Are you thinking about volunteering in the beautiful country of Peru? Are you open to reading about ten of the most highly rated and affordable volunteering opportunities in Peru, organized by companies that you can trust?

Peru is a country with intricate landscapes and an exquisite culture enriched with history and ancient traditions. From climbing history outdoors in Machu Picchu to exploring museums filled with details of lost civilizations in Lima, Peru is brimming with incredible sights to behold.

While joining volunteer opportunity in Peru is and wonderful and life-changing opportunity, it can be very confusing when you start searching the Internet for safe and affordable volunteering providers. A quick search on the internet will bring up hundreds of volunteering organizations offering Peru programs making it difficult to decide which ones are genuine and trustworthy.

Also, some of these companies are very expensive and unreliable. Many demand thousands of dollars for just some weeks of volunteering. In order to safeguard you land the right provider, you have to go through many reviews, company histories and all the prices, which can turn into a tiresome job.

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you paying super high costs for volunteering in Peru and potentially ruining your entire experience abroad. We want to see you joining a reputable, safe and affordable volunteering program where you can be sure you’ll make a valuable difference.  

So, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching and finding the best and safest volunteer providers for you.

We examined hundreds of organizations based on company histories, reviews and price, and narrowed it down to the ten best.

Keep reading to discover the 10 best and cheapest volunteering opportunities in Peru with some of the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
Reviews Get more info
Plan My Gap Year $524 Go Overseas:96%- 314 reviews
Review Center:4.8/5- 297 reviews
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RCDP International $572 Abroad Review:9 / 10 -64+221 reviews
Go overseas: 9.5/10 - ‎28 reviews
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Frontier (USA) $638 Go overseas: 8.8/10 - ‎59 reviews
Go Abroad-939 reviews
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IFRE Volunteer $642 Go Overseas:-8.8/10 - ‎58 reviews
Abroad Reviews-9.1 / 10 - 327 reviews
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Global Crossroad International $642 Go overseas:9.2/10 - ‎60 reviews
Abroad Reviews:8.8 / 10 -334 reviews
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Ubelong $745 Go Overseas:9.5/10 - ‎222 reviews
Go abroad:10/10 - ‎1 review
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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $834 Go overseas:-9.5/10 - ‎1,364 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.5/10 - ‎1,008 reviews
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GoEco $840 Go Overseas- 9.4/10 - ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad-9.76-517 reviews
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MaximoNivel $915 Go Overseas: 9.7/10 - ‎1,031 reviews
Go Abroad: 897 reviews
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Cross-Cultural Solutions $2750 Go Overseas- 9.2/10 - ‎181 reviews
Go Abroad- 9.67/6 Reviews
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Table updated: Feb 19, 2020

Plan My Gap Year

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Plan My Gap Year was started in 2011 in the UK and specializes in affordable, supported and safe yet fun adventure based volunteer travel opportunities to a wider audience including volunteering in Peru. Since then they have grown substantially, handling over 3000 volunteers every year.

PMGY Programs in Peru

Peru English Teaching Volunteers

In Peru there are three languages that are spoken including Spanish, Quechue and Aymara. The English language is very important in many regions of the country due to tourism. You will volunteer with children 5 to 15 years old that either work in the street or have mothers whom work into the late evening. The project is from 2pm to 6pm on the weekdays. Numbers can range greatly at this project from 15 children one day to 45 children the next day. You will organize and teach crafts, art, music or areas they have interest.

Peru Dog Rescue Volunteers

As in many Latin American countries, Peru is home to a large number of stray dogs. The sad reality is that many of these dogs are homeless and thus subject to illness, hunger and even abuse. While volunteering in Peru at the dog shelter you will experience love of animals. Your daily tasks will make a positive contribution to the care and wellbeing these rescued dogs receive.

Peru Childcare Volunteers

In this indigenous culture many children are subjected to troubling home environments due to low income, addiction, violence and neglect. As a volunteer, you will be contributing so that children can be fed, educated and guided in becoming a good citizen to their community and interact in sports or crafts as appropriate to their age.


Very positive and impressive online reviews about PMGY include testimonies like “best experience in Nepal” “very affordable program” and “best interactions with young monks.” Past volunteers rave about the transparency of PMGY and how affordable they are with. Go Overseas 96%- 314 reviews and Review Center 4.8/5.

Go Overseas

Review Center

Why We Chose PMGY

We selected PMGY because they offer the most affordable volunteer in Peru opportunities with great value programs. The best and most unique thing about this organization is that they target young and first timers. It is a unique opportunity to meet and make new professional contacts with like-minded volunteers like you!

