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11 Top Low Cost Volunteer Opportunities in Honduras for 2020

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Are you dreaming of volunteering abroad and experiencing delightful beaches and sunshine at the same time? Volunteering in Honduras is the perfect way to enjoy your time while giving back to the community. Check out these top-rated 7 inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Honduras.

With the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop and a fulfilling community experience to partake in, Honduras certainly is a top destination to travel to and volunteer abroad. Honduras has an interesting mix of ancient Mayan culture, colonial Spanish influence, and modernity of the Western world in some facets of life. The country has stunning mountain ranges with plains along the coast and undeveloped lowland jungles just waiting to be explored.

There are many ways to become involved in the community and culture of Honduras through affordable volunteering opportunities. This is a really special way to gain a deeper understanding of the social and political issues facing this developing nation and contribute a real difference.

However, volunteering in Honduras can be financially challenging for many people, no matter how much one wants to take on this opportunity. The costs of flights to Honduras as well as medical expenses on vaccinations, travel insurance, and visas can really add up and make volunteering abroad difficult for many.

Fortunately, money doesn’t have to be the obstruction that you may perceive it to be. There are dozens of low cost volunteer opportunities in Honduras; you just have to find the right one. Not everyone has the time to, or wants to make the effort of searching through so many Google pages, which is why we have done the hard work for you. We have researched multiple companies that offer cheap volunteer opportunities in Honduras to make the process much easier for you.

Check out this comprehensive article to learn more about the experiences that await you in affordable volunteer opportunities abroad:

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Original Volunteers (UK)

Original Volunteers Inexpensive Volunteer Programs

With reputable volunteer opportunities in 21 countries around the globe, Original Volunteers have established a solid name for themselves in the international volunteering community. Original Volunteers have been committed to placing passionate volunteers in projects that suit their needs and interests since 2006.

With Original Volunteers, you can get involved in a community in Honduras through their low cost volunteer opportunities. In this country, Original Volunteers focuses on conservation and general site assistance in an island location. This means that you can enjoy picturesque island views while becoming involved in the community in a meaningful way.

Original Volunteers have incredible value for money in all of the 100 plus projects they have around the world. The affordable volunteer opportunities in Honduras from Original Volunteers are ethical, flexible, and tailored to suit exactly what you want to do.

Original Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Conservation and General Site Assistance - The overall aim of this project is to promote the conservation of natural environments for iguanas to live and thrive in. Volunteers will work with a full-time and knowledgeable team that looks after the iguanas. This project involves working on research to better the conditions for iguanas, as well as going offsite,  trekking through swamps to reduce the threats that are posed to these iguana environments.

Original Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

Original Volunteers have a positive name and reputable volunteer opportunities for a good reason. Read more below about how their reliable and organized approach to placing volunteers has positively impacted past volunteers.

Original volunteers are an extremely affordable and well organised organisation to go with. For me it was the perfect set up as volunteers could travel independently during the weekends. I always felt safe; In fact I am going back to Ghana for 3 weeks this September with Original Volunteers. - CatrinRebecca

Read more reviews at abroad review.

Original Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

This unique volunteering opportunity in Honduras runs for a minimum of four weeks with Original Volunteers. This is so that volunteers can feel truly involved in the community and per sieve the ongoing benefits of their contribution. For this time period, the cost is $375 which is a very reasonable and affordable price.

Helping Honduras Kids (USA)

Helping Honduras Kids Volunteering Argentina Opportunities

Established in 2006 to make a positive difference in the lives of children, Helping Honduras Kids is committed to working with volunteers who are passionate about childcare and education. This United States volunteering organisation works closely with communities in La Ceiba to improve education for kids.

Helping Honduras Kids seeks volunteers who are experienced in working with, and teaching children -  ideally those who are bilingual or are fluent in Spanish. The minimum age for volunteers is 22 as Helping Honduras Kids focuses on teaching children life skills that go beyond the classroom.

Helping Honduras Kids has an excellent and affordable volunteering opportunity in Honduras. In addition to the unique cultural experience on offer with Helping Honduras Kids, there are also possible side trips to the stunning national parks and bays of Honduras.

Helping Honduras Kids Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Childcare - This project aims to create better living conditions for children of different ages in different settings. Volunteers can get involved either as a youth activity intern in Hogar de Amor, a bilingual teacher’s assistant at Jungle School working with children from grades K-7, or a vacation activities intern.

As a youth activity intern, the role of volunteers is to immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of children. Volunteers will help kids get ready for school, assist them with homework, and tutor them in English, math, and computers.

When taking on the role of a bilingual teacher’s assistant, volunteers have the responsibility to assist school teachers with their classes. Volunteers will work alongside teachers to help students who need extra assistance in subjects such as English, science, and math.

