The 10 Best Cheap Medical Volunteer Abroad Providers 2023

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Are you a medical student or a professional in search of an affordable, rewarding and highly reviewed medical volunteer abroad opportunity? Do you want to utilize your medical skills and passion for helping people while also exploring an intriguing new country and culture?

Unfortunately, there are millions of people worldwide who do not have the financial means to access the healthcare that they need. In rural and remote communities around the globe, medical facilities are often too far away or are understaffed and underfunded, and incapable of providing the level of care that is desperately sought.

While being a medical volunteer is an amazing and life-changing opportunity, it can be highly confusing when you start searching for a safe and affordable provider. Any internet search will lead you to hundreds of different companies, of which not all are credible or reliable. It is a tedious and time-consuming task sifting through all the options.

Furthermore, many will charge you thousands of dollars in upfront fees. Suddenly you’re left wondering why lending a helping and healing hand has to be so expensive. Usually, to save time, busy medical professionals will opt for the first program they see online, which costs them much more than they should be paying.

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you paying high costs for volunteering abroad and risk ruining your entire medical volunteering experience altogether. We want to connect you with the most reputable, safe and affordable medical volunteer programs out there – where you can make a genuine difference in the world.

So we’ve done all the hard work for you! We spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best and safest medical volunteer providers for you.

Now, you can choose from one of the following 10 companies to volunteer abroad in healthcare.

Keep reading to discover the 10 Best and Cheapest Medical Volunteer Abroad Providers 2020 with the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Sample Price USD
(2 weeks Medical Costa Rica)
RCDP International Volunteer
$824 Abroad Review: 221 Reviews
Go overseas: ‎32 Reviews
IFRE Volunteers $844 Go Overseas: ‎76 Reviews
Abroad Reviews: 327 Reviews
Global Crossroad International Volunteers $844 Go overseas: ‎75 Reviews
Abroad Reviews: 334 Reviews
Plan My Gap Year $879
Go Overseas; 314 Reviews
Review Center: 297 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $924 Go Overseas: 1,427 Reviews
Go Abroad: 1074 Reviews
A Broader View $1025 Go Overseas: ‎178 Reviews
Go Abroad: 46 Reviews
Go Eco
$1160 Go Overseas: ‎64 Reviews
Go Abroad: 517 Reviews
Love Volunteers $1588
(4 weeks)
Go overseas: ‎134 Reviews
Go Abroad: ‎282 Reviews
African Impact $1524 Go Abroad: 2440 Reviews
Go Overseas: ‎164Rreviews
Maximo Nivel
- Go Overseas: ‎1,025 Reviews
Go Abroad: 879 Reviews

Table updated: May 13, 2020

RCDP International Volunteer

Medical Volunteer Abroad with RCDP Voluneteers

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA

If you’re new to the world of international volunteering, then you should put this organization on your radar. RCDP International Volunteer has served over 18,000 happy volunteers since 1998. A young graduate from the United States founded RCDP after being inspired by his meeting with Troy Peden, the founder of Go Abroad. RCDP’s mission is “to encourage international volunteers to contribute to sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor.” Since 1998, they have placed volunteers in over 200 volunteer abroad programs spread throughout 18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

RCDP International Volunteer programs provide big-hearted and compassionate individuals with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others whether through medical care, education, women’s empowerment initiatives, orphanage work, and wildlife and environmental conservation programs. The company’s medical volunteer abroad programs also include a comprehensive orientation, language immersion opportunities, and cultural outings.

Now, let’s take a look at RCDP’s medical volunteering opportunities.

Health Project in Peru

Have you always wanted to visit Peru? This medical program in Peru is perfect for medical or nursing students who are looking for a real life and hands-on healthcare experience. You will assist doctors and nurses in Peru in their noble effort to bring healthcare services to those who might not have access to them otherwise.

This medical trip is a great opportunity to improve your basic medical care techniques, bedside manner, problem solving, leadership, and team working skills, and Spanish. Basic Spanish is required and while you don’t necessarily have to be a medical student or professional to join, it is highly recommended otherwise you will only be able to observe and help out in non-medical related ways.

Healthcare Project in Surin

Have you always wanted to travel to Thailand, but do so in an incredibly meaningful way? Surin is one of the most impoverished communities in Thailand. Unlike other parts of Thailand where healthcare improvements have been made and facilities have been built to accommodate the healthcare needs of the local people, Surin has little in the way of available medical care. Most families are too poor to be able to afford the care that they so desperately need.

In this abroad medical volunteer opportunity, you will help to care for these suffering people. You will work four days a week and have three days a week to explore the fascinating culture and natural beauty of Thailand. Your work as a volunteer will bring new life to a community of people who are struggling to survive.

Medical Assistant Project in Costa Rica

Have you always wanted to visit the rich and beautiful shores of Costa Rica? While the healthcare system in Costa Rica is actually really good, there is always room for improvement and always a need for an extra helping hand, especially in clinics that serve the more rural and impoverished communities.

As a volunteer medical assistant, you will work alongside Costa Rican nurses and doctors in an effort to bring high quality care to all who seek it. This specific medical assistant volunteer opportunity for college students has a need for medical volunteers in specialized medical fields, such as gynecology, pediatrics, obstetrics, neurology, dental care, psychology, counseling, social work, and rehabilitation, as well as general medicine.

Healthcare Project in Tanzania

Have you ever considered volunteering in Tanzania? The goal of this healthcare project in Tanzania is to provide basic healthcare to rural and remote communities, decrease endemic diseases, and promote health education through public health projects. This incredible medical volunteer abroad program is located in Arush, the “gateway to the safari circuit,” and Moshi and Boma.

When you are not healing and helping the people of this northern region of Tanzania, you will have the opportunity to set off on world-class safaris and cultural excursions. You must have a health certification in order to join this program.

Health Project in India

Thinking about a trip to India? Why not make it a meaningful one! While the healthcare system in India has experienced some improvements, the effects and spread of communicable diseases and malnutrition are still two of the leading causes of preventable death. The impoverished and marginalized communities are greatly lacking healthcare services and qualified practitioners.

