9 [Best Affordable] Volunteer in Ghana Providers 2023

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Are you dreaming of visiting Ghana and giving back to the needy Ghanian communities? Are you finding it difficult to choose the best volunteer program provider in Ghana? Are you open to reading about the most safe and trusted companies’ highly rated inexpensive Ghana programs?

Volunteering in Ghana can be a really great way to see a country with such diversity in landscapes and culture. Ghana is home to attractive national parks, unique wildlife, a stunning coastline, and a rich culture and history. From old forts and colonial buildings to secluded beaches and native shrines, Ghana has many unforgettable experiences waiting for you.

While making a positive impact in needy Ghanaians lives is a life-changing experience, it can be a daunting task to choose the best organization. As all the organizations are not established in the same way, a lot of time and dedication can only help you find the best and affordable option.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you join the best, most affordable and safest organization. Thus, we examined hundreds of organizations prices, internet reviews, history and commitment to local communities and selected the 9 bests.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
Plan My Gap Year $624 Go Overseas: 350 reviews
Go abroad:24 reviews
RCDP International $604 Go overseas: 47 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $624 Go Overseas: 103 reviews
Global Crossroad International $624 Go overseas:88 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $709 Go overseas:‎1,724 reviews
Go Abroad:1,282 reviews
Love Volunteers $738 Go overseas:139 reviews
Go Abroad:273 Reviews
Go Eco $840 Go Overseas: ‎85 reviews
Go Abroad: 662 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers $995 Go Abroad:6 reviews
Go overseas: ‎178 Reviews
Agape Volunteers (UK) $1105 Go Overseas: ‎19 reviews
Volunteer Forever:‎37 reviews

Table updated: Sept 28, 2022

Plan My Gap Year

Location: UK
Established: 2011
Locations & Projects: 17 countries over 150 programs
Awards and Recognitions: Shell Live Wire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award, and from the United Nations

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is a charity organization founded in 2011 and registered in the UK. PMGY connects volunteers with safe and structured programs around the world that last anything from 1 to 40 weeks.

The company has worldwide teams in the UK, US and its host destinations to ensure that every volunteering work in Ghana and other destination is as seamless and as well executed as possible.

PMGY is a volunteering travel provider that is especially popular with younger students who have just graduated and are looking to plan a meaningful gap year abroad. However, people from all age groups often use this company because of the amazing programs they offer!

Along its journey, PMGY has received international awards and recognitions like the Shell LiveWire Grand Idea Award, Thailand Green Excellence Award and also one from the United Nations.

PMGY’s Top Programs in Ghana

Childcare Program in Ghana

There are many Ghanaian children who have lost their parents or come from abusive families and are now in the care of the government. The time spent in the childcare home should be as positive as can be.

If you would like to work with the Kumasi children and help change their lives, join in PMGY’s childcare volunteering program in Ghana. Once you participate, you will spend your time doing general childcare activities: playing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and so on.

Ghana English Teaching

Do you love teaching profession? PMGY’s volunteer teaching project allows you to assist underfunded and understaffed schools in Kumas. You will spend your time helping students develop their English skills which will indeed help them better their future.

Taking part in this project is really a life-changing opportunity for you. Your invaluable support and dedication will change the life of disadvantaged Ghanian children. Also, you get to experience Ghanian culture, taste amazing Ghanian dishes and make lifelong friends.

Ghana Medical Program

Are you a medical student looking to get real world medical experience? In this Ghana medical volunteer opportunity, you will get first-hand knowledge and experience of Ghana’s healthcare system.

PMGY makes sure you will get enough cultural immersion opportunity and plenty of exploration. On top of that, you shadow local medical professionals in community hospitals and clinics, gaining hands-on medical experience.

Ghana Mental Health

Do you want help disadvantaged people maintain a positive attitude? Are you a psychology student looking to broaden your understanding of the different issues people face? Mental health volunteer in Ghana program is a perfect fit for you!

