The 8 Best Cheap Nepal Volunteer Providers 2024

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Nepal? Are you interested in spending your vacation in this magnificent country as a volunteer? Does combining your Nepal trip to volunteering appeal to you?

Nepal is a beautiful nation famous for its majestic Himalayan range with some of the tallest mountains in the world. It is also rich in its spiritual traditions and culture and has a lot to offer - friendly locals, delicious food, varied wildlife, beautiful lakes and peaceful serenity. No wonder Nepal is a popular volunteering destination! Each year, hundreds of volunteers travel to Nepal with the goal of making a difference in the country.

There are several national and international organizations in Nepal that run a wide variety of programs. However, if you compare these organizations’ volunteer programs in Nepal, you will find huge differences in price, purpose, usefulness, safety and so on. Thus, you need to dedicate a huge amount of time and effort to pick the best volunteer organization for you.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you joining a reputable, safe and affordable program in Nepal, where you can create a lasting impact. In this article, we have selected the 10 best and affordable organizations offering volunteering opportunities in Nepal.

We have selected by analyzing these companies’ price and affordability, online reviews, business history, reputation, professionalism and commitment to community.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
RCDP International Volunteers $429 Abroad Review: 221 Reviews
Go overseas: ‎62 reviews
International Volunteer HQ $574 Go overseas:2206 reviews
Abroad Reviews:443 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $449 Abroad Review: 328 reviews
Go Overseas:‎114 reviews
Experimental Learning International (ELI) $595 Go Overseas: 32 reviews
G) Abroad: 63 reviews
Love Volunteers $558 Go overseas:140 reviews
Go Abroad:‎271 reviews
Plan My Gap Year $624 Go Overseas:404 reviews
Go Abroad – 77 Reviews
Go Eco $ 1,450 (4 Weeks) Go Overseas – 89 Reviews
Go Abroad: 729 Reviews
GVI (UK) $2,345 Go Abroad- 3924 reviews
Go Overseas: 698 reviews

Table updated: March 25, 2024

RCDP Nepal

rcdp volunteer nepal

Based in the USA, and established in 1998, RCDP is the first organization to offer Nepal volunteer programs. Each year, they welcome over 1,000 eager volunteers who wish to make an impact through sustainable community development programs in Nepal. The volunteers’ engagement in the program directly benefits the underprivileged and poor through their affordable programs.

Their focus is on orphanages and underfunded schools in Nepal. Thus, they team up with a variety of international organizations to improve the lives of hundreds of orphaned children. RCDP currently runs its own orphanage in Chitwan.

RCDP Nepal Top Programs in Nepal

RCDP is the first organization to offer meaningful volunteer programs in Nepal. RCDP works in collaboration with local and international organizations to make an impact on the areas of education, healthcare, disadvantaged community and environment.

RCDP’s orphanage project is located in Chitwan and Kathmandu districts, where about 50 disadvantaged and orphaned children reside and study. When you join, you will help the children in various ways, by teaching, cooking, cleaning and so on. You will gain the experience of a life-time while changing the life of the disadvantaged and, exploring the best that this amazing Himalayan country has to offer.

Teaching English Nepal volunteer program of RCDP is yet another highly impactful program, where you will share your English skills to the disadvantaged children studying in a community school.

If you want to experience what a monk’s life feels like, consider joining the monk teaching program of RCDP. The monk teaching program allows you to spend your time in a monastery, where you will learn meditation and teach English to the young monks.

Volunteers who are interested in spending some time easing into their volunteer programs can opt to participate in a two week language and culture program. The program consists of language training, cultural tours, village hikes, visits to popular tourist sites, and a 2-3 day stay at the Chitwan National Park (complete with a jungle safari).

RCDP Nepal Reviews

RCDP Nepal is widely praised for its high-quality Nepal volunteer programs, warm and helpful support staff, and reasonable prices. They are a highly rated volunteer organization with no shortage of positive reviews. You can sift through their volunteer stories and reviews and get first-hand accounts of volunteers’ experiences. RCDP Nepal has raving 62 reviews on Go Overseas and 221 reviews on Abroad Reviews.

