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The 8 [Best Cheap] Costa Rica Medical Volunteer Program Providers 2023

The 8 Best Cheap Costa Rica Medical Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you a medical student or a professional planning to volunteer in Costa Rica, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica projects offer great benefits to both impoverished residents and the medical/health students, trainees or professionals who choose to volunteer their time and skills in this field.

Although the healthcare system in the Latin American country of Costa Rica is quite efficient and reliable compared to many nations in the region, volunteer placements in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and specialized health institutions provide much needed support and assistance to nurses, doctors and other health care staff.

Deciding you want to join a healthcare volunteer program in Costa Rica is the easy decision, but choosing which volunteer company you want to organize your experience can be much harder.

Doing the necessary research by yourself may leave you feeling overwhelmed, as you try to make sense of the various fee structures and opportunities, compare the differing benefits each program offers, and try to figure out who offers an ethical and genuinely useful service to the under privileged.

There's no need to gamble your time and money when you can use this invaluable guide to narrow your choices down. The information presented here will help make your search for the best cheap healthcare volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica fast and easy.

Choosing to volunteer in healthcare sector through any of the 8 companies featured in this article will guarantee a life-enriching experience that you will cherish forever.

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Top Budget IFRE Volunteer Healthcare in Costa Rica Programs

IFRE Volunteers was first established in 2005 in Texas, Dallas. Since then it has offered life changing overseas experiences to thousands of people from all over the world. The company tries to offer its volunteer programs at a very low price, (starting from just $99), providing over 200 projects in 18 international destinations.

IFRE aims to making a positive impact on people’s lives through the noble and meaningful act of volunteering, offering students from any corner of the globe the chance to join an affordable project for 1-12 weeks in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The company also caters to those looking for exciting internship opportunities and group volunteering projects.

IFRE Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This top rated healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica program takes place at a local clinic in Putarenas. Volunteers on the project experience hands on medical training and enjoy plenty of interaction and learn opportunities with the local staff, doctors and medical experts.

Volunteers will be given important responsibilities which may include both medical and clerical tasks, so a day on the placement may involve helping to complete patient record charts, providing physical therapy, taking vitals, assisting paramedics during an ambulance ride and so on.

Positive and flexible volunteers are much sought after.

IFRE Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

Volunteers opting for healthcare project in Costa Rica will be asked to pay a registration fee of $299 when they apply for the placement. Volunteer placements run from 1-12 weeks. The program fees for a week on the project are$470, rising to $1865 for 12 weeks. The fees cover accommodation, meals, tours, orientation, support and more.

IFRE Costa Rica healthcare volunteer reviews

IFRE Volunteer is one of the fastest growing organizations, offering you very affordable volunteer abroad experience in 18 different countries. The company has grown successfully over the years and is renowned worldwide, so if you are keen to volunteer and experience the world on a budget then IFRE is definitely a yes!

The company has received many positive reviews and ratings from online reviewing websites like Go Overseas and Abroad Reviews.  

RCDP International

Cheap Best Volunteer Healthcare in Costa Rica Opportunities by RCDP

RCDP International is a leading volunteer organization that was established in the year 1998 in Nepal. As the very first organization to offer volunteer programs in Nepal they gained around 100 enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world within a short period of time.

These days RCDP offer volunteering projects in fields such as childcare, healthcare, community development, and animal conservation in around 18 international destinations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Having already served over 12,000 happy volunteers, RCDP aims to offer meaningful travel experience to even more people around the world. Apart from volunteer programs, RCDP also offers internship opportunities and language courses.

RCDP International Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This best, cheap healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica project offered by RCDP is held at Puntarenas, a city located on the Pacific Coast. By volunteering on this project you will be working with local clinics and hospitals which focus on a very wide range of health and medical services and specialties.

Current students, or practicing/qualified staff interested in general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, dental, family medicine, psychology, counseling, social work or occupational rehabilitation will get useful medical experience when joining this program.

Volunteers on this project carry out activities like measuring patients’ BP, temperature, height and weight, assisting doctors and medical staff with health center tasks, dispensing medications, giving immunizations, treating minor injuries, helping with outpatient services, providing tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation, counseling patients and assisting in hospital administrative works.

