The 10 Best Cheap Sea Turtle Volunteer Providers 2023

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Are you someone who is passionate about preserving wildlife and helping endangered species? Are you thinking of volunteering abroad with sea turtles? Are you looking for highly rated, cheap and credible volunteer providers?

It is a sad and well-known fact that the once vibrant and high numbers of sea turtles has been in dramatic decline in recent years; there used to be over 100 species of sea turtles and nowadays, marine conservationists can only track 7 species. Hence why volunteers to help protect these sea turtles and contribute to on-the-ground research are in high demand.

Finding the right company to volunteer with is a little more complicated than you think. It requires a lot of research and can eat up into your time. Luckily, we are dedicated to finding the best volunteering with sea turtle organizations.

After spending hundreds of hours on research, we present you with an unbiased selection of the ten cheapest and most affordable sea turtle volunteering programs providers.

Keep reading to discover the 10 Best and Cheapest Turtle Conservation Volunteer Providers 2020 with the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Sample Price USD Reviews
Plan My Gap Year $672 (Sri Lanka) Go Overseas;96%- 314 Reviews
Review Center:4.8/5- 297 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $949 Go Overseas- ‎1,427 Reviews
Go Abroad- 1074 Reviews
Go Eco $990 Go Overseas- 64 Reviews
Go Abroad- 517 Reviews
RCDP International Volunteer $1049 Abroad Review:-64+221 Reviews
Go overseas:- ‎32 Reviews
Frontier $1061 Go Abroad-962 Reviews
Go Overseas-59 Reviews
Global Crossroad International Volunteers $1069 Go Overseas-75 Reviews
Abroad Reviews-334 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $1069 Go Overseas- ‎76 Reviews
Abroad Reviews- 327 Reviews
A Broader View
$1300 Go Abroad: 46 reviews
Volunteer forever: ‎234 reviews
Maximo Nivel
Go Overseas- ‎1,025 Reviews
Go Abroad- 879 Reviews
$5,220 (6 weeks) Go Overseas-‎ 367 Reviews
Go Abroad- 2768 Reviews

Table updated: May 6, 2020

Plan My Gap Year

Established- 2011
Locations & Projects- 17 countries over 150 programs
Awards and Recognitions- Shell LiveWire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award, and from the United Nations
Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Programs that are really centered around what the volunteer gets to experience and with the volunteer journey in mind, as the company was founded by likeminded volunteers.

Plan my Gap Year, or PMGY, is a registered charity in the UK. It was proudly started by volunteers like you who decided to unite forces, passions and skills and create a Foundation to make a difference. PMGY’s goal is to beat poverty at its own game. Since its establishment in 2011, PMGY has created volunteer programs to empower others in impoverished communities throughout Africa and Asia. Their main focus is on education and empowerment. PMGY sea turtle volunteer vacations are structured and tested by the volunteers who run the Foundation.

Thankfully, these volunteers kept things as transparent as they could. To support new volunteers, PMGY gives them access to a network of international volunteers around the world, and this is before you fly away. Along their quest, PMGY has received international awards and recognitions like the Shell LiveWire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award, and from the United Nations in Sri Lanka.

Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunity in Sri Lanka

Are you someone who has always wanted to help save the sea turtles? Now’s your chance. In southern Sri Lanka, there is a fishermen town called Ambalangoda. The fishermen bring in the fish to feed their families keeping the local economy and industries healthy, but sometimes their nets bring in disabled turtles that have lost their limbs and are unable to survive in their natural habitat.

So the fishermen bring them in to a nearby rehabilitation where Sri Lanka sea turtle conservation project by biologists and Sri Lanka sea turtle volunteers. If you choose this sea turtle conservation program in Sri Lanka, you will help rehabilitating these turtles so one day they can go back to the wild.

The Fees

PMGY offers some of the most affordable sea turtle volunteer program. If you’d like to volunteer for one week only, it’s £200. Then, two weeks is £380, three weeks is £530 and the more time you spend volunteering the lower the fees are. There is also a registration fee of £149.

Like most programs, PMGY’s the fees cover accommodation, meals, airport pick up and drop off and in-country support. Yet, what makes them really stand out it’s the travel mentoring they offer. To make sure their volunteers are ready when the big day comes, they give volunteers a volunteer handbook and live webinars. Which all together it puts them in the amazing value for money category.


With over 500 highly rate volunteer reviews on the web, the PMGY’s abroad sea turtle conservation volunteering experience make you want to dive into the sea turtle conservation programs. The endless stream of praise varies from the experience volunteers have on the ground to the dedicated and faultless communication skills of the faces behind the organization. As they say, like attracts like, and this is just the first of many positive reviews for you to enjoy.

The experience in one word...amazing! Even better than expected! The best thing about PMGY In Sri Lanka was how relaxed and flexible it was! Ellaw

To read more comments, reviews and opinions on the sea turtle volunteer experience with PMGY, visit at Review Centre and Go Overseas

Why We Chose PMGY:

PMGY was selected because it is reputed to offer one of the best Eco volunteering programs in the industry. Past volunteers have praised the organization for easy application process and full support before flying out to volunteer abroad and while at the sea turtle conservation volunteering experience abroad.

