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Are you dreaming of visiting Ghana and giving back to the needy Ghanaian communities? Are you finding it difficult to choose the best volunteer program provider in Ghana? Are you open to reading about the most safe and trusted companies’ highly rated inexpensive Ghana programs?

Volunteering in Ghana can be a really great way to see a country with such diversity in landscapes and culture. Ghana is home to attractive national parks, unique wildlife, a stunning coastline, and a rich culture and history. From old forts and colonial buildings to secluded beaches and native shrines, Ghana has many unforgettable experiences waiting for you.

While making a positive impact in needy Ghanaians lives is a life-changing experience, it can be a daunting task to choose the best organization. As all the organizations are not established in the same way, a lot of time and dedication can only help you find the best and affordable option.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you join the best, most affordable and safest organization. Thus, we examined hundreds of organizations’ prices, internet reviews, history and commitment to local communities and selected the 7 best volunteer providers in Ghana.

Company Name Starting price Reviews
Plan My Gap Year $624 Go Overseas: 404 reviews
Go abroad:77 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $709 Go overseas:‎2,216 reviews
Go Abroad:1,657 reviews
Go Eco $800 Go Overseas: ‎89 reviews
Go Abroad: 729 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers $820 Go overseas: ‎178 reviews
Love Volunteers $628 Go overseas:140 reviews
Go Abroad:271 reviews
Atlas Volunteers $135 Go overseas:79 reviews
Go Abroad:136 reviews
Agape Volunteers (UK) $885 Go Overseas: ‎20 reviews

Table updated: April 1, 2024

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is a charity organization founded in 2011 and registered in the UK. PMGY connects volunteers with safe and structured programs around the world that last anytime from 1 to 40 weeks. The company has worldwide teams in the UK, US and its host destinations to ensure that every volunteering work in Ghana and other destinations are as seamless and as well executed as possible. PMGY is a pioneer in mixing responsible travel experiences with ethical volunteer experiences.

PMGY Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

PMGY is especially popular among younger students who have just graduated and are looking to plan a meaningful gap year abroad. However, people from all age groups often use this company because of the amazing programs they offer!

If you would like to work with Kumasi children and help change their lives, join in PMGY’s childcare volunteering program in Ghana. Once you participate, you will spend your time doing general childcare activities like playing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and so on.

Do you love the teaching profession? PMGY’s volunteer teaching project allows you to assist underfunded and understaffed schools in Kumasi. You will spend your time helping students develop their English skills which will indeed help them better their future.

Are you a medical student looking to get real world medical experience? In their Ghana medical volunteer opportunity, you will get first-hand knowledge and experience of Ghana’s healthcare system.

Are you a psychology student looking to broaden your understanding of the different issues people face? As a mental health volunteer in Ghana, you’ll be involved in consultations, outreach programs and clinical interviews to help clients suffering with mental illness or disorders.

PMGY Reviews

PMGY is one of those companies that consistently rank at the top when it comes to volunteering abroad. Volunteers in Ghana are satisfied with the level of services they are provided and also with the work they put into local communities. PMGY has its own section for volunteer reviews for you to check out. This organization has 404 reviews on Go Overseas and 77 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Abroad.


PMGY offers reasonable prices for their operations and services abroad. Their program fees starts a little as $375 for the first two weeks. This cost is extremely amazing considering how high quality PMGY’s programs really are. There is also an additional registration fee that requires you to pay $249.

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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ Ghana

If you are determined to showcase your volunteer skills in West Africa while beating outrageous fees, then you will be pleased to know about International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ). IVHQ is a top-rated non-profit humanitarian organization that works towards human, economic and sustainable development in impoverished areas across the world. Their goal is to provide a better and more sustainable future while ensuring that all humans get equal opportunities in life. Since 2007, IVHQ has conducted multiple volunteer operations in Ghana, placing volunteers across Accra in various sectors like education, healthcare, and community development.

IVHQ Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

IVHQ works towards real impact and real change – working on their volunteer programs will give you some hands-on, invaluable experience regarding social work.

If you’re just getting started with volunteer work, the English teaching volunteer program in Ghana could be an excellent starter. Volunteers will work with local community schools and are involved in creating engaging lessons, particularly for teaching English, which is highly important skill for young children to have.

