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Are you a university or college student currently considering volunteering abroad? Are you wondering how you’re going to find a trustworthy and affordable volunteer company? Are you worried about how much it will cost?

Volunteering abroad  to enhance one’s academic, professional and interpersonal skills is a sure-fire way to get the competitive advantage you deserve in this ever-changing world. As a university and college student, you may know very well how tough it is to stand out from the crowd and lessons in the classroom often feel a little dull and mundane. Going on a college student volunteering abroad program is thus an incredible way to feel alive again as well as gain hands-on experience. It’s important to find a Volunteer Abroad for College Students program that would work for you.

While volunteering may be a life-changing opportunity, what makes it a daunting process is the fact that numerous organizations may deceive students by sugar-coating their image into that of a credible one. It can get very confusing when you’re searching for safe and affordable volunteering abroad providers.

To save time, students usually end up signing up and paying for the first one they find. This can not only prove to be a waste of money, but also dangerous – what if the provider puts you in situations that threaten your safety and ruin your volunteering experience altogether?

That’s why TravellersQuest is here to help. In this article, we make the selection process of the best program so much easier for you to find your perfect teen or college volunteer abroad program!
After conducting intensive research, we have come up with the 10 best cheap volunteer abroad programs providers for college students.

All the programs we have selected are of the highest quality and have glowing reviews and testimonials from real students who volunteered at these places.

Keep reading to discover the10 Best Cheap Volunteer Abroad for College Students Providers 2020 with the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Reviews
Rustic Pathways
(Community Service Costa Rica)
(Heart of the Jungle)
Go Overseas-‎ ‎628 Reviews
Glass Door- 87 Reviews
CIEE Study Abroad
(Youth Mentorship Mexico)
(Language & Culture Morocco)
Go Overseas-‎540 Reviews
Go Abroad-601 Reviews
Travel For Teens
(Costa Rica Adventure and Service)
(Thailand Elephant Service)
Go overseas: 9.7/10 - ‎34 Reviews
Go Abroad-9.2/10- 51 Reviews
American Institute for Foreign Study
(Community Engagement Program)
(Service Learning in Ireland)
Go Overseas- 522 Reviews
Go Abroad- 672 Reviews
(Support International Students and Host Families)
(Build Connections with Local Schools)
Go Overseas- 152 Reviews
Go Abroad- 46 Reviews
Global Vision International (GVI)
(Island Conservation Expedition)
(Marine Conservation)
Go Overseas-‎ 478 Reviews
Go Abroad- 3672 Reviews
Sol Abroad
$2,695 (Costa Rica)
$2,995 (Spain)
Go Overseas- 127 Reviews
Go Abroad- 89 Reviews
API Abroad
(Spanish Language Studies Argentina)
$17,400 (Environmental Studies in Costa Rica)
Go Overseas- 287 Reviews
Go Abroad.- 241 Reviews
Global Leadership Adventures
(Costa Rica Animal Rescue)
(Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World)
Go Overseas- 299 Reviews
Go Abroad- 36 Reviews
IFRE Volunteers
$ 849
(Volunteering in Sri Lanka With Elephants)
(Volunteer With Turtles in Costa Rica)
Go Overseas- 96 Reviews
Abroad Reviews- 328 Reviews

Table updated: April 28, 2020

Rustic Pathways

volunteer abroad for college students with rustic pathways

Established: 1983
Location & Projects: 21 countries, Over 100 programs.
Awards & Recognition: 501(c)(3) organization, Best Youth Tour Operator awarded during the annual Global Youth Travel Awards, won the award in 2017 and 2015, and was the runner-up in 2016

Rustic Pathways is a volunteer abroad organization based in the Dominican Republic. Since 2012, it has achieved sustainable development by providing summer opportunities for college students to experience awe-inspiring opportunities to help humanity for the better. Considering philanthropy, education, and travel as its core values, this volunteering organization aims to take the activity of volunteering opportunities for college students to a global level. The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs

Here are some of the top volunteering programs offered by Rustic Pathways:

Intro to Community Service in Costa Rica

This intro to community service in Costa Rica is a 9-day volunteering opportunity for students between the ages of 14-18 who will stay at Rustic’s Volcano and Rainforest Base and work on a number of community serving projects while also absorbing the wonderful Costa Rican way of life and culture.

While practicing your Spanish, you’ll get the chance to work on initiatives in the La Fortuna area, from cultural exchanges and immersion programs with Costa Rican students, to environmentally-focused initiatives, school improvement projects and community infrastructure in rural communities. After your time volunteering you’ll have a chance to have some fun engaging in adventure activities such as zip lining and whitewater rafting.

Heart of the Jungle

This is a 16-day adventure with some abroad volunteering opportunity for students and a lot of exploring and experiencing Costa Rican highlights. The types of volunteering projects you’ll be working on this Heart of the Jungle are infrastructure service projects such as construction as well as environmental conservation projects that help better the communities you visit.

When “off-duty”, you’ll be having fun in so many ways, such as surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean (Dominical Beach), hiking to beautiful waterfalls and learning about the sport of rappelling, going on a 3-day kayaking expedition through the Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula, visiting the wildlife of Corcovado National Park, having the odd soccer or volleyball tournament on the beach with the new friends you make on the trip, and much more.

