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Are you thinking about visiting and volunteering in Argentina? Are you in search of the highest rated and most affordable volunteer organizations in Argentina?

From the Andes Mountains to the Pampas grasslands, with the glacial lakes in between, Argentina is a country of contrasting landscapes. The Spanish influence, which dates from the 14th century, has given Argentina its Latino Spanish language and shaped much of the country’s architecture and culture. Argentina has a lively and vibrant lifestyle with plenty of festivals, theatres, concerts, and music for you to enjoy while there.

While volunteering in Argentina is an eye-opening opportunity, it can be overwhelming to find a reliable and affordable provider. If you start searching on the internet, you will see hundreds of providers. All these organizations do not have the same reputation, reliability and trustworthiness.

At TravellersQuest, we want you to be able to fulfill your desires to go to Argentina and make a real difference by volunteering in a local community. We want you to do so with a company that is reputable, affordable and can be trusted. This is why we have done lots of the research for you and put together a comprehensive list of the best volunteer providers in Argentina based on their reviews, ratings and prices.

Company Name Starting price Reviews
International Volunteering HQ $679 Go overseas: ‎2,224 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,657 reviews
RCDP Volunteer Abroad $683 Go overseas: 62 reviews
Global Crossroad $703 Go Overseas: 93 reviews
Eli Abroad $1,050 Go Overseas: ‎32 reviews
Go Abroad: 63 reviews
Globalteer $1,080 Go Overseas: 25 reviews
Go Abroad – 39 review
GoEco $1,350 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
Love Volunteers $918 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews

Table updated: April 7, 2024

International Volunteering HQ

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ) is a New Zealand based international company that has been offering low-cost volunteering opportunities in over 30 countries since 2007. IVHQ has a wide range of inexpensive volunteering in Argentina, with placements in a variety of fields in Cordoba and Buenos Aires region. With opportunities in teaching, childcare, health care, special needs care, community care, construction, elderly care, and sports, International Volunteering HQ has placed over 42,000 eager volunteers like you across Argentina.

IVHQ Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

With IVHQ’s selection of volunteer programs, you can get involved in some really impactful projects and initiatives that directly help in the development of impoverished neighborhoods and communities.

Teaching: This project aims to change the statistics that almost 50% of children in Argentina do not receive a proper education due to social and health issues. Volunteers contribute by assisting teachers with large classes and sharing new teaching methods and ideas.

Childcare: This project works with children who have been left disadvantaged and orphaned due to malnutrition and social issues. While volunteering in Argentina, you will act as a positive role model and share their culture, games, stories, and activities with children.

Healthcare : In Cordoba, this project has the goal of helping medical professionals in small community clinics. With a background in the health field, volunteers provide patient care and shadow doctors through the day.

Special Needs Care : This project offers better educational, vocational, therapeutic, and recreational chances for people living with disabilities. Volunteers facilitate workshops, activities, classes as well as organizing events for integration.

Elderly Care : The goal of this project is to provide better living situations for elderly members of the community. Volunteers in Argentina provide encouragement, protection, and assistance to senior citizens living in retirement homes and care centers.

Construction: This volunteer experience seeks to support communities that have run-down buildings and need renovation work. Volunteers work in different settings such as soup kitchens, day care centers, and community centers where they renovate, re-paint, and landscape or garden.

Sports : This project is for underprivileged children and adolescents who cannot afford recreational sports activities after school hours. Volunteers get involved by teaching sports, skills, and games, which boost the confidence and overall health of participants.

IVHQ Reviews

IVHQ has some top-notch reviews from past volunteers who have experienced their stellar services and placements. Volunteering opportunities in Argentina are plenty but with IVHQ, you get some of the highest quality services and meaningful impact. You can go through some volunteer reviews on their website. IVHQ has 2,224 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,657 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.


IVHQ’s program fees come with everything included - from your accommodation to meals and some domestic transport. They provide some of the most affordable programs in the industry with program fees starting at just $350! There is also a registration fee of $329.

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RCDP Volunteer Abroad

rcdp argentina volunteer project

RCDP International is one of the top organizations when it comes to affordable and charitable volunteer abroad opportunities. Their efforts have sparked growth and impact in many sectors of developing countries. RCDP International was founded in 1998 and throughout the years, they have placed over 18,000 volunteers in 19 different countries. They are experts at planning out volunteer trips and placing volunteers in safe and secure locations of a country. Argentina volunteer programs with RCDP International become once-in-a-lifetime memory for all those who opt for it!

RCDP International Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

RCDP offers 7 life-enriching programs in Argentina’s Cordoba region. As per your passion and qualification, you can join projects related to education, community development, medicine etc.

English Teaching: This project facilitates English language learning to underprivileged schools in rural locations. Volunteers in Argentina share their native English language skills by delivering active and engaging classes to both students and teachers.

Community Development Project: The goal of this project is to help local communities build sustainable and self-efficient resources and development. Volunteers will help local markets and organizations to improve economic sustainability.

Disadvantaged Children Project: This project combats the poverty that many children are faced with which deprives them of basic necessities such as clothing, shelter, and education. Volunteers support care centers by preparing meals, helping with cleaning, and running activities for the kids.

Health/Medical Project: This medical volunteering project in Argentina aims to boost overall health in communities through treatment, care, and educational campaigns. Volunteers help local nurses and doctors in hospitals to serve patients.

Dentistry Project: This project seeks to give local communities members better dental care knowledge and techniques. While on this volunteering project, you will support local dentists by delivering information seminars and workshops on dental hygiene.

Disabled Children Project: This project works with members of the community who have special needs in Cordoba. Volunteers provide support, education, and recreation in centers and clinics for clients.

RCDP International Reviews

RCDP International is an A+ rated Argentina volunteer provider. The organization has received hundreds of excellent feedbacks from their past volunteers. The organization has 62 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of RCDP International on Go Overseas.

RCDP International Fees

RCDP’s Argentina volunteer programs range from 1-12 weeks, all for a reasonable cost. To stay a week in Argentina with your placement, meals, and accommodation included you can expect to pay $404 to $510 depending on your project. You will also have to pay an initial registration fee of $279 that goes to cover administrative costs.

Global crossroad

gcr volunteering programs

Global Crossroad is one of the fastest growing volunteer organizations in the market right now, with many top-rated volunteer programs in Argentina. The company originated in Dallas, Texas in 2003. They want their volunteers to adopt a very hands-on approach in their programs and projects and encourage cultural exchange, making new connections and striving for sustainable solutions. Global Crossroads has placed over 20,000 volunteers in over 20 different countries and each and every one of their program has managed to provide aid and relief to local communities.

Global Crossroad Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

Contribute to Global Crossroad’s efforts in bettering access to basic facilities through their impactful volunteer programs in Argentina.

Global Crossroad’s community development program in Argentina works with local NGOs to promote the development of rural communities. Volunteers will write grant proposals, plan various grassroots projects, and assist in surveys and data gathering and in overall administration.

Medical professionals or students can join their healthcare volunteer program and gain hands-on medical experience while also making a difference. You’ll work in rural clinics and hospitals where you’ll care for patients, organize outreach programs and educate the public about sanitation, nutrition and hygiene.

Dental volunteer program in Argentina is suitable for dentistry students where you work under the supervision of an experienced dental supervisor. Volunteers will be involved in a range of activities that include patient follow ups, diagnoses, disinfecting treatment rooms and sterilizing instruments.

Global Crossroad Reviews

Global Crossroad has definitely solidified itself as one of the best volunteer providers in Argentina. From superb services to inexpensive fees, Global Crossroad is many volunteers’ go-to choice. The company has 93 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Global Crossroad on Go Overseas.

Global Crossroad Fees

When it comes to volunteering abroad, many people hesitate due to large and costly trips. With GCR, you can rest assured as all of their programs are inexpensive while still maintaining a decent level of service and quality. Global Crossroads’ program fees start at just $404 for a 1 week program. There is also a registration fee of $299. Volunteers will have to manage themselves for visa fees, airfare, personal expenses and daily transportation.

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Eli Abroad

Experimental Learning International (ELI) Abroad is a well-reputed volunteer provider with programs running in over 44 countries. The company is based in US and has helped many volunteers find their passion for social service through their excellent services. Volunteering in Argentina becomes an eye-opening experience for many with ELI Abroad’s inclusive and sustainable volunteering practices.

ELI Abroad Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

Argentina volunteer programs start from four weeks for $1,032. Through ELI you will have a chance to get involved in programs working with youth at risk, animal rescue, health and nutrition, at a soup kitchen, or teaching in Buenos Aires.

Youth at Risk: This volunteering program in Argentina partners with organizations in Buenos Aires that promote educational and social advancements for at-risk youths. Volunteers assist with after school tutoring in English, providing childcare, and leading recreational activities.

Animal Rescue: This project is connected with many animal centers, including dog shelters and horse refuges. Volunteers are needed to assist with the day-to-day management of the centers and providing care for the animals.

Health and Nutrition: Ideal for medical students, this project aims to treat patients and educate the community on preventative measures when it comes to disease management. Volunteers will help in administrative tasks in hospitals and clinics as well as run workshops.

Soup Kitchen: The project supports the homeless community in Buenos Aires and provides them with basic necessities to live a better life. As a volunteer in Argentina, you will spend time at local centers cooking, cleaning, serving food, and providing some Basic English lessons.

Teaching : The goal of this project is to provide better English lessons to schools in Buenos Aires. Volunteers plan and deliver lessons, help in classroom management, as well as running workshops for low-income adults.

ELI Abroad Reviews

With thousands of volunteers placed across the globe, ELI is proud to be supporting people to achieve their volunteering dreams abroad. Volunteers in Argentina often reflect back at their time in the country and many thank ELI for providing them with such a wonderful opportunity. ELI Abroad has 32 reviews on Go Overseas and 63 reviews on AbroadReviews.

Read all reviews of ELI Abroad on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of ELI Abroad on AbroadReviews.

ELI Abroad Fees

ELI offers affordable volunteer placements, starting at two weeks with a cost of $1,032 (including stay at a volunteer house). This price gives you a real cultural immersion experience, with everything from living expenses to meals and some domestic transport covered for the duration of your stay.

If you don’t want to stay at a volunteer house, program fees start at just $850 with an added registration fee of $200.

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Argentina appeals to everyone for different reasons and this diverse country has plenty to offer, including many unique wildlife species. Unique low-cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina are available through the UK-based company, Globalteer. Here you have the chance to work at a monkey sanctuary in La Cumbre and have an interesting experience - being based in a rural location working with these cute little critters. Since 2006, Globalteer has been working with volunteers just like you on this great program and have received a well-deserved A rating over time.

Globalteer Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

You can help save and protect natural wildlife through Globalteer’s volunteer program in Argentina. Their program involves working at a monkey sanctuary. This program exists because the natural habitat of monkeys is slowly being destroyed due to global development and deforestation. Fortunately, you can be part of the solution rather than the problem by getting involved in a monkey sanctuary in La Cumbre. You will spend your days feeding, cleaning, and playing with monkeys. Over the two-week program you will develop a real bond with these cheeky primates and learn a whole new way to interact with animals.

Globalteer Reviews

Plenty of animal lovers have found themselves in La Cumbre having the time of their lives interacting with dozens of primates. This program has proven very popular with international volunteers and they are glad to have done impactful volunteer work in Argentina. You can even read some past volunteer reviews on their website. Globalteer has 25 reviews on Go Overseas and 39 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Globalteer on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Globalteer on Go Abroad.

Globalteer Fees

Globalteer has an excellent program in Argentina, with inexpensive fees, that attracts volunteers regularly. Their volunteer program costs $1,080 for 2 weeks. This covers your accommodation with a host family, all your meals, as well as transport to and from the monkey sanctuary.


goeco argentina project

GoEco is a leading eco-tourism company, as well as a volunteer provider, that is all about sustainable tourism, ethical practices and a better future. GoEco’s impact on environment conservation has been massive in the industry. As a volunteer in Argentina with GoEco, you will spend a considerable amount of time working with local groups to help build a stronger community. So far, GoEco has 150 programs running in over 40 countries!

GoEco Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

GoEco has a singular wildlife conservation program in Argentina and it is absolutely worth taking!

Get involved in the puma sanctuary and wildlife conservation program near Cordoba. You will work alongside multiple volunteers – providing care for big cats, maintain their enclosures, collecting data and improving living spaces for wild animals. You can also get involved in outreach programs as well as nature conservation activities like taking care of trails, removing invasive species of plants and taking part in organic gardening.

GoEco Reviews

GoEco motivates volunteers to strive for the better and make their dreams a reality. You’ll be absolutely blown away at their quality of service and support if you decide to volunteer in Argentina. GoEco has its own reviews and awards section that you can check out. They also have 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

GoEco Fees

GoEco has affordable rates so that volunteers don’t need to worry about paying fees and can focus on their impactful work instead. Their volunteer program in Argentina costs about $1,350 for 2 weeks. This includes transportation, accommodation, in-country support, orientation and donations.

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Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is a New Zealand volunteer organization started in 2009 by two siblings. They offer very affordable fees for their 150 programs across 39 countries, including volunteer opportunities in Argentina. Love Volunteers has definitely made a significant mark on the volunteer industry and more and more volunteers choose Love Volunteers every year because of their satisfactory service. You’ll definitely have an amazing, life-changing experience with Love Volunteers!

Love Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Argentina

Love Volunteers’ programs are based in Buenos Aires and volunteers can have a good time – helping out in communities while also soaking up authentic Argentinian culture.

If you are an animal lover, you will definitely do great on their animal rescue program. You’ll work at an animal rescue center that takes care of abused and neglected animals including dogs, cats, goats, pigs, horses and more. Your tasks include feeding animals, maintaining the shelter and working in an organic garden for produce.

Volunteers on the childhood nutrition program will work on a project called “Project Children’s Dinners”. Volunteers will work to deliver healthy and nutritious food products to needy and struggling families while also educating them about the importance of a balanced diet.

The community development program gives volunteers the platform to assist children with teaching, arts and crafts and other recreational activities. There’s also a unique opportunity to organize birthday parties for deprived children and watch their faces light up with joy and wonder.

For medical professionals gaining to wish field experience, the medical program will place you in a public hospital where you will work with local medical staffs. You’ll help out at various healthcare departments assisting in primary care and supporting the supply of medical services.

Love Volunteers Reviews

Love Volunteers is one of the most renowned volunteer providers in Argentina. Their quality of work and high impact in impoverished communities makes them one of the best providers on this list. Check out what past volunteers in Argentina had to say about their experience. Love Volunteers has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Abroad.

Love Volunteers Fees

Love Volunteers has an affordable array of options when it comes to volunteering. Their programs in Argentina start at just $619 for a week. They also charge an initial registration fee of $299 for first-timers, while repeating volunteers need only pay $149. These costs will cover your stay at a volunteer house, meals, in-country support, program orientation and briefing and project supervision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a visa to volunteer in Argentina?

Yes, you will need a tourist visa to visit and volunteer in Argentina. Volunteers from USA, Canada and most of the European countries can automatically receive a 90-day tourist visa upon their arrival in the international airport of Argentina.

Is it possible to volunteer abroad for free?

Volunteering abroad is indeed a wonderful work to help make this world a better place and earn some good Karma before leaving this world. However, it is almost impossible to find the organizations who offer free programs. Volunteer programs are almost similar to tour programs and the host organization has to arrange your housing, food, project donation and many other expenses. Instead of totally free, there are many organizations that offer inexpensive programs, and you can consider joining them. Check cost’s of organizations like RCDP Volunteers, IFRE Volunteers, Plan My Gap Year, Love volunteers etc. and consider joining one of their affordable program.

What are the best volunteer programs in Argentina?

There are many types of volunteer programs available in Argentina. You can volunteer to teach English in understaffed community schools, work as a medical volunteer, support deprived children in child care centers, volunteer to conserve ecology and environment and so on.


When it comes to selecting the most suitable volunteer program, there are many factors that you need to consider and weigh up. This can certainly be a stressful process, but keep in mind that the time and effort you put in now will help set you on the right track to have the best experience as possible. The best organizations will stand out in terms of both professionalism and quality, which can be judged by their website and online rapport.

We have selected the top low-cost volunteer opportunities in Argentina based on price, history, and reviews. However, it is up to you to make the final decision about which company is going to be the best for your experience. To help you choose the best volunteer program, take some of these handy tips into consideration.

Check the company’s website and blog to see how professional it looks and if it is up to date. You should be checking for things like how the company presents its work ethic and ethos, and if there are photos available. Also make sure the website information is written in clear and understandable English, as this is an indication of their communication levels.

See if they have a social media presence as this indicates the company’s dedication to keeping up with new ways of marketing and recruiting volunteers. The company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts say a lot about how they interact with the online community. The more active a company is with social media, the better.

Inspect the fees quoted for each volunteer program in Argentina carefully, keeping an eye out for hidden or extra expenses. There may be add-on costs to cover things like domestic transport, but if the company is honest and upfront about these and they seem reasonable there is no cause for concern.

Identify their main motive in terms of money. The best companies will be not-for-profit and the program fees you pay should be invested straight back in the project and the local community, including your host family and accommodation.

Make sure you can read reviews from past volunteers. The company should be open and honest about their feedback and reviews, so both positive and negative reviews should be easily accessible. This is important so you can get an overall feel of the company and take into account experiences from people who think the company has room for improvement. If every review is glowing and overly positive, it might not be a true reflection on the company.

Ensure the company has good communication via email and online correspondence. You can get a sense of this by how fast they respond to your emails. Also pay attention to how professional the emails are and how willing they are to answer your questions and give assistance.

Choose a company with a commitment to the community and one who is genuinely passionate about the local cause. You want to volunteer with a company that is ethical and morally responsible about the Argentina volunteer work they are doing. This will ensure you get the best experience and make the most genuine difference you can to the local communities’ grassroots development.

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