The 9 Best Cheap Sea Turtle Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer abroad with sea turtles, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you someone who is passionate about preserving wildlife and helping endangered species? Are you thinking of volunteering abroad with sea turtles? Are you looking for highly rated, affordable and credible volunteer providers?

It is a sad and well-known fact that the once vibrant and high numbers of sea turtles has been in dramatic decline in recent years; there used to be over 100 species of sea turtles and nowadays, marine conservationists can only track 7 species. Hence why volunteers to help protect these sea turtles and contribute to on-the-ground research are in high demand.

Finding the right company to volunteer with is a little more complicated than you think. It requires a lot of research and can eat up into your time. Luckily, we are dedicated to finding the best volunteering with sea turtle organizations.

After spending hundreds of hours on research, we present you with an unbiased selection of the 9 best and most affordable sea turtle volunteering programs providers.

Company Name Sample Price USD Reviews
International Volunteer HQ Costa Rica – ($905 + $329) Go Overseas – 2,230 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,675 reviews
Go Eco Sri-Lanka - $1,020 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
RCDP International Volunteer Bali – ($400 + $279) Go Overseas – 62 reviews
Global Crossroad International Volunteers Costa Rica – ($900 + $299) Go Overseas – 94 reviews
Thailand - $1,350 Go Overseas – 705 reviews
Maximo Nivel Guatemala - $685 Go Overseas – 1,314 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,881 reviews
A Broader View
Costa Rica - $1,410 Go Overseas – 178 reviews
Plan My Gap Year Sri Lanka – ($300 + $249) Go Overseas – 405 reviews
Projects Abroad Mexico - $2,500 Go Overseas – 661 reviews
Go Abroad – 413 reviews

Table updated: May 8, 2024

International Voluntee HQ

Sea Turtle Volunteer Abraod with ivhq

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ) is a certified B corporation and the world’s largest humanitarian volunteer organization. IVHQ first took root in New Zealand in 2007. From there, they have expanded continuously, improving services and placements along the way, to now offer 304 programs in 44 different countries. IVHQ’s ethical and sustainable approach to volunteering, affordable fees and 24/7 staff support has made the company well-renowned among newcomers as well as past volunteers. From community programs like education and healthcare to wildlife and sea turtle conservation volunteer programs, IVHQ has it all.

IVHQ Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

IVHQ’s reach is far, and through this company you can get involved in impactful sea turtle volunteer projects in Bali, Costa Rica, Guatemala etc.

Costa Rica - Unfortunately, life for sea turtles is not easy on Costa Rica’s shores. The problems sea turtles face here are very similar to the problems they face in other countries. As a volunteer, you would be working with biologists and other Costa Rica sea turtle volunteers day and night along the pristine shores of Costa Rica. You’ll patrol and clean the beaches and create hatcheries and safe havens for the sea turtles. And, that’s only some of the few things volunteers can do by joining this sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica.

Bali - On the island of Nusa Penida in Bali, there is a group of local experts who work very hard to increase the number of sea turtles on the island. As a volunteer, you would be joining these experts in their sea turtle volunteer program, and you will partake in activities such as helping to care for the sea turtles, keeping the center clean, and cleaning the surrounding nearby beaches. One of the benefits of this Bali sea turtle project is that the island is not a tourist destination, so you can really enjoy and embrace the feeling of being off the beaten path in a paradisiac island.

Galapagos Islands – The Galapagos Islands is home to some of the most diverse and exotic range of marine species, including sea turtles. IVHQ’s program here will take you to the Galapagos National Park where you’ll help preserve the Green Sea Turtle by helping to collect data on nest size and pattern, clean nesting areas, document nesting patterns and help remove Kikuyo (a highly invasive plant).


IVHQ offer some of the best value for money on their sea turtle conservation volunteer programs. Their program fees for a week of volunteering can vary between $700 and $1,500 depending on the location. They help you prepare for online volunteer training, put you in contact with a volunteer expert, give you a detailed program, help you with flight deals, insurance and much more. And, that’s on top of the usual three meals per day, accommodation, airport pickup and drop off and in-country support during your volunteering adventure. Additionally they charge a $329 registration fee to guarantee your placement.

