The 10 Best Cheap Cambodia Volunteer Providers 2022

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Are you planning on volunteering in Cambodia? Are you open to reading about the highest rated, cheapest and most trusted companies providing amazing volunteering experiences in the beautiful country?

Cambodia is a country of great attributes, having survived a dark past and home to the friendliest and most loving people you will ever have the opportunity to encounter. You get to experience the renowned Angkor Wat, exceptional beaches, the world's largest fresh-water lake, and much more. Incredible cuisine, topnotch shopping and vivid nightlife expect you in this fascinating country.

While volunteering in Cambodia is an incredible life-changing opportunity, it can be quite daunting to find the right provider. In order to find the best choice, you’d have to scour through a high number of websites. And if you don’t spend time doing the research, you might end up paying thousands of dollars more than you need to, or that you reach the country only to find your volunteer provider is unprofessional, a scam, or even worse.

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you making the wrong choice, paying high costs or jeopardizing your volunteering experience in Cambodia. We want to ensure you join a reputable, safe and affordable Cambodia program where you can be sure you’ll make a difference. So, we did the hard work for you!

In this article, we have carefully examined hundreds of volunteer organizations offering programs in Cambodia. Our researchers have closely examined their history, online reviews, fees, number of volunteers placed, commitment to local communities and other relevant factors.

Based on these findings we have selected the 10 best (highly rated) and inexpensive volunteer opportunities available in Cambodia, making it easy for you to select the organizations which appeal most to you.

Keep reading to discover the 10 Best and Cheapest Cambodia Volunteer Providers 2020 with the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
Original Volunteers   $363 Volunteer Forever: 5 - ‎1 review
Go Abroad 8.2 / 10 after 98 Reviews
Volunteering journeys   $869 GO overseas- 8.7/10-13 reviews
Volunteer forever- 4.4/5-107 reviews
RCDP   $629 Abroad Review: 9.2 / 10 -64+221 Reviews
Go overseas:Rating: 94% - ‎32 reviews
Love Volunteers   $908
(4 weeks)
Go overseas:-9.1/10 - ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.7/10 - ‎282 reviews reviews
International Volunteer HQ   $659 Go Overseas-9.5/10 - ‎1,427 reviews
Go Abroad-9.53/10-1074 Reviews
Global Crossroad   $649 Go overseas: 9.2/10 - ‎60 reviews
Abroad Reviews: 8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
Ubelong   $670 Go Overseas: 9.5/10 - ‎222 reviews
Go abroad:10/10 - ‎1 review
GO Eco   $770 Go Overseas- 9.4/10 - ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad-9.76-517 reviews
Globaltter   $597 Go Overseas- Rating: 10/10 - ‎26 reviews
Volunteer Forever-Rating: 5 - ‎19 reviews
Project Abroad   $2,265 Go Overseas- 9.2/10 - ‎469 reviews
Volunteer Forever- 4.6 - ‎421 reviews

Table updated: September 11, 2020

Original Volunteers (UK)

volunteering cambodia

From their UK base Original Volunteers offer one of the best and most highly rated volunteerprograms. With over 100 projects running in18 countries, they provide flexible start dates and cheap volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, as well as all over the world. Their projects range widely, from working with orphans, street kids, and students, to helping with animals, conservation and health care, to name a few.

From their UK base Original Volunteers offer one of the best and most highly rated volunteerprograms. With over 100 projects running in18 countries, they provide flexible start dates and cheap volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, as well as all over the world. Their projects range widely, from working with orphans, street kids, and students, to helping with animals, conservation and health care, to name a few.

Original Volunteers Program in Cambodia

The main focus of volunteers is to teach English to children and students in rural villages. Volunteers generally teach from Monday to Thursday or Friday so there is a lot of free time to explore and look around Cambodia. They accept volunteers throughout the year, but encourage you to arrive on Mondays and leave weekends for traveling.

Teaching English

In the volunteer English teaching project in Cambodia, you may stay and teach from 1 week to 12 weeks. Volunteers live and teach in the rural village schools, and those staying a couple of weeks or more tend to take a class of their own, while short stay volunteers assist local teachers,. Lessons are mostly based around the Headway series of TEFL books, which already contain lesson plans and reading materials. Therefore it is easy for anyone to begin teaching as a volunteer, even if it is the first time they are doing so.

