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The 10 [Best Cheap] Volunteer Abroad Providers 2024

The 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Abroad Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer abroad, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Volunteering abroad is a truly amazing way to see more of the world, while contributing to grassroots programs which can be both life-saving and life-changing for those involved.

Whether you are young or old, a student, a young professional with vacation time to use, or an early retiree, male or female - there are plenty of international volunteer abroad opportunities for you to choose from. One important point to remember when looking at programs on offer is that you do not have to pay the highest fees to be sure of having a good experience.

There are many volunteer abroad companies which organize inexpensive volunteer abroad programs which are safe, meaningful and offer real benefits to the communities served, but finding them can be a chore with so many places competing for business. Choosing between the 7 organizations listed here makes your decision easier, as they offer the best, affordable volunteer abroad options around.

All of these high quality but well priced project providers have great reviews and glowing testimonials from volunteers who they have placed in the past, so you can feel confident about following in their footsteps on any of these amazing adventures as you travel, volunteer, gain experience, enjoy unique cultural insights, and make new friends and memories which will last a lifetime.

International Volunteers HQ

Dan Radcliffe founded International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) in New Zealand in 2007. Having decided a corporate job and lifestyle wasn’t for him Dan took some time out to travel, which included spending some time as a volunteer in Africa. His research into volunteer opportunities abroad revealed that they were generally overpriced and focused on making profit rather than helping the communities people were paying to serve. Consequently he worked hard to raise the cash to launch IVHQ – a volunteer company based on the principles of affordable, meaningful and high quality volunteer programs around the world.

IVHQ Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

Dan Radcliffe founded International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) in New Zealand in 2007. IVHQ has programs running in more than 44 places across 6 continents. All programs work around the concept of building community, and projects are available in a wide variety of key areas including childcare, animal welfare, conservation, education and healthcare.

Childcare Volunteer in Nepal – As a childcare volunteer in Nepal, you’ll work for the betterment of under-privileged and impoverished children. Help out at orphanages and childcare centers by planning lessons, engaging the kids in games and activities and helping at mealtimes.

Special Needs Care in China - People with compassionate, kind and caring personalities, who are also willing to work hard, are needed for volunteer abroad on a special needs program in China. Projects run from 1-24 weeks and incorporate various tasks, including personal care, organizing leisure activities and helping with the education program in place.

Wildlife Conservation in Victoria Falls - This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of South Africa while helping with vital conservation campaigns. IVHQ’s overseas volunteer wildlife conservation program is based in a private game reserve, and grants you the unique opportunity to live and work in a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All volunteer abroad programs carry a $329 registration fee to cover administration costs and staff support. Project fees differ depending largely on the destination country. For the programs mentioned above, the price can vary anywhere from $275 - $400 per week of volunteering. Program fees cover 24/7 support in your destination country, airport transfer on arrival, orientation, meals and accommodation.

IVHQ Reviews

IVHQ is a volunteer organization that is well-renowned and appreciated in the industry. Past volunteers speak fondly of their volunteer experience abroad. You can read some of the volunteer reviews by yourself on IVHQ’s website. This company has 2,229 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,675 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.

 IFRE Volunteers (USA)   


Since its founding in 2006 in Dallas, Texas, IFRE Volunteers, [a 501(c) 3] organization, has helped more than 22,000 people find the perfect, low cost, and life changing volunteer abroad project for them. All of IFRE Volunteers’ international volunteer opportunities are carefully selected to be meaningful, genuine and beneficial to the people involved. Staff, both in the main office in Dallas, and on the ground supporting volunteers in placements, are committed to making sure things go smoothly at all stages; and both the safety and welfare of volunteers is always made paramount. IFRE Volunteers’ projects run in various countries, from Peru and India, to South Africa and Thailand, with programs available in a wide variety of fields.

IFRE Volunteers Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

Whatever your interests, experience and passion may be, IFRE Volunteers will have an overseas volunteer program that you find appealing. These include working with animals such as turtles or elephants, helping children learn and develop via orphanage, street children or English teaching placements, community development posts and health focused projects.

Childcare Volunteer in Nepal - Bring a smile to children’s faces through this wonderful childcare program. Regular staff work hard to provide for these children’s basic needs but extra hand to help with daily tasks and also organize games, teach music and language and so on are always needed. No formal experience is needed, but obviously personal qualities such as patience and kindness are essential.