Taking part in this program is a great opportunity for you to gain insight into how psychiatric services in Ghana work. You will definitely have a unique learning experience and broaden your understanding of mental healthcare in Ghana.


PMGY consistently gets good reviews, and this also applies to all its Ghana programs. PMGY gets a remarkably high 9.5/10 rating on Go Overseas, and a 4.8/5 on Review Center, showing that it’s pretty obvious past volunteers have been happy with PMGY’s programs.

The Fee

PMGY offers one of the cheapest fees available. Their fee starts from as little as $ 375 for the first two weeks. This cost is extremely amazing considering how high quality PMGY’s programs really are.

Why We Choose PMGY

Honestly, PMGY delivers some of the most unique, meaningful and affordable volunteer opportunities in Ghana. They have the highest rating, hundreds of raving reviews and real impactful programs.

RCDP International

RCDP INternational Volunteer Ghana

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AID Camp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA

RCDP is an international volunteering provider that is one of the oldest and it should totally be on your radar. Based in USA, and in operation since 1998, RCDP International stands out best from the crowd of volunteer organizations.

They combine a strong focus on creating and facilitating Ghana volunteer programs that benefit youngsters, especially orphans, disadvantaged students and communities.

If you have the desire to make a genuine difference, no need to hurt yourself financially. RCDP’s program fees start from as low as $100 US. Lower prices don't mean volunteers get less of an experience or a lower level of support. Food, accommodation and the full benefits of a dedicated local team are all included in the fees paid.

RCDP’s Top Programs in Ghana

All Ghana based programs start on Mondays and are based in either Accra or Kumasi.

Accra is a densely populated seaside city which offers visitors a nice blend of beach, culture, history, shopping and nightlife. Kumasi, on the other hand, combines culture with open spaces such as parks and gardens.

There are many small villages on the outskirts of this city where traditional crafts are practiced, and the end results sold.

Ghana volunteering programs are available in 2 main categories: with children (in orphanages and as an English teacher) and in the health care arena, (either on health or HIV/AIDS focused programs).

Volunteers should expect to work for 3-40 hours a week, and commit to a stay of between 1 and 12 weeks. Housing is either with a host family or in a hostel, and three meals based on local food are provided daily.

Orphanage Based Projects

Do you feel yourself called to be the change of disadvantaged Ghanian children? Participate in RCDP’s noble Ghana orphanage volunteer program, help change the life of needy children and gain a true sense of attainment.

Most orphanages in Ghana are in short of staff and resources, so your help is invaluable. You will spend your time caring for impoverished children.

Your tasks include teaching English (and any other subject you can offer) dance, art, music and other subjects of your interest. You can also help in admin tasks, fundraising, and general household duties such as cleaning and cooking.

Teaching English Program

RCDP’s teaching English program in Ghana is best suitable for you if you love sharing your English skills to deprived Ghanian students. Most of the community schools in Ghana are understaffed and underfunded, thus your every little help counts a lot.

Native or fluent English-speaking volunteers who are patient, caring, and resourceful are badly needed. No teaching experience is necessary. As a volunteer in Ghana, you can work alongside a local teacher and gain confidence before managing a classroom on your own.

HIV/AIDS Projects

Are you passionate about raising awareness for HIV/AIDS in Ghana? RCDP’s this program offers support to those living with HIV/AIDS, and those living with the consequences, such as orphans or families left in poverty after the death of the main breadwinner.

Alternatively, some volunteer work on the locally organized HIV/AIDS prevention education program which RCDP supports. Volunteers should be committed to the ethos of the program, and be both open-minded, tolerant and understanding in nature.

Health Care Projects

This is a great opportunity for medical students or professionals to make a difference and gain hands-on experience at the same time. Medical volunteering program in Ghana provides basic healthcare facilities to those who struggle to access due to poverty.

By assisting local professionals deliver care and promote health education campaigns, you will help provide both immediate and long-term health benefits to the poorest people.