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

Contact Provider
rcdp volunteer peru

The first international volunteering company out of Nepal, RCDP Volunteer Abroad offers reputable Peru volunteer opportunities and around the world. Since it was established in 1998, RCDP Volunteer Abroad have served over 12,000 volunteers in affordable volunteer opportunities that give back to local communities in need.

The unique landscapes of Peru and the enchanting culture here makes it an ideal place to volunteer. RCDP Volunteers work with the communities in need to improve education, health, and general living standards to help close the poverty gap.

You will have an amazing time while doing something meaningful and worthwhile. Learn more about each low cost volunteering opportunity in Peru on offer from RCDP and find the right one for you.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad Volunteering Programsin Peru

Orphanage : This project supports a local orphanage that cares for children who have suffered abuse, abandonment, and neglect. The role of volunteers is to educate, play, care, and give loving attention to the children.

Street Children Project : This project fights the poverty gap that faces many children who have been left to find work on the streets. Volunteers work alongside local organizations to provide basic education and needs so that the children can have a better life.

Teaching English : With English as the growing international language of tourism, this project seeks to improve the language skills of future generations in Peru. Volunteer teaching in Peru work alongside teachers to deliver engaging and interactive English lessons for the students.

Health : This project works with local clinics and hospitals to make general healthcare more accessible to the community. Volunteers work alongside experienced staff members and gain medical experience in a fascinating new country and culture.


With one of the best reputations worldwide, RCDP have certainly earned their positive reviews. Read more online from past volunteers who have spoken highly of the excellent communication and ongoing support offered by RCDP during their volunteering experience.Wonderful experience with RCDP. I'd definitely recommend it ! I already miss my everyday life back there.- Eloise

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas.

The Fees

rcdp volunteer peru fee table

RCDP make an effort to keep program fees low so that they can provide cheap volunteering opportunities to more and more people. For one week, all-inclusive program fees start at $430 and for two weeks the price starts at $570.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP has over 20 years of experience doing volunteer work in Peru projects. We were highly impressed that this provider is 100% committed to offer full immersion while living with local host family, at very affordable prices starting for as low as $299. The programs are high-value so it will be a starting point for you to be proactive and creative for best volunteer experience.

Frontier (USA)

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Since 1989, the team at Frontier has worked with passion and enthusiasm to deliver reputable volunteering opportunities in over 50 countries around the world. Frontier is one of the most trustworthy companies in the international volunteering scene and their programs are affordable for people from all walks of life.

The purpose behind Frontier’s volunteering programs is to give passionate people like you a chance to make a positive impact during their time traveling abroad. The projects are an excellent way to take part in life-changing low cost volunteering opportunities in Peru.

With Frontier, you can be involved in an adventurous community development, rainforest conservation, or teaching English. Find out more about each project on offer below.

Frontier Peru Program

Adventure and Community Development : This project aims to support under-resourced and underfunded community centres that provide a pace for women and children who are struggling with extreme poverty. Volunteers help out with the day-to-day running of the centre and support staff in different areas.

Amazon Rainforest Conservation : The intention of this Peru volunteer project is to promote sustainable living and conservation in the Amazonian rainforest. Volunteers contribute towards scientific research working with a team of trained professionals.

Teaching : The project works with local street children to provide them with better educational opportunities. Volunteers develop exciting new ideas, skills, and techniques in collaboration with local schools, teachers, and community centres.


Frontier has a solid reputation for providing safe, reliable, and affordable volunteer in Lima, Peru and abroad. In reviews online, past volunteers have praised the organization and information before departing and on arrival at their project.

Frontier made my whole experience so easy and stress free through their detailed project brief, pre-departure support and friendly in country staff who make you feel welcome and at home in no time at all. I would highly recommend Frontier for gap year/volunteer travel due to their expertise and helpful staff! It really is a place like no other and not many people are lucky enough to get the opportunity to go making it a true hidden gem and a place you will not regret visiting. This whole experience has been amazing and one I will never forget. – Sophie

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Abroad and Go Overseas .

The Fees

The community development volunteering in Peru program runs for a minimum of four weeks and costs $2,345. For two weeks, the rainforest conservation project costs $2,245 and the teaching project costs $1,095. All these low cost volunteering opportunities come with meals, accommodation, and some internal transportation covered.

Why We Chose Frontier

Online reviews show that Frontier has a great reputation for providing safe, reliable, and affordable volunteer opportunities. We loved that they have over 25 years of experience in this field.

IFRE Volunteers

Contact Provider
ifre volunteer peru

A trustworthy international company, IFRE Volunteers was established in 2006 and since then has created over 200 projects in 18 countries. Over the years, IFRE Volunteers have served 17,000 passionate and enthusiastic people around the world in suitable and affordable volunteering opportunities.