Women's Empowerment in Peru

This women’s empowerment program in Peru is a 15-day college student volunteering program that is designed to get to the heart of the current realities facing young girls and women in Peru. Based in the Andean highlands, volunteers will come to grips with how local non-profits grapple with the daily challenges affecting women and girls in Peru, notably ones who have escaped abusive households and relationships.

Throughout this program, you’ll have the chance to visit a girl’s secondary school dormitory, The Sacred Valley Project, located in the highlands of Peru that helps girls to become leaders in their community. You’ll also have the chance to visit and learn about a women’s textile weaving cooperative and absorbing the traditional Quechua culture during your stay at a homestay. Adventure also awaits you in this program, as you’ll have the chance to explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as do some adrenaline-fueled zip-lining.

Other great student service trips abroad to consider with Rustic Pathways is a 9-day Escape to the Fiji Islands, supporting local communities in the Rebuilding Puerto Rico program, heading to Tanzania to engage in some African Wildlife Conservation, or working for a cause on The Cambodia Children’s Project.


Due to its increased volunteer base, the reputation of Rustic Pathways is worth mentioning. Earning a 10/10, this is the top volunteer abroad program provider for students organization that offers excellent summer volunteer programs to volunteer in various countries across the world. Involved in building cultural bridges to enhance higher level cooperation and global understanding, volunteers have a lot to say about Rustic Pathways. You can check out its reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad. Also see the positive comment below:

This was a Great program. Very intense. Wasn't sure what to expect... Cool fellow students and nice experienced staff…- By Derek

The Fee

Out of the outstanding programs listed above, the prices range from US$1,995 for 9 days to as high as US$5,495 for a longer duration of 16 days, with all the programs containing a considerable amount of activities and including all accommodation and food. The prices listed aren’t inclusive of airfares.

Why We Chose Rustic Pathways

We were strongly drawn to the fact that the reputation of this teen volunteering abroad program is at 10/10 on both Go Overseas and Go Abroad. Who would miss selecting such an organization? The programs are unique involving building cultural bridges to enhance higher-level cooperation and global understanding for young travellers.

CIEE Study Abroad

Established: 1967
Location & Projects: 40 countries, Over 175 programs.
Awards & Recognition: Innovation Award, Leadership Award, Collaboration Award

Leading the industry of international education, CIEE is the world’s largest and oldest nonprofit intercultural exchange and study abroad organization that provides study abroad and best volunteer programs for college students. Based in the United States, it was formed in 1947 with the mission to develop the skills of students in this culturally diverse and globally interdependent world.  The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs:

Youth Mentorship & Intro to Social Work

This youth mentorship & intro to social work is a great program for college students.  This is a program based in the area of Yutacan in Mexico (capital city: Mérida) that will see students working directly with a successful NGO and learning about how they help support disadvantaged children and youths through inspiring and life-changing mentoring.

As a successful NGO, this is an incredible chance to absorb social skills that’ll be learned in the daily workshops, from social policy to fundraising and health initiatives. At nights and on weekends you’ll have the chance to explore the wonderful beaches, Mayan architectural wonders, rainforests and other cultural highlights.

Summer Ghanaian Studies

This is a wonderful service trips for teenagers and college students looking to learn more about Ghanaian culture and well count as credit towards your semester completion. During this summer Ghanaian studies program, you’ll be staying in Legon, a very quiet suburban town northeast to the city of Accra that houses the Ghana University Campus you’ll be spending your time at. The four-week course will have you learning about the vibrant history and politics of the stable and democratic Ghana, as well as learning about topics such as reproductive health, conversing in basic Twi and other activities designed to nourish inter-cultural dialogues and understanding.

Language + Culture Morocco

This language and culture program in Morocco is a wonderful 16-week cultural exchange program that will have you traveling to Rabat, Morocco and will count as credit to your semester completion. Perfect for linguists who will have a chance to improve their Arabic and French-speaking skills while augmenting their cultural knowledge and understanding, and there will be an opportunity to encounter lessons with Moroccan studies, religion, culture, business as well as economics, taught by the prestigious faculty from local and international universities at CIEE Rabat.  This is a great college student and teenagers volunteer experience abroad.

Other programs and education-focused courses by CIEE Study Abroad include the Arts + Sciences in India program, a 21-week cultural immersion program at the University of Hyderabad catering for international students in biotechnology, IT and medical sciences as well as in languages and humanities; or for those looking to take their Arabic skills to the next level, this 16-week Advanced Arabic Language Jordan based in Amman will not only be able to nourish their language skills but also will engage in history and literature courses taught in Arabic and possibly volunteer at local school and Amman organizations that serve underprivileged communities in Jordan.

Chinese language learners would benefit from the Accelerated Chinese Language program based in Shanghai, spending 15 weeks in classes conducted in Mandarin that focus solely on advancing language skills and facilitating intercultural understanding. All these courses are designed for American college students and will count towards your college credit.