Community Work

Though the focus of volunteer work is on teaching English, an extra pair of hands to help with building new schools or improving current buildings is always welcome.

Original Volunteers Cambodia Volunteering Program Reviews

orginal volunteer review

There are hundreds of positive online reviews of Original Volunteers on the internet. Volunteer alumni rave about the simplicity and flexibility of the program. Several recommended this company to their friends since it is one of the lowest cost volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, and an eye-opening program. It has also been called a life-changing experience, since the bonds formed with the students and the local staff there were very rewarding.

So, when I got in touch with OV and found out that I could volunteer with them at my age I was so excited! I signed up immediately and with help over the phone from a OV worker. My time there was incredible, I really loved it. It was the perfect balance of planned and already organized volunteering and time to our self. I fell in love with the people and the culture there and had the best time. I was not ready to leave at all after two weeks and I am currently planning my next volunteering trip with OV. So Thank You Original Volunteers for everything!!! – rubyprins

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Original Volunteers Cambodia Volunteer opportunities Fees

Original Volunteers run highly affordable volunteer programs. By paying a once-only project contribution of $234 you can stay for between one and twelve weeks. This includes shared volunteer accommodation on site, although food and transport costs are not included in this. An added bonus is that registered volunteers do not need to pay again for 12 months.

Volunteering Journeys

volunteer journey cambodia

Volunteering Journeys focuses exclusively on Asian volunteer destinations, Cambodia among them. All their projects can be carried out in either Siem Reap or Phnom Penh and for very reasonable prices. Their reviews are also excellent, with a 4.4/5 score on Volunteer Forever and 8.7/10 on Go Overseas.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

rcdp volunteer

RCDP Volunteer Abroad is based in Nepal; however its volunteer programs function successfully all over the world. RCDP is a non-political, non-profit, and non-religious company whose primary aim is to help those in need, whether they are children, adults or seniors. Hundreds of people apply every year to RCDP seeking volunteering opportunities in Cambodia.

RCDP runs highly affordable programs to volunteer in Cambodia, with placements starting every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. They offer meaningful volunteer opportunities in four locations, namely Phnom Penh, Battambarg, Siem Reap, and Pursat. Each location has multiple projects you can join, staying for a minimum of 1 week to as long as 12 weeks.

RCDP makes sure that Cambodia volunteers are provided with safe places to stay, for example with host families or in a hostel. Three meals of traditional local food are also provided daily, which adds to your authentic Cambodian cultural experience.

RCDP’s Volunteer opportunities in Cambodia

why rcdp

Volunteer in Orphanages:

This project is run in all four locations and is extremely flexible. Volunteers do not require any special skill set except being kind, patient and friendly towards the children. All you need is simple English so you can communicate easily with the locals and staff. What is expected of you is that you will be responsible around these children, spend time with them and help in any way possible.

Teach English in Rural Schools:

This project is also available in all four locations RCDP works in. Volunteers are required to be fluent in English, and be able to teach this language to the students there. As is expected of a teacher, you should be patient and kind towards your students. You will work as an English-teacher in either a public or private school, an orphanage or a university and participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and arts as needed.

Community Development Projects:

As one of the affordable volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, RCDP’s community development projects revolve mainly around fighting hunger, disease and neglect. You will be matched with projects that you have both the skill set for, and an interest in. Volunteers may work in the fields of education, promoting women and children’s development and in generally helping communities thrive. A certain level of education and a minimum of five weeks commitment are required.

Work with Local NGOs

Various NGOs are working to identify the issues hindering progress, and on ways of eliminating them, building resources to help build stability and sustainability in the community. Volunteers may provide either labor or knowledge in their field of expertise to a project, which they must commit to for a minimum of five weeks.

Assist in Health Care/Medical Project:

This is offered only in Phnom Phen and Pursat. Since this is very specialized field of work, you will either need to be a medical professional or a medicalstudent, (either pre or post med), and be over 18. You will work in hospitals or medical clinics as per your preference, alongside local health care professionals, providing basic first aid, teaching personal hygiene and education the community on how to prevent or lower their risk of disease.

