Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible Tourism Policy

We take our responsibility to our travel and tour partners, the local country and environment, travelers, and our employees seriously, and aim to minimize the negative impact of tourism to the greatest extent possible for us. We strive to make the tourism and travel industry more conscious about the various impacts they have on local environment and culture for the long-term sustainability and benefits.

Though we do not offer our own tour and travel products, we have several processes in place to achieve this goal.

Verifying our Tour Providers

We thoroughly screen each provider on our site and ensure that the tours they market are ethical and do not detrimental to the local environment and culture. We also encourage our partner tour providers to conduct their tours responsibly. We do not promote tours that are causing harm in any way and compromise our ethics.

Monitoring our tour providers

Travelers who have completed their tour programs through our site are encouraged to leave a feedback, and anyone accessing our site can view the feedbacks. We monitor the reviews and take suitable action against tour providers who are found to have exploited the traveler by providing misleading information or caused any harm through their tours.

Partnering with Local tour providers

We aim to improve the economy of the country and benefit the local people of the place the tours are operated in. We have partnered up with many local providers to bring income to local areas. We also research about the local providers in each country especially those who practice sustainable tourism, reach out to them and encourage them to market their tour products.

Responsible Office Policy

In our offices, we aim to reduce our consumption of energy, paper and plastics as much as we can, and we continuously work to improve our office sustainable policies. We also aim to provide a beneficial working environment for our employees.

Paperless Initiative

Our business is entirely web-based, and we are essentially a paperless organization. We use paper only if required for crucial documentation. We make sure to use both sides of the paper and collect our waste papers to be sent for recycling.

Plastic Reduction Initiative

We are committed to reducing plastic consumption in our offices. We have already replaced our plastic bottles, cups, and plates etc. with metal or glassware and make use of bio-degradable straws. We purchase our supplies from ethical places that follow a no plastic policy. We have also been actively replacing plastic office supplies (stationary, storage items and furnishing) with sustainable and bio-degradable materials. We are working continuously to improve on this area.

Energy use Reduction

We completely turn off our computer and other electrical devices after work hours and during holidays, as well as during breaks and meetings. We also educate our employees about the long-term benefits of saving energy and following sustainable practices.

Working Environment for Employees

We value our employees. We aim to work to provide a fun, understanding and beneficial working environment for all our employees in which they can thrive. We provide trainings and courses for employees to grow with our company and reach their full potential.

If you are a traveler looking to travel responsibly, read about ways to become a responsible traveler.