bluish and greenish water reflecting the sunlight form an amazing view which is an absolutely gleeful sight for anyone to behold. The Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp trekking package are one of the best combinations for trekking in the region.

The journey commences at Lukla Airport, which you will reach after a thirty-minute scenic flight from Kathmandu Airport. The trekking trails from Lukla take you to Phakding and then to Namche, where you take a break for acclimatization and exploring the town. The trek trails will lead you to Everest Base Camp and while descending from Base Camp you get to visit Gokyo Lake.


Past trekkers speak very highly of the Himalayan Social Journey on the reviewing websites. Himalayan Social Journey has garnered as many as 1616 reviews on Trip Advisor and of those,1500 people have rated the company with five stars.

Well Organized, great Guide– Megan H, Trip Advisor

Read all reviews of Himalayan Social Journey on TripAdvisor.

Himalayan Glacier Trekking (P) Ltd.

Operating since 1992, Himalayan Glacier is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal. Himalayan Glacier offers more than 200 Himalayan trekking packages in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. The company provides trekking packages, cultural tours, day tours, peak climbing tours, multi-country tours, spiritual tours, and safaris, etc. The company’s Everest Base Camp Trekking itineraries are their oldest and most specialized.

Himalayan Glacier’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek – 15 Days

You will require a moderate level of fitness to complete this, as you will have to trek to an altitude of 17600ft. This package provides one of the most luxurious and grand treks to Everest Base Camp because of the accommodations and facilities offered during the trek.

The Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek starts with a sightseeing tour of the Kathmandu Valley followed by a mountain flight to Lukla the next day. You will trek to Namche and take a rest for the next day’s acclimatization. On the sixth day, you will start your trek from Namche through Deboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep. Then, you will reach Everest Base Camp. FromBase Camp, you will visit Kala Patthar and then descend to Namche via Tengboche.

Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass – 18 Days

The Everest Base Camp trek via Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass will take you through a series of beautiful turquoise lakes and landmarks of the Khumbu region. The trek to Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass is a bit more difficult compared to the normal Everest Base Camp trek route.

This package via Gokyo and Cho La Pass is ideal for you if wish to take on more challenging trails. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will have a day for sightseeing around the heritage-rich Kathmandu Valley. After a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, you will trek to Namche and take a day off for acclimatization.The trek leads you to Gokyo via Machhermo and then to Cho La Pass via Thagnak. From Cho La Pass, you ascend to Kala Patthar via Lobuche and Gorakshep. After this, you will head back to Namche via Pheriche.


From a total of 400 reviews, Himalayan Glacier has received 95% excellent reviews for Everest Base Camp trekking packages on Trip Advisor. Past trekkers rate it very highly and they have written excellent reviews for Himalayan Glacier on various reviewing websites:

Himalayan Glacier is the BEST trekking company in Nepal! – YurtBoy, Oregon

Read all reviews of Himalayan Glacier on TripAdvisor.

Accessible Adventure

Accessible Adventure is an adventure tour company owned and fostered by expert trekking guides and trek veterans. The company is devotedly dedicated to providing a wide array of travel and outdoor adventure activities within the Himalayan destinations of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Accessible Adventure is one of Nepal’s best Everest Base Camp trek companies.

Accessible Adventure’s Everest Base Camp Trek Packages

Everest Base Camp Trekking – 15 Days

This Everest Base Camp trek starts after the exploration of the Kathmandu valley followed by a flight to Lukla airport. You will then trek through the trails of DudhKoshi Valley, as you enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful peaks and scenic beauty of the region. Along the trail, you will come across the Sagarmatha National Park, as well as unique wildlife, friendly Sherpa people, and Buddhist monasteries. The beautiful rhododendron, magnolias, and other flora make the trek even more delightful.

Ultimately, you will reach NamcheBazaar. After a rest day in Namche, the trek continues to Tengboche, where you will visit the Tengboche Monastery. The next day, you will trek to Dingboche and, after a day acclimatizing there, the trek is then continued through Lobuche and Gorakshep. From Gorakshep, you trekking to the Everest Base Camp, where you can find solace. The trek leads you further to Kala Patthar, from where you can view Everest in the best possible way.

Salleri to Everest Base Camp Trekking – -18 Days

Salleri to Everest Base Camp is a highly praised trekking route for the Everest Base Camp trekking. After a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Salleri, you will start your trek the next day in the morning. This trek helps you to acclimatize en route and offers a number of dazzling attractions. From Salleri, you will trek to Nunthala, where you will stay for the night.

After Nunthala, the trek will trek via Bhupsa and Cheplung to reach Namche Bazaar and reach the Everest Base Camp. You will have time to cherish the moments while at Everest Base Camp and then you will trek to Kala Patthar. From Kala Patthar, you will descend down to Namche and then to Lukla for a flight back to Kathmandu.


Accessible Adventure has several amazing reviews on various websites. Past trekkers praise the company for their amazing services, quality accommodation and highly experienced and helpful guides.