RCDP International Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fee

When you volunteer on a healthcare project in Costa Rica you are required to pay a $269 registration fee that covers RCDP’s marketing and administrative costs. The volunteering period for this project is 1-12 weeks.
The program fee is $245 for a one week placement, up to $995 for a six week stay. The money you pay covers accommodation, meals, airport pickup and drop service etc. The fee does not include any of your personal expenses or your flight to Costa Rica.

RCDP Costa Rica healthcare volunteer review

RCDP is a leading abroad volunteering organization, currently running successful programs in18 international destinations across Africa, Latin America and Asia. The company offers you life changing and exciting overseas travel experiences at very affordable prices.

With over 1200 volunteer alumni RCDP have many favorable and encouraging reviews posted directly from satisfied past volunteers, as well as on online reviewing websites like Go Overseas and Abroad Reviews.

Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad Volunteer in Healthcare Costa Rica Projects

Global Crossroad is a renowned volunteer abroad organization established in 2003 in Texas, Dallas and committed to providing professional and quality assistance to potential volunteers worldwide.
Global Crossroad offers its exciting programs in some of the world’s most exotics lands. The company offers programs like Volunteer Abroad, Tours and Travels, Internship Abroad, Mini Ventures and Group Seasonal Escapes.

Global Crossroad has won the hearts and support of more than 18000 travelers and volunteers who have worked with the company.

Global Crossroad Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This highly reviewed and inexpensive healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica project takes place in Puntarenas, Guanancaste, starting on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and have at least basic/ intermediate Spanish language fluency to sign up for it.

On this volunteer in healthcare project in Costa Rica, volunteers gain medical experience by working alongside experts, and carrying out designated tasks in a professional and respectful manner.

Volunteers will undertake both clerical and medical tasks at the hospitals, including completing patient charts, taking vitals, giving shots, and accompanying patients in ambulances.

Global Crossroad Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

The Costa Rica healthcare volunteer project offered by Global Crossroad is really well priced. The program fee is just $295 for one week and $1045 for a 6 week volunteering stay. Volunteers also pay a $299 registration fee that covers company marketing and administrative costs. (Note fees vary depending on the location and project.)

Global Crossroad Costa Rica healthcare volunteer reviews

Global Crossroad is a renowned nonprofit organization, with 288 excellent reviews and an 88% rating. The company offers safe, exciting and meaningful travel experiences at affordable prices. It has a lot to offers t its supporters from all over the world, and has extended its amazing projects to 18 best and most exotics destinations in Africa, Latin America and Asia, attracting many appreciative reviews and ratings.  

IVHQ(New Zealand)

Healthcare Volunteering in Costa Rica Opportunities by IVHQ

International Volunteer HQ, also known as IVHQ, is the world’s leading volunteer abroad organization; established in 2007 and based in New Zealand. The company offers a variety of projects in over 30 international destinations, all designed to help you gain life time experience by making your travel plans more exciting and meaningful.

From travelling abroad, or taking a gap year, to volunteering abroad projects, IVHQ has it all. IVHQ believes in giving back to the community, so all projects are geared towards increasing opportunities, global awareness and understanding through volunteer work. IVHQ basically gives volunteers an opportunity to explore themselves and discover their hidden skills, so that they can go on to make a positive impact on the community.

IVHQ Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This popular healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica project by IVHQ begins every Monday. Volunteers aged 18+ who are fluent in Spanish can choose a placement lasting from 1 through to 24 weeks.

When you volunteer on a healthcare project in Costa Rica you will be supporting the local nurses, doctors and care givers and working with a range of local institutions including nursing homes, clinics for disabled children, ambulance services, HIV/AIDS assisted living homes etc.

Volunteers help with physical therapy, taking vitals and treating wounds, as well as assisting the doctors and socializing with patients.

IVHQ Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

The IVHQ Costa Rica healthcare program fee is very affordable, with costs for 1 week being $330, up to $1395 for a 6 week placement, with longer stays encouraged. Volunteers pay $279 as a project registration/application fee. Prices may vary between locations and projects.

