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Volunteer in Argentina

Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a meaningful difference with their lives.

  • Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there
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  • At $404, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program with no hidden fees - communities benefit directly.
  • Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location and project has been thoroughly vetted
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you... with many life changing projects
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11 Best Budget Volunteer Opportunities In Argentina for 2020

15 Best Budget Volunteer Opportunities In Argentina

Are you interested in volunteering programs in Argentina? This is a great opportunity that you should really invest in. Check out the top 15 most inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Argentina that are all highly rated.

From the Andes Mountains to the Pampas grasslands with the glacial lakes in between, Argentina is a country of contrasting landscapes. The Spanish influence, which dates from the 14th century, has given Argentina its Latino Spanish language and shaped much of the architecture and culture. Argentina has a lively and vibrant lifestyle with plenty of festivals, theatres, concerts, and music for you to enjoy while there.

However, volunteering in Argentina can be rather costly and not everyone can afford to spend so much on a program. When the Internet shows you expensive program fees that can be up to $3,000, on top of flights, visas and insurance, it can seem financially unrealistic to volunteer abroad.

Although money is an important factor, it should not hold you back from living your volunteering and traveling dreams.

We want you to be able to fulfill your desires to go to Argentina and make a real difference by volunteering in a local community. This is why we have done lots of research for you, and put together a comprehensive list of the best low cost volunteering opportunities in Argentina based on online and independent research.

Keep reading this article to get all the information you need to make the best choice about volunteer opportunities in Argentina. Our summaries of each company will save you the time and effort of going through multiple internet browsers. Everything you need to know about finding the right organization to match your passions and interests is right here.

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Expanish Cheap Volunteer Opportunities in Argentina

Through Expanish, you can find a number of cheap volunteering programs in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. If you are interested in programs such as teaching English, working with underprivileged youth, elderly care, or community work, then this company will be able to set you on the right track. Volunteer programs cost around $270 for the shortest program - which is 2 weeks. This company has been running since 2006, and overall receives a B+ rating.

Expanish Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Teaching English: This program aims to educate young children, teenagers, and adults in Buenos Aires to speak, read, and write English better. Volunteers have the chance to work in various schools, educational facilities, and community centers.

Underprivileged Youth: This project is aimed towards improving the overall quality of life and giving more chances to underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers work closely with children to better their living environment and day-to-day prospects. 

Elderly Care: The intention of this project is to give senior citizens fulfilling moments in their elderly lives. Volunteers work directly with the elderly in centers doing activities, chatting, or simply having a cup of tea.

Community Work: This project seeks to provide at-risk members of society support and friendship through activities and recreational events. Volunteers are responsible for organizing events and activities while working with community personnel. 

Expanish Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

Expanish offers excellent value for money volunteering experiences. Most volunteer programs through Expanish run for a minimum of two weeks, as this is a good amount of time to really immerse yourself in Argentinian culture and contribute to the local community. For a program of two weeks length, the cost starts at $270, and increases the longer you want to spend on the program.

Expanish Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

As Expanish has been placing volunteers since 2006, there have been many young and enthusiastic people who have had life changing experiences through this company. The following reviews speak volumes of the dedicated hard work from Expanish to place volunteers with the right program and ensure they get everything they are looking for out of their time in highly rated volunteer opportunities in Argentina.

I was very happy with my stay at Expanish and Buenos Aires in general. Everyone is very friendly and the Expanish staff helped me in every situation. I met a lot of interesting people and got to know new friends from all over the world and I would do it again! - Jasmine

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Voluntario Global

Top Budget Volunteer in Argentina Projects by VoluntarioGlobal

Since its establishment in 2006 Voluntario Global has been offering inexpensive volunteering in Argentina. With a variety of placements in childcare, teaching English, sustainable development, community development, and healthcare, this company can get you in touch with the right program to suit your skills and abilities. Prices start from $510 for two weeks. This company is awarded a B+ rating.

Voluntario Global Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Child Care: The focus of this project is around providing children in orphanages and centers with more fun, love, and hope in their lives. Volunteers will organize activities, play games, sing songs, and read to children.

Teaching English: This project has the goal of improving English language standards in Argentina. Through assisting in classrooms and teaching English lessons to students, volunteers have the chance to make a real difference.

Sustainable Development: This project seeks to improve sustainable ecosystems and economics in rural communities. Volunteers will work with communities to build vegetable gardens, assist with farming, and promote better sustainable business practices. 

Community Development: Improving community activities, events, and buildings is the focus of this project. Volunteers help with planning community engagement activities and improving recreational spaces such as libraries and parks. 

Healthcare: The goal of this project is to increase overall health standards and reduce the prevalence of endemic diseases. This is done through volunteers delivering educational campaigns as well as supporting local nurses and doctors in clinics and hospitals.

Voluntario Global Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

Voluntario Global starts its volunteer programs in Argentina at two weeks to ensure you get a real chance to become part of the community. For your placement, accommodation with a host family, and meals included, you will pay $510 for 2 weeks.

Voluntario Global Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina such as, Voluntario Global has changed the lives of many people around the globe. Check out these reviews below to see how these volunteer programs have given people like you unforgettable experiences.

