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Volunteer in Thailand

Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a meaningful difference with their lives..

  • Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there
  • Partner with others who know that a better world begins with changing a single life
  • At $250, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program available
  • Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you... with many life changing projects
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11 Best Low Cost Thailand Volunteer Organizations & Programs for 2020

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations

Are you looking for reliable information on volunteering in Thailand? Would you like to combine a visit to this ancient country with its royal palaces, tropical beaches, ancient ruins and beautiful temples, with doing something useful for the people there? Interested in learning how to volunteer in Thailand with a cheap and safe company?

There are a lot of companies offering Thailand volunteer programs, with price ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the same programs! It’s easy for prospective volunteers who are keen to work in orphanages, schools, or on one of the many exciting conservation programs to get fooled by these companies.

In this article we present the results of detailed research on the best affordable volunteer Thailand opportunities, so you can choose between providers who care about quality, safety and genuine community benefits. We genuinely believe that choosing one of these organizations will result in an amazing volunteer abroad experience in Thailand.

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RCDP Volunteer Abroad (Nepal)

Top Thailand Volunteer Organizations RCDP

RCDP, since its 1998 establishment in Nepal, has helped over 18,000 volunteers. RCDP boasts some beneficial volunteer projects, like teaching English to students of poor families, or helping on public health, elderly home project and orphanage projects. They also help to raise capital for schools, orphanages, and other NGOs. RCDP offers their cheap volunteer programs in Thailand, and various other countries.

Each year hundreds of volunteers turn to RCDP for its inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand. RCDP encourages volunteers to share their skills with individuals and communities who need them to grow and escape poverty. RCDP also provides safe places to stay with either a host family or in a hostel which is an ideal way to engage in local Thai culture.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Work with Disadvantaged Children (Ayutthaya)

Childcare services in Thailand are unaffordable for the poor families who need these services the most. The Buddhist temples and local government have established centers to aid the poor; however, financial constraints cause those centers to struggle to provide full support for these children, so RCDP volunteers help fill that gap.

Teaching English (Ayutthaya)

Despite growth in international trade and ever increasing tourist arrivals in the country, many Thais still can't speak or understand English. English has become imperative for Thais to learn as their careers potentially hinge on their ability to speak and write in English.

Teaching in Buddhist Temple School (Ayutthaya)

Thailand is home to over thirty thousand Buddhist temples. Many temples are actively involved in social work such as operating schools where children from poor family come to study. The standard of English taught isn’t good enough as there is a lack of qualified English teachers in Thailand.

Healthcare Thailand (Surin)

RCDP's volunteer in Thailand program is making strides to improve the local healthcare system. New hospitals and rural health clinics have opened in Thailand, but in places like Surin, families can’t afford healthcare. RCDP volunteers work in these communities to deliver much needed healthcare services.

Construction Project (Sangklaburi)

The small village of Sangkhlaburi is situated on the shores of the Thailand’s largest artificial water reservoir Vajiralongkorn. The RCDP building project in Sangkhlaburi handles the restoration and construction of community buildings. RCDP oversees new projects in relation to the need of the community, including tasks such as painting, gardening, and fencing.

RCDP Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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RCDP is a highly rated volunteer company. There are many individual online reviews on the internet where past volunteers praise RCDP for their services and quality of experience.  Compared to many of its competitors, RDCP has earned its stripes as a trusted, safe, affordable, and flexible organization offering the highest rated and best volunteer programs in Thailand.

I highly recommend using this company to volunteer abroad. Their staff are really respectful and comprehensive. Our orphanage just like any other, really needed assistance and our presence there was essential for the kids. They would become happier once we were there. RCDP will definitely have me again to volunteer in another country. -Ivan

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RCDP Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

RCDP Volunteers offer inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand. Most programs are offered at $470 for one week. Volunteers responsible for their own airfare, visas, vaccinations and travel insurance, along with any other spending money they may need.

 IFRE Volunteers (USA)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Abroad IFRE

IFRE is a nonprofit organization located in the USA. Founded in 2005, IFRE Volunteers consists of dedicated humanitarians. They provide low cost volunteering projects in Thailand. With 200 projects and more than 22,000 volunteers working in 18 countries, they built their reputation in order to support underprivileged children, local community development, and grassroots organizations worldwide through the help of their volunteer abroad programs.

As a volunteer in Thailand, they aim to encourage cultural immersion, language courses, positive volunteer opportunities and more. Volunteering in Thailand through IFRE provides inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand with fee transparency to all its volunteers!

IFRE project description

IFRE volunteer projects give volunteers an excellent opportunity to change their life and the lives of the people they serve, while also providing a memorable vacation in Thailand. Their program emphasis is on teaching English in local schools, construction projects, supporting local orphanages, educating Buddhist monks, and elephant conservation. IFRE programs generally begin on Monday. For volunteers that are eager to donate their time abroad, all projects run for a minimum of one week to a maximum of 12 weeks.

IFRE Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Childcare Project

This IFRE Thailand volunteer program offers assistance to poor and deprived Thai children by providing low-income parents with adequate childcare services so they can go to work.


IFRE Volunteers’ primary goal for the building project is to assist the community by constructing sufficient modern infrastructure. IFRE projects help with the development and livelihood of the communities that they serve in.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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Elephant Project

Surin is known for its elephants, silk and ruins of a Khmer empire.   As a volunteer in Thailand you will work with the community and handle the elephants. The elephant project is a great option to consider when it comes to volunteering opportunities in Thailand.

Teaching in Buddhist Temple School

Volunteering in Thailand at a Buddhist temple school will be a beneficial experience. IFRE's volunteer projects are beneficial to these schools. There are about 30,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand and they all need native English speaking teachers.

Teaching English

The IFRE's Volunteer teaching program teaches English to children in the rural Surin province in NE Thailand. Teachers that volunteer in Thailand get the opportunity to teach in orphanages, primary schools & secondary schools, as well as teaching children with special needs.

IFRE Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

IFRE volunteers have two major advantages over their closest competitors: they provide low cost volunteering projects in Thailand, which all have safety and security options for their volunteers. IRFE has countless reviews available online reflecting how supportive and kind their teams are and how satisfied the volunteers were of their overall experience. Given the many positive reviews, this company receives an A plus.  You can visit their online website to see volunteers’ reviews and stories.

