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Are you thinking about visiting and volunteering in Thailand? Would you like to explore the best of Thailand while also making a real meaningful difference in the life of needy communities? Are you looking for the highest rated, affordable and most trusted volunteer providers in Thailand?

Thailand is a country of wonder, teeming with rich history and culture, royal palaces, tropical beaches, ancient ruins and astounding temples. More importantly, visitors are almost always greeted with warm smiles. A visit to the country is a relaxing and memorable holiday in itself, but many often find they want to give back more.

While volunteering in Thailand is a life-changing experience, it gets confusing once you start searching for a safe and affordable provider. Any search on the internet will have you realize that there are a lot of companies offering Thailand programs, with prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars – shockingly for the same programs!

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you paying super high costs for volunteering and potentially making the wrong choice. We want to see you join a reputable, safe and affordable program in Thailand. Also, you can be certain you’ll create a lasting impact and leave with great memories that last a lifetime.

So, guess what? We did the hard work for you! We spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the 10 best, safest and most affordable providers in Thailand, just for people like you - who want to travel to Thailand and make a difference. We sincerely believe that choosing one of these organizations will result in an amazing volunteer work in Thailand.

Keep reading to discover the 7 Best, Most Affordable Volunteer Program Providers in Thailand.

Company Name Sample Price USD Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $729 Go overseas: 2,214 Reviews
Go Abroad: 1,657 Reviews
IFRE Volunteers $559 Go Overseas: ‎115 Reviews
Global Crossroad $559 Go overseas: ‎93 Reviews
$620 Go Overseas – 89 Reviews
Go Abroad – 729 Reviews
Plan My Gap Year $789 Go Overseas: ‎404 Reviews
Go Abroad – 77 Reviews
Oysters Worldwide $1165 Go Overseas – 83 Reviews
Go Abroad – 106 Reviews
Love Volunteers $908 Go overseas: 140 Reviews
Go Abroad: 271 Reviews

Table updated: March 28, 2024

International Voluntee HQ(New Zealand)

The first provider we’re going to look at today is International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ), a New Zealand-based volunteering organization that was established in 2007. Anyone who volunteers internationally will for sure know about IVHQ so if you plan to volunteer in Thailand, make sure to put this company on your radar too.

IVHQ’s primary focus is on providing affordable volunteer travel experiences that are safe, high quality and environmentally and socially responsible. IVHQ has programs in more than 40 countries worldwide, and places thousands of volunteers abroad every year. To date, IVHQ has served about 130,000 volunteers worldwide since its founding.

IVHQ Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

IVHQ has some top-notch volunteer programs for you to try. You’ll be signing up for a memorable and long-lasting volunteering experience in Thailand through IVHQ.

IVHQ offers a top-notch teaching program in Hua Hin. Volunteer teachers in Thailand can help teach English at local Thai kindergartens, schools and community centers. Volunteers are needed for this project all through the year to help the local teams run school camps and other events for the local children. They’ll also get involved in helping the students increase their chances of future employment, as English is very important for a country that relies heavily on tourism.

Do you have a passion for education, but don’t know where to start? Do you enjoy working with children? This exciting childcare program in Thailand’s Chiang Rai involves working with children aged 2-6 at teaching and daycare centers. Volunteers assist locally trained staff with tasks like planning and teaching classes, serving meals, general tidying chores and putting smiles on children’s faces. No previous experience is necessary to join this program.

Another project you could get involved with is the Hill Tribe Support in Hua Hin. The hill tribes living in the area have an increasing need for access to modern education. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach at local schools, working with students between 3-15 years old.

IVHQ Reviews

IVHQ has received a wealth of positive reviews for their volunteer in Thailand programs. Read through some shared experiences of past volunteers on IVHQ’s website. IVHQ has 2,214 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,657 reviews on GO Abroad. With thousands of happy volunteers and their positive feedback about program flexibility, coordinators, support, food, and safety, you can feel confident choosing IVHQ for your next volunteer abroad adventure.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.


IVHQ offers inexpensive volunteer programs in Thailand. The program fees are set based on the destination and the length of stay. The application registration fee is $329 USD and it's a refundable fee if the volunteer decides to not go.