Read all reviews of RCDP Nepal on Go Overseas.

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RCDP Nepal Fees

RCDP Nepal runs extremely affordable opportunities to volunteering in Nepal. Program fees range in price, depending on length of stay and chosen program, with some beginning as low as $150! There is an added registration fee of $279. The weekly fees cover the costs of host family/hostel accommodation, three meals per day, and services of the local staff members. The registration fee covers office expenses.

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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Started in 2007, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is a New Zealand based organization that offers quality volunteer programs in Nepal and in 30 other countries. IVHQ has sent over 130,000 volunteers abroad since their start and earned a reputation as one of the world’s most trusted and experienced volunteer travel providers. Their programs entail a truly local and cultural experience that is fully immersive, making you feel like you belong in the community! Furthermore, all efforts of IVHQ are impact-driven and guided by local teams.

IVHQ’S Top Programs in Nepal

IVHQ’s Nepal volunteering programs are located in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Chitlang, and Pokhara. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a guardian. The Nepal program begins on the first and third Monday of every month, and volunteers can stay for up to 12 weeks.

Their Childcare Volunteer Project allows you to interact with lively and active children. You’ll teach them and help them develop life skills and communication skills.

For a more active option, you can opt for the Construction & Renovation Volunteer Project. You’ll be aiding in a wide range of building and maintenance projects that help improve the community’s infrastructure.

Encounter a unique opportunity through the Elephant Conservation Volunteer Program. You’ll learn about caring for sick and old elephants from experienced veterinarians. Ensure quality care for these gentle giants through this project.

IVHQ also provides opportunities for aspiring doctors. Pick a medical elective and volunteer at a hospital in Nepal, or work in a remote health clinic.

IVHQ’s Reviews

IVHQ is a highly trusted volunteer program provider in Nepal. They have placed over 51,000 volunteers abroad and are verified by several international meaningful travel portals. You can also read the testimonials of many satisfied volunteers that have earned invaluable experience through placements approved by IVHQ. IVHQ has amazing 2,206 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,657 reviews on Go Abroad.

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Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.

IVHQ’s Fees

IVHQ provides international-standard volunteer opportunities at a surprisingly low cost. Their program fees regarding volunteer programs in Nepal start as low as $275. There is also a $299 registration fee, which covers ongoing support from IVHQ staff, marketing costs, information packets, administrative costs, travel costs to inspect programs, and donation to the IVHQ Fund.

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IFRE Volunteers

IFRE volunteer nepal

IFRE Volunteers is a leading volunteer organization offering the best, low-cost volunteer opportunities in Nepal. IFRE Volunteers is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in the U.S that offers volunteer opportunities in developing and third world countries. Since their start in 2006, nearly 17,000 volunteers have participated in their programs in 18 different countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It remains one of the most trusted and affordable volunteer organizations, with a near 99% satisfaction rate.

IFRE Volunteers Top Programs in Nepal

IFRE Volunteers has been offering many significant programs in Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara. With them, you can opt to volunteer in the field of education, medical care, environment conservation, monk teaching and photojournalism. Besides, they also offer summer volunteer and adventure program in Nepal.

IFRE’s education program refers to teaching English to poor and disadvantaged children. You will spend your days in a community school while helping to improve English learning skills of children.

Joining the orphanage volunteer program will give you an opportunity to work with underprivileged orphans in an orphanage. Your tasks include preparing food for orphans, cleaning, teaching English and other subjects, organizing dance classes and so on.

Medical volunteers work in a community hospital shadowing local doctors and nurses. See how a monk spends his/her time while also helping them improve the vital English skills through the Nepal monastery volunteer program.

Photojournalism is actually not a volunteer program; instead, this program will help you understand the art of clicking photos in Nepal’s most attractive Himalayan locations.

IFRE Volunteers promotes a “complete” volunteer experience, which includes language courses, cultural immersion, and amazing travel experiences, in addition to its volunteer opportunities.