My volunteering work at an orphanage through Institute for Field Research Expeditions was an enriching, smooth and amazing experience. The demeanor of the personnel at IFRE from the first point of contact to the completion of the program was very professional and good. I will highly recommend the IFRE volunteering program not only to US citizens but to everybody across the globe. -Mansukhsingh

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IFRE Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

The IFRE is among the cheapest volunteering organizations in Thailand that offers great deals. Additional costs for volunteers include: International flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Affordable volunteer projects, starting at $250, Application fee of $299 USD, The weekly program fee is paid directly to your project, and covers your room, board, and field support.

Are you searching for a volunteer opportunity in Thailand? Do you want to make a positive impact helping indigent people?

Thailand is a magnificent country full of culture, diverse landscapes, and welcoming people. Here you will find lush valleys, mysterious jungles, mystic rivers waiting for you to explore.

Only in Thailand can you enjoy the beauty of green forests while hiking the Himalayas.

Thailand is made up of Aryans and Tibeto-Burmans groups that have migrated from other countries searching for a better life. Our volunteer in Thailand programs give you the chance to help disadvantaged people.

You can work in an orphanage, teach English in schools or a Buddhist monastery, health projects, environment and conservation projects, photo journalism, and many more!

Contact us now to find out more, or Enroll in the program to realize your dream of visiting this fascinating country.

Find out more about:

Available Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Work In Orphanage/ Child Care Center In Thailand (Surin)

Surin is one of the poorest areas in Thailand where parents work long hours on farms for little pay. Many of these parents move to the city for a better income but leave the children with aging grandparents to be cared for.

Volunteer programs in Thailand orphanage provide child care for these families so the children have a clean and safe place for children.

These childcare centers are understaffed and lack the funds to keep running. Volunteers are essential to helping keep these childcare centers open.

Volunteers at the orphanage in Thailand have a variety of responsibilities from playing with the children, helping with hygiene, to construction and repair projects. You are desperately needed to help keep these children busy and off the streets.

Skills/Qualifications Needed: There are no qualifications needed for the Thailand orphanage volunteer program. Although, volunteers are expected to be flexible, patient, and have a passion for helping children.

Volunteer Responsibilities: The Thailand orphanage is unique in their approach to helping these children. They take a holistic approach when taking care of these children. Not only do they teach them, they look at their environment to ensure they are healthy and safe.

As a volunteer at the Thailand orphanage, you will teach and play with the children and help with cleaning and repairs. Experience is not needed.

Volunteers will work 4 days a week, 8:30am -3:30pm. You will have free time on the weekends to explore the magnificent Thailand.

PLEASE NOTE: work with the children varies from location to location and not all that is listed is offered at each location.

Childcare/Child Development (Ayutthaya)

With the volunteer in Thailand orphanage or children project, you will help needy and disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford to pay for childcare.

The local government and Buddhist temples have fashioned daycare centers for children ages 2-6 in order to help these destitute families be able to work.

Volunteers at the orphanage or children center will help with education and entertaining activities to keep these children busy while their parents work.

Skills/Qualifications Needed: Skills are not needed to volunteer in the Thailand children center. You only need to be patient, flexible, and have a passion for helping needy children.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers at the child care or orphanage in Thailand will work Monday – Friday, 3-4 hours a day in local schools, temples, and not for profit organizations.

Orphanage volunteer responsibilities will be based on your interests, experiences, and needs of the teachers and staff. They can range from teaching English, caring for the children, to helping with fundraising activities.

Teaching English Project (Surin)

The volunteer teaching English in Thailand project gives you the opportunity to help disadvantaged children learn English which will open doors for them to have a better future.

English is essential for many tourist and international companies in Thailand. As a volunteer teaching in Thailand, you will teach in orphanages, schools, and special needs children. Volunteer and be a part of giving these children an improved life.

Please note school holidays in Thailand runs from March 18 to April 26 and from September 16 to October 25. The project will be unavailable during this time.

Skills/Qualifications Needed: Skills for volunteer teaching English in Thailand are fluency in English. It is not required but is helpful to have experience teaching. Volunteers should be patient and have a love for children.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Responsibilities for volunteers in the teaching English in Thailand program will include teaching 9am – 3:30 pm Monday – Thursday.

Teaching English Project (Ayutthaya)

The English language is becoming essential for people to know around the world. Especially in Thailand where tourism continues to grow, children need and are eager to learn.

Volunteers teaching English in Thailand will teach Monday – Friday to students in primary and secondary schools. Volunteers may also teach young adults excited and ready to learn the English language.

Please note that school holidays in Thailand run from mid March to mid May and from mid September to end of October. The school will organize extra classes and other activities during this time for volunteers.

Skills/Qualifications Needed: It is helpful to have experience teaching English but the only required skills are to be fluent in English, be patient and flexible, and have compassion for children.

Volunteer Responsibilities : Volunteer responsibilities for teaching English in Thailand are based on your skills, interests, and needs of the school. You will teach Monday – Friday approximately 3-4 hours a day. You can also help with other subjects, homework, and assistance with school administration chores.

Nursing and Medical Project (Surin)

Thailand medical volunteer programs are located in Surin, Thailand. We work with Surin’s Department of Health and village leaders in hospitals, community centers, and childcare centers.

As a medical volunteer you will assist with providing healthcare to those that need it most.

General Medical

Health care services in Thailand are very limited. Many people cannot afford healthcare and go untreated and undiagnosed.

We urgently need medical volunteers in Thailand to help work in our rural community clinics, help with outreach programs, and join us in health promotion activities. Medical professionals in all fields are needed for our volunteer Thailand medical projects.

Student Nursing

Are you a student nurse looking for a rewarding and educational experience? Our student nurse volunteer in Thailand program is the perfect place to travel, learn the scope of nursing in an underdeveloped country, and make a difference in the lives of needy people. You will assist qualified staff in rural medical clinics in and around the Surin province.


As a volunteer with the student volunteer program in Thailand, you will work 4 days a week and enjoy a long weekend to explore or just relax. Staff will pick you up around 8am and drop you back off around 4pm. Our in-country staff will be with you through the day to translate and give you direction.

Skills/Qualifications Needed: If you are interested in applying to our student nurse volunteer in Thailand program, you must have ID to show you are a medical/nursing student, EMT, paramedic, nurse, physical therapist, midwife or physician. As a nurse volunteer you need to be hands-on, patient, accountable, eager, and passionate about healthcare.

Medical and nursing students looking to join this project must have completed at least their first year of university training.

Elephant Conservation Project (Surin)

Surin is a fascinating part of Asia with captivating scenery and is also known for its many elephants. Surin is known as the Elephant Province with over 400 elephants roaming about.

Many elephants have been abandoned after becoming injured or too old to work. Some owners have not been able to afford to feed the elephants and have resorted to begging on the streets of the big cities.