If you share a passion for sports, we highly recommend joining their sports teaching program. This project is focused on the physical training of sports and teaching team-work, coordination, and confidence. Volunteers can teach their favorite sports and bring suitable equipment that may not be available locally.

The goal of the childcare program in Ghana is to provide education, attention, love, and care to children who have been left orphaned due to extreme poverty, health issues, or other unfortunate circumstances.

If you’re keen on building new projects and buildings then, the construction program is a great chance to get involved in some community development and a bit of community maintenance too! Volunteers work with locals on tasks such as brick-lying, painting, plastering, and digging to improve such buildings.

Are you thinking about a career in healthcare, or you’re already a medical student looking to gain more experience? The medical program seeks professionals from the medical field or students in the healthcare sector to provide medical care on site at a hospital or in local orphanages.

Also, the agriculture Ghana volunteering project supports the agricultural farming industry in local communities and addresses concerns of sustainability. Volunteers are tasked with planting more trees and creating sustainable vegetable gardens in orphanages and schools.

IVHQ Reviews

IVHQ has changed the lives of many people, including volunteers and minorities. Their volunteering work in Ghana has brought a positive impact to many rural areas and villages. You can sift through volunteer testimonials on their website. IVHQ has 2,216 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,657 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.


IVHQ is a great pick to volunteer abroad, mostly because of their affordable rates and top-quality services. IVHQ has an initial registration fee of $329 that covers administrative costs and pre-departure support. Their weekly program fees begin at just $380 and include accommodation, meals, orientation, in-country support and program support.

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Goeco Ghana volunteeing project

The reason we chose GoEco is because of their concern regarding environmental conservation and sustainability. GoEco is an eco-tourism company with a commitment to conserving all life and nature. They are incredibly aware about their ecological footprint and encourage their volunteers to preserve natural resources whenever and wherever possible. They have had quite an impact on the world, with over 150 volunteer projects spanning over 50 countries. GoEco’s volunteer work in Ghana is nothing short of impressive and we highly recommend you check them out!

GoEco Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

From wildlife conservation to sustainable development to teaching children, GoEco’s programs are varied and each of them is as impactful as the other.

GoEco has a singular project in Ghana, which they dedicate all of their time and effort to. The Teach Children program is based in Accra and your primary roles will be to teach children English and help them with the learning process. You may also be required to help with school reparations so that local community schools can get a better reputation.

Apart from helping to change the life of disadvantaged Ghanaian students, you will also get involved in fun, cultural immersion and national park exploration activities.

GoEco Reviews

Travel and volunteer websites are flooded with positive reviews about GoEco. Volunteering opportunities in Ghana are plenty but, GoEco’s programs are truly unique and enriching all on their own! GoEco’s own website has a list of reviews and awards that you can check. GoEco has 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

GoEco Fees

The company’s only volunteer program is priced at $800 USD and we think it is an absolute steal! You can’t deny that this is an incredibly affordable amount to pay for your first 2 weeks volunteer trip in Ghana.

A Broader View

A Broader View (ABV) is a well-known and highly affordable company that was founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania, USA. ABV has a staggeringly high number of programs (345) across 32 countries worldwide, including in Ghana. With love for humankind, ABV believes that one person can and should make a difference in the lives of others through support, care and encouragement. Their volunteers in Ghana usually focus on providing access to basic facilities like healthcare, education and sanitation.

A Broader View Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

A Broader View has a wide variety of volunteer programs for you to choose from. You can choose to help in clinics and health posts if you have a medical background or you can help out in schools if you’re somebody that has a teaching background.

Children who live in the orphanages in Ghana that ABV partners with often come from very traumatic pasts. As a volunteer, you’d be helping with daily care of the kids and ensuring they have a good time, doing creative activities and learning new and wonderful things from their new teacher.

As a part of ABV’s medical program, volunteers who have medical training will get hands-on experience working with patients doing things such as blood testing, health checkups and giving vaccinations.

In the pre-medical program in Kasoa, you’d be directly working to promote health education, helping to eradicate the spread of diseases, promoting gender equality, reducing illiteracy and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness.