The core values of CIEE are not just written policies but are implemented for the betterment of volunteer abroad for college students as well. As one of the oldest organizations serving students with all necessary opportunities to gain additional exposure, CIEE has played a vital role in contributing to the academic industry. Its fabulous reviews clarify this well. CIEE has an average 95% recommendation rate on Go Overseas and a 9.13 out of 10 rating on Go Abroad, with over 1000 reviews across both platforms. See what one person had to say about their CIEE study abroad experience below:

My semester abroad with the amazing staff of the TEC program was so great!  I loved the wide range of activities we did, it felt like we fit an entire year into one semester… - By Lisa

The Fee

This is not a total volunteering abroad trips for students but a study abroad program and as a result the prices are considerably higher than other packages laid out in this article. Prices range from around US$4,250 for the Youth Mentorship in Mexico up to US$16,950 for the semester course in India and US$17,950 for the course in Morocco.

Why We Chose CIEE Study Abroad

This organization is truly a global family brought together by our dedication to long-term positive impact. They are very successful because of their commitment to investing in authentic, meaningful affordable and secure teen volunteer abroad programs. This is the reason this provider topped our list

Travel For Teens

Established: 2003
Location & Projects: 40 countries, Over 100 programs.
Awards & Recognition: Top youth travel organization in 2017, accredited by the President’s Volunteer Service Award, accreditation by the International Air Transport Association, IATA,

Travel for Teens is a leading Youth Travel Organization that is designed to take teens in small groups (between 14-21 students per group) to destinations across the world that will enable them to think, act and breathe not like a “tourist”, but like a true traveler, with an inquisitive mindset and an active participation within the culture, experiencing their host countries in the same ways a local would. Travel For Teens’ mission is to inculcate a savvy traveler mindset within its students, making traveling not just about going to a new destination, but acquiring a new perspective.

Top Programs

Thailand Elephant Service and the Islands

This is an amazing 17-day program for those who are animal-lovers and exotic island lovers too. In this program, you’ll be taking care of elephants at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai – you’ll be directly involved with caring for them, from bathing them to playing with them, but you won’t be riding them! Teens for Thailand is proud about its ethical stance on tourism.

During the Thailand elephant service and the islands program, you’ll also have a chance to raft along the Pai river, before heading down to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao in the south. Other stops you’ll have include Bangkok and Ayutthaya.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for college students abroad.

Alaska Service and Adventure

This Alaska Service and Adventure is a chance to visit one of the lesser-visited destinations of the world, but one of the most beautiful! You’ll be involved with wildlife conservation projects for bears, moose and other mammals while also taking in the best Alaska has to offer, from a visit to Homer, one of the state’s best kept secrets, while also heading to Seward, a haven for fishing and hiking to the tops of glaciers, whitewater rafting through snowcapped mountains and much more. This is a great opportunity to volunteer abroad for teens and college students.

Costa Rica for Older Teens: Ultimate Adventure and Service

This amazing Costa Rica for Older Teens: Ultimate Adventure and Service is a 22-day experience that packs in a great mix of adventure with community service, allowing you to experience some of the most gorgeous natural beauty of the country whilst also giving back in a number of ways to its people. From planting trees to teaching English and much more, you’ll earn up to 20 service hours while having an equal amount of play to go with it: think zip lining through jungles, whitewater rafting and swimming in waterfalls, all making for a wonderful summer. This is the best volunteering experience abroad for college students.

Other amazing programs by Travel For Teens include its Australia and Fiji Service, a chance to see two countries at once while completing up to 40 community service hours. If you’re interested in heading to Bali, why not try the Bali Service and Adventure, as you take in all the beautiful customs, traditions and scenery of the island whilst also teaching English to locals or working on some sea turtle conservation initiatives or perhaps if you’re planning to go into medicine, why not consider Travel For Teens’

Bali: Healthcare Education and Medical Outreach, which allows you to fuse your understanding of modern medicine with the more traditional healing methods found in Bali in a program where you yourself will be shadowing medical students. Other programs worth considering by the top-rate youth travel organization is the China Discovery and Service or the Costa Rica: Spanish Language Immersion and Service (11 days).


Travel For Teens is a great organization with a number of glowing reviews.  The travel company has a 98% satisfaction rate on Go Overseas and a 9.74 out of 10 rating on Go Abroad. Its number of reviews are growing. Volunteer abroad for college students are all-round positive and similar to the 10/10 one below:

This was my second TFT trip and I am so glad to have went on it! It was a great combination of the service, traveling the country, and relaxing.  - By Sadie B

The Fee

The prices of the top teen and college student volunteer programs and study programs listed range from US$4,895 for the Thailand experience to US5,895 for Costa Rica and Bali, and US3,295 for Alaska. Please note for primary bookings there is an US$800 refundable deposit fee, and a US$100 non-refundable application fee.

Why we chose Travel For Teens

We are really impressed with the travel organization’s mission to inculcate a spirit of true travel in young ones that help foster personalities that want to lend a helping hand in communities abroad.