RCDP Volunteer in Cambodia Program Reviews:

RCDP is one of the highest rated volunteer organizations and receives lots of amazing and positive feedback. Almost all volunteers describe it as a rewarding experience, and the company as both well-organized and one of the cheapest ways to volunteer in Cambodia.

RCDP was absolutely wonderful! Saying RCDP, the staff offered options with high flexibility for volunteers to decide the project starting date and many other details. - Shauan

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RCDP Cambodia Volunteer Fees:

rcdp program fee

RCDP staff work hard to provide affordable volunteer programs from which part of your fee is paid directly to the host families and projects in Cambodia. The program fee is divided as follows: registration fee ($279) and weekly fee, which covers the costs of your room, food, local staff coordination, and project donation.

The registration fee breakdown is as follows:

  • $130: Administrative cost including salaries of staff, rentals, communication, office expenses, and coordination.
  • $149: Advertising costs on Google, Goabroad, Yahoo, and any extra advertising costs in the USA. The weekly fee is divided between:
  • Project donation/support of local project staffs (50%).
  • Room fee and 3 local foods a day (50%)

This may differ based on the locations, project types etc. but all will be explained to you before you make any payments. The basic cost for all three programs [except medical care insurance] is $620 for 2 weeks.

Fees to volunteer in Cambodia programs don't include airfare, visa, airport taxes, airport drop, extra expenses on food, mineral water or soft drinks, laundry, gifts, daily transportation, telephone, and immunization or health insurance costs..

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

love volunteer cambodia

Love Volunteers was established in 2009 in New Zealand. They offer cheap volunteer programs in Cambodia, and in more than 35 developing countries worldwide in America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, as well as Europe, with program fee from $200 per week. They work with local organizations with 1,000’s volunteers every year.

Love Volunteers offer a variety of volunteer program projects for volunteers in Cambodia aged over 18 years old. Volunteers will encounter unfamiliar ways of speaking, thinking, and also interacting, which means that they will constantly absorb the culture and customs of the locals. The program length ranges between one to 24 weeks.

Love Volunteer Cambodia Volunteer Opportunities:

Teaching (Phnom Penh)

On the English teaching volunteer program in Cambodia, volunteers may give lessons in basic computer skills, mathematics, economics; teach languages such as Spanish, Japanese and German, or deliver classes focused on English, music, arts, basketball, drama, geography, health and so on. Volunteers are free to plan their lessons and tests as they please. They may also be asked to help with clerical and translation duties. This program has a four week minimum commitment.

Child Care (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers, depending on the level of their skills, might help out by teaching English, mathematics, basic IT, geography or arts, by supporting students with their homework, organizing games and trips, and by carrying out general maintenance and upkeep of the buildings. A three week minimum commitment is required to participate in the child care volunteer work in Cambodia.

Health Care (Phnom Penh)

medical intership

Volunteers’ age limit is 19 and over to work as a volunteer in Cambodia in hospitals, health centers, on health education programs and in orphanages. A medical qualification is not an essential requirement, but involvement will be based on experience and training. Duties can include giving basic health care; counseling patients; researching and putting together health documents; helping ill and HIV infected patients and organizing educational workshops.

Community Development (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers willing to join community development volunteering projects in Cambodia should be aged over 18, and enthusiastic about both supporting communities facing issues, and working to solve them. They may be involved in helping to monitor the human rights situation and investigating violations; protecting the rights of children and women; teaching English and human rights in local schools, helping to develop new teaching methods; visiting the relevant communities and participating in organizing events and training sessions designed to improve the situation in the community. Attendance for a minimum of five weeks is mandatory if you want to volunteer with community development, and some relevant experience is preferred.

Law and Human Rights (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers must be 19 years of age or older and preferably have 2+ years of relevant experience in the law and human rights field to participate in this program. Their responsibility is to help monitor the human rights situation and provide support to local NGO's. Volunteers might assist in arranging public forums and workshops, or in implementing new human rights projects, writing reports, case studies and research projects, teaching English to staff members, and developing ideas new initiatives. Initially volunteers work alongside local staff members, and attendance for a minimum of five weeks is mandatory on this program.

