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The 10 [Best Cheap] Costa Rica Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

The 10 Best Cheap Costa Rica Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer with underprivileged children in Costa Rica, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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A volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage project provides you a really great way to experience beautiful Costa Rica, while sharing your skills and time on a project which really benefits poor and disadvantaged children. 

The Latin American nation of Costa Rica, or the “Rich Coast”, is one of the most beautiful and environmental friendly countries in the world. Little wonder that the country is a pioneer in eco-tourism, setting a unique example on how a country can tread the path of development and prosperity without destroying the environment. 

Unfortunately, a large number of Costa Rica children live in less than desirable conditions, with poverty, poor nutrition and little education or healthcare being the norm. The good news is you can make a difference. Volunteering on a child related project such as teaching, or caring for orphans is your once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to long term positive change.

Although there are many dozens of organizations offering such volunteer programs they are not all able to provide a good quality experience. Each company has a different reputation, history, motivation and pricing chart. Some are all about profit, others are not, so you will find fees ranging from 200 - 3000 USD for a similar 2 week placement!

If you are going to volunteer you need to choose the best, cheap, and most highly rated company for a safe, affordable, and meaningful experience. Failing to do enough research could lead to a choice which ruins your trip completely.
Here we have compiled an informative article that will help you find the right kind of low cost volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica so that you don’t have to spend hours on the internet browsing useless sites. The companies featured here meet all the criteria mentioned earlier, and consequently are some of the best, highly-rated and low cost volunteering programs available in this country.   

IFRE Volunteers

ifre volunteers for costa rica children volunteer project

A leading volunteer abroad company, IFRE Volunteers was established in 2005 and has been providing meaningful volunteering services since then to international volunteers worldwide. It offers more than 200 projects n over 18 countries, and serves thousands of volunteers every year.

The vision of IFRE Volunteers is to create and offer volunteer abroad programs that include humanitarian contributions, cultural experiences and idea exchanges, all of which are catalysts for positive change in communities, people, children, and the international volunteers.

The company also provides internship opportunities and group volunteering.

IFRE Volunteers child care volunteer opportunities

This best cheap volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage project targets orphans and children who have been taken from their homes by child services due to abuse or neglect from their guardians, offering them a brighter future by providing genuine care, education and, above all, love and hope.

Volunteers on this project assist the local staff with supervisory duties, and help the children with their homework, teach them English, organize sports and extracurricular activities, and do a share of general life maintenance tasks such as cleaning and laundry. .

IFRE Volunteers childcare volunteer fees

IFRE claims that it offers one of the best and most economically priced top quality volunteer abroad programs, in comparison to other volunteer abroad program providers.

For the Costa Rica orphanage volunteer project, IFRE charges a registration fee of $299 to cover advertising costs, staff expenses and so on. A program fee of $285 for the first week and $420 for the second week covers food and accommodation.

International and domestic flights, visa, daily transportation, entertainment, laundry, telephone, immunizations and other personal expenses are not included.

IFRE Volunteers child care volunteer reviews

IFRE Volunteers offers well priced volunteering programs which don’t compromise on quality. Prices are kept low because IFRE does not believe in making profit out of volunteering activities, instead the point is to inspire prospective volunteers who want to make a meaningful difference to both their own life, and those of others.

IFRE Volunteers is liked and appreciated by many volunteers worldwide, and this company continues to be the first choice for many.

If you are looking to experience the real Costa Rica and have a great time, I highly recommend this program here in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. IFRE's staff has been with me every step of the way with coordinating and support. Lauren Markey is amazing! She plans great activities and is highly reliable. This company places you in safe and generous host homes. The food is amazing. Gallo Pinto is easily one of my favorites. Just a heads up, you should probably come here with some knowledge of Spanish. I unfortunately had poor Spanish skills so things have been interesting. But, IFRE's district coordinator will set up Spanish lessons with great teachers that are friendly and patient. Overall, amazing experience so far. Pura Vida! - Amber

RCDP International

orphanage volunteering opportunities with rcdp

Founded in 1998, RCDP International is a popular and inexpensive volunteer abroad company. The company offers its volunteering services in more than 18 countries, and partners with many US and UK based volunteer organizations.

The primary objective of RCDP International is to enable international volunteers to collect meaningful volunteer abroad experiences while its secondary objective is to initiate and promote grassroots community projects.