Contribute to the academic development and excellence of children studying in local community schools. The teaching program involves teaching the kids math, science, English, geography, history, arts and music so that they can acquire some much-needed quality education.

A Broader View Reviews

A Broader View is praised by its volunteers and respected by its contemporaries. ABV does not cut corners – it delivers the best service, promotes the best course of action and displays honesty through and through. You can read what past volunteers in Ghana have to say about ABV. A Broader View has 178 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.

A Broader View Fees

ABV’s prices are a little higher than some of the other providers mentioned on this list; nonetheless they are still pretty affordable. For a week in Ghana, you’d be looking to spend around $820 USD. These prices do not include fights, entry visa, vaccinations, local transportation, insurance and internet.

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteer Ghana

Love Volunteers is a New Zealand-based volunteer provider that understands the positive impact of volunteer programs and offers a range of programs to help you share your kindness with the world. Taking your skills, knowledge, and positive energy to previously suppressed and impoverished communities will have endless benefits and will be a life-changing opportunity for both you and the people you meet along the way. Volunteering in Ghana is made easier – with plenty of services and a 100% transparent fee scheme - with Love Volunteers.

Love Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

From working in the health field to supporting children through childcare, teaching, or arts and crafts - with Love Volunteers, you will be able to find a variety of Ghana volunteer programs that work the best for you.

People with disabilities endure more pain than you can imagine in a country like Ghana. On the special needs & disabilities program, you can help disabled children gain equal footing in life by teaching them, keeping them entertained and helping to feed them. Children like these appreciate any and all company so, if you could spare some time to chat with them then that’s even better!

The education support program consists of assisting local teachers with daily classroom activities. Volunteers will teach English, give lessons on basic life skills and good hygiene and arrange a range of activities for small children.

If you’re looking for some experience in the medical field, opt for their medical program. You’ll help with day-to-day patient care and also spread HIV awareness among locals. This is a fantastic volunteer opportunity in Ghana where you’ll be able to gain some hands-on experience out in the field.

Empower the youth of Ghana through a sports program where you’ll help youths develop a love for sports and physical activity. You can lead training programs, improve soccer or football programs and help them develop a love for the game!

Love Volunteers Reviews

A number of volunteers, with a heart and mind just like yours, have had the time of their life on volunteer trips to Ghana organized by Love Volunteers. Find out how their experience changed their world by reading volunteer reviews on their Love Volunteers’ website. This highly-acclaimed organization has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Abroad.

Love Volunteers Fees

Love Volunteers provides programs ranging from 2-3 weeks so that you can really become immersed in the community. The price ranges from $630-750 depending on the volunteer trips you choose. Whatever the cost, the experience you have will be priceless in its entirety.

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Atlas Volunteers

Meet Atlas Volunteers - a local volunteer provider in Ghana that specializes in empowering local Ghanaians through community development projects. Atlas Volunteers started way back in 2010, and one of their top priorities is to arrange low cost, meaningful volunteer placements in Ghana. What sets them apart is that this company works exclusively in Ghana so, you can expect a lot from them. Their main mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable by working as a team to foster sustainable development.

Atlas Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Since they’re based in Ghana, they know what things need changing and what things need improvement. Their volunteer programs will have you assisting locals in various ways to help sustain development.

If you’re a nature-lover, you could help tremendously on the Sea Turtle Conservation Project. Your primary tasks will be to patrol beaches to rescue turtle eggs, supervise in hatcheries and collect relevant data for research.

The school support and teaching program can be an invaluable experience for you if done right. You will help local teachers and act as a teaching assistant. Focus on developing children’s basic reading, writing and creative art skills.

On the sports development program, you’ll help to organize football programs, after school clubs and PTE activities. There are various roles you can take on but all of them focus on fostering the importance fitness and sports in young people’s lives.

The construction & renovation program will take you to Atlas Volunteer’s project sites where you’ll help in plastering skimming, shifting, lifting etc. You may also have to paint buildings, redesign board signs and improve the basic facilities of buildings.