IFRE Volunteers love helping passionate people helping others in need and see the world in the process. Without the worry of expensive fees, IFRE Volunteers make dreams of volunteering abroad come true with their best cheap opportunities to volunteer Peru.

Through IFRE Volunteers, you can make a genuine difference in an orphanage, working with street children, teaching in rural schools, and improving the overall health of communities. Learn more about each unique project on offer.

IFRE Volunteers Peru Program

Orphanage : This project is aimed at adding brightness to the lives of orphaned children who have been abandoned due to unfortunate circumstances. Volunteers are responsible for helping with the day-to-day running of the center and providing love and emotional support for the children.

Street Children Project : This project addresses the equality gap for children on the streets that have been caused by social and economic inequalities. As a volunteer, you will give these children more opportunities to expand their horizon through cultural exchange, games, sports, and education.

Teaching in Rural Schools: The goal of this project is to boost the educational standards of schools and provide support to teachers in under-resourced classrooms. Volunteers will predominately teach English to students.

Health: This volunteering work in Peru is aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of rural communities in low-income areas. Volunteers work with local nurses and doctors in hospitals and clinics to provide support where needed.


There is a reason that IFRE has such a solid reputation worldwide for their reliability and trustworthiness and it is reflected in past volunteers’ reviews. Read more about what other volunteers have had to say about the excellent communication and outstanding support from IFRE staff members in reviews online.

I did a lot of research to decide which program to volunteer abroad with, and IFRE seemed like an organized program with opportunities in many different locations and with many different forms of volunteering. They always made themselves available to me and took great care to make me feel safe and comfortable. IFRE really made the effort to make my experience everything I had hoped.-katieguty

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas .

The Fees

ifre volunteer peru fee table

The low cost volunteering opportunities in Peru on offer from IFRE make volunteering more affordable and achievable regardless of your budget. Prices for one week start at $509 and for two weeks start at $643, living expenses included.

Why We Chose IFRE

IFRE has such a solid reputation worldwide for their reliability and trustworthiness and it is reflected in past volunteers’ reviews. The low prices also drew our attention, for as low as $375 you will be able to stay in Peru for a week. Real value for your money!

Global Crossroad (USA)

Contact Provider
global crossroad volunteer peru

This reliable United States best program provider was founded in 2003 and has destination projects in 18 countries. Global Crossroad has served over 18,000 volunteers in meaningful and inexpensive volunteer works in Peru and around the world.

Global Crossroad combines the dream of traveling abroad with meaningful volunteer work, providing professional and need-targeted assistance to communities in need.

Find out more about how you can have an amazing and genuine impact in Peru. You can get involved working with kids or in the health sector. More details on each project are available below.

Global Crossroad Peru Opportunities

Orphanage : Due to poverty, abuse, and alcoholism, many children have been left orphaned and this project seeks to improve their quality of life. The main role of volunteers is to provide the kids with love and support and lead activities depending on their experiences and skillsets.

Street Children and Education Program :: This project works with children who have been left to find work on the streets of Cusco. Peru volunteers work to fight the poverty gap by giving kids better educational opportunities at a specialized center.

Teaching English :: The intention of this project is to boost the English language skills of students in school and give them a cultural experience with a native English speaker. Volunteers assist teachers in the classroom and provide engaging English lessons to the students.

Health :: The goal of this project is to provide support to local nurses and doctors and address the issue of unequal health care in Peru. Volunteers work alongside doctors, nurses, and therapists to assist them in their daily tasks.


For many years, Global Crossroad has been delivering top quality affordable volunteering opportunities in Peru and so many people have loved their time. Read some reviews online to get a better sense of the cultural experience Global Crossroad have facilitated for past volunteers.

I first found Global Crossroad online and entered my email to receive some free information. The next day a very nice lady called and talked to me for over an hour giving me details on any project I had interest in. Overall my time at GCR was so rewarding and I recommend it to anyone with a passion for helping others. When I return home, I will make sure all my friends and family know how great Global Crossroad is. – David

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas.

The Fees

global crossroad volunteer peru

The program fees with Global Crossroad make for low cost volunteering opportunities and a cheap way to see the world in an enriching manner. Prices for one week start at $509 and for two weeks cost $643.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad is cheap and reputable volunteer experience in Peru organization that offers top-notch, fulfilling and life-changing experiences abroad. They had to be top in our list for all the positive aspects they simulate.

Ubelong (USA)

Contact Provider

This United States based organization was established in 2009 with the intention of providing inexpensive volunteering opportunities around the world. With a number of programs in Peru and years of experience, the team behind Ubelong will help you find your ideal placement abroad.