RCDP International childcare volunteer opportunities

Many children in Costa Rica can be found living in the streets or in orphanages, deprived of all basic rights, including the love and care that they deserve. They have often had difficult pasts and their future is uncertain as well. This top rated Volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage project aims to help these less fortunate children from vulnerable backgrounds make their future better and brighter.

You will be helping the local staff of the orphanage or the project take care of these destitute children. You will be expected to provide love, support, compassion, care and education to them, as well as helping with meals, teaching the children about personal hygiene and helping with their home work, teaching them English or other subjects, organizing games and play activities and so on.

RCDP International childcare volunteer fees

Minimal and economic is what best defines the fee structure of RCDP International’s Costa Rica orphanage Volunteer project. RCDP makes sure that most of the fees paid by the volunteers go directly to the host families and the projects, with a small portion being used to cover operational expenses.

The program fee is divided between registration and weekly fees. The registration fee charged by RCDP International is $269, and the program fees a one week stay come in at $235. For the second week the program fee rises to $370. Coordination, host family expenses and project donation are included in both.

RCDP International childcare volunteer reviews

RCDP International believes that a greater number of volunteers will find meaningful volunteering an interesting and attractive prospect if the volunteering programs on offer are affordable, high quality and also worthwhile.

The company strives hard to satisfy its clients whilst also encouraging potential volunteers by offering the best services at the most affordable prices. This is the reason why RCDP International is the first choice for many volunteers worldwide. It also has a large number of happy and satisfied alumni volunteers and has earned positive recognition from many online reviewing websites.

I spent two weeks in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, staying with a local family, volunteering at the nearby orphanage, and taking Spanish lessons. I could not imagine a better host family. They made me feel at home from the start and were patient and helpful with my fumbling Spanish. ..The local coordinator lived at the end of our block. She drove me to the orphanage each day and helped with questions or needs. Working at the orphanage was enjoyable, but also challenging. …After looking at several programs online, I chose RCDP International because they claimed that most of the fees paid go into the local community, and I do feel that is true. RCDP was less expensive than other programs, yet I was very satisfied with the support provided. - sandy

Global Crossroad

gcr childcare volunteering programs in costa rica

Global Crossroad was established in 2003 and is one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the volunteer abroad sector. Offering its services in18 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, Global Crossroad focuses on grassroots projects, cultural immersion, and travel learning opportunities.

Global Crossroad also offers mini-ventures, adventure travel, seasonal escapes, teach abroad, and other customized group programs, and has already served more than 18,000 volunteers worldwide.

Global Crossroad childcare volunteer opportunities

This inexpensive Volunteer in Costa Rica Orphanage project provides a safe and hopeful environment to Costa Rica children who have faced adversities and are under the guidance of child services.

This project is divided into two parts: the first being focused on infants and children, and the second on older children and teenagers. Both groups are in need of appropriate guidance, encouragement, love and care, and with the help of the volunteers every child can get this kind of support.

As a volunteer on this project you will get involved in a variety of tasks, including such things as cleaning, helping prepare and serve meals, and playing games; basically whatever it takes to bring happiness to the faces of these unfortunate children.

Global Crossroad childcare volunteer fees

Global Crossroad offers quality volunteering services at the most affordable prices, made possible by keeping overheads low. The company aims to serve humanity rather than earn profit so charges minimum fees to volunteers.

The registration fee for the Orphanage Volunteer in Costa Rica project is $299, which covers the costs of office rent, utilities and staff salaries. The program fee for the first week of a project is $285, the second week is $420, and so on. The program fee is paid directly to the host families and the projects.

Global Crossroad childcare volunteer reviews

Global Crossroad is the first preference of many international volunteers because of the price, value, variety and choices it offers in its programs, the experience it has in the field of volunteer abroad, its support to the local communities, the flexibility of its programs, the exciting travel features it offers, its informative language and culture projects and last but not least, its educational endeavors.

Former volunteers agree that they are highly satisfied with the volunteering programs of Global Crossroad, and the online reviewers also rate it very highly in their reviews.