International Voluntee HQ

Sea Turtle Volunteer Abraod with ivhq

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: A wonderful sea turtle volunteering experience that is grounded in the meaningful relationships you develop with local communities.

One day, Dan Radcliffe packed a bag, jumped on a plane and ended up volunteering in Kenya. Little did he know the impact this experience was going to have on his life. By the time he returned to his home in New Zealand, he was ready to take a chance and make a radical change in his life. He asked for a loan, used his parent's farm and home as deposit and shot for the stars. This is how IVHQ was born, cradled in a farm.

Dan’s first projects were in Kenya, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. In the following years, the project grew and grew until it was present in over 30 countries. In less than a decade, IVHQ has empowered and changed over 42,000 volunteers’ lives and uncountable local communities.

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Opportunity

Unfortunately, life for the sea turtles is not easy on Costa Rica’s shores. The problems sea turtles face here are very similar to the problems they face in other countries. As a volunteer, you would be working with biologists and other Costa Rica sea turtle volunteers day and night along the pristine shores of Costa Rica.

You’ll patrol and clean the beaches create hatcheries and safe havens for the sea turtles. And, that’s only some of the few things volunteers can do by joining this sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica. If you would like to join, IVHQ asks only that volunteers are ready to roll up their sleeves for a minimum of two weeks and embrace the fabulous work of protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica.

Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Guatemala

Another great place to participate in sea turtle volunteering opportunity is in Guatemala. By the resort town of Sipacate on the Pacific Coast, there is a Guatemala sea turtle conservation center performing similar tasks as the programs in Costa Rica. You would be protecting all the sea turtles coming in, making sure their eggs are safe and ensuring the baby turtles you look after all return to the wild. It will be a very rewarding experience.  

Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Bali

On the island of Nusa Penida in Bali, there is a group of local experts who work very hard to increase the number of sea turtles on the island. As a volunteer, you would be joining these experts in their sea turtle volunteer program, and you will partake in activities such as helping to care for the sea turtles, keeping the center clean, and cleaning the surrounding nearby beaches. One of the benefits of this Bali sea turtle project is that the island is not a tourist destination, so you can really enjoy and embrace the feeling of being off the beaten path in a paradisiac island.


Nearly 2000 volunteers have reviewed IVHQ’s volunteer projects, and their words speak for themselves. IVHQ’s programs have been praised on all levels. This is what those who have participated in the Sea Turtles Conservation projects have to say.

I spent two weeks in Parismina, Costa Rica in July 2017 for the IVHQ turtle conservation program. My sister and our friend went together, and had an absolutely amazing time…By-Cassidy Norris

To read more reviews about IVHQ sea turtle volunteering work overseas, visit at abroad review Go Oversea Go Abroad and Volunteer Forever

The Fees

IVHQ offer some of the best value for money sea turtle conservation program. It starts at $325 per week, $490 for two, $655 for three and so on to a maximum of 12 weeks. They help you prepare for online volunteer training, put you in contact with a volunteer expert, give you a detailed program, help you with flight deals, insurance and much more.

And, that’s on top of the usual three meals per day, accommodation, airport pickup and drop off and in-country support during your volunteering adventure. Additionally they charge $299 registration fee to guarantee your placement.

Why we Chose IVHQ

This best provider offers the best online training to volunteer before they go out to volunteer in abroad sea turtle conservation volunteer program. In addition to having the most unique and safe programs with about 90% of the program fees going back to the communities,

Go Eco

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers: 17,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries, Over 160 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: An amazing program organized by a company that actually made its founding volunteer project in 2006 a turtle conservation volunteer trip one, showing how they passionate they are about the sea turtle cause.

One day two friends decided to do something a little different with their lives. Their names were Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. Each one of them placed a backpack on their shoulders and off they went to explore the world. Of course, they could not imagine that their international travel was going to change their life beyond their geographical adventure. The fruit of that change come to life in 2005, they called it Go Eco.

Go Eco’s first volunteer project was exactly what this article covers, an abroad sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunity at the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Michmoret. They loved it, their volunteers loved it, and they carried on. Over a decade later, Go Eco-volunteer projects are present in 34 countries spread across all continents. The question is, where would you like to make a difference?

Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Costa Rica

Sea turtles face endless threats daily that put their lives and futures at risk, such as poachers, fishing and erosion, just to mention a few. Nesting on the beaches is not safe anymore and the sea turtles are in danger. And this is why there are so many sea turtle volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica where sea turtle volunteers work, collect eggs and rescue turtles.

This would be a great chance for you to give back to the marine world what has for so long been taken away from them.  If you’d like to roll up your sleeves and join one of many sea turtle conservation trips in Costa Rica, there are plenty of beaches waiting for you, on both coasts.

