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Are you planning on volunteering in Tanzania? Are you currently looking for the highest rated and affordable programs in Tanzania, organized by safe and trusted companies?

With Kilimanjaro and its world-famous wildlife, Tanzania is a great country to volunteer in and travel to. Volunteering in Tanzania is indeed a perfect way to explore all that this great country has to offer, including various ethnic groups and cultures, from the modestly veiled women of the Islamic Stone Town to the red clad herders of the Maasai tribes on the Serengeti plains.

While volunteering is an amazing and life-changing opportunity, it isn’t the easiest thing to plan, especially considering the large number of providers offering volunteering opportunities. An online search will reveal hundreds of companies, all with different packages and price points, making it even more confusing.

Without doing the necessary research, you risk wasting your money and choosing a bad program which may threaten your safety and ruin your entire Tanzania volunteering experience. In order to save time doing the necessary research, potential volunteers often just sign up and end up paying thousands of dollars in upfront fees that don’t even cover essential expenses such as visa, flight tickets and insurance.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you join a reputable, safe and affordable program in Tanzania. So, we spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best and safest Tanzania volunteer providers for you.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
RCDP International $639 Go overseas: 49 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $659 Go Overseas: ‎102 Reviews
Global Crossroad International Volunteers $659 Go overseas: ‎88 reviews
Plan My Gap Year $624 Go Overseas: ‎350 reviews
Go Abroad – 24 reviews
Love Volunteers $658 Go overseas: 139 reviews
Go Abroad: 273 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $839
Go overseas: ‎1,724 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,282 reviews
Naturally Africa Volunteers $705 Go Overseas- 9.43/10 - ‎14 reviews
Go Abroad - 13 reviews
Agape Volunteers (UK) $990 Go Overseas- 9.45/10 - ‎20 reviews
Volunteer Forever- 4.5 - ‎38 reviews
GoEco $970 Go Abroad: 662 reviews
Go Overseas: 85 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers $1100 Go Overseas-178 reviews
Volunteer Forever: 263 reviews

Table updated: Oct 7, 2020

RCDP International

RCDP International Volunteer Tanzania

RCDP volunteers offer one of the world’s most affordable opportunities to volunteer in Tanzania. RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization. Its main focus is on orphans, poor children, and backward communities in Tanzania.

RCDP’s Best Programs in Tanzania

RCDP offers inexpensive volunteering programs to help improve the living conditions of local communities still chained to grinding poverty. Their volunteer program placements are mainly located in Arusha and Moshi situated on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. All their projects have a minimum stay of 1 week and a maximum of 12 weeks, while the volunteering work time will be 30-40 hours per week.

Volunteers can choose from various volunteer in Tanzania programs:

  • Orphanage Work in Tanzania (Moshi)
  • Teaching English in Tanzania (Moshi)
  • HIV/AIDS Project in Tanzania (Arusha and Moshi)
  • Health Project in Tanzania (Moshi)

Orphanage Work in Tanzania (Moshi)

The Tanzania orphanage volunteers are expected to teach children English, math, or other subjects which they think that they are able to teach, instruct on personal hygiene, tidy their beds, change children’s clothes, wash them, assist the children with their homework, feed them and may even drop them to school.

You are also expected to pitch in with kitchen work, clean the orphanage, help in administrative duties, as well as fundraise activities to help ease the financial problems, which face the orphanage.

Teaching English in Tanzania (Moshi)

You are expected to work mainly as an English teacher with children who are ranging in age between 5-10 years old in the primary school and between 11-16 years old for junior secondary.

A teaching English Volunteer in Tanzania can directly do it if he is ready for this, or he can assist local teachers till he gains the necessary confidence for following the official curriculum while adding his own methods in teaching.

You can also hold debates and discussions as this can increase the student's ability to comprehend English better, encourage participation and add more fun in the class.