American Institute for Foreign Study

volunteer abroad for college students with American Institute for Foreign Study

Established: 1964
Location & Projects: 20 countries, Over 75 programs.
Awards & Recognition: AIEA, Fulbright Commission, Forum on Education Abroad, Diversity in Global Education Network

Established in 1964, American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is positioned as the leader in providing educational opportunities and cultural exchange for a large number of students. Now, the number has risen to 1.5 million successful students. Based in the United States, AIFS’s programs include study abroad and volunteer abroad programs.

Top Programs

Volunteer Abroad with AIFS

AIFS has a number of great teens and college students abroad volunteering projects that will have students fully immersed in another culture while doing positive impact activities such as teaching English to elementary school children, working in local hospitals and other areas to get involved, across a number of worldwide destinations such as in France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa.

Community Engagement Program (CEP)

This is for students looking to study abroad at the University of Hyderabad, continuing with their academic course of study while also additional language courses to consider such as Basic and/or Intermediate Hindi, Telugu, Urdu as well as history, philosophy and political courses geared towards Indian culture. The community engagement program of the course will comprise of theory and practice, learning about the various approaches to social change while also spending time with an NGO to gauge how things are done in practice. This is a great abroad service trips for college students.

University of Limerick Practicum: Service Learning in Ireland

This University of Limerick Practicum: Service Learning in Ireland is a unique service learning opportunity that will allow students to develop and fulfill community service projects to cater to a decided-upon area of need within the local community. Recent projects developed by past participants on the program (a combination of students, academic staff and community partners) have included the “Understanding Irishness” initiative which focused on understanding the English immigrant’s perspective of living in Ireland.  This is a great volunteer abroad for college students program.

Other popular programs by the AIFS include Service Learning and Active Citizenship, for students looking to earn academic credit by doing a community placement founded upon the principles of civic engagement and would do so in Rome; also the Global Leadership and Service Learning program, a chance to improve leadership, responsibility and employability skills through Victoria Plus in Wellington, New Zealand. This is a great abroad service trips for teenagers and college students.


AIFS has a 96% recommendation rate on Go Overseas, with 522 reviews, and a 9.19 out of 10 rating on Go Abroad, with a total of 672 reviews. The company is a top contender when considering for the best travel abroad programs. See what one student had to say about the program in France:

This experience was one of the best ones in my entire life. - By Casey

The fee

With the aforementioned programs, prices range from US$12,995 for the semester in India to US$16,195 for the semester in Ireland and US$18,995 for the experience in New Zealand. The prices laid out for the programs cover either the spring or fall semester.

Why We Chose American Institute For Foreign Study

The company is one of the longest serving and most established of Foreign Study institutes that hold a firm reputation in matching American students with appropriate and worthwhile study abroad and student volunteering abroad programs that will hold them in good stead for the future.


Location: USA
Established: 1915
Location & Projects: 64 countries, Over 200 programs.
Awards & Recognition: Member of OCED, Galatti Award, Peggy and Art Howe Award, Flight Chaperone Awards, Belo Tours Chaperone Awards, Emerging Leader Award, Dream Team Award

AFS is a company based in New York that has been organizing cultural exchange programs, intercultural programs and volunteer abroad programs for over 100 years. The company wholeheartedly believes in the power of empowering students to become globally engaged citizens through intercultural programs that will shape their future in a meaningful way and make room for a more peaceful world. The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs

Support International Students and Host Families

This support international students and host families program is for those living in the US who would support international exchange students during their trip and educational experience in the country. Being one of the key players of the AFS support network, you’ll help foster soul-shifting journeys for international students from abroad and their US host families by working directly with them to create a seamless journey of intercultural understanding.

Build Connections with Local Schools and Organizations

This build connections with local schools and organizations program is a chance to volunteer abroad for students and help promote the opportunities available with AFS when one finally does decide to go abroad. You’ll be visiting local schools, community organizations and events to help promote and publicize the wide range of AFS programs and scholarships available to students in the US who are thinking about going abroad.

Bring Exchange Students to your Community

This bring exchange students to your community program is a chance to encourage people within the local community to become a US host family for foreign exchange students. This is an amazing opportunity to help make it possible for over 2,000 students from over 90 different countries make it to the US to live with local US families and learn at local schools.

Other really amazing overseas volunteering opportunities for teens and college students  to consider by AFS include its Prepare American Students Going Abroad, a chance to help and guide students about their prospective study abroad experience; or try the Coordinate Volunteers Locally, a prime way to support the mission and merits of intercultural exchange by reaching new students to either learn about how they can volunteer with AFS or help them find a suitable journey abroad; or why not try the Plan Events and Activities, a great way to get involved with organizing events for host families, exchange students and community members that revolve around social, cultural and educational activities.


AFS-USA comes relatively well recommended according to its student reviews, with a 94% rating on Go Overseas and a relatively high 8.93 rating out of 10 on Go Abroad. It has almost 200 reviews in total across the two platforms. See the positive feedback below:

I learned how to be more independent but admit when I need help from others.- By Sara S

The Fee

As the company is US-based and you are genuinely offering your time for AFS-US, it costs nothing to become a volunteer for the company.