Environment (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers planning to join environmental volunteer projects in Cambodia must be aged eighteen or over, with some experience in eco-tourism or natural resource management. Volunteers on this project can enjoy a variety of tasks, including conducting studies to assess problems, providing training and giving English lessons both to project staff and members of the target communities. Environmental placements are mainly in rural areas, where accommodation is traditional and therefore very basic. Attendance for a minimum of five weeks is mandatory on this program.

Media Program (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers will be raising awareness about health (HIV/AIDS), women’s and human rights and democracy and will be involved in checking and correcting English, writing reports and newsletters, researching and writing articles, producing TV programs, short films and documentaries, website development and fundraising. Attendance for a minimum of five weeks and some experience is mandatory. Volunteers are required to bring their own laptop.

Social Work (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers will carry out regular field visits, and work with groups of abused children; people infected with HIV, those suffering from addiction or with special needs, as well as victims of domestic violence. Depending on the volunteer’s skills, they may contribute the following: mediation and counseling; support in developing life-skills, advocacy and awareness raising, psycho- social support, delivery of workshops and case studies and report writing. Attendance for a minimum of six weeks and experience in this field is mandatory.

Love Volunteer in Cambodia Program Reviews

love volunteer review

There are many online reviews on the Internet about Love Volunteers praising their programs for their quality, and flexibility. The Love Volunteers’ blog is available on their website, and lots of volunteer alumni share their experiences there too. Many volunteers' stories and reviews show how this is one of the affordable ways to volunteer in Cambodia, with a friendly team and helpful coordinators, which made their experience safe and unforgettable.

It was overall a good experience.Everything came together and was an excellent learning experience. It was challenging. I had a great time where ever I went and would recommend this trip to anyone! If you can handle tent camping you shouldn't have too much of a problem with the living conditions :) it's worth it trust me!- Adrienne

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Love Volunteer Cambodia Volunteer work fee

Love Volunteers low-cost volunteer programs in Cambodia have a registration fee of only $249, which is valid for 12 months, while the volunteer program fees start from $350 for two weeks. This covers food, accommodation, transport, orientation, and in-country support staff during the placement. Volunteers are responsible for their own flights, visas, travel insurance, and vaccinations, as well as any other expenses they may have.

International Volunteer HQ (New Zealand)

International Volunteer HQ was established in 2007, and now provides affordable programs to volunteer in Cambodia and 30 other countries around the world, from Uganda to Morocco, Costa Rica to Italy. IVHQ has grown to become a highly rated volunteering program by offering a variety of projects to volunteers. With volunteer program fees starting from USD$180, you will not find a more affordable, high quality and trustworthy international volunteer travel company.

IVHQ volunteer program is one of the most affordable volunteer opportunities in Cambodia. Volunteers can choose to stay from 2 to 24 weeks. They need to be 18 years or over to participate, unless volunteering with a parent or guardian. All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance and provide a criminal background check.

IVHQ volunteer projects in Cambodia:

Teaching English (nationwide)

Participants in Cambodia volunteer English teaching programs teach English in orphanages and NGO-run schools, along with subjects such as IT, mathematics and art where possible. Although no specific qualifications or experience is necessary volunteers are required to prepare lessons, so they are advised to complete an online TEFL course if possible. (Which is available at a discount on their website.)

Working with NGOs (nationwide)

There are over 40 local NGOs working with IVHQ, with volunteer placements available in the fields of community development, human rights, health and HIV/AIDS awareness, gender issues, environmental issues, and education. Volunteers help in fundraising and proposal writing, preparing case studies and reports, teaching English to staff, and providing IT assistance organizational development, administration and research.

Participation in these tasks depends on the volunteer’s skills and interests and the program duration. Volunteers must be 19 years of age or older, and have relevant experience in the field they wish to work in. Volunteers must commit to a minimum 5 weeks and bring their own laptops.

Childcare (Nationwide)

On this low cost volunteer program in Cambodia participants have the chance to do many things, including admin, cooking and serving food, cleaning, teaching, organizing activities and generally caring for the children.