Teaching English in Nepal - Children attending public schools in Nepal don’t automatically learn English, even though language skills make a positive difference to their future prospects. Volunteers who can spare time to teach in rural, under-funded schools can change lives for the better as they help youngsters both learn and use English. There are no particular qualifications needed to join this volunteer abroad teaching program, but excellent spoken and written English, reliability and an interest in working with young people are all vital.

Wildlife Conservation in South Africa – If you’re a nature lover and have always wanted to explore the vastness of Africa’s plains then why not volunteer at a wildlife conservation center in South Africa? You’ll get to see many exotic animal species, including the Big 5 up close, while helping staff monitor animals, clean enclosures, and plant trees and remove weeds, and even assist professionals with veterinary duties.

IFRE Volunteers Fees

All of IFRE’s volunteer abroad programs have a $299 registration fee to cover the costs of providing the service, such as key staff salaries, office expenses and so on. Project fees start at $150 for a week, with extended stays being even better value.

IFRE Volunteers Reviews

IFRE Volunteers is a highly-reviewed volunteer organization with excellent volunteer abroad programs and a history of serving their volunteers and clients the best they can. IFRE Volunteers has 116 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IFRE Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers has been operating for a long time and they are well-recognized in the volunteer industry. They are a non-profit volunteer organization that first established operations in New Zealand in 2009. A big motive behind the founding of Love Volunteers is to provide affordable volunteer abroad programs, with no hidden fees at all. Their completely transparent approach to volunteering has attracted many aspiring volunteers. Love Volunteers has a long history of being a trust-worthy and reliable company and we are sure that they are among the best volunteer providers in the world.

Love Volunteers Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

With Love Volunteers, you get an enormous selection of volunteer abroad programs and you can choose any one of them – since each of them is as meaningful and worthwhile as the next!

Special Needs Program in Peru - On this project, you work with both children and young adults who have special needs ranging from deafness, to complex physical and mental disabilities. Students are divided into different learning groups to best meet their educational needs, and they study in classes of around 10 - 15 people. During a minimum two week stay, those joining this special needs program help improve the future for these wonderful young people.

Teaching Program in Nepal – In this amazing volunteer program, you (as a volunteer) will help to not only teach English but math, history, geography and arts as well! Your placements will be in slum areas near Bhaktapur where you’ll help empower these younglings and help them gain better opportunities.

Animal Conservation in Ecuador - Wildlife in the Amazon is always under threat from poachers and animal-traffickers, and this project exists to provide a sanctuary for those animals rescued from such awful situations. You’ll work to provide care for animals, tend to plants and work to restore ecological soundness to the Amazon rainforest. After treatment and/or rehabilitation some animals can be released, while others live the rest of their lives in a protected, but natural, environment.

Love Volunteers Fees

There are two types of fee to pay to join one of these exciting projects; the registration fee of $299, [or $149 for Love Volunteer Alumni], plus a program fee which is different for each project. The program fees cover extensive support both in the pre-volunteering period and then 24/7 while away, with facilities like airport transfer on arrival, orientation once in country, food and accommodation as outlined on the program itself, and more.

Love Volunteers Reviews

A quick search on Google can show you just how popular and well-respected Love Volunteers is in this industry. Your volunteer experience abroad will be filled with plenty of memories and lessons to help you throughout your life. Read some volunteer reviews on Love Volunteers’ own website as well. Love Volunteers has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Abroad.

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) was the brainchild of a group of UK volunteers, founded in 2011 to provide affordable, supported and safe yet fun and adventure-based volunteer travel opportunities to a wider audience than traditional volunteer abroad programs could. Since then, they have grown substantially, handling over 3000 volunteers every year. All projects offered are designed to make a long term difference to those who participate and benefit from the work, and monitored to ensure this is always the case. Solo travelers are both encouraged and fully supported; as PMGY appreciates being part of a bigger picture can be a key benefit to your volunteer abroad experience.

PMGY Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

With programs running from 1 to 24 weeks in 14 destinations around the world, both short and long term volunteers can get involved. Most programs fit into the categories of childcare, education, conservation and medical/health, and with a 98% satisfaction rating awarded by volunteer alumni, you can be confident that they are all worthwhile.

Childcare Program in Nepal - Children with no parents, or families who simply cannot afford to care for them, live in orphanages where they receive adequate care but limited education or opportunities for leisure activities. Volunteers are always appreciated to help with both routine activities like cooking and serving food, and educational support tasks like supervising homework.

Medical Volunteer in Ghana - The Ghanaian health care system is not able to offer a comprehensive service to those in rural areas, many of whom are living in poverty and unsanitary conditions, and therefore more vulnerable to sickness and disease. Volunteers with none, some or lots of experience and qualifications are welcome, as tasks to suit your skills can be easily arranged. Volunteers gain experience and learn more about the medical system while providing much needed care.