IFRE Volunteers Reviews

IFRE Volunteers is a top-rated volunteer provider in Nepal with excellent programs, top-notch services and a history of always satisfying its customers. Their volunteering programs have gathered a lot of positive reviews on different volunteer websites. This organization has 114 reviews on Go Overseas and 328 reviews on Abroad Reviews.

Read all reviews of IFRE Volunteers on Go Overseas.

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IFRE Volunteers Fees

IFRE Volunteers offers some of the best and most inexpensive volunteering programs in Nepal, and because it is a 501(c) 3 organization, your program fees are tax deductible.

You will pay a $299 one-time application fee, which covers advertising, staff salaries, taxes, and other operational expenses. Your weekly program fees, which are paid directly to your host families and projects, vary depending on chosen project and length of stay. It can start as low as $150 and may increase depending upon provision of added services.

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Experiential Learning International (ELI)

eli volunteer nepal

ELI is a U.S. based organization that strives to connect eager volunteers with meaningful project placements in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Kevin O’Neill, ELI focuses on creating long-lasting development impacts on grassroots projects. They are also a registered 501(c) 3; which means your program fees are tax deductible.

Experimental Learning International (ELI) Top Programs in Nepal

ELI’s Nepal volunteer program offers a wide range of areas for volunteers and interns to work in. With ELI, you can help provide care and education to orphaned children, or teach English in a Buddhist monastery or public school.

You can also work in the area of women’s empowerment and human rights to promote gender justice. Other projects include helping with the construction of earthquake-damaged schools, medical and dental work, and helping to develop veterinary and animal health policy.

Experimental Learning International (ELI) Reviews

ELI’s amazing Nepal volunteering programs have earned many great reviews. Volunteers are impressed with the quality and usefulness of the programs they offer. This top-rated volunteer organization has 32 amazing reviews on Go Overseas and 63 reviews on Abroad Reviews.

Read all reviews of ELI on Go Overseas.

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Experimental Learning International (ELI) Fees

ELI’s offers affordable volunteer opportunities in Nepal so that you do not have to worry about cost. Their application fee is only $200 and comes with a 7-day refund policy.

Program fees include pre-departure information, airport pick up, a city tour and orientation, two meals per day, 24/7 emergency service, and more. Fees for the medical and dental programs are higher because hospitals charge an internship fee.

You live together in a volunteer house in Kathmandu that is close to all the shops, cafes, bookstores, and transportation options.

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Love Volunteers

love volunteer nepal

Love Volunteers was founded in 2009 by a New Zealander named Julian, who then recruited his two sisters to run the organization. Now, this family venture has become a unique and trusted volunteer organization that promises life-changing experiences in over 35 different countries. Their focus is on transparency and hard work and they work with a fiery passion to deliver important services to struggling communities.

Love Volunteers Top Programs in Nepal

Love Volunteers’ rewarding Nepal volunteer programs take place in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. You must be at least 18 years old to participate and stay for a minimum of one week. The one and only focus of each of these programs is to improve the quality of life and living standards of the disadvantaged.

You can join their Nepal programs and gain real world teaching experience while also helping poor kids learn excellent English. If you want to help raise and care for kids, there is a childcare program for you to try.

Monastery teaching is another wonderful program where you get to live like a monk and also teach monks some essential English skills. If you are physically fit and strong minded, you can contribute in a building construction and renovation program.

Medical students or professionals can join their Nepal medical volunteer program, where they’ll gain hands-on experience while also help in providing vital healthcare access to disadvantaged Nepalese.

Love Volunteers Reviews

Love Volunteers is a wonderful organization with a dedicated team working to provide enriching experiences. Their team members are known for providing prompt and helpful responses to all questions and concerns. You can read through some of the volunteer reviews on their website as well. This highly-reviewed organization has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

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Love Volunteers Fees

Love Volunteers offers reasonable fees. Their programs allow you to travel and impact local communities without spending a lot of money. The organization is small, with no huge overhead costs or luxury expenses. They have a $299 registration fee for first timers and their program package fees can range anywhere from $259 - $2000, depending on duration of stay and services provided.