While in this medical mission trip abroad, you will help qualified doctors and healthcare professionals help these poor people regain their health and improve their quality of life. This medical program in India will be an eye opening, challenging, and highly rewarding volunteer in healthcare experience.

Other projects

Are you someone who is deeply passionate about doing medical volunteering abroad, but the countries listed above don’t sound too appealing? Don’t fret, as RCDP has healthcare and medical mission volunteering trips overseas in almost all the countries it runs programs in and these programs are of a very high caliber and will leave you with new experiences and medical knowledge. RCDP operates medical programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America in 21 countries and some other countries you could consider for healthcare projects include its medical program in Sri Lanka, its health project in Ghana and its Health/Medical project in Argentina, to name a few.


I had a wonderful time while volunteering in Nepal for 4 weeks with RCDP International. I was involved in the volunteer medical experience while I was there… David

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The Fee

RCDP International Volunteer programs are surprisingly affordable for the quality of care and service that you receive from start to finish. Your one time registration fee of $269 covers standard operational costs and your weekly program fee, which can be as low as $100 and includes your meals, accommodation, transportation to and from your project site, and in-country support.

IFRE Volunteers

Medical Volunteer Abroad with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
Established: 2006
No of Volunteers/Interns: 22000+
Location & Projects: 20 countries, over 200 programs
Recognition: Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit

IFRE Volunteers is one of the leading international volunteer organizations in the world. It is based in Dallas, Texas, but operates volunteering programs throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Since 2006, the company has helped more than 22,000 volunteers from around the world participate in 200 different projects in 19 different countries, including Bali.

If you’re serious about volunteering abroad, you should definitely know about this company. IFRE Volunteers is one of the leading volunteer abroad organizations in the United States. Since 2006, more than 22,000 people have participated in one of 200 volunteer abroad programs with IRFE. While IFRE is based in of Dallas, Texas, they operate medical volunteer abroad and other types of projects in 19 countries spread throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing the most organized, affordable, safe, and rewarding opportunities for those who are looking to help our global community.

IFRE has designed each and every one of its programs based around their philosophy that, “the most meaningful hands-on experience is born out of an intimate connection to a grassroots project, local people, and culture of another country.” Your experience is complete with cultural and language immersion opportunities, community service, and a chance to travel and explore a new country. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Not, let’s take a look at IFRE’s medical volunteering opportunities abroad.

Medical Project in Cambodia

Have you always been intrigued by the country of Cambodia, and wanted to visit? As a medical volunteer in Cambodia, you have the unique opportunity to work alongside medical professionals and likeminded medical volunteers in an effort to bring desperately needed healthcare services to low-income families in Cambodia. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people in Cambodia who are suffering from curable diseases and treatable conditions, but are unable to afford the care that they need.

Your dedication to this noble pre-med medical mission trips abroad will literally help save and change lives. Not only will you gain valuable hands-on medical experience, you will also have the chance to explore the rich culture of Cambodia.

Healthcare Project in Nepal

Nepal is a great country to visit and has a worthwhile healthcare project that would give you ample of experience. The medical facilities in the rural communities of Nepal are lacking resources, funding, and qualified medical professionals. For this reason, many people in Nepal are suffering with a variety of treatable aliments. There is a high and constant demand for medical volunteers in these rural health camps and clinics. Volunteering experience in Nepal medical program is unmatched by any other.

Aside from having the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the impoverished Nepali people, you are also in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful settings. The culture, people, and natural landmarks of Nepal are quite special and your dedication to this volunteer abroad in healthcare program will be life changing.

Healthcare Project in Kenya

Have you always wanted to visit Kenya? The volunteer medical opportunity in Kenya is an excellent opportunity for nurses and nursing students to lend a helping hand to the local doctors who are working tirelessly to bring basic healthcare to rural Kenya. As a nurse volunteer in Kenya, you will provide an invaluable service to those who typically wouldn’t be able to receive the healthcare that they need otherwise.

This will be a very engaging and stimulating experience where no two days are the same. Aside from helping out in the health camps and community outreach programs, you will become immersed in Kenyan culture and have the chance to see some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet.

Dental Project in Argentina

Would you like to travel to the beautiful country of Argentina? The dentistry volunteer project in Argentina is perfect medical volunteer abroad with hands-on professional experience, community service, and cultural immersion and exploration. Dental volunteers will be assigned their own mentor, which is especially invaluable as a dental student or novice dentist.

Dental volunteers will work directly with patients and assist in a variety of dental specialties, such as orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. There is also an opportunity to teach local children about oral hygiene and health. This meaningful dentistry volunteer project will look amazing on a resume and will truly help to prepare you for a profession in dentistry.

Healthcare Project in Guatemala

This abroad medical volunteering trip is a perfect opportunity for medical students who have always wanted to go to Guatemala! Volunteer medical assistants are greatly needed in the healthcare project in Guatemala. There are large amounts of Guatemalans who do not have access to basic healthcare services. The marginalized and low-income communities in Guatemala are lacking clinics, healthcare professionals, supplies, and funding.

As a medical program in Guatemala, you will help doctors and nurses provide the care that so many people need. You will gain a wealth of hands-on medical experience while also having the opportunity to explore this culturally rich country in Central America. This is also an excellent chance to improve your Spanish skills and broaden your cultural and world horizons.

Other medical programs

What did you think of the programs listed above, did you like the sound of them? If you are still trying to make a decision, don’t fret, there are a number of other countries that IFRE organizes incredible medical programs in. Do take a look at their medical programs in India, Peru, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Tanzania.


I had the pleasure of volunteering at a medical clinic in Costa Rica with IFRE for 2 weeks! It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to people…

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The Fee

IFRE Volunteers offers complete transparency when it comes to the cost of joining one of their medical volunteer abroad programs. There is a one-time application fee of $299 and each individual project has its own weekly program fee. Your weekly program fee covers the cost of your accommodations, meals, and field support. Your fees will be directly transferred to your host family and chosen project through your country coordinator.

