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101 Things to do in Kathmandu 2024

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Are you planning a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal? Do you need help finding out the best things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Kathmandu is the most charming city of Nepal as it holds countless temples, historical monuments, gardens, parks, and more. Kathmandu has become a go-to travel destination for backpackers from around the world due to its entrancing beauty and richness of Nepalese culture, art, and tradition. Here, you will find Nepal’s government buildings, a deep sense of history, architecturally designed museums, and many cafes and restaurants.

Let’s explore the 101 things to do in Kathmandu:

Table of Contents

Visit Pashupatinath Temple

Address: Pashupati Nath Road 44621, Kathmandu 44600

Kathmandu pashupatinath

Photo Credit: manusama from Pixabay

If you want to learn about the history of Hinduism in Nepal, then a visit to Pashupatinath Temple is probably the most interesting thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath Temple is a famous holy Hindu shrine located beside the banks of the Bagmati River. Most of the time, Pashupatinath Temple is full of devotees and sadhus.

Explore Kathmandu Durbar Square

Address: Kot Square, Kathmandu 44600

Are you a fan of classical and royal architecture? Kathmandu Durbar Square is an ancient historical royal palace where you can take a short tour to learn about the remarkable history of Nepal’s royal families. Located very close to the epicenter of the Thamel area, Kathmandu Durbar Square is a famous thing to do in Kathmandu. Here, you can learn Nepal’s royal history and go through the ancient artefacts of the royal family.

Walk around Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath stupa is a favorite tourist attraction of Nepal that has been listed as a World UNESCO Heritage Site. A visit to Boudhanath Stupa is considered a popular thing to do if you want to learn about Buddhist history and religion. Boudhanath Stupa consists of a large white dome with a golden tower and is usually surrounded by masses of passionate devotees and Tibetan monks.

Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavihar)

Address: Kwalakhu Rd, Patan 44700

The Golden Temple is a peculiar Buddhist monastery situated in the northern part of Darbar Square. The temple’s name is written by gilded metal plates and you will see the 1886 signing of the stonemason, Krishnagiri. The temple is guarded by two elephant idols at the door and the frontage is occupied with luminous Buddhist pictures. Catching a glimpse of the Golden Temple is one of the most fun things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Hiking in Sundarijal

Hiking in Sundarijal

Photo Credit: unsplash

Location: 17 km northeast of Kathmandu

For those travelers who don’t have much time to travel outside the Kathmandu valley, a short hike to the naturally blessed town of Sundarijal is a famous thing to do. Sundarijal is famous amongst the locals and foreigners for its distinct rich vegetation and flowing natural rivers. Hiking and camping in Sundarijal are some of the most fun things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Karya Binayak Temple

Karya Binayak Temple is dedicated to  Ganesh and is also the best place to go in Bungamti. The pilgrims gather here on Saturday for religious music and feasting. The temple holds historical significance and is widely regarded as the protector of the Bungamati village. Every full moon both Rato Machhendranath and Karya Binayak temple are busy with worshippers. Though the temple is small, the bells and two metal flags hanging around the temple make it special. Catching a glimpse of this temple is a fun thing to do.

Discover Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri National Park is an amazing place to discover the vividness of Nepal’s rich natural ecosystem and biodiversity. Situated at the north side of Kathmandu valley, Shivapuri National Park is the ninth national park of Nepal and holds numerous species of wild animals and birds. For this reason, hiking and camping in Shivapuri National Park is considered as on of the top things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Visit Swayambhunath Stupa

Address: Kathmandu 44600

Swayambhunath Stupa Kathandu

Photo Credit:  Meghraj Neupane on Unsplash

Swayambhunath Stupa has perched upon a hilltop nearby Kathmandu city and is considered by many as the most beautiful place to visit. Swayambhunath Stupa is also known as ‘The Monkey Temple’, due to the groups of monkeys living amongst the local surroundings. You can find several antiquity shops in Swayambhunath Stupa, where you can buy souvenir items like paintings and bracelets.

Go for Sightseeing Around Kathmandu City

kathmandu city

For those who want to actively explore the iconic cultural and religious heritages of Nepalese people, sightseeing around Kathmandu city is the best thing to do in Kathmandu. During your sightseeing adventure, you can take a short drive to the amazing historical landmarks, like Kathmandu Durbar Square, and catch some breathtaking glimpses of Kathmandu valley from the top of Swayambhunath stupa. You can also listen to Buddhist prayers & chants at the great Boudhanath stupa.

Khumbeshwar Temple

Address: Kwalakhu Rd, Patan 44700

Located in the northern part of the Darbar Square area, Khumbeswar Temple is one of the three five-story temples of the Kathmandu Valley. This temple is the perfect example of fine wood crafts as it is totally made up of wood and towers above the houses. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and contains a huge Nandi idol and Shiva Lingam. The temple has two ponds. The water is regarded as holy and is used for sacred bathing. Visiting this temple is a cool thing to do.

Experience Lively Nightlife in Thamel

Hanging out at Thamel is one of the best things to do in Thamel as it offers you a chance to indulge in a variety of recreational activities and enjoy different cuisines. Thamel is a beautiful place that is very popular with foreigners in Nepal as it contains several bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants, plus there are ample shops selling everything you need.

Visit Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Address: Narayanhiti Palace Museum North Gate Rd, Kathmandu 44600

If you want to learn about the historic architecture of Nepalese royal palaces, then consider visiting Narayanhiti Palace Museum, which is located at the heart of Kathmandu city. Narayanhiti Palace Museum is a cool place to visit as it is the former royal palace, where the Kings of the Shah dynasty used to reside. This is also the place where the tragic Nepalese Royal Massacre took place in 2001.

