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10 Best Nepal Rafting Tour Operators 2023 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Nepal Rafting Tour Operators 2023

Are you planning to raft in Nepal, but unsure which rafting tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple rafting tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost rafting tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you always wanted to visit Nepal and see it in a unique way, along its beautiful whitewater streams? Do you want to experience the thrill of rafting in Nepal?

Nepal carries the reputation of being one of the best places to raft in the world. This adrenaline filled journey takes you through Nepal’s steep mountain whitewater streams. You will be camping in a subtropical climate on sandy beaches, adding value to your adventurous rafting experience in Nepal.

When you search for companies that provide rafting opportunities in Nepal, you will find a myriad of options varying in terms of price, duration, quality, experience, and reputation. This makes choosing the best company an overwhelming task.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you choosing a poorly-rated company to organize your rafting holiday in Nepal. We want to see you join a reputable and safe company that will help organize a successful and memorable rafting trip in Nepal.

So, we did the hard work for you. We spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best rafting companies in Nepal.

Here we present an unbiased selection of the 10 best rafting companies in Nepal.

Table of Contents

Providers Package Reviews
Nepal Hiking Team Bhote Koshi Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 377 reviews, 99/100
Bookmundi:69 reviews
Info Nepal
Treks & Expedition
Bhote Koshi River
Rafting – 6 days
Trip Advisor: 137 reviews 97/100
High Himalayan
Trekking & Expedition
Trishuli River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 83 reviews, 100/100
Himalayan Joy Adventure Bhote Koshi River
Rafting – 2 days
Trip Advisor: 83 reviews, 97/100
GRG’s Adventure Kayaking Trishuli River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 134 reviews, 92/100
Fly East Nepal BhoteKoshi River
Rafting – 2 days
Trip Advisor: 70 reviews, 98/100
Nepal Intrepid
Treks & Expedition
Trishuli River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 41 reviews 100/100
Drift Nepal Pvt. Ltd Bhote Koshi River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 41 reviews, 98/100
Mountain Kick Bhote Koshi River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 26 reviews 100/100
Mountain River Rafting Trishuli River
Rafting – 1 day
Trip Advisor: 32 reviews, 91/100

Table update April 4, 2022

Nepal Hiking Team

rafting adventure

Nepal Hiking Team has been turning dreams into reality since 2009. They offer services in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. They have a professional and experienced team and claim to be the best traveling companion. Due to their enthusiastic team, responsible and ethical tourism practices, and focus on safety, knowledge, and experience they are viewed as one of the best travel companies in Nepal. Nepal Hiking Team offers a variety of tour packages, customized itineraries, discounts, 24-hour service, and informed advice. They have served over 120,00 clients and have won Trip Advisor’s certificate of Excellence from 2012 to 2017.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Sunkoshi River rafting of 8 days

River Sunkoshi is one of the finest rivers and ranks among the top ten rafting rivers in the world. Sunkoshi flows from the snow-capped mountains. Sunkoshi River is a challenge and unpredictable as it has its own moods. Serene and tranquil one moment and then turbulent the next. The rapids of the river vary from grade 3 to 5, so it will be a thrilling experience. You will encounter various rapids, including High Anxiety, Meat Grinder, Jaws, and the Big Dipper. This thrilling white water rafting trip in Nepal will take you to the lush valleys, tall mountains, dense forests, and traditional villages. It will be an enriching experience, taking you close to the nature, wildlife, and culture of Nepal. 

Kali Gandaki River rafting of 3 days

The thrill of paddling between the deepest gorges in the world can only be experienced in the Kali Gandaki River. While rafting in the Kali Gandaki River, you will enjoy the scenic beauty of the Annapurna range and Mount Dhaulagiri. River Kali Gandaki boasts class 3 and 4 rapids and is quite technical. Prior rafting and swimming experience are highly recommended for this journey.


