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51 Best Things to Do in Chitwan 2024

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Are you planning your dream trip to Chitwan, Nepal? Are you still putting together your list of best things to do in Chitwan?

Located within the southern territories of Nepal, Chitwan is a place well-suited for travelers who wish to gain insight into the thriving natural ecosystem, which is home to some of the world’s most rare wild animals and birds. Spend a day exploring the perennial forests of Chitwan and catch some attention-grabbing glimpses of the one-horned rhinos, elephants, and tigers.

Let’s explore the top 51 things to do in Chitwan, Nepal.

Table of Contents

Chitwan National Park

Address: Subarnapur 44200

chitwan national park

Photo Credit: JessicaBlueElephants from Pixabay

Listed as one of the premier travel destinations for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, Chitwan National Park serves as a protected zone that covers more than 932 square km of forested plains and grasslands. Brimming with vast areas of evergreen natural forests, you can find an immense variety of exotic flora and fauna flourishing inside the Chitwan National Park. For this reason, this national park is considered to be the top thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal.

Elephant Breeding Center

Address: Baadreni Road Royal Chitwan NP., Bharatpur 44204

With the aim to provide a safe haven for endangered wild elephants, the Elephant Breeding Center was opened in 1985 where captive breeding of elephants is done to promote their well-being and safety. Tourists can go to the Elephant Breeding Center and learn about the nature & habits of elephants with the help of naturalists who looks after the elephants. It does not cost you much to visit the breeding center.

Chitwan Tharu Village

While you’re staying in Chitwan, you really can’t miss out on exploring the fascinating village. Understanding the diverse traditional values and rich history of the Tharu people is a cool thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal. Home to the local tribal community of the Tharu people, individuals must make sure to visit. Head here if you want to observe the unique daily lifestyle and culture of Tharu communities.

Elephant Back Safari

In its essence, the Elephant Back Safari is a popular touristic activity for nature lovers. However, it is the really best thing to do in Chitwan if you wish to experience riding a domesticated elephant. Whether it is because you want to do something out of the ordinary or want to spend your day on the back of an elephant, you are surely going to have a blast riding through the wilderness of lush green jungles where one-horned rhinos and tigers can be spotted during the day.

Narayani River

Canoeing in the famous Narayani River is rated by many travelers as one of the most fun things to do in Chitwan. Travelers get to ride slowly through the shimmering river while observing several species of crocodiles and birds who depend on the river for their survival. If you have some leisure time to go out from your hotel rooms, then do not miss out on the chance of canoeing the Narayani River.

Chitwan Tharu Culture House

A trip to Tharu Cultural House is a top thing to do as you get to watch an enriching cultural program/show, which shows you the distinct yet traditional dance moves of the Tharu people who have been living here for several centuries. During the program, many Tharu boys and girls will come to the stage and perform for you. Furthermore, you can buy a ticket before the show and then enter a hall where the show will commence soon after.

Camel Safari

If you’re looking for a cool thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal, then you must not forget to go on the camel safari. While it may not sound too much fun at first, it will surely be memorable. Anyone who wishes to ride a camel can easily do so by paying a little fee to the owner of the camel. Once you pay for the ride, you will then have to jump on the camel and enjoy an exciting camel safari experience.

Watching Tharu Cultural Show in Chitwan

For people who want to experience unique cultural insight into the life of the indigenous Nepalese community residing in the southern part of Nepal, watching the Tharu Cultural Shows is the best thing to do. You will learn about the Tharu culture and have a wonderful time watching the exquisite dance moves done by Tharu boys and girls.

Elephant Polo in Chitwan

Do you love playing Elephant Polo? Or thinking about trying something new during your stay in Nepal? Playing Elephant Polo is a fun thing to do. You will get to ride an elephant and experience a game played by many people in the past. There are plenty of places in the Terai region of Nepal where travelers can take part in Elephant Polo.

Canoe Ride in Rapti River

For those who want to take a close look at the marine ecosystem of Rapti River and watch crocodiles closely, taking a canoe ride in Rapti River is a top thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal. Embarking on a Canoe Ride in Rapti River is a magical experience that takes you on a calm and peaceful tour through the shimmering Rapti River. The Canoe Ride will help you discover a special way to travel in Chitwan and sets the scene for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy Elephant Bathing

If you are looking forward to hanging together with elephants during your travel days in Chitwan, then you should consider joining a tour that lets you enjoy bathing with elephants. Elephant bathing is an exciting thing to do as it lets you play and interact freely with elephants while enjoying a refreshing dive in the river.

Visit Accoustica Restaurant

Address: Ratnanagar 44204

Popular for its pleasing dining experience and eye-catching setting, Accoustica Restaurant is a popular thing to do in Chitwan for those who are planning to travel to Chitwan. The food served here is phenomenal and makes you want to come for more. You can even get a nice view of the jungle from here and the staff is very professional & well-mannered.