Ubelong has a number of projects available around the Cusco region. Despite growing tourism thanks to Machu Picchu, many locals are still living in extreme poverty and lacking in education. The projects on offer seek to address these needs in vulnerable demographics.

The network behind Ubelong genuinely supports all their volunteers before departure and upon arrival, making sure they get the most out of their inexpensive opportunities to volunteer in Peru. Learn more about each project on offer below and find out what is most suitable for you.

Ubelong Peru Programs

Care Giving : This project tries to stop the forced labor of children and deal with the prevalence of abuse, illiteracy, and neglect in their lives. Volunteers bring enthusiasm and encourage positive behavior in the children through educative games.

Construction : The goal of this project is to support the economic growth of local communities through rebuilding poor structures. While volunteering in Peru you will provide their energy and labor to rebuilding, renovating, and repainting community buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Education : This project addresses the need to improve educational standards in rural communities where classes are overcrowded and teachers are undertrained. Volunteers work with teachers to develop more interactive lessons and engage the students in their learning goals.

Health : The aim of this project is to deal with health issues that stem from alcohol abuse, inadequate public sanitation, and limited personal hygiene in the community. When you volunteer in Peru program, you will support local nurses and doctors in clinics as well as run workshops to educate the wider community on health practices.

Sports : This project uses the benefits of sports to help disadvantaged children develop healthy lifestyles and improve their social skills. Volunteers run games and activities to give kids a chance to have fun and learn skills along the way.

Business Development : This project hopes to cultivate the potential for cultural micro-enterprises and promote local culture using business approaches. Volunteers help to organise, design, and implement strategies for economic sustainability.


The past speaks volumes of experience for Ubelong, with hundreds of former volunteers praising their experiences in reviews online. Here volunteers speak of the dedication and organization of the company both before departure and on arrival in their country, which made their experience safe and secure.

UBELONG is a very motivated organization whose goals are to help you make a difference in the lives of the people in the communities they serve. This community has become my home all thanks to the direction of UBELONG… paige

Read more reviews at Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

The Fees

This company aims to keep program fees low to ensure that the best cheap are available to more and more people. The costs include living and meal expenses while you volunteer. For one week, the fee starts at $535, and for two weeks the cost will be $655.

Why We Chose Ubelong

Ubelong has years of experience working with volunteers to provide high quality and affordable programs that we really loved about this organization. It was also chosen for its easy and personalized application system to join Peru volunteer program.

International Volunteer HQ (New Zealand)

Contact Provider

Since 2007 International Volunteer HQ has been offering reputable volunteer opportunities and around the world. Over 42,000 young and passionate volunteers have found their calling in around 30 countries thanks to the dedicated team at International Volunteer HQ.

Exciting and cheap volunteering opportunities in Peru wait for you, also in the surrounding valley areas with International Volunteer HQ. This company invests strongly in their volunteer to ensure that you have the best time possible while giving back to the community you are placed in. Much of this comes down to the interactive pre-departure training and support once on ground.

International Volunteer HQ has a range of affordable volunteering opportunities in Peru on offer, from teaching English to caring for animals. There will certainly be something to suit your skills and interests. Find out more about each project on offer by reading the information below.

International Volunteer HQ Peru Program

English Teaching : This project aims to improve the standard of English spoken in the tourist capital of Peru, Cusco. Volunteers work in local schools, community centres, and rehabilitation centres where they tutor students and run small workshops.

Special Needs Project : This project seeks the assistance of compassionate volunteers to make a real difference for mentally and physically disabled children. Peru volunteers assist with personal care, feeding, and playing games with the children at the center.

Child Care : The aim of this project is to give kids of different backgrounds individual care and attention. Volunteers work in orphanages, community centres, schools, and kindergartens to run activities and games for the children.

Health : This project aims to support low-income families in Cusco to receive better healthcare. Volunteers support local nurses and doctors to help alleviate the burden of under-resourced hospitals and clinics.

Jungle Conservation : In this project, volunteers work in one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world, assisting with tasks in the greenhouse and wider forest.

Animal Care : The goal of this project is to help neglected dogs on the streets and protect them from illness and abuse. When you volunteering in Peru provide human company for the dogs, help clean them and feed them, as well as helping to construct a shelter for them.

Construction and Renovation : This project works alongside local construction workers to rebuild and renovate rundown buildings. Volunteers help to repaint and renovate important buildings such as community centres, schools, and orphanages.


Not only does International Volunteer HQ offer affordable volunteer work in Peru, they also have exceptional reviews from past volunteers where they express their gratitude for International Volunteer HQ supporting them during their placement.