Sea Turtle Conservation Programs in Bali

Have you always wanted to go to Bali, but travel to make a difference? In the warm waters of Bali, there is a sea turtle conservation organization doing tremendous efforts to keep the sea turtle population numbers on the rise. Local fisherman do their part in picking up hurt turtles and taking them to this conservation center. Once the sea turtles arrive at the center, the biologists and Bali sea turtle volunteers help them heal until they are ready to be released into the wild again.

The team at the Bali sea turtle conservation and education center also look after the baby sea turtles until they can fend for themselves alone in the great blue ocean. All the data collected is sent to international associations who track the progress of the sea turtles around the world. Does this sound like the type of amazing sea turtle conservation in Bali you were envisioning? If so, get in touch with GoEco.

Sea Turtle Conservation Programs in Sri Lanka

In the town of Ambalangoda, there is another turtle conservation volunteering opportunity abroad waiting for helping hands such as yours to make a meaningful difference. In this town, fishing has become a major player in the economy. Unfortunately, it has not been helping a lot in terms of ecology, and many sea turtles have been affected by it.

Fishing not only kills some of the turtles, but it is known that there are many poachers operating in the area. If you would like to join this sea turtle education and rescue center in Sri Lanka rescuing sea turtles and protecting their eggs, the Sri Lankan Wildlife department will thank you too.


Go Eco’s humble 170 reviews are nothing short of praise. The efforts of the team behind Go Eco, and the life-changing the experience that goes with the sea turtle volunteering experience has met the sea turtle volunteers expectations. If you would like to read firsthand the words volunteers have left for Go Eco you can start here.

My experience volunteering at a turtle conservation in Costa Rica was absolutely life changing. Actually getting to the turtle conservation was a feeling I don't even know how to describe. By_Carly Mellon

If you would like to read more Go Eco’s abroad reviews visit at abroad review Go Overseas and Go Abroad

The Fees

Go Eco’s sea turtle volunteer opportunities costs £1080 for two weeks. As with most programs, it includes, shared accommodation, three meals per day, and airport transfers. The real value of their sea turtle conservation programs is the comprehensive travel health insurance with volunteer abroad coverage, a one-week cultural immersion and local in-country team and 24-hour emergency support. You just need to get your flight, apply for a visa - if you need one - and you are ready to take off.

Why We Chose GO Eco

Go Eco made to this 10 list because it has very flexible environmental friendly programs that are fairly priced. The program fee is paid directly to the community organizations they work with to ensure the programs stay sustainable. They are also known for their flexibility and customization of the program.

RCDP International Volunteers

Sea turtle volunteer with RCDP International

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Expect a lot of hard work but an equally satisfying experience.

RCDP Volunteers is a long-serving international volunteer provider that was founded in 1998 in Colorado once it organized its first international volunteering expedition to Nepal. The company has since its inception served over 18,000 happy volunteers across 19 countries worldwide, with volunteers citing the supreme affordability of its 200+ programs. The company offers a range of amazing sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunities in locations such as Costa Rica and Bali.

Turtle Conservation Opportunities in Costa Rica

Are you looking to travel to Costa Rica to help save the sea turtles with a credible organization that has over 20 years of experience? RCDP’s amazing sea turtle program takes you to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, where there are hundreds of sea turtles waiting to be helped.

The sea turtles need the hands of compassionate Costa Rica sea turtle volunteer like you who understand that the sea turtle has an important role to play in the environment and the planet's habitat. If you would like to be part of this sea turtle conservation trips in Costa Rica, there is a group of sea turtle volunteers ready to welcome you on board.

Turtle Conservation Program in Bali

Although hunting sea turtles is deemed illegal in Bali, did you know that out of the 1000 baby turtles, 999 are almost always killed and never make it back where they were born. Their meat is sold, as are their shells to make souvenirs. If they aren’t killed my human poachers, their killed by humans nonetheless: they get caught in nets, speed boat propellers, or strangled by plastic. The statistics are staggering. As a sea turtle volunteer in Bali with RCDP, you will not only be joining one of the most affordable programs, but you’ll also be spending time on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, while making one of the most valuable contributions of your life.


After going through some of the hundreds of reviews volunteers have left for the RCDP programs, including the sea turtle conservation volunteer opportunities, we feel it is certainly one of the best volunteer opportunities for wannabe sea turtle volunteers. If you’d like to find out why you are welcome to go through the volunteers’ experiences in their own words by following the links below. We picked one to get you started.

The Project of marine conservation that I made is good. I highly recommend using this company to volunteer abroad. Overall it has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend it for those who are adventurous and independent.By- Aivlis

If you want to read more reviews about the Rcdp International Sea Turtle Volunteering programs abroad visit at abroad reviewabroad reviews and Go Overseas

The Fees

Depending on what sea turtle conservation trips you would like to be part of - and what turtle you would like to meet - RCDP sea turtle volunteering fees starting at $525 for the first week. As usual, the longer you stay the cheaper it will be per week. The fee includes three traditional meals per day, accommodation, transport to the site, and ongoing support throughout the duration of the project.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP is among the top best organizations with very affordable prices and the flexible programs. The organization has over 20 years of experience and it is very reputable for its high profile abroad sea turtle rescue programs across the world.