A volunteer's tasks will depend mainly on their individual background and experience level. Your task ranges from undertaking basic health assessments and admin duties to hands-on treatment.


Online reviews of RCDP by their past volunteers praise every aspect of the experience, from the reliable airport pickup service and authentic homestay to the supportive staff and interesting projects. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

RCDP have the most affordable fee to volunteer in Ghana. They also have a clear commitment to ensuring your fee goes directly to the project providers and host families involved.

Their registration fee covers RCDP's running costs. The weekly fee is split equally to cover a volunteer's meal and housing with an experienced host family, and to fund both local coordination and a donation to the project.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP has over 20 years of experience doing volunteering work in Ghana. We also loved that it offers full cultural immersion at very affordable prices.

IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers Ghana

Location: USA
Established: 2006
No of Volunteers/Interns: 22000+
Location & Projects: 20 countries, over 200 programs
Recognition: Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit

IFRE Volunteers is helping volunteer travelers fulfill their dreams of volunteering abroad at an extremely affordable rate. Established in 2006, IFRE Volunteers can help put you in touch with your dream placement to make a genuine difference. With over 200 projects in 18 countries, IFRE Volunteers has earned a strong worldwide reputation.

IFRE Volunteers understands that not everyone can afford outrageous prices when all they want to do make this world a better place. This is why IFRE Volunteers offer cheap opportunities in Ghana where the fees go directly to host families and projects.

IFRE not only help you gain invaluable skills along the way, but you will also contribute to grass-roots development in Ghana. All of IFRE’s Ghana programs are based in Kasoa.

IFRE’s Top Programs in Ghana

Volunteer in an Orphanage

IFRE’s Ghana orphanage volunteering program is involved with supporting street children who have been orphaned due to extreme poverty and health diseases. When you join hands with IFRE to support these orphans, you will spend your time caring for them, teaching, cooking, cleaning and much more.

Teaching English

If you speak fluent English and you’re looking for a way to be useful during your trip to Ghana, then why not consider volunteer teaching English?

The demand for English language skills is very high for children and teenagers, and this project creates more opportunities to learn. Ghana Volunteers share their English skills with students, giving them a chance to interact with and learn from a native speaker.

HIV/AIDS Projects

Do you have the compassion to interact with and help people currently living with HIV/AIDS? The rewards you gain from this program are unending. The goal of this HIV volunteer project is to reduce the threat of this serious health problem across Ghana.

Volunteers of any background can find a role here, from working with infected patients, distributing clothes and food to educating the community on ways to prevent this disease.

Health Project

Are you a medical student or professional looking to increase your awareness of the world and gain experience in the medical field?

This medical volunteer project aims to increase access to healthcare for rural communities and decrease the prevalence of endemic diseases. Volunteers give a helping hand to local nurses, work in consultation rooms, dispensing medicine, or assisting in the operating theatre.

Another program worth checking out in Ghana is IFRE’s Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program Ghana. On this program, you get to spend 4 weeks travelling around Ghana, visiting places like Accra and some other stunning and culturally rich cities.


Just like you, many other young and passionate volunteers have contacted IFRE to make their dreams abroad become a reality. Read below to find out just how life-changing and positive their Ghana volunteering experiences were. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

The charges associated with IFRE’s volunteer programs are very reasonable and cover the majority of your living expenses while you are making use of the many opportunities in Ghana.

Why We Chose IFRE

IFRE was selected top on our list because of their good professional reputation. They are committed to ensure that your volunteer in Ghana program fees is affordable with a transparent system on how they spend your money, which they reinvest over 80% back to the community.

Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad Ghana

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs

Another incredible international volunteering travel program provider you should have on your radar is Global Crossroad. This organization has been placing enthusiastic volunteers worldwide since 2003.

Since not everyone has excessive money to spend on volunteering programs, Global Crossroad provides affordable volunteering opportunities in Ghana to suit a range of travelers. This is how Global Crossroad is making volunteering dreams come true for people around the world.