Global Crossroad

Medical Volunteer Abroad with Global Crossroad

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000+
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs

Global Crossroad is one of the top volunteer abroad organizations in the world and is one that should definitely be on your radar while you do your research. Since 2003, they have offered adventurous and big-hearted individuals from around the globe an amazing selection of volunteer abroad programs in 19 different countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Global Crossroad has specially designed volunteer abroad projects for college students, high school students, family groups, spring break and summer break trips, and specialty medical volunteer overseas programs for college students, doctors, nurses, medical students, nursing students and medical professionals. There are programs for those interested in education, childcare, wildlife care, environmental conservation, community development, and even photography. More than 20,000 volunteers have put their trust in Global Crossroad since 2003 and each year their numbers increase.

Volunteer in Healthcare in San Jose, Costa Rica

Have you ever considered heading to Costa Rica? Volunteering in healthcare program in Costa Rica is a special opportunity to observe and assist in clinics and hospitals that are working to serve the disadvantaged and low-income population.

As a healthcare volunteer, you will assist nurses, doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals in both urban and rural areas around the city. This will be a wonderful learning experience where you will also be working to improve the quality of life and health for your patients. On top of the meaningful and highly rewarding work that you will be doing, you will also have the time to explore this incredible country.

Volunteer in the Medical Project in Uganda

How about heading to Uganda for your medical experience abroad? The country gives one plenty to do. As a medical volunteer, you will be stationed at the healthcare center in Wakitaka where you will lend a helping hand in a number of different ways. International medical volunteers are needed to help with outpatient, family planning, and antenatal services, as well as with routine check-ups, blood work, vaccination administration, and the Preventing Mother to Child Transmission community project. This is an excellent chance to gain hands-on experience in multiple health-related services.

Volunteer with the Healthcare Program in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a culturally vibrant and exciting town in Guatemala. It is truly a wonderful place to volunteer. If you are a medical student or professional and searching for an affordable, reputable, and highly rewarding way to explore a new country while sharing your specialized medical skills, the medical program in Antigua, Guatemala is an amazing choice.

As a medical volunteer abroad, you will work in a variety of healthcare settings. The aim of this project is to provide low-income families with the healthcare services that they need and deserve. This is a special opportunity to become part of a community, improve your Spanish skills, and enrich your life and the lives of others.

Healthcare Help in Nepal

Nepal is one of the top volunteer destinations and upon arrival it is easy to understand why. This healthcare volunteering abroad project  is a perfect match for someone interested or experienced in healthcare and seeking an adventure of a lifetime while also helping the less fortunate.

Many of the healthcare facilities that are in rural or remote areas of Nepal are underfunded, under staffed, and lacking the support and resources that are greatly needed. Volunteering in Nepal is your chance to truly make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering. Nepal is a fascinating country that is bursting with culture and natural wonders.

Volunteer in Healthcare in Peru

Peru is a beautiful country marked with ancient ruins, vast natural beauty, and a captivating culture. There is so much to do in medical volunteer opportunity in Peru and as a healthcare volunteer; you will have the chance to experience some of the great wonders of Peru while also greatly improving the quality of life for countless individuals. Sound like something you’d like to do?

As a medical volunteer in Peru, you will help out at a mobile hospital that is operating to provide a variety of healthcare services to the low-income and impoverished population of Peru. Mental healthcare professionals and specialized medical doctors and nurses are in high demand, but anyone from any background can apply to volunteer with this program. Your responsibilities will depend on your medical experience, educational background, Spanish level, and individual interests.

Other medical programs

Did you see a medical mission trip abroad you might be interested in by Global Crossroad? Fret not, if you are still looking and considering, Global Crossroad has some fantastic other volunteering opportunities in other countries in the world. For those who are serious about finding the right program, you might also want to take a look at Global Crossroad’s programs in India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. We’re sure you’re going to find something you might like by Global Crossroad.

The Fee

Global Crossroad’s fees are 40-60% cheaper than their competitors. Their goal isn’t to profit, but to make medical volunteer abroad affordable and accessible for anyone who wants to help make the world a better place for those who are struggling in third world and developing countries. There is a one-time registration fee of $299 and a weekly program fee that varies from project to project.


I completed a health care volunteer program at Hospital in Nepal for two weeks. The staff at the hospital were very supportive, answered any questions…

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Plan My Gap Year

Medical Volunteer Abroad with Plan my Gap year

Established- 2011
Locations & Projects- 17 countries over 150 programs
Awards and Recognitions- Shell LiveWire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award, and from the United Nations

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is a United Kingdom-based volunteer abroad organization that was founded by volunteers for volunteers. PMGY is dedicated to providing their international volunteers with some of the most affordable, safest, rewarding, and life-changing volunteer abroad opportunities. The programs run anywhere from 1 to 24 weeks long, but of course you can take an entire year off and commit to multiple volunteer abroad programs and multiple locations around the globe.

PMGY has programs in 14 different countries including Madagascar, the Maldives, Fiji, Morocco, and Vietnam. There are medical volunteer abroad opportunities, as well as programs that relate to psychology, education, childcare, community development, childcare. They also offer under-18 programs, school trips, and volunteer packages that include multiple destinations and programs.

Bali Medical Volunteers

Haven’t you just always dreamed of going to Bali? This medical opportunity is Bali is ideal for healthcare professionals and students from all fields related to medical care. There are placements available for specialized volunteers who want to work in their specific field. When you join this abroad medical volunteering experience, you will spend your time at the Rumah Sakit Umum Tabanan, which is the local government funded hospital in the center of Bali. The hospital admits around 500 patients a day.

There is a great need for medical volunteers who want to help the local people who cannot afford private healthcare. This will be a hands-on, as well as observatory learning opportunity where you will also be exposed to a fascinating new culture on one of the most beautiful islands.