The vacation activities intern is for volunteers who are able to commit to two and half months in January. During these holidays, children come to the centre to engage in activities such as sports, crafts, music, art, and self-defence.

Helping Honduras Kids Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

Many volunteers have loved their unique and independent adventure abroad with Helping Honduras Kids. Find out more about some personal reflections from past volunteers in the reviews below.

I began working with Helping Honduras Kids . I was so impressed with the great work this organization has done to make a better future for so many children.
I would recommend anyone that wants to have a truly great volunteer experience should visit Honduras and help them for a month or more. There are many children who need sponsorship too, and you can be confident that your money goes to the children and the programs that you designate it to. HHK is a place of integrity and hope for many future generations of children. - DanaB7

Read more reviews at Green Non Profits.

Helping Honduras Kids Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

In order to volunteer with Helping Honduras Kids, eligible volunteers need to pay a $100 registration fee. This allows them to volunteer as long as they like, but the volunteer must pay food and accommodation expenses, as well as internal transport. With low living expenses in Honduras, this still makes for inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Honduras. The company also offers support in finding appropriate housing.

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Love Volunteers Argentina Volunteering Opportunities

Since being established in 2009, Love Volunteers has expanded their network of affordable volunteering opportunities to 35 countries worldwide. Over this period of time, Love Volunteers has remained committed to placing enthusiastic volunteers in meaningful and ethical placements in communities that are in need.

The programs Love Volunteers have on offer in Honduras work closely with the Central American team, to deliver low cost volunteer opportunities in the fields of education, childcare and healthcare. Throughout these projects, volunteers have the chance to immerse themselves completely in the local culture and make genuine a difference.

Love Volunteers is committed to ensuring that their volunteers get a suitable placement. This means that they have ongoing support on location in Honduras, and the helpful team members are available to you as you face the challenges and rewards of going to Honduras. Love Volunteers offers the following volunteer opportunities in Honduras.

Love Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Childcare - The aim of this project is to give extra attention to children who are suffering various types of neglect, particularly in nursery schools. Volunteers assist the local staff members with daily chores as well as provide basic English lessons to the children, play games, and have fun with the kids.
  • HIV/AIDS - This project intends to put a stop to the widespread prevalence of HIV/AIDS across Honduras. Volunteers work closely with specialist staff in the field and render advice on disease prevention to local communities, and also provide emotional support for patients who are already affected by it.
  • Healthcare - The goal of this project is to create better access to basic healthcare in communities. Volunteers with a medical background support local nurses and doctors in caring for patients.
  • Special education - This project involves working with children in an elementary school that caters to special needs, such as the Down syndrome, minor physical disabilities, and mental delays. Volunteers help with inclusion activities and provide extra attention to high need cases.
  • Teaching - The aim of this project is to provide extra support to teachers and schools in La Ceiba and surrounding areas that are affected by poverty. Volunteers have the role of helping with tasks in the classroom, and depending on experience, also run their own classes.

Love Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

A dedicated and passionate company that truly cares for their volunteers’ well being and positive experience, Love Volunteers have earned themselves a great reputation internationally. These reviews below from past volunteers really highlight this:

I recommend for someone who is brave and looking for a challenge. I learned a lot about myself and the county.
This trip wasn't about partying, but it was about learning. And I had a lot of flexibility with my plans. The coordinators were encouraging and made sure I enjoyed my experience.-Cynthia

Read more reviews at Go Abroad and Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

Love Volunteers Honduras Volunteer Program Fes

For one week’s volunteering with Love Volunteers you can expect to pay $440 with all living expenses and some internal transportation included in the price. For a similar deal for two weeks, the cost is $630.

Are You Interested to Volunteer in Honduras?
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COINED (Latin America)

COINED Affordable Argentina Volunteer Projects

With exciting options to choose for rewarding volunteer opportunities in Honduras, grass root and local development is the key objective of COINED. This Latin American company has established volunteering services in Honduras since 1971, and have subsequently extended their network to 14 countries. Volunteering through COINED is an unbeatable way to embrace the Latin American culture and really feel involved in a community while you can contribute positively to its development.

COINED aims to bridge the inequality gap in the world we live in and where the distribution of wealth is so uneven. This is why they work to ensure that their low-cost volunteering opportunities are accessible to people of all demographics so that everyone can have a go at volunteering abroad.

Through COINED, you have the chance to be part of an organisation that has a genuine impact in a Latin American community through social and health projects, and childcare work.

Find out more about the reputable volunteering opportunities on offer below.