The four months that I spent volunteering through IVHQ were awesome. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with IVHQ! The staff, volunteers and most importantly the locals made my first volunteer experience incredible. Would I do it again? Absolutely.-gabecarrasco Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas and Go abroad and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

volunteerhq peru structure

This company has very affordable volunteering opportunities on offer so that money does not stand in the way of your international dreams abroad. For one week, program fees start from $460 and go up to $595 depending on the project you choose. For two weeks the prices vary from $645 to $820, again depending on the project choice.

Why We Chose International Volunteer HQ

With prices starting as low as $ 270 for a one-weeks stay, International Volunteer HQ offers you r the value for you money with a wonderful volunteer experience in Peru. They have also free online resources that they provider to all volunteers before they travel to Peru.

GO Eco

Contact Provider

Each year, over 1,000 volunteers find happiness and fulfillment in their adventures abroad thanks to GO Eco. Since 2005, this company has been placing volunteers in affordable volunteering opportunities across 33 countries around the globe.

With world heritage sites such as the Inca Trail and the historic Machu Pichu, GO Eco is pleased to offer inexpensive Peru volunteering projects in such a culturally rich location. GO Eco has a focus on mutual cultural exchange, meaning they encourage and support volunteers to become immersed in the culture and language of the community they are in.

GO Eco has a special chance to teach English in a local community in Pimentel where schools are underprivileged and under-resourced. Find out more below how you can get involved and make a real difference teaching English.

GO Eco Peru Programs

English Teaching : In a seaside location, this opportunity is to teach English to locals and help the teaching program prosper and grow. Volunteers will work alongside local teachers and support them in developing better lesson plans and more interactive classes for the students.


This unique Peru volunteer program has left past volunteers raving about their experience. In past reviews, volunteers speak highly of GO Eco in getting them set up at the school, in the community, and feeling positively immersed during their time abroad.

I saw the GoEco site and decided spending a month with GoECO. The staff and volunteers at the project were great, and I made some lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend this organization.- Sarah

Read more reviews at Go Overseas and Go Abroad and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

Low cost include living expenses such as accommodation and meals for the duration of your stay. For one week, volunteers pay $550 and for the cost is $770 for two weeks.

Why We Chose Go Eco

This provider made our list because they offer the best immersion experience to volunteer in Peru by hosting them in local family homes, travels and excursions around the world. They are also very affordable and popular going by the reviews online with a niche for environmental friendly programs.

Maximo Nivel (Peru)

Contact Provider

Grassroots development is the main goal of this local Peruvian company that invites people from around the world to take part in inexpensive volunteer opportunities. This company was set up in 2003 and has been working with local communities since.

Maximo Nivel have a range of volunteer projects across Cusco, Peru, as well as other parts of the country including the Sacred Valley and Puerto Maldonado. The aim of the projects is to encourage cultural exchange, giving volunteers in Peru the opportunity to live and work in Latin America in a meaningful way that really connects with the culture.

In a variety of fields such as working with children or working with wildlife, Maximo Nivel keeps the costs of their program fees low to offer cheap volunteering opportunities in Peru to people from all walks of life. Below is more information on each project to help you find out which role is most suitable for you.

Maximo Nivel Peru Programs

Orphanage :

This project aspires to change unfortunate situations that children have ended up in due to poverty or illness. Volunteers provide nurturing and caring support for the kids at the center through games and activities.

Wildlife and Conservation :

This project helps rural communities and small villages to improve the biodiversity of the natural environment and improve habitations for turtles and birds. Volunteers work with environmentalists and scientists in this role.

Teaching English :

The goal of this project is to help students improve their English skills through meaningful and interactive lessons. While volunteering in Peru, you will work alongside teachers in local schools to teach different classes.

Health :

This project provides support to under-resourced hospitals and clinics. Volunteers assist with the day-to-day running of the center and perform basic tasks to support local nurses and doctors.

Construction :

The goal of this project is to repair buildings and homes for orphaned children and rural villages. Volunteers do a lot of physical work such as digging, removing dirt, carrying bricks and other manual labor tasks.


In the past, volunteers have appreciated the ongoing support of Maximo Nivel in getting organized with their placement. The on-ground experience from the local company has helped volunteers feel welcomed and ready to be part of the new community.

I had the pleasure of volunteering for two weeks during the holidays with Maximo Nivel. I honestly did not know what to expect and to my surprise it exceedingly surpassed my expectations! Maximo Nivel, which was very important to me. – Christina

Read more reviews at Go abroad and Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

This company strives to keep their Peru volunteering program fees low and affordable for more and more volunteers. All fees are invested directly back in the community you are supporting. For one week, you will pay $585 and for two weeks you will pay $815.

Why We Chose Maximo Nivel

Maximo is an organization with years of experience offering volunteers programs in over 18 countries including volunteer in Peru. Maximo Nivel was chosen for their reputation of safe and life-changing experiences including their great prices and reviews.