The Nepal Hiking Team is a popular mountain rafting trip operator in Nepal. Past clients have spoken highly about the company and the ratings speak for themselves. The company was successful in making clients feel safe See below review:

“We book the Annapurna Base camp hike, water rafting, and paragliding with the Nepal hiking team. This company was recommended by a friend who had done the hike with them last year and the reviews was good too. “ -Jiawenny May 12, 2017

Visit Trip Advisor and Bookmundi to read more reviews.

Info Nepal Treks and Expedition

nepal rafting

Info Nepal Treks and Expedition (INTE) is one of the leading Nepal white water rafting trip operators. The Kathmandu-based trek and expedition company was established in 2016. The team members have more than 15 years of experience working in the tourism sector. INTE organizes activities, like trekking, hiking, river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, peak climbing, cultural tours, excursions, jungle safari, mountain flights, and other activities. INTE also provides services in Bhutan and Tibet. The company earned the certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor in 2018. It is one of the most popular companies for adventures sports like rafting.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Bhote Koshi River Rafting 6 days

Bhote Koshi is listed as one of the best rivers for rafting in Nepal. If you are a beginner and want to experience the thrill of rafting, then Bhote Koshi River rafting is best for you. Rafting the Bhote Koshi River is intense and challenging. You will experience one rapid after another while soaking up mesmerizing views of the villages around you. The river suits rafters and kayakers of all levels.

You will start the 6-day trip rafting in the Bhote Koshi River by sightseeing in Kathmandu. Rafters will visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Basantapur Durbar square. The next day you will drive to Lamosanghu. On day 4, you will be rafting. The following day, you will return to Kathmandu to explore the city before leaving for your next destination.

Trishuli River Rafting 5 days

Trishuli River is a popular destination for river rafting in Nepal. It’s easily accessible from Kathmandu and covers a distance of 38-kilometers. Your journey will begin from Chauradi and end at a resort. The river reaches up to class 3 or 3+ in autumn and 3 to 4+ in spring. While rafting the Trishuli River, you will experience rapids, like S-bend, Ladies Delight, Teendevi, Snail’s nose, Malekhu Monkey, Surprise, Upset, and Monsoon.

 On this trip, you will get to enjoy local music, dance, and food. Before the trip begins you will be sightseeing UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in Kathmandu. This includes Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Basantapur Durbar Square.


 Past clients were happy with the services and praised the guides who made their trip memorable. One of the happy customers who went rafting in the Trishuli River Nepal left the following review:

Best Rafting in my life.

We joined Info Nepal Treks and EXpedition for the Trishuli river rafting and it was very nice. We had a very nice experience and a rafting guide. He is very welcoming to us very carefully us. We will definitely recommend it to our friends.”  –Hari D March 30, 2018

If you want to read more reviews, then visit Trip Advisor!

High Himalayan Trekking and Expedition

adventure games

The High Himalayan Trekking and Expedition Company was founded in 2009. They have an experienced team that offers experiences, such as hiking, trekking, rafting, cultural tours, jungle safaris, and many other trips. They provide these services in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. It is one of the most famous rafting companies in Nepal, so let’s check out their packages.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Trishuli Adventure Rafting for a day

Nepal is blessed with high mountains and 8 out of the 14 highest peaks of the world. The Trishuli River is the most accessible river from Kathmandu and is popular for its scenic views and exciting rapids. The river is perfect for those who are new to rafting and families with young children.

The Trishuli River rafting in Nepal for 1-day package will give you an opportunity to experience gorges and thrilling rapids. The rafting trip can be extended upon request. This company also designs tailor-made itineraries with personalized services to meet the expectations of each client.

On the first day you will be rafting for 3 hours. After, you can either drive back or stay for more days. If you stay, you will be rafting for 4 hours the following day. On the third day, you will be rafting for 4 hours to Devghat followed by a drive to Chitwan National park where you can enjoy various jungle activities.


High Himalayan Trekking and Expedition is one of the best companies in Nepal. Clients spoke highly of their guides who made their journey memorable. If you want to read reviews, then visit Trip Advisor and Inspirock!