Relax yourself in Gig House

Are you searching for a place in Chitwan where you can enjoy live music and good food? Then, consider visiting a famous tourist restaurant called Gig House nearby the lovely Rapti River. Listening to live music and enjoying a hearty meal at the Gig House is a popular thing to do. You can even find a multi-cuisine menu at Gig House which only costs you around $35 to $45 per person.

Bird Watching in Chitwan National Park

As mentioned above, Chitwan National Park is a striking destination for wildlife and bird enthusiasts who wish to get a close glimpse of rare bird species. You can join a bird watching safari tour inside Chitwan National Park and spend your time watching a variety of birds. For this reason, bird watching has become the best thing to do.

Watch Crocodiles at Crocodile Breeding Center

crocodile breeding center

Photo Credit: JessicaBlueElephants from Pixabay

Do you want to get a close look at the rare river water crocodiles in their own natural habitat? A visit to the Rapti River is one of the best things to do in Chitwan if you want to experience a memorable boating trip with some up-close encounters with wild crocodiles and other aquatic animals.

Visit Sunset View Restaurant & Bar

Address: Ratnanagar 44200

Watching the picturesque sight of the sunset over the shimmering Rapti River from the Sunset View Restaurant & Bar is a cool thing to do. The Sunset View Restaurant & Bar is designed to look like a riverside tiki hut and serves some of the most appetizing Nepalese and international meals. Sunset View Restaurant & Bar even has a bar that offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages for those who want to perk up their mood.

Bull truck or Pony Ride in Chitwan

If you want to explore indigenous Tharu villages and learn about the lifestyle of people living in those Tharu communities, then going on a Pony Ride is the top thing to do in Chitwan. Along the ride, a local tour guide will explain the history, culture, and daily routine of the Tharu people. You can even ask your tour guide to answer some of your questions about the places you are exploring.

Explore Bish Hazari Tal

Address: Bis Hazari Lake, Bharatpur 44200

Located inside the buffer zone of  Chitwan National Park, Bish Hazari Tal is a popular place to visit in Chitwan, Nepal. While on your way to Bish Hazari Tal, you will be able to explore and traverse through the Inner Terai region of central Nepal. You can expect to see abundant forested lands filled with rare animals and plants.

Visit Wildlife Display & Information Centre

Address: Ratnanagar 44200

Wildlife Display & Information Centre is an educational center that showcases the skulls, footprints, dungs, and formaldehyde of numerous animals. Visiting the Wildlife Display & Information Centre is the best thing to do in Chitwan as it’s a great place to learn a great deal about wildlife and various species of animals. 

Nature walk around Chitwan National Park

Going on a short but very revitalizing nature walk around the surrounding travel routes of Chitwan National Park is a famous thing to do in Chitwan. You can use this as an opportunity to experience the extreme wilderness of Chitwan National Park and learn about the wildlife thriving inside. Plus, it will help you relax and lower your stress.

Enjoy barbecue in Jungle View Restaurant

Address: Ratnanagar SAURAHA 2

Overlooking the iconic Gaida Chowk is the lovely Jungle View Restaurant which serves mouthwatering curries, garnished barbecue, thin-crusted pizzas, and other cheesy traveler food items. A visit to Jungle View Restaurant is a popular thing to do for those food lovers who are diehard fans of barbecues and meaty dishes.

Chill in Sauraha Beach Restaurant

Suaraha Beach Restaurant is a restaurant that stands out amongst others and is a cool place to visit in Chitwan, Nepal thanks to its laid-back, relaxing atmosphere. Visitors who find themselves at Suaraha Beach Restaurant get to enjoy a hearty and very satisfying set of Nepalese dishes at an affordable cost.

Visit Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Center

Address: 6 Bachhauli, Chitwan

Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Centre is a locally renowned museum that mostly promotes the indigenous Tharu culture and helps preserve the knowledge about their community. Visiting the Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Center is the top thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal if you want to enrich your travel experiences by learning about Tharu communities and their ethnic culture, language, cuisine, dress, and ancestry. Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Centre attract both local and foreign travelers visiting Chitwan.

Buy Mithila paintings from Happy House

Address: Bachhauli-2, Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal, Ratnanagar 00977

For those who want to take back souvenirs, buying a Mithila painting from a well-known gift shop called ‘Happy House’ is the best thing to do in Chitwan. You can get your hands on some of the most eye-catching and high-quality Mithila art and paintings at Happy House Gift Shop.