Atlas Volunteers environment-conscious approach can be seen through the reforestation volunteer program in Ghana. From growing seedlings and planting trees to organizing outreach awareness programs, you’ll directly contribute to lessen the effects of deforestation in Ghana.

Atlas Volunteers Reviews

Atlas Volunteers has definitely helped bring change in their country. Their volunteer programs are well-managed and impactful and their volunteers in Ghana speak fondly of their trips. Atlas Volunteers has 79 reviews on Go Overseas and 136 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Atlas Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Atlas Volunteers on Go Abroad.

Atlas Volunteers Fees

Since the company is locally based, their program fees are way less in comparison to that of other global companies. Atlas Volunteers has a registration fee of just $50! Their program fees begin at $85 per week. The fees include accommodation at shared volunteer houses, utility bills, support staff, social funds and a program orientation.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers Ghana

Agape Volunteers has been offering amazing volunteering opportunities in Ghana since its inception in 2009. With Agape Volunteers, you can share your musical, educational, or medical skills and talents to a community in Ghana. The organization’s primary focus is to make a significant impact with positive grass-roots development. Agape Volunteers is one of the best humanitarian charitable organizations and its impact on developing communities has been absolutely massive.

Agape Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Agape Volunteers focuses on holistic development of the people they care for. This means that you will be helping and organizing activities across various sectors like art, health, education and music.

The ultimate aim of the teaching program is to improve the education standards and provide access to better English classes to disadvantaged Ghanaian children. Activities will mainly involve teaching English to students, aiming to boost their abilities in this language.

Are you a medical student looking to broaden your horizons, explore a new culture, and obtain new knowledge? This medical project in Ghana involves directly working to lessen the burden and stretched resources of Ghana’s local medical institutions. Volunteers, who are either studying, or a qualified healthcare professional, will shadow doctors for a few days before performing procedures under supervision.

Also, their Ghana orphanage volunteer program aims to improve the overall living conditions of children who have been left orphaned because of disease and poverty across Ghana. Volunteers will teach English, cook, clean, and engage children in the center in fun games and activities to help bring smiles to their faces.

Agape Volunteers Reviews

It is always good to know that other people like you have had the same thought - to participate in volunteer programs and share their positive energy and attitude. Agape Volunteers has its volunteers in Ghana coming back for more. You can find some excellent reviews of past volunteer experiences on their volunteer wall. Agape Volunteers has 20 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Agape Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Agape Volunteers Fees

All placements through Agape Volunteers begin at a minimum cost of $885. Granted their prices are a little high, but you’ll bet getting some top-notch services for your money. Their program fees include your accommodation, meals, and some domestic transport. This is a small price to pay for an entirely worthwhile volunteer opportunity in Ghana.

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Is Ghana safe for volunteers?

Ghana is absolutely safe for volunteers! It is one of the top countries in terms of economic and political growth. Volunteers can still make a huge impact in rural areas through services regarding health, education and teaching. There are no upheavals of any kind in Ghana so you can be at ease during your trip.

How can I volunteer in Ghana for health?

To volunteer in the medical or healthcare sector, volunteers either need to be medical students with minimum 2 years’ experience or qualified healthcare professionals. Other people who have completed 2 years of training are also eligible to work in the medical field.

Why volunteer in Ghana?

Even though Ghana is one of the safest and most progressive countries in West Africa, there is still plenty of work to do. You can contribute to the betterment of Ghana by engaging in orphanage, childcare and teaching volunteer works. Ghanaian children are often deprived of basic education facilities so helping them in this matter would make a great impact on their lives.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in Ghana?

Yes, you need the Ghana Volunteer Visa to volunteer in Ghana. Whether you are a tourist or a worker, you need to apply for their volunteer visa to be eligible to conduct volunteer activities in the country.

Can I go to Ghana without visa?

No, any person entering Ghana must carry with them a valid passport and a valid visa. Ghanaian single entry visa costs about $60 and must be used within 3 months of issue. The Multiple Entry Visa can cost about $100.


Now that you've had the chance to read about 17 of the top and most affordable volunteer in Ghana providers, you can feel confident about choosing the organization that suits your skills and schedule, without having to worry about it being poor value for money, or that you might end up being disappointed with the experience you had.

Happy volunteering!

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