Ghana Medical Volunteers

What about a medical volunteering experience in Ghana? When you join this medical opportunity in Ghana, you will become part of a team of local medical professionals and likeminded medical volunteers who are passionate about helping the less fortunate and sick people of Ghana. Many individuals who come to the Manhyia hospital are suffering from poor sanitation-related illnesses, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

People from rural and impoverished areas often don’t have sufficient medical care, which is why this medical volunteer abroad is so important. You will be placed in a department that matches your education, experience, and personal interests. This will be an eye-opening, soul-fulfilling, and immense learning experience.

India Medical Volunteers

India’s the place to be if you really want to expand your medical knowledge. Team up with local medical professionals and likeminded international volunteers in an effort to bring free or greatly subsidized healthcare to the local population who cannot afford private healthcare and are suffering from a variety of maladies.

As a medical volunteer in India, you will work in medical camps that are located in some of the poorest areas of India and where the people need your help the most. This medical volunteer overseas program is open to all healthcare and medical-related professionals and students who want to explore a vibrant and intriguing ancient culture while making a significant difference in the lives of the people who are suffering there.

Sri Lanka Medical Experience

Sri Lanka is a great option for those seeking enrichening new cultures and ways of life, and of course, a good medical volunteering opportunity too! The Sri Lanka volunteer experience is perfect for medical students who are looking to continue their medical education in a variety of real-life situations. Only medical or nursing students will be permitted to take part in this medical program in Sri Lanka.

You will work alongside medical professionals at a private hospital in Ambalangoda. You will mainly be observing and learning from the doctors and nurses whom you shadow during your time in Sri Lanka. This is a unique chance to gain some valuable medical insight, as well as a chance to broaden your cultural horizons. There are also opportunities to help out in the teaching and community projects while in Sri Lanka.

Tanzania Medical Volunteers

Have you thought of going to Tanzania with PMGY? Unfortunately, like many African countries the healthcare system is greatly lacking qualified medical professionals, proper facilities, resources, and supplies. As a medical volunteer in Tanzania, you will help to care for the sick and injured people of Tanzania. There are two placement options, one in the government hospital and the other in a community clinic.

The community clinic is offering healthcare to the poorest Tanzanians and the ones that would not be able to afford or access healthcare otherwise. Both placements are in desperate need of specialized medical volunteers. This will be a hands-on and very involved medical volunteering abroad experience.

Other medical programs

Did you see a medical program by PMGY that might be of interest to you? Or are you still looking? If you’re still looking, don’t worry, PMGY has some other awesome medical projects just waiting to be explored. PMGY has a varied range of medical volunteer abroad and can organize all kinds of medical-related placements including nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, dentistry, pediatrics and surgery. It offers programs in other countries such as EcuadorPeru and last but definitely not least, Vietnam!

The Fee

All programs require volunteers to pay a registration fee of $179. Weekly medical volunteering trip fees vary depending on duration and location. Your registration fee covers your 24-hour UK-based support, a comprehensive volunteer handbook, pre-departure live webinars, 100% financial protection, regular program inspection, and a certificate of completion.


I couldn't have asked for a better organisation to have spent 5 months in Africa volunteering with! Not only was the placement incredible and the staff extremely helpful…

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International Volunteer IVHQ

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)

If you’re serious about finding a medical volunteering opportunity abroad, then the programs offered by this company should definitely be on your radar too. After Dan Radcliffe came back from a volunteer trip to Africa, he was inspired to start the foundation International Volunteer HQ. IVHQ has been successfully sending thousands of volunteers, 78,407 to be exact, around the globe since 2007. IVHQ is based out of New Zealand but operates in 35 locations around the world. Their main focus to is provide truly affordable volunteer travel opportunities that are responsible, safe, and of the highest quality.

Their programs raise global awareness and cultural understanding through what the volunteers bring to their host country and communities and what the host country and community teaches the volunteers. IVHQ has volunteer abroad programs that focus on medical and healthcare, education, wildlife and animal care, conservation and renovation, arts and music, sports, community development, elderly care, and special needs care.

Healthcare Education Project in Lovina, Bali

Haven’t you always wanted to visit the beautiful Bali? For those interested in healthcare and education and who also enjoy working with children, this healthcare volunteer abroad project in Bali is an exceptional choice. For those who are qualified doctors and nurses, there is also an opportunity to run healthcare campaigns and clinics.

There are very limited resources and healthcare opportunities in Lovina, Bali and through heath education and volunteer-run health clinics, great improvements can and have been made to the present and future lives and health of those living in Lovina. This is a challenging, but highly rewarding volunteer in healthcare opportunity that will make a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Medical Elective in Nepal

Have you always wanted to travel to Nepal? This medical volunteering abroad opportunity for college students is perfectly suited for nursing and medical students who have completed at least two years of training. Medical volunteers will work alongside qualified medical professionals in a hospital in Kathmandu, Chitwan, or Pokhara. This will be an eye-opening experience, but one that will incredibly enriching.

Medical volunteers who commit to at least two months will have more opportunities to be hands-on and travel around Nepal to the more rural communities. Through medical assisting and healthcare education programs, you will help the impoverished people of Nepal in a number of ways. This Nepal medical volunteer experience  will provide you with a great outlet to practice what you have learned in school, gain valuable experience, and experience a totally new culture and way of life.

Healthcare Project in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

How about heading to the beautiful shores of Costa Rica? The volunteer in healthcare project in Costa Rica is ideal for first and second year nursing and medical students, pre-med and pre-nursing students, and physical and occupational therapists. Medical volunteers will assist Costa Rican doctors and nurses in the local clinics and elderly care facilities, as well as accompany medical staff to home visits.

This project requires a minimum four-week commitment and all volunteers must bring their own scrubs and proof of their medical education. While volunteers will not be performing any medical procedures, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from and observe medical professionals and assist in a variety of medical-related tasks, as well as providing basic patient care.