IVHQ Reviews

IVHQ is truly your go-to organization for sea turtle conservation volunteer opportunities. Nearly 2000 volunteers have reviewed IVHQ’s volunteer projects, and their words speak for themselves. IVHQ’s programs have been praised on all levels. This prestigious organization has 2,230 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,675 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.

Go Eco

With their very first project being that of sea turtle conservation, GoEco is a company that you absolutely must look into when considering volunteer opportunities for sea turtle conservation. Founded in 2006 by two friends Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal, GoEco is a top-tier eco-tourism and volunteer organization dedicated to providing top-notch and affordable environment conservation initiatives. With more than 150 programs spanning across 40 countries, a volunteer trip with GoEco will definitely become a memorable chapter in your life.

GoEco Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

GoEco specializes in nature and wildlife conservation and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get the best of the best experience when volunteering abroad on a sea turtle conservation project.

Costa Rica - Sea turtles face endless threats daily that put their lives and futures at risk, such as poachers, fishing and erosion, just to mention a few. Nesting on the beaches is not safe anymore and the sea turtles are in danger. This would be a great chance for you to give back to the marine world what has for so long been taken away from them. If you’d like to roll up your sleeves and join one of many sea turtle conservation trips in Costa Rica, there are plenty of beaches waiting for you, on both coasts.

Bali - In the warm waters of Bali, there is a sea turtle conservation organization doing tremendous efforts to keep the sea turtle population numbers on the rise. Local fishermen do their part in picking up hurt turtles and taking them to this conservation center. Once the sea turtles arrive at the center, the biologists and Bali sea turtle volunteers help them heal until they are ready to be released into the wild again. The team at the Bali sea turtle conservation and education center also look after the baby sea turtles until they can fend for themselves alone in the great blue ocean. All the data collected is sent to international associations who track the progress of the sea turtles around the world.

Sri Lanka - In the town of Ambalangoda, there is another sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunity waiting for helping hands such as yours to make a meaningful difference. In this town, fishing has become a major player in the economy. Unfortunately, it has not been helping a lot in terms of ecology, and many sea turtles have been affected by it. If you would like to join this sea turtle education and rescue center in Sri Lanka rescuing sea turtles and protecting their eggs, the Sri Lankan Wildlife department will thank you too.

GoEco Fees

Go Eco’s sea turtle volunteer opportunities costs $1,080 for two weeks. As with most programs, it includes shared accommodation, three meals per day, and airport transfers. The real value of their sea turtle conservation programs is the comprehensive travel health insurance with volunteer abroad coverage, a one-week cultural immersion and local in-country team and 24-hour emergency support. You just need to get your flight, apply for a visa - if you need one - and you are ready to take off.

GoEco Reviews

GoEco’s volunteer programs are affordable and above all, are an enjoyable experience for all volunteers. This makes them a highly sought after volunteer provider. In fact, they have earned many reviews & awards that you can check out on their website. GoEco has 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

RCDP International Volunteers

Sea turtle volunteer with RCDP International

RCDP International is a long-serving international volunteer provider that was founded in 1998 in Colorado. The agency organized its first international volunteering expedition to Nepal. The company has since then served over 18,000 happy volunteers across 19 countries worldwide, with volunteers citing the supreme affordability of its 200+ programs. Besides its affordable programs, RCDP International is also known for the security of their programs, authentic cross cultural experiences and sustainable, grassroots development.

RCDP International Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

RCDP International offers a range of amazing sea turtle conservation volunteering programs in locations such as Costa Rica and Bali. We’ve summarized their programs down below:

Costa Rica - Are you looking to travel to Costa Rica to help save the sea turtles with a credible organization that has over 20 years of experience? RCDP’s amazing sea turtle program takes you to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, where there are hundreds of sea turtles waiting to be helped.

The sea turtles need the hands of compassionate volunteers like you who understand that the sea turtle has an important role to play in the environment and the planet's habitat.