Cross-Cultural Solutions (USA)

Contact Provider

With over 2.5 million service hours recorded by over 35,000 volunteers, Cross Cultural Solutions offers the best affordable volunteer abroad programs. An American based volunteer abroad agency they focus on creating change, eradicating inequalities and sharing cultural skills and knowledge to create bonds. Steve Rosenthal and Bela Singh founded it in 1996.

Cross-Cultural Solutions Peru Programs

Child Education

As a volunteer working in Peru program, you will work to improve early childhood development by supporting under resourced day care centers and local schools. Together, through these community organizations, volunteers provide much-needed support to improve the educational approaches and infrastructure within the education system.

Child Health

Volunteers support community health organizations to create positive, measurable impacts in child health. Impact Projects are locally designed and aligned to the specific needs identified by healthcare professionals. All health campaigns are designed to provide an opportunity for impactful engagement in a thoughtful and ethical manner that maximizing the unique backgrounds of the volunteers.


Cross Cultural Solutions has highly become popular for offering cheap and safe Peru volunteering projects that directly benefit people of Peru So they have been reviewed 200 times online boosting the rating at 9.7/10-satisfaction rate on Go Abroad. Former volunteers highly appreciate the program’s invaluable cultural immersion and community based approach.

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Glass Door

Why We Chose Cross Cultural Solutions

This organization caught our attention because they aim for high quality by providing excellent support to volunteers in Peru before, during and after placement at a reasonably affordable cost. With great online reviews many past volunteers have indicated that they offer the best local support and integration process.

Other Best Peru Volunteer Program Providers to Consider:

Projects Abroad (UK)

This organization caught our attention because they aim for high quality by providing excellent support before, during and after placement at a reasonably affordable cost. Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad has over 100,000 Alumni. Read over 2,000 great reviews here:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

Volunteers who have completed their programs give consistently high satisfaction ratings, which combine to produce a score close to 99%. Since 2007 A Broader View has continued to thrive and expand whilst maintaining affordable volunteer in Peru Opportunities with no strings and hidden fees. All programs are safe, meaningful and worthwhile.

Go Abroad:

Volunteer forever

Go overseas

Global Vision International (USA)

Global Vision International retains the original focus of providing for the poorest and most disadvantaged, while promoting high ethical standards and a serious commitment to making the world a better place. Founded in 1998, their programs are consistently popular with volunteers who have completed a term on these worthy projects leaving an average rating of 9.5/10 and 4.4/5 on Go Overseas and Tour Radar respectively.

Go Overseas

Volunteer Forever

Go Abroad

Tour Radar

Working Abroad (Switzerland)

Founded in 1997, Working Abroad focuses on creating opportunities for young people to contribute to world change, particularly in the areas of conservation and quality of human life, and they now have over 2500 projects linked to legitimate organizations in 100+ countries all around the world. Volunteering in Peru prices for a one-week stay start as low as $360. Read reviews here.

Volunteer Forever

Go Overseas

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Love Volunteers is a New Zealand based organization founded in 2009 offering the best and cheapest volunteer opportunities in 30 countries around the world. With one of the best reputations in the volunteer abroad industry, Love Volunteers has certainly earned their positive reviews- Go overseas

Go Abroad

Volunteer Forever

Globalteer (UK)

Contact Provider

A trustworthy company with a well-known name, Globalteer was established in 2006 out of the UK. This company has placed over 2,000 volunteers in meaningful and sustainably affordable volunteering in Peru programs and around the world since it was founded.

A reputable not-for-profit charity, Globalteer works to service those in need. Volunteer placements range from helping children to working with wildlife. All projects are sustainable and responsible, meaning your help will go to where it is most needed in the community.

Check out more details on the range of the best cheap volunteer opportunities from Globalteer below. Each Peru volunteering travel projects has lots to offer to a community in need and you are sure to find one that suits your skills and interests.

Globalteer Peru Programs

Community Project : The goal of this project is to provide free after-school education to a small Andean village on the outskirts of Cusco. Volunteers will be assisting with English lessons, running arts and crafts sessions, playing sports and physical games with the children, and helping them with homework in the program that is run from lunchtime until 7pm on school days.

Dog Rescue : This project addresses the issues facing street dogs in Cusco and helping to rehabilitate them after abuse, neglect, and malnutrition on the streets. When you volunteer in Peru opportunities you will work at the animal shelter and walk, feed, play, and love the dogs to give them a better quality of life.

Rainforest Project and Wildlife Sanctuary: The focus of this project is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release unique Peruvian wildlife as well as promoting and protecting the welfare of rainforest animals. Volunteers work with the team of professionals at the center to care for rescued animals and prepare their food.