Elephant volunteers are desperately needed to help the conservations care for these animals.

The Thailand elephant orphanage volunteer program enables you to learn all about elephants and help with the daily care of them all while living in an authentic Thai community. You will work closely with the elephants, experience Thai life, and explore the exotic country.

Skills/Qualifications Needed : As a volunteer with elephants in Thailand, you do not need any special skills. You just need a passion and love for animals and not mind getting wet and dirty! Volunteering with elephants is a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Volunteer Responsibilities : Volunteers with the elephants in Thailand program should be prepared to be hands on and bring old clothes! You will get to interact closely with these big lovable creatures. You will ride them, wash them, feed them, and give them lots of love.

This is a unique volunteer program that allows you to spend time in the home of a village elder and his family learning the culture and day to day life of the Thai community.

You can learn how to cook fish and other Thai food, help on the farm, kayak, intermingle with the local people, and shop in the nearby village.

As a Thailand elephant conservation volunteer, you will be expected to show your respect and follow the local beliefs at all times like removing shoes before entering the house, keeping your shoulders covered, and maintaining respect for the royal family. (All of this will be explained in more details in your pre-departure packet.)

Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program in Thailand (2 Weeks)

Thailand is a captivating place to spend your summer volunteering. It is paradise with a mixture of white sand beaches and ancient ruins, friendly people, great food, and awe-inspiring spirituality.

Our summer volunteer programs in Thailand have something for everyone: you can relax and enjoy the tranquil beaches, engage in a new religion, or dance the night away with Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife.

Arrival in Bangkok (1 night)

Your volunteer Thailand summer adventure starts as soon as you land. Our very own in-country staff will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel in the middle of the exciting Bangkok!

Transfer to project location for volunteer project (7 days)

The second phase of your volunteer in Thailand summer program is up to you. You can choose to work with elephants or on a construction project. You can either get down and dirty with the elephants and their mahouts (elephant trainers) or you can be part of the part of the D*R*E*A*M House Development Project in Surin and get your hands-on experience building an orphanage.

Relax and Explore the Regional Beaches (6 days)

After all of your hard work, being a volunteer in Thailand for the summer gets you the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Kho Pa Ngan, a well-known tourist destination: an island known for beach parties, unspoiled sandy beaches and vivacious culture. You will spend five glorious nights here before concluding your trip in Bangkok.

Travel back to Bangkok for Farewell (1 night)

After you are partied out, you will return to Bangkok and enjoy the remaining time with your newfound friends and summer volunteer program staff.

Itinerary can change to meet the needs of the summer volunteers and field circumstances. Plans will be finalized during orientation.

Arrangement of Room/Food/Supervision

We will take care of all your needs while you volunteer abroad in Thailand. Your lodging will be located in the hisour toric city of Ayuthaya, 60 miles north of Bangkok. Your accommodations will be shared with other volunteers, clean, safe, and close to your project destination, and a chef will prepare your 3 local meals a day.

Volunteers that stay in Surin, will be housed in a safe and secure place where you will share with other volunteers. Food is only included with the elephant volunteer program in Surin. Local restaurants are cheap and have great food.

You can choose to eat out or buy food and cook in the home. Our coordinators and local staff are available night or day and are there to help you with any questions or concerns throughout your stay.

Global Crossroad (USA)

Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Global Crossroad

Global Crossroads LLC was founded in 2003, in Dallas, Texas, USA and is a swift growing international volunteer abroad organization. Global Crossroad prides itself on offering safe, affordable, enriching and consistent experiences for its international travelers.

An important part of Global Crossroad’s successful volunteer in Thailand program is their volunteer support in-country. They aid over 18,000 volunteers who travel internationally. They make an effort to assist the grassroots assignments in developing countries and give genuine hope for underprivileged individuals in rural areas, primarily kids in orphanage and women.

Global Crossroad Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Global Crossroad provides fairly flexible programs featuring placements in other locations as a result of the special requests of their volunteers. The volunteer program duration is up to 12 weeks.  Programs in certain countries may be customized to enable volunteers to take part in more than 1 project in one country. Global Crossroads provides volunteering programs in Thailand that make a real difference.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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Disadvantaged Children

This program positively changes the lives of children and families in Thailand. Surin is one of the most deprived areas of the country, which makes it very challenging for the parents to give their children adequate child care, education and skills that will improve their chances of a successful future. This Global Crossroad’s volunteer Thailand project works closely with orphanages, schools and other centers to help these children and their parents.

Teaching English

Global Crossroad’s Teaching English project participates in nurseries, child development centers, and even schools. Volunteering in Thailand while teaching English offers practical conversational skills, grammar and pronunciation to eager learners.

Teaching in Buddhist Temple School

Volunteers teaching English in a Buddhist temple school in Thailand assist children expanding their future career opportunities in a country dependent on tourism. WATS (Buddhist temples) have functioned as educational institutions for young Thai pupils. Volunteering in Thailand is a 2-way opportunity to give to others while benefiting from the rich Thai culture.


Volunteering in Thailand in the healthcare and medical field helps furnish healthcare to Thai individuals who require it the most. Global Crossroad's medical volunteer project needs nurses and health professionals to operate in Surin’s clinics, hospitals and childcare facilities. Volunteers work together with local medical practitioners, obtaining knowledge and beneficial experience. As a volunteer in Thailand, being part of the healthcare project will certainly transform the lives of everyone involved.

Elephant Project

Volunteers within this assignment are able to play with elephants and furnish them with daily care. Volunteers join local non-profit organizations to endorse elephant care and conservation while educating locals on the significance of safeguarding elephants and animals in Thailand.

Volunteers in Thailand help feed, groom, maintain, and supply medical attention to elephants and genuinely befriend them. There are numerous groups in Thailand offering care for animals and elephants; however, they are short on resources.

Global Crossroads Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

Global Crossroads offers inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand. They also offer volunteers memorable experiences and security options on top of the flexibility these programs offer. This company has countless positive volunteers’ reviews and stories on the internet which you can easily view utilizing a simple internet search.

Overall my experience with Global Crossroad has been veritably positive. It was very rewarding working in the orphanage - they definitely need the help! It was a great cultural experience. Overall, terrific experience and I hope to return. -Lpowers

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Global Crossroad Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Global Crossroads provides inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand beginning at $250. They strive to keep the costs affordable for their volunteers. Program rates are dependent upon the length of stay plus the destination.

 Global Crossroads program fees are split two ways:

  • The application fee which is $299 USD. This covers staff salaries in USA office, program advertising, etc.
  • The weekly program fee is paid directly to host families and projects.
Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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The weekly fee cover accommodations, meals, the cost of in-country coordinator, certificate of completion, pre-departure information, and fundraising ideas.