Their program fees start at the low cost of $400 per week and include airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during the volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.

Volunteers are responsible for flights, visa, travel insurance (mandatory), travel to Chiang Rai once in Thailand, vaccinations, in-country trips and tours, spending money, etc.

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IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Volunteer in Thailand with IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers is another amazing international volunteering company many should be aware of. IFRE is a nonprofit organization located in the USA, founded in 2006, and the company has helped many volunteers grow into dedicated humanitarians. The company excels at providing low cost volunteering opportunities in Thailand. IFRE aims to encourage cultural immersion, language courses, positive volunteer opportunities and more. In a snapshot, IFRE’s volunteer programs in Thailand give volunteers an excellent opportunity to change their life and the lives of the people they serve, while also providing a memorable holiday experience in Thailand.

IFRE Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

With IFRE Volunteers’ selection of volunteer programs, you’ll serve the local people of Thailand, engage in cultural exchange and gather a lifetime of memories to take back home with you!

Are you someone who is deeply passionate about taking care of young children and helping to put smiles on their faces? IFRE’s Thailand childcare volunteer program is based in one of Thailand’s poorest provinces - Surin. This project is essential for many families with young children as it offers assistance to the Thai children by providing low-income parents with adequate childcare services so they can go to work.

IFRE also provides an excellent Summer Program that combines traveling and volunteering. You’ll go on trips to paradisiacal beaches and enjoy the bustling nightlife of Thailand. Then, you can choose to volunteer for 7 days for either a construction and renovation project or an elephant conservation project.

On top of being one of the poorest areas in Thailand, Surin is more positively known for its elephants, silk and ruins of the Khmer empire. Chiefly known for its elephants, the province is home to 400 elephants which were originally captured from the jungle by some of Surin’s founding farmers and forefathers. As a volunteer in an Elephant sanctuary in Thailand, you will work with the community to help take care of these elephants.

IFRE also offers a teaching English program that’ll have volunteers working 4-5 hour shifts in local and community schools. They’ll be tasked with improving English and communication skills of children and also organizing some creative and fun extracurricular activities.

IFRE Volunteers Reviews

IFRE Volunteers has two major advantages over their closest competitors: some of the most affordable rates in the industry, and reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. You can visit their online website to see volunteers’ reviews and stories. IFRE Volunteers has 115 reviews on Go Overseas, making it a top pick for those who seek to volunteer in Thailand.

Read all reviews of IFRE Volunteers on Go Overseas.

IFRE Volunteers Fees

IFRE is amongst the most affordable volunteer providers in Thailand. Their inexpensive costs for volunteers include international flights, passport, visa, food and beverage expenses, travel vaccinations and your day to day spending money. Affordable volunteer projects start at $260. Application fee is of $299 USD. The weekly program fee is paid directly to your project, and covers your room, board, and field support.

Global Crossroad (USA)

volunteer in Thailand with Global Crossroads

Global Crossroad is a well-reputed non-profit volunteering organization founded in Dallas, Texas, USA. To this day, the company remains one of the fastest growing in terms of the numbers of happy volunteers it has helped. Global Crossroad prides itself in offering safe, affordable, life enriching and consistently amazing experiences for its international volunteers. An important part of Global Crossroad’s successful volunteer experiences in Thailand is the company’s extensive volunteer support in-country. The company makes great efforts to assist grassroots assignments in developing countries that provide genuine hope for underprivileged individuals in rural areas, primarily kids in orphanages and suppressed women.

Global Crossroad Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

Global Crossroad connects its international volunteers to local teams so that they can directly involve themselves in grass-root projects. Their top programs are highly-rated by all past volunteers.

Are you someone who wants to help look after young children? The childcare Thailand volunteer program works closely with orphanages, schools and other centers to help impoverished children and their parents. This program positively changes the lives of children and families in Thailand. You’ll be placed in Surin - one of the most deprived areas of the country, which makes it very challenging for struggling parents to give their children adequate time and attention when they have to work.