IFRE Volunteers

Sea turtle volunteer with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
No of Volunteers/Interns:
Location & Projects:
20 countries, over 200 programs
Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: B
Experience to Expect:
Volunteering in some of the most beautiful locations of the world while feeling good about it knowing that you are making a difference.

After over a decade of making a difference on a global level, IFRE also stands out in the world of volunteering. Within their first year, IFRE established connections with organizations and projects to serve communities in need in 18 countries in three continents. Even more impressive is the number of volunteers who chose them above all other volunteering organizations, over 22 000.

IFRE Volunteers values our mission statement is clear. Volunteers must roll their sleeves and participate in the project that suits their personal interest the best. That’s where fulfillment comes from. If a volunteer works from their heart, the work they do will clearly have a greater impact on the communities. That’s why IFRE offers over 200 volunteering projects. There is no reason to work on a project you do not like. If you have a small bank account, do not worry. From Dallas, Texas to the world, IFRE can connect you to a sea turtle volunteering trip overseas that matches your big heart.

Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Bali

The heaven-like Balinese island of Nusa Penida is one of the many spots around the world where divers go to watch sea turtles in their full splendor as they swim and glide by. But how many more will we get to see if sea turtles continue to be killed at the alarming rate they are? Killed for souvenirs or to be sold as expensive suppers at hotels?

Simply by having compassion and a tender heart and willingness to help, you can help stop this. If you would like to join IFRE’s team of Bali sea turtle volunteer who are working hard to create awareness and restore nature’s natural balance, this is the right Bali sea turtle volunteering program for you.

IFRE Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Costa Rica

IFRE also ventures to the pristine Caribbean turquoise waters of Costa Rica, where passionate and compassionate volunteers like yourself can join a Costa Rica sea turtle conservation team. This team consists of biologists and Costa Rica sea turtle volunteers fully dedicated to the daring task of saving nests from all sort of predators, including poachers.

This sea turtle project in Costa Rica protects endangered sea turtle species like the Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. Depending on the time of the year you go, there will be different tasks to do. There is never a dull moment in the Caribbean shores.


IFRE’s nearly 300 reviews confirm that these affordable sea turtle conservation opportunities are very good value for money, and a cheap way of experiencing a blissful life. If you would like to read what IFRE’s volunteers have to say about the sea turtle volunteering programs read on.

I am so glad I chose this sea turtle volunteer program for my volunteer project. It has been an amazing experience that has led to a lot of personal growth. ..- Tricia

If you would like to read some more reviews of the IFRE's sea turtle volunteering experiences visit at abroad review and Go Overseas

The Fees

IFRE also offers one of the most affordable abroad sea turtle volunteer conservation programs out there. Their program fees start at $480 for the first week, $725 for two, $970 for three and so on to a maximum of 12 weeks. On their fee, they include three meals per day, accommodation, airport pickup and drop off and in-country support during your volunteering adventure. They also offer to help with additional things that might help you, like fundraising ideas, discounts, and a completion certificate, among many others.

Why We Chose IFRE

This organization has years of experience offering the best sea turtle rescue programs and past volunteers have attested with positive reviews. IFRE is rightfully on this list for their safe programs and the impact working with local communities.

Global Crossroads

Sea turtle volunteer with Global Crossroads

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers/Interns: 20000+
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: A very well-thought out and planned trip that will for sure exceed all expectations.

Since its inception in 2003, Global Crossroads has been working with grassroots organizations spread throughout the world. These organizations create projects to empower people in need and to do that they rely on volunteers to help them out and bring their skills to these places. And Global Crossroads acts as a gateway, linking volunteers with these projects. Since they started their quest, Global Crossroads took over 18,000 volunteers to hundreds of communities. They offer all sort of different volunteer programs in three continents. Below you can find information on the cheapest sea turtle conservation trips they offer.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali

In the island of Nusa Penida, there is a Bali sea turtle conservation volunteering work opportunity waiting for that is provided by Global Crossroad. There, sea turtle volunteers perform all sorts of tasks offering support to the biologists and staff team working year-round on this project.

If you decide to participate in this Bali sea turtle volunteer, you will help the team contribute to a great cause, taking blood and tissue samples, watching how the team studies the sea turtles DNA, attaining in-depth knowledge about the sea turtles reproduction, among many other interesting and turtle-saving tasks. This sea turtle conservation and education center in Bali is guaranteed to make you feel like a real biologist for a few weeks.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Are you interested in doing a program with Global Crossroads, but you’d prefer to go to Costa Rica? Global Crossroads also offers you the possibility of heading to a white sandy beach in Pacuare in the beautiful coastal country.