Bali - Although hunting sea turtles is deemed illegal in Bali, out of a1000 hatched baby turtles, 999 are almost always killed and never make it back where they were born. Their meat is sold, as are their shells to make souvenirs. If they aren’t killed my human poachers, they’re killed by humans, caught in nets, speed boat propellers, or strangled by plastic. As a sea turtle volunteer in Bali with RCDP, you will not only be joining one of the most affordable programs, but you’ll also be spending time on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, while making one of the most valuable contributions of your life.

RCDP International Fees

Depending on what sea turtle conservation trips you would like to be part of, RCDP’s volunteering fees starting at either $400 a week or $900 for 2 weeks. As usual, the longer you stay the less the fees it will be per week. The fee includes three traditional meals per day, accommodation, transport to the site, and ongoing support throughout the duration of the project. There is also a registration fee of $279.

RCDP International Reviews

After going through some hundred reviews that volunteers have left for RCDP’s programs, including their sea turtle conservation volunteer opportunities, we feel that RCDP is certainly one of the best volunteer providers for aspiring sea turtle volunteers. You can check individual reviews on their website as well. RCDP International has 62 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of RCDP International on Go Overseas.

Global Crossroads

Sea turtle volunteer with Global Crossroads

Since its inception in 2003, Global Crossroad has been working with grassroots organizations spread throughout the world. These organizations create projects to empower people in need and to do that, they rely on volunteers to help them out and bring their skills to these places. Global Crossroad acts as a gateway, linking volunteers with these projects. Since they started their quest, Global Crossroads has successfully planned and organized over 20,000 volunteer trips to hundreds of communities. GCR is one of the best volunteer providers we have on this list.

Global Crossroad Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

Global Crossroad already has a wide selection of volunteer programs and out of those - their sea turtle programs are especially enigmatic and alluring. We are sure you’ll make plenty of memories and gain a lifetime of experience on these programs!

Bali - In the island of Nusa Penida in Bali, there is an excellent sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunity waiting for you provided by Global Crossroad. There, sea turtle volunteers perform all sorts of tasks offering support to the biologists and staff team working year-round on this project. If you decide to participate in this project, you will help the team contribute to a great cause, taking blood and tissue samples, watching how the team studies the sea turtles’ DNA, attaining in-depth knowledge about sea turtle reproduction, among many other interesting tasks.

Costa Rica - Head to the white sandy beaches in Pacuare in the beautiful coastal country of Costa Rica. There is a Costa Rica sea turtle conservation volunteer program in need of sea turtle volunteers there. If you choose to join them, you will help the local team on the whole process of making sure the sea turtle population grows. From the very beginning of welcoming new turtles to the world, to let go of them in the lukewarm waters where they belong.

Global Crossroad Fees

Global Crossroad offers highly affordable volunteer programs that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Their sea turtle volunteer programs start at $900 for 2 weeks, with an additional registration charge of $299. The program fee includes three meals per day, accommodation, airport pickup and drop off and in-country support during your volunteering adventure.

Global Crossroad Reviews

We have scoured the Internet for reviews and we can say confidently that Global Crossroad is a volunteer provider worth choosing. The organization will ensure that you be supplied with everything you need on your sea turtle conservation volunteer trip abroad. Global Crossroad has 94 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Global Crossroad on Go Overseas.


Sea turtle volunteer with GVI

Global Vision International (GVI) is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world. Their reputation stretches across volunteers and media alike, and they’re an organization that you can trust fully to plan and design your volunteer trip abroad. In the last three decades, GVI has spread around the globe supporting volunteers and communities in many ways. Over 25,000 international volunteers have traveled and supported 450 projects in 25 countries through them. These impressive numbers are only possible due to the hard work of their team back in their offices in UK, Australia, and North America.