Medical Project in Lima, Peru

The country of Peru is awash with amazing sights to be seen, and a great medical volunteering project too! The medical project in Lima, Peru is perfect for those interested in a medical volunteer abroad. As a volunteer with this program, you will travel around with a mobile clinic to various part of Lima to aid the impoverished population.

All medical backgrounds are welcomed, as there are multiple different types of pop-up clinics during a typical week. Intermediate to advanced Spanish skills and a medial or nursing certificate is required for this program. Your work with this government initiated medical campaign will help to bring healthcare to a population of people who might not be able to afford it otherwise. And if you’re interested in going to Peru but not necessarily Lima, check out this medical program in Cusco that is available to pre-med, nursing and medical students.

Medical Project in Vietnam

How about going to Vietnam? This medical assistant volunteer opportunity is constantly seeking medical professionals and students to lend a helping hand in the orthopedic and rehabilitation hospital in Ho Chi Minh. This medical volunteering program provides specializes volunteers with the chance to experience a fascinating culture and country while helping the less fortunate population.

This will be hands-on learning experience where you will help the local doctors, nurses, and patients in a number of important ways. The time you spend in Vietnam will not only broaden your cultural horizons, but also help you to grow and improve as a medical professional.

Other medical programs

IVHQ has so many medical volunteering abroad opportunities to choose from, so if you haven’t see anything you like so far, do not fret. You can totally take a look at all their programs for medical students. And the company also has special programs specifically for nurses, pre-meds, specialists and doctors and also be sure to take a look at its top programs for medical students.

The amazing thing about IVHQ is that it offers medical programs in so many countries too. Why not take a look at what it has to offer in Argentina (Buenos Aires or Cordoba), Guatemala, India (Delhi or Kerala), Sri Lanka, Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia. You may just find the right program for you!

The Fee

All IVHQ volunteer abroad trips in medical projects have a $299 registration fee and a weekly fee. Weekly fees vary based on location and project, but some are as low as $180 a week. Weekly fees cover the cost of your airport pick-up, orientation, volunteer placement, meals, accommodations, and 24/7 in-country support.


I volunteered in Guatemala with IVHQ and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had!! I undertook a 2 week medical volunteer abroad in a town called San Lucas about 20 minutes outside of Antigua… Kaitlyn

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A Broader View

Location: USA
Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 32 countries, over 345 programs
Awards and Recognition: Registered 501 c(3) organization

A Broader View (ABV) is a US-based non-profit charity organization based in Pennsylvania that was founded in 2007. Their idea is to provide compassionate international volunteers with the opportunity to live and work in developing countries and communities around the globe. A Broader View has a professional and highly experienced team who are experts in the fields of humanitarian aid, hospitality, and travel.

ABV has reputable and affordable volunteer abroad opportunities in 23 countries between Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa. There are medical volunteering abroad projects, nursing, dentistry, midwifery, paramedical, and HIV/AIDS awareness programs, as well as programs that focus on education, special needs care, social welfare, women’s empowerment, animal rescue, sea turtle conservation, community development, and youth human rights, among so many other amazing volunteer abroad opportunities.

Let’s take a deeper look into the medical projects ABV has in its different locations, shall we?

Pre-Medical, Research, and Outreach Program in Ghana

Would you like to volunteer in Ghana? This pre-medical volunteer program in Ghana is a truly unique opportunity for medical students to participate in a number of important community-based research projects that focus on collecting valuable information regarding HIV/AIDS awareness, health education, disability information, maternity health, and rural community health assessments in the Kpando District of Ghana. Pre-med volunteers will also participate in home visits, school presentations, and will work closely with local clinics and health-related NGO’s.

Pre-Medical/Pre-Nursing Volunteer Program in Honduras

Haven’t you always wanted to go check out what’s happening in Honduras? There are two local hospitals in La Ceiba, Honduras that serve the impoverished communities and are in constant need of extra helping and healing hands. This pre-medical and pre-nursing volunteer opportunity is perfect for those interested in shadowing medical professionals, improving their Spanish, and making a significant and positive impact on the lives of those who are struggling with a variety of illnesses and injuries. Healthcare volunteers are also asked to donate medical supplies, as resources and supplies are extremely lacking in Honduras.

Maternity/Midwifery Program in Ghana

And here’s another amazing and unique project in Ghana that you won’t find with other providers. Maternity and midwifery volunteers are needed in two different health centers in the Bulenga community in Ghana. These clinics provide maternity services, as well as diagnose and treat malaria, typhoid, and other infectious diseases. The clinics also provide immunizations for infants, antenatal care, contraceptives, ultrasound scan services, and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.

These two health centers are incredibly important to the people of Ghana. There is a great need for international medical volunteer support here. This Maternity/Midwifery Program in Ghana is an incredible opportunity to practice and improve your medical skills, while helping the people of Ghana.

Pre-Dental Program in Costa Rica

Wouldn’t you like to go to Costa Rica? Costa Rica is highly desirable country to visit and volunteer in. There is so much to do and see here and well as so much to do in terms of volunteering and humanitarian and environmental aid.

The pre-dental volunteer abroad program in Costa Rica is an ideal program for pre-dental students who want to assist, shadow, and learn from local dentals in real life dental care situations. This is a great hands-on learning experience that also includes a chance for Spanish immersion and some adventure excursions in a country that is famous for its eco and adventure tourism.

Medical/Healthcare Program in Zambia

How about doing a stint of medical volunteering in the enigmatic country of Zambia? This wonderful healthcare volunteering abroad project in Zambia is open to experienced medical professionals and enrolled medical and nursing student volunteers. Medical volunteers will lend a helping hand in one of the clinics or local hospitals in the Livingstone area in Zambia.

Volunteers must bring their own gloves, lab coat, medical scrubs, and appropriate closed-toed shoes. You will be part of a team of medical professionals and likeminded international volunteers who are working tirelessly to provide care and healthcare education to the local community.