I signed up to volunteer a little over a month ago and everything was set up for me quickly. I chose to volunteer at an orphanage and I'm really glad I did. The kids love to interact with the volunteers and it's been an eye opening experience.My host family is amazing! They really make me feel welcome in their home and I've had really good, authentic Costa Rican meals. They also take the time to talk to their guests even though they're not fluent in English. It's been an amazing experience so far and I'm really happy I took a chance despite all the doubts I had before the trip. I would definitely do it again! - jan

International Volunteer HQ

ivhq childcare volunteering for costa rica

Established in July 2007, IVHQ is a company that has grown consistently to become one of the leading volunteer abroad companies in the volunteer abroad sector. Operating in more than 30 countries, the company serves thousands of international volunteers every year. IVHQ allows the volunteers to choose from a wide range of volunteering programs and diverse destinations, and all programs offered by IVHQ are safe, responsible, and of high quality.

International Volunteer HQ childcare volunteer opportunities

Costa Rica is a wealthy country in terms of natural resources, has a stable government and a growing number of tourists visit every year, but this doesn’t make the country problem free.

The reality for many Costa Rican children, especially the abandoned or orphaned ones, is a bleak future with limited opportunities for a decent education or good health care. This best, cheap Volunteer in Costa Rica Orphanage project aims to help children from difficult backgrounds, providing them with the care they deserve.

As a volunteer in this Costa Rica Orphanage Volunteer project you will be working in orphanages, community centers, day care centers, schools, soup kitchens and kindergartens. You will basically be providing emotional, educational and physical support to these children, helping them in every way possible. You will also work towards improving the educational and health conditions of these less fortunate children.

International Volunteer HQ childcare volunteer fees

The registration fee charged by IVHQ is $279, which is refundable if you choose not to go. This registration fee covers program marketing, information and administration costs, IVHQ fund donation, travel costs to inspect the programs, communication and IVHQ staff support costs.

The program fees for one week of volunteering on this project is $330, while for two weeks it is $610. The program fees cover program supervision, accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, in-country volunteer support and in-country administration costs.

International Volunteer HQ childcare volunteer reviews

Programs offered of IVHQ are designed to promote cross-cultural awareness, understanding and to foster global citizenship. The company strives hard to make its programs responsible, innovative, and trustworthy, to offer international volunteers the best experience possible.

IVHQ works directly with local organizations throughout the world to ensure that it offers the most economical prices to its volunteers, and as a result has collected huge amount of appreciations from both past volunteers, and the online reviewing companies like Go Overseas.

I volunteered in Costa Rica for the 2 week program in childcare and had an amazing life changing experience during my duration. As a first time solo traveler I was very nervous and did not know what to expect, but my experience was incredible. The program gave you enough information prior to the trip that helped me get prepared and less nervous and more at ease……I am grateful for IVHQ for bringing us together. - karthy


uvolunteer childcare volunteering project costa rica

uVolunteer first began its operations in Costa Rica in 2007, and at the end of 2010 it expanded its programs to over 13 countries. By 2012 the company decided to switch focus and become a specialist organization, in order to provide the best volunteer abroad experiences to its participants.

uVolunteer offers its specialized programs in three destinations: namely, Costa Rica, Ghana and Kenya. In Costa Rica, it is registered as Association of International Volunteers of Costa Rica while in Ghana it is registered as Ghana Volunteer Network. In Thailand,the company is registered as Thailand uVolunteer Club.

uVolunteer childcare volunteer opportunities

Costa Rica is growing in economic terms, but many rural and urban areas of the country still fight with the adversities of poverty. The children in poorer area are the most vulnerable, and many have been either abandoned or orphaned.

The aim of this highly reviewed Volunteer in Costa Rica Orphanage project is to help these children fight the demons of poverty, and provide them with the love and affection they rightfully deserve.

Individuals opting for this project will be volunteering in the child protection centers of Costa Rica, helping the staff there to improve the life of these destitute children. You will assist the children in various educational activities, and provide them English lessons as well as emotional support and encouragement in order to brighten their future. You might also organize recreational activities to cheer them up, and assist in running and maintaining the centers.

uVolunteer childcare volunteer fees

uVolunteer believes that the prices for volunteering programs should be kept to the bare minimum, and they try to maintain a very low fee structure for all programs wherever possible without compromising the quality of the programs.

The program fees for the childcare project offered by uVolunteer in Costa Rica is $720 for the first week, and $245 for each extra week of volunteering. No registration fee is charged, but volunteers are responsible for all costs relating to visa, flights, insurance, health and local transportation.

uVolunteer childcare volunteer Reviews

uVolunteer has always believed in providing the best volunteering experiences to participants, with the lowest program fees possible. Reviews of programs provided by uVolunteers are pleasant to read: former volunteers seem quite happy and satisfied with the company in their reviews.