Global Crossroad Top Programs in Ghana

Orphanage Work

Realizing the realities of several Ghanaian children living on the streets and coming from bleak pasts is a hard pill to swallow. However, it’s a great news to know that you can actually help these children in some way.

This orphanage volunteer program accommodates street children and underprivileged children displaced by poverty and disease. Volunteers are integral in giving these children the opportunity to learn, play, and have a chance for a better life.

Teaching English

Are you passionate about teaching English, or keen to give it a try during your trip to Ghana? The goal of this English teaching project is to improve English skills of students studying in rural and remote schools.

As a Volunteer in Ghana, you will teach classes and engage students in several activities that help them improve their skills.

Medical Volunteering

Medical volunteer program is designed for medical practitioners wanting to make even more of a difference than they already do in the world.

The overall goals of this Ghana volunteer work is to increase access to basic healthcare, improve village health, and decrease the prevalence of common diseases. Volunteers assist in this by promoting health education in villages and helping local nurses and doctors at clinics.

HIV/AIDS Projects

Do you have what it takes to work with people currently living with HIV/AIDs? Do you want to help alleviate the reality of HIV/AIDs in some way, in a country that has been greatly affected by the AIDs epidemic?

This HIV volunteer project focuses on decreasing the prevalence of this disease through preventative measures and education, focusing on promoting behavioral changes and facilitating discussions in the community to raise awareness.

Volunteers in Ghana Program run seminars, workshops, and educative lessons to help with this and make a genuine difference.


Programs are, ultimately, life-altering experiences that will give you many new skills and a whole new outlook on life. Check out the reviews to see how Global Crossroad has positively impacted other volunteers’ lives.

The Fees

For a small cost you will have an incredibly enriching experience with Global Crossroad. One week Ghana volunteer program with all-inclusive fees start at $435 and for two weeks you will pay $560. These funds cover your living and food expenses, and the money goes directly to the project and host family.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad is a leading provider with low-cost high profile unique programs across Ghana. This organization also takes comprehensive security measures to ensure all volunteers are safe with an evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ Ghana

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)

If you are determined to volunteer your skills in West Africa beating outrageous fees, then you will be pleased to know about International Volunteers HQ’s opportunities in Ghana.

Since 2007, IVHQ has been placing volunteers across Accra area to make an impact in various sectors: Education, Healthcare, Community Development and so on.

IVHQ Top Programs in Ghana

Teaching Underprivileged Students

Do you want to pass on important knowledge that some haven’t been so lucky to receive? This English teaching volunteer program in Ghana recognizes the importance of education to create better futures for future generations.

Volunteers are involved in creating engaging lessons, particularly for teaching English, which is highly important skill for young children to have.

Sports Volunteer

Do you want to play and share your sports skills with disadvantaged Ghanian children? This project is focused on the physical training of sports and teaching team-work, coordination, and confidence.

Volunteers can teach their favorite sports and bring suitable equipment that may not be available locally.

Child Care Volunteer

The goal of this childcare program in Ghana is to provide education, attention, love, and care to children who have been left orphaned due to extreme poverty, health issues, or other unfortunate circumstances.

As a volunteer in Ghana, your responsibilities include creating teaching programs, engaging activities, and helping with the day-to-day running of the center.

Construction Program

Do you love being in the outdoors and building new projects and buildings? This construction program is a great chance to get involved with some community development, and a bit of community maintenance too!

The stability of buildings such as orphanages and hospitals is crucial to providing adequate support to communities and this project recognizes that. Volunteers work with locals on tasks such as brick-lying, painting, plastering, and digging to improve such buildings.

Medical Volunteer

Are you thinking about a career in healthcare, or you’re already a medical student looking to gain more experience? The focus of medical volunteer opportunity in Ghana such as this is to improve access to basic healthcare services for rural communities.