Special Needs Care (Nationwide)

Volunteers assist in special needs classes for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years. Students have a variety of physical and mental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, deafness and blindness. Volunteers may help to dress, feed and wash the children, and assist local teachers in the classrooms. Volunteers with skills and experience in therapeutic treatments can work individually with children at the special needs center.

Computer Support (Nationwide)

Volunteers help NGOs and orphanage staff to learn and use computer systems to maximize the effectiveness of their projects. Volunteers with experience of Microsoft Office, website development or basic Windows System Administration are preferred. Some volunteers may teach classes of adults or children to use basic tools in Microsoft Word and Excel, and website design. Volunteers must have studied in a related field, or have advanced knowledge of the software mentioned above, and bring their own laptops.

IVHQ Cambodia Volunteering Program Reviews

hq volunteer review

IVHQ has hundreds of independent online reviews on sites such as Abroad Reviews, Go Overseas, and Go Abroad. Many volunteers say their experience was extremely memorable, that their time as a volunteer in Cambodia and elsewhere was highly beneficial and that this experience taught them many valuable life lessons.

It is very overwhelming, confronting and challenging but so worth it. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone ? The IVHQ staff in Cambodia were warm and friendly, it was easy to fit in. A huge thanks to IVHQ (Head office + Local staff) for giving me the experience, it defiantly opened up my eyes and made me appreciate all the little things. It was an experience I will never forget. Thank you - Analeigh

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IVHQ Volunteer in Cambodia Program Fees

hq fee

With two weeks costing $350, IVHQ offers an affordable but highly rated volunteering program in Cambodia. The program fees are set based on the destination and the length of stay. IVHQ program fees are divided into the following fees:

  • The application registration fee which is $279 USD and is refundable if the volunteer decides to not go. This fee pays for support from IVHQ staff, program marketing costs, an information pack, administration costs, a donation to the IVHQ Fund, and staff travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.
  • Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.

Global Crossroad (USA)

gcr volunteer cambodia projects

Global Crossroad is one of the leading and lowest priced volunteer abroad organizations running programs to volunteering in Cambodia. Global Crossroads was established in 2003, and currently offers volunteer abroad programs in 18 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

So far 18,000 volunteers have participated in their programs, which include a wide range of opportunities such as internships abroad, volunteer abroad, summer escapes, mini-venture, paid teaching, humanitarian trips and cultural immersion.

Global Crossroad Volunteer Programs in Cambodia

Global Crossroad offers highly flexible volunteer programs in Cambodia offering placements in a variety of areas. The program range in length from 2-12 weeks and begin on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Overall they are one of the most affordable volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer in an Orphanage (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

gcr orphanage program

The volunteers are responsible for teaching life-skills, offering basic conversational English practice to their host families, developing creative programs such as arts, dance, music, and other physical activities, as well as helping children who have health or personal hygiene needs, and cooking for the children.

Teach English in local schools (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

The volunteers in Cambodia may teach English, science, math, and extra-curricular activities, like arts or sports, depending on their interests and skills, to students between 6-16 years old. They also interact with students in English, as well as using active teaching methods such as music, gestures, artwork, flash cards, and songs to augment learning and encourage and motivate children.

Community Development Project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

To volunteer for this project applicants must have some experience of international volunteering, experience of similar work in a developing country, or must have studied a subject related to international development. Placements mostly involve community oriented initiatives like organize income-generating programs, writing reports and fundraising proposals. To be involved in these volunteer in Cambodia projects, a minimum stay of 4 weeks is required.

NGO Volunteer Project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

Volunteers work with many NGOs, various sectors such as teaching, democracy, sustainable development and human rights, so the role and responsibility of the volunteer in NGO Cambodia Volunteer Project depends on his/her skills and interests. They may get involved with writing reports and proposals for fundraising, develop a savings program for the community, or establishing land and fishery communities in Pursat province. To be involved in these projects, a minimum stay of 4 weeks is required, and prior international volunteer experience is needed.