If you want to know what previous volunteers have thought about their experience with Globalteer, then check out some reviews below. Past volunteers have positive things to say about the ongoing support they received during their immersion into a new culture in Peru.

Globalteer's program was life changing and unforgettable. One great thing I did notice from the off was the social messages they were trying to give and how they just told me to have fun and enjoy myself…- Ivan

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Abroad.

The Fees

The inexpensive volunteering opportunities with Globalteer have program fees that include your living expenses for the duration of your volunteer experience, including your homestay accommodation and meals. For one week, the price starts at $760 for the community project and dog rescue, $890 for the wildlife sanctuary project, and $1,200 for the rainforest project. For two weeks, the prices are $960, $1,250, and $1,650 respectively for the projects.

Why We Chose Globalteer

Globalteer was selected because it is the best organization, highly trusted and accountable for all the fees paid to the communities. It also ensures that all the volunteers have maximum culture immersion and with the best security measures and evacuation insurance.

Madventurer (UK)

Contact Provider

This company from the United Kingdom has been serving volunteers around the world since 1998 to help them find a suitable placement in communities in need. Madventurer is dedicated to keep prices for volunteer programs in Peru cheap and affordable.

With Madventurer, you will take part in a community volunteer project that is based in a rural village outside Cusco. Not only will you become part of the unique community you serve, you will also have the chance for adventure around the ancient capital of the Inca Empire.

You have the chance to work with the community in construction, teaching, and general community work with Madventurer. All low cost volunteering opportunities are ethical and sustainable with this organization.

Madventurer Peru Volunteer Programs

Construction This project is involved with building necessary community structures, such as sanitation blocks, water storage tanks, school classrooms, and community centres. Volunteers support the local laborers in renovating and repainting such buildings.

Teaching: This project works with local schools to support literacy, English, sports, arts and crafts, and other activities in the day-to-day school schedule. Volunteers can get involved depending on their skillset and interests.


Many volunteers have loved their time and experience abroad with Madventurer. Read more about their thoughts in reviews outlining how great the balance between adventure and cultural immersion is with these reputable volunteering opportunities.

I had such an incredible experience working alongside the amazing people of Madventurer. After being part of such an amazing program it is very easy to recommend Madventurer to anyone interested in having an incredible service learning experience! – Boris

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go abroad and Go Overseas.

The Fees

The low cost volunteering opportunities in Peru with Madventurer start at a minimum of two weeks so you can truly feel part of the community you serve. The cost for this time, with meals and accommodation included, is $1,600 for all projects.

Why We Chose Madventurer

Madventurer tops this list because of the raving reviews available online about how affordable and high value their programs are. They ensure that you are safe with immersion opportunities by living with local host families as a volunteering in Peru.

POD Volunteers (UK)

Contact Provider

POD Volunteers is a United Kingdom based company that was established in 2001 to give people the chance to travel in a meaningful way, by experiencing a new country while giving back to a community in need. Thanks to the cheap volunteering opportunities with POD Volunteers, more and more people can take part in these adventures.

This award winning non-profit organization arranges ethical, inspiring, and well-supported volunteering experience in Peru. This company gives you the chance to explore the diverse landscapes of this South American country.

Learn more about the conservation, childcare work and community education projects on offer and find out just how reasonable and affordable these low cost volunteer opportunities really are.

POD Volunteers Peru Program

Amazon Conservation : The aim of this project is to research sustainable initiatives that monitor, preserve, and enhance the biodiversity of the rainforest. Volunteers assist a team of international sciences to collect data on wildlife and help develop bio gardens.

Children’s Shelter Volunteering: This project works with a day center that provides free childcare and educational support to families from low income and disadvantaged areas. Volunteers help care for young children and run games, sports, and arts and crafts activities to engage them.

Community Education: This teaching volunteer project in Peru provides educational and emotional support to children from disadvantaged and low-income circumstances. Volunteers encourage positive attitudes and outlooks on education and nutrition through workshop seminars and activities which aim to break the poverty cycle.


Past volunteers have truly appreciated the length of the projects with POD Volunteers for the time commitment gave them a real chance to feel immersed and part of the community. Read more about what volunteers have had to say in reviews online.

I cannot recommend this project highly enough! It was such a great experience and one I will never forget... a dream come true! 2 weeks was definitely not long enough! – Chantelle

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas.

The Fees

For two weeks, the Amazon Conservation Project costs $1,740. For four weeks the cost of the other two projects is $1,105. These highly affordable volunteering opportunities in Peru provide you with accommodation and meals during your volunteer stay.