I never thought the impact that my work as a volunteer would have, in the community and myself. The experience was so satisfactory in so many ways. The community, the people that work in VG, the places, the friendship, everything. I recommend 100% this experience. Thank you VG. - Ramon

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RCDP Volunteer Abroad

RCDP Most Affordable Argentina Volunteering

If you are keen to take on a low cost volunteering opportunity in English teaching, community development, working with disadvantaged children, or the health or medical field, in or around the Cordoba area, then RCDP Volunteer Abroad will have the right placement for you at the right price.

These programs offer you the chance to boost your professional development if you work in the dentistry industry or with disabled children. Prices range from $675 to $815 for one or two week placements.

This company has been established since 1998 and was the first to run volunteer programs in Nepal, so you can rest assured that the price tag comes with an A rating and all the expertise needed to find the right placement for you.

RCDP Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

English Teaching: This project facilitates English language learning to underprivileged schools in rural locations. Volunteers share their native English language skills by delivering active and engaging classes to both students and teachers. 

Community Development Project:The goal of this project is help local communities build sustainable and self-efficient resources and development. Volunteers help local markets and organizations to improve economic sustainability.

Disadvantaged Children Project: This project combats the poverty that many children are faced with which deprives them of basic necessities such as clothing, shelter, and education. Volunteers support care centers by preparing meals, helping with cleaning, and running activities for the kids. 

a href="">Health/Medical Project: The aim of this project is to boost overall health in communities through treatment, care, and educational campaigns. Volunteers help local nurses and doctors in hospitals to serve patients. 

Dentistry Project: This project seeks to give local communities members better dental care knowledge and techniques. Volunteers support local dentists by delivering information seminars and workshops on dental hygiene. 

Professional Support Project: The intention of this project is to build better infrastructure in local communities. Volunteers share their communication skills and management strategies with local NGOs to empower community businesses.

Disabled Children Project: This project works with members of the community who have special needs in Cordoba. Volunteers provide support, education, and recreation in centers and clinics for clients. 

RCDP Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

RCDP Volunteer Abroad offer one or two week programs for a reasonable cost. To stay a week in Argentina with your placement, meals, and accommodation included you can expect to pay $675. For a two week program, the cost is $815.

RCDP Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Just like you, many other volunteers have wanted to make a positive difference across the globe without the huge price tag. Check out what these people have to say about low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina.

I did the volunteering program with RCDP. Overall it was a good experience and the support of RCDP was good. - Sandy

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IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Cheap Best Volunteer in Argentina Opportunities

With over 18 country destinations, and over 200 projects, IFRE Volunteers have been providing inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Argentina since 2006.

With the majority of Argentinian placements based around Cordoba, you will be able to find the program to suit you. There are a range of one or two week programs in child and youth outreach, community development, disabled children and teen projects, English teaching, and medical projects, with prices ranging from $754 to $940.

With over 17,000 volunteers served around the world, IFRE Volunteers have earned their A+ rating.

IFRE Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Children and Youth Outreach: This project combats the poverty that is prevalent in communities across Cordoba and affects children in a negative way. Volunteers provide companionship to young people and offer guidance for a better future.

Community Development: This project operates in conjunction with a local NGO, which is striving towards creating self-sufficiency in Argentina. Volunteers improve the lives of locals through educational seminars on ways to better community elements such as health, business, and recreation.

Disabled Children and Teens Project: The intention of this project is to provide education, therapy, friendship, and recreational opportunities to disabled teens and children. Volunteers collaborate with professional staff members to create better opportunities.

English Teaching:With English rapidly becoming the global language of commerce, this project aims to give students in rural settings the chance to learn. Volunteers are placed in remote school communities where they help students and teachers with English language skills. 

Medical:The goal of this project is contribute to the healthcare system of Argentina by assisting local nurses and doctors. Volunteers work in clinics providing care for patients or delivering educational healthcare workshops. 

IFRE Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

The program costs associated with IFRE volunteers are all inclusive and very reasonable. For one week you will pay $754-$805,  and for two weeks you pay $840-$940.

IFRE Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Many people have learnt endless skills through volunteer programs in Argentina, and in return they have taught valuable lessons to the local communities in Cordoba, all thanks to IFRE Volunteers. Check out these reviews and feel inspired to be the next person to have their life changed for the better by volunteering abroad.

My experience in Argentina, though short, was one of the most memorable times I have had in my life. The memories and connections I made while in Buenos Aires will last me a lifetime. The flexibility and yet security and support we received from IFRE was perfect. We were given proper information and never felt unsafe or unaware of what to do next.

The experiences and times spent at these places totally broadened my worldview and outlook for the future and the value I now place on volunteering. My next trip will definitely be with IFRE! -Lululebowitz

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Do you want to advance your skills by volunteering in Argentina?

Do you want to help better the lives of the disadvantaged?

Argentina is full of stunning sights from the enormous Andes Mountains all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, unfortunately, it is also ridden with poverty.

You can choose from many different volunteer opportunities in Argentina. Research shows volunteering leads to better health and makes you happy. Make yourself happy and enroll today!