GVI Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

GVI offers sea turtle conservation volunteer programs in a variety of locations but our favorites lie in the countries of Costa Rica, Thailand and Greece. Have a look at their programs down below:

Costa Rica - If you are looking for a sea turtle volunteer program in Costa Rica, this is a program like no other and is perfect for all-round animal-lovers. GVI works with a unique team of biologists in the Tortuguero National Park, which means that you will need to get a special permit to volunteer in the park. But don't worry, it's only a formality. The additional merit of joining this unique volunteering program in Costa Rica is that you will also learn about other fabulous and unique animals in the rainforest, such as the majestic jaguar and a range of aquatic birdlife. This fabulous Costa Rica sea turtle conservation trips gives you the opportunity of having the Caribbean ocean as your office and the rainforest as your back garden.

Greece – On this sea turtle conservation volunteering in Greece, you will head to the Bay of Kyparissia. Once you get there, you will join a team of experts and volunteers who monitor and record the sea turtle activities in the area. As this area is visited by national and international tourists it is very important to create awareness among the national and international communities. A rewarding task given to Greece sea turtle volunteers to share what they learn during their time on the island.

Thailand – Here’s a chance to volunteer on Thailand’s sandy and pristine shores. You’ll be placed at the beautiful island of Phang Nga where there are multiple teams of experts working at a local green sea turtle rescue center. As a volunteer, you’ll help clean hatcheries and enclosures, raise baby sea turtles and collect data regarding nesting patterns. During off hours, explore the magnificence of Thailand’s South Coast.

GVI Fees

Although GVI’s program fees are a bit higher than other companies on this list, you’ll have a splendid time on your sea turtle conservation volunteer trip. The company does not charge a registration fee, and the program fee includes a 24 hours emergency phone, airport pick up, meals, accommodation, orientation and the experience of a supporting team to back you up.

GVI Reviews

GVI is the chosen volunteer provider for many volunteers and they always deliver fabulous results on their programs. Past volunteers have talked at lengths about their own personal volunteer experience on GVI’s website. This prestigious institution has 705 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GVI on Go Overseas.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel is a family-owned humanitarian volunteer organization that prides itself not on the quantity of the countries they serve, but in the quality of the countries where they are based. Every year, Maximo Nivel links over 4000 students, travelers, and volunteers with high quality and rewarding opportunities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Launched by experts with excellence in their field, their programs are recognized and accredited internationally. Widely recognized as the best volunteer provider in South and Central America, your volunteer trip with Maximo Nivel will surely be filled with unforgettable memories, valuable life experiences and new connections.

Maximo Nivel Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

Maximo Nivel only operates in 3 countries – Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica. However, they are unbeatable in terms of sea turtle conservation volunteer programs in these 3 countries. Let us look more closely at what they offer:

Guatemala - Having worked in Guatemala for some time now, Maximo Nivel’s members are well aware of the threats and dangers that throw the sea turtles to the possible extinction area. Therefore, they are looking for eager and willing volunteers (like yourself) to help out with the sea turtle conservation volunteer program. A volunteer’s will be tasked with patrolling and cleaning beaches, maintain hatcheries and tagging turtle eggs on this program.

Costa Rica - Those interested in learning more about sea turtles will be happy to know that there are around five to seven different species that they can learn, observe and interact within the waters of Costa Rica. The future of these species lay in the hands of the volunteers working on sea turtle ecological volunteering programs in Costa Rica. Biologists and volunteers walk along the sandy beaches patrolling, clearing, cleaning, tagging, and observing them. The question is - do you want to be one of them?

Maximo Nivel Fees

Maximo Nivel, being locally based, is probably the most affordable organization to volunteer with on their projects in South and Central America. Their program fee for Guatemala is $685, and for Costa Rica, it is $785 for a week of volunteering. A special surcharge of $95 per week must be paid for all sea turtle conservation volunteer projects.

Maximo Nivel Reviews

Sea turtle volunteers have witnessed the support and commitment of Maximo Nivel's team. The experiencing of working beside others who share the same goals is the real reason for praise. Yet, for other volunteers working on the sea turtle conservation volunteer project, the real reward is watching hundreds of baby turtles opening their eyes for the first time. In any case, Maximo Nivel is a volunteer provider definitely worth considering. You should check some volunteer reviews on their own website as well. The organization has 1,314 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,881 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Overseas.