Take a one-day hike to Chisapani

Do you enjoy hiking through serene forested routes with the splendid natural atmosphere? The beautiful, scenic route to Chisapani town from Sundarijal is a popular hiking trail in Kathmandu. You will get the chance to travel deep inside the wilderness of bewildering forested zones and hike through numerous grasslands and pastures. For this reason, going on a one-day hike to Chisapani is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu.

Bhimsen Temple

Address: Patan 44600

Bhimsen Temple is situated at the northern end of Darbar Square, which is devoted to the god of business and trade. The three-story pagoda, Bhimsen Temple, represents the god Bhimsen, who is also the god of strength. This temple is purely magical and spiritual. The art of the Malla kings is perfectly depicted by this unique temple. You will enjoy talking to the locals and learning about their daily life.

Taumadhi Square

Address: Taumadhi Tole, Bhaktapur

Taumadhi Square is the main entrance of Bhaktapur Darbar Square and you will get to explore the top-class wood carving houses and meet the charming inhabitants. Spending a day at Taumadhi Square is an interesting thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal as you can see ancient art and carvings, different traditions, and the unique culture of the local people.

Krishna Mandir Temple (Chayasim Deval)

krishna Mandir

Photo Credit: Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz from Pexels

Address: Patan 44700

Krishna Mandir provides astonishing architecture with delightful work of the Malla Dynasty. The temple was built in 1637 AD in Shikhara style. A lot of stone carvings of gods and goddesses can be seen in the corridor. The temple has 21 summits and visiting this place is always live and refreshing because of a special worshipping program every day. Because you will see an amazing piece of ancient architecture, visiting this temple is the top thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Relax in Garden of Dreams

Address: Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu 44600

If you are seeking a place where you can leave the crowds behind, then the neo-classical and historical Garden of Dreams is the best place to go. This interesting garden is located in the middle of Kathmandu city, nearby Thamel. It is one of the calmest and most charming places to hang out, making a visit to the Garden of Dreams a top thing to do.

Mahaboudha Temple

Located in the south of Darbar Square, Mahaboudha temple is one of the central attractions of Patan. The name refers to the ‘Temple of a thousand and eight Buddhas,’ and it is built-in Shikhar style. As you will witness a variety of art and idols of the Buddha, visiting this place is one of the more popular things to do in Kathmandu Nepal. The temple is famously known as “Syangtungu” in the Tibetan language and is regarded as a significant religious site for  Buddhists.

Join Cooking Classes in Kathmandu

Cooking Classes in Kathmandu city is the best thing to do Kathmandu if you want to learn about the national cuisines and ingredients of Nepalese people. There are many individual culinary schools inside Kathmandu city. Some are even located nearby the Thamel area. You will be taught and looked after by expert local chefs, who know everything about Nepalese food.

Learn Buddhist Teachings in Kopan Monastery

Address: Kathmandu 44600

Do you love meditating? Do you enjoy visiting monasteries and talking to monks? If so, then the Kopan Monastery is the right place for you as it offers the opportunity to meditate and learn about the monk’s daily life. You can also explore the rustic lifestyle of the nearby inhabitants. The Kopan Monastery is the perfect symbol of tranquility and beauty. Visiting the Kopan Monastery is a top thing to do in Kathmandu.

Dattatreya Temple

Address: Bhaktapur 44800

Dattatreya temple is a top place to visit as the temple holds the historical significance of beautiful ancient arts, carvings, and has a history of live goat offerings. Even though non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple, you can still enjoy walking around and appreciating the temple’s surroundings during your visit.

Nala Gumba

Address: Nala Ugrachandi 45200

Nala Gumba is very beautiful with great architecture. Nala Gumba is built on the top of the hill, where many Buddhist students and monks study and chant mantras. The art and sculptures of the Gumba are mesmerizing but be warned,  this monastery is only open to the public on Saturdays. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Visit Hanuman Dhoka

Address: Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu 44600

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square

Photo Credit: Shaouraav Shreshtha on Unsplash

Hanuman Dhoka is a genuine example of the cultural and religious life of the Nepalese people. This site holds several fascinating temples, such as Taleju Temple, and Kal Bhairav, which showcases the art and carving mastery of the Malla Dynasty. Due to its historical significance, visiting the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square is one of the best things to do in Kathmandu.

Head to Changu Narayan Temple

Changu Narayan Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in the Kathmandu valley and stands out as the most interesting place to visit due to its intricate architectural designs and religious significance. You can expect to find many ancient and historical artefacts belonging to the royals of the Licchavi dynasty in the Changu Narayan Temple.

Explore Bhaktapur Durbar Sqaure

Address: Durbar square, Bhaktapur 44800

If you like visiting World Heritage sites, then Bhaktapur Darbar Square is the right place to visit in Kathmandu. Spending a day at  Bhaktapur Darbar Square is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu as you can explore lots of ancient temples and monuments, like the Golden Gate, the Museum, the 55 Window Temple, the Statue of Bhupatindara Malla, Big Beel, and Krishna Temple in Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Explore Patan Durbar Square

Address: Patan 44700

Patan Durbar Square

Photo Credit:  Shaouraav Shreshtha on Unsplash

Patan Durbar Square is a famous place to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Newari arts of Patan Durbar Square signifies the native culture and hypnotizes its visitors. Patan Durbar Square is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore many pagoda temples and idols like the Krishna Temple, Bhimsen Temple and observe the cultural history, rare ancient fine arts, crafts, and the former king’s belongings in the Durbar Square.