It would be great if someone with your skill set could join. The program seeks professionals from the medical field or students in this healthcare sector to provide medical care on site at a hospital or in local orphanages.


Are you ready to get your hands dirty to help preserve the declining ecology? This agriculture Ghana volunteering project supports the agricultural farming industry in local communities and addresses concerns of sustainability.

Volunteers will get their hands dirty by planting more trees and creating sustainable vegetable gardens in orphanages and schools.


IVHQ is indeed the best rated and most highly reviewed volunteer organization in the world. Read the past volunteers reviews on Go abroad, Go Overseas and volunteer forever to know how volunteering with International Volunteer HQ has changed the lives for these people.

The Fees

With reasonable prices and fees that include your living and food expenses, International Volunteer HQ is a great choice to volunteer in Ghana with.

Why We Chose IVHQ

IVHQ was added to this 10 best list because of the value and cultural exposure the volunteers experience. You can be guaranteed that IVHQ has experience with local staff that is focused to ensure you achieve your passion. The programs are very cost efficient.


Goeco Ghana volunteeing project

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers:17,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries, Over 160 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations

GoEco is a reputed international volunteering organization established in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. The company has helped over 17,000 happy volunteers worldwide through its 160+ programs!

Gilben and Tal introduced the concept of volunteer tourism in Israel based on their numerous experiences and created volunteer projects locally for international volunteers.

Teach Children in Accra

GoEco’s Ghana teaching volunteering opportunity is a great chance to help support a local school in Accra. Once you enroll, you will be working closely with local school children to help them learn new things in fun ways. You will also be asked to help support the school itself, through helping with repairs and such.

Apart from helping to change the life of disadvantaged Ghanaian students, you will also get involved in fun, cultural immersion and national park exploration activities. You will explore Kakum National Park, Mole National Park and Cape Coast Castle & the Door of No Return.


GoEco receives endless positive reviews all year round. The company has an astonishingly high rating - 9.38 out of 10 for their programs on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fee

Priced at $840 USD for the company’s only Ghana program, you can’t deny that this is incredibly affordable amount to pay for your first 2 weeks volunteer trip in Ghana.

Why we Choose GOECO

GoEco stands out based on their amazing ecological efforts as well as their excellent programs focused on other areas. Their program prices are also very reasonable, and reviewers rave about their great experiences with the company.

A Broader View

Location: USA
Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 32 countries, over 345 programs
Awards and Recognition: Registered 501 c(3) organization

A Broader View (ABV) is a well-known and highly affordable company that was founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania US. ABV has a staggeringly high number of programs (345) across 32 countries worldwide, including in Ghana.

With love for humankind, ABV believes that one person can and should make a difference in the lives of others through support.

Top Programs in Ghana


Are you someone simply beaming with positivity? Children who live in the orphanages in Ghana that ABV partners with often come from very traumatic pasts. They’re dealing with a variety of situations, such as dealing with the loss of their parents, trying to forget physical and sexual abuse and much more.

As an orphanage volunteer in Ghana, you’d be helping with daily care of the kids and ensuring they have a good time, doing creative activities and learning new and wonderful things from their new teacher.

Medical / Health Care

Are you a medical student or a healthcare professional looking to make a meaningful trip to Ghana that would enhance your medical knowledge? ABV’s healthcare volunteer trip to Ghana takes volunteers to a government health center that is sadly understaffed.

Volunteers who have medical training will get hands-on experience working with patients doing things such as blood testing, health checkups and giving vaccinations.


Poverty is known to be one of the leading causes of poor health and diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria that finally ends with mortality. In this pre-medical program in Kasoa, you’d be directly working with promoting health education, helping to eradicate the spread of diseases, promoting gender equality, reducing illiteracy and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness.

This is the perfect opportunity for students or professionals interested in learning about public health in a developing nation.

Education / Teaching

Volunteer in Ghana is a very unique opportunity to teach English and other subjects at a refugee camp and orphan school where you’ll be leading kids aged between 3 to 15 years old.

