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Welcome to Africa! Volunteer abroad in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa. Go Volunteer Africa is the leading and largest volunteer travel organization on the African continent! At Go Volunteer Africa, we make volunteering simple, possible, cost-effective, safe and sustainable for people who travel to do good. Go Volunteer Africa was ranked as the best volunteer organization in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa is an award-winning volunteer travel operator. Go Volunteer Africa provides sustainable and ethical volunteer projects, and exciting adventure holidays in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa is number one provider of affordable low cost and meaningful budget friendly volunteer travel programs in Africa.

Important Information

There are volunteer work placements available all across Africa. Our volunteer opportunities in Africa include but not limited to:

CAREGIVING: Orphanage Work, Caring for AIDS Orphans, Working with Street Children, Caring for the Elderly and Caring for the Disabled

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Developing Business Plans, Developing Library Facilities, Women’s Empowerment and Sharing Your Skills

HEALTHCARE: Medical Placement, Assisting Health Professionals, Helping in a Rural Health Post, Medical electives and Dental electives

HIV/AIDS WORK: HIV/AIDS Testing, HIV/AIDS Counselling, Awareness Campaigns, Caring for the HIV Infected and Conducting HIV lessons

TEACHING: Teaching Children, Tutoring Help, Teaching English or Computer Skills, Teaching Arts, Music/Dance, Sports Education and Special Education

OTHERS: Micro-Finance Projects, Business Coaching, Environmental Work, Wildlife or Animal Work, Journalism or Photography Work, Construction Work, Agriculture Work and Tourism Work

Budget Friendly Volunteer Trips to Africa:

Go Volunteer Africa combines community service, cultural exchange, language immersion, and adventure- which creates an unforgettable experience, friends for a lifetime, lessons in leadership, and impactful change!

Go Volunteer Africa is a social enterprise that provides responsible and experiential travel through volunteer travel programs. Our volunteer opportunities are for those who want personalized and our well-serviced volunteering programs in developing communities in Africa.

We specialize in Africa volunteering travel, because this is where we have deep roots and the most ground expertise, local knowledge and professional networks to provide truly authentic volunteering programs that serve the needs of our communities, while delivering incredibly gratifying experiences for our volunteers.

All of our programs be it teaching children, empowering women, renovating schools, supporting refugees, sports coaching or volunteering in a local hospital or marine and wildlife conservation, are handpicked to meet this dual objective.

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  • Michael Simpson recommends this program
    Feb 11, 2024


    I have been in Madagascar for 2 months now and love it. It is truly a unique place to visit, in terms of culture and wildlife. On my first day we went on a snorkel on home reef, saw loads of anemone fish, a giant puffer and a hawksbill turtle.

    We then went for a walk to a local village, on the way spotting a family of black lemurs and a Chameleon. Not too bad for the first day! Since then, I have been able to explore further afield through science work and seen even more wonderful creatures.

    The local village that we live next to have a strong sense of community, inviting us to parties, celebrations and even a carnival! Out here you get sun, sea, sand and science! Perfect combination!

    Working within the marine staff here has been an absolute eye opener and one which has allowed me to experience many new things. From the moment I arrived on camp I was taken away by the beauty of our surroundings- the green forest surrounding the back of the camp and our views out over the ocean and the surrounding areas.

    The diving is not the most amazing in the world but there is a wide variety of extremely colorful fish, rays and occasional turtles. I have genuinely enjoyed every dive I have done here and some of the dives have amazing coral formations so I would not overlook Madagascar as a diving location.

    Being able to carry out science whilst on the dives is also a really enjoyable experience and has allowed me to learn more about the reef fauna and flora in the area. The marine crew are also extremely fun to work with and the mixture of people on camp means that there is plenty to learn and never a boring moment.

    I would recommend Madagascar with Go Volunteer Africa to anyone, but be prepared for basic living standards! This is genuinely not a problem and I believe it has added to my experience here- but maybe bring a few luxuries from home with you!! Enjoy!

    Thank you, Paul, Herbert and the entire Go Volunteer Africa for making this happen!

  • John Major Tabsla recommends this program
    Jan 15, 2024

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my six weeks in Tanzania

    My initial impressions and thoughts of this trip have been surpassed by what I have experienced in these past six weeks. As soon as I arrived at the airport in Arusha I felt a warm welcome, with my fellow travelers, friendly staff and an impressive accommodation.

    I arrived in the country early so had a few days to relax before I met up with the others on the project site. We spent a couple of days with the coordinator who took us around and showed us the community and the projects supported by Go Volunteer Africa.

    For me the experience of being on a project in a group and with the young people was much better than what I thought it would be, the project was very well run and there were lots of activities available to do in the evening if you chose to.

    The most enjoyable part of the project was being with the youth soccer team preparing for the regional tournaments. The project is not only for youngsters there is no age limit and no matter what age you will love it here.

    I was impressed by the organization of the sports and athletics project, and straight away I was involved in coaching activities. Thanks to Paul my contact at Go Volunteer Africa, who made everything possible.

    How this program can be improved?

    Very good organization and affordable

  • Brian Murray recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2023

    Very Legit Company, I enjoyed my Project

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the childcare and welfare project in Nakuru, Kenya. Everyone, volunteers and locals alike, were highly friendly and many locals would attempt to stop on the street to chat with you.

    The accommodation was basic but suitable. Everyone had their own bed and the food each night was delicious! The tap water was not suitable to drink, which meant that you spend some money on bottled water.

    The project itself was enlightening, and very worthwhile. Sometimes the work could be hard with the little children, as you would see issues that would be very unlikely to arise in the Germany, but the people /staff made everything worthwhile.

    The weekends were packed full of tourist-safari trips, and it was very interesting to see the difference between "Locals-Kenya" and "Tourist-Kenya".

    The project was an amazing and rewarding time of my life, and I made friends with people whom I hope I stay in touch with. The project felt well organized but also was relaxed and enjoyable.

    Overall, I enjoyed my project and would volunteer with Go Volunteer Africa again in a heartbeat. The staff at GVA, especially Paul was very helpful in making the arrangements.

    How this program can be improved?

    They can improve on basic living and more donations are needed to provide more resources for the children.