There is a Costa Rica sea turtle conservation volunteer program in need of sea turtle volunteers there too. If you choose to join them, you will help the local team on the whole process of making sure the sea turtle population grows. From the very beginning of welcoming new turtles to the world, to let go of them in the lukewarm waters where they belong.


With only 270 reviews on the web, Global Crossroads volunteer to save baby sea turtles reviews confirm that these programs are worth doing. They have exceeded volunteers’ expectations over and over again and certainly will carry on doing so. Here’s the first sea turtle volunteering review to inspire you.

Global Crossroads made sure that the focus of my trip was clear and exactly what I wanted to do…By: kromano

To read more reviews about Global Crossroads’ abroad sea turtle volunteering travel opportunities, visit abroad reviews.

The Fees

Also on the most affordable sea turtle conservation trips rat race, we find Global Crossroads. The programs start at $480 for the first week, $725 for two, $970 for three and to 12 weeks. The fee includes three meals per day, accommodation, airport pickup and drop off and in-country support during your volunteering adventure.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad is a best company offering community based sea turtle conservation trips development programs. The fees are very affordable with very diverse programs designed to support and care for any sea turtle volunteer.


Sea turtle volunteer with Frontier

Location: UK
Established: 1989
No of Volunteers: volunteers of more than 30 nationalities take part in projects
Location & Projects: 70 countries over 400 programs
Recognition: Only gap year organization to offer BTEC qualifications, trained over 600 host-country university students, fisheries and forestry officers, community representatives and teachers, produced hundreds Biodiversity Research
Price: Affordable
Reviews: B
Experience to expect: An all-round truly memorable and empowering experience with time passing by quicker than you would believe.

In 1989, the dinosaur of volunteering organizations showed up and changed many of the concepts and the way the world saw volunteering. Frontier was a project born in Mafia Island, Tanzania. Back in the day, Tanzania was considered one of the poorest countries in the world. In a way, it meant that there was lots of opportunity for those who wanted to make a change, create awareness and make a lasting and empowering impact in many areas of life.

Frontier was one of the many who saw the light of opportunity and the importance of creating marine parks to protect the ecosystems’ integrity, biodiversity and builds sustainable livelihoods, conservation, and development. Now, nearly three decades later, Frontier works under the same premise in over 50 countries.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

If you’re interested in helping save the sea turtles with one of the longest-serving organizations in the game, then Frontier’s program in Costa Rica is for you. This amazing Costa Rican sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunity takes place in the Osa Peninsula, where you will join a group of like-minded individuals working together to clean, protect and patrol the beaches and ensure the safety of the sea turtle eggs.

Sea Turtle Volunteer Conservation Trips in Guatemala

Would you rather not go to the usual destinations of Bali and Costa Rica to save the sea turtles? Frontier also offers a sea turtle conservation program in Guatemala. Here, the problems sea turtles face are pretty similar to the ones they face in other locations around the world.

We, humans, have messed it up for the turtle’s big time. We got a little bit carried away changing the environment and fishing. Now it’s time to redeem ourselves. And, this is what a small group of humans is doing through this sea turtle rescue program in Guatemala. Would you like to be part of it?

Turtle Conservation Volunteer in Greece

Would you be interested in a wonderful trip to Greece while also making a valuable difference to the planet? When most people think of Greece, a picture of iconic white and blue houses of Mykonos comes to mind. Yet, Greece’s islands are also home to the Caretta, the loggerhead sea turtle. If you would like to hang out with this turtle on a Greek beach, Kefalonia is waiting for you.

During the day, you will maintain a record of the turtle’s nesting activity. At night, you will tag and measure sea turtles, and monitor the beach pollution levels. A small step on a beach today may be a big step for tomorrow’s sea turtle’s generation as part of the sea turtle volunteering program in Greece.

Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Mexico

Perhaps you would rather travel to Mexico to make a difference in the lives of sea turtles. This program is no less exciting or interesting than projects in other destinations, and you’ll be sure to do your bit. By joining this sea turtle conservation project in Mexico, you will observe and witness the challenges the sea turtle conservation team face. You will be part of the change they make and return with a brand new awareness of the whole process. Who knows it might even inspire you to come back and help the marine wilderness once more.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bali

Are you someone who is good at doing more than one thing at once? Travelling and volunteering is one thing, but travelling and volunteering twice is another. This sea turtle conservation trip in Bali is unlike any other. It’s actually two in one. On one side, you will work with a local conservation NGO which develops sustainable solutions to look after the sea turtle population. And, on the other, you will work at a local school teaching English to locals. Sea Turtle Conservation work and tourism united in Bali.

Frontier Sea Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Frontier invites sea turtle volunteers to join this Sri Lanka sea turtle conservation project to help disabled turtles and collect turtle eggs before the unrelenting poachers do. During the process, you will learn about the various species of sea turtles, observe the eggs hatching, keeping them safe, and when the times comes, releasing them back to their natural habitat, the great blue ocean. If this sounds like a sea turtle initiative you would like to be a part of, the beaches of Sri Lanka will be your office, and the Laccadive Sea your door to a whole world.