IVHQ Costa Rica healthcare volunteer reviews

IVHQ is a successful, renowned and trustworthy organization offering the best travel - volunteer options at very reasonable prices. The company offers its exciting and wide ranging programs in over 30 international and exotic destinations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The company has gained a lot of positive feedback and excellent reviews from both its past volunteers and online reviewing websites like Go Abroad, Go Overseas, Volunteer Forever and Abroad reviews

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel Volunteering in Healthcare Costa Rica Projects

Established in 2003, Maximo Nivel is a popular volunteer abroad opportunities provider that offers its services in three countries, namely - Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.

Apart from volunteer abroad Maximo Nivel has been offering other services as well, which include Spanish immersion, international internships, TEFL , and many other exciting cultural and adventurous programs.

Programs of Maximo Nivel are internationally accredited and university credit is also available for students volunteering through the company.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

The healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica project offered by Maximo Nivel is known for its quality and affordability, and the access it provides for international volunteers to work in the hospitals, clinics, assisted living, and other health care facilities. While providing volunteers with first-hand experience of the medical field, the main goal this project is to improve the health condition of Costa Rican people.

This volunteer in healthcare Costa Rica project by Maximo Nivel is primarily available for medical students. Volunteers on this project work with physically or mentally disabled people, the elderly, or with HIV infected children and adults. They assist local staff with tasks such as general patient care (feeding, bathing), distributing medications, changing beds, and conversation-talk therapy.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

Maximo Nivel believes in being transparent about fees with volunteers and is happy to reveal a breakdown of how the cash paid is allocated. The program fee for one week of volunteering is $640, two weeks is $935, and three weeks $1210. These cover the costs of program management, in-country support, airport pick-up, accommodation and meals. Volunteers must cover additional costs for flights, travel insurance, daily transportation.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica health care volunteer reviews

Maximo Nivel believes in investing in professional staff and first class facilities to make sure volunteers have an excellent experience. Volunteer satisfaction is the prime motto of Maximo Nivel, and something the company have had consistent success with.

They have collected many positive responses from the hundreds of volunteers placed, and are equally popular with online reviewing companies, who have lots of good things to say about Maximo Nivel.

A Broader View

Most Affordable Costa Rica Healthcare Volunteer by A Broader View

Founded in 2007, A Broader view is a popular non-profit charity located in the USA, with more than 20 years of experiences in travel and hospitality. A Broader View arranges projects where volunteers can work side by side with local people in a variety of fields, such as orphanage work, day care, community development, teaching and many more.

The mission of A Broader View is to provide the developing countries around the world with whatever support they need, while establishing a lasting bond between the volunteers and those they have helped.

A Broader View Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This best and cheap Healthcare Volunteer in Costa Rica project is ideal for undergraduates studying biology, chemistry or any other science, or for someone seeking a career in medicine or the healthcare field in general.

If this sounds like you why not grab this fantastic opportunity to lean more about life as a health professional? As well as a unique insight you also gain a reference which will support your application to train in a related field.

As a volunteer in this project you might be asked to perform the following activities: feeding the babies, helping with language therapy, supporting the doctors with non-evasive tasks, taking part in special projects assigned by the doctors, taking general care of the patients, and so on.

A Broader View Costa Rica health care volunteer fees

The program fee charged by A Broader View for the first week is $910, rising to $1025 for two weeks and incrementally if you extend your stay for longer than this.
This fee covers the costs for a customized airport meet and greet, in-country orientation and supervision, meals and accommodations, in-country support, departure transfers, advertising and marketing expenses, site inspections and the financial donations allocated to the local partners overseas.
A Broader View does not charge any registration fee for its volunteer in health care Costa Rica project.

A Broader View Costa Rica health care volunteer reviews 

A Broader View ensures that its programs help promote communication and trust between nations, and provide everyone involved with chances to expand their global horizon. A Broader View wants both volunteers and the target community to really benefit from its volunteering programs.

Offering high quality volunteering programs at economic prices also leads to. Due to all these factors A Broader View has been highly appreciated by former volunteers and online reviewing websites.

Global Volunteer Network

Best Inexpensive GVN Healthcare Volunteer in Costa Rica Opportunities

Global Volunteer Network (GVN) was founded by Colin Salisbury in December 2000 and was later turned into a New Zealand registered charity (non-profit) - the GVN Charitable Trust, in April 14, 2011. GVN has partner organizations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, USA and Vietnam.