Why We Chose AFS-US

This is a great way to do a little volunteering closer to home and understand the experience from a host-country perspective, all for free! Furthermore, with a longstanding history and many years of experience, AFS-US is the perfect company to help facilitate this understanding and should be considered for and by volunteer travel experience abroad for college students.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Location: UK
Established: 1998
Location & Projects: 13 countries, Over 100 Programs
No of Volunteers & Interns-3500+
Awards & Recognition: GoAbroad's Top Rated Organizations & Programs, Go Overseas Community Choice Awards, GoAbroad Innovation Award

Based in the United States, GVI was founded in the year 1998 with the mission to empower its participants to grow personally as well as professionally. Currently, it offers 450 programs and is proud to create an impact in over twenty-five countries. GVI acknowledges the participation of its 25,000 volunteers. The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs:

Island Conservation Expedition to the Seychelles

Joining this Island conservation expedition to the Seychelles is a wonderful chance to spend some time in the Seychelles working with one of the best marine and terrestrial data collection organizations conducting research that will help in the formation of conservation policies. Not only will you witness one of the mot stunning locations of the world, but you’ll also be enabling the long-term survival of the hawksbill turtle alongside other endangered species. This is a great service trips abroad for college students and teens.

Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks

This volunteer with Buddhist novice monks program would be a fabulous opportunity to travel to Luang Prabang in Laos to spend time staying in a monastery and teach English to novice monks and making a valuable contribution to the community at large as most young boys from rural villages are encouraged to spend a certain amount of time in the monkhood. While not working on educational initiatives or in the classroom, you’ll be immersed in the beautiful surroundings of Luang Prabang, the ancient capital of Laos and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a great volunteer abroad trip for college students.

Volunteer with Children in South Africa

This is a terrific opportunity to travel to Cape Town, South Africa to make a valuable difference in the lives of many young children. While volunteering with children in South Africa, you will be providing children with educational training through a series of fun mediums such as arts and crafts, games, and other activities that help create a safe and creative learning environment for the children.

Other best college student abroad volunteering opportunities by GVI include its highly rated volunteer with elephants in Thailand program, which sees volunteers heading to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to work with elephants who were once used and admittedly abused while working in the tourism sector. Another program worth considering is the marine conservation expedition in Fiji a chance to not only appreciate and explore the wonders of the South Pacific but to also aid with and contribute to research that will support the management of marine protected areas, such as coral reefs and various ocean ecosystems of Fiji.


Not all organizations offer best volunteer abroad programs for college students. However, the diversity practiced by GVI has proved that going beyond one’s potential is definitely a feasible goal to accomplish. Having an overall rating of 9.7/10, GVI's reviews justify that this volunteer abroad organization is a must-try. For more reviews, please visit Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

I always wanted to travel and volunteer abroad but I was under the reign of my student/college loan payment. GVI's Paid Teaching programs offers an experience to work abroad and experience an entirely new culture and way of life while still making money. ..- By Amy

The Fee

GVI offers some of the most cheap of options listed so far in this article. You can pay as little as US$1,681 to volunteer with the monks in Laos, and US$1,931 to go on the island conservation expedition to the Seychelles, and of course a higher US$3,368 for the marine conservation program in Fiji.

Why We Chose GVI

For over 10 years GVI has proved that they offer the best summer teenagers volunteering abroad that are very interactive and affordable. GVI is also very highly reviewed as the best fot young travellers under 18 years.

SOL Abroad

Location: USA
Established: 2005
Location & Projects: 4 countries
Awards & Recognition: GoOverseas (2018) "SOL voted Best 2018 High School Program", Abroad101 (2015) "SOL Costa Rica voted the #1 Destination Program in the US",  Abroad101 (2015) "SOL voted the #1 Top Study Abroad Program in the US",  Teenlife (2015) "Fantastic Summer Programs for Teens"

Based in USA, SOL Abroad was originated in 2005 by a team of passionate individuals who believe that students can discover their hidden abilities only if they are treated in a special way. The organization makes this possible by providing its valued study abroad and teen volunteer abroad trips so that their students can gain an edge for the lifetime. 

Top Programs:

Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This study abroad & Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires program is a wonderful opportunity to truly enhance your Spanish while spending time in one of the most amazing destinations of South America, teeming with so much culture and so many monuments to explore. You’ll spend most your time learning, enhancing or advancing your Spanish skills at the Academia Buenos Aires in lessons led by linguistic masters and a campus that is within walking distance of some of the cosmopolitan city’s most famed monuments. This is a great volunteer abroad for college students.

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

This is a lovely chance to study abroad and learn some Spanish in Atenas, Costa Rica, teeming with green and verdant surroundings and stunning coastlines. The Sol Abroad students in this amazing study abroad & Spanish immersion in Costa Rica will study at a prominent Spanish institute in Atenas for the summer program, or if attending during their Gap Year, will study at an accredited and reputable Costa Rican university in Heredia. This is a great service trips abroad for teenagers and college students.

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Spain

Spanish learners will enjoy study abroad & Spanish immersion in Spain, one of the most vibrant and lively countries of the world, staying in Granada which happens to be one of the most heritage-rich and ancient cities of the country, a perfect springboard for exploring Spanish culture. Students will have Spanish lessons and study at the famed University of Granada. This is a great abroad programs for college students.