Shopping in Kathmandu

Shopping is a wonderful thing to do in Kathmandu as the whole Kathmandu city is racked up with souvenir shops for foreign tourists from all categories, like clothing, pottery, bracelets, books, paintings, carpets, musical instruments, and more. With winding streets occupied by eye-catching shop outlets, you are sure to have a ton of fun shopping in Kathmandu city.

Thrangu Tashi Monastery (Namo Buddha Temple)

Address: Namobuddha Rd, Simalchaur Syampati 45200

Thrangu Tashi monastery is one of the 3 most significant holy places in Nepal and a top place to visit. You will explore the sacred monastery along with glimpses into the monastic life of Buddhist monks. The spectacular gardens, stupas, prayer flags, inspiring temples,s, and luminous gilded carved roofs and doors provide an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Go on a Himalayan Mountain Flight Tour

Do you want to go on a flight to the Himalayas with your friends and family? Then, consider going on a Himalayan Mountain Flight tour, which allows travelers of all age groups to get up close and personal with towering Himalayan peaks, including Mt. Everest – the world’s highest mountain. For this reason, the Himalayan Mountain Flight is considered one of the best things to do in Kathmandu.

Khumbeshwar Temple

Address: Kwalakhu Rd, Patan 44700

Located in the northern part of Darbar Square area, Khumbeswar Temple is one of the three five-story temples of the Kathmandu Valley. This temple is the perfect example of fine wood crafts as it is totally made up of wood and towers above the houses. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and contains a huge Nandi idol and Shiva Lingam. The temple has two ponds. The water is regarded as holy water and is used for sacred bathing. Visiting this temple is a cool thing to do in Kathmandu.

Bungee Jumping at Bhote Koshi River

Bungee Jumping at Bhote Koshi River is a fun thing to do if you want to feel the adrenaline rush of taking a free-fall plunge over a beautiful river. This breathtaking experience takes you down from a tall suspended bridge to the rushing waters of the Bhote Koshi River. Bungee Jumping will release your stress and make you feel alive. It will take you 3 hours to reach Bhote Koshi from Kathmandu city.

Visit Bhagwati Temple

Located northwest of the Gaddhi Baithak complex, Bhagwati Temple is a lovely triple-storey Hindu temple that lies within the Hanuman Dhoka complex area. A visit to Bhagawati Temple is a famous thing to do in Kathmandu if you are in the Hanuman Dhoka area. Bhagawati Temple was built by King Jaya Malla and you can find numerous shops selling thangka paintings lined up below the temple.

National Museum of Nepal

Address: Chhauni Road, Kathmandu 44600

Located around 800m south of Swayabhunath at Chhauni, the National Museum of Nepal is a very famous museum, which is set inside a walled compound area. You can find exquisite stones, a repository of arms and weapons and metal and terracotta statues inside. The main building of the National Museum of Nepal also consists of many galleries with different collections, which makes it a top place to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Visit White Gumba

Address: Nagarjun 44600

White Gumba is a cultural heritage site located inside Kathmandu valley. Visiting here is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu. You can discover exquisite Tibetan architecture and witness a breathtaking view of the entire Kathmandu valley. The surroundings of White Gumba are very peaceful and picturesque. Perfect for anyone wanting to escape the turmoil and pollution of Kathmandu city.

Pottery Square

Address: Bhaktapur 44800

Visiting Pottery Square is a cool thing to do as you will get to see demonstrations by the friendly, local workers and buy all the souvenirs you can carry. Visitors will also enjoy the sight of the clay pots drying in the sun. Overall, Pottery Square is a great place to catch a glimpse of traditional Nepalese pottery.

Hiking to Nagarkot


Photo Credit: unsplash

Location: 32 km east of Kathmandu

Unlike other places near Kathmandu city, Nagarkot stands out as the most picturesque family-friendly destination where you can go to enjoy the captivating mountain vistas with your family members. Hiking the Nagarkot Nature Trail is the best thing to do in Kathmandu. You can hire a taxi to go to Nagarkot for hiking and recreational activities like yoga and meditation.

Visit Seto Machindranath Temple

Address: जन बहा:, Kathmandu 44600

Built-in pagoda-style architecture, the fascinating temple of Seto Machindranath incorporates many beautifully carved stone pillars with eye-catching images of divine gods and goddesses. According to the Hindu religion, Seto Machindranath Temple is dedicated to the god of rain and has remained a popular tourist attraction in Kathmandu city for both Buddhist and Hindu people. A visit to Seto Machindranath Temple is considered a top thing to do in Kathmandu. 

55 Window Palace

Address: Durbar Square, Bhaktapur

The 55 Window Palace is located at the center of Bhaktapur Darbar Square. It’s named this because it has fifty-five windows. This palace is the best place to go if you love architecture. It is a perfect example of intricate wood carving and symmetry. It is a significant and lavish relic in Nepal, making it a popular place to visit.

Biking in Shivapuri National Park

Biking in Shivapuri National Park

Photo Credit: unsplash

Address: Kathmandu 44600

Biking is an exciting thing to do in Kathmandu. There’s no better place in Kathmandu than the famous Shivapuri National Park to enjoy biking with your friends. You can escape the pollution of Kathmandu city and breathe in fresh mountain air by biking through the winding scenic trails inside Shivapuri National Park.