Though a small organization, uVolunteers still provides top quality services to international volunteers, so it can be said that uVolunteers is a positively reviewed volunteer abroad company.

My first time travelling outside North America, to Costa Rica, reached and exceeded all my expectations. A friend and I got bored at home and decided to travel, after deciding on Costa Rica and a quick google search, it appeared that the uVolunteer program would be a perfect match for us.- zeric


coined volunteers in orphanage volunteering in costa rica

Established in 1971, Coined is a leading American organization offering options such as an internship program, Spanish language courses, and also volunteer abroad program to 40 countries worldwide.

Coined is the go-to organization when it comes to programs that have Spanish as the main element, as it has Intercultural Centers in 47 cities in 14 Hispano American countries. The company offers you life changing experiences and international experiences in the education, language and various other fields.

Coined Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

As a childcare volunteer in Costa Rica, you will fight for the rights of every child to have fun and grow in a loving and healthy environment. All the volunteers are assigned the job based on their interest and skills. So when you volunteer in a Costa Rica orphanage, you will watch the children during working hours, help them with their homework and reading, assist with snack time, help raise vital funds for the project, organize recreational activities and educational field trips for the children, among others.

Coined Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

The project starts from the second week of every month and the program fees for two weeks of volunteering (which is the minimum period) is $1000, rising to $1780 for six weeks. Each additional week costs $195.

The registration fee here is only $75, and it includes a welcome package, support and advice, weekly tours and recreational activities calendar, Coined tutorship, housing , airport transfer service on arrival, intercultural workshop/orientation and 24/7 emergency phone.

Coined Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

Coined, a leading organization in the Latin American education field, is renowned for providing exciting offers at a reasonable price. It offers many life changing experiences in different arenas, such as internship programs, Spanish courses and volunteering abroad opportunity, and these things mean the company has been reviewed positively by its alumni volunteers, and online reviewing companies.

Maximo Nivel (Peru)

childcare volunteering with maximo nivel in costa rica

Maximo Nivel is a family-owned organization established in 2003. The company offers innumerableprogram in3 beautiful Latin American countries-Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The programs they offer includes not only volunteering or internship programs but also native Spanish program, TEFL certification, University study abroad, gap year programs, Spanish camp, high school abroad adventure and culture programs. The company works with 4000 clients, student and volunteers every year. Maximo Nivel aims to offer affordable yet high quality programs.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

This top rated and low cost Costa Rica childcare volunteer program offered by Maximo Nivel focuses on changing the lives of orphaned and unprivileged children. Due to intense poverty and violence there are many children in Costa Rica who have been orphaned.

Orphanages support and protect these children and do all they can to help, but they are short on cash and in need of the financial help. This company helps by offering volunteer work placements, with fees which contribute to the orphanage’s monthly budget.

When you volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage, you provide poor children with food, shelter and education. Depending on your skill, interests and background you may be asked to mentor the kids and help with their homework, or teach English, but all volunteers offer caring support.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

Maximo Nivel is a leading company in international education, abroad study, volunteerism, and travel sector. Its main focus is offering top quality community welfare programs at very reasonable prices. The program fees they require is very low, just $635 for 1 week rising to $1765 for 6 weeks.

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

Maximo Nivel offers an assortment of international programs to the people from all over the globe. The company is internationally renowned and has received many positive reviews and ratings from its alumni members and online reviewing companies like Go Abroad, Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

Maximo Nivel was an amazingly organized experience. I had nothing planned when I left for Costa Rica, and they took care of everything: housing, transportation and the placement of the volunteer project of your choice. There are so many travellers that go alone from all over the world that there will always be someone at Maximo to go on adventures with. I vounteered in Carpio, and it was a life changing experience. They place you in situtaions that really allow you to feel like you are making an impact on the community you are involved in. I had an great experience, and I would recommend this program to anyone. - theglassroad

Kaya (UK)

kaya childcare volunteer projects

Kaya was established in 2008 by Heilwig Jones after she personally experienced the benefits of engaging in various kinds of volunteer works and community projects. The company aims to contribute positively to society and make travel more meaningful, by engaging travelers in voluntary and humanitarian works while they explore new countries and culture, rather than just being a tourist.

The company aims to encourage sustainable social, economic and environmental development, empower local communities and make the world a better place by educating people. Kaya offers you the opportunity to volunteer abroad, study a language, gain some valuable international experience or enjoy a gap year in 6 international destinations.