Go shopping in Women Art & Handicrafts Shop

Address: Located directly beneath Gig House

If you are a shopaholic and enjoy buying all sorts of exotic foreign art and handicrafts, then consider walking through the main market areas of Chitwan near Gaida Chowk as you will find numerous shops and stalls lined up beside the streets that sell art and handicraft items. Women Art & Handicrafts Shop is considered to be the best place to visit in Chitwan, Nepal for authentic Nepalese handicraft products.

Town Walk

Chitwan is a magical city with a countless number of small towns scattered around the central areas of Chitwan city. You can leave your hotel rooms early in the morning and enjoy walking through these small yet very appealing towns, while observing the daily lifestyle of Nepalese people. For this reason, exploring the unknown town areas of Chitwan is a popular thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal.

Cultural Program

Foreign tourists love Chitwan for many reasons. Some adore its vivid natural richness, while some like its mysteriously captivating cultural diversity. Here, you should go to see at least one cultural program or event taking place somewhere inside Chitwan city. Taking part in the Cultural Shows and Programs is a top thing to do as it allows you the opportunity to learn more about the local culture.

Flying Creature Watching

Are you a nature lover who just can’t stop thinking about watching birds in their own natural habitat? Chitwan National Park is the most popular national park of Nepal as it contains very unique and rare species of wildlife found nowhere else in Nepal. The entire national park is filled with a variety of bird species, which makes it a top place to visit in Chitwan, Nepal for watching birds.

Wilderness Drive

If you truly want to go on a thrilling jungle adventure inside Chitwan National Park and its surrounding areas, then taking a wilderness drive tour is an interesting thing to do in Chitwan as it allows you to experience rare, unseen wilderness areas of Chitwan National Park.

Maula Kalika

Dedicated to Goddess Kalika, Maula Kalika is a famous Hindu temple located at an elevation of 561 meters above sea level. Following the East-West Highway of Nepal, travelers can reach Maula Kalika Temple within 30 minutes by a car from Bharatpur city. Maula Kalika Temple is a top place to visit;  its popularity has been growing tremendously ever since its establishment.

Town Village Tour

The Town Village Tour is an interesting thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal, especially if you are thinking about spending more time with the locals. While the central part of Chitwan can seem too modern for it to be called a town, there are many small Nepalese towns scattered all around Chitwan city where you can get an authentic Town Village Tour experience.

Friends Café

Address: Ratnanagar 44200

Famous for its delicious home-cooked food and vibrant atmosphere, the Friends Café is the best thing to do in Chitwan if you want to enjoy a meal with your family in a very friendly and relaxed environment. Friends Café offers a wide range of local and foreign food items on their menu, so it should not be too hard to find something you like on their menu while you are there.

Kayak Trip

Do you want to leave the forested lands of Chitwan and move to Rapti or Narayani Rivers for some fun and excitement? If so, then joining a Kayak Trip or rafting trip is a top thing to do as it provides you an opportunity to not only explore the stunning Rapti River and Narayani River but also lets you watch aquatic animals closely.

Untamed Life Display and Information Center

For those who really want to take time out of their touring adventures and learn about the wildlife thriving inside the forests of Chitwan National Park, visiting the Untamed Life Display and Information Center is probably the best thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal. While you are there, you will be able to read through the collective list of information about all types of animals and bird species found in Chitwan.

Feathered Creature Education Society

Similar to the Untamed Life Display and Information Center, the renowned Feathered Creature Education Society is another popular place to visit, where you can learn about various species of birds living inside Chitwan National Park. The Feathered Creature Education Society is run by local volunteers and offers weekly guided bird watching tours every Saturday.

Night Tower remain at wilderness

If you are looking for an extraordinary thing to do in Chitwan, then you should consider spending a night at one of the Night Towers placed inside Chitwan National Park. By doing so, you will be able to catch rare glimpses of various nocturnal animals who are only become active at night, such as bats and owls.

Paddling in Rapti River

Paddling in the Rapti River is the best thing to do in Chitwan if you want to explore the Rapti River , without having too many people disturbing your paddling experience. Tourists can rent a boat and start paddling through the streams of Rapti River, however, having a local guide is recommended as a guide can help you navigate your way more accurately.

Wilderness Walk/Safari at Chitwan Park

Are you interested in spending more time inside Chitwan National Park? Then, you should consider going on a wilderness walk or safari tour, which is a popular thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal. The wilderness walk can help you relax and make your mind stress-free by letting you experience the tranquility and serenity of verdant jungles.

Visit Lamo Jharana

Address: 44200, Balephi-Jalbire Rd

Popular for its fascinating natural beauty and wilderness areas, Lamo Jharana stands out as a beautiful place to visit. Lamo Jharana is located 20 minutes from Jalbire Temple along the Muglin-Narayangarh road. The area around Lamo Jharana is famous for homestay tourist activities. Many foreign travelers enjoy visiting this place during their time in Chitwan.