Teaching English in Nepal - In Nepal, being able to speak English makes it easier to go to university or find a job in tourism, yet many public school teachers struggle to master the language themselves. Native or near native speakers offer a much needed boost to keen young students, and even one week of interaction with a well-spoken English teacher volunteer is enough to help change their futures forever.


All volunteer projects require a registration fee of around $249 to cover company expenses. However, the fees charged for each project, while all extremely affordable, can vary between types and locations. Usually, it’ll cost around $375 to $555 for a week of volunteering abroad.

PMGY Reviews

All volunteer projects require a registration fee of around $249 to cover company expenses. PMGY has long stood as one of the top volunteer providers in the world and their services and facilities are practically unmatched. Past volunteers and alumni are glad that they took their volunteer trip abroad with PMGY. You can read some fantastic volunteer testimonials on PMGY’s website. This esteemed organization has 404 reviews on Go Overseas.

All volunteer projects require a registration fee of around $249 to cover company expenses. Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

Global Crossroad

Best Volunteer Abroad with Global

Global Crossroad is an American volunteer company based in Dallas and they have been offering a range of abroad volunteer opportunities since 2003. Regular programs for volunteers are available, along with specialized options including internships, summer vacation and family programs, in 18 locations across three continents. Every year more and more people choose to volunteer abroad with Global Crossroad - a reelection of the high quality, affordable and meaningful projects on offer. Every volunteer enjoys comprehensive support both before and during their time on the program, with thought and attention given to ensuring the experience is worthwhile and valuable to all involved.

Global Crossroad Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

With over 200 projects, in over 18 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, to choose between it’s easy to find the perfect volunteer abroad program for you. From mini-adventures, group projects, internships, seasonal-based and special programs aimed at families and certain age groups, Global Crossroad offer an amazing range of volunteer abroad opportunities.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica – This is a fantastic opportunity to join a turtle conservation volunteer abroad project on the Caribbean Coast. This is a well-organized and safe program, but living and working conditions are tough so it’s one for the true nature enthusiasts. Tasks all revolve around helping scientists monitor and preserve the turtles, and may include collecting eggs, cleaning the beaches and deterring poachers.

Save Wildlife Project in Africa - This is a worthwhile and meaningful animal volunteer program perfect for anyone who cares passionately about helping wild animals. Big cats, baboons, meerkats and other animals that are injured or orphaned rely on this center to care for them and provide medical treatment. Volunteers are needed to help feed and treat them, as well as assisting with general maintenance and upkeep of the sanctuary and any other relevant tasks assigned to keep things running well.

Teaching English in Bali – Working with Balinese children always seems to be a valuable memory for many of Global Crossroad’s past volunteers. Your own journey will be unique as you work to teach kids essential English skills, plan lessons and assist the class teacher with other recreational and creative activities.

Global Crossroad Fees

Global Crossroad work hard to make sure that their program fees remain affordable, justified and fairly distributed. The US $299 program registration fee covers head office costs such as advertising and staff salaries, while the weekly program fee – which is paid on arrival at the project to the local coordinator – covers the costs of the home stay families (or other accommodation), and local staff who provide 24/7 support, as well as a donation to the project you are working on. Project fees usually range anywhere from $150 - $450, depending on type of project and placement destination.

Global Crossroad Reviews

Like many other companies on this list, Global Crossroad has received high praise from its past volunteers and alumni. Rest assured knowing that you will be in safe hands on your volunteer trip abroad with Global Crossroad. They have 94 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Global Crossroad on Go Overseas.

ELI Abroad

Best Volunteer Abroad with Global

Formed in 2001, ELI Abroad is an American non-profit organization which is proud to partner with active community changing groups around the world. By working together they can offer a volunteer experience which is equally meaningful to all who are involved, without charging top end fees. As a non-profit all surplus funds are ploughed back into the programs or used to support good causes. The name ELI stands for Experiential Learning International, and all programs are designed to provide participants with the maximum opportunity possible to learn more about themselves and the world through ‘doing’. Alumni volunteers hail from over 40 countries and range in age from 18 to 82! All are welcome to join, from students and business people to caregivers and retirees.

ELI Abroad Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

All programs are truly immersive, whether they last a week or a year, and with a satisfaction score of 97%+ they are popular across the board. Programs catering to volunteering abroad, as well as internships, group volunteering and adult travelers are all on offer.