GVN believes in the idea of ‘Local Solutions to the Local Problems’, and thus works closely with local community organizations in each country. The company encourages prospective volunteers to organize fundraising activities to realize their dream of volunteering abroad. 

Global Volunteer Network Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

The health care volunteer in Costa Rica project is divided into three parts: healthcare, occupational therapy and health education. In healthcare (medical project) volunteers are placed in a medical setting such as an ambulance service or hospital. This project is best designed for med students, pre-med students and qualified nurses or doctors.

On the healthcare (occupational therapy) project volunteers work with the program coordinators of schools for disabled children, as well as other projects, to arrange and run workshops and classes in knitting, cooking, horticulture, arts and music. They may also help the children during classes, as well as with daily physical therapy.

Similarly, in the health education project you will either work in a residence for HIV positive people or in an assisted living facility for very low income elderly residents.

Global Volunteer Network Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

The fee structure charged by GVN is nominal and very reasonable. The registration fee for the volunteer in Costa Rica Health care project is only $250. In addition volunteers pay $495 for the first four weeks of placement. Additional $200 per week is charged after the end of initial placement. This fee includes the costs for accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, and airport pickup and a donation to the GVN Foundation.

The foundation helps the needy meet their nutrition, education and health care needs, as well as supporting long term development plans involving income generation activities and micro finance.

The program fee is exclusive of flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, lunches, project transportation and departure from the program.

Global Volunteer Network Costa Rica healthcare volunteer reviews

The vision of Global Volunteer Network is to support communities in need. It ensures that volunteers have rewarding and memorable experiences on their placement which serves impoverished communities. GVN works with its partner organizations to support them in achieving their goals, and to ensure that their projects are sustainable.

GVN programs are popular with volunteers worldwide, as well as being highly appreciated from online reviewing websites.

ELI Abroad

Eli Abroad Volunteer in Healthcare Costa Rica program

Standing for Experiential Learning International, ELI abroad is a popular volunteer abroad organization which provides volunteering experiences to people from all over the world. ELI Abroad provides volunteering and internship opportunities in various areas related to health and medicine, animal rescue, teaching, business and marketing, human rights, journalism, law, fashion and more. ELI Abroad has a non-profit status, and boasts participants from more than 44 countries.

ELI Abroad Costa Rica healthcare volunteer opportunities

This healthcare volunteer in Costa Rica project is divided into two sections: medical programs and physical therapy. On medical programs volunteers from healthcare backgrounds are particularly welcomed.
Volunteers on this project assist with day to day tasks in hospitals or rural clinics. Local staff assign tasks that they feel best matches a volunteer’s background, level of training and expertise. This may involve helping with educational outreach programs, or taking care of patients.

On the physical therapy project volunteers work with a government run organization focused on improving the quality of life for disabled children and their families. They are responsible for helping with therapy sessions, preparing recreational activities and helping with special sports activities for children with physical and mental disabilities

ELI Abroad Costa Rica healthcare volunteer fees

ELI Abroad works closely with its local partner organizations to ensure that volunteers get meaningful volunteering experiences at reasonable prices. ELI Abroad is a pure not for profit company, so the fee structure for a volunteer in Costa Rica health care project is reasonable and economic.

The application fee for projects offered by ELI Abroad is $200, and this is refundable within 7 days if you choose not to go for the project. The program fee for two weeks of volunteering on the project is $895, up to $1255 if extending to 12 weeks.

This program fees is exclusive of round trip airfare, return trip to airport and (compulsory) travel and medical insurance.

ELI Abroad Costa Rica health care volunteer reviews

As a non-profit organization ELI abroad ensures full transparency in its financial transactions and offers very reasonable prices for the volunteers considering the quality of the services the company provides. As a result, volunteers, who benefit greatly from both meaningful volunteering and economic prices, have lots of positive things to say about the company in their online reviews.


Although volunteering in the healthcare sector is not meant for everybody, it does provide a remarkable as well as rewarding experience for those who want to genuinely help people suffering from various ailments and lessen their pain and suffering. In summation, all we want to say is that if you have decided to get involved in healthcare volunteer work then the information we have provided in this article will help you choose the best inexpensive healthcare volunteer project in Costa Rica; one that will be both easy on your pocket and provide you with life-enriching experience.    

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