Another Spanish-focused study abroad program would have to be SOL Abroad’s Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Mexico. All the above listed programs are great options for abroad programs for College Students.


The all-in-one approach of SOL Abroad is what makes it a unique and affordable study and volunteering abroad organization for teens. After all, what could be better than experiencing academics, travel, and volunteering in a single program? To know more about SOL Abroad, these reviews deserve your attention.

My experience with Sol in Costa Rica was, in a word, phenomenal. Through Sol, I gained fluency in Spanish, formed friendships with amazing people, learned about central American culture and history, learned how to travel well, and much more… - By Casey Kelahan

See more reviews at:
Go Overseas
Go Abroad

The Fee

SOL Abroad’s 2 to 3 week courses price range from roughly US$2,995 to US$3,695, with summer programs lasting 6 weeks going up to US$6,695.

Why We Chose SOL Abroad

SOL Abroad offers unique study abroad and volunteer abroad programs for teenagers who are adventurers and ready to learn. Reviews from past volunteers attest that they got the best experience for their future career in teen volunteer abroad programs that were conducted professionally by the local staff.

API Study Abroad

service trips for college students with api study abroad

Location: USA
Established: 1997
Location & Projects: Over 20 countries

Based in USA, API Study Abroad was established in 1997 by a group of four dedicated women whose passion was to provide affordable and high-quality study abroad opportunities for teens and college students. What makes API Study Abroad outstanding is the fact that it is determined to provide cross-cultural experiences to its students while focusing on volunteering abroad.  The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs:

Study Abroad + Volunteer

During a study broad plus volunteer program with API, you also have a chance to do some volunteering. Doing a volunteer-add-on, which could potentially contribute credits to your semester’s final score, would allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your host country and also allow you to understand your host country in a more meaningful way, through hands-on experience. This is a great volunteer abroad programs for college students.

Summer Intensive Spanish Language Studies in Buenos Aires

API’s special course in Buenos Aires is summer intensive Spanish language studies in Buenos Aires that has been crafted for students who wish to study abroad in Buenos Aires while greatly improving their Spanish language skills. Please note that on this program, there are no cultural electives. Upon completion of the program, which can range from month-long to 3 months, you will receive a transcript from Universidad de Belgrano.  This is a great volunteering abroad projects for teens.

Sustainability and Environmental Studies in Costa Rica

This sustainability and environmental studies in Costa Rica is an amazing program crafted for American students that takes place at the Instituto San Joaquín de Flores that will give students insight into Costa Rica’s environmental biodiversity and the country’s unparalleled efforts to promote sustainability. During this 4-week internship placement, students will also interact and stay with host families and Costa Rican culture, enjoy many Costa Rican cultural activities and take in the astounding beauty of one of the greenest countries of the world. This is a great volunteer overseas programs for college students.

Other programs really worth considering that have been put together by API Study Abroad include its Study and Intern Abroad in Santiago program as well as its Latin American Health Care Studies in Costa Rica.


Having diverse opportunities, API Study Abroad truly deserves good words. A lot of people have positively reviewed this organization. However, this is not enough. A lot of students have expressed their opinions about this reputable organization. You can check out more reviews by visiting Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

In 2014, following my college graduation I was looking for opportunities to travel abroad to continue to utilize my Spanish skills. Having previously participated in an API semester program in Spain, I was confident in choosing API as a provider for a short-term volunteer opportunity abroad… - By caboudre

Why We Chose API Study Abroad

This provider is offers a very cost efficient abroad teen volunteering programs. In addition they give volunteers a great experience and safety options as well as the flexibility of their programs, which is reflected in over 100 glowing reviews online.

Global Leadership Adventures

Location: USA
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 20 countries over 50 programs

Global Leadership Adventures originated from the United States in 2004. The goal of this company is to promote leadership among students and bring positive change in the community. Participants will have an opportunity to explore natural and historic sites, learn different languages and cultures, and serve the society through significant teen volunteer programs. The company provides amazing volunteer abroad for college students opportunities worth considering.

Top Programs

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project

This is a truly amazing project to get involved with and is perfect for animal-lovers. This Costa Rica animal rescue project experience will see you rescuing and helping to rehabilitate animals in Costa Rica, both wild animals and domestic ones. You’ll also be able to learn about Costa Rica’s conservation efforts and you’ll also acquire pre-veterinary experience whilst working with certified vets and experts in animal rescue. This is a great volunteering opportunity abroad for college students.

Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World

If you really want to get involve with building something amazing, how about taking on a start-to-finish building a sustainable world project that involves helping with key global issues at the local level by building important sites such as latrines for nearby Dominican families. This is a great volunteer abroad programs for college students.

Galapagos: Preserving natures wonders

This Galapagos: preserving natures wonders is a fantastic opportunity for environmentalists and nature-lovers alike to get to know and restore the wildlife habitat the Galápagos. This is a chance to not only explore Ecuador and the stunning wonders of the island of the Galapagos, but you’ll also walk away having encountered a myriad of different species living on the exotic island and its ocean life. You’ll be able to get to grips with the efforts made by conservationists to preserve and protect the island’s very unique and amazing ecosystem. This is a great volunteer abroad experience for college students.