HIV/AIDS Project in Tanzania (Arusha and Moshi)

Volunteers in HIV program will work with kids and adults in spreading awareness that will train and educate the people. You will also be expected to counsel in the local communities and hospitals which are severely affected by the disease.

Health Project in Tanzania (Moshi)

Medical volunteers in Tanzania are expected to assist in the consulting room, dispensary, help with physiotherapy, assist midwives on visits, maternal help, childcare, treat minor injuries, and check and record the patient's information.

The health project requires only volunteers who have a healthcare certificate, such as an EMT or paramedic certification, the student ID of a medical student, or nursing or physician's credentials.


As RCDP is one of the highest rated volunteer organizations based on the positive points that reviewers wrote about, with almost zero negative reviews. This means RCDP offers trusted, safe, flexible, and cheap volunteering opportunities in Tanzania. Read reviews on go overseas.

The Fee

RCDP offers low-cost volunteer programs in Tanzania and they are striving very hard to keep the costs to a minimum. Their program fees vary according to the length of stay as well as the destination.

Why We Chose RCDP

This organization caught our attention because of their life-changing and sustainable programs also because they provide excellent support before, during and after placement at a reasonably affordable cost. With great online reviews many past volunteers have indicated that they offer the best local support and integration process.

IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers Tanzania

IFRE is highly regarded volunteer organization offering inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Tanzania. Founded in 2006, IFRE Volunteers is 501 C 3 non-profit international volunteering organization that focuses on a personal approach to unite volunteers and local citizens in order to share ideas as well as collaborating on important local issues. IFRE Volunteers offers meaningful and complex programs, including amazing travel experiences, cultural involvement, language courses, and many volunteer opportunities.

IFRE’s Best Programs in Tanzania

  • Work In An Orphanage (Moshi)
  • Teaching English (Moshi)
  • Teaching Computer Skills (Moshi)
  • Healthcare Projects (Moshi)
  • Raise Awareness For HIV/AIDS (Moshi)
  • Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program Tanzania (4 Weeks)

Work in an Orphanage (Arusha and Moshi)

Volunteers who are working as orphanage volunteers in Tanzania are expected to teach the English language in the orphanage or at the local school about 3-4 hours per day. You can also provide extra support via homework assistance as well as educating or assisting them in life skills and personal hygiene.

You will organize activities, sing songs, play games, create dances, as well as some other creativity-based activities for teaching these children.

Teaching English (Arusha, Moshi)

You will work as an English instructor in private schools, public schools, or schools run by the orphanages. You will teach English 2-3 hours a day (6 days per week) in primary, secondary, and high school.

Your extra assistance needs especially in singing, drawing, dancing, organizing games, and other creative educational activities. You will mostly work as assistants to the main English teacher, as there is at least one permanent English teacher in most Tanzanian schools.

Healthcare Projects (Arusha and Moshi)

Your responsibilities vary according to your education, experience, skills, and qualifications. You will be expected to help doctors or work as assistants to them. Tanzania medical volunteers will measure blood pressure, height, temperature, weight, and assist doctors as well as the medical staffs with any health tasks.

You will also help in distributing medicines, health camps, providing tips to patients, getting involved in the treatment of minor injuries or wounds, keeping the patient records, as well as counseling patients on sanitation and nutrition.

Work in HIV/AIDS project (Moshi or Boma)

HIV/AIDS program’s primary focus is on two main areas:

  • The first is psychological counseling, treatment, and support for people who are infected with HIV/AIDS. You will visit the HIV/AIDS patients, give mental counseling and support, and also distribute food, clothes, and medicine.
  • The second is HIV/AIDS awareness in order to increase the understanding of the community to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. You will learn about various ways to prevent spreading the disease, as well as how the local citizens can protect themselves from this deadly disease.

Maasai Women/Orphanage project (Arusha)

Volunteers in orphanage project in Tanzania will teach English to the children. There is also assistance needed in organizing creativity-based, educational activities such as singing, painting, dancing, etc.