Walk Through the Narrow lanes of Indra Chowk

Named after the ancient Vedic deity, Indra, the conspicuous streets of Indra Chowk are one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal. Once you reach Indra Chowk, your eyes will be filled with vibrant Nepalese shops surrounded by cluttered houses and buildings. If you don’t like being in overcrowded places, then Indra Chowk might be a little bit daunting for you as the area is mostly crowded during the day.

Visit Royal Botanical Gardens

Address: Godawari 44709

If you love exploring lush green botanical gardens and are fond of learning about various species of botanical plants, then a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens is a top thing to do. Tucked away in the southern hills of Kathmandu, a walk inside the famous Royal Botanical Garden feels otherworldly due to the presence of leafy gardens and relaxing atmosphere.

Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hills

Photo Credit: unsplash

Address: Kulekhani-Phakhel-Matatirtha Road, Chandragiri 44600

Do you like thrilling journeys? Are you fond of visiting hilly places and open to new experiences? Chandragiri Hills will satisfy your quench for an adventurous trip in Kathmandu and is certainly the best thing to do in Kathmandu. This beautiful place is famous for its panoramic landscapes, Himalayan ranges, and green flora and fauna. Hence, visiting Chandragiri Hills is a fun thing to do.

Hangout in Bar and Clubs

Do you enjoy dancing in clubs and hanging out in bars at night? There are plenty of places to chill or enjoy live music performed by popular Nepali bands and singers. Since it is a safe and secure area you can feel free and just enjoy your night out drinking and dancing. For night owls, the Thamel area is the best place to hang out and enjoy some of the most fun things to do in Kathmandu.

Nyatapola Temple

Address: Taumadhi Square, Bhaktapur 44800

kathmadu Nyatapole Temple

Photo Credit: Pritush Munankarmi on Unsplash

Nyatapola Temple, located in Taumadhi Square, is a pagoda temple. It was built in 1702. The temple holds heavenly significance after surviving an 8.3 magnitude earthquake in 1933. The temple is devoted to the goddess Sidhi Lakshmi. As its name suggests, it is a five-story temple and you will be able to see the stone staircase, along with many historical guards like Jayamel, Phattu, elephants, and lions on the gate. It offers significant Nepali art and carvings. For this reason, visiting Nyatapole Temple is one of the top things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Explore Mohan Chowk

Location: North of Nasal Chowk

If you want to see the traditional Nepalese markets and business area of Kathmandu valley, then consider heading to Mohan Chowk where you can spot lots of shops selling various things besides the road. Mohan Chowk is the perfect place to try out your skills as a street photographer. This is a part of the reason why exploring Mohan Chowk is considered an interesting thing to do in Kathmandu.

Patan Museum

Patan Museum is one of the most significant attractions in the Darbar Square area. It has a golden door and shows the historic holy arts in a beautiful architectural setting. A beautiful garden around the museum adds even more beauty. This palace is one of the royal palaces of the former Malla kings of the valley, so you can observe the cultural history, rare ancient fine arts, crafts, and the king’s belongings, making this a top place to visit.

Kali Temple

This temple lies at the top of a hill. You have to climb one thousand steps to reach it. The reward is wonderful views of the Himalayas, beautiful green forests, and rice terraces. This could be the experience of your life, so visiting Kali temple is an interesting thing to do.

Watch the Himalayas from Suirey Chaur

Address: Sunkhani 44900

If you are searching for a place where you can catch breathtaking views of the Himalayas, then a visit to Suirey Chaur is the best thing to do in Kathmandu. While Suirey Chaur is not located very far from the central city areas of Kathmandu, it does manage to offer tranquility and quietness to those who are sick and tired of Kathmandu’s traffic-filled roads. You can reach Suirey Chaur within 2 hours with a rented bike from Thamel. You can also hire a taxi..

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

Address: Sanga, Suryabinayak 44800

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue is a beautiful place to visit as it is the tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world, measuring 143 feet high. Made from copper, zinc, cement, and steel, this outstanding example of architecture attracts more than 10,000 visitors a week. You will enjoy amazing views,  interact with locals, try yoga and do some meditation, making a  visit to this place is a top thing to do in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Fun Valley

Address: Araniko Highway Bhaktapur, Suryabinayak 44805

Kathmandu Fun Valley is amongst the popular things to do in Kathmandu for both locals and foreigners. It offers you several fun facilities like a swimming pool, Dragon Dance, and the rounding swing. If you want to escape from the heat of summer, then this is the right place for you as it’s perfectly situated at the bottom of the ridge with an amazing view of the great Lord Shiva’s statue. Hence, spending some time in the Kathmandu Fun Valley is a famous thing to do.

Enjoy Italian Pizza at Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Address: Kathmandu 44600, Opposite to Garden of Dreams

Founded by an Italian chef, the Fire and Ice Pizzeria is an awesome place to have casual lunch and dinner. It’s popular amongst both locals and foreigners. Here you can find many of the best Italian dishes such a pizza and pasta. Lots of vegetarian options are also available and the staff is very friendly & attentive to customers. So, if you are searching for the best place to have Italian food, then a visit to the Fire and Ice Pizzeria is the best thing to do in Kathmandu.

Visit Dakshinkali Temple

Address: Pharping-Kulekhani Road, Dakshinkali 44600

Dakshinkali Temple, the best place to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal, is one of the main temples in Nepal dedicated to the goddess Kali, the fearful form of Shiva’s consort Parvati. Dakshinkali Temple is located 22 kilometers outside Kathmandu. Every Tuesday and Saturday, pilgrims congregate at the temple to sacrifice animals and worship the Goddess Kali.