Animal Rescue Program in Ecuador - Trafficking animals is big business in Ecuador, with many thousands of animals such as bears, birds and monkeys being captured for sale on the black market every year. Once seized by rescuers these animals need daily care and rehabilitation to prepare them for life back in the wild, and keen animal rescue volunteers help provide this at a specialist center. A specialist opportunity is available to anyone involved with, or interested in, veterinary medicine which allows volunteers to shadow local professionals at a university based vet department.

Teaching Buddhist Monks and Orphanage in Nepal - This dual program runs for a month at a time and combines English teaching at a monastery with work at a nearby orphanage. In the latter role volunteer’s support, tutor and play with the children, as well as organizing activities to educate and entertain them.

Construction Program in Nepal - Nepal has suffered more than its fair share of natural disasters, and help with constructing houses, painting, repairing fences and similar tasks is always needed. This construction volunteer project doesn’t require any specialist skills, although trained craftspeople are welcome of course.

ELI Abroad Fees

All programs have a $200 application fee, plus [for standard volunteer programs], fees of $695, applicable for any one stay which can last from 2 – 12 weeks. These generally include arrival airport pick up, orientation, and extensive support on site, but not accommodation, food, airfare and insurances. Local support is available to help you secure a place to stay.

ELI Abroad Reviews

ELI Abroad is a fantastic volunteer provider that prioritizes a smooth and comfortable volunteer trip abroad for all of its volunteers. On their website, you can find various testaments from past volunteers through photojournals, interviews, videos and blogs. Do be sure to check them out! ELI Abroad has 32 reviews on Go Overseas and 63 reviews on AbroadReviews.

Read all reviews of ELI Abroad on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of ELI Abroad on AbroadReviews.

Maximo Nivel

Family owned organization Maximo Nivel has been offering top quality and very well-priced abroad volunteer opportunities, in South and Central America since 2003. The company’s name is Spanish for ‘maximum level’, and it represents the ‘no limits’ approach taken to providing amazing opportunities to all involved. 1200+ volunteers work in each of the three countries covered every year, taking part in a wide range of programs such as education, volunteer, internship, adventure, gap, travel and study abroad. Each participant, whether volunteer or client, is provided with a professional and meaningful experience, and the organizations overall goal for volunteer abroad placements is to provide high quality, affordable programs which make a lasting difference to beneficiaries.

Maximo Nivel Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

All of Maximo Nivel’s volunteer programs are based in Latin America, with the original three destinations of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru now supplemented by projects in Guatemala and El Salvador. There’s a wide range of different types of program to choose from, including programs involving teaching, working with children, animal welfare, medical-healthcare, construction and with indigenous communities.

Teaching English - Being able to understand and speak English well brings many advantages to people in Latin America, and is one way poor people can get a better job and get out of poverty, but disadvantaged students cannot afford to attend private language schools so they often miss out. Working on this very useful teaching volunteer abroad program is a great way to level the playing field and also develop your own skills in the classroom.

Animals & Wildlife - This is an amazing volunteer opportunity for animal lovers, who may be keen to help at a dog rescue center, a zoo, or with rescued reptiles. Animals in Latin America are not treated like extended family members the way they often are in the west; so many dogs are abandoned, or left to take care of themselves for whatever reason. Volunteering in a dog rescue facility means lot of hard work keeping the residents clean, exercised and fed, but also fun time spent playing and socializing with these furry friends.

Healthcare and Medical Volunteer Projects - Volunteers work in clinics, hospitals, care homes and other specialist heath care places which cater for poor or low income people. Tasks include helping with educational campaigns and vaccination programs, updating records, administering basic care and so on – exact duties assigned to those on this medical overseas volunteer program are based on someone’s qualifications and experience in this field.

Maximo Nivel Fees

Maximo Nivel’s program fees are generally much more affordable than those set by competitors, partly because being based in the locality means there is no middle person taking a fee to connect volunteers with local organizations. Although fees are affordable the programs are all high quality, with no corner cutting or compromises. Their Guatemala and Peru volunteer programs cost $685 while their Costa Rica programs cost $785 for a week of volunteering abroad.

Maximo Nivel Reviews

Maximo Nivel is the best-rated volunteer organization for South and Central America. We do not say this lightly and have definitive proof from past volunteer testifying of their exclusive services, immense staff support and meaningful placements on all volunteer projects abroad. If you don’t believe us, you are always welcome to check out Maximo Nivel’s own reviews and testimonials section for further proof. This benevolent organization has 1,314 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,879 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Abroad.