Some of Global Leadership Adventures other top student volunteering programs include its
Guatemala: Children of the Maya, its Peru: Children of the Andes, its Bali: Island Education Initiative and its India: The initiatives for Children, all youth programs targeting the children of said countries.


GLA strives to work in protecting wildlife, healthcare, and political-economic issues. While learning an entirely different language by going abroad, you will also get an opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation as a volunteer. Read reviews of GLA programs by visiting Go Abroad, Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

While I was reading the other reviews to get some inspiration about what to say, I realized all of them had one major similarity, being that every GLA trip whether you go to Costa Rica or Bali (like me)… - By Makenna

The Fee

The prices at GLA are fairly affordable. For the Dominican Republican program, the price is US$4,999; for the program in Costa Rica, the price comes to $5,499 and for the visit to the Galapagos islands, it comes to US$4,699.

Why We Chose Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures is a winner because their commitment is outstanding from safety to and affordable programs. They ensure to provide high value teen summer volunteering programs and for this Global Leadership Adventures has have received amazing reviews online.

IFRE Volunteers

volunteer abroad for college students with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
Established: 2006
No of Volunteers/Interns: 22000+
Location & Projects: 20 countries, over 200 programs
Recognition: Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit

Established in 2006, IFRE Volunteers aims to offer the most affordable volunteer abroad for college students around the globe (starting at $99 only). With over 20,000 passionate volunteers, this volunteer organization offers 200 projects in 18 volunteer destinations. Based in the United States, IFRE promises that the payment made by volunteer abroad teens and college students is directly made to the projects and host families.

Top Programs:

Volunteering in Sri Lanka With Elephants

This is an incredible chance for animal-lovers looking to help improve the livelihood of elephants in Sri Lanka who would otherwise become employed by the country’s not always kind tourism industry. You’ll be volunteering at the Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage and helping take care of these elephants in an elephant sanctuary that was established by the

Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1976, with the prime focus of protecting these elephants that were orphaned in the jungle and need protection from poachers. If you are interested in working with elephants, another project seriously worth considering is IFRE’s phenomenal Volunteer In Thailand Elephant Project. This is a great service trips abroad for college students.

Volunteer With Turtles in Costa Rica

This volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica would be an amazing opportunity for animal-lovers to make a valuable difference in the lives of the endangered sea turtles of Costa Rica in the Caribbean coast, Pacuare. With the sea turtle population in rapid decline being hunted for meat and having their meat and eggs poached by humans, you’ll be able to team up with scientists and reformed poachers who are now working hard to gather further scientific research to help the cause, guard nests, and ensure newborns make their way back to the ocean safely. This is a great volunteer travel abroad program for teenagers.

Volunteer as an English Teacher in Nepal Monastery

Nepal is the birthplace of Buddhism and home to many beautiful monasteries and temples teeming with monks looking for ways to learn more about life outside the monastery and secure a bright future. In this volunteer teaching English in monastery Nepal, you’ll have firsthand experience teaching these monks a valuable skill to stand them in good stead in the future: conversational English! This is a great volunteer abroad for college students program.

Other amazing projects by IFRE include its women’s empowerment initiative to Volunteer in Peru with Teenage Mother, as well as its youth focused program that entails that you Volunteer In Childcare in South Africa.


Undoubtedly, IFRE has earned a higher level of satisfaction from its happy volunteers. This is mainly because of the fact that this foundation has provided several volunteering options to students. This has made it a life-time experience for many of the volunteers. Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Abroad Reviews

I volunteered with IFRE on orphanage one and while its a different experience as there are no reviews on the orphanage project…All smiles Good luck with your research and planning!! Have the best experience ever!!!!! - By charleney

Why We Chose IFRE

For the last 8 years, IFRE is committed to offering the best teen and college student volunteer programs around the globe for only $99. So, undoubtedly, IFRE has earned a higher level of satisfaction from its happy volunteers.

Other Honorable Mentions are:

Global Crossroad

Established in the year 2003, Global Crossroad has helped 18,000 volunteers change the lives of people in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Since its inception, Global Crossroad has seen a substantial growth rate of 300% by offering ample summer volunteering opportunities for teens and college students. This is surely a worthwhile accomplishment.

Maximo Nivel

Based in Latin America, Maximo Nivel offers affordable abroad programs for teens and college students. Since 2003, the organization has diligently provided its international programs in Guatemala, Peru, and Costa Rica. As an internationally accredited organization, Maximo Nivel’s outstanding performance is backed by it highly committed, professional staff.

Projects Abroad

Originated in 1992, Projects Abroad is a remarkable volunteer abroad organization that is considered as one of the largest around the globe. Based on various internship abroad programs and service projects, the organization sends 10,000 participants abroad in a single year. Having the professional support of its experienced staff, Projects Abroad ensures that the college volunteer abroad students gain worthwhile, safe, and learning experience. This is a great volunteer abroad for college students program.