Why We Chose POD Volunteers

POD Volunteers undefeated commitment to sustainable volunteer in Peru programs attracted us to this organization. The affordable prices for in addition to excellent with reviews from past volunteers got us hooked.

Kaya (UK)

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kaya volunteer peru

With responsible tourism and travel as the top priority, Kaya is a reliable organization that provides inexpensive volunteer opportunities and over 27 countries. This company was established in 2008 and has been working with many volunteers in different countries to ensure they have a meaningful adventure abroad.

When you volunteer with Kaya, you will be experiencing the real world and making a difference abroad as a traveller, not just a tourist. The main focus of Kaya is to immerse young and passionate volunteers in community development and conservation projects.

In Peru, Kaya works on a number of different project development areas, ranging from environmental conservation to sustainable economic development in communities. Learn more about each project in Cusco with Kaya and see how you can get involved.

Kaya Peru Volunteer Opportunities

Environment Conservation : The objective behind this project is monitor initiatives that unite National Park Authorities, conservation organizations, and local communities in researching conservation strategies in the Amazon rainforest. Volunteers assist conservation researchers community development staff to protect the rainforest.

Young Mother Support :: This project supports young mothers and their children at a shelter in Cusco where they can feel safe and socialize in a positive environment. Volunteers run activities to engage the women and children as well as help them learn English skills.

Jewellery Making Project : This project aims to teach marketing strategies to local artists so that they can better attract the western tourist market to buy their products. As you volunteeringin Peru, you will run workshops on selling techniques, teach better English skills, and help improve the business strategies of locals.

Health and Nutrition : The intention of this project is to reach out to rural communities around Cusco and provide health support. Volunteers share their knowledge of the health field that can help educate the community on malnutrition prevention and general health care.


Just like you, hundreds of volunteers have put their trust in Kaya to give them an exceptional experience volunteering abroad and the results have certainly paid off. Read more about how former volunteers have enjoyed their cultural experience abroad helping a community in need.

When coming across kaya, I did not realize it would lead to a life-changing experience. They were extremely supportive in helping me. Kaya have supported me throughout and it's because of them that I got to do the volunteer work of my dreams. What more can I say?! If you want to volunteer, choose kaya, you won't regret it! I am already starting to think of my next trip and I will definitely be using them again! - Hannah-Kate

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fees

All of the programs with Kaya start at two weeks for volunteers. The affordable volunteer opportunities with Kaya vary in cost. For the young mother support and jewelry making project you will pay $1,496. For environment conservation the cost is $2,180 and the health and nutrition project runs for four weeks with a cost of $2,004.

Why We Chose Kaya

With low prices, unique and diverse programs to volunteer in Peru, Kaya definitely stands out as a best volunteer provider. In addition we were fascinated at the growth rate of the organization since inception, which implies the organization carefully, selects sustainable programs to fully impact the communities and grow the volunteers.

In Conclusion

Once you have made the decision to volunteer abroad, you will be feeling extremely excited for the cultural experience in Peru volunteer that awaits you in your country of choice. However, it can be overwhelming to realize just how many options there are out there when it comes to volunteering abroad. You want to choose to the most affordable volunteering opportunity, but this can seem like an impossible task.

While we have done the majority of the research for you and presented you with a range of low cost volunteering opportunities, the ultimate decision is up to you. We want you to choose the most reputable volunteering opportunity that will give you the best experience possible abroad. This is why we have some top tips to consider when you are making your decision to volunteer in Peru.

  • Find a company that responds well to your moral outlook and ethical guidelines. You want to volunteer with a company that you really believe in and want to help make a genuine difference abroad. Read up about the company’s ethical values and mission statement to see if it connects with you.
  • Check out the company’s online presence through their website and blog. You want to volunteer with a professional company that takes pride in their online presentation and keeps an up-to-date social media presence on Facebook and twitter.
  • Ensure the company has good communication before you commit to them. You can get a good sense of this through their emails and how they respond to you. You do not want to volunteer in Peru program with a company that does not take the time to give you detailed responses to the important questions you have.
  • Look at the fine print and costs closely. The company should have a breakdown of the costs of the project so that there aren’t any hidden financial surprises. If you feel uncomfortable with the fees and aren’t sure of what you are paying for, enquire further before you commit to the company.
  • Thoroughly check out past reviews left by volunteers. What they have to say about their experiences abroad can really help inform you as to whether this company is right for you. Avoid companies that only have overly positive reviews, as they might be false. You want to get a holistic impression of the company through honest reviews.

If Peru is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Nepal , SriLanka , India , Bali , Thailand, China, Cambodia, Tanzania , Ghana , Kenya, SouthAfrica , Brazil, Brazil , Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda , Costa Rica , Argentina, Honduras, and Thailand.

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