With nearly 1500 online reviews and much more on the way, Frontier’s sea turtle rescue programs are certainly making a stand in the world of making a difference. Many communities and volunteers’ lives have been changed and will carry on changing through Frontier. This is nothing but a sample of what their sea turtle volunteers have to say.

This trip has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. My four weeks passed so quickly and I've made so many great friends and so many great memories…By_Emma Sumner

If you want to more volunteer reviews on Frontier’s sea turtle conservation trips, visit at abroad reviewGo OverseasGo Abroad and Review Centre

The Fees

Frontier’s abroad Sea turtle conservation volunteering Program fee starts at £515 for one week. On top of the usual accommodation, meals, and support in the host country, Frontier’s offers its sea turtle volunteers a medical kit with a special discount and a symbolic Frontier t-shirt for free. If you would like to build up your qualifications, Frontier offers you the opportunity to get a BTEC and CoPE. Just contact them and find more about their special prices.

Why We Chose Frontier

Frontier was selected to this list of 10 abroad sea turtle conservation volunteer provider because it is very cost effective with very flexible programs that can be easily customized to suit your need. It is also cost efficient designed to ensure you have a chance to fully immerse in the culture.

A broader View

Location: USA
Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 32 countries, over 345 programs
Awards and Recognition: Registered 501 c(3) organization
Price: Moderate
Review: A+
Experience to Expect: As the company promises, a broader view of the world and a higher perspective.

A Broader View (ABV) is an affordable best company founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania US. With love or humankind ABV believes that one person can make a difference in the lives of others through support. With staff with over 40 years of experience ABV has worked with donated over $3.5 million to impoverished communities around the world. As a best company A Broader Views offers impactful and affordable sea turtle rescue programs abroad.


Volunteer in Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Pacific

Volunteer in Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Pacific is great for someone who wants to travel to Costa Rica and save the sea turtles but also simultaneously brush up on their Spanish. When you’re not on your shift or resting at your homestay, you’ll be doing some language lessons. And whilst in sea turtle volunteer program, you will be involved in activities geared towards turtle preservation, including monitoring and registering nesting patterns, record keeping of eggs, moving eggs to the hatchery, beach patrols, freeing of the newborns to the ocean. Experience is not required, but anticipate strange work hours (middle of the night!) and lots of time spent on the beach. 

Volunteer Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Internship

If you are really passionate about saving the sea turtles and you are even potentially considering basing your career around this cause, an internship is the right move for you. While Volunteering in Costa Rica sea turtle internship alone usually lasts 2 weeks or more, internships go up to 12 weeks and will look fantastic on your CV, but also give you a meaningful experience.

Please note that because of the language lessons, no Spanish is needed for this project. You will assist in the roles assigned within the project by data collection practices along with the basic biology of sea turtles. In addition, as a sea turtle conservation volunteering trips you will attend and participate in data collection for on the beaches related and assist in the release of baby turtles according to protocol.

Volunteer in Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica sea turtle conservation is for volunteers who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish. You will be expected to use your Spanish (and develop it) while on the job. Volunteers participate on the sea turtle preservation including monitoring and registering nesting patterns, record keeping of eggs, moving eggs to the hatchery, beach patrols, freeing of the newborns to the ocean. Experience not required, but anticipate strange work hours (middle of the night!) and lots of time spent on the beach.

Volunteer in Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Caribbean

This sea turtle conservation project is special and different because it will take place in a park that is deemed to be the most important area in the west half of the Caribbean for the nesting green turtles. The project is open to students with a keen interest, biology, marine life, animal welfare and conservation efforts around the World. Volunteering abroad with sea turtles in the National Parks of Costa Rica help to solve some of the issues related to the lack of personnel and budget cutbacks that the Costa Rican's government has to face every year. Without your assistance, these projects would be lost.


A Broader view offers the best volunteer programs abroad and past volunteers have attested to it with positive reviews. Go Overseas rates a Broader View at 9.4/10.  With over 450 positive reviews this provider is famous for its impactful sea turtle volunteer programs and safety. Read reviews on:

Go Abroad:
Volunteer forever
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The Fees

A Broader View is dedicated to making international volunteer travel accessible to everyone. The program fee starts at $895 and covers for food, accommodation, project donation and coordination expenses. The Fees exclude airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fees, airport taxes, airport drops, any personal expenses on travel and

Why we selected A Broader View

ABV is rightfully on this list mainly because of the safety of the programs and the impact working with local communities. The prices stand slightly higher for sea turtle rescue volunteer however the programs are very safe and working directly with the community is fulfilling.


Sea turtle volunteer with GVI

Location: UK
Established: 1998
Location; Projects: 13 countries, Over 100 Programs
No of Volunteers; Interns-25,000+
Awards & Recognition : GoAbroad's Top Rated Organizations & Programs, Go Overseas Community Choice Awards, GoAbroad Innovation Award
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: An experience that you wouldn’t at all mind repeating.