Cycle through Chitwan

Renting a bike and then exploring the streets of Chitwan city is a fun thing to do in Chitwan because you can travel around Chitwan city without paying for bus/taxi rides. Cycling through Chitwan is also probably the best way to keep yourself active and fit while vacationing in Chitwan.

Pray at Devghat Dham

Address: Devghat 33915

Located at the junction of Trishuli and Kaligandaki River, Devghat Dham stands out as a spiritually blessed religious site of Nepal. Visiting Devghat Dham is a top thing to do as the site is thought to carry many historical, traditional, and religious values. Devgha Dham is also popular for its peaceful and harmonious environment, but the place can at times be overwhelming for some foreigners due to the sheer number of devotees praying here.

Trek Up the Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail

If you love trekking and don’t mind walking for hours on a strenuous route, then you should consider going on a trek to Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail. Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail is a newly opened famous trekking route in Nepal with the hope of presenting Chepang culture and natural wilderness to travelers who are not afraid of exploring the countryside areas.

Explore Upardghari Fort

Located atop a tall hill nearby Chitwan National Park, Upardghari Fort is an interesting place to visit, as it offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the Chitwan National Park. Upardghari Fort was built by Satrubhajan Shah in the 17th century making it one of the oldest forts in Chitwan city. Apart from the scenery, many visitors are also fascinated by its attention-grabbing architectural designs.

Tikauli Jungle

Traveling around new and exotic-looking places such as Tikauli Jungle is a fun thing to do in Chitwan, Nepal. Whether it’s because you love mother nature or want to observe the wild animals and birds thriving in their natural habitat, visiting Tikauli Jungle will always be a memorable travel experience for you. It is filled with ethereal green trees and an overwhelming abundance of wild flora and fauna.

Puja Fun Park

If you want to have a picnic with your friends and families or simply want to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Chitwan city, then you should head to Puja Fun Park, which is an exciting place to visit. Locals usually bring their kids here to play and have fun with other small kids. Tourists can come and relax by sharing stories and snacks with their friends.

Bikram Baba Temple

Bikram Baba Temple is a popular religious site located nearby Chitwan city. Visiting Bikram Baba Temple is the best thing to do in Chitwan if you want to get an understanding of Nepalese beliefs and cultural values. You will need to hire a cab or take a short drive in order to get here, as it’s not located inside the usual touristic hotspot of Chitwan city.

Bagheshwori Temple

Nepal is a country known for its cultural and religious diversity. People from all religions have called Nepal their homeland for millennia. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find revered sites all over Nepal. If you are among those individuals who likely don’t want to miss the opportunity of learning about the importance of such sites, then visiting Bagheshwori Temple should be on your list of top things to do in Chitwan.

Kumroj Community Forest

Do you want to explore the beautiful forested regions of Chitwan? Then, consider heading to the Kumroj Community Forest, which is ranked amongst the most popular places to visit due to its awe-inspiring natural beauty. Kumroj Community Forest is dedicated to preserving the local forested areas and the wildlife within it. It is located 2km east of Suaraha.

Hangout Park

Spending a day at Hangout Park is a cool thing to do in Chitwan Nepal if you are thinking about escaping from the chaotic urban areas of Chitwan city. People visit Hangout Park to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and natural views. You will also find lots of tall trees growing all over Hangout Park. There’s even a small cottage in Hangout Park, which serves food and drinks at an affordable price.

Visit Jalapeno Restaurant

Address: Ratnanagar 44200

If you are looking for a popular touristic restaurant that is well-known for its exotic Mexican cuisines, then you should pay a visit to Jalapeno Restaurant, where you can get your hands on some very tummy-pleasing Mexican dishes, like chicken fajitas. Many consider having eggplant Moissan with Ice Cold Beer in a Jalapeno restaurant as the best thing to do in Chitwan.

Stay at Landmark Forest Park

Address: Paryatan Margh, Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Located close to the main entrances of Chitwan National Park, the Landmark Forest Park is an eco-friendly resort in Chitwan which offers luxury rooms, restaurants, and a swimming pool, making it a top place to visit. While the resort is quite expensive, the services offered here are phenomenal and the same goes for the food it serves. This place also offers travel and ticketing services to its visitors along with rental car arrangements.

Volunteering in Chitwan

If volunteering and giving back to the needy society is your passion, you can also join life-changing volunteer programs in Chitwan. Depending on your passion, you can volunteer to teach English in Chitwan, volunteer with children in Chitwan or volunteer at a hospital in Chitwan.

Have you ever been to Chitwan, Nepal? What was your favorite experience? Please share your tips on things to do and see in Chitwan, Nepal so we can enrich others!  

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