Argentina Volunteer Opportunities

Find out more about:

What Volunteer Opportunities Are Available In Argentina

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in Argentina that will make your heart smile. You can choose from medical or dental volunteer opportunities that will enrich the lives of the poor people of Argentina.

Teach English Project

Would you like to teach English to locals in Argentina? Do you want to join the fight of making the world a better place by volunteering abroad? The people of Argentina is constantly searching for better employment to be able to provide for their families and not live in poverty.

With so many tourists that visit Argentina, English is becoming a necessity for the locals to be able to work in the tourist industry.

Unfortunately, the English language is not taught in the local schools. The people of Argentina are too poor to afford to send their family member to English classes thus, continuing the cycle of unemployment and poverty. You can help by volunteering in Argentina to teach English to these unfortunate people.

Qualifications: Becoming a volunteer to teach English in Argentina is easy. All you need is a passion for teaching and an eagerness to work with children. No prior experience is required however, some teaching background would be beneficial. Some Spanish is also beneficial to know. If you do not know Spanish, you can enroll in one of our language courses. It will help you communicate with local staff and students.

Responsibilities: As a volunteer teaching English in Argentina, you will teach in the local schools. You will assist the teachers with teaching English to the students. You might also be asked to teach other course such as math, science, or life skills. Volunteers will help plan extracurricular activities like games, sports, music, or any other engaging events.

Children’s Outreach Project

Do you enjoy working with children? Do you want to help the disadvantaged children of Argentina?

Children are living in the streets of Argentina, they dig through dumpsters looking for food, sleep on benches, and even prostitute themselves just to survive.

The local orphanages try to help these children but unfortunately, the orphanages are overflowing and unable to provide adequate lodging and care for the overwhelming number of orphans.

This is where you come in. You can help these children by volunteering to help in the orphanage, work with the street children, or provide donations.

You can help teach the children life skills, English, personal hygiene or help with tasks around the orphanage. Any help is appreciated and urgently needed.

Skills Needed: Prior skills are not needed to volunteer with the children in Argentina. We only require you to be loving, compassionate, and patient when working with these abused children. Giving your time with positively change your life and the lives of these neglected children.

Responsibilities: As a volunteer working with the children in Argentina, you will have a variety of tasks. You can teach the children English, play games with them, and help with daily care and homework.

You can also take part in chores around the orphanage such as cooking, cleaning, repairs, or clerical tasks. All tasks are extremely important to the wellness of the children and the orphanage.

Medical Project

Are you thinking of joining the healthcare field? Our programs for medical volunteers in Argentina are an excellent way to gain treasured knowledge and help better the lives of the poverty-stricken communities.

You will work in local clinics and hospitals promoting and educating health issues such as hygiene, nutrition, disease prevention and disease treatments.

There is no better way to learn new skills to advance your career while doing something good for others.

Required Qualifications: Volunteers who want to join our medical volunteer program in Argentina do not need any special skills. We will place you based on your background and education. Whether you are new or old to the medical field, we have a program for you!

Some Spanish is preferred. If you do not speak Spanish, we prefer you join our Spanish class. This will help you to better enjoy your experience.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers with our medical program will work 4-5 hours a day, Monday – Friday. Duties may include preparing and teaching educational workshops, educating on hygiene and nutrition, giving personal assistance, administrative tasks, and other chores needed by staff.

Dental Program

Our dental program to volunteer in Argentina offers you the ideal environment to learn from local dentists in a stunning country.

We are now offering an informal program for volunteers who are considering dental school. You will have your own mentor who will guide you with hands on experience to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

You will also teach kids in the community about the need for good dental hygiene, work with the dentists and patients, and indulge yourself in the fascinating culture!

Necessary Skills: To join the dental volunteer program in Argentina, you need to be a college student interested in dentistry.

We prefer volunteers to be able to speak some Spanish. You must commit to 20 hours of work for at least 8 weeks. We also request that you be respectful to staff and patients.

Responsibilities of Volunteers: Volunteers with the dental program in Argentina will work with local dentists and staff. You will help with lab work, organizing and learning the procedures, clean the area and instruments, helping with office needs, learning different skills needed for dentistry, and other tasks as requested by staff. Practicing terms related to dentistry such as instrument names, tooth names, tooth surfaces, etc.

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International Volunteering HQ

Best Argentina Volunteer Program by IVHQ

This New Zealand based international company has been offering low cost volunteering opportunities in over 30 countries since 2007. In the Cordoba region International Volunteering HQ has a wide range of inexpensive volunteering in Argentina placements in a variety of fields.

With opportunities in teaching, child care, health care, special needs care, community care, construction, elderly care, and sports, International Volunteering HQ has placed over 42,000 eager volunteers like you across Argentina.

One week programs start at $605, and $770 for 2 weeks. This company is a worthy investment and earns an A+ rating.

IVHQ Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Teaching: This project aims to change the statistics that almost 50% of children in Argentina do not receive a proper education due to social and health issues. Volunteers contribute by assisting teachers with large classes and sharing new teaching methods and ideas. 

Childcare: This project works with children who have been left disadvantaged and orphaned due to malnutrition and social issues. Volunteers act as a positive role model and share their culture, games, stories, and activities with children.