The refugee settlement has been there since 1990 receiving asylum seekers who were escaping wars in Liberia. You would also be involved in the feeding program that provides a good lunch for the kids every day.


ABV receives incredible reviews time and time again. The organization has received excellent rating of 9.8/10 on reviewing websites. Read reviews on Go Abroad, Volunteer forever, and Go overseas.

The Fee

ABV’s prices are a little higher than some of the other providers mentioned on this list, however they are still nonetheless affordable. For two weeks in Ghana volunteer opportunity with ABV, you’d be looking to spend around $995 USD.

Why We Choose A Broader View

We selected ABV for their extensive range of programs, great fees and excellent reviews across the board. Their network of host families is also fantastic, as it allows you a more immersive cultural experience during their volunteering programs.

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteer Ghana

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2009
Location & Projects: 38 countries over 100 projects

This New Zealand based company, Love Volunteers understands the positive impact of volunteer programs in Ghana and offers a range of programs to help you share your kindness with the world.

From working in the health field to supporting children through childcare, teaching, or arts and crafts, with Love Volunteers you will be able to find a variety of Ghana programs that works best for you.

Taking your skills, knowledge, and positive energy to a community in Ghana will have endless benefits and will be a life-changing impact for both you and the people you meet along the way.

Love Volunteers Top Ghana Programs

Healthcare Program

Love Volunteer’s medical program seeks the assistance of volunteers from a medical background to support local hospitals, clinics, and community health programs. Volunteers in Ghana will shadow doctors and nurses and assist them with health care tasks.

Kids’ Creative Art

Are you a creative artist looking to share your passion, talent and skills? This kid’s creative art project seeks to engage children through creative art based learning and play, very valuable for their overall wellbeing and to develop their positive outlook on the world.

Volunteers help children to develop their cognitive abilities through creative methods using paint, clay, and drawing. Would you be interested?


A number of volunteers with a heart and mind just like you have had the time of their life through volunteer in Ghana program thanks to Love Volunteers. Find out how their experience changed their world by reading Love volunteer’s reviews on Go Overseas and volunteer forever.

The Fees

All programs start at 2 or 3 weeks with Love Volunteers so that you can really become immersed in the community. The price ranges from $610-710 depending on the volunteer trips you choose. Whatever the cost, the experience you have will be entirely priceless.

Why We Chose Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers runs an inexpensive, safe and highly reviewed programs with experienced local staff. The Ghana volunteer experience is very flexible especially for young first timers who have no volunteering experience. They will feel satisfied and fulfilled because of the impact the program to the local communities and for them.

If you are interested in volunteering in other neighboring countries of Ghana, we have also researched and compiled the list of the best Kenya volunteer providers, South Africa volunteer providers, Tanzania volunteer providers, Uganda volunteer providers and Ghana volunteer providers.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers Ghana

Location: UK
LEstablished: 2011
LLocation & Projects: 4 countries, over 13 Programs
LAwards and Recognition: registered with the UK Charity Commission

Agape Volunteers has been offering amazing volunteering opportunities in Ghana since its inception in 2009. With Agape Volunteers, you can share your musical, educational, or medical skills and talents to a community in Ghana. This will indeed make a significant impact with positive grass-roots development.

Agape Top Programs in Ghana


Are you a musician – in a rock band or an orchestra, or you fly solo on your instrument? If so, you must be passionate about music. Why not share your talent with children and young adults?

This amazing music project recognizes the value of communication and education through music by giving students the chance to learn a new instrument. Volunteers in the music program in Ghana usually work with students aged under 25 and teach them new musical skills.


Do you love to teach and help young children understand the world better? Improving the education standards and providing access to better English classes to disadvantaged Ghanaian children is the ultimate aim of this project.

Volunteer in Ghana in teaching program activities will mainly be involve teaching English to students, aiming to boost their abilities in this language.