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Plan My Gap Year

Founded in 2011 in the UK, Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) has almost a decade’s worth of experience in volunteer services and has assisted thousands of volunteers to go around the world and help in many different situations. The organization focuses on providing 100% transparent fees and processes, and their reviews are also equally excellent. PMGY is a worthy addition to this list of the best affordable volunteer providers in Nepal, and you’ll see why as we move on to their programs, reviews and fees.

Plan My Gap Year Top Programs in Nepal

PMGY aims to uplift the debilitating conditions of education, health and community in Nepal. They collaborate with local organizations to offers programs like teaching English, Childcare and teaching Buddhist monks. Their volunteering projects start on Sundays, and PMGY advice volunteers to arrive at least one day prior to the start-date of their selected project.

Experienced as well as first time volunteers who love teaching can join PMGY’s Nepal teaching English volunteer program.

If you are fascinated by the life of monks, want to learn some meditation and also want to share your English skills, consider joining their monk teaching program.

Their childcare program is suitable for those who love to make a positive impact on the life of underprivileged and orphaned children. By joining this project, you will indeed get a true sense of achievement knowing that your little help could change someone’s life.

PMGY Reviews

PMGY’s efforts are valiant and commendable and their volunteers always seem to come back satisfied and happy from their trips. PMGY’s volunteer programs in Nepal have definitely brought some much needed change in rural communities of Nepal. Read about some of their volunteer reviews on their website.

PMGY has 404 reviews on Go Overseas and 77 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Abroad.


PMGY know how much volunteers struggle to find good opportunities at a minimal cost. Thus, their programs are all catered to providing excellent opportunities at affordable prices. They have a $249 registration fee and their program fees begin at a low $375. These fees cover transport, accommodations, meals and a variety of other administrative costs.


goeco volunteer nepal

GoEco is one of the best volunteer program providers in Nepal. The company offers a diverse range of affordable and ethical volunteer projects globally, facilitated by experienced specialists. Their focus on personalized assistance helps volunteers choose suitable projects aligned with their interests. Founded by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal, GoEco has grown from a pilot project focused on sea turtle conservation to a thriving enterprise sending thousands of volunteers worldwide, fostering a deeper passion for volunteering and cross-cultural exchange. They are highly praised for their focus on environmental conservation and nature protection.

GoEco Top Programs in Nepal

GoEco’s volunteer programs focus on bringing out the best of both – volunteers as well as communities. All volunteers, regardless of program, receive a weeklong orientation where they are immersed in Nepalese culture and language.

If you are interested in monk life and want to teach English to monks, join their Nepal monastery volunteer program, where you’ll get involved in cultural exchange while teaching monks some valuable English skills.

There is also a special program catered to empowering women in Kathmandu. You’ll advocate for change through education and confidence-building activities.

Engage in the lives of schoolchildren and directly play a part in their education through the Educational Outreach Program. From teaching English to helping children learn more efficiently, this is absolutely a worthwhile experience.

GoEco Reviews

Few companies can offer the genuineness and positive regard that is associated with GoEco. Their volunteer programs in Nepal have become fond memories of all the volunteers that have taken GoEco’s packages. Their volunteer blog features fascinating first-hand accounts of volunteer experiences abroad. GoEco has 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

GoEco Fees

GoEco asks very less from its volunteers in terms of fees. Their Nepal volunteering program fees are affordable while still providing top-notch services. Their program fees in Nepal start at $1450 for 4 weeks – this includes the registration fee, services, accommodation and everything in between. Fees may increase depending on length of stay and additional activities.

Global Vision International (GVI)

For over 20 years, GVI has connected aspiring change-makers with sustainable impact projects worldwide, offering a wide range of social development programs led by local partners. They are a UK based volunteer organization established in 1998 and have served over 25,000 volunteers across 25 countries. They emphasize cultural exchange, ensuring lifelong connections among participants, and prioritize safety and support throughout the journey. GVI offers transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on both individuals and communities.