CEA Study Abroad

Established in 1997, CEA Study Abroad offers study abroad opportunities to teens in 21 destinations. Based in the United States, this prestigious organization commits to provide financial programs and scholarship programs of worth $2 million annually. Depending on your convenience, you can select a subject area, preferred term, and destination directly through its website.


Based in South Korea, the Education Abroad Network (TEAN) was originated in 1995, TEAN specializes summer volunteer opportunities for college students and immersive study. This organization also offers international education throughout Asia Pacific. Having a dedicated team of expert staff, TEAN has partnered with more than thirty prestigious universities throughout this region. 

ISA College Abroad

Based in Costa Rica, ISA College was founded in 1996 with a mission to provide exceptional cultural immersion opportunities to its students. This also includes affordable language learning opportunities for teens and college students who want to pursue their studies abroad. The team members of this organization work on a combined belief: traveling in another destination can help students achieve personal independence and self-awareness.

EF International Language Center

EF International Language Center originated in the United States in 1965. Teens can benefit from this teenagers abroad volunteering program by learning foreign languages. This organization can open new doors through education. Students will have an amazing opportunity to achieve academic achievement and also learn about foreign cultures.

CAPA Study Abroad

Positioned as a credible leader in providing study abroad opportunities for college students since 1972, CAPA Study Abroad has successfully spread its presence in Dublin, London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Florence, and Shanghai. This organization provides vibrant and multicultural studying environments to its students. Besides this, alumni also get a chance to become cultural ambassadors.    

Gap Medics

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in medicine, Gap Medics is a perfect place to start. Founded in 2005 in England, this company is a specialist organization dedicated to providing hospital work and best volunteer opportunity abroad for teens experience to students. An ideal environment is provided to all the students so that they are able to gain a comprehensive insight into healthcare.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

Initiated in 1965 by Paul Petzoldt, a renowned mountaineer, NOLS provides   to experience remote wilderness tours and teaches them something they cannot find anywhere else: environmental ethics, outdoor technical skills, and leadership skills.

Loop Abroad

This organization, Loop Abroad was founded in Thailand in 2008. It is an amazing study abroad opportunity for college students who love animals and want to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Participants can volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park. Students also have the option to study ecology and conservation. This organization is also a Certifying Organization for the prestigious Presidential Service Award.

KCP International

Founded in 1983 in Japan, KCP International is the leader in learning the Japanese language. This is one of the summer travel programs for teens that help them learn the language while immersing in the Japanese culture in Tokyo. Most students studying Japanese at this institution are able to pass the Japanese language proficiency test, giving them the opportunity to study at any university in Japan as a full-time student.

Art History Abroad

Based in Italy, Art History Abroad was set up in 1983. Over 3 decades, this innovative organization has expanded to conduct not only Gap Year education courses but volunteer abroad for college students as well. In addition, it offers London walks as well as school visits to its students.

The founders of Art History Abroad believe that Italy’s numerous hidden treasures deserve to be discovered. They make it possible by enlightening people about the beauty of art in the form of painting, architecture, textiles, and gardens. This includes teaching them on site as well as outdoors.

EF International

Based in England, EF International has successfully strived well in terms of providing world-class education, language learning, travel opportunities, and cultural exchange to its students as well as university level professionals. Its journey began in 1965, and now, with its diversified volunteering abroad trips for college students, EF International has made it easier for learners to travel abroad and learn English.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad           

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad institution was founded in 1990 in the United States. Students enjoy the intensive summer programs by this organization in Czech Republic, Holland, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. Participants learn about the cultures of foreign countries and also their political and economic environment. Students who successfully complete all their courses receive an official transcript and diploma.

Visions Service Adventures

Visions Service Adventures was established in 1989. It provides students a chance to understand meaningful ways to productively contribute to the society. Participants will get a taste of adventure as well as a chance to experience cross-cultural communities. As a volunteer abroad program for college students, you will get an opportunity to work in construction, farm labor, and will also get a chance to maintain the physical environment.

Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery originated from Ecuador in 2001 is a volunteer abroad organization for college students. This reputable organization has taken around 2000 students on an amazing journey around the world. The instructors at Pacific Discovery are highly trained, experienced, and qualified. The safety record for its programs is outstanding.

Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel was originated from Germany in 1985. You can explore destinations while respecting the cultural heritage and environment of that place. Runner-up status was achieved by them in 2012 STAY WYSE Green Initiative Award for an excellent model for sustainable and environmentally friendly travel measures. Greenheart travel is the top eco-friendly exchange program.


Whether you are a teen who is looking forward to enhance their cultural, communication, and language skills, or a college student who thrives to gain an academic edge to make an exceptional entrance to university life, your wait is surely over! With a plethora of study abroad and summer volunteer opportunities  for teens and college students to choose from, you are just a few minutes away from choosing a summer volunteer abroad organization that suits you the most in terms of your academic needs, career aspects, passion to volunteer, preferred travel destination, and program duration.

Before going ahead, ensure that you go through the entire programs in details. This will not only guide you towards exploring your own existing skills and discovering the need to learn more diverse skills, you will also be confident enough to say that you have made the right decision.   

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