In the last three decades on this planet, GVI’s has spread around the globe supporting volunteers and communities in many ways. Over 25,000 international volunteers have traveled and supported 450 projects in 25 countries through them. These impressive numbers are only possible due to the hard work of their team back in their offices in UK, Australia, and North America. No wonder GVI is one of the most recommended and recognized organizations on a global scale.

Sea Turtle Conservation Trips in Costa Rica

If you are looking for sea turtle volunteer program in Costa Rica, this is a program like no other and perfect for all-round animal-lovers as you’ll get to study other species too. GVI works with a unique team of biologists in the Tortuguero National Park, which means you will need to get a special permit to volunteer in the park. But don't worry, it's only a formality.

The additional pro of joining this unique volunteering program in Costa Rica is that you will also learn about other fabulous and unique animals in the rainforest, such as the majestic jaguar and a range of aquatic birdlife. Yes, that's right. This fabulous Costa Rica sea turtle conservation trips gives you the opportunity of having the Caribbean ocean as your office and the rainforest as your back garden. Not too shabby.

Lemon Shark and Turtle Conservation in the Seychelles

GVI topped it up again with this lemon shark and sea turtle conservation volunteer work in the Seychelles. This is the only Seychelles sea turtle program on this list that takes place in the paradise islands of the Seychelles. Nothing short of amazing. The sea turtle conservation trips take place in the island of Curieuse, a national park, where you will help the sicklefin lemon shark, the hawksbill, and the green turtles.

During the day, tasks vary from tagging sea turtles to collecting essential data. In the evening, when you finish your volunteer duties, you head to a small hut on a white sandy beach and call it home. This is a truly unique and amazing sea turtle conservation project.  

Sea Turtle Conservation in Greece

Have you always wanted to go to Greece, but travel there with a cause? By joining this sea turtle conservation volunteering opportunity in Greece you will head to the Bay of Kyparissia. Once you get there, you will join a team of experts and volunteers who monitor and record the sea turtle activities in the area.

As this area is visited by national and international tourists it is very important to create awareness among the national and international communities. A rewarding task given to Greece sea turtle volunteers to share what they learn during their time on the island.  When the day is over you will head back to a home in a traditional Greek fishing town. The best of the conservation and cultural travel placed together for sea turtle volunteers.


With over 1500 highly rated positive reviews, GVI’s programs are certainly among some of the best in the world. Their abroad sea turtle volunteers say it and have said in many ways. If you would like to read their words you can start here.

Volunteering with GVI was an amazing experience which I would definitely love to do again! The community were very welcoming…By- Ellie

If you want to read more volunteer reviews on GVI’s Sea Turtle Conservation, visit at abroad reviewGo OverseasGo Abroad and volunteer forever

The Fees

GVI’s fabulous sea turtle conservation trips fee start at £1050 for two weeks. It includes, a 24 hours emergency phone, airport pick up, meals, accommodation, orientation and the experience of a supporting team to back you up.

Why We Chose GVI

GVI was vetted and researched and is selected to be in this list because this provider offers the best and cost efficient programs sea turtle conservation volunteering. It is affordable but they will provide you with safe program and transport throughout your stay abroad.

Maximo Nivel

Location: Costa Rica
Established: 2003
Location & Projects: 3 countries
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: top-rate sea turtle volunteering programs in Costa Rica and Guatemala

Maximo Nivel is an owned family organization that prides itself not on the quantity of the countries they serve, but in the quality of the countries where they are based. Every year, Maximo links over 4000 students, travelers, and volunteers with high quality and rewarding opportunities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Experts with excellence in their field, the programs are recognized and accredited internationally. And international is not just a common word they use to lure volunteers in, Maximo’s team members are proud global citizens of the world who look to inspire others to be global citizens too.

Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer in Guatemala

Having worked in Guatemala for some time now, Maximo’s members are well aware of the threats and dangers that throw the sea turtles to the possible extinction area. Poaching, the destruction of natural habitats, and commercial fishing are just some of the threats that haunt sea turtles. The people behind these threats are not aware of the impact and the long-term unsustainability their actions have on our ecosystem. To them, it's only a short-term profitable activity. The more sea turtle volunteers decide to join the sea turtle volunteering cause in Guatemala, the more awareness will rise and turtles’ life expectancy on the planet will increase with it too.

Sea Turtle Conservation Trip in Costa Rica

Those interested in learning more about sea turtles will be happy to know that there are around five to seven different species that they can learn, observe and interact within the waters of Costa Rica, at least for now. The future of these species of sea turtles lay in the hands of the efforts of the sea turtle ecological volunteering programs in Costa Rica. Biologists and volunteers walk along the sandy beaches patrolling, clearing, cleaning, tagging, and observing them. The question is, do you want to be one of them?