Health/Medical Project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

Volunteers on health volunteer work in Cambodia get involved in various medical/health care activities, depending on their credentials. There are no specific skills or requirements to volunteer in this project, but those with medical experience or qualifications will be able to use those to undertake more specialist tasks. Duties may include promoting malaria prevention, providing basic care and first aid, administering medications, recording patient details and vitals, promoting health education and nutrition, and shadowing (perhaps assisting) local doctors/

HIV/Aids Awareness Project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

Volunteers will be expected to assist families registered on the project, take part in support groups for those who are infected, assist local NGO’s, lead lessons on personal hygiene, carry out first aid and promote health education and nutrition. Those with medical certifications will be given more specialized tasks

Global Crossroad Volunteer in Cambodia Program Reviews

Volunteers loved the flexibility and the experience through Global Crossroads. The affordable prices for volunteer programs in Cambodia allowed some to book a second trip, and many referred their friends. You can read some testimonials on their online website.

We are two French girls of 23 years old, Julie and Ariane, and we pass through Globalcrossroadorganisation to be volunteer. So, to conclude, it's was a great experience, and without doubts, one day we will come back! Thank You to everyone !! - Arianeetjulie

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Global Crossroad Cambodia Volunteer Program Fees

gcr program fee

Global Crossroads offers highly inexpensive opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia. The program fees are divided into two separate parts:

  • The application fee, which is $299 USD
  • The weekly program fee starts from $400 per week, and will be paid directly to host families and projects.

The weekly fee cover meals, accommodations, the cost of an in-country coordinator, pre-departure information, certificate of completion, and fundraising ideas.

Ubelong (USA)

UBelong was established in 2009, having grown from research undertaken by the founders as they travelled the world and looked for problems they may be able to help solve. They now run active programs in 12 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. To date, volunteers have donated around 3,102,342 hours of their time. UBelong offers one of the cheapest and best opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia.

Ubelong Volunteer opportunities in Cambodia

UBelong volunteer programs are currently based in Phnom Penh, and a minimum commitment of 2 weeks is required. This may be extended if the volunteer wishes. The team of UBelong aim to offer the most well organized and cheapest volunteer opportunities in Cambodia.

Business Development (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers of business development project are expected to contribute their knowledge and talent to help design and manage micro-finance activities, while contributing to the operations of the organization. Though no qualifications are required, past exposure or a business background is welcomed if you want to volunteer in Cambodia with this project.

Care Giving (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers work with children suffering from malnutrition, poverty and sexual abuse. Volunteers are expected to be loving and caring towards these children to help create more nurturing environments. They contribute to the positive development of the children and help the local staff overcome poor conditions.

Construction (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers provide both the physical resources (themselves) and the knowledge required to build and manage facilities like schools and hospitals. Volunteers also help beautify and restore buildings which have been deemed unfit for use. This project requires a certain level of fitness due to the manual work involved.

Education (Phnom Penh)

To tackle increasing school drop-out rates, and lack of education, and to increase employment opportunities, Cambodia volunteers help disadvantaged children and young adults develop skills and talents demanded by the labor market.

Health Care (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers bring experience, skills and new perspectives to help improve public health awareness about diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis. They also assist nurses and doctors as manpower is lacking.

Law and Human Rights (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers provide ideas and solutions through their knowledge and skill set in the law project. They work with disadvantaged communities to help them be resourceful and empower them to both understand their rights and stand up for them.

Ubelong Volunteer Program in Cambodia Reviews:

volunteer response

Ubelong has hundreds of positive online reviews which claim its Cambodia programs is one of the best highly affordable programs to volunteer in Cambodia with. The reviews also note that volunteers felt amazed at the love and warmth they received from the locals.

UBELONG is a very motivated organization whose goals are to help you make a difference in the lives of the people in the communities they serve. I wish I could stay longer and continue with my students and this program. I can not recommend it enough! Check out their website for more information. Thanks UBELONG for the best summer of my life! -Lijia

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Ubelong Cambodia Volunteering Program Fees:

program fee ubelong

Ubelong offers one of the cheapest volunteer opportunities in Cambodia. A volunteer pays just $470 for 2 weeks, with 200 USD of this paid as a reservation fee once you are accepted into a project. For volunteers in the health project, there is an additional US$200 fee for their first month, and then an additional US$100 fee for each month of their placement thereafter. The money is used to support the hospital and local medical professionals.