Teaching English is a noble pursuit when it comes to Thailand, as many realize they desperately need to learn it in order to secure chances of future employment. If you are a native English speaker, this program is worth considering. Global Crossroad’s Teaching English project will place participants in nurseries, child development centers, and even schools in both the provinces of Surin and Ayutthaya. Volunteering to teach English will entail offering practical conversational skills, grammar and pronunciation to eager learners.

Global Crossroad Reviews

Volunteers express sincere gratitude towards Global Crossroad for giving them such a fantastic opportunity to engage in true, local development. Volunteers in Thailand, specially, are very satisfied about how smoothly their operations were carried out. You can read through some testimonies of past volunteers on Global Crossroad’s website. This prestigious organization has 93 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Global Crossroad on Go Overseas.

Global Crossroad Fees

Global Crossroads provides inexpensive Thailand volunteer programs beginning at just $260! They strive to keep the costs low for all aspiring volunteers. Program rates are dependent upon the length of stay plus the destination. Global Crossroads program fees are split two ways:

  • The application fee which is $299 USD. This covers staff salaries in USA’s office, program advertising, etc.
  • The weekly program fee is paid directly to host families and projects.

The weekly fee cover accommodations, meals, the cost of in-country coordinator, certificate of completion, pre-departure information, and fundraising ideas.

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For the environmentally conscious international volunteers out there, GoEco is definitely an organization you should be looking at. GoEco was founded in 2005 to encourage ecological and responsible tourism that would promote sustainable development, and that also includes all of its volunteer programs in Thailand. Operating in over 33 countries, the company mobilizes over 1,000 volunteers each year. This organization allows travelers to experience a different and more rewarding kind of tourism; by encouraging travelers to volunteer for the benefit of others, they are able to fund safe and affordable projects in beautiful destinations all over the world.

GoEco Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

GoEco’s volunteer programs offer unique experiences where you’ll be able to engage in environment conservation, healthcare, education and other important areas of development.

Experience the local Thai community on a teaching and childcare program in Hua hin. You’ll participate in cultural exchange, help students broaden their horizons and help them with essential life and communication skills.

On the construction & renovation volunteer program, you’ll help to renovate the homes of families living in poor condition in Hua Hin. You’ll do some light renovation work and also take part in existing remodeling projects. Help impoverished families get better sanitation and improve their living condition through this program.

If you are someone that loves to care for animals, do check out the elephant forest refuge project. You’ll help out at a nearby elephant sanctuary in Bangkok and your tasks include washing, feeding, cleaning and monitoring the behaviors of elephants.

Help out at the Asian Wildlife Centre in Southern Thailand. As a volunteer, you’ll gain invaluable experience on how to take care of different animal species and learn essential wildlife welfare and conservation skills.

GoEco Reviews

Although good volunteer reviews and stories about GoEco can be found all over the internet, they are also recommended by big companies such as The Guardian, MSN, Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Journeys for Good, Goodnet, The Boston Globe, and The Today Show. These shows and journals have written many articles about GoEco and their Thailand volunteer programs, recommending them to thousands of volunteers all over the world. You can also read through volunteer reviews on GoEco’s website. This prestigious organization has 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

GoEco Fees

Volunteers pay fixed fees for GoEco’s programs starting at just $620 a week for their Childcare project. All prices include local in-country support, accommodation, food, pre-departure kit, orientation, airport transfers, as well as insurance. The weekly price doesn't include any fees related to visa, personal expenses, local transportation, flights, or transportation back to the airport.

Plan My Gap Year

volunteer in Thailand with Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an international volunteer organization that primarily targets students that are planning to go abroad during their gap year; however anyone can join PMGY’s structured programs anytime! Their low fees, high-impact projects and honesty make them one of the best volunteer organizations in the world. Their Thailand volunteer programs are incredibly immersive and serve as an eye-opening experience to most volunteers that take PMGY’s packages.

PMGY Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

PMGY offers numerous volunteer opportunities in Thailand and you can choose one that you feel you’ll excel at. Since transparency is one of PMGY’s core values, you can rest assured about what kind of reception you’ll be getting during your volunteering trip.