COINED Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Social and health project - This project centers on community and youth development and seeks to educate young people on disease management and prevention. Volunteers run workshops and seminars in the community with the support of local nurses and doctors.
  • Volunteer at Red Cross- The aim of this project is to protect human life and health by ensuring respect. Volunteers work with the community to create a better pathway to equality and have less discrimination.
  • Childcare/orphanage - This project is geared towards improving living conditions for children in a nursery. Volunteers help with daily chores in the center and also help the kids with their homework, playing games and running activities.
  • Disabled Care - This project supports a school that is run for children with special conditions and learning difficulties. Volunteers support children on a need basis and help them achieve their individual learning goals.

COINED Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

A solid reputation internationally and affordable volunteering opportunities make COINED an excellent choice to trust your adventure abroad with.

Learn more about what other volunteers have to say about COINED based on their past experiences:

I had a fantastic timewith COINED. I really liked my host family--they were quite kind to me and flexible with my schedule. If I wanted to come back late, fine.
The academics were great. The class sizes were small, and the teachers worked with us when we didn't understand. -Jordin

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COINED Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

The minimum time commitment for the projects in Honduras with COINED is two weeks. The cost for this time, with living and food expenses included is $645, which makes for a very affordable volunteering opportunity with priceless memories.

A Broader View (USA)

A Broader View Cheap Volunteering in Argentina

One of the most well known volunteering organisations internationally, A Broader View was established in 2007 and since then has created networks in 24 countries. Since it began, A Broader View has served over 10,000 volunteers in meaningful and affordable volunteering opportunities around the world.

Through A Broader View, you will have the chance to explore the ecological wonder of Honduras, from the ancient ruins of the Mayan empire to the limitless eco-trips around the natural landscape. All the while, you will be contributing positively to one of the many developing communities in a country where almost 50% of the population lives below the poverty line.

A Broader View really gets to know the skills and interests of its volunteers. This way you will get placed on the project where you can contribute the most. As for volunteer opportunities in Honduras, some of the projects on offer include healthcare, childcare, education and health. Read more about each project below.

A Broader View Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Healthcare - This project addresses issues facing the public health care system in Honduras. Volunteers shadow and support local nurses and doctors with their daily routines.
  • Orphanage - The goal of this project is to provide care to children in a community center where the age of kids ranges from 1 to 10. Volunteers help in pre-school by playing with the kids and stimulating conversations in English, as well as by working in a residential orphanage home with about 20 children.
  • Teaching - This project seeks to improve the ability of the English spoken in schools and communities. Volunteers work at local primary or high schools in disadvantaged areas and help classes in improving their native English language skills.
  • HIV/AIDS - This project seeks to address the concern of HIV/AIDS spreading across Honduras. Volunteers engage in activities such as counselling affected patients, education on prevention, and reducing the negative social stigma of being HIV-positive.
  • Elderly Care - This project supports an elderly home where 25 residents have no other place to live in. Volunteers help with the preparation and serving of meals, checking blood pressure of the residents, administering medications, and engaging the residents in recreational activities.

A Broader View Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

A Broader View has been committed to ensuring that their volunteers get the best experience possible for many years. These reviews from past volunteers really highlight just how much effort they will make so that you are able to create unforgettable memories.

I volunteer with a broader view in the midst of a breakup hoping to find a distraction, but what I got was much more.
I felt like there were so many elements to the trip. There was the volunteer work at the foundation and my relationships with the ladies who worked there, the mothers and the babies. And although there was a lot of work there was also a LOT of laughter.
There was my home life and my relationship with my host family which was fun and warm.
Then there was my individual exploring which I really enjoyed.
All these elements made for a trip that was truly rich in its blessings.- Rachel

Read more reviews at Go Abroad and Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever and Green Non Profits.

A Broader View Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

The reputable volunteering opportunities with A Broader View in Honduras start at $895 for one week and $995 for two weeks. These costs include living expenses such as food and accommodation, as well as a trustworthy and reliable support network in the country.

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Frontier (USA)

Frontier Best Budget Volunteer Abroad Argentina Programs

A long running organization with reputable volunteering opportunities internationally, Frontier is an American company that began in 1986. Over the years, Frontier has perfected their technique for recruiting volunteers and placing them in suitable projects around the world. Today, Frontier operates in over 50 countries.

The inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Honduras offered by Frontier are aimed at seeking to improve the development of the communities that they serve. From bridging language gaps in schools to closing the gaps pertaining to healthcare access, you have the chance to make a real difference with your passions as a part of Frontier.

In Honduras, Frontier offers two unique projects that will allow you to really become involved in the local community.

Check out more about the teaching and health projects in La Ceiba and read more about these affordable volunteering opportunities below.