Rato Machhendranath Temple

Address: Karyabinayak 44700

Rato Machhendra, the god of Lalitpur, was born in Bungamati. It is believed that for six months in a year, the god stays around the main village area, then spends the other six months in the Rato Machhendranath Temple. The temple blurs the boundary between Buddhism and Hinduism. The three-story temple has a metal fence and is guarded by stone lions. The temple offers you incredible ancient art and sculptures, making it a beautiful place to visit.

Karya Binayak Temple

Karya Binayak Temple is dedicated to the god Ganesh and is the best place to go in Bungamti. The pilgrims gather here on Saturday for religious music and feasting. The temple holds historical significance and is widely regarded as the protector of the Bungamati village. Every full moon both Rato Machhendranath and Karya Binayak temple are busy with worshippers. The temple is small. The bells and two metal flags hanging around the temple make it special, and catching a glimpse of this temple is a fun thing to do in Kathmandu.


Khokana village is another interesting Newari village, situated on the northern side of Bungamati. The local inhabitants are mainly farmers and you will see the locals padding cases with cotton, straw, and the women winnowing rice. There is a beautiful triple-tiered temple known as Shekala Mai in the heart of town. Due to the unique rustic life, visiting this village is a cool thing to do in Kathmandu.

Basantapur Tower

kathmandu Basantapur Tower

Photo Credit: Ashlesh Kshatri from Pixabay

There are four major towers inside the chaotic yet very fascinating complex surrounding the iconic Kathmandu Durbar Square. Basantapur Tower is among those towers and is the tallest of them all, making it an interesting place to visit. Basantapur Tower was built by Prithvi Narayan Shah who is credited for the unification of Nepal as a whole new, individual country of its own.

Bungamati Culture Museum

Bungamati Culture Museum is an interesting museum, as it provides you with the opportunity to learn the old traditions and cultures of the local inhabitants. You will also be able to visit rice fields.

Bhairab Temple

Bhairab temple is a top place to visit and is located on the east side of the Rato Machhendranath Temple. God Bhairab is an angry depiction of Lord Shiva and hence, Bhairab is the god of destruction. The temple has a double-tier roof that has an angry-looking brass cover of Bhairab.

Dey Pukha

Visiting Dey Pukha is a top thing to do in Kathmandu as you will be able to explore an ancient Buddhist courtyard monastery, along with many Chaityas, Shrines, and the water tank made of brick. Here, you can go through many historic chaityas, temples and observe the local’s culture and traditions by roaming around the surrounding areas.

Taste the Local Nepalese Cuisines

In terms of exotic food and cuisine, there’s no denying that Nepal stands out with some of the most mouth-watering local and national cuisines. Tasting the local Nepalese cuisines is an immersing experience, which allows you to enjoy the best of what Nepal has to offer. Trying out Dal Bhat Tarkari, Mo:Mo, thukpa, thenduk, sukuti, lapfhing and many other traditional Nepalese cuisines is a top thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Go for Rickshaw Ride

Many foreign travelers have come to acknowledge the fact Kathmandu is one of the most happening cities in the world as there’s always something fun and exciting to do. Among these things, going for a rickshaw ride is a popular means of traveling around Kathmandu city. On this ride, you will get insight into the daily livelihood of the local Nepalese people living in Kathmandu.

Explore Kumari Ghar

Popular for being the house of the Royal Kumari, the 17th century Kumari Ghar is probably the most interesting place to visit. Upon visiting Kumari Ghar, you can enter the courtyard of the temple and see Kumari – the Living Goddess of Nepal with your own eyes. The entire place has been delicately preserved for centuries due to the local’s high admiration of Kumari.

Visit Shiva Parvati Temple

Located on the left side of Kathmandu Durbar Square, you can spot the famous Shiva Parvati Temple  as you enter the premises of the royal palace. A visit to Shiva Parvati Temple is considered to be a top thing to do in Kathmandu as it depicts the images of the celestial divine couple carved into the wood of the temple. Also, the temple has two lions guarding its entrance from evil spirits.

Have a quite breakfast at Kaiser Café

If you are someone who enjoys breakfast in a quiet and discreet location, then visiting the popular Kaiser Café is the best thing to do in Kathmandu. The whole café lies inside the premises of the Kaiser Library. So, you can expect zero disturbance from the outside world while having your breakfast at the Kaiser Café.

Order authentic Indian cuisines at Third Eye

Do you love eating Indian cuisines? Are you a die-hard fan of Indian food? Then, a visit to Third Eye Restaurant is probably the best thing to do. At the Third Eye Restaurant, you can expect to find a variety of menus of many popular and authentic Indian dishes. You can have anything from Tandoori Chicken to samosa and biryani at the Third Eye Restaurant.

Visit the lovely Taleju Temple

Exceeding 35 meters in height, the iconic site of Taleju Temple is a great place to visit. Exploring this temple is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu. Taleju Temple is a Hindu temple built by King Mahndra Malla in the year 1564 and is only open to the public during the Dashain festival. However, you can still visit Taleju Temple and have a look around without entering the temple itself. It is the most eye-catching Hindu temple inside  Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Day Trek to Phulchowki

Phulchowki is a vantage point used by travelers to watch the breathtaking views of snow-capped Himalayan massifs in the north. If you are staying in Kathmandu for some period of time, then you can plan a short one-day trek to Phulchowki and witness the grandeur sight of the Himalayas with your own eyes. For this reason, many consider a one-day trek to Phulchowki a top thing to do in Kathmandu.