GVI Top Programs in Nepal

You can choose to join any one of the six different Nepal volunteer programs as per your skills, qualification, and interest. Each program also includes an orientation that includes language and cooking classes, as well as an excursion to the Tal Bahari temple. You will have ample free time to explore the country when you are not volunteering in Nepal, with great advice from local staff on places to go.

If you have a basic level of physical fitness and strong mental determination to bring change, you can opt for their building construction program in Nepal. During the program, you will contribute to build or renovate orphanages, schools or libraries in rural areas.

Women empowerment volunteer program is appealing to those that wish to uplift the living standard of deprived Nepalese women. You will be concerned with teaching valuable life skills to impoverished women and help them lead a harmonious life.

If you want to work for the betterment of underprivileged kids, you can either join a childcare program or English teaching program. Childcare volunteers are placed in a childcare center, where you will teach, cook, clean and do other extra activities with children. English teaching volunteers will teach English in an underfunded and understaffed community school.

GVI Reviews

You can expect nothing but the best service and accommodation from one of the best volunteer organizations in the world. GVI is highly admired by customers and contemporaries alike. Their selfless efforts have been widely covered in the media and you can also review volunteer testimonials on their website. GVI has raving 698 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GVI on Go Overseas.

GVI Fees

Sure, GVI’s program fees may be a bit pricier than other companies on this list but they sure do make up for it in quality of services. Starting at $2,345, their volunteer programs come with a variety of facilities and beneficial activities. From 24/7 support to top-notch equipment, GVI’s programs are worth every penny spent!


How can I volunteer in Nepal?

There are several organizations and NGOs in Nepal that offer volunteer programs across various fields such as education, healthcare, community development, environmental conservation, and more. You can research and reach out to these organizations directly to inquire about volunteering opportunities. Or you can simply inquire here from where you will receive multiple quotes. Some of the best rated Nepal volunteer providers are RCDP Volunteers, IFRE Volunteers, GVI, International Volunteer HQ etc.

Is it safe to travel to Nepal?

Nepal is a safe destination for travelers, but like any other destination, it's essential to take standard precautions regarding your safety and well-being. Be mindful of your surroundings, follow local customs and laws, and stay informed about any travel advisories.

What vaccinations do I need for Nepal?

The CDC and WHO recommended vaccinations for Nepal include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, and routine vaccinations such as measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, and influenza vaccine.

Do I need visa to volunteer and travel in Nepal?

Yes, you will need to obtain a tourist visa to volunteer in Nepal. You can get it either upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or at land border crossings. Alternatively, you can also apply for a tourist visa at the Nepalese diplomatic missions or consulates in your home country before traveling to Nepal. The requirements and fees may vary depending on your nationality.

How can I stay in Nepal for free?

While it's not common to find entirely free accommodation in Nepal, some volunteer organizations may provide accommodation for volunteers as part of their program. Additionally, you may consider options such as volunteering for homestays or work exchanges where accommodation may be provided in exchange for services.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay for volunteer in Nepal programs?

The duration of volunteer programs in Nepal can vary widely depending on the organization and the type of project. Most of the programs have minimum stay of 1-2 weeks and maximum stay of 12 weeks. Similarly, there may be opportunities for longer-term volunteering for those interested in making a more extended commitment.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available in Nepal?

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal cover a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Teaching English or other subjects in schools
  • Assisting with community development projects
  • Supporting healthcare initiatives in clinics or hospitals
  • Participating in environmental conservation and sustainable development projects
  • Helping with orphanage or childcare support programs
  • Engaging in disaster relief and rebuilding efforts
  • Contributing to women's empowerment and social welfare programs

In Conclusion

With so many volunteer in Nepal programs offered by the organizations featured in this article, we are confident you’ll be inspired to start planning your own volunteer travel adventure. It is truly a wonderful way to see the world while making a meaningful and impactful difference in the very locations, and with the right people, which need your time and talents the most.

Age, experience, background and income are no barriers to getting involved, as the wonderful world of volunteering opportunity truly is open to all. All you have to do is choose between the many amazing, well organized and interesting projects which are on offer here.

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