Volunteers who work on the Maasai women project will also be teaching the women English so they can converse with tourists, as well as guidance on selling their products.


IFRE volunteers have not only the most affordable volunteering in Tanzania, but they also give the best experience and safety options for their volunteers. This is very clear from the volunteer reviews showing how happy they are and reflecting how supportive and kind their teams were. Read IFRE’s reviews on go overseas.

The Fee

IFRE offers affordable Tanzania volunteer opportunities. IFRE is a 501 C 3 organization; all their programs’ fees are tax-deductible. They have affordable programs, and they are working hard to keep their cost down, especially for volunteers. Their program fees are priced according to the length of stay and the destination chosen.

IFRE program fees are divided into two separate fees:

  • The application fee which is $299 USD and covers staff/office expenses, advertising, etc.
  • The nominal weekly program fee starting from $205 per week, which covers field support, board/room, etc. (As shown in the fees table).

Volunteers in Tanzania programs pay fees directly to host families and projects to make sure that what they pay will benefit the local community. The weekly fees include food and accommodations, the cost of local tourist/sightseeing sites, language and cultural training, training materials, the cost of recreational activities, as well as for comprehensive travel insurance.

Why We Chose IFRE

IFRE caught our attention because they aim for high quality programs by providing excellent support before, during and after placement at a very affordable cost. Not only does the 90% of the fees go back to the community but also the volunteers in Tanzania are able to immerse in the culture and tour around.

Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad Tanzania

Global Crossroad offers best inexpensive Tanzania volunteering experience. Global Crossroads LLC is a fast-growing international volunteer abroad company that was established in 2003 in the USA.

They specialize in volunteer abroad programs offering outstanding packages such as internship abroad, volunteer abroad, summer escapes, mini-venture, paid teaching, humanitarian trips, and scientific research expeditions, giving volunteers a wide range of choices according to their interests and needs.

Their objective is to support grassroots projects in developing countries as well as offering tangible hope for poor people in the rural areas they serve, particularly children in orphanages and women.

Global Crossroad volunteering programs in Tanzania

Global Crossroad offers highly flexible programs and low-cost volunteering opportunities. The volunteer program length ranges from 2-12 weeks and can be extended. You have the option to customize the programs to participate in more than 1 project in a single country.

Their Tanzania volunteer experience is mainly designed to allow the volunteers to offer their help to the underprivileged children, women, or serving in the desperately needed healthcare projects.

  • Work in an Orphanage Program
  • Teaching English in Rural Schools Volunteer Project
  • Teaching Computer Skills
  • Medical Volunteering Projects
  • Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Program
  • Women Empowerment Project
  • Summer: Volunteer and Travel
  • Mini - Volunteer and Travel Escapes
  • Volunteer and Safari in Tanzania

Work in Orphanage (Moshi)

You can expected to be involved in some activities such as helping the children with health or personal hygiene needs, teaching the basic conversational English, developing some creative programs including arts, music, dance, and other physical activities, teaching life-skills, as well as housekeeping, cooking, and serving food to the children as well.

Teaching English in rural schools (Moshi)

Volunteers participating in this project are expected to teach English as well as conversational skills to students ranging in age between 5-10 years old, mostly in primary schools, and between 11-16 years old in junior secondary schools.

You will read literature to and with them to help to improve their low comprehension level, and practice conversations to develop their poor pronunciation levels. Teaching English Tanzania volunteer will also be able to provide practical and theoretical assistance to the local teachers for better interaction with students.

Health/ Medical Volunteering (Moshi)

You can expect to shadow local medical personnel at the clinic or hospital. The certified volunteers will be able to assist the outpatient department services as well as to dispense medications in order to deliver injections or immunizations.

As a hospital volunteer in Tanzania, you can also support the health education via the community outreach programs as you can assist with family planning and antenatal services.