Excellent organization and a very enjoyable trip to EBC – Shaun M, Trip Advisor

Read all reviews of Accessible Adventure on TripAdvisor.

Honorable Mentions

Nepal Gateway Trekking

As one of the best Mt. Everest base camp trekking companies in Nepal, Nepal Gateway Trekking is designed to provide high-quality and cheap trekking services and unforgettable memories that’ll last a lifetime.

On the 15 days Everest Base Camp trek package of Nepal Gateway Trekking, you will explore Kathmandu Valley and fly to Lukla to start the trek. After trekking through Phakding, you will get a day to acclimatize at Namche Bazaar. Passing through Tengboche, Dingboche, and Lobuche, you finally reach Kala Patthar.

Nepal Gateway Trekking Reviews

Nepal Gateway Trekking is highly rated on many reviewing websites. Past trekkers of Nepal Gateway Trekking have often commented on the cheap and high-quality services. Read all reviews of Nepal Gateway Trekking on TripAdvisor.

Above the Himalaya

Founded in 2007, Above the Himalaya Trekking is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal. The company provides its services in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The programs that Above the Himalayas offer to their clients are adventure tours, eco-friendly programs, treks, expeditions into the wilderness of the Himalayas, scenic and cultural tours, jungle safaris, mountaineering tours, and historical tours.

The 15-day-long Everest expedition takes you on an Everest Base Camp trekking trip with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, including the Everest region, wildlife, and alpine greenery, the Sagarmatha National Park, monasteries, Gokyo Valley, the Khumbu region, and the fascinating Sherpa villages. This trip gives you plenty of time to rest, relax, and acclimatize during the trek.

Above The Himalaya Reviews

Past trekkers from Above The Himalaya have highly rated the company on review websites. Above the Himalaya has several reviews on Trip Advisor.  Read all reviews of Above The Himalaya on TripAdvisor.

Nepal Trekking Experts Pvt. Ltd

Located in Thamel, Nepal Trekking Experts Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal. Emphasizing environmental and cultural sustainability in its approach to the tourism industry in Nepal, the company has a team of highly experienced mountaineering specialists.

15 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

This trek to the Everest Base Camp package offers a trekking period of 15 days from Kathmandu to Kala Patthar and back to Kathmandu. The trek includes two acclimatization days: one in Namche and the other in Dingboche. You will have to trek to Namche from Phakding followed by days of trekking to Tengboche, Dingboche, and Lobuche. After Lobuche, the itineraries comprise of a trek to Gorakshep to Kala Patthar and then back to Lukla.


Out of all the reviews on Trip Advisor for Nepal trekking Experts, 98% of them are five-star reviews. Read all the reviews of Nepal Trekking Experts on TripAdvisor.

Nature Trail Trekking & Expeditions

With decades of experience, Nature Trail is one of the pioneers of service-oriented trekking businesses in Nepal. As the first-ever ISO certified tourism company in Nepal, Nature Trail is also one of the best Everest base camp trekking companies in Nepal. Since its inception in 1995, the company has been providing hundreds of tours and trekking packages in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet. 

14 days Everest Base Camp Trekking package is an exhilarating expedition. It gives you a sense of accomplishment along with mesmerizing scenic views, verdant alpine forests, immaculate villages and landscapes, and the Sagarmatha National Park.

If you are seeking something challenging and thrilling then this 18-day Everest Base Camp trekking package is the perfect expedition for you. The trail to the Everest Base Camp via Gokyo, Cho La Pass, and Renjo La Pass can be of a higher difficulty level for trekkers.

Nature Trail Trekking Reviews

Nature Trail has 95% five-star reviews on Trip Advisor. Past trekkers have written excellent reviews about the inexpensive and high-quality services of the company. Read all reviews of Nature Trail Trekking on TripAdvisor.

Mosaic Adventure

As one of the best trekking companies, Mosaic Adventure is a trekking company operating in South Asia. Founded in 2009, Mosaic Adventure focuses on designing special trekking packages in South Asia. Apart from trekking, Mosaic Adventure offers other adventurous packages such as rafting, mountaineering, wildlife safari, and more.

Everest Base Camp Trek – 14 Days package is challenging and requires a moderate level of physical fitness. After 12 days of walking through rocky and steep trails, a feeling of triumph awaits you at Everest Base Camp.

The company’s another package Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes Trek via Cho La Pass is amongst the most challenging treks. The trek follows the normal Base Camp route, going through the lively town of Namche Bazaar and the spectacular Tengboche, where a splendid monastery sits amidst a snow-covered Himalayan vista. After triumphantly reaching the Everest Base Camp, the trail leads you to Kala Patthar, an astounding viewpoint to appreciate Everest in all its glory.


Mosaic Adventure has garnered a whopping 98% of excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. Read all reviews of Mosaic Adventure on TripAdvisor.

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Mount Everest Temperature

If you have Everest trekking on your bucket list, you might be curious about the cold temperatures you’ll encounter at Mount Everest. Our article on “Mount Everest Temperature” provides all the essential details you need to plan your journey confidently.