Are you someone who deeply cares about the welfare of elephants? If so, then join the Thailand Elephant Sanctuary Project. You will be stationed at an elephant sanctuary caring for rescued (domesticated) elephants. These elephants are often trained heavily, and with the rate at which wild elephants are slowly dying out (currently Thailand now only has 2,200 elephants living in the wild) times are getting harder for elephants. You’ll be tasked with general maintenance, caring and cleaning of elephants.

If you’re someone who wants to travel to Thailand with a purpose, then getting involved in PMGY’s wildlife rescue program would be a good starting point. Volunteers will work at the Wildlife Rescue Shelter, which is working tirelessly to get animals out of the miserable conditions they face, such as overexploitation, habitat loss and habitat degradation. You will be helping the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), located near Hua Hin. Your daily duties include preparing and distributing food to the animals, cleaning, general maintenance of the center (where you will also be staying!) and much more.

Combine tourism, adventure and volunteer work in one single package – The Real Thailand Experience. This 29-day Thailand experience will have you visiting peaceful beaches, Buddhist temples, bustling cities and lush jungles. Once you have done your fair share of traveling, you’ll then go to Bangkok and help out at local communities by helping children refine essential English speaking and writing skills.

PMGY Reviews

In just a year, PMGY’s operations provide volunteers with a lifetime of memories and invaluable experience regarding the real world. They have consistently surpassed volunteers’ expectations – you can scroll through some of those reviews on PMGY’s website. Volunteers in Thailand have testified about the absolutely amazing experience they’ve had while working with PMGY. PMGY has 404 reviews on Go Overseas and 77 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Abroad .


Plan My Gap Year offers some amazing prices for its programs to volunteer in Thailand, some of which start as low as $789 USD. This price includes the registration fee, which is $249. Program fees tend to include accommodation, meals, airport pickup, in-country orientation, and transport to project sites. Have a more detailed look at the prices for PMGY programs.

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Oysters Worldwide

Oysters Worldwide is a family-owned, UK business that specializes in organizing volunteering trips that are safe, reliable and highly personalized. The company was established in 2006 to help connect caring people with reliable organizations that encourage humanitarian and economic growth and development. Oysters Worldwide offers a wide variety of projects and programs, with different durations, and you can almost be certain to find the perfect project that fits your needs and interests.

Oysters Worldwide Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

Are you into scuba diving or snorkeling? Do you want to help with efforts to conserve marine life in Thailand? If yes then, consider taking their Diving and Marine Conservation program. Submerge yourself in the marine world, conducting daily dives off the beautiful Thai island of Koh Phangan, all while contributing to essential research and conservation project. Volunteers work with a marine research organization carrying out daily dives to help understand the local ecosystem and build and apply methods in reef conservation.

The wildlife sanctuary volunteering in Thailand presents an incredible opportunity to rescue wild animals from neglect and past abuse, giving them a home in an amazing sanctuary, or even back in the wild. Help preserve and protect over 400 neglected animals at this wildlife haven. From bears to birds, from monkeys to gibbons, you will make a valuable contribution to this important venture. Volunteers become a part of this wide-ranging and vital program which includes feeding, observation, education, rescues and release.

Elephant care is a ripe prospect for volunteers in Thailand. On the elephant sanctuary volunteering program, volunteers become involved in caring for deprived elephants – feeding and cleaning them and taking part in elephant enrichment activities. You can even take a conservation career course and improve future prospects for a job.

Oysters Worldwide also has an incredible program for people who want to learn how to teach English in Thailand and earn the TESOL certification. The company has several 120-hour courses in Hua Hin and Chiang Mai that will help prepare you for a pretty well-paid teaching job in Thailand.

Oysters Worldwide Reviews

Volunteers in Thailand, and several other countries, are impressed with the quality care and service that Oysters Worldwide provides. The organization brings development from the ground-up while keeping its volunteers safe and well-cared for. Read through some excellent testimonials by past volunteers on their website. Oysters Worldwide has 83 reviews on Go Overseas and 106 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Oysters Worldwide on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Oysters Worldwide on Go Abroad.