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Program (Moshi)

Volunteers are expected to support and care for HIV/AIDS infected children and adults. While volunteer in Tanzania program, you will offer counseling and education through community programs, local clinics, and hospitals in order to increase the personal risk perception, awareness, and the prevention among women as well as men.

The volunteer’s primary help will be focused on programs like recreational and educational programs, voluntary HIV counseling, hospice care, conferences on the virus at the local community level, as well as educational seminars.

Women Empowerment (Moshi)

Volunteering with women’s program in Tanzania you will be expected to give primary attention to work with local Maasai women, helping them learn about generating extra income via making traditional handicrafts, crafts, and beads, and then selling them to tourists.

These Maasai women are usually uneducated and need help with their work style which lacks professionalism. The volunteer will teach them the conversational English that will assist them in conducting business with tourists, as well as on improving their business skills.


Global Crossroads offers affordable prices to volunteer in Tanzania. They also give volunteers a great experience and safety options as well as the flexibility of their programs which is reflected by their volunteers’ glowing reviews. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fee

Global Crossroads offers cheap Tanzania volunteer opportunities. Their program fees are according to the length of stay and destination. Global Crossroads program fee starts as low as $205 a week and one time registration fee of $299.

Why We Chose Global Crossroads

We included Global Crossroads in this top program providers list because it has years of experience working in Tanzania. The cost also caught our attention because it is also very efficient in addition to sustainable and impactful projects in communities around Tanzania.

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteer Tanzania

Love Volunteers is the best and affordable organization founded in 2009 and based in New Zealand. This award-winning organization has worked with over 20,000 volunteers in 150 volunteer projects across the global. With years of experience this provider is best because they have sustainable community-based programs.

Love Volunteers’ Best Programs in Tanzania

  • Animal Welfare
  • Childcare & Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education Support
  • Medical Internship
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Community Development

Animal Welfare Volunteering

This Tanzania volunteering opportunity works to raise awareness against the abuse and neglect of animals. The project also provides hands-on care for animals in need. You can choose to work on the animal welfare campaign, or in the animal shelter – or do both.

Childcare Volunteering Abroad

This volunteer program in Tanzania is to care for the needy and impoverished children of Tanzania. The community childcare center supports over 20 children between the ages of 2 and 14. Volunteers spend their time caring for the children, helping with their education, playing games and arranging fun activities during leisure time.

Community Volunteering in Tanzania

While volunteering in this community program, you can become involved in tree planting, sustainable gardening, water hygiene and recycling projects, and many other amazing community-based initiatives.

Teach English Overseas

Working as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania means you can help many low-income children learn a tool that is vital to their future success. Love Volunteers place participants in multiple schools around Arusha at both a nursery and primary school level.


The reason why Love Volunteers has such a solid reputation worldwide and loved by past volunteers is for their trustworthiness and reliability and it is reflected in past volunteers’ reviews. Read their reviews on Go overseas, Go Abroad and Volunteer Forever.

The Fee

Love volunteers’ Tanzania programs are affordable yet highly enriching. Their volunteer in Tanzania fees start as low as $199 and covers airport pick-up, housing in a volunteer house, 3 meals a day, and 24/7 local support and project placement.

Why We Chose Love Volunteers

We selected them because they’re a great choice for first time volunteers or those who need help planning, with a tailored dashboard to take you through the steps of getting ready for your trip abroad. They are also very cost friendly with great local support from the team.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

International Volunteer HQ, also known as IVHQ, was founded in 2007 in New Zealand. IVHQ provides cultural immersion experiences, achieved by living as well as working with local people, organizations, communities, and families.

They have incredible abroad volunteer programs that are designed to deliver a maintainable value for local communities, their partners, and for the environment. In addition, they talk openly about the trials and difficulties of viable and responsible tourism.