Read all views of Maximo Nivel on Go Abroad.

A broader View

A Broader View (ABV) is an affordable non-profit volunteer company founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania, USA. With love for humankind, ABV believes that one person can make a difference in the lives of others through support and encouragement. The company’s main vision is to empower the people of the world to seek meaningful experiences in their life so that they can gain “a broader view” into the lives of themselves as well as other people around them. As a top-rated company, A Broader View offers impactful and affordable sea turtle rescue programs abroad.

A Broader View Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

Sea Turtle conservation is a noble volunteer opportunity and A Broader View offers splendid programs in the country of Costa Rica. Their programs are quite varied and diverse, even though they’re based in the same country. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Costa Rica: Pacific – This program is great for someone who wants to travel to Costa Rica and save the sea turtles but also simultaneously brush up on their Spanish. When you’re not on your shift or resting at your homestay, you’ll be doing some language lessons. And whilst in the sea turtle volunteer program, you will be involved in activities geared towards turtle preservation, including monitoring and registering nesting patterns, record keeping of eggs, moving eggs to the hatchery, beach patrols, freeing of the newborns to the ocean. No experience is required but anticipate strange work hours (middle of the night!) and lots of time spent on the beach.

Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Internship - If you are really passionate about saving the sea turtles and you are even potentially considering basing your career around this cause, an internship is the right move for you. While volunteering in a Costa Rica sea turtle internship alone usually lasts 2 weeks or more, internships go up to 12 weeks and will look fantastic on your CV, but also give you a meaningful experience.

Costa Rica: Caribbean - This sea turtle conservation project is special and different because it will take place in a park that is deemed to be the most important area in the west half of the Caribbean for the nesting green turtles. The project is open to students with a keen interest in biology, marine life, and animal welfare and conservation efforts around the world. Volunteering abroad with sea turtles in the National Parks of Costa Rica help to solve some of the issues related to the lack of personnel and budget cutbacks that the Costa Rican government has to face every year. Without your assistance, these projects would be lost.

A Broader View Fees

A sea turtle conservation volunteer project is usually pricier than other programs but ABV has done its best to keep prices as low as possible. There is also no registration fee so that makes it easier for volunteers. Their turtle conservation program in Costa Rica costs $1,410 for 2 weeks of volunteering.

A Broader View Reviews

A Broader View offers the best volunteer programs abroad and past volunteers have attested to it with positive reviews. We have met some of them, and all were thankful towards ABV for providing such a wonderful opportunity. They have some excellent volunteer reviews on their website that you can scroll through. A Broader View has 178 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year, or PMGY, is a registered charity in the UK. It was proudly started by volunteers like you who decided to unite forces, passions and skills to make a difference. PMGY’s goal is to beat poverty at its own game. Since its establishment in 2011, PMGY has created volunteer programs to empower others in impoverished communities throughout Africa and Asia. Their main focus is on education and empowerment. However, they also offer some pristine sea turtle conservation volunteer projects that have been carefully vetted by all their staffs.

PMGY Top Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

PMGY has two volunteer opportunities regarding sea turtle conservation – one in Sri Lanka and one in Greece. Both have managed to yield fruitful conservation results. Here’s a brief description of the programs:

Sri Lanka - Are you someone who has always wanted to help save the sea turtles? In southern Sri Lanka, there is a fishermen town called Ambalangoda. The fishermen bring in the fish to feed their families keeping the local economy and industries healthy, but sometimes their nets bring in disabled turtles that have lost their limbs and are unable to survive in their natural habitat. So the fishermen bring them in to a nearby rehabilitation where biologists and volunteers work together to help rehabilitate these turtles so one day they can go back to the wild.

Greece – PMGY’s sea turtle volunteer program will take you to the island of Kefalonia where you’ll work to save a variety of marine turtles like the green sea turtle, the leatherback sea turtle and even the loggerhead turtle. Every year, many sea turtles migrate to Kefalonia to lay eggs on the sandy beaches. You, as a volunteer, will work to preserve these sea turtle nests and look after the baby sea turtles once they hatch.