African Impact

This South African company was established in 2004 by a group of people who had a dream to create something which could help change the world. Since then, African Impact has blossomed from a small, family-run business into a well-established and highly respected volunteer abroad company, which attracts thousands of volunteers every year from all around the world. The focus has always been on responsible and ethical volunteering, with all projects being based on community generated ideas and designed to make a lasting and positive difference. African Impacts’ volunteer abroad programs run in 12 countries across Africa, and each offers something as special to the volunteers as to the people they are working with.

African Impact Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

This South African company was established in 2004 by a group of people who had a dream African Impact offers four main types of volunteer abroad programs in the areas of community, conservation and group volunteering, along with internships in 9 countries across the African continent. All programs are consistently well reviewed, with alumni scoring their experience in the high 90s.

Animal Big 5 Conservation in South Africa - Enjoy the wonders of the ‘Big 5’ while helping to make sure that they, along with other endangered species, survive for future generations to admire one day. Based in the Greater Kruger Area, this animal conservation program has volunteers monitoring the animals’ movements, helping with research projects and undertaking some conservation work.

Sports Development in Cape Town, South Africa - Sports is a great way of engaging young kids and helping get their minds off of other struggles in life. Furthermore, good sports development will help children develop important communication, teamwork and leadership schools. As a volunteer, you’ll coordinate with local coaches to assist in regular PE sessions. You can also help design further sports classes and also conduct afterschool programs to get the children really involved into sports.

Public Health Support in Zambia - If you’re a medical enthusiast looking for some experience into African healthcare then this program is perfectly suited for you! As a healthcare volunteer, you’ll work to raise awareness about various diseases, including HIV, in rural villages of Zambia. Provide workshops, conduct home visits and teach people about proper hygiene on your volunteer trip abroad to Africa.

African Impact Fees

African Impact does not charge volunteers a registration fee, and the volunteer fee paid is carefully calculated to cover essential expenses such as 24/7 local staff support, and covers the costs communities meet to host visitors. All fees are based on a responsible volunteering model. Actual prices vary between programs and destinations; the programs that we have featured here run for $1,955 (Zambia), $1,850 (Sports Coaching) and $3,555 (Big 5 South Africa).

African Impact Reviews

We were quite impressed with the amount of reviews and ratings that African Impact has gained over a variety of online review platforms. They certainly seem to be on top of their game when it comes to volunteering abroad! You can read through some volunteer reviews and testimonials on their website as well, for more feedback on the company. African Impact has 194 reviews on Go Overseas and 2,731 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of African Impact on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of African Impact on Go Abroad.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers

Following four years of hard work and general preparation, UK volunteer abroad agency Agape Volunteers was fully launched in 2009 by a group of ex-volunteers and the local contacts they had made while conducting research and volunteering overseas, specifically in Kenya. The original intention was to help those in acute need in Africa by developing volunteer projects which have a lasting and sustainable goal for the communities involved, while also being meaningful to those giving their time for free. In 2011, the programs were extended to other countries, and by 2012 these included a partnership with a music scheme in Ghana.

Agape Volunteers Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteers can choose between programs offered in Kenya, Maasai-land, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa, where up to six different projects are available in each place. These projects range from music and conservation, to teaching and medical placements, and most can be booked for stays of 1 week up to an entire year.

Childcare in Kenya - This childcare program combines time spent in an orphanage and the school it is attached to. Volunteers help deliver the entire curriculum according to their own interests and knowledge, with English language classes a certainty; then in the orphanage they help with general tasks, mentor children as they do homework, and plan fun activities. This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer abroad and contribute something meaningful to the Kenyan communities.

Healthcare in Kenya - This volunteer abroad program can be intense, demanding and sometimes challenging, but it is also worthwhile, both for the patients who benefit and for the hands-on experience med school or other qualifying volunteers can get. Tasks are assigned according to ability and experience, and increase once you have settled in. General tasks may include assisting with checkups, prescribing and distributing medicine, helping in baby delivery and dressing wounds.

Animal Conservation in South Africa - If you care about animals why not help protect endangered species by joining this exciting project? Volunteers help track and keep records on the movements of rhinos, elephants, lions and hyenas, keep an eye out for poachers and help with general park maintenance tasks. This is a unique opportunity to get up close with wildlife in a natural environment.