Kaya Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

This Costa Rica childcare volunteer program not only takes care of orphaned and needy children, but also abandoned single mothers and homeless elderly people. When you volunteer on this project you will be working with the staff to prepare and serve nutritional food for the mothers, the children and the elderly.

Volunteer support workshops which help people learn to take care of themselves, and  help with day-to-day care and support of the residents and children.

Kaya Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

This volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage program starts in the 2nd week of every month.  The program fees for 2 weeks of volunteering is $1829, while 6 weeks is $3054. The maximum stay on this program is 12 weeks.

Kaya Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

Kaya offers valuable international experience by offering many varieties of programs, including gap travel, a Spanish language program, a volunteering program, internships etc. Kaya has many best and cheap volunteering programs to offer to people worldwide in 6 international destinations. The organization has gained positive reviews and rating as well as love and support of people from all around the globe. It also received the best volunteering organization award in 2014.

Booking my volunteering trip with Kaya Volunteer was such a great experience! The staff was very helpful and friendly, and they were able to address all of my questions and concerns through the booking process. They also provide you with plenty of information before you depart, which is extremely helpful to provide a better understanding of the location you are going and what your days may typically look like….Volunteering abroad was an amazing life changing experience that opens up your eyes to other parts of the world. - Marissa

Global Volunteer Network (New Zealand)

gvn orphanage volunteering in costa rica

GVN, a nonprofit organization established in 2000 by Colin Salisbury, aims to connect people eager to engage in humanitarian activities with poor and vulnerable communities in need. The company’s core focus is on vulnerable women and children. The organization supports them by working with local community organizations, and by placing international volunteers on relevant programs to provide help and support.

GVN offers its 93 voluntary projects in over 17 countries on 5 continents, and has worked with over 20,000 volunteers since 2002. On April 2014, GVN became an official New Zealand registered charitable trust.

GVN Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

The highly rated and reasonably priced Costa Rica childcare volunteer program helps the unprivileged children of Costa Rica orphanages. Volunteers in this project are expected to provide love, support and attention to those children. They will also be asked to assist with homework, organize educational activities and help take care of their basic needs.

Volunteers can also come up with interesting ideas for extracurricular skill building classes, like dancing, music, art and crafts, aerobics, sports etc. They are also most welcome to work in shelters, community centers or children’s facilities in poor housing areas.

GVN Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

Volunteer in Costa Rica orphanage programs costs $495 for the first four weeks of placement, and $200 for each extra week. The volunteers need to pay a $250 application fee before starting their volunteering work. Volunteers will be accommodated in local family stay. The fee covers a homestay with a local family (breakfast 7 days a week, room and bath facilities). Some family stays also offers laundry service for a small extra charge.

GVN Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

GVN offers volunteering opportunities in community projects around the world. The program works with local organizations to offer projects which support orphaned children and vulnerable women.

The company has been offering best and cheap volunteering opportunities since it was first established, and is successful due to the hard work and dedication of its staff, volunteers and partners. GVN has great reviews from reliable online reviewing websites like Go overseas and Go Abroad.

It’s a life time trip that would really make you think how you look at the world….. If you are into volunteering then it is a must. GVN team are very helpful and they will be with you step by step till you reach them and then send you back home. Discussions are wonderful and you really learn a lot. You feel so comfortable that you really feel home and feel great to share all your ideas and thoughts. - Abdulrahman


GVI childcare volunteering program in costa rica

GVI is a volunteer abroad organization based in the UK. It was established in 1997 by Richard Walton after his volunteering experience with a UK based volunteer and youth development group. GVI was started with the motive to create a global movement to do something useful for marine conservation by working with local NGOs.

GVI aims to increase awareness about cultural understanding and global issues, make sustainable contributions towards global and local issues, and provide people with the knowledge and ability to continue this work. The company now offers its projects in 25 destinations overseas, and has gained the love and support of over 15,000 international volunteers.

GVI Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

GVI’s popular Costa Rica childcare volunteer program helps to establish a long term and sustainable development initiative across the globe by providing sustainable educational programs. As a volunteer in this project you will be educating the local communities to care for the environment, teaching basic skills to students who need help before enrolling in a good educational organization, helping the children with homework and encouraging students to complete their education so they have a bright future.

