Review Guidelines

We love hearing back from you about your experiences in the programs listed on TravellersQuest. By posting your reviews on TravellersQuest, you are providing information to many people around the world just like you and helping them make the right choices when it comes to finding a perfect travel experience. You can rate a program, leave comments and feedback as well as share photos and videos of your experiences.

Guidelines to leave a review for a program on TravellersQuest:

Reviews Should Be Appropriate

We would be thrilled to hear you back about your journey, reading your stories, hearing about things you learned, and what you might have done differently. We always welcome critical feedbacks and comments about the organization and their program of your participation. However, the comments and reviews must adhere to our guidelines. We reserve the right to remove illegal engagements and accusations against the provider and/or activity. Laws across the world vary greatly.

When you post photos and videos, please respect the privacy of people who may be depicted in that photo or video. Make sure that you have the necessary permissions and authorizations if required. We eliminate any photos or captions portraying illegal or inappropriate content.

Reviews Should Be Impartial

We understand that sometimes travel may not go as planned and you may not have the best experiences. In that case, we happily welcome your critics as long as they are in par with our review guidelines. Please ensure that the review content is related and relevant to the program and the provider. Please do not leave spam, promotional and sales content in the review section.

Reviews Should Be Well Written

Please go through your review once before you post them. Make sure to correct any grammatical or spelling errors. Use complete words and sentences instead of symbols, modified or short cut words or phrases. Make your review easy to understand and meets minimum content requirement.

Reviews Should Be Unique

Please do not leave duplicated reviews or copied content from other sources. Your review must be your own unique content.

Reviews Should Be Valid

Please ensure that you have actually participated in the program you are reviewing and are sharing your own personal experience. Please do not post reviews on behalf of anybody else including the provider. TravellersQuest may ask you for proof of your participation at any time and reserves the right to remove any review which is not your own experience. Parents are welcome to leave review for their child if they are a minor or under 18.

Privacy Policy

For your own safety, please do not share personal information in the review section. TravellersQuest reserves the right to remove any such personal information or spammy content without warning. TravellersQuest reserves the right to move reviews if the listing changes in the future or if the review is left at the wrong place. Please leave one review per program you have participated in. Refrain from leaving multiple reviews unless there is a gap in your participation dates.

TravellersQuest Reviews: FAQs & The Answers

How Does TravellersQuest Collect & Publish Reviews?

We collect your reviews via our online review form on the website, several reviews of tours and meaningful travels are submitted and published on our site every year. Of course, our partners play a significant role on this, repeatedly requesting their clients to leave a review on TravellersQuest.

How is our rating calculated? What does the rating mean?

We have two different ways of calculating rating on our website. One is on the provider’s main page where you can see the entire rating of an organization, averaging the ratings of all of their program’s reviews across our site. Another rating you find is on an individual Program Listing of all providers. Many providers have multiple programs and listings, thus, each individual program Listing has an individual rating.

How Do I Know TravellersQuest Reviews are Legitimate?

We have a very stringent filtering process to verify genuine reviews from real travelers. We always check the authenticity of a review before publishing it our website. We have a review team who confirms the participation of each reviewer either contacting provider or by asking additional info from the reviewer themselves. We delete duplicated or fraudulent reviews in a daily basis, thus you can compare hundreds of reviews in no time at all and book a trip of your choice, worrying no more if you are booking the right tour again.