IVHQ volunteer program in Tanzania

IVHQ offers volunteers the opportunity to choose periods between 1-24 weeks for their cheap opportunities in Tanzania. IVHQ require volunteers to be 18 years or older in order to participate unless they are with a parent or guardian. They also require their volunteers to have adequate volunteer travel insurance as well as providing a criminal background check to the local team of IVHQ on arrival in Tanzania.

  • Animal Welfare volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania
  • Childcare in Arusha
  • Construction and Renovation in Arusha
  • Medical in Arusha
  • Sustainable Agriculture in Arusha
  • Teaching in Arusha
  • Women's Education in Arusha

Teaching (Arusha)

You will work in English-medium schools, government schools or orphanage schools. Your selfless work can give huge benefits to open the minds as well as broaden the horizons of the students. Children in Tanzania attend school from 3 years old with a hope to stay in school till they become 14 years old because education is highly valued in the Tanzanian society.

Childcare (Arusha)

Volunteers on the children program in Tanzania will provide care and attention to the children who are ranging in age from 4-18 years old, the volunteer will be expected to help build a positive atmosphere fostering a greater confidence level development with the children.

HIV/AIDS (Arusha)

Volunteers participating on this project will be expected to assist HIV victims. You will assist these women in clothes, leather goods, as well as crafting Maasai beaded art that they will later sell in order for earning additional income. Also, you will help in marketing those items to the tourists visiting Arusha.

Medical (Arusha)

The Tanzania medical volunteer work assists the local medical professionals. Your volunteering work will be in the hospitals and medical clinics, and you will work as per your previous experience and training.


IVHQ have such a simple but effective way to check reviews according to destination and project on their website to let people find the information they need easily. In addition, they have thousands of happy volunteers with thousands of positive feedbacks about their coordinators, food, program flexibility, support, and safety as well. Read reviews on volunteer forever, go overseas and go abroad.

The Fee

IVHQ offer an affordable but highly rated volunteer programs in Tanzania. The program fees are set based on the destination and the length of stay.

IVHQ program fees are divided into the following fees:

    The application registration fee which is $299 USD and it's a refundable fee if the volunteer decides to not go. The nominal weekly fee for all programs starts from $270 per week.

Volunteers may need to pay an additional cost for a visa, criminal background check, travel insurance, in-country trips and tours, vaccinations, flights, transfer back to the airport, souvenirs, and any additional spending money.

Why We Chose IVHQ

This provider appealed to us because they are so knowledgeable about the communities and the programs that they offer in Tanzania. The costs are slightly on the higher side but by promise that the programs are very safe and impactful.

If you want to volunteer in other neighboring countries of Tanzania, find the best affordable volunteering programs and providers in Kenya, volunteering programs and providers in South Africa, volunteering programs and providers in Uganda and volunteering programs and providers in Ghana.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers Tanzania

Agape Volunteers was established in 2009 in the United Kingdom as a registered charity. Agape Volunteers also hold registrations in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, as well as Ghana. They provide affordable volunteering opportunities in Tanzania. They offer a wide variety of activities including mountain climbing, and Safari.

Agape’s Best Programs in Tanzania

Agape offers three meaningful programs in Tanzania. Besides volunteering, they also offer additional activities like white water rafting, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, Safari, gorilla trekking, and many more.

  • Teaching Volunteering in Tanzania
  • Childcare Volunteering in Tanzania
  • Medical Volunteering in Tanzania

Teaching (Arusha)

You will teach English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and other subjects as per your qualification and interest. Materials like textbooks will be provided, however, many schools are under-equipped, and every child can’t have his own. Each lesson takes about 40 minutes, and there’s a plenty of time for breaks as well. You will stay at the Ujamaa Hostel with a group of other volunteers, in dormitories of between four and eight.

Orphanage (Arusha)

Orphanage volunteers in Tanzania are expected to engage in different activities according to the specific needs of the placement. Cradle of Love and Watoto Kicheko are homes for at-risk babies and young children, and where the volunteering work will take place. This will include practical work such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, as well as helping with the orphanage's facilities development.