Other medical programs

ABV seriously has an extensive range of medically-focused volunteering opportunities abroad to choose from. ABV offers programs specifically for Medical + Nurse + Dental, Midwifery + Maternity, Paramedical / Rescue, PreMedical / PreDental / PreNurse, Therapy / Rehabilitation and HIV / AIDS Prevention / Care, so it is really down to what line of healthcare you are looking to go into, or are already in. Each of the healthcare specialties have a wealth of locations to choose from, so it also really depends on which country you’d like to go to. Luckily, ABV has programs all over the world to choose from.

The Fee

All pre-medical and medical volunteers abroad will be required to pay a $100 per month administrative fee on top of their weekly program fee. All healthcare-related placements will have this administrative fee attached to your invoice invoice. Weekly fees vary depending on location, program, and the duration of your international volunteer commitment.


I loved my medical volunteering abroad experience. It was a great way for me to go out of my comfort zone and experience a new country! Volunteering in the clinic was so rewarding…- Rosa

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Go Eco

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers: 17,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries, Over 160 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations

High school buddies Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal founded Go Eco in 2006. The idea was born from their love for travel, adventure, and passion for the environment. Since 2006, they have help thousands of compassionate adventure and volunteer loving individuals from around the world take part in over 150 community, environmental, and wildlife programs.

Go Eco has volunteer abroad opportunities throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. There are medical volunteer abroad programs, as well as education, humanitarian aid, agriculture, and conservation projects. They also offer specialized programs for teenager, 50+ volunteers, and families, as well as a variety of internships.

Let’s take a look at the medical programs GoEco has around the world, shall we?

Medical Aid in Cambodia

What about doing a medical volunteering opportunity in Cambodia? As a medical volunteer, you will work Northern Cambodia where you will help provide high quality and affordable medical treatments to patients from low-income or impoverished communities in the Samraong community. Your healthcare volunteer responsibilities and duties will depend upon your experience, education level, and personal interests.

You will always work alongside a medical professional though. This is a truly meaningful and rewarding hands-on opportunity in a beautiful country in Southeast Asia.

Medical Internship in Delhi, India

Would you consider doing a medical internship in India? As a medical or nursing inter abroad in India, you will work in a local private hospital alongside highly renowned medical professionals. This is an extraordinary medical volunteer opportunity to learn from some of the best doctors, nurses, and specialists in India.

You will have the chance to choose which departments and procedures you would like be observe and be involved in. This includes radiology, dialysis, critical care, orthopedic, obstetrics, and gynecology, and physiotherapy.

Medical and Healthcare Support in Malawi

How about going to Malawi? The majority of the population in Malawi live in very rural areas and cannot afford or unable to access healthcare facilities. For this reason, countless individuals are suffering from an assortment of aliments. HIV/AIDS and malaria are highly prevalent in Malawi. Compassionate and dedicated medical volunteers in Malawi are greatly needed to lend a helping hand in a number of community outreach programs and healthcare projects in the community.

As a medical volunteer abroad here you will have a chance to work with home-based care, wound care, HIV/AIDS awareness and support, rural community hospital care, malaria prevention and awareness, and in nurseries for orphans and vulnerable children.

Medical Placement in Ho Chi Minh

Wouldn’t you like to go to Vietnam? The government operated hospital in Ho Chi Minh works to serve the underprivileged community, which is a very large population. The local staff here is often overwhelmed with patients and greatly needs the help of medical volunteers in Vietnam and volunteer medical assistants.

As part of a team of likeminded volunteers and medical professionals, you will work alongside medical professionals and perform a variety of health-related duties. This will be a hands-on and highly rewarding experience.

Healthcare and Community Outreach Program in Zambia

Zambia is a country that could really do with more volunteers. Could one of them be you? The medical clinics in the Livingston area are incredibly understaffed and lacking sufficient resources and supplies. As a healthcare volunteer with this program, you will work in one of the following projects: clinic assistance, home-based care, or elderly home care.

Within these abroad medical volunteering trips, there are so many ways in which can you positively impact the lives and health of your patients.  There is also a great selection of community outreach programs to get involved with. This is the type of program that will fill your heart with a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you have truly made a difference in the lives of those who have been suffering.

Other medical programs

Was there anything in the list of medical programs listed so far by GoEco that caught your attention? If not, there’s still plenty more worth considering as GoEco has some incredible programs in other countries as well. If you’re still looking, do consider GoEco’s Medical volunteering in San Jose, Costa Rica program or even GoEco’s Medical Internship in San Jose. Also worth considering is GoEco’s Antigua Medical Internship, or the organization’s Medical and Nursing program in Sri Lanka. The organization also has medical projects in Cusco, Peru.

The Fee

Prices vary depending on location, project, and length of your abroad commitment. Your weekly program fee will include your accommodations, meals, airport transfers, travel health insurance, and in-country support. You are responsible for flights, personal expenses, lunches on the weekends, and visas.


I took the opportunity to visit Samrong, Cambodia not only as a way to gain insight to the medical volunteer abroad in developing countries, but also as a cultural experience…- Chase

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Love Volunteers

Medical Volunteer Abroad with Love Voluneteers

In June 2009, bother and sister team Julian and Kelly from New Zealand made a decision to create a volunteer abroad organization that didn’t have sky-high volunteer fees. They were shocked by how experience it was to volunteer abroad and knew there had to be a better way. In a world where compassionate volunteers are in high demand, they wanted to make volunteering abroad affordable and accessible for anyone interested in helping out in the global community.

Through a lot of hard work, dedication, and travel, Kelly and Julian built Love Volunteers, which now offers 178 programs in 36 different countries around the globe.  You can volunteer in healthcare and medicine, education, wildlife and animal care, childcare and development, disabilities and special needs aid, and much more. There is a program and a location for all different passions and interests.

Let’s take a deeper look into Love Volunteer’s abroad medical mission trips, shall we?