Over a thousand volunteers have confirmed, “Life changing is a cliche.” Yet, it’s a real cliche that has been making Maximo Nivel thrive. Sea turtle volunteers have witnessed the support and commitment of Maximo's team. The experiencing of working beside others who share the same goals is the real reason for praise. Yet, for other sea turtle volunteers abroad, the real reward is watching hundreds of baby turtles opening their eyes for the first time. You can find the first review below to get you started.

Maximo Nivel's Turtle Conservation Programme in Costa Rica we all love wildlife, especially marine life (having worked for WWF-UK for 15years)…By-Cathy Taylor

If you would like to read more reviews about Maximo Nivel sea turtle volunteer programs visit at go abroadvolunteer forever and Go Overseas

The Fees

Maximo’s affordable sea turtle volunteering program fees start at $635 for the first week. Then it decreases hugely the longer you stay. In their fee, Maximo includes a true milkshake of goodies from airport pick-up, host family accommodations (shared room), meals, orientation, a walking tour, an official certificate, a letter of recommendation, free conversation program, salsa and cooking dance classes, coffee and tea and so much more.

Why We Chose Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel is best company and has been selected because of the high quality of the programs and the transparency of the organization. The fees are very and paid directly to the communities for proper allocation and distribution to the programs.

Other 10 Honorable Mentions:

Love Volunteers

As a best provider New Zealand registered company, Love Volunteers was founded in year 2009. The organization offers unique and cost effective programs in 36 countries across the world. Love Volunteers made our top 10 best providers’ list because they are great choice for young travellers without any volunteering experience. The reviews are excellent in both Go Overseas and Go Abroad, without forgetting it offers sea turtle volunteers the most affordable prices.

Go overseas:
Go Abroad:

Project Abroad

Projects Abroad runs over 100 volunteer abroad projects in 20 destinations around the globe. Started in UK 1994, it has hosted over 115,000 volunteers in great projects worldwide at affordable cost. Go Overseas Projects abroad has over 460 reviews with a rating of 9.2 /10, while Go Abroad has about 220 reviews at an average of 9.5/10, 4.6/10 on Volunteer Forever and 9.4/10 on Trust Pilot.

Go Overseas-
Go Abroad-

Global Leadership Adventures

Based in US, Global leadership adventure offers high value and affordable turtle conservation volunteering starting at only $499 for a two-weeks stay. It has 9.5/10 on Go Abroad, 9/5 on Go overseas making it one of the most highly rated volunteer programs in the industry.

Go Overseas-
Go Abroad-

United Planet

United Planet offers volunteers abroad opportunities in over 30 countries. They are best organization as they design unique programs allowing turtle rescue volunteer to immerse in local culture to create global community. They have high reviews and affordable prices starting at $695 for a two week stay at the program.

Go Overseas
Go Abroad

Global Volunteers

This US based organization Global Volunteers was founded in 1984. They hold a solid 9.4/10 rating on Go Overseas and 4.5/5 on Volunteer Forever with very affordable prices. We were attracted to this organization because they are very transparent on how they spend sea turtle rescue volunteer opportunities fee.

Go Overseas

Volunteering Solutions 

From 2007, Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been working to provide support to the underprivileged societies of the world in order to make a difference including to sea turtle conservation volunteers abroad. Over the last 11 years, VolSol has placed more than 14500 volunteers across 20+ countries in different parts of the world that have highly reviewed VolSol leaving over 400 positive reviews on:

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Go Abroad-

Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures

This organization connects people with nature. Every year they execute over 25 school and university expeditions and service trips for universities, grammar schools and international school students throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. 30% of volunteer fee is paid directly into the Perhentian village economy, while another 40% is usually invested in project expenses.

Go Overseas

Working Abroad

Established in 1997 it is on of the most experienced organizations offering sea turtle volunteer programs. Working Abroad runs programs in 30 countries across the world focusing on wildlife conservation and community development projects. They keep their reviews high since they have only 50 reviews on major websites. The costs are slightly higher but they come with comprehensive travel insurance.

Volunteer Forever
Go Overseas

Volunteer World

Volunteer World is the best and largest volunteer abroad comparison platform worldwide. Past 780 happy volunteers have raved about the transparency, safety and high value programs rating this organization at 4.6 stars.

Trust Pilot
Go Abroad

Travellers Worldwide

In 1994, Phil and Jennifer Perkes founded Travellers Worldwide. Initially, their goal was to help others doing the same things they had been doing. Traveling, exploring, and experiencing full immersion in different cultures had been part of their lives. They felt that everyone should have access to the same privilege, and if someone did not they’d help them find a way. That is exactly what they have been doing for the last two decades. Now, on their menu of possibilities, they offer over 300 projects around the Globe. To volunteer with them all you have to do is to decide where would you like to go and when you would like to get started.


And now that you have read about the 10 best Sea turtle conservation volunteering providers, going to volunteer abroad is no longer a dream. The programs are great, high value and affordable. Choose wisely with no obligation, you can also contact the organization directly for more information.

We would love to hear your experience once you take up on any of these great opportunities.  Keep us posted!
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