Volunteers are happy with their experience with Agape Volunteers and they share their stories with photos through social networks. Most reviews reflected the high quality of the coordinator’s teams, the friendliness of the environment, and deep wishes to repeat the experience with them. Read reviews on go overseas and volunteer forever.

The Fee

Agape Volunteers offer no differing costs between their programs, no registration fees, and no hidden charges at all. The fee that they offer is the price that volunteers will pay for their entire stay with Agape Volunteers. The weekly price of their volunteer in Tanzania programs starts from $825 per week.


GoEco Tanzania

Go Eco is an award-winning organization started in 2005 and offers 150 volunteer programs around the world. Each year, over 1,000 volunteers find impactful and cost friendly adventures abroad thanks to GoEco’s amazing projects.

Go Eco’s Programs in Tanzania

  • Zanzibar Teaching Assistant
  • Teaching and Community Involvement
  • Dolphin and Marine Conservation
  • Zanzibar Community Outreach

Tanzania - Dolphin and Marine Conservation

The main focus of this marine conservation project is to monitor the dolphins and human-dolphin interaction. The information collected by volunteers in Tanzania project will contribute greatly to the marine conservation efforts in Zanzibar.

Tanzania - Girl Empowerment in Moshi

This project allows you to deliver valued support to girls and the community on the issues adolescent girls face. While the project aims to provide opportunities for girl and women empowerment, engaging with all genders is important for its success. As a volunteer, you may will involved in a range of community initiatives including nursery schools and after school club.

Tanzania - Zanzibar Community Outreach

This project is aimed at the development of Jambiani. You can contribute to a number of different projects throughout town. The projects help the local community, including working in the educational system and helping to strengthen and promote women's empowerment in the village.


Many volunteers have loved their time and experience abroad with Go Eco. They have loved how dedicated the organization is and the value in the Tanzania volunteering programs they say is remarkable. Read reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fee

Go Eco maintains quite competitive prices and is dedicated to keeping the prices for volunteer in Tanzania affordable. It has a minimum of a two-week program stay at a cost of $970. Your program fee includes airport pick up and departure transport, housing, food, and full support throughout your trip.

Plan My Gap Year

GoEco Tanzania

Founded in 2011 in the UK, PMGY has almost a decade’s worth of experience and has assisted thousands of volunteers to go around the world each year to work with impoverished communities. PMGY is excellently reviewed online with 96% on Go Overseas and 4.8/5 on Review Center. Prices start as low as $299 for a two-week stay.

Plan My Gap Year’s Best Programs to Volunteer in Tanzania

A Broader View Volunteers

A Broader view (ABV) is a registered non-profit charity founded in 2007 and based in Pennsylvania. The organization offers more than 245 programs in 25 countries across the world. ABV is one of the best organizations offering the most affordable volunteer programs in Tanzania starting at $995 for a two-weeks stay with rating at an average of 98% on Go Abroad, Volunteer Forever and Go Overseas.

A Broader View Volunteers’ Programs in Tanzania

Programs in Tanzania Dar es-Salaam

  • Pre Medical and Pre Nurse Students
  • Orphanage / Child Care
  • Volunteer Education / Teaching
  • Special Needs Project
  • Medical / Nurse Internship

Volunteer Programs in Tanzania Arusha

  • Orphanage / Child Care
  • Education English Missions
  • Medical / Dental Healthcare
  • HIV Awareness and Care
  • Dance Projects

Programs in Tanzania Kibaha

  • Medical / Nursing / Dental
  • Pre-Medical / Nursing + Dental

African Impact (Zimbabwe)

African Impact was established in 2004 in Zimbabwe. They are operating for more than 10 years, running projects in 12 countries, and they have served more than 12,500 volunteers from all over the world. African Impact has a strong belief in the power of volunteering and in what amazing things volunteers can achieve. African Impact offers safe, structured, and interesting projects to volunteer in Tanzania where their volunteers will easily understand their project contribution and responsibility.