Drug Rehabilitation Program in Kenya

This is a very unique program that takes volunteers to Kenya. As a drug rehabilitation volunteer in Kenya, you will work with local volunteers who are running a drug awareness community center and outreach program in Diani Beach. Your role as part of this drug rehabilitation program will include helping drug users, raising awareness and educating non-users in the area, and promoting a drug-free environment by helping to remove drug-related items from the community.

Volunteers will also help plan and teach drug, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and hygiene awareness programs to the local community. This will be a very hands-on and involved program, but one that will help change and potentially save lives.

Medical Internship in Guatemala

Have you always wanted to travel to Guatemala? When you join this medical volunteering program in Guatemala, you will be helping the indigenous people of the highlands of the Sacatepéquez region. The people here are incredibly poor and have been marginalized from the local society. Most are unable to afford healthcare and there isn’t an adequate system in place in their community.

Your level of involvement will depend on your medical experience, but regardless you will be helping to improve the lives and health of these deserving people. You will work alongside medical professionals, as well as help to conduct field research. This will be an incredible cross-cultural and learning experience.

Medical Volunteeer in Nicaragua

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to head to Nicaragua. Healthcare students and medical professionals are needed to help support local doctors and nurses who are working in rural clinics that treat the low-income and poverty-stricken communities. This medical volunteer project is based in the charming historic town of Granada.

This is an amazing opportunity to use your specialized skills to make a world of a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. All medical backgrounds, including nurses are welcomed and needed. As a medical volunteer abroad, you will also help to teach healthcare and prevention education.

Midwifery Internship/Volunteer in Morocco

Midwifery Internship in Morocco is an amazing program that takes volunteers to the beautiful Morocco. For those interested in pursuing a career in midwifery or have experience in this field, the midwifery volunteer abroad program in Rabat, Morocco will provide an experience and an education unmatched by any other.

As midwifery volunteer, you will work alongside medical professionals in a local hospital where you will aid in essential maternity care. You will also be learning a great deal about maternity care and midwifery. On top of lending a valuable hand in this program, you will get to experience the colorful Moroccan culture.

The Fee

Love Volunteers changes a one-time registration fee of $299 for new members and $149 for alumni. Weekly medical volunteer experience fees depend on the specific location and program. Your fees include pre-departure support, access to LV Dashboard, airport pick-up upon arrival, a comprehensive orientation, accommodations, meals, 24/7 in-country support.


Volunteering through Love Volunteers was a great experience. I consistently had excellent communication with the representatives, and was placed with great organizations…Shane

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African Impact

Location: South Africa
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 7 countries over 50 programs
Awards and Recognition: Innovation in Philanthropy
GoAbroad Foundation – 2019, Innovative New Intern Abroad Program
GoAbroad – 2019, Top Rated Volunteer Organization
GoAbroad – 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016, Outstanding Volunteer Project
Global Youth Travel Awards – 2017 & 2014

In 2004, a group of well-traveled and big-hearted individuals sat down together and discussed their shared desire to do something grand for the world. That discussion grew into what is now Africa Impact. What started as a small family-run organization blossomed into one of the top volunteer organizations for those interested in exploring and volunteering in Africa?

Africa Impact has volunteer abroad programs in twelve countries thoughout Africa. There are a variety of medical volunteer abroad, as well as volunteer opportunities that involve education, gender equality, childcare, sports and coaching, community development, and of course environmental conservation and a great selection of wildlife programs. International volunteers also have the chance to combine multiple volunteer abroad projects when volunteering with Africa Impact.

Medical and Community Development in Victoria Falls, Zambia

What about going to Zambia? When you join this medical volunteering program, you will help to support the local healthcare facilities that are greatly understaffed and lacking supplies and resources to serve the large population of low-income or impoverished individuals. Your contribution will deeply impact the lives and health of the people whom you help. This is a truly meaningful way to travel and explore Zambia.

Rural Medical and HIV/AIDS Awareness in South Africa

Have you always wanted to go to South Africa? As a medical volunteer with this program, you will help the people of a rural Zulu village in a number of impactful ways. You will become part of a tight-knit team who is working to provide basic healthcare, make home visits, organize HIV/AIDS awareness workshops and support groups, and help out in nutrition and physiotherapy programs.

During your free time from your medical volunteer work, you can embark on wildlife safaris and sightseeing tours. South Africa is home to the largest population of crocodiles and hippos and some spectacular beaches, among so many other breathtaking marvels.

Hospital and Clinic Medical Support in Kenya

What about travelling to Kenya? Gain valuable hands-on healthcare experience in the beautiful developing country of Kenya by joining this amazing medical support program. The hospital and clinics in Limuru are terribly understaffed and all extra hands are beyond appreciated.

As a medical volunteer abroad, your helping and healing hands can literally change lives. When you are not making a difference in the lives of your gracious patients, you will have an abundance of incredible travel and wildlife experiences at your fingertips.

Medical Outreach and HIV Education in Malawi

This would be a great opportunity to spend some time in Malawi. Passionate and compassionate individuals who are interested in healthcare or just helping others are in high demand in Malawi. This abroad medical volunteer and health education program is working to care for the impoverished local community in Malawi, as well providing HIV/AIDS awareness and health education. Your work with the medical outreach program in Malawi will be highly rewarding and impactful.

Other medical programs

If you’re still a bit uncertain about the programs listed above, there is one more medical opportunity to consider by African Impact. Perhaps doing a medical internship in a hospital in Limuru, Kenya, for anything from 4 to 12 weeks may be of interest? This would be a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on experience in the Kenyan medical world, and is a fully-fledged internship program specifically designed to upgrade your CV.

The Fee

The cheap medical volunteer program fees are different for each program and location, but they all include the same following things: airport transportation, accommodations, meals, 24-hour support, and tea, coffee, and filtered water. Medical volunteers are responsible their own medical and travel insurance, flights, weekend trips and non-project activities, and laundry.