Frontier Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Teaching - This project supports schools that are poor, and assists in the underprivileged areas of Honduras. Volunteers help educate children in schools which provides life-changing educational opportunities for them, especially when it comes to learning better English.
  • Health - The goal of this project is to support healthcare in local communities. Volunteers gain valuable insight into the medical profession in a different culture as they assist staff members in a Honduran hospital or clinic.

Frontier Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

There is a reason that Frontier has such an excellent reputation in the international volunteering community and you can learn more by reading these reviews below. These summaries give a personal example from past volunteers as to how their time abroad with Frontier went.

It was an amazing experience for me and I really enjoyed it! Here I met some new friends from different countries. I enjoyed teaching and I like kids so much.Siem reap is beautiful. I love this city and people here are very nice.

Thanks for every help from Frontier.- YueYu

Read more reviews at Abroad Review , Go Abroad , Go Overseas and Review Centre.

Frontier Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

Both projects in Honduras with Frontier have a minimum four-week time commitment. For the teaching project, you will have to pay $2,145 and for the health project the cost is $2,645. These fees are very reasonable when living expenses are taken into account and the company also offers ongoing support during your placement.

United Planet (USA)

United Planet Cheap Best Argentina Volunteer Projects

With projects in 35 countries, United Planet is certainly an apt choice when considering volunteering abroad. Since their establishment in 2001, United Planet has been offering reputed volunteering opportunities at affordable prices in order to make volunteering abroad more accessible for people.

United Planet is committed to giving volunteers the chance to have an impact, both in the community they serve and themselves. Through these meaningful volunteer opportunities in Honduras with United Planet, you feel connected to a new culture, discover new skills, and also grow as a person.

In Honduras, United Planet has projects in education, social work, and healthcare. You can read more about each project below and find out which inexpensive volunteering opportunity is most suitable for you and your skillset.

United Planet Honduras Volunteer Program Opportunities

  • Education- This project works with community members in classrooms, after school programs, orphanages, and women’s centers, to improve educational standards. Volunteers help with planning activities, providing English lessons, and being part of a unique cultural exchange.
  • Healthcare- This project supports community health professionals in general, medicine, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy and other areas. Volunteers get a good insight into shared healthcare challenges around the globe on this project, as they gain hands-on experience while making a genuine difference in the delivery of healthcare in Honduras.

United Planet Honduras Volunteer Program Reviews

Thanks to United Planet, many past volunteers have had a unique and culturally enriching experience that has left them with priceless memories. Read more about what other passionate and eager people like you have to say about United Planet in the reviews below:

United Planet had a really great support system and was very organized throughout the application process. They were all prompt with responding and the in country staff was also prompt with travel accommodations to and from the airport..Most of all, I really enjoyed having the complete independence after the first day, which meant I got to explore the city. It was so fun! I would highly recommend the trip to students, but as for professionals, I would inquire about what you'd be able to assist in b/c you might be observing more.-By: Rakhi

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

United Planet Honduras Volunteer Program Fees

To become truly involved in the community and make a genuine long-term difference, United Planet offers 6-month long projects. During this timeframe all living expenses are included in an upfront fee of $8,995. This is a small amount to pay for an incredible cultural experience that awaits you on this long-term adventure.

Are You Interested to Volunteer in Honduras?
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Conclusion: How to select the best volunteer project.

Volunteering abroad is an exciting and incredible experience to undertake for anyone at any age. It can be overwhelming considering just how many projects there are around the world; it can also be stressful choosing the most affordable volunteering opportunity.

This article was designed to provide you with an overview of the best-rated and most inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Honduras. While we tried to help you by providing an overview of many different companies, the final decision is still up to you.

When it comes to choosing the right experience for volunteering in Honduras, consider these handy tips so that you make the most informed decision.

  • Pay particular attention to a few things while checking the company’s website or blog. Keep an eye out for how professional looking it is and make sure that all content is relevant and up-to-date. Avoid companies that may have content written in poor English with grammatical errors.
  • Check out their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. In today’s world, the way a company uses social media says a lot about their marketing strategies and their connect with modern society. A good social media presence indicates that the company is reliable.
  • Make sure you are well informed about costs and any extras. A decent company won’t hide extra charges, such as internal transportation costs. You really just want to be aware of all the fees associated with the volunteering program so that you do not face any hidden costs after you arrive.
  • Ensure that the company communicates well with you during all stages of the application. You want a reliable company who you know will be able to support you on arrival in the country. Their communication will be reflected in their Reponses to your emails, how detailed the responses are, and how willing they are to answer your questions.
  • Make sure that the company aligns with your values. Volunteering abroad shows that you have a global outlook and desire to do well in the world. You want a company that really enables you to make a genuine difference in a community, and also gives you the chance to thrive and grow as a person. All of this will encourage you to continue making positive changes around the world.


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