Healthcare: In Cordoba, this project has the goal of helping medical professionals in small community clinics. With a background in the health field, volunteers provide patient care and shadow doctors through the day. 

Special Needs Care: This project offers better educational, vocational, therapeutic, and recreational chances for people living with disabilities. Volunteers facilitate workshops, activities, classes as well as organizing events for integration.  

Elderly Care: The goal of this project is to provide better living situations for elderly members of the community. Volunteers provide encouragement, protection, and assistance to senior citizens living in centers. 

Construction:This project seeks to support communities that have run-down buildings and need renovation work. Volunteers work in different settings such as soup kitchens, day care centers, and community centers where they renovate, re-paint, and landscape or garden. 

Sports: This project is for underprivileged children and adolescents that cannot afford recreational sports activities after school hours. Volunteers get involved by teaching sports, skills, and games which boost the confidence and overall health of participants.

IVHQ Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

The program fees of International Volunteer HQ come with everything included, from your accommodation to meals and some domestic transport. For a program that lasts one week you will pay $605 and for two weeks the price is $770.

IVHQ Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

If you want to find out how experiences in Cordoba have changed the lives of volunteers, read some of these great reviews below. This will inspire you to get started on making your volunteering dreams abroad a reality with these great low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina.

I have volunteered with IVHQ several times and without doubt, my experience volunteering in the Cordoba program has been the most impactful and rewarding so far. I highly recommend it as definitely the best overall volunteer experience I have ever had. Thanks for such great memories and meaningful experience of service to others. - Nani

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Road2Argentina Inexpensive Volunteer Programs

This local Argentinian company was established in 2005 and has a range of low cost volunteering programs in Argentina. Programs start at a minimum for weeks and cost $1,031 for this time frame.

There are many programs available, in areas such as child care, education, and teaching, as well as community based development programs such as soup kitchens, animal rescue, and development works.

Road2Argentina is focused on grassroots development and the program fees are all inclusive. Overall this company receives an A rating.

Road2Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Child Care: This project works with community centers where disadvantaged children are given better opportunities in learning and playing. Volunteers will assist with the day-today running of the centre as well as delivering educational games and sports.

Community Soup Kitchen: Food is something that many people struggle to find while others take for granted, and this project focuses on this by supporting the community soup kitchen. Volunteers prepare meals, serve food to clients, and clean the dishes.

Education and Training: From teaching in the classroom to training teachers with new pedagogical methods, this project is all about improving educational standards. Volunteers engage with students and teachers, especially in delivering English lessons. 

Animal Rescue: There are many homeless and stray animals roaming the streets of Buenos Aires that this project seeks to change. Volunteers help rescue street animals, clean and feed them, and then give them a better home in an animal shelter.

Development Works: Many local communities around Buenos Aires are still in the process of being developed and constructed and this project is enabling such changes to happen. Volunteers work with NGOs and local organizations in management and strategizing for development.

Road2Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

All programs with Road2Argentina start at 4 weeks. This length of time gives you a real chance to get involved with the community and really get to make a difference with your project. For four weeks, the program cost is $1,031 and this covers your host family accommodation, your meals, and some of domestic transport, all the while giving you an entirely priceless experience.

Road2Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Road2Argentina have proudly placed many volunteers like you in ideal placements in Buenos Aires. Read more about their positive experiences with volunteer opportunities in Argentina and get inspired for your next adventure.

Road2Argentina was an excellent program in providing the support and the help that I needed. They took the time to get through a very meticulous process of acquiring a visa for me, and I feel like they were there every step of the way in order to make it happen. They contacted the necessary parties and inquired about the process continually. Road2Argentina made my dream come true. I highly recommend this program because it was affordable and well worth it. They had a great variety of activities where you could interact with other people doing the program.

I will definitely recommend this program to my friends or anyone who is thinking about studying abroad in Argentina. - AllisonM

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Are You Interested to Volunteer in Argentina?
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Global Volunteer Network

GVN Top Low Cost Volunteering in Argentina Opportunities

If you are interested in some unique volunteer opportunities in Argentina, such as horse therapy or gender equality, then Global Volunteer Network is certainly worth looking into.

Since 2006, this company has placed over 2,000 like-minded volunteers in inexpensive volunteering programs in Argentina, on programs ranging from community development to sports therapy and everything in between.

For 1 week programs you can expect to pay around $750 and $1,250 for 2 weeks. This company has a positive international reputation and gets an A rating.

Global Volunteer Network Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Horse Therapy: This project with Global Volunteer Network works to improve motor and sensory skills of children by teaching them horse riding and encouraging a new form of physical movement. Volunteers help take care of the horses, communicate with parents and children, and assist therapists and teachers. 

Gender Equality: The overall goal of this project is to better gender rights and equality for girls and women. Volunteers work at a centre for single mothers who have suffered abuse or abandonment, developing their sense of empowerment through education and activities. 

Community Development: This project works with children and adults in the community to improve their educational and recreational opportunities. Volunteers teach English, organize activities, and develop creative programs such as art, dance, and music. 

Animal Conservation: The goal of this project is to rehabilitate and recover animals from areas surrounding Casa Grande, a town in Cordoba where animals face extinction. Volunteers help by promoting the park, educating school groups and tourists, and implementing conservation strategies. 

Sports: This project aims to boost confidence and coordination of children and teenagers through sports, as well as providing more after school activities. Volunteers play and teach sports with kids as well as promote education on overall health. 

Global Volunteer Network Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

For one week programs, the cost starts at $750 and for two weeks, the program fee is $1,250. All these fees go directly towards the local community, the project, and the host family you will be staying with.

Global Volunteer Network Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Many like-minded volunteers have sought out inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Argentina to fulfill their dreams of heading abroad. Read more about what they have to say about their experience with Global Volunteer Network.

An absolutely wonderful, diplomatic, kind and responsive team working with you. GVN were knowledgeable and efficient when we dealt with them. Their communications were timely and helpful. Thanks to GVN and the local Program, I can't wait to come back some day!! - Ruth Delbaree

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Gloablteer Argentina Volunteering Opportunities

Argentina appeals to everyone for different reasons and this diverse country has plenty on offer, including many unique wildlife species. From flying birds to swimming fish, Argentina is rich in special animals. Among these animals species are monkeys. These cute primates have so much character, personality, and amusement to share with visitors to this country.

Unique low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina are available through UK company Globalteer. Here you have the chance to work at a monkey sanctuary in La Cumbre, and have a really interesting experience being based in a rural location working with these cute little critters.

This program is a minimum of two weeks, with all-inclusive prices starting at 1,250.

Since 2006, Globalteer have been linking up volunteers just like you with this great program, and have received a well-deserved A rating over time.

Globalteer Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Monkey Sanctuary: This program exists because the natural habitat of monkeys is slowly being destroyed due to global development and deforestation. Fortunately, you can be part of the solution rather than the problem by getting involved in this monkey sanctuary in La Cumbre. You will spend your days feeding, cleaning, and playing with monkeys. Over the two week program you will develop a real bond with these cheeky primates and learn a whole new way to interact with animals.

Globalteer Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

This volunteer program in Argentina lasts a minimum of two weeks and the cost for this time period is $1,250. This covers your accommodation with a host family, all your meals, as well as transport to and from the monkey sanctuary.

Globalteer Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Plenty of other monkey lovers have found themselves in La Cumbre having the time of their lives interacting with dozens of primates. This program has proven very popular with international volunteers as is evidenced in these positive reviews below.

Globalteer's program was life changing and unforgettable. One great thing I did notice from the off was the social messages they were trying to give and how they just told me to have fun and enjoy myself. There was no danger of anything else! What I loved most about this project was that every day was different. I have not one bad word to say about the project and NGOs we worked with. Everyone was welcoming, enthusiastic and lots of fun. If I had the money, I'd be doing it every year!! - Globalteer Cambodia!

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Are You Interested to Volunteer in Argentina?
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Mente Argentina

Mente Affordable Argentina Volunteer Projects

Another local company offering low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina, Mente Argentina has tailor made programs to suit you and your traveling lifestyle. Prices begin from $1,290 for four weeks and you have the flexibility to get the right package that works best for you.
There are many placements in a variety of fields such as teaching English, health care, soup kitchen, environment conservation, community development, youth outreach programs, elderly care, and women empowerment.

With an A rating, this is a great company to look into if you want a flexible program.

Mente Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Teaching English: This project works with some of the most disadvantaged schools in Argentina to combat the gap in educational standards. Volunteers create and deliver lessons for students to improve their English, and provide them with the chance to interact with a native English speaker. 

Health: The aim of this project is to improve the overall quality of treatment for patients in hospitals and clinics, as well as educating the wider community on health care. Volunteers will be working in two of Buenos Aires’ best public hospitals where they will assist local nurses and doctors. 

Soup Kitchen: Creating better lives for homeless people, this project assists a local organization to provide food, shelter, and clothing for individuals in need. Volunteers help with the day-to-day running and undertake tasks such as serving food and running activities. 

Environment Conservation and Community Development: This project touches on two important community issues: conserving the environment and working with mentally challenged members of the community. Volunteers work with young adults and adolescents to create sustainable vegetable gardens and implement recycling programs. 

Youth Outreach Program: This project collaborates with a humanitarian organization to provide basic resources to children who are in socially vulnerable situations due to poverty or disease. Volunteers will help on a variety of projects such as leading drama, art, sports, music, or cooking classes. 

Elderly Care: Working with a not-for-profit local organization, this project fights poverty and promotes self-sufficiency for elderly members of society. Volunteers help prepare meals, play games, teach English, and take senior citizens out into the community.

Women's Empowerment: Serving shelters and community centers that aim to provide women with basic resources, this project aims to improve the status of women in the community. Volunteers plan activities, run games, and teach English at the centre.

Mente Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

All volunteer programs in Argentina with Mente Argentina run for four weeks, and prices begin at $1,290. These programs are very flexible and can be tailor made to suit your needs and availability.

Mente Argentina Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

With so many incredible programs available, Mente Argentina have helped volunteers like you make a huge difference in local communities while making a huge difference in their own lives at the same time. Read some more about these life-changing experiences here.

Mente Argentina was much better than I expected! Everyone was so nice and I met tons of amazing people. They organized my whole trip: accommodation, classes, and lots of fun cultural and social activities - there was always something going on! The program coordinators were always available for any issues that came up and to help my plan my own outings, like going to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Iguazu Waterfalls. I worked on my Castellano (Argentinian Spanish) while getting to hang out with local Porteños. The program directors were so nice and made me feel right at home and the course content is definitely something that I have brought home to share with my family and friends. Thank you Mente!- laurap

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Eli Abroad

Eli Best Budget Volunteer Abroad Argentina Programs

This US based company with an A rating was established in 2001 and has placements in 44 countries, including many cheap volunteer opportunities in Argentina.

Programs start at four weeks with a cost of $1,390. Through ELI you will have the chance to get involved in a program working with youth at risk, animal rescue, health and nutrition, at a soup kitchen, or teaching in Buenos Aires.

ELI Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Youth At Risk: This project partners with organizations in Buenos Aires that promote educational and social advancements for at-risk youths. Volunteers assist with after school tutoring in English, providing childcare, and leading recreational activities. 

Animal Rescue: This project is connected with many animal centers, including dog shelters and horse refuges. Volunteers are needed to assist with the day-to-day management of the centers and providing care for the animals.

Health and Nutrition: Ideal for medical students, this project aims to treat patients and educate the community on preventative measures when it comes to disease management. Volunteers will help in administrative tasks in hospitals and clinics as well as run workshops. 

Soup Kitchen: This project supports the homeless community in Buenos Aires and provides them with basic necessities to live a better life. Volunteers spend time at local centers cooking, cleaning, serving food, and providing some basic English lessons. 

Teaching: The goal of this project is to provide better English lessons to schools in Buenos Aires. Volunteers plan lessons, deliver them, help in classroom management, as well as running workshops for low-income adults. 

ELI Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

ELI offers volunteer placements starting at four weeks with a cost of $1,390. This price gives you a real cultural immersion experience, with everything from living expenses to meals and some domestic transport covered for the duration of your stay.

ELI Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

With thousands of volunteers placed across the globe, ELI is proud to be supporting people to achieve their volunteering dreams abroad. Keep reading to find out just how much past volunteers have loved their experiences with volunteer programs in Argentina with ELI.

I volunteered trough ELI for 4 months an I am very happy with my experience. I just want to thank ELI for having such a great and affordable volunteer abroad program. These 4 months and unforgettable experience!! - ScottJason

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GO Eco

Inexpensive Argentina Volunteering Opportunities by GoEco

Here is a unique company that works with childcare and community immersion volunteer placements in Buenos Aires. For a genuine grassroots development, this three week program is a fantastic program to get involved in. The starting price is $1,600 for this time which is excellent value for money.

GO Eco has been running since 2005 and places over 1,000 volunteers a year, which has really given them a name internationally and earned them an A+ rating. 

GO Eco Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Child Care: If you love working with young children and take pleasure in making their faces light up with a smile, then spending your days in a child care centre in Buenos Aires will be an enriching and rewarding experience. With GO Eco you can get involved in a 3 week program where you will spend up to five hours a day, five times a week going to a local child care centre. Over this time, you will support the education staff at the centre while developing a strong rapport with the children and creating beautiful relationships. You will get to play games, sing and dance, and create fun arts and crafts projects with the kids during your stay. Your creativity and energy will be welcomed so make sure you pack lots of fun ideas in your backpack!

Community Immersion: One of the best ways to get to know a culture is to become immersed in the community. This is what the community immersion volunteer program with GO Eco aims to do. You will be involved in a number of community development projects from refurbishing libraries to working on educational health campaigns. While doing these projects, you will become truly immersed in the project by going around to local centers and getting to know local individuals. This is the best way to get a real sense of the local culture and get to know some genuine stories. All of this will help expand your knowledge to get the best results for grassroots development in the community.

GO Eco Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

 For the purpose of cultural and community immersion, GO Eco offers volunteer opportunities in Argentina for a minimum of 3three weeks. For this timeframe the cost is $1,600 and this covers your living, meals, and some transport in the country for the duration of your stay.

GO Eco Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Check out what other volunteers who have become immersed in the local Argentinian culture through GO Eco have to say about their experiences. Get ready to be inspired and even more motivated to make your volunteer dreams abroad a reality!

GoEco is a great program to go through and is not expensive whatsoever. They are very involved and have a lot to offer that allow you to enjoy your experience as a whole. I was able to go ziplining for a great price which included lunch and transportation! I would definitely recommend this program! - Demejean

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Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide Cheap Volunteering in Argentina

On offer with Travellers Worldwide are two very interesting programs. In Buenos Aires there is an excellent English Teaching program that will really get you involved with the local community; or in Cordoba you can work at a monkey and primate rehabilitation centre.

Both these programs run for a minimum of two weeks with an all-inclusive cost of $2,257, and the company has a B+ rating.

Travellers Worldwide Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

English Teaching: Around Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas there are many schools in desperate need of your native English skills. Whether you are a qualified teacher, studying in the field, or just have a natural flair for working with kids, this is the perfect way to develop your teaching abilities while making a genuine impact on students’ English language education. While you have a remarkable experience abroad, you will also be helping communities in Argentina with grass roots development in terms of speaking and understanding English.

Monkey and Primate Rehabilitation: A unique experience awaits you in Cordoba when you take part in volunteering at a monkey and primate rehabilitation centre. This is a really great opportunity to get involved with long term animal conservation and make positive changes towards sustainable habitation for these special animals. Due to global development and deforestation, monkeys and primates are often the first to lose their homes amongst the trees. Working at this rehabilitation centre, you will be caring for injured monkeys and getting them back on their feet, so to speak. This is an ideal way for animal lovers to experience Argentina and form some special bonds with these cute monkeys.

Travellers Worldwide Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

Starting at two weeks, Travellers Worldwide offers programs for a fee of $2,257. This fee includes your meals and accommodation as well as domestic transportation to your workplace. Also keep in mind that these fees go directly towards the project and the local community that you will become a part of it, so it is a worthy investment while gaining priceless experiences for yourself.

Travellers Worldwide Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Travellers Worldwide has worked with many young and eager volunteers much like you to find them the best placement for volunteer opportunities in Argentina. Read some reviews below to find out how life changing and incredible these experiences have been for other people.

This has been a life changing experience. I honestly cannot praise this placement enough so anything else I can do for you, please just yell. Thank you so much for letting me do this, I have loved every second of it. Travellers WorldWide is definitely a stress-free way to visit the amazing country.- Erica

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Are You Interested to Volunteer in Argentina?
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API Volunteer Argentina Opportunities

Since 1997, API has been working with 30 destination countries and helping young spirited volunteers like you find their right placement. With an A rating that has been earned during years of dedication and hard work, this company offers one week programs starting at $1,450 and 2 week program at $1,740.

You can choose from a variety of placements from childcare, construction, teaching, social justice, health, coaching sports, to fulfill your dream of volunteering in Argentina.

API Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Child Care: Centers for underprivileged children are the focus of this project that supports orphanages and community places for at-risk children. Volunteers help with cooking and cleaning around the centre, as well as playing games, singing songs, and giving the kids some much needed love and affection. 

Construction: This project aims to improve structures in communities that have run down buildings, focusing on important community buildings such as schools and hospitals. Volunteers help out with painting, renovating, and landscaping buildings. 

Social Justice: If you want to be part of a positive movement forward in social change, getting involved in development abroad is the way to go. Working with lawyers and social workers in Buenos Aires, you can learn the behind the scenes of how NGOs and local aid companies are working to create better futures for communities across Argentina. Your support will be much appreciated and this will be a great learning opportunity for you personally.

Coaching Sports: Through learning and playing sports, people of all ages learn teamwork, new forms of communication, personal development, ways to stay healthy, and most importantly how to have fun and enjoy their passion. If sports are your passion, take this abroad and get involved in coaching sports to a local community in Buenos Aires. You will be working with kids, teenagers, and young adults imparting your knowledge and enthusiasm of your favorite sports.

API Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

For programs starting at one week API charges $1,450, and for two weeks the cost is $1,740. These fees include your meals and accommodation, normally with a host family. As well as this, some domestic transport is covered. You can rest assured that the money you pay for this program is directly invested back in the community and the projects you are taking part in.

API Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Many volunteers before you have had life changing experiences in Argentina thanks to low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina from API. These reviews highlight how positively these programs have impacted volunteers’ lives around the world.

Best part of the API programs the opportunity for excursions. In one afternoon you can learn/see more history than years of classes.-Todd Moore

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Connect 123

Connect123 Best Inexpensive Volunteer Argentina Programs

This South African company has developed a positive international reputation since 2005 and now has an A rating.

Through Connect 123 you can tailor make a program for a flat rate of $1,895 for two weeks so that you get exactly what you want when volunteering in Argentina. Connect 123 can get you in touch with a range of placements in Buenos Aires.

Whether you are interested in animal science and wildlife, community service, economic development, teaching, environmental conservation, human rights, health, social work, or youth development and sports, there will certainly be something on offer through Connect 123 to suit you.

Connect 123 Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Animal Science and Wildlife: This project aims to protect endangered animal species and conserve their natural habitat. Volunteers help at local parks and wildlife sanctuaries with cleaning animals and feeding them.

Community Services: From running after school activities to organizing community events on the weekend, this project helps communities connect. Volunteers will assist with event management, improving community spaces, and running activities for young children and teenagers.

Economic Development: This project's goal is to improve business management and sustainable economic development in local communities. Volunteers will help with managing business strategies and teaching English to businesses.

Teaching: This project supports schools in rural communities to help close the gap in education standards across Argentina. Volunteers will deliver lessons that make learning English engaging and fun for students. 

Environment Conservation: Caring for the environment is a great way to take you around the world and leave your green footprint in different places. In Buenos Aires, Connect 123 can get you a placement in gardening, creating vegetable patches, or working in forests to protect native plants and trees.

Human rights: this project seeks to educate local communities on basic human rights and ensure that these are being met across Argentina. Volunteers will work with local NGOs and other organizations to deliver workshops and seminars to help educate the community. 

Health: this project support nurses, doctors, and other health professionals on the job or in educational campaigns to change the health of local people across Argentina. Volunteers will be working in hospitals or clinics assisting nurses and doctors or at community centers to run seminars and workshops.

Social work: this project works with young children and teenagers in vulnerable social positions to promote their living standards and give them hope for the future. Volunteers will work with centers to run activities, organize events, and teach English to the kids.

Youth development and sports: this project focuses on sports therapy as a way to connect and engage young people in society. Volunteers run after-school and weekend sport workshops where participants gain new skills, make new friends, and boost their overall confidence. 

Connect 123 Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

Connect 123 offers tailor made programs to suit your needs and schedule. Volunteer opportunities in Argentina start at a flat rate of $1,895 for two weeks with the flexibility to create a placement that is just right for you.

Connect 123 Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Get involved with Connect 123 just like these people who have had amazing experiences and get ready for your world to change for the better.

Connect 123 offers a great fit for someone looking for an experience that goes beyond the traditional study abroad program. Regardless your level of experience with traveling, living or working abroad, Connect can help you find your place, get acquainted with the local environment and culture and settle into an exciting new chapter in your life. It really was the best of all possibilities with Connect, and I will recommend them highly for someone looking for a unique experience that will set you apart. - Blake

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Are You Interested to Volunteer in Argentina?
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Frontier Cheap Best Argentina Volunteer Projects

A long running volunteering company, Frontier have been organizing low cost volunteering opportunities in Argentina and across the world since 1989 and have a B+ rating.

In Argentina, Frontier can connect you with teaching programs, medical volunteering, or community projects in Buenos Aires. Their weeks programs have a flat rate of $2,245 and 5 weeks start at $2,445.

Frontier Argentina Volunteer Program Opportunities

Teaching: if you feel like you can really connect with children and teenagers through teaching, then getting behind a teaching volunteer placement will have a real positive impact on students’ learning in Buenos Aires. Whether you are interested in teaching English, numeracy, computers, arts, or sports, there is a school out there that will love your help.

Medical volunteering: Whether you are studying in the medical field or already qualified, your experiences and knowledge will go a long way in Argentina. As you assist in hospitals or doctor's clinics, you will also be teaching and passing on new ways of handling medical cases, meaning that you are giving knowledge for long term grass roots development in the local community.

Community project: There are many community programs that your assistance will greatly appreciated in. From setting up libraries to organizing community events on weekends and holidays, contributing to these will help establish a real sense of community engagement and development. This is a great way to get involved with the local culture and people as well.

Frontier Argentina Volunteer Program Fees

To volunteer with Frontier for four weeks an upfront fee of $2,245 is required, and for five weeks the fee is $2,445. These placement fees go directly to funding the project and supporting the local community, as well as covering your meals, accommodation, and some domestic transportation in the country.

Frontier Argentina Volunteer Program Reviews

Since 1989 Frontier has been placing volunteers in their dream placements across the world. It is no surprise that such volunteers have only positive things to say about their experiences thanks to Frontier. Read some reviews below to find out more about how life changing volunteering abroad can be.

An absolutely amazing experience volunteering. Extremely well organized project which completely surpassed all my expectations. I would recommend this project highly and will with a doubt be joining more Frontier projects in the future. - Ali

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When it comes to selecting the most suitable volunteer program, there are many factors that you need to consider and weigh up. This can certainly be a stressful process, but keep in mind that the time and effort you put in now will help set you on the right track to have the best experience with volunteering programs in Argentina as possible. The best organizations will stand out in terms of both professionalism and quality, which can be judged by their website and online rapport.

We have selected the top low cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina based on price, history, and reviews. However, it is up to you to make the final decision about which company is going to be the best for your experience volunteering in Argentina. To help you choose the best volunteer program, take some of these handy tips into consideration.

Check the company’s website and blog to see how professional it looks and if it is up to date. You should be checking for things like how the company presents its work ethic and ethos, and if there are photos available. Also make sure the website information is written in clear and understandable English, as this is an indication of their communication levels.

See if they have a social media presence as this indicates the company’s dedication to keeping up with new ways of marketing and recruiting volunteers. The company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts say a lot about how they interact with the online community. The more active a company is with social media, the better.

Inspect the fees quoted for each volunteer program carefully, keeping an eye out for hidden or extra expenses. There may be add-on costs to cover things like domestic transport, but if the company is honest and upfront about these and they seem reasonable there is no cause for concern.

Identify their main motive in terms of money. The best companies will be not-for-profit and the program fees you pay should be invested straight back in the project and the local community, including your host family and accommodation.

Make sure you can read reviews from past volunteers. The company should be open and honest about their feedback and reviews, so both positive and negative reviews should be easily accessible. This is important so you can get an overall feel of the company and take into account experiences from people who think the company has room for improvement. If every review is glowing and overly positive, it might not be a true reflection on the company.

Ensure the company has good communication via email and online correspondence. You can get a sense of this by how fast they respond to your emails. Also pay attention to how professional the emails are and how willing they are to answer your questions and give assistance.

Choose a company with a commitment to the community and one who is genuinely passionate about the local cause. You want to volunteer with a company that is ethical and morally responsible about the volunteer work they are doing. This will ensure you get the best experience and make the most genuine difference you can to the local communities’ grassroots development.

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