Agape Volunteers Fees

Agape Volunteers doesn’t ask for a registration fee, and the affordable program fees start from just a few hundred US dollars. The money generated is all used to support both the chosen project and the volunteer, both before and during the trip. Simply pick your desired country and length of stay to generate a price, as each program has a different fee. For the featured countries above, the program fees are $1,150 (Kenya, 1 week) and $2,575 (South Africa, 2 weeks).

Agape Volunteers Reviews

Agape Volunteers is an astute and highly-reviewed organization. Many volunteers have had a wonderful and memorable volunteer abroad experience, all thanks to this company. On their website, they have a “Volunteer Wall” adorned with alumni reviews talking highly of their experience while volunteering abroad. Agape Volunteers has 20 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Agape Volunteers on Go Overseas.

A Broader View

Founded back in 2008 by two people inspired by the benefits that overseas volunteer work gave both, them and the children they worked with, A Broader View has since blossomed into a major provider of not just volunteer abroad programs but internships study abroad and gap year opportunities too. Their 345+ programs offered across Africa, Asia and Latin America, in fields such as medical, childcare, and conservation have 5 star ratings, and are both meaningful and affordable. Volunteer abroad options which are both financially accessible and designed to make a difference are two crucial elements of ABV’s approach.

A Broader View Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

Rated at 100% by previous volunteers, A Broader View has every right to be proud of their meaningful volunteer abroad programs which are based in countries across Asia, Africa and South America. Let’s take a look at some of their top programs:

Environment Conservation in Argentina - If you care about the environment and the wildlife it is home to, then this project is a good choice. Spend 1-8 weeks on this exciting conservation volunteer program where you live in basic conditions and support local staff in all aspects of their work. Volunteers will receive top of the line training in construction, nutrition, wild animal handling and managing seed banks.

Childcare in San Jose - This volunteer project is based in an orphanage for 20+youngsters aged up to 12 years. Volunteers help the children learn basic English, help staff with food preparation and serving, and create fun leisure activities for the residents to enjoy based on crafts, music or games.

HIV Awareness in Tanzania - From very young children to seniors, Tanzanians of all ages live with, and need support with, HIV/AIDS, and as a volunteer on this remote community project you can help provide the care and comfort they need. As well as medical and educational tasks, those on this HIV awareness volunteer abroad program also work on related tasks such as distributing food and visiting an orphanage.

A Broader View Fees

A Broader View does not charge a registration fee for their projects, and the program fees are kept as reasonable as possible. As each project requires cash to pay local staff and buy materials, as well as cover the costs of accommodation, food and airport transfers for volunteers, it is crucial that low fees don’t compromise the people such projects are intended to support. Normally, their 1 week volunteer programs fetch for anywhere between $820 and $990.

A Broader View Reviews

A Broader View is a top-tier volunteer corporation with loads of positive reviews written about them. You can check some personalized reviews on their website as well. Overall, A Broader View is a company we wholly recommend you choose for your volunteer trip abroad. The organization has 178 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.


Can I volunteer abroad for free?

Finding a completely free volunteer program is nigh impossible these days. While we cannot assure you of a completely free program, we can suggest you volunteer companies that lighten the load on your wallet by a great margin! Volunteer organizations like IVHQ, RCDP International, and IFRE Volunteers are well-trusted and renowned all over the world. Their volunteer opportunities are as affordable as they get and you can book a meaningful and memorable trip at a very low price indeed.

What is the best company to volunteer abroad with?

Some of the best companies to volunteer with are those companies that consistently make our volunteer providers lists. We recommend companies like IFRE Volunteers, IVHQ, Love Volunteers, GoEco, Global Crossroad, GVI, and African Impact – since these companies rank at the top of our lists every single time.

How do I find opportunities to volunteer abroad?

If you’re in search of meaningful volunteer abroad opportunities then take a look at all the blogs and programs that TravellersQuest has to offer. We have a separate section for blogs where we recommend top-rated volunteer providers. We also have a section where you can search thousands upon thousands of volunteer programs and review and compare them individually. Other sites like Go Overseas, Go Abroad, and Trust Pilot are also great websites to do some researching.

Where are volunteers most needed?

Typically, volunteer help is needed more in fields like childcare, education, medical/healthcare, special needs care, wildlife conservation and sea turtle conservation. Community development and construction programs also regularly ask the help of volunteers since these projects usually require a lot of manpower and resources to complete.

How long should I volunteer abroad?

If you’re set on volunteering abroad and are unsure of how long a trip you should plan, then we recommend staying at least 2 weeks. Anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks is a good option since you’ll have plenty of time to give back to the community, explore a different country and get a lifelong experience of cultural diversity.


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