Himalayan Joy Adventure

himalayan travel

Himalayan Joy Adventure was established in the year 2011 and consists of enthusiastic experts who have decades of experience in organizing treks, peak climbing, tours, and other packages. Before establishing the company, the team worked as assistant cooks, guides, porters, and team leaders, which enriched their experience. They provide services in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

BhoteKoshi River Rafting 2 days

Bhote Koshi is known as the river from Tibet and offers one of the best short rafting adventures in the world. River rafting in Nepal is apt for those who wish to have a thrilling and intense water sports experience in a short span of time. It is the steepest river rafting opportunity.

Over the 2 day trip, you will be challenged by this non-stop mountainous river. The rapids of classes 4 to 5 will take you past the picturesque views and villages.

Trishuli River Rafting 2 days

Trishuli is a famous river for rafting due to its accessibility from Kathmandu and Pokhara. If you want to extend your Nepal rafting trip, then it is possible to raft until Chitwan National Park. The river consists of melted snow from Mount Ganesh and Langtang. The stunning views of the valley, gorges, and exciting rapids add excitement to your trip. You will get a chance to experience Nepal’s landscapes and cultural heritage. The river has a combination of high flow, continuous rapids, and pleasant calm water. 


Himalayan Joy Adventure has earned a good reputation. Previous clients often mention the quality of services and the professionalism of the guides. One of the happy customers who traveled with the company wrote:

“Our trip with Himalayan Joy Adventure at the kind, professional guide of Cholendra to Nepal was absolutely wonderful. A joy indeed. I traveled with my kids and we had a great experience with many happy memories. Highly recommended.” -Josef L November 16, 2016

If you want to read more reviews, then visit Trip Advisor and Inspirock!

GRG’s Adventure Kayaking

GRG stands for Gurung River Guides. The company was established in early 2009, and today is one of the leading whitewater rafting companies in Nepal. They take pride in their prices, sustainable tourism, local expertise, and qualified professional and friendly guides with excellent quality equipment. The safety of the client is the main priority of the company. It has won the certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for the past 7 years. They are also recommended by  Lonely Planet.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Trishuli River Rafting 1 day

Trishuli River has something to offer for everyone. The river is fit for rafting all year and provides an amazing adrenaline rush. The river passes through beautiful Gorges and valleys. This river rafting adventure also offers an alternative route to Chitwan and Pokhara, which is as the city of lakes. The rafting in the Trishuli River experience will give you time to relax, go cliff jumping or play rafting games while enjoying the serenity of Nepal. 

Sunkoshi River Rafting 9 days

Sunkoshi’s “River of Gold” is rated as a top 10 river for white water rafting in the world by National Geographic. In the 9-day rafting package, you will cover a distance of 270 km. Rafting The Sunkoshi river is the longest white water raft trip in Nepal. Rapids, warm water, white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, and wildlife will keep you entertained on your journey.

If you want to try your hand in Kayaking, then you can learn in a quieter section while improving your rafting skills in other sections. Your ability and confidence will grow under the supervision of the company’s qualified and experienced guides. Sunkoshi River is graded as a 3 + to 5 class river. The best rafting season in this river is September to November or April to June.


GRG’s Adventure Kayaking has earned many reviews and recommendations from reputed sites. It has received high ratings in Trip Advisor and is recommended by Lonely planet. Most reviews mention the guides and staff who made their trip memorable. One of the reviewers who went Trishuli River rafting wrote:

“Maila and his team delivered another wonderful rafting experience for us this fall. My parents, in their late sixties, were able to feel confident enjoying the class 3 whitewater because the guide team was very communicative, professional and capable. “ –Alex M Seattle, Washington, United States (November 5, 2017)

Want to read more reviews? Visit Trip Advisor and Bookmundi!

Fly East Nepal

Fly East Nepal is a Kathmandu-based trekking and travel company that offers customized services for individuals and groups of people. It takes pride in its team that has decades of experience in trekking and rafting. The company is committed to providing eco-friendly tourism.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Bhote Koshi River Rafting for 2 days

The Bhote Koshi River is the steepest river available for rafting in Nepal. You will encounter continuous and challenging rapids from start to finish, therefore, it is considered one of the most technical rivers in Nepal. The ride will be exhilarating, especially for beginners under the supervision of an experienced guide. If you want to feel the adrenaline rush of rafting, then the Nepal Bhote Koshi river rafting for 2 days is perfect for you.