Youngest Person To Climb Mount Everest

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Rainbow Valley Mt. Everest Introduction

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Sleeping Beauty Everest

Despite its name suggesting beauty, “Sleeping Beauty” carries a vastly different and heart-wrenching tale of an aspiring mountaineer who faced an unsuccessful attempt to summit Everest.

Best Trekking Tours in Nepal Himalayas

There are several trekking opportunities available in the mountainous regions of Nepal. Besides Everest, you can also trek to various trekking routes of Annapurna region.   You can join Annapurna Sanctuary trekAnnapurna Base Camp Trek, and Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Similarly, you can trek in the Langtang regionMakalu region and Manaslu region. These are the most famous trekking routes in Nepal and are operated by many international and Nepalese trekking companies.

Best Adventure Activities in Nepal

Looking for fun and adventurous activities in Nepal? You can enjoy zip lining, rock climbing, paragliding, biking activities in Nepal.

Rafting Trip in Nepal

Nepal is an amazing Himalayan country rich in high-current rivers, green forests, amazing flora and fauna, and so on. Rafting in Nepal in the high current rivers is indeed the best thing to do while you are in Nepal. The Dush Koshi, Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, Tama Koshi, and several other rivers in Nepal offer amazing white-water paddling opportunities.

Best Tour Packages in Nepal

Though Nepal is regarded as a heaven for trekking lovers, this beautiful country also offers some of the world’s most fascinating tours. You can opt for nature tourscultural toursspiritual tours, wildlife, city tours and so on. You can also enjoy an exhilarating helicopter tour at the top of the world’s tallest peaks. These tour packages are organized by several travel and tours companies in Nepal.

Volunteer Travel in Nepal

If you are a responsible traveler and love giving back to the needy society, there are ample opportunities to do so in Nepal. You can participate in Nepal volunteer programs like teaching English, Orphanage programs, medical programs, and monastery teaching to make a difference in the life of disadvantaged Nepalese communities and children.

Top Things to do in Nepal

There are several amazing things to do in Nepal you should not miss out on while traveling in Nepal. In Nepal, PokharaLumbiniChitwan, and Kathmandu are the most visited cities and if you learn and applied these must-do things of the cities, you will cherish your trip all your life.


How hard is it to walk to Everest Base Camp?

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp is an amazing journey to experience authentic Sherpa culture, astounding mountain views, and mesmerizing landscapes. The difficulty level of Everest trekking is considered moderate and even trekkers with no prior trekking experience can join. However, you need to be physically fit and determined as the trail is steep and takes at least two weeks to complete the trek.

How much does it cost to trek Everest Base Camp?

There is not any fixed cost for Everest Base Camp Trek. The cost highly depends on your trekking days, trekking route, trekking season, accommodation & food type, porter, and other personal expenses preferences. Generally, a 14-day Everest base camp trek costs anywhere between $1200 to $2300 based on your liking.

Is trekking to Everest Base Camp worth it?

Everest trek is one of the best treks in the world. Undoubtedly, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and worth a lot. The trek offers you the exceptional opportunity to experience awe-inspiring peak views, hypnotic landscapes & mountain vistas, various species of flora and fauna, welcoming Sherpa people, and much more. If you are traveling to Nepal and love trekking, trekking to the Everest base camp is well worth, and indeed the best thing to do in Nepal.

Can you just trek to Everest Base Camp?

Yes, you can simply do Everest base camp trekking avoiding other routes, guides, and porters. The trek’s difficulty level is moderate and even if you lack previous trekking experience, you can enjoy the trek. You can trek without a guide as the trail is simple to follow and you can find plenty of people on the route to ask for directions.

How long is Everest base camp trek?

The length of the Everest Base Camp trek typically ranges from 10 to 22 days, depending on the specific itinerary and trekking route you choose.

How difficult is Everest base camp trek?

The Everest Base Camp trek is considered moderately challenging. It involves a mix of uphill and downhill terrain, high altitudes, and varying weather conditions. Proper physical fitness and acclimatization are crucial for successfully completing the trek.

What to pack for Everest base camp trek?

When preparing for the Everest Base Camp trek, it’s essential to pack lightweight, comfortable, and weather-appropriate clothing and gear. Some key items to pack include trekking boots, moisture-wicking clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, warm layers, gloves, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Where to land in Nepal for Everest trek?

When planning your Everest Base Camp trek, your journey will commence at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is the primary entry point for international travelers and serves as the starting point for most treks in Nepal, including the iconic Everest Base Camp trek. To reach the Everest region, you will take a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, a charming town nestled amidst the Himalayas.


This article has clearly summarized the10 best Everest Base Camp trekking companies in Nepal. If you are planning on taking a trip to Nepal and experiencing one of the most popular tourist experiences by going on a trek to Everest Base Camp, please consider this list and contact the company that you feel best suits you and your requirements. We would love to hear about your experiences, so if you have already been to the Everest Base Camp with one of these trekking companies, then please get in touch and tell us all about it!


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