You will also be assisting at understaffed local schools in Queposby, teaching various subjects such as maths, science and English, and organizing extracurricular activities like art workshops, sports and games.

GVI Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

Volunteers in Costa Rica orphanages will be supporting and developing the lives of the unprivileged children of Quepos. They will be making a difference in their lives by helping them build a better and sustainable future for themselves. Volunteers are offered exciting voluntary project at an affordable price. The project lasts for 2-12 weeks. The program fee for the minimum stay of 2 weeks is $1273, rising to $3052 for the maximum 12 week placement.

GVI Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

GVI runs successful volunteering abroad programs in over 25 international destinations. The company has gained the love and support of over 15,000 international volunteers, through projects which have directly influenced the lives of local communities in a positive way.

Due to this amazing contribution GVI has made to community welfare the company has many positive and encouraging reviews from both volunteer alumni and online reviewing websites like Go overseas and Volunteer Forever:

The four weeks that I spent with GVI in Costa Rica was a fantastic summer experience I would highly recommend to others. I got to see and learn so much going out on the numerous different surveys available for volunteers through this programme.. The staff were all friendly and a great group of people to work with. - JamesCunning 

Eli Abroad (USA)

Eli childcare volunteer projects in costa rica

Eli abroad is a non-profit organization that partners with other organizations from around the globe to make a difference in the lives of people from poor and vulnerable communities. Established in 2001, the company works closely with other local organizations to guarantee volunteers a meaningful experience at an affordable price.

Eli offers quality volunteering projects with the philosophy that the important lessons in life come through good experience and influences. Eli Abroad offers rewarding volunteering experience in over 25 destinations worldwide.

Eli Abroad Costa Rica childcare volunteer opportunities

Many children in Costa Rica come from single parent families and have limited access to education. The Costa Rica childcare volunteer program aims to provide these children with love and support financially and emotionally. As a volunteer, you will be working in day care centers spending time with infants under the age of 6, helping them with varieties of tasks and playing games with them.

Volunteers are also needed to organize activities for the children, and assist staff with chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, and keeping the children clean.

Eli Abroad Costa Rica childcare volunteer fees

The program lasts for 2-12 weeks. Volunteer are required to pay an application fee before joining their placement. The program fee for 2 weeks is $895, and 12 weeks costs $2330. Fees include accommodation and meals, pick up service from airport, orientation, volunteer position, and a 24/7 emergency contact.

Eli Abroad Costa Rica childcare volunteer reviews

Eli Abroad has been providing excellent service to volunteers from all over the world since 2001.The company is an ethical one, ploughing profit back into the projects they offer or a charitable trust. Experimental Learning International has a good relationship with its partners, staff and volunteers, which shows in their positive and encouraging comments and reviews.

I volunteered trough ELI for 4 months and I am very happy with my experience. First of all it was the only affordable program that I found, their prices are the best, and after meeting volunteers that came with other organizations, I can say that you get pretty much the same benefits for less than half the price. I just want to thank ELI for having such a great and affordable volunteer abroad program. - Mariana

Other highly reviewed orphanage abroad opportunities in Costa Rica

Company Name Reviews 
Projects Abroad Go Overseas : 301 reviews

Go Abroad : 113 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 133 reviews
Trust Pilot : 224 reviews
Coined  Go Overseas : 7 reviews
Go Abroad : 1 review
Frontier Go Overseas : 46 reviews
Go Abroad : 40 reviews
Maximo Nivel Go overseas: 318 reviews
Go Abroad : 309 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 162 reviews
Love Volunteers Go Overseas : 124 reviews
Go Abroad : 111 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 28 reviews
United Planet  Go Overseas : 40 reviews
Go Abroad : 297 reviews
South America Inside Go Overseas : 1 review
A Broader View Go Overseas : 123 reviews
Go Abroad : 39 reviews
Volunteer Forever : 116 reviews
Cross Cultural Solutions  Go Overseas : 173 reviews
Go Abroad : 8 reviews
Go Eco Go Overseas : 53 reviews
Go Abroad : 76 reviews


We hope that this article we have prepared will go a long way towards helping you select one of the best and cheap volunteer orphanage programs in Costa Rica.  Our aim through this article was to portray Costa Rica as one of the most popular volunteering destinations, while providing prospective volunteers with comprehensive relevant information regarding the project they are interested in.

We will have done a good if the article helps you find a suitable volunteering organization to engage in meaningful volunteering work. Happy volunteering! 

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