Are you a medical student looking to broaden your horizons, explore a new culture, and obtain new knowledge? Your skills are needed! This medical project in Ghana involves directly working to lessen the burden and stretched resources of Ghana’s local medical institutions.

Volunteers, who are either studying, or a qualified healthcare professional, will shadow doctors for a few days before performing procedures under supervision.


Do you enjoy taking care for children? Are you kind-spirited and truly passionate about lifting the spirits of others, and empowering them too?

This Ghana orphanage volunteer trip aims to improve the overall living conditions of children who have been left orphaned because of disease and poverty across Ghana. Volunteers will teach English, cook, clean, and engage children in the center in fun games and activities to help bring smiles to their faces.


It is always good to know that other people like you have had the same thought - to participate in volunteer program and share their positive energy and attitude. Read some of these great reviews on Volunteer Forever to find out what experiences other volunteers have had through Agape Volunteers.

The Fees

All placements through Agape Volunteers run for at least 3 weeks and come at a cost of $1350. This program fee includes your accommodation, meals, and some domestic transport. This is a small price to pay for an entirely worthwhile volunteer opportunity in Ghana.

Why We Chose Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers was our top selection based on their cost efficient and very African custom-made programs that are sustainable to poor communities. The programs are diverse, and many volunteers are happy with the level of high support that you receive as a learning volunteer.

Other Best Ghana Volunteer Projects Providers

Projects Abroad (UK)

Based in UK Projects Abroad offers very affordable programs across the world including volunteering in Ghana program starting from 2 weeks. Projects Abroad has over 2,000 reviews across many organizations including Go Overseas at 9.28, 4.7 on Volunteer Forever, 4.6 on TrustPilot, and 9.40 on GoAbroad.

Global Vision International (USA)

Global Vision International is a non-profit incepted in 1998, wildly famous for offering the best volunteer programs throughout the world. They have outstanding reviews with a 9.56/10 on Go Overseas, 4.44/5 on Volunteer Forever and Go Abroad at 9.5/10.

Volunteer Forever

Go Abroad

Working Abroad (Switzerland)

Working Abroad was founded in 1997 as one of the first volunteer abroad agencies and providing worldwide volunteer experience in Ghana Africa and around the world.

Working Abroad runs programs in 30 countries across the world focusing on wildlife conservation and community development project which volunteers love. They have rated the organization at 4.7/5 on Volunteer Forever and 9.58/10 on Go Overseas.

Volunteer Forever

Go Overseas

POD Volunteers

When you volunteer your time abroad, you not only make a remarkable difference for the local community, but you also grow and develop as a person. POD Volunteers recognizes how life changing volunteer in Ghana programs can be, as they've been placing volunteers on such schemes since 2001.

The expensive program fees of some volunteering companies can make volunteering abroad unattainable for many. This is why POD Volunteers are proud to offer inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana.

Focusing on development in East Ghana, POD Volunteers have plenty of projects to suit all different skills and talents. If you have knowledge to share in construction, childcare, film and photography, sports, or teaching, then POD Volunteers look forward to hearing from you.


Since 2008, Kaya has been helping volunteers from across the world make big differences in education, healthcare, and economic development through inexpensive opportunities to volunteer in Ghana.

This country in West Africa has benefited invaluably from the assistance of talented and enthusiastic participants who have found Ghana just like you.

Kaya understands that while volunteers are rich in passion and compassion to make a better world, they aren’t necessarily rich in money. This is why Kaya offers low cost Ghana volunteering trips.

There is no better time to use your knowledge and talent in literacy development, economic empowerment, agriculture, healthcare, or science to make real changes in Ghana. You can be part of a larger grass-roots development movement to help Ghana advance in the world.

Volta Aid Foundation (Ghana)

Delivering community development, empowerment and education to the Volta region of Ghana since 2010, this organization has made a huge impact on local communities. They have a range of Ghana programs on offer.

Their programs range from educational positions to work in the medical field. Volta Aid Foundation is a non-government organization and accepts volunteers in Ghana from all religious backgrounds and from all walks of life.


With an outstanding reputation in the international volunteering community uVolunteer have been helping volunteers make a difference in local communities since 2006. uVolunteer offers inexpensive volunteering opportunities in over 13 countries, including Ghana.

Focusing on volunteer opportunities in Ghana which benefit children, the education and health systems, and nature conservation, uVolunteer are experts at helping kind-spirited volunteers find the most suitable program for the best price.

Donating your time, knowledge, education and specialist skills in your expert area by participating in volunteer opportunities in Ghana will make life-changing differences for the local community you find yourself in. While making a difference where it is needed, you will also find yourself making unforgettable memories.

Thrive Africa

Grass-roots development is the best way for communities to really change and grow. Thrive Africa is a local Ghana volunteer organization, which needs assistance from talented volunteers with expert knowledge in a range of fields.

Thrive Africa understands that the best help comes from the kindest people, not necessarily the richest. This is why they offer inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana where caring people can make a positive impact while becoming immersed in the local community.

There are a number of programs that Thrive Africa needs help with, including building libraries and caring for orphans and the elderly. Your labor, love, and patience will go a long way in helping local communities in Ghana.


Since 1998, UK Company Madventure have been making dreams come true for volunteers who want to share their compassion with the world. With a variety of low-cost volunteer in Ghana opportunities on offer Madventure can certainly do the same for you.

If you have big dreams of helping a local community but lack the bulging bank account to fund your vision, then you will be pleased to know that for a reasonable price Madventure can connect you with the right opportunity in Ghana.

From construction to sports and education to health, Madventure looks forwards to being a part of journey in sharing your talents and skills. Now is the best time to realize just how much of a difference you can make in a local community who will never forget you.

If you choose to volunteer in Asia, we have thoroughly researched and compiled the list of best affordable Nepal volunteer providers, India volunteer providers, Sri Lanka volunteer providers, Thailand volunteer providers, Cambodia volunteer providers and Bali volunteer providers.


Is it safe to volunteer in Ghana?

Ghana is a safe country to visit and volunteer. Ghanaians are welcoming, respectful, supportive, and extremely friendly. You will indeed have a real meaningful volunteering experience in Ghana while also exploring the countries exquisites.

Do you need a visa to volunteer in Ghana?

Yes, you need to obtain a tourist visa for volunteering in Ghana. You get it by either applying Ghanaian embassy located in your home country or on arrival at the airport. However, please check and verify the countries list to ensure if you are eligible for on arrival visa or not.

Where can I volunteer abroad?

You can do volunteer abroad program across Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe with the safest and trusted providers. There are some countries in the world whose citizen even lacks back healthcare, education and other facilities. Volunteers are badly need to help change this situation. Join a volunteer program and contribute meaningfully to change this world.

How do I apply for volunteerism?

Joining a volunteer program is an easy task if you can identify your real passion and expertise. You can pick a program of your choice, select the best and safest provider, and join hands with them to a humanitarian journey. Different countries in the world need volunteers in areas like education, healthcare, Community Development, childcare and more.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Africa?

Volunteering cost in Africa and Ghana depends on your chosen program, duration and organization. The cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars as per your volunteering duration and extra activities you wish to experience.

What are examples of volunteer work?

Volunteer works are different for various sector. Usually, volunteers will be supervising young people, being a positive role model for young children, building a good relationship with people, involving & support local communities work, Participation on awareness program and fully immersed in the culture and way of life.

What are the types of volunteering?

There are several types off volunteering program such as animal rescue and animal care volunteering, hands-on medical volunteering, Building & community volunteering, Volunteering with children, sports, and community development volunteering and so on.


Now that you've had the chance to read about 17 of the top and most affordable volunteer in Ghana providers, you can feel confident about choosing the organization that suits your skills and schedule, without having to worry about it being poor value for money, or that you might end up being disappointed with the experience you had.

Happy volunteering!

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