Working Abroad (UK)

Best and  Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Working Abroad

Working Abroad offers volunteering abroad and voluntary work opportunities in over 150 countries globally. Working Abroad, since its establishment in 2003, has helped Over 18,000 Volunteers yearly. There are an assortment of volunteering in Thailand opportunities available with Working Abroad including teaching English, community development and other opportunities.

Working Abroad Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Elephant Care

This elephant retirement Thailand volunteer project was founded in 2011, with the purpose of teaching mahouts and owners, along with local communities, about the positive alternatives to endless work for ageing elephants. Additionally, they rescue, rehabilitate and release local wildlife back into the wild.  This project also offers volunteers the chance to work directly with local residents, teaching English, supporting local businesses and advising on sustainable farming.


Working Abroad Projects provide an overseas teaching volunteer program to all native English speakers. This is a great opportunity for individuals, couples, and families to immerse in rural Thai culture and learn more about the country's heritage while making a difference in the lives of the children.

Working Abroad Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

Working Abroad Volunteers offer inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand. Working Abroad is a highly rated volunteer company with many positive independent online reviews on the internet. People are praising Working Abroad for their services and quality.

The project was a great experience. Both staff and volunteers were very friendly and had a lot of knowledge they shared with us. Happiness is for sure not defined by the amount of things we own, yet our stay there made me more grateful for all the opportunities I have had in life so far when it comes to education, career, travelling etc. Thank you so much again Vicky and Working Abroad for organizing everything, and for providing us with all information needed prior to our trip. I will truly recommend Working abroad to friends who are keen to travel! -Inger Lise

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Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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Working Abroad Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Working Abroad works to provide low cost volunteering projects in Thailand.They provide programs for as low as $275 for the first week, such as the Tsunami Victims Welfare project. Project costs cover all food, bottled water and accommodations during the project, pick up and drop off in Chiang Mai, project training and supervision, and Working Abroad Projects backup and placement support.

Any airfare, travel/medical insurance and personal expenses are the volunteer’s responsibility. 

International Volunteer HQ (New Zealand)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations IVHQ

Volunteer in Thailand with International Volunteer HQ! International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) was originally established in 2007 in New Zealand. Their primary focus is on providing an affordable volunteer travel experience which is safe, high quality and responsible. They are working in more than 30 countries worldwide and placing thousands of volunteers abroad every year. IVHQ has served about 42000 volunteers worldwide since they were founded.

IVHQ Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

IVHQ strives to deliver a sustainable value for communities, for their partners, and for the environment. IVHQ features an array of volunteer abroad projects found in the Chiang Rai province, such as teaching English and outdoor work. Volunteer Thailand programs start on the first and third Monday of every month; for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks. The teaching English volunteer project has a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Teaching English

The locals have restricted access to formal education and there is a real need for volunteers to assist in teaching, not only young children, but also adults. Volunteers are necessary on this project all through the year to help the local team run school camps and other events for the local children. This project also encompasses childcare work and teaching monks, local people and staff.


This exciting Thailand volunteer project involves working with children aged 2-6 at teaching centers. Volunteers assist local trained staff with tasks like planning and teaching classes, serving meals and general tidying chores. No previous experience is necessary to join this program, which runs year round except for vacation time during April and October.

Outdoor Work

IVHQ offer an outdoor Thailand volunteer opportunity perfect for those who are physically strong and enjoy the satisfaction of creating things. Previous tasks completed include building classrooms, homes and toilets, repairing roads and maintaining vegetable gardens. Sometimes the weather makes outdoor work impossible, in which case volunteers help with research projects.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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IVHQ Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

IVHQ has received a host of positive reviews online. IVHQ share reviews on their website according to destination and project explaining volunteers many positive experiences. With thousands of happy volunteers and their positive feedback about the program flexibility, coordinators, support, food, and safety, you can feel confident choosing IVHQ for your next volunteer abroad adventure.

My experience with IVHQ was one I will always cherish. It was such a milestone for me and a great opportunity to expand in every way. The process form registering to my first day was really effective and informative. I’m so thankful to all who I met on my journey, for every person that made my experience in Merida what it was. Volunteering in Merida has inspired me to do more of this work and I can’t wait to see what other destinations will call me, thanks to IVHQ, now that I know they are worldwide I look forward to the next adventure. -Kathryn Farrell

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IVHQ Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

IVHQ offers inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand. The program fees are set based on the destination and the length of stay. The application registration fee is $279 USD and it's a refundable fee if the volunteer decides to not go.

Program Fee – airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs. Volunteers are responsible for flights, Visa, travel insurance (mandatory), travel to Chiang Rai once in Thailand, vaccinations, in-country trips and tours, spending money, etc.

Voluntary Projects Overseas (UK)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Voluntary Projects Overseas

Voluntary Projects Overseas goal is to remain affordable and trustworthy. Established in 2003, Voluntary Projects Overseas is known for their great volunteer abroad projects. They work in partnership with local communities to connect them with great volunteers to help change lives in each location they support. Voluntary Projects Overseas has placed nearly 2,000 volunteers in projects across the world, and in the last 5 years have raised over $700,000 for those programs.

Voluntary Projects Overseas Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Voluntary Projects Overseas connects compassionate people with other individuals worldwide that need great skills, dedication, and financial support. Voluntary Projects Overseas programs are equipped to provide vital aid to struggling populations through childcare, house building, education, sport, water projects, wildlife conservation and community development.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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Nearly all government-run schools in Thailand suffer tremendously from underfunding; the country simply does not have the available funds necessary to maintain a quality curriculum. In areas like Koh Samui, tourism is the primary industry and in order to get employment, English is a prerequisite. Volunteering in Thailand and teaching Basic English could benefit the students and their families to get better-paid work on the island, allowing them to support their local community.

Elephant Care

Volunteers spend time caring for these wonderful animals in a beautiful part of Thailand. For the community, program fees ensure that the elephants are properly cared for in a natural setting, while at the same time helps to develop local education and employment programs that offer real alternatives to the people who struggle daily to survive.

Working in the Nursery

Households with very young children depend largely on an appropriate place that will provide great childcare and early year’s education giving both parents the chance to work. Volunteer work in Thailand on this project lets volunteers work together with the personnel at the center helping with any duties or chores that call for help. Volunteers will assist with teaching English, attending to the children in the playgrounds, preparing lunch and tidying at the end of the day.