The fees include all briefings and s before your trip, your airport pickup, housing and three meals a day, plus, after the placement volunteers also receive a reference letter and a United States President’s Volunteer Service Award (U.S. citizens only). They also offer a $100 discount for future volunteer programs in Phnom Penh or Hanoi, Vietnam.

GO Eco (USA)

GO Eco was established in 2005 in the United States, and now operates in over 33 countries in 8 regions of the world, with a 1000 volunteers participating in their programs every year. They focus on low cost opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia, and all other locations; their aim being to enable travelers to experience different and more rewarding kinds of tourism, and encourage travelers to volunteer for the benefit of others.

GO Eco Cambodia Volunteering Program

GO Eco offers two cheap volunteer opportunities in Cambodia; sustainable community development and health aid.

Sustainable Community Development (Samraong)

sustainable community development

Volunteers will be placed at one of several project sites, where they will help with teaching, construction or health education. The teaching program involves running English language learning workshops, helping with arts-and-crafts activities, organizing games and sport activities, creating environmental awareness campaigns and holding hygiene and health sessions. On the construction program volunteers may find themselves painting, building tables, chairs or toilets, repairing the school walls and constructing new classrooms. The health education program focuses on sanitation, sexually transmitted infections (STI's), health and care for the elderly and hygiene. The minimum age requirement to join this project is 17.

Health (Samraong)

If volunteers are qualified they will assist with hands-on tasks like dressing wounds or assisting in surgical operations. Otherwise they will be shadowing a doctor or nurse during consultations. Minimum age requirement is 18, and a pre-medicalstudent, medicalstudent or qualified nurse/doctor is preferred.

GO Eco Volunteer Projectin CambodiaR eviews

volunteering review forum

GO Eco is recommended by many media outlets as one of the organizations offering the best low cost volunteer opportunities. There are many online reviews of Go Eco on the internet. In their reviews, volunteers seem impressed and humbled by the whole experience.

It will certainly be one of the best experience you ever have if you choose to go to this program. GoEco made everything easy for us. Thank you GoEco for allowing me to have such a good time- I will never forget the people I met out there nor the memories I made!-Jen Howse

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GO Eco Cambodia Volunteer opportunities Fees

The volunteer pays a fixed price, with no hidden extras. Fees start from $770 for 2 weeks, (for the sustainable community development program), or $700 for 1 week on the health program, making GO Eco a great choice for a low cost volunteer opportunity in Cambodia. All prices include local in-country support, accommodation, food, pre-departure kit, orientation, airport transfers, as well as insurance.

Globalteer (UK)

Globalteer is a registered non-charity organization in the UK formed in 2008. As a registered charity, Globalteer must use the funds they receive from volunteers to organize and fund realistic volunteer in Cambodia schemes which will provide real change in the long term to the lives of those in poverty. You can rest assured that spending money on a Globalteer project leads to 100% benefit for the people in need, rather than for any company profit,

Globalteer Cambodia Volunteer Program Opportunities

Since 2008 Globalteer has worked with over 2,000 volunteers in South East Asia and South America. Their volunteer placement program has allowed them to spend over $2.6m on achieving their charitable objectives. Globalteer currently manages six inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, including a school for 230 students which offers free supplementary education and shelter to over 1,000 underprivileged children, along with free breakfast; a university scholarship scheme, agricultural training and a project which brings clean drinking water to thousands of villagers.

Childcare (Siem Reap)

Children are taught a number of skills through the free schools by volunteers, but there are also a variety of fun activities and outing to be organized. These may include visits to temples, swimming pools, mountains and lakes. There is also a Giant Puppet Parade which involves three weeks of building huge puppets, culminating in an amazing day for the children dancing and singing through the streets with their creations. Volunteers are needed who are patient and attentive towards children, no particular experience or qualifications are required to join this volunteer in Cambodia program.