PMGY offers some of the most affordable sea turtle volunteer programs. After paying a registration fee of $249, program fees for the Greece program is $840 for 2 weeks, and for the Sri Lanka program, it is $300 for 1 week of volunteering.

PMGY Reviews

PMGY has been talked about a lot among its past volunteers and alumni and almost all of them praise the company and its way of conducting sea turtle volunteer conservation programs. If you want more information, feel free to read through some volunteer reviews on PMGY’s own website. PMGY has 405 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is a leading humanitarian volunteer organization that has been pioneering ethical and sustainable volunteering for over 30 years now. They are what we call the “gold standard” of volunteering. Projects Abroad wants volunteers to feel change coming from within through impactful volunteer programs that encourage growth in both the individual and the community. Their programs are supported by in-country local staffs ensuring a high level of safety and comfort on every volunteer trip abroad. We think all of Projects Abroad’s volunteer programs are good but, their sea turtle conservation volunteer opportunities are an absolute bang for the buck!

Projects Abroad Best Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

Projects Abroad has some fantastic sea turtle volunteer opportunities that we’d like to draw your attention towards; more specifically, their programs in Mexico and Sri Lanka.

Mexico – Volunteering on a sea turtle program in Mexico is a wonderful opportunity to save turtles, visit the beach and go on exciting trips. Your volunteer duties will be to patrol beaches and prevent any possible poaching. Along the way, you’ll get to work with expert conservationists collecting data for research on endangered species like the Olive Ridley turtle. This program is based in Cuyutlan where volunteers help to patrol beaches, organize campaigns and release hatchlings into the wild.

Sri Lanka – Project Abroad’s sea turtle volunteer program in Sri Lanka is based in the Galbokka Beach. Volunteers will have an unforgettable time on this program as they go on routine night patrols, work with a variety of endangered sea turtles and work with baby turtles that have just hatched from their nests. More tasks include feeding, washing and cleaning enclosures as well as advocating for sea turtle conservation.

Projects Abroad Fees

Projects Abroad is a highly prolific organization that has done significant amounts of work to bring international volunteering where it is today. They could not have accomplished this if it were not for their affordable fees. They charge $2,550 for their Sri Lanka program and $2,500 for their Mexico program.

Projects Abroad Reviews

Projects Abroad is one of the best sea turtle volunteer providers. The organization has gained widespread acclaim, from volunteers to the media. With an organization this big, you can be sure that your trip will be as memorable as possible. Quickly scan through some reviews & testimonials on Projects Abroad’s website before you make your decision. Projects Abroad has 661 reviews on Go Overseas and 413 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Projects Abroad on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Projects Abroad on Go Abroad.


How can I volunteer to help sea turtles?

Sea turtles are endangered species and there are many worldwide efforts to restore their dwindling population. You, as a volunteer, can help by joining a sea turtle conservation program where your duties will be to clean and maintain turtle hatcheries, assist in data collection and research, clean and patrol beaches and release baby sea turtles back into the ocean.

How can we help sea turtles?

If you’re working on a volunteer program, then your volunteer duties will be clearly stated on the program manifesto. But if you’re among the general population, you can do your part by cleaning up beaches, not throwing plastic waste into the ocean and raising awareness regarding illegal poaching and hunting.

How to volunteer to work with sea turtles in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is home to a large number of sea turtles and there are many organizations continuously working to maintain and increase the sea turtle population. You could join any of the organizations mentioned above, like IVHQ, RCDP International, GoEco and Maximo Nivel, and work separately on volunteer programs where you’ll do your own little part to help preserve the turtles.

Can you swim with sea turtles in Costa Rica?

Some volunteer programs providers in Costa Rica, like GoEco and PMGY, also offer a touristy option of swimming with sea turtles in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Costa Rica! Hey, you’re already there to volunteer, why not have some fun and make some memories?

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