Community Work

This placement will give you the opportunity to work in a small rural community in Northern Thailand. These projects give these impoverished people facilities and the support that they need. Throughout the year volunteers work on any number of projects, all organized with the cooperation of the tribe leaders and the local NGO. This building and community development project gives the opportunity to work within the hill tribe community, constructing buildings, work on farming land, and planting trees.

Voluntary Projects Overseas Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

Although they are based on the United Kingdom, they offer low cost volunteering projects in Thailand.  They have plenty of great reviews online from previous volunteers. Most reviews echoed the high quality of the coordinators teams, the welcoming environment, and overall excellent experience with this organization.

We have been volunteering for 6 years with this project and every year it just keeps getting better. A great experience in a great location. Our University students have found this literally a life-changing experience. -Kim
Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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Voluntary Projects Overseas  Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

This company offers affordable projects for as low as $575.The project fees include accommodations, airport pick up, transfers first class bus / train / ferry travel, induction meal in Bangkok and lunch at the project, ongoing in country support and program orientation.


15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations GoEco

The GoEco volunteer organization was founded in 2005 to encourage ecological and volunteer tourism to promote sustainable development. Operating in Over 33 countries, they mobilize over 1,000 volunteers each year. This organization allows travelers to experience a different and more rewarding kinds of tourism; by encouraging travelers to volunteer for the benefit of others they are able to fund safe and affordable projects at beautiful destinations all over the world.

GoEco Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

GoEco's volunteer in Thailand projects utilize volunteers to provide sustainable programs to help secure a better future for struggling populations in Thailand. Volunteers can choose from a wide range of programs, like working with elephant conservation, or teaching English.

Elephant Village Experience

To put an end to elephant cruelty and maltreatment, a non-profit organization founded this project and passed it onto the community to gather funds. These funds help support the cost of purchasing food and other necessities for the elephants living in the village. This project ensures the elephants remain safe, healthy, and also prevents selling them to street hawkers.

Learn, Volunteer and Travel

When considering inexpensive volunteering programs in Thailand, this project is designed to bring support and education to the communities of Sing Buri. Volunteers are placed in schools and orphanages to help with teaching or construction work.  

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Volunteers will teach school children aged 4-21 English or physical education. The schools follow a relaxed teaching approach, meaning that volunteer Thailand teachers are able to use their own methods to educate the students.

Orphanage Effort

Nearly all large orphanages in Thailand have a primary as well as a secondary school on the grounds for both orphans and poor children. Volunteering at two main orphanages means helping maintain the orphanage buildings and grounds, and with renovations or light construction projects when needed.

Teach and Beach

Volunteers learn how to lead and control a classroom while teaching different levels of English. The support team will be available give ample assistance to plan classes and so on. In Thai culture, teachers are very well-respected and admired. This project teaches a basic level of English among the children.

Beach and Build

Working with other Teach and Beach volunteers, volunteers will be concentrating on improving the appearance and security of buildings, the classrooms, as well as any other element of the school, rendering it more conducive to learning. The goal is to make this school a beacon of hope on the island.

This project helps deliver tangible, long-term solutions for a community in need.  Development projects can range from painting a mural on a classroom wall to building an entire community center.  

Coastal Marine Conservation in Phang Nga

This project uses an all-inclusive solution to conservation. It emphasizes protecting the fragile coastal and marine ecosystems which are in danger due to economic stresses and natural damage. The goal is to teach locals about environmental concerns and ways to prevent destroying the coral reefs marine life while encouraging sustainable economic efforts and food sources.

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GoEco Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

Although good volunteer reviews and stories about GoEco can be found all over the internet, they are also recommended by big companies such as The Guardian, MSN, Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Journeys for Good, Goodnet, The Boston Globe, and The Today Show. These shows and journals wrote many articles about GoEco and their programs, recommending them to thousands of volunteers all over the world.

Overall I'd recommend this experience! GoEco did a great job supporting the whole process before during and after the trip. I have always felt safe during the 4 weeks and had the opportunity to visit amazing places and get a glance on how geographical and cultural diverse but yet cohesively beautiful is. On the down side, the volunteering program is taken a bit light, which might suite very young people looking for adventure but lacks in some aspects for more mature travelers that wish to discover in meaningful way! -Sonia

Read more reviews at go abroad and Go Overseas

GoEco Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Volunteers pay fixed fees starting at just $550 a week for their Childcare project. Community Projects run for $700 a week.  Even their Marine Conservation starts at 2 weeks for $1,775. All prices include local in-country support, accommodation, food, pre-departure kit, orientation, airport transfers, as well as insurance. The weekly price doesn't include any fees related to visa, personal expenses, local transportation, flights, or transportation back to the airport.

 Gap 360 (UK)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations gap 360

Gap 360 was established in 2011. The Gap 360 office is based in the center of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Gap 360 Encourages travelers to volunteer for the benefit of others and Support environmental and humanitarian programs.

Considered one of the best volunteering programs in Thailand, the Gap 360 Company offers a wide selection of exciting activities all around the world. Volunteering in Thailand can provide valuable new skills, and unforgettable experiences.

Gap 360 also creates a platform for exploring various organizations that support the environment.  The Gap 360 Company offers a wide selection of exciting activities all around the world. Gap 360 currently features over 200 trips in over 50 amazing destinations! They offer incredible activities all over the world.

Gap 360 Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Childcare Project

Volunteering opportunities in Thailand as a childcare volunteer presents pre-school kids aged with fun and educational activities. These activities build confidence and improve their social skills. These volunteers teach kids basic English, health and hygiene, songs, games, arts and crafts activities.

Elephant Experience

The elephant project was established to offer a protected home for the elephants. The elephant village is placed in a gorgeous rural area near Surin, and is a haven for around 35 elephants, which reside together with the local villagers. This experience provides not only a distinctive elephant interaction, but also a fantastic cultural exchange in authentic rural Thailand.

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Gap 360 Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

There are countless reviews available for Gap 360 online for volunteering in Thailand. There are many reviews stating that the trip was great, however there were a few complaints about these trips leaning more towards holidays than the projects that they were described as.  Some reviews claimed that food wasn’t included with their stay as it was described. Even with all these reviews, each review boast about how these trips were unforgettable and amazing experiences for reasonable prices.

Gap 360 gave me the opportunity to have one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, whilst volunteering Program. The staff were helpful and prompt in their replies and reassured any queries I had before I travelled. I decided to extend my trip as I was enjoying it so much and this was really simple to do. Whilst there were certain general things I would change about the trip, I would highly recommend this company to anyone. -Anonymous

Read more reviews at reviews and Go Overseas

Gap 360 Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

This company offers an affordable teaching and childcare program at $905 for 2 weeks. And also an elephant experience at $1,090 for 2 weeks. Additional costs for volunteering in Thailand include international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Globalteer (UK)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Globalteer

Globalteer was established in 2006 to connect volunteers to their destinations safely and at a reasonable price. Since then they have helped over 2,000 volunteers travel abroad, and by doing so they have built a reputation for reliable service and outstanding experiences.

Globalteer focuses on reliable volunteering, guaranteeing that help will go where it is needed most, so that volunteers will always be a part of a lasting solution. Globalteer strives to help shape a world in which human and animal suffering are diminished and the future of the planet is safeguarded.

Globalteer focuses on assisting responsible and sustainable projects in community growth, wildlife rescue, and environmental conservation. Since 2008 Globalteer has placed over 2,000 volunteers at selected community and wildlife projects in SE Asia and South America.

Globalteer Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Elephant Sanctuary

The Volunteer Thailand Elephant Rescue Project provides a safe reserve to Thailand's domesticated elephants. Such animals would usually be held in poor conditions at working elephant camps or be exploited in the tourism industry.

Volunteers give practical assistance to the expert Mahouts (elephant keepers) to guarantee these wonderful animals live as close as possible to their wild relatives. Volunteers wash and clean the elephants on a daily basis, walk them through the forests to forage, and clean up their enclosure.

Volunteer Thailand Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary in Thailand is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals like gibbons, macaques and bears that were previously mistreated as pets, for profit within the tourism market or rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. This important volunteer Thailand program needs people like you.

The majority of the animals living at the sanctuary were maltreated before they arrived, suffering from neglect, malnutrition, abuse and unsuitable care. A number of the animals come in with permanent disabilities and can never be returned to the wild. The objective is always to provide these animals the best quality of life possible in captivity.

Globalteer Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

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There weren’t as many reviews found online about this company, however, their site does have quite a few. They are mostly great reviews, reflecting wonderful experiences abroad. Globalteer seems to provide great support to its participants.

Everything was perfect, I made a lot of amazing friendships and loved my project and the kids that i worked with. I have no words to explain how this trip changed my life and the way that i see the world. I would definitely recommend going to anyone who enjoys volunteering. -Lara

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Abroad

Globalteer Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

The volunteer placement fee includes, info brochure, accommodation at the sanctuary, pick up from airport, all main meals, assistance and advice for traveling to Thailand, and full in- country support from the project coordinator.

The Elephant Sanctuary starts at $730 for 1 week and $980 for 2 weeks. The Wildlife Sanctuary project $985 for 2 weeks. Additional costs for volunteers include international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Oyster Worldwide (UK)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Oyesterworld

Oyster is a family-owned, UK business that specializes in organizing paid work and voluntary work abroad for individuals from around the world. Oyster was established in 2006 to help connect caring people with reliable organizations that encourage humanitarian and economic growth and development. They have placed many volunteers in over 14 countries.

Oyster Worldwide projects

With Oyster Worldwide, you can do voluntary work overseas in a project that suits you, for the amount of time you prefer. Offering a wide variety of volunteering projects abroad and different timescales, volunteers can find the perfect project for them. As an experienced organization, Oyster Worldwide is passionate about connecting the right people with the right projects.

Oyster Worldwide Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Diving and Marine Conservation

Help conserve the world’s depleting coral reefs as a marine conservation volunteer in Thailand. Submerge yourself in the marine world conducting daily dives off the beautiful Thai island of Koh `Phangan, all while aiding with an essential research and conservation project. Volunteers work with a marine research organization carrying out daily dives to help understand the local ecosystem and build and apply methods in reef conservation.

Turtle Conservation

Volunteer in Thailand encouraging the survival of turtles! Along with the work to endorse the conservation of turtles, there is the opportunity to assist in gathering data on the influence of humans on the coastline, which is vital for its preservation.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Help, preserve and protect over 400 neglected animals at this wildlife haven. Become part of an important mission to rescue wild animals from neglect and abuse, giving them a home in this amazing sanctuary, or even back in the wild. From bears to birds, from monkeys to gibbons, you will make a valuable contribution to this important venture. Volunteers become a part of this wide-ranging and vital program which includes feeding, observation, education, rescues and release.

Elephant Care

For those who would like to volunteer in Thailand helping with these mistreated and amazing animals, as well as other wildlife too. Volunteers in this project are essential members of this growing elephant sanctuary in Thailand, currently home to 15 rescued elephants. Elephants have endured a tough history in Thailand. This project helps these animals.

Oyster Worldwide Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

They aim for high quality by providing excellent support before, during and after placements, and there are plenty of volunteer reviews and stories available to support that. There are virtually no negative reviews to be found. This means that Oyster Worldwide makes a concise effort to meet the needs of their volunteers. With a slew of positive reviews available on several volunteer abroad sites, you can feel comfortable in choosing this trusted organization.

I have never been travel the world like a volunteer. But now, I can do it with peace and love. I like children and it is pleasure for me to give my experience for other. I have enough free time, so that's why I want to do something good for this Planet. I sure that this program is a great choice for me. -Maria Khimka

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Oyster Worldwide Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

They offer an affordable Animal Rescue project in Krabi for a flat fee of $785, and this fee remains the same for all project durations. Also included with all projects are meals that are provided on site, internet access and computer on site, along with a television and DVD player.

POD Volunteers (UK)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Pod Volunteer

Pod Volunteers is a non-profit organization that has arranged ethical and verified volunteering opportunities worldwide since 2001. Pod Volunteers was founded in the UK to offer a connection between small charities and other organizations in less developed countries with over 600 people each year looking to do something beneficial abroad.

They aim to relieve poverty while improving education, health and living conditions of disadvantaged communities, protect the environment through research and conservation projects and Improve care for animals in need.

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POD Volunteers Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Pod Volunteers offer many Low cost volunteering projects in Thailand. Pod has more than 10 years’ experience organizing volunteer placements abroad.  They remain committed to a responsible volunteering approach to their important projects.

Children’s Home

This project was established to care for orphans from the 2004 tsunami. The ultimate goal of the home is to teach children to be active members of society as well as provide them with skills for independent living. In addition to providing a safe, cherishing home and a caring family for the children, there is a focus on education and learning new skills.

Animal Rescue

Volunteer work in Thailandat the Dog and Cat Rescue Center will help with the day to day running of the center which will include a range of tasks consisting of:

  • walking the dogs
  • feeding and washing
  • care for injured and abused animals
  • cleaning kennels and animal shelters
  • giving medication and assisting with animal treatment
  • provide education and promote awareness of animal care & respect

This project provides the opportunity to help with the problems of stray dogs and poor veterinary treatment of animals in Thailand.