White Water Rafting in Trishuli River

White Water Rafting in Trishuli River

Photo Credit: unsplash

Nepal has hundreds of river systems across its vast landscape. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see tourists taking part in outdoor water activities, like white water rafting in Trishuli River. The excitement of traversing through the powerful, untamed water currents of Trishuli River Kathmandu makes rafting one of the best things to do. Plus, white water rafting is a truly thrilling experience.

Worship Lord Vishnu in Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha Temple is a Hindu open-air temple. Budhanilkanth Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is among the most important divine figures in Hinduism. Therefore, Worshipping Lord Vishnu in Budhanilkantha is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal if you want to take part in the local customs and traditions.

Opened in 1986 A.D. by the Late Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah, the National Birendra Art Gallery is a cool place to visit. There are, in total, 189 pieces of artwork showcased inside the National Birendra Art Gallery. The art gallery charges an entry fee to locals and foreigners.

Visit Nautale Durbar

For those who are staying in the Thamel area, a visit to the famous Nautale Durbar can be the most interesting thing to do in Kathmandu. Overlooking the entire Kathmandu city, the towering Nautale Durbar can be seen from Basantapur square. Nautalue Durbar is mostly known for its fascinating wood carvings, gigantic lattice windows, and doorways.

Kasthamandap Temple

Literally the meaning of “Kasthamandap” is the house of wood. It was built using wood from a single tree. So, when you visit Kasthamandap Temple, you can expect to see some of the most intricate, delicate wood carvings and structures of Nepalese architecture. Kasthamandap Temple was built in 1596 A.D. and, therefore, is said to be the oldest remaining house within Kathmandu city. For this reason, a visit to Kasthamandap Temple is labeled as the best thing to do.

Ganesh Temple

Visiting the Ganesh Temple, which is located on the corner of the Kasthmandap Temple is a famous thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal. The best time to visit this temple is in the morning when devotees from various parts of the city come to give offerings and worship Lord Ganesh– a prominent Hindu deity. Most of the time, people come here to simply ask for luck in their business venture or travel.

Visit Kotilingeshwar Mahadev Temple

Kotilingeshwar Mahadev Temple is an iconic Hindu temple, which was built in the early1500s’ during the rule of King Mahendra Malla. Kotilingeshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, so it is a very holy and revered site of the Hindu people. You can learn a great deal about Hindu culture and history by visiting Kotiingeshwar Mahadev Temple making it a top place to visit.

Kal Bhairav

Do you want to see the largest stone idol in Kathmandu city? If so, then consider visiting the stunning site of Kal Bhairav where the fierce-looking stone sculpture of Lord Shiva can be seen with human skulls around the neck of the stone idol. Visiting Kal Bhairav is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu, especially if you like exploring religious places and learning about foreign cultures.

Jagannath Temple

Located in the central part of Kathmandu Durbar Square, Jagannath Temple is a famous place to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal as it is popular for its display of several erotic carvings. Jagannath Temple was built in the late 16th century and has been attracting hundreds of foreign tourists due to its one-of-a-kind depiction of erotic figures.

Mask of Seto Bhairav

For those of you who want to see the huge gilded face of an angry Hindu God, Seto Bhairav Temple is the cool thing to do in Kathmandu. Throughout the year, the mask of Seto Bhairav lies hidden inside a wooden screen, but the general public can get a look inside during a period of ten days (once every year) on the special occasion of Indra Jatra.

Statue of King Pratap Malla

This statue is one of the most popular found in Kathmandu city as it depicts the image of King Pratap Malla sitting along with his wives and children. You can find the statue of King Pratap Mall beside the entrance of Hanuman Dhoka on a high pillar outside the courtyard. So, if you are planning to visit Hanuman Dhoka, then visiting the statue is top thing to do in Kathmandu.

Visit Gadhi Baithak

Located inside the famous Kathmandu Durbar Square, Gadhi Baithak stands out as an interesting place to visit, due to its neoclassical European architecture. Gadhi Baithak was built in the 20th century by the then ruling Rana Prime Ministers. Gadhi Baithak has a lot of royal Nepalese history engraved in it and you can also learn a thing or two about the Rana regime which ended in 1951 A.D.

Guheshwori Temple

Dedicated to the wife of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, the lovely Guheshwori Temple is located east of Pashupatinath Temple along the holy Bagmati River. Spending a day at the Guheshwori Temple is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal as you can meet with local Hindu priests and watch devotees worshipping. You won’t be allowed to enter here unless you are a Hindu believer.

Singha Durbar

Do you want to visit a historically significant palace? Then a visit to the renowned Singha Durbar is the most interesting thing to do. Singha Durbar is a huge and imposing palace, which was built by Mahendra Chandra Shamsher to serve as a private residence for the ruling Rana Prime Ministers. The entire palace is designed to resemble the neoclassical style of architecture.

Martyrís Memorial/Sahid Gate

Popularly known as ‘Sahid Gate’, the site of Martyrs Memorial is a famous place to visit which can be found on the way to Singha Durbar between Bhadrakali Temple and Bhimsen Stambha. Sahid Gate was built in memory of four major political leaders who were martyred in the year 1940 for opposing the running government system. There’s also a statue of late King Tribhuwan Bir Bikram Shah in the center of the Martyrs Memorial.


