About Us

Based in USA, TravellersQuest is an international directory for tours & meaningful travels abroad. In our directory, you will find thousands of programs and travelers’ reviews to help you choose your next dream adventure.

At TravellersQuest, our mission is to change lives and benefit societies via purposeful travel experiences around the world with gold standard of safety and support. We believe that travelling abroad is the secret to people achieving a wider perspective of the world and indeed, the world becomes a better place when people have a deeper awareness and more appreciation for all persons and communities across the world.

TravelersQuest works as a bridge between volunteers, students and other categories of overseas travelers and the organizations operating international travel opportunities. We seek to address the information gap you often experience while you are planning an abroad trip, if you are in overseas currently, or even if you are back to your home from your abroad trip. TravellersQuest envisions to be the most trusted friend of yours, making a world of difference for you!

Our Mission

To provide exceptional value travel adventure for a life-enriching experience.

We offer a wide range of tours and meaningful travel opportunities all around the globe through third party providers. Our easy to navigate platform, extensive program directories as well as honest reviews and feedbacks from fellow travelers will help you find your perfect travel experience.

Our program directories include:

Tours and Travel

Meaningful Travel

  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Study Abroad
  • Intern Abroad
  • TEFL Certification
  • Language Abroad
  • Teaching English Abroad
  • Gap Year Abroad
  • High School Abroad

Why TravellersQuest?

TravellersQuest is an international directory site for tours & meaningful travels abroad, providing plenty of tours & meaningful travel deals with reviews of former travelers to help you find your next dream adventure. With hundreds of verified programs, authentic travel guides & articles, genuine reviews, thousands of community members and partners, TravellersQuest is indeed the most reliable buddy for your abroad adventure. Read here a few reasons that make us special and different from others!

Thousands of Verified Programs Worldwide

Our meticulous screening procedure ensures that you will only see the finest and the most authentic tours. We officially collaborate with each provider and actively track their services and our client’s happiness & satisfaction through reviews.

Value for money programs

We offer the best deals for your travel adventure that offer value for your hard earned money. Our business partners and providers offer most of their programs at discounted rates found nowhere else on the market.

Hundreds of Travel Guides & Articles

We have hundreds of travel guides and articles with full of useful information and tips for anyone interested in tours and meaningful travel overseas. From planning your trip right through to coming back home, these guides will provide all the necessary information and answers you need to embark upon your dream adventure.

Thousands of Genuine Travelers Reviews

We have a very stringent filtering process to verify genuine reviews from real travelers. We always check the authenticity of a review before publishing it our website. We have a review team who confirms the participation of each reviewer either contacting provider or by asking additional info from the reviewer themselves. We delete duplicated or fraudulent reviews in a daily basis, thus you can compare hundreds of reviews in no time at all and book a trip of your choice, worrying no more if you are booking the right tour again.

We Are Innovators

TravellersQuest continues to be creative and innovative to find groundbreaking resources & tools for international travelers and providers. We have a curious nature, always digging for fresh information to identify various resources/tools that hugely benefits our clients. We are diligent to concentrate on our objectives, always being agile with our strategy if needed to ensure the best results.

We are committed to Making the World a Better Place

TravellersQuest is committed to making this world a better place by building a bridge between abroad travelers and providers. We believe that travelling abroad provides an individual with a deeper understanding and gratefulness of various communities and cultures around the globe. This will indeed help people understand and appreciate each other as cosmopolitan citizens and support to make this world a better place.

Secure Payment Platform

We use an internationally accredited PayPal payment system, to make payments convenient, safe and secure.

Experts at your service

We have a team of highly experienced and committed travel professionals, offering exceptional services as per your interests and needs. Our experts always provides you with an unbiased and balanced comparison of tours and meaningful travels based on both personal and past customer experiences. You can contact us via online chat, phone or email to solve your queries.