Marine Conservation (Koh Tao)

  • Biorock coral rehabilitation and coral nursery
  • Artificial reef construction/maintenance
  • Mooring buoy installation
  • Giant clam nursery
  • Sea turtle ‘head starter program’ and releases
  • Water testing
  • Coral spawning capture and culture program
  • Erosion control
  • Surveys and monitoring of specific species including seahorses, invertebrates and coral predators such as crown of thorns starfish
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Volunteering in Thailand teachers teach English to pupils up to 21 years of age. Volunteers work in the English division at the college, concentrating on speaking and listening skills. Volunteers help the students practice English as much as possible. Pod has been supporting the College in Bang Na since 2007, presenting volunteers as supplementary English teachers helping pupils in their lessons.

The project provides volunteers which help students develop their confidence in conversational English. English is vital since it’s the primary tourist language in Thailand, English language skills open doors to better jobs or additional education.

Volunteering in Thailand: Wildlife Rescue

The center that POD works with in Thailand works as a sanctuary for abused, neglected or injured animals. Volunteers help with all sorts of tasks:

  • Feeding the animals
  • Providing water for the animals
  • Assisting with cleaning the enclosures
  • Creating enrichments for the animals
  • Maintenance work for enclosures and fences

POD Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

This non-profit volunteering company has done a great job at putting together volunteer placements overseas.  Pod volunteers rate their experience as good or very good. These reviews can easily be found on their site and online.

Volunteering in Thailand is one of the best experience of my life to date. It was so eye opening and inspiring to be up close and personal with the elephants. I had the opportunity to learn so much about their natural history and the plight they face every day, as well as getting in lots of cuddle time. Working hard everyday to help improve these animals lives also gave me the opportunity to learn alot about myself and who I want to be. -Jobie Broadhurst

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POD Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

POD offers an affordable wildlife rescue project in Thailand at $875 for only 2 weeks. And the animal rescue project is $785 for any duration, 1 week to 12 weeks. Additional costs for volunteers: International flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

GeoVisions (USA)

15 Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Geo Vision

Established in 2001 in Guilford, CT, GeoVisions understands the value of the experiences these opportunities bring to the lives of everyone in the host community. Their goal isn’t to just be among the cheap volunteering organizations in Thailand, but to provide trustworthy, affordable and quality services to its participants.

GeoVisions is dedicated to helping people cultivate global skills to be successful. Encouraging the valuable skills will ultimately result in greater cooperation and opportunities among nations and people of the world. GeoVisions respects its participants, supporting each and every one to reach their individual and collective goals.

GeoVisions Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Tutor English to Family

The primary goal for the project is to deliver conversational instruction in your native language.  When volunteering in Thailand, the host family expects the participant to lead the teaching and schedule lessons. They know that the teaching schedule, materials and anything else to aid in teaching will be the participant’s responsibility.

Language Camp

Each day (Tuesday through Friday) volunteers go to a local school and speak conversational English with students or even faculty looking to learn. Volunteers work in the schools around 3 hours each day. Participants remain around children to help them with their English. There are other tasks such as playing games, sports, doing art projects and activities, etc.

GeoVisions Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

GeoVisions knows the significance of cultural exchange and international education.  With an overall Grade A rating, they have plenty of positive reviews online from previous volunteers. With mostly great experiences reported, few people have listed any complaints.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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This was very rewarding and challenging as most of my students couldn't speak or comprehend English. I would certainly recommend GeoVisionss to anyone wishing to share their English skills in exchange for experiencing a new culture. Thanks for providing opportunities for enhancing one's life. -Suzanne

Read more reviews at abroad review, go abroad and Go Overseas

GeoVisions Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

GeoVisions provides low cost volunteering projects in Thailand. Their Tutor English to Family for $1,429 is 1 to 2 months in duration. The Language Camp program is $1,399 and that’s for 3 weeks. Additional costs for volunteers are international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Openmind Projects (Thailand)

Best Thailand Volunteer Organizations Openmind

Openmind Projects was launched in 2001 in Thailand. Its goal is to fill the knowledge divide wherever assistance is required most: in rural places where schooling is poor and resources are rare. Openmind Projects is also a non-profit NGO. In addition, ecotourism presents an increasing opportunity for those residing in rural areas to differentiate their income and to safeguard vital wildlife and habitats.

Openmind Projects program description

Openmind Projects utilizes IT and English expertise to help these initiatives. Since 2001, Openmind Projects has reinforced schools, conservation and health projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. When looking for the best volunteering program in Thailand, Openmind should be at top of the list.

Openmind Projects Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Teaching in Buddhist Temple School

The Wat Keaw Kro Wararam Temple School is used by learners from poor households. Student learners stay at the temple. Volunteer duties include computer skills or teaching English.

Nong Khai Training Center

Openmind Projects created a thriving training center in Nong Khai assisting underprivileged young people to more beneficial learning options. As a volunteer in Thailand you can:

  • train and teach participants
  • Volunteer part-time at the Center and part-time at another local project
  • Help develop training programs and projects
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Nursery and Primary School

This nursery and primary school is located on Koh Klang, a very charismatic island populated by Muslim farmers and fishermen. Volunteer responsibilities will include caring for children and teaching them rudimentary English at the primary school and nursery.

Marine Conservation:

The Tai Muang Conservation Center concentrates on saving turtles in addition to the other marine wildlife that lives along this incredible coastline. This volunteering in Thailand project is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on involvement with a marine conservation project. Certain duties depend on the existing needs of the Center.

Occasionally the National Park or Conservation Center organizes marine wildlife surveys, and volunteers with diving knowledge can take part in dive surveys. Volunteers might be asked to create educational material in English.

Eco and Agro-tourism Project

Volunteers will be based in the Phang Nga National Park, a popular tourist destination which protects large areas of mangrove forest as well as a wide variety of marine life. Volunteer work in Thailand duties are based on the skills of the volunteer and the requirements of the park during the time.

They could involve making, developing and improving English information, pamphlets and signs, teaching English to personnel. Specialist volunteers can take part in sea grass research. Volunteers collaborate with the personnel at the head office as well as those based on the islands.

Openmind Project Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

There are many reviews online praising this company and their low volunteering in Thailand project costs. Read more about what alumni have to say here.