Every year for them is a new opportunity to offer an even better volunteering experience - both for the host communities and for the volunteers themselves. The volunteering for them is a two-way street. It isn’t only about providing a helping hand in the form of skills which the volunteers will bring, but it’s also about what Africa, its citizens, and its wildlife will give back to the volunteers.

African Impact program in Tanzania

The volunteer will begin with a comprehensive introduction program. With the introduction, you will learn about the mutual respect, cultural sensitivity, understanding what to wear, as well as how to greet people.


Dolphin Research and Marine Conservation (Zanzibar)

Volunteers participating in the Tanzania animal conservation project will have an opportunity to contribute to the fishing villages in Kizimkazi and Jambiani. You will teach and learn the sustainable use of marine resources during the monitoring of human-dolphin interaction, as well as researching the dolphin tourism.

Teaching and Community Support (Zanzibar)

When you join Tanzania teaching volunteering work, you are expected to be involved in women’s and kid’s activity groups, as well as working with the local children (both boys and girls) on sessions for sports training.

Other tasks may involve setting up water pipelines to 2 primary schools so the kids can have clean water to drink, raising money to fund the children's porridge for breakfast every morning, teaching the primary school teachers English. as well as organizing some swimming lessons for the local children.


African Impact does have many volunteer stories and reviews on internet. Volunteer reviews show how friendly their team is, how delicious their food is, and how helpful their coordinators are who make their experience safe and unforgettable.

Read more reviews on volunteer forever, go overseas, and go abroad.

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Where can I volunteer in Tanzania?

Tanzania is the largest country in Africa with countless natural wonders, wildlife and welcoming communities. Volunteering in Tanzania, therefore, will a top-notch experience for you. You can volunteer in Arusha, Moshi, Zanzibar, Dar Es Salam and several other amazing Tanzanian cities. As per your skills and passion, you can join Teaching project, Medical project, Animal welfare project, Orphanage project, HIV project and so on.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Tanzania?

The actual cost of volunteering in Tanzania depends on the project, organization, and your volunteering duration. Most of the organizations charge a certain amount as registration fee and weekly program fees. In general, a one-week program in Tanzania costs around $300 and that covers your accommodation, food and project donations.

Can I volunteer in Tanzania?

Absolutely yes. You can volunteer in many cities of Tanzania in projects like teaching English, Healthcare, Childcare, Animal welfare, HIV project and so on. Volunteering in this astonishingly beautiful country will indeed give you memories that you will cherish all your life.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in Tanzania?

Yes. You will need to obtain either a tourist or business visa to volunteer in Tanzania. Tanzania issues the visa for a period of 90 days. If you are a US citizen, you can get the visa upon arrival at the airport. You can also get it by apply for Tanzania Volunteer e-visa. You will need the following documents: • A Recently Taken Photo • Invitation Letter • NGO Registration Certificates • A Passport Details Page • A Return Ticket

How much is a volunteer visa for Tanzania?

A single-entry Tanzania volunteer visa costs US $109. The visa is valid for 90 days and the visa processing takes up to 10 days.

Which country is best to volunteer?

There are several countries in the world where you can volunteer participate in meaningful volunteer works and give back to the communities in need. If you love working with kids, Nepal is the best country where you get to change the life of underprivileged children. If you want to get up and close with elephants, you can volunteer in Sri Lanka. If you enjoy beach and love to save rare sea turtles, you can volunteer in Costa Rica with turtles.


Now, that you have read through the above best volunteer in Tanzania providers, we hope you feel confident and well prepared to make a sound decision with no obligation. You can be guaranteed a successful and impactful trip abroad if you choose any of these providers. The programs are impactful, and the fees are affordable. Choose wisely, you can also contact the organization directly for more information.

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