I was immediately thrusted into the best exposure and training in the medical field I had ever encountered as an American pre-medical student…brown

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Maximo Nivel

Location: Costa Rica
Location & Projects: 3 countries

Maximo Nivel is a family-owned humanitarian organization that was founded in 2003. Maximo Nivel operates a variety of international study, travel, and medical volunteer abroad in Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala. Every year, around 4,000 volunteers from all around the world, join forces with Maximo Nivel to help make a positive impact in Central and South America. All of their programs are internationally accredited and most meet the requirements for university credit.

Maximo Nivel prides itself on providing students and volunteers with the highest quality, most budget-friendly, and safest programs. They have incredible Spanish immersion opportunities, ESL training and certification programs, a variety of internships, and an amazing chance for adventure, education, and cultural travel. There are plenty of medical volunteering and internship opportunities, as well as programs for those interested in education, animal care, conservation, community development, and human rights, among many other avenues of humanitarian work.

Healthcare Program in Guatemala

How about trying Maximo Nivel’s program in Guatemala? The hospitals and clinics in Guatemala are understaffed, under funded, and greatly lacking in resources and supplies. For this reason, a lot of Guatemalans from low-income or impoverished living conditions do not receive the level of medical care that they need and deserve.

As a medical volunteer, you will assist local medical professionals in their effort to bring quality healthcare to everyone who seeks it out. When volunteering in medical program abroad, you will also help run medical campaigns to provide healthcare, dental, and hygiene education to underprivileged communities around the Antigua area.

Medical Project in Peru

How about going to Peru? While Peru offers its citizens universal healthcare, many medical facilities are lacking properly trained medical staff and sufficient resources. For this reason, Peruvians from rural and impoverished communities aren’t receiving proper medical attention and care.  In this medical volunteering experience in Peru, you will be helping to bring the level of care and attention that these patients desperately need. You can also get involved in medical campaigns to help teach heath education to these marginalized communities.

Medical Assistant Project in Costa Rica

Have you ever thought of going to Costa Rica for medical experience? While healthcare in Costa Rica is universal and quite good, there are still places and communities in Costa Rica where there is a lack of staff and resources. As a medical volunteer assistant in Costa Rica, you will accompany local doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, and facilities for HIV/AIDS patients.

Medical assistants volunteering will have the chance to perform basic and necessary general medical practices like checking vital signs and blood pressure, setting up rooms and equipment, and organizing patient records.

The Fee

When you join a medical volunteer abroad experience with Maximo Nivel, there is no registration fee. Each program has a weekly fee though. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required when you enroll for any of the programs.


I was so pleased with the medical work that we were able to do in for different parts of Peru. Throughout the time, we were able to see patients, do basic diagnostics…Christopher Day

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Other Honorable Mentions are:


Global Vision International (GVI) is a non-profit that was started in 1998 and is incredibly famous for offering the best volunteer programs throughout the world. They have outstanding reviews with a 9.5/10 on Go Overseas and Go Abroad at 9.5/10. Be sure to check out the company’s 2,500+ reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

Project Abroad

Projects Abroad is a well-known UK organization that offers very affordable programs across the world including some great abroad medical volunteering programs across the world. Projects Abroad has many positive reviews across many review platforms including Go Overseas at 9.2 and 9.46 on GoAbroad.

Global Leadership Adventures

Based in the USA, Global leadership adventure offers high value and affordable medical programs abroad that are definitely worth considering. The reputable organization has many positive reviews, achieving a phenomenal 9.5/10 on Go Abroad and a 9/5 on Go overseas, making it one of the most highly rated volunteer programs in the industry. Be sure to check out the reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.


Established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation organization, Frontier has been a leader in creating quality volunteer programmes across the globe. Since its founding, Frontier has grown to run over 400 capacity building conservation, community and adventure projects in more than 60 countries spanning 5 continents. The company has many medical volunteer abroad programs worth considering and good reviews too, receiving a 8.81/10 on Go Abroad and 88% rating on Go Overseas. See the 1000+ reviews on Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya was set up in 2008 by Heilwig Jones after completing her own volunteering experiences and many years’ involvement with community projects. Kaya aims to bring together the quality and impact of grassroots projects with the breadth of choice and level of service that enables everyone the opportunity to contribute to positive action. The company has some noteworthy medical volunteer abroad worth considering. It received an 88% rating on Go Overseas and a very high 9.63/10 on Go Abroad. Be sure to check out the reviews at Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

United Planet

United Planet offers volunteers abroad opportunities in over 30 countries and also has some great medical volunteering opportunities worth considering. They aim to create programs that allow volunteers to fully immerse in local culture to create a global community. The company has received multiple positive reviews, having received a 91% rating on Go Overseas.

Global Volunteers

This US based organization known as Global Volunteers was founded in 1984. The company organizes projects all over the world and also has some medical volunteer abroad opportunities worth checking out. They hold a solid 9.4/10 rating on Go Overseas and 4.5/5 on Volunteer Forever with very affordable prices. Don’t forget to read the reviews, especially on Go Overseas.

Connect 123

Connect-123 is a great organization that has a number of international internship and volunteer abroad programs in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai, and Sydney. In all countries, there are a number of hospitals and healthcare clinics that the company can connect you with. The company receives positive reviews across the board, with a high 94% rating on Go Overseas and another high 9.68 on Go Abroad.


This is a company worth checking out for abroad medical volunteering experience. Cedric Hodgeman and Raul Roman, the co-founders of Ubelong, met at Cornell University in 2004. In 2009 Ubelong grew from their shared interest in changing the way people interact with their surrounding communities, as a means to create global connections between ordinary people which would lead to positive change. Definitely have a look at their medical programs. The company has a 95% rating on Go Overseas.


This article has clearly summarized and laid out some of the best medical volunteering programs in the world led by highly-rated companies, all having affordable prices.

If you have done any of these medical programs, be sure to get in touch with us and tell us all about it!

Are you interested in looking at other volunteering options by country? Be sure to check out our highly useful articles for the best and most affordable programs in Sri Lanka., India, Argentina, Cambodia, Tanzania, BaliGhana, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador,  Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda and Nepal, Thailand.

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