I volunteered with Open Mind projects for about 4 months and I had sooo much fun! Open Mind projects encourages the "learning by doing" teaching method which I found very beneficial for the students, as it helped them memorize things better! So, you have to be creative and come up with games to teach them things, which can mean as much fun for you as for them. -Irene

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Openmind Project Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Openmind Project offers inexpensive projects like the Teaching Muslim Community Schools project which runs for $410 for the first week and $505 for 2 weeks. There are no costs for any other projects in Krabi except for an administration charge of $320. Additional costs for Thailand volunteers include international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Travel to Teach

Teach to travel Best and Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations GoEco

The international volunteer organization Travel to Teach was established in 2002 to help reach volunteering opportunities abroad.  They offer cheap volunteering opportunities in Thailand along with other places. Travel to Teach is an international volunteer organization that connects volunteers worldwide with grassroots community projects in South East Asia and Central America. They work to lower fees and offer inexpensive programs, while managing a closer contact with the volunteers, the local folks, and the projects. The chief focus is on English teaching.

Travel to Teach Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Teaching English

Travel to Teach leading application is on English teaching. Volunteers get the chance to teach English at one of several primary schools that are run on the outskirts of Chiang Mai city close to the town of Doi Saket. The kids are aged from 6 to 15 years and are local children from poor backgrounds.

Hill Tribe Village

The village features a somewhat large school which additionally serves a number of surrounding villages. Some of these villages are rather far apart so the children tend to be boarded at school throughout the week. Thus giving volunteers in Thailand plenty of opportunity to play with the children outside of school time as well as assist with homework.

Construction (Chiang Mai)

In the course of the school holidays Travel to Teach are well known for developing restoration summer camps. Usually such summer camps include informal English tutoring in addition to other enjoyable but educational subjects like sporting activities, art and music, and doing some necessary restoration work on the under-privileged schools.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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Restoration camps are likewise perfect for groups to participate in. Restoration camps are quite popular with volunteers because they can directly see the tangible influence of their volunteer work.

Orphanage (Mae Hong Son)

Currently, the orphanage is temporarily closed. The orphanage was established in December of 2002 by 5 reps from the Shan community who were linked to social work and development. In the last seven years the orphanage has supplied safety, shelter and schooling for various underprivileged migrant children, mostly from Burma.

Teaching English to Monks (Chiang Mai)

Teaching at a Buddhist temple offers an opening for a volunteer in Thailand to experience great cultural insight into Buddhism and life as a monk. Travel to Teach provides teaching placements at temples located in and nearby Doi Saket and in Mae Hong Son, permitting volunteers to teach English to both novices and monks.

Travel to Teach Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

They have left many volunteers satisfied with great experiences who praise their services highly; especially the affordable volunteering opportunities in Thailand.

I have travelled and worked with other organisations before and it is hard to find one that you can 100% rely on.  I was then given a tour of the city and driven to our dorm where I was surprised to see 10 other volunteers happy to greet me. This really helped calm my nerves of being in a foreign place. I definitely recommend staying for more than 4 weeks, as I was only there for four weeks and I didn't want to leave! -celeste holm

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas

Travel to Teach Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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Travel to Teach provides their projects at as low as $694 for 2 weeks. A 4-week trip would run $820. Apart from program fees, volunteers must pay for any airfare, transportation to your project location, food, travel and health insurance, vaccinations, visa, and other personal expenses.

Starfish Volunteers (Thailand)

Starfish Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations GoEco

Starfish Volunteers was established in 1990 and since has served Over 6,000 Volunteers looking to make a difference. By encouraging community growth, development and education, many volunteers are left with great memories and amazing experiences. Overall, Starfish Volunteers has a grade A rating for its volunteer programs.

Starfish Volunteers project description

Starfish Volunteers offers the best volunteering program in Thailand, India and beyond. With more than 10 years of experience, Starfish Volunteers knows all there is to know about volunteering abroad, volunteer travel, especially volunteering opportunities in Thailand .

Starfish Volunteers Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Elephant Care (Surin)

The elephant volunteer project is centered on protecting the elephants and improving quality of life. This wonderful opportunity allows volunteers to feed them, wash them and even play with them on this project.

Healthcare (Surin)

Volunteering abroad on a healthcare and medical project is an excellent approach to obtain beneficial work experience while providing support to some of the poorest people in a modest Thai community. Every placement is customized to ensure that volunteer tasks are determined by experience and interests.


Also known as ‘Teach & Beach’, the Koh Samui volunteer experience happens on Thailand’s second largest island. Recognized world-wide for the islands beauty, volunteers teaching experience placements will take place in the rural fishing community on the island. Volunteers will teach the students and assist with developing their language skills over an assortment of activities. Teachers volunteering in Thailand are highly respected, welcomed and admired.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Thailand opportunity?
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Teaching in Surin

Surin is frequently referred to as the heart of Thailand, popular for its attractive scenery and pleasant community. The hands-on teaching volunteer experience provides the chance to help empower kids by means of structured learning. Volunteers are provided all the required training to guarantee that volunteers are able to deliver a fun filled, educational, and engaging course.


As a child care volunteer one will present early-learning activities to small children like singing rhymes or playing games, all while assisting the small pupils to discover basic English. Volunteers can help prepare a number of fun-filled, action filled games and exercises to help the kids acquire skills, develop confidence, and enjoy time discovering.

This project is ideal for people who love to use their spare time in a relaxed tropical paradise while making a positive change to kids in a local community.

Starfish Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Reviews

There were numerous reviews on this company and their projects. There were complaints of the medical project by advanced medical students that the project was only good for novice nurses at best. There was also an issue with food not being included. Despite this, the rest praise Starfish for excellent experiences.

I was in Thailand for 3 months volunteering on the elephant and the turtle project and loved every minute! You give a lot to the communities and people you work with, but you receive so much in return! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, specifically the elephant project! Feeding the ellies, getting to the know the character of the ellies and the mahouts, planting food for them, masheteeing trees for them, walking them to the river to "bath" and play, having fun with the local kids, the food, the weather, the peace, the fun, the whole experience was awesome!! -Nat

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Starfish Volunteers Thailand Volunteer Program Fees

Starfish offers low cost volunteering projects in Thailand such as the Teaching project at $616 for 1 week and $805 for 2 weeks. Their Childcare project rate is as low as $616 for 1 week and $805 for 2 weeks. Additional costs for volunteers are international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Thailand?
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Now you've read about the top 15 organizations offering the best inexpensive volunteer in Thailand programs this no longer has to be a dream you can't afford to make come true. If you are looking for a great program have you made a decision about which of those covered here best meets your needs?

Perhaps you have already taken part in one of these affordable and high quality projects already? If so, we'd love to hear about your experiences.

If Thailand is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and  India .


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