Another popular historical monument is Dharahara, which is quite famously known as Bhimsen Tower due to it being built by Bhimsen Thapa in 1932. It had been open to the public since 2061 but has been destroyed due to the 2015 earthquake. However, it used to be a popular tourist attraction, and visiting it was a fun thing to do in Kathmandu for those wanting to catch a panoramic view of Kathmandu city.

Rani Pokhari

kathmandu rain pokhari

Photo Credit: Suman Maharjan from Pixabay

Built by King Pratap Malla, Rani Pokhari is a beautiful place to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment, Rani Pokhari has been serving as a historical pond, which was opened to the public only in the last days of Tihar- Bhai Tika. So, if you are visiting Kathmandu in October or November, then you must not forget to visit this amazing historical site.

Nag Pokhari

Nag Pokhari stands out as a popular tourist attraction site in the center of Kathmandu city where you can always expect to see locals relaxing and having fun chatting with each other. Nag Pokhari is located in the Naxal area and is a good place to escape the bustling streets of Thamel. Nag Pokhari bears great historical and religious significance, so visiting it is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu.

Durbar Marg

If you want to do some shopping and buy some luxury brand products, then there’s no better place than Durbar Marg. Filled with shop outlets of various popular brands, like Adidas and Nike, most of the foreign travelers enjoy walking through Durbar Marg as they can find branded restaurants, cafes, and shops from their country. Therefore, exploring Durbar Marg is the top thing to do.

Tribhuvan Museum

Tribhuvan Museum is a famous museum of Nepal, which is located in Hanuman Dhoka Palace. The museum showcases the legacy of late King Tribhuvan who dearly fought against the authoritarian rule of the Rana regime back in 1951. Visiting Tribhuvan Museum is an interesting thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal as you get to see the childhood dresses of King Tribhuvan, his personal belongings, portraits, paintings, office room, bedroom, and rare photographs of other royal family members in the museum.

Asa Archives

Located in the western part of Kathmandu city, Asa Archives is a great place to hang out with your friends and go through some very old collections of handwritten literary books and documents. Here, you can even find a manuscript, which is said to be dated back to 1242 A.D. Most of the documents and books are written in Sanskrit and Newari languages. Spending a day at Asa Archives is a famous thing to do in Kathmandu.

Balaju Water Garden

Do you want to spend your time exploring the outskirts of Kathmandu city? Then, a visit to Balaju Water Garden is the best thing to do. Once you enter the Balaju Water Garden, you will be able to see water fountains from the mid-18th century. The whole compound is located beneath the Nagarjun hill in the northeast corner of the Kathmandu valley.

Walk around Sankhu

If you are a nature lover and want to see the greenery of forested lands, then you must not forget to walk around Sankhu. In its essence, Sankhu is a small peaceful town which is located in the northeastern part of Kathmandu valley near Nagarjun forest. Exploring Sankhu is a popular thing to do as you get to see agricultural fields and walk through forested areas.

Explore Furping Village

Furping village is a popular touristic village which is situated in a beautiful location with green hills surrounding it. Furping village is mostly inhabited by Newar and Tamang ethnic groups, so you will find Buddhist culture and stupas in the village. Exploring Furping village is a fun thing to do in Kathmandu and it allows you to get an insight into the rural lifestyle of Newar and Tamang people without traveling too far from Kathmandu city.

Hiking in Nagarjun Forest Reserve

Are you passionate about hiking and observing wildlife? Then consider exploring Nagarjun Forest Reserve, which is the best natural place to visit. Upon entering the Nagarjun Forest Reserve, you will get to explore dense forests occupied by a large variety of exotic wild animals and birds, such as deer and pheasants.

Relax in Gokarna

Gokarna is a laidback public hill area located 4km east of Boudhanath stupa. Locals prefer coming here to enjoy its relaxing environment and to watch the dazzling sunset. So, if you want to relax and stay in a comforting natural environment, then a visit to Gokarna is the best thing to do. Also, this place is famous for picnics and festive events.

Lok Dohari Restaurants

If you truly want to experience something outlandish and eccentric during your stay in Kathmandu city, then you must pay a visit to some of the local Lok Dohari Restaurants, where you can get a firsthand taste of Nepalese culture and amusement. Visiting a Lok Dohai Restaurant is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu as you will get to enjoy a variety of Nepali folk songs and dances performed by professional dohari dancers.

Try out your Luck in a Casino

Casinos are the best places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal for anyone wanting to try their luck and win some big cash, while having a fun time. Most of the casinos are operated by Casino Nepal and you can find them at all of the 5-star hotels of Kathmandu, such as Yak & Yeti, Radisson Hotel, and Soaltee Crowne Plaza. You can play anything from blackjack, flush, and rummy to roulette and baccarat.

Listen to Reggae Music at House of Music

Do you enjoy listening to reggae music? If so, then a visit to the House of Music where you can get top-quality Nepali food with live reggae music is a top thing to do in Kathmandu. Visitors can order a variety of delicious Nepali cuisine and dishes while listening to reggae music with their loved ones at House of Music.

Read Antique Books at Kaiser Library

For those who love reading antique and historical books, Kaiser Library is the best place to visit. Kaiser Library holds an innumerable amount of antique books, which can be read by all of its visitors. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach Kaiser Library from the epicenter of the Thamel area. Foreign tourists like you can easily find their way here.