Oysters Worldwide Fees

Oysters Worldwide focuses on the impact they bring into the world. They would rather provide low cost volunteer opportunities than milk their customers for more cash. Their programs and packages start at just $1165. Volunteers get top-notch services such as timely, delicious meals, internet access, computer access, along with a television and even a DVD player!

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Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is an amazing international volunteering organization known for its well-developed volunteer programs. Their programs are completely transparent and make noticeable impacts on struggling and impoverished communities around the globe. In addition, they are highly trusted in the travel market and their services are reliable and up-to-date. The company was set up in New Zealand in 2009 by a brother and sister duo and has a number of amazing volunteering programs in Thailand.

Love Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Thailand

Love Volunteers has a wide variety of volunteer programs and packages for you to choose from.

Are you a native English speaker who is passionate about helping children and seeing them progress in the world? There is a top-notch childcare program located in Chiang Mai, an exotic and artsy town in northern Thailand. As a childcare volunteer in Thailand, you will be looking after the children at childcare centers - helping vulnerable children have the necessary care they need to lead a positive life.

Work as a volunteer teacher in Thailand and help make a valuable difference simply by showing up and talking to local kids in conversational English. There are a number of schools in the Chiang Mai area that are suffering from low staffing levels and limited funding. You can help them improve their English language and skills and greatly improve their chances of future success.

On the Elephant Conservation Program run by Love Volunteers, you’ll get a unique opportunity to treat and care for mistreated Asian elephants. Throughout your elephant volunteer program in Thailand, you’ll spend your days looking after young baby elephants, feeding them and taking them for long walks in the jungle (not riding them though!). Ensure the preservation of these elephants and also educate the public about their struggles.

Are you a medical student or a healthcare professional looking to enhance your CV and broaden your medical knowledge? Love Volunteer’s medical internship is a little different from the ones listed so far, in the sense that you would be working in public and private full-service hospitals in Bangkok. As the hospitals in Bangkok are completely modernized and advanced and comparable to western hospitals, this is actually a really incredible experience to enhance and develop your understanding of proper medicine.

Love Volunteers Reviews

Volunteers that have chosen Love Volunteers as their provider really appreciate the amount of time, care and authenticity that goes into planning for their projects. Volunteering in Thailand is no easy task – Love Volunteers does its absolute best to ensure that volunteers have a smooth and satisfactory trip. This well-reputed organization has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Abroad.

Love Volunteers Fees

Love Volunteers offers some of the best pricing-to-quality ratio in the industry. At significantly low costs, you’ll find plenty of well-serviced volunteer opportunities in Thailand with Love Volunteers. Their most affordable package starts at $609 and there is an additional registration fee of $299. Their program fees include orientation, full staff support, project placement and supervision, accommodation and meals.

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What do I need to do to volunteer in Thailand?

Volunteering in Thailand is an eye-opening experience for many volunteers that decide to come to this exotic country. You’ll first need a valid work permit or volunteer visa. Then you can choose from programs that range from education and healthcare to elephant and wildlife conservation.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Thailand?

On average the cost of volunteering in Thailand will range from about $500 - $1500 per week. However, the cost may vary depending upon the agency, services included and other program-inclusive factors.

How long is volunteer visa in Thailand?

Thailand customs will provide volunteers with the O Volunteer Visa that lasts for 90 days, counting from the date of entry. If you wish to extend the time or shift your activities, you’ll need to contact the required authorities first.

Is it safe to volunteer in Thailand?

Absolutely! Thailand is one of the safest places to do volunteer work. The local people are always friendly and approachable and many volunteer organizations have ground support staffs to tend to any inquiries you may have.

What do you need to apply for a volunteer visa in Thailand?

These are the list of things you need to apply for a valid volunteer visa in Thailand:

  • A copy of your passport
  • 4 self-portrait photos with dimensions of 2 inches: 4X6 cm
  • A copy of your educational degree
  • A copy of the medical certificate for work permit
  • Personal information
  • Resume and,
  • Lease of house contract


As you can see, this article has clearly summed up the best and cheapest volunteer program providers in Thailand. We hope this article has been of great help to you and that you will use it to help influence your future meaningful travels in Thailand.

If you have already been to Thailand with one of these providers, would you be interested in giving us some feedback? Do get in touch!

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