Education (Siem Reap)

Volunteers may teach alone or assist local teachers in English, math, arts & crafts, sports and other subjects, dependent upon each project's curriculum and the volunteer's knowledge base. Globalteer’s teaching and community support volunteers are required to perform different duties which reflect the skills of the volunteer. This may mean helping with domestic duties such as preparing meals or keeping the classrooms clean and tidy to maintain a healthy atmosphere for the children.

Agriculture (Siem Reap)

Volunteers will be assisting local and project staff in the maintenance of the market gardens, farms and fish farms. This work involves digging the ground, planting seeds, harvesting crops or even gathering organic materials for compost. Due to the slightly heavy work, choosing this project to volunteer in Cambodia will require a good level of fitness, and good health.

Health Care (Siem Reap)

Volunteers who are qualified doctors, nurses, dentists or opticians are needed to assist the local staff or local doctors in their work.

Drinking Water Project (Siem Reap)

Volunteers in Cambodiahelp build filters under supervision, and travel to local villages to install them and instruct villagers on their use .Volunteers may stay from one to 12 weeks duration, and are free most afternoons so can spend that time relaxing or sightseeing.

Sports (Siem Reap)

Volunteers aged 18+ are welcome to join this volunteer in Cambodia program. The aim of the sports program is to teach sporting skills to children and help build their confidence and self-esteem. Volunteers are required to assist coaching sessions, plan and record sessions, and maintain and monitor equipment.

Globalteer Volunteer opportunity in Cambodia Reviews


Globalteer has several independent online reviews where volunteers describe their volunteer experience as life changing and memorable. Volunteers appreciated Globalteer’s honesty, and their quality work in Cambodia where they felt that they had made a meaningful contribution in just a few weeks.

I had a very very good experience. Everything was perfect, i made a lot of amazing friendships and loved my project. I have no words to explain how this trip changed my life and the way that i see the world. Keep it up, Globalteer Cambodia! Dan Millen

Read more reviews at go abroad and abroad reviews.

Globalteer Volunteer Program in Cambodia Fees:

The Globalteer affordable volunteer fee in Cambodia starts from $850. The fee includes project donation, airport pick up, orientation, town tour, accommodation, breakfast, daily transport to the project locations, and bicycles for all volunteers, plus drinking water.

Project Abroad

Projects Abroad is a well-known and excellent volunteer organization that operates around the world, including Cambodia. You can take part in a wide range of projects that are reasonably priced and have received excellent feedback from almost 2000 volunteers. Their scores include 9.2 on Go Overseas, 9.4 on Trust Pilot, 9.45 on Go Abroad and 4.6/5 on Volunteer Forever.

Top Honorable Mentions for best cheap volunteering providers in Cambodia are:

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

ifre volunteer

IFRE Volunteers is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2005, in Texas, USA. It has a broad focus, with over 200 projects in 18 different countries. The company has already catered to over 19,000 volunteers, placing them in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. IFRE offers one of the most successful and affordable volunteer programs in Cambodia.

IFRE works with dedication towards establishing a strong bond between volunteers and the locals to achieve progress, and meet targets efficiently. They also offer an enlightening travel experiences, cultural experiences, language courses, and various volunteer opportunities.

IFRE Volunteer Program in Cambodia

IFRE volunteer in Cambodia programs started in 2006. It offers a variety of programs which include working at orphanages, with NGOs and locals and helping in health care. They also run a HIV/AIDS awareness program.

IFRE volunteer programsare available in the Phnom Penh, Pursat and Kampot areas. Most of the programs recruit all year-round, with placements generally starting on a Monday, although this is flexible if needs be.

Teach English in Rural Schools (Phnom Penh, Battambarg, Siem Reap, and Pursat)

No specific skills or qualifications are required, however, a teaching certification or education degree is preferred. Volunteers must have a keen interest in helping children to improve their education. Volunteers may teach in either public or private schools, in orphanages, public schools or universities. They may also assist in post-school activities such as sports and games, or arts and crafts or spend time making learning resources.

Work in an Orphanage (Phnom Penh, Battambarg, Siem Reap, and Pursat)

While there are no specific qualifications academic required for this Cambodia volunteer opportunity,orphanages need loving, caring flexible, patient and compassionate-natured volunