What Our Travellers
Are Saying

  • Jean Ben Illouz

    EnriquezArte is an incredible place where I felt liberated to express myself and was surrounded by exceptional individuals. It's undeniably a magical setting where every project is welcomed, and you get to experience life within a community. We've forged friendships that will endure a lifetime and learned invaluable lessons that have cont...Read more

  • Catalina Landeros

    My experience with EnriquezArte exceeded all my expectations in terms of community. I was part of a tight-knit group that shared both work and experiences. We not only assisted the local community by running a weekly food bank but also explored the incredible city of Barcelona during our free time. I gained valuable insights into living h...Read more

  • Sarah Delclève

    Working with EnriquezArte is truly fulfilling. It has had a profoundly positive impact on my personal growth. The volunteers are exceptionally kind and compassionate. Living within a community setting not only helps you integrate with the community but also fosters empathy and a better understanding of cultural differences. The skills and...Read more

  • Filip Kaczmarek

    Participating in EnriquezArte as a volunteer is a truly enriching experience. You forge meaningful connections with the wonderful individuals you collaborate and share your time with. Witnessing the tangible and positive impacts of your efforts on the community leaves you with a deep sense of fulfillment. I highly encourage others to enga...Read more