Buy Cakes from Weizen Bakery

Are you a foodie who loves eating bakery items like cakes and bread? Weizen Bakery is a popular bakery-restaurant located at Chaksibari Marg near the central area of Thamel. Visiting is a famous thing to do in Kathmandu as you can find freshly baked cakes, bread, and pastries at a reasonable price. Weizen Bakery even offers a 50% discount on their range of bakery products (except for cakes) from 8:00 pm onwards.

One Day Himalayan Heli Tour

Himalayan Heli Tour

Photo Credit: Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

If you love going on a thrilling Himalayan adventure but have only one day left in your holiday, then a one day Himalayan Heli Tour is probably the best thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal as you get to be close to the colossal snowcapped massifs in the northern Himalayan region of Nepal. Normally, you can complete a whole Heli tour within a couple of hours, so even if you don’t have much time, you can still visit the Himalayas.

Go hiking to Jamacho Monastery

Hiking to Jamacho Monastery is a fun thing to do as you get to leave the traffic noise and pollution-filled air of Kathmandu city behind you for a day full of greenery and fresh air. Jamacho Monastery is situated at the top of Jamacho Nagarjun Hill. Here, you can get a panoramic view of Kathmandu city and the northern Himalayas.

Eat Thai food in Ying Yang Restaurant

Are you a fan of Thai food? Then visiting the most popular Thai restaurant in Kathmandu city- Ying Yang Restaurant is the best thing to do. Ying Yang Restaurant offers authentic Thai food and is usually filled with both local and foreign customers. It is located at the center of the Thamel area at J.P. road section and closes at 9:30 pm.

Buy souvenirs and gifts from One Tree Stop

If it’s your last day in the bustling Kathmandu city and you feel like buying some souvenirs for your friends and family back home, then a visit to the One Tree Stop shop is a popular thing to do in Kathmandu, Nepal. At One Tree Stop, you can buy handmade Nepalese souvenir items like bags, clothing, necklaces, bracelets, and various gift cards.

Volunteering in Kathmandu

If volunteering and making a difference in the life of the disadvantaged gives a sense of attainment to you, you can also join life-changing volunteer programs in Kathmandu. Depending on your qualification, time and passion, you can volunteer teaching , volunteer in an orphanage or volunteer at a hospital  for one two twelve weeks.

Other fun activities and sights to see:

  • Visit the iconic Panchamukhi Hanuman Mandir
  • Try chicken Mo:Mo at Yangling Tibetan Restaurant
  • Walk around Freak Street
  • Enjoy a pulse-reviving coffee at Himalayan Java
  • Pray at Akash Bhairab Temple
Have you ever been to Kathmandu, Nepal? What was your favorite experience? Please share your tips on things to do and see in Kathmandu, Nepal so we can enrich others!

Culture and Customs

Nepal is a beautiful country with several indigenous and ethnic communities, each with its own arts, customs, and faiths. The Nepalese people celebrate many festivals throughout the year, each with its own set of rites and customs. Celebration of these unique festivals largely depends on their religion, their residential region and so on. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity are the major practiced religions in Nepal. Customs are another important aspect of the Nepalese society. The customs vary since there are several castes and ethnic groupings. They are governed by the inherent religious structure.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Kathmandu largely relies on your Kathmandu tour schedule. Visiting Kathmandu during the months of March to June is the best thing to do in Nepal. These months offer stable weather conditions, low rainfall, crystal clear sky, and mild temperature. This allows you to explore Kathmandu’s historical landmarks, awe-inspiring views, fascinating cultural events, and more in comfort means.


Is Kathmandu worth visiting?

Yes, Kathmandu is well worth to visit. There are several historical landmarks, palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visiting Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square, Krishna temple, etc are indeed the best thing to do in Kathmandu. Also, Kathmandu offers you the opportunity to explore marvelous religious shrines such as Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath, some of which date back to the fifth century.

How can I spend 3 days in Kathmandu?

Three days in Kathmandu are arguably sufficient to acquire a sense of the city and its culture. You can explore the sunrise over the world’s highest mountains and climb through rolling, forested hills, visit sacred Hindu and Buddhist temples, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Also, Thamel is the best tourist place in Kathmandu and walking through the streets of Thamel at night is the best thing to do. You can spend your 3 days in Kathmandu by:
Walking through the streets, observing in the Kathmandu’s way of life
Visiting historical shrines and landmarks
Going on a hiking trip nearby the city like Nagarkot, Balthali village

What should I avoid in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the best places to visit in the world, and indeed you will get once in a lifetime experience. However, your Nepal trip can be ruined if you do not obey the things you should avoid doing in Nepal.  Avoid these activities to not offend the Nepalese and their emotions.
Beef should not be eaten.
Plastic should not be thrown anywhere.
Avoid Leather belts around religious places
Stupas should not be rotated in the opposite direction of the clock.
When worshiping, do not use your left hand.

What is Kathmandu popular for?

Kathmandu is mostly popular for fascinating religious monuments and temples which are the best places to visit in Kathmandu. The city’s terrain is dotted with temples, monasteries, and stupas, the most notable of which are the Pashupatinath Temple and the ChanguNarayan, both of which are known for their gorgeous, detailed religious artworks.

There are also other many beautiful cities in Nepal you would certainly love to explore. Visiting Pokhara, Exploring the best of Chitwan, Worshipping at the birth place of Lord Buddha make your trip exceptionally incredible.

If you love trekking, Nepal offers some of the best exciting long and short trekking routes. You can enjoy trekking to the Everest, Everest Base camp , Annapurna base camp, Annapurna circuit, Annapurna Sanctuary, Langtang , Makalu and Manaslu.