Kali Gandaki River Rafting 3 days

River rafting in the Kali Gandaki will take you to the deepest gorge in the world. If you are looking for a medium-length rafting expedition in Nepal, then this river will meet your expectations. You will experience heart-pumping, wild rapids You will be rafting through turbulent rapids, sliding down chutes into frothy & churning whirlpools, while dodging huge boulders. Rafting around the scenic beauty of the Annapurna range and other snow-capped mountains will captivate you. Kali Gandaki is a Grade 4 river and well suited for both experienced and novice rafters.


Fly East Nepal has received good reviews on Trip Advisor and Inspirock. Past clients have spoken greatly about their professional staff and amazing guides.

A previous client shared their experience:

“Amazing guides and team. Really happy to use your service and would like to visit again for more adventures 🙂 Very professional staffs and ready to support customers in any difficulties.” –Papaya H (April 13, 2016)

If you want to read more reviews, then visit Trip Advisor and Inspirock!

Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition

nepal tour

Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition (NITE) was established in February 2016. NITE  team members have years of experience in the tourism and trekking industry. They take pride in their range of diverse packages, fast booking system, and strong support team of experienced government certified guides and porters. They accommodate both individuals and groups and offer tailor-made and flexible itineraries.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Trishuli River Rafting 1 day

The 1-day Trishuli River Rafting trip in Nepal for 1 day is a thrilling experience. The Trishuli River originates from the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China and consists of melted snow from Mountains, like Ganesh and Langtang. Rafting this amazing river of Nepal will bring joy both to novice and avid rafters. The wonderful mixture of thrilling rapids, impressive gorges, and an easier section will keep you engaged. Rapids like Surprise, Cotton Pony, Monsoon, Teendevi, Snail’s nose, Highway, and S-bend will add to your excitement.

You will drive to the starting point and after a briefing on safety, you will start to raft. After 2 to 3 hours of rafting there will be a lunch break and then the second phase of rafting. Within two hours or so you will reach the endpoint of the one-day white water rafting trip in the Trishuli River of Nepal. You will be driven back to Kathmandu.


Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition earned excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and their rating suggests that it’s one of the best companies on the market. The clients who traveled with the company mentioned their amazing guides and helpful staff.

If you want to read more reviews, then visit Trip Advisor.

Drift Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Drift Nepal was established in 1998 with a team of professionals who have two decades of experience in the tourism sector. A well-trained, highly qualified, and experienced guide will accompany you on your adventures. The guides are carefully chosen on the basis of skill and experience.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Kali Gandaki River Rafting 3 days

60 rapids in 60 minutes, is how Kali Gandaki River is introduced! The river rises mystically in the Mustang region and then drops off the roof carved out of the deepest gorge in the world. You will be rafting on turbulent rapids while dodging big boulders and sliding down into churning frothy whirlpools. This pristine river overlooks the Annapurna range and other snow-clad mountains. Kali Gandaki is a holy river, so you will witness pilgrims and maybe even a cremation ceremony.

Kali Gandaki river of Nepal is graded as class 4 to 5.  Both avid and novice rafters will enjoy rafting in this river. You will cover 92 kilometers (57 miles) in 3 days. The best season to raft is October to December and March to April.

BhoteKoshi River Rafting 1 day

Bhote Koshi River is one of the most exciting and popular rivers for rafting in Nepal.  It is a steep and non-stop mountain river that is known for being intense and challenging. It is suitable for both avid and novice rafters.  Class 4 to 5 rapids will greet you at the high flowing point of the river, but you will encounter class 3 at lower levels.

You will be covering the river distance of 15 kilometers. The best season to raft this river is October to November and March to May.


Drift Nepal is one of the best white water rafting operators in Nepal. It has received wonderful reviews from its clients. The company has very good reviews on Trip Advisor and Inspirock. Many reviews mention the experienced and wonderful guides that enriched their experience.

If you want to read more reviews, then visit Trip Advisor and Inspirock!

One of the happy customers wrote:

“My second consecutive year rafting with Drift Nepal!
Had the best time! All their knowledge is second to none. Everything is so well planned, the food was incredible and I felt safe the whole time. The banter and comradery were brilliant and made even better by the guides! 10/10!” -Alex D May 1, 2018

Mountain Kick

mountain tour

Mountain Kick is a Kathmandu-based trip operator specializing in trekking, adventure sports, and sightseeing tours throughout Nepal. They have extended services to India, Tibet, and Bhutan. The company also offers tailor-made packages to suit your interests.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

BhoteKoshi Rafting 1 day

If you are searching for a short river rafting experience, then Bhote Koshi is one of the best rivers to raft in the world. It is the steepest and one of the most technical rivers in Nepal. The river hits rapids of class 4 to 5, while the lower section is grade 3. If you want to give kayaking a try, then this is the perfect river. The one-day rafting trip on the Bhote Koshi River of Nepal will take you to Khadichaur from Kathmandu, which will take roughly four hours. After having lunch you will begin rafting in the Bhotekoshi River downwards to Sukute village. On the way, you will encounter various landscapes, views, and villages.

Trishuli River Rafting for a day

Trishuli is one of the famous rivers for rafting among both locals and foreigners. The 1 day Nepal rafting in Trishuli River package gained popularity due to its accessibility from Kathmandu. The best season to raft in this river is from August to May and is rated as medium in difficulty level. The starting point of the rafting is Charaundi, which is a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. You will encounter rapids of grades 2 and 3 called Ladies Delight. The adventurous rafting journey will end in Kurintar. From here you will head back to Kathmandu.


Mountain Kick has received a plethora of good reviews on various sites. Many previous clients have praised guides who enhanced their wonderful experiences. If you want to read more reviews before embarking on a journey with Mountain Kick, then visit Trip Advisor, Tourradar, and Inspirock!

Mountain River Rafting

river rafting

Mountain River Rafting is operated and managed by Nepali professionals since 1992 and is popular amongst adventure seekers. The company has provided quality services for years with guaranteed satisfaction. The company is committed to ecological values and its activities claim to have a low level of impact on the environment. They offer adventurous activities, like rafting, kayaking, hiking, trekking, canyoning, sightseeing, Tibetan tours, and others. You will find recommendationson Lonely Planet too.

Popular Rafting in Nepal Packages

Trishuli River Rafting

Trishuli River is famous for commercial whitewater sports in Nepal due to its accessibility. It is a perfect river for those who are looking for a short rafting trip or a short multi-day trip without the challenge of big rapids. During the one-day Nepal Trishuli River rafting package you will encounter rapids that are straightforward, well-spaced, and easily navigated. The amazing landscape, peaceful environment, and wonderful cultural activities will captivate you.

Sun Koshi River 9 days

Sun Koshi River “River of Gold” flows from the Himalayas towards the east Mahabharata mountain range. It is a famous classical rafting expedition in Nepal that falls under the top ten river journeys in the world. During the raft, you will pass through amazing waterfalls, beautiful open valleys, clean sandy beaches, dense forest, and colorful remote cultural villages. The river expedition will provide the experience of a lifetime.


Mountain River Rafting is a highly reviewed company. One of the happy customers who went rafting in the Nepal Trishuli River shared the wonderful experience:

“I’ve recently returned from Nepal having done the 2 day trip down the Trishuli River with Mountain River Rafting. It was a perfectly organized tour! We have spent two great days on the river with a lot of funny people from everywhere in the world. The river offers the best whitewater adventure on great rapids within amazing scenery. If you are also looking for chilling time camping on beautiful sandy beaches and yummy food prepared for you at mealtimes this might be the best choice for you.  -Nic S Frankfurt Germany

Want to read more reviews? Visit Trip Advisor!

Best Trekking Tours in Nepal

Nepal offers some of the best trekking routes in the world. This is the reason every year thousands of trekkers from across the globe come to Nepal to enjoy trekking in the Himalayas. Some of the most popular treks and their best operators in Nepal are:

Mount Everest View Trek Mt. Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking
 Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking   Mt. Langtang Trekking
 Annapurna View TrekMakalu Peak Base Camp Trekking
Mt. Annapurna Circuit TrekkingManaslu Mountain Trekking
 Mt. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking3-6 Days Short Trekking
Best 51 Trekking of NepalBest Rated Trek Operators

Best Adventure Activities in Nepal

Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world visit Nepal due to its charismatic culture, wildlife, mountains, hills, forests, etc. Thus, despite being small in size, Nepal is invincible for top class thrill activities. Here are some of the most popular adventures available in Nepal.

Exceptional White Water Rafting Tour in NepalMountain Biking in the Hills
 Helicopter Tours

Best Tours in Nepal

Nepal is also a country of magnificent ancient temples, shrines, gompas, landmarks, national parks, ancient cities and much more. 

Kathmandu city tourHistorical Tour
Wildlife and  Jungle SafarisPilgrimage and spiritual Tour
Kailash Tour 

Volunteer Travel

Nepal is a beautiful country to spend your vacation in. However, the majority of Nepalese citizens are living under the line of poverty. Therefore, giving back to the needy communities in Nepal while also exploring this amazing country is an ideal way to make your trip once in a lifetime. No matter what experience and passion you have, Nepal volunteer programs can accommodate you. You can volunteer in Nepal in different projects like teaching, childcare, monastery, medical and more.

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal Buddhist Monk teaching volunteer program
 English Teaching Volunteer Program Childcare Volunteer Program in Nepal
Healthcare Volunteer Program in Nepal 

Top Things to do in Nepal

If you have decided to travel to Nepal or are already in the country, knowing about the most popular things to do will certainly provide some great insight into your trip. Learn about hundreds of amazing things to do you should not miss out in Nepal.

Must Explore Places in NepalTourist Hubs in Chitwan
Kathmandu city’s top attractionsLumbini’s must see things
Best of  Pokhara city 


Which rivers of Nepal are suitable for rafting?

There are several rivers in Nepal that offer thrilling rafting experience for both pro and beginner paddlers. Some of the best rivers for rafting in Nepal are Trishuli River, Sunkoshi River, Seti River, Kaligandaki River, and Bhoteskoshi River. Rafting in Nepal is indeed the best and most adventurous way to experience amazing riverside sceneries, captivating valleys, bird species and woods. You can either raft for a single day or can join multiday rafting trip in Nepali river as per your needs and time frame.

How much it cost for rafting in Nepal?

Rafting in Nepali river is the most inexpensive yet the best adventure activity you will experience in Nepal. Nepali rivers offer from one day to multiday rafting trips, affecting the rafting in Nepal cost. Usually, a one-day rafting trip in Trishuli River costs anywhere between USD 25 to USD 50 depending on your group size, raft season and required rafting materials.

Why the rivers of Nepal are famous in the world for rafting?

Most of the rivers in Nepal are directly originated from the Himalayas and have fast pace, vast river basins, deep gorges and provide extremely picturesque views along the way. Therefore, the rivers in Nepal are famous for the best white water rafting experience in the world. Amongst all, Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Seti, Kaligandaki, etc. are the best rivers to gain thrilling rafting experience in Nepal.

Is river rafting in Nepal safe?

Yes, rafting is a safe and the most enjoyable adventure activity in Nepal. There are many rivers in Nepal where you can experience a safe and exciting rafting tour from single day to 10 days. However, you need to take necessary precautions and follow the rafting safety tips to avoid the risks while rafting. Wearing a life jacket correctly, carrying the essential stuffs, wearing the helmet, and following the guides instructions etc. are the keys for a safe and sound rafting experience in Nepal.


The purpose of this article is to bring you a step closer to your dream of rafting in Nepal. We compiled the 10 best rafting companies in Nepal to save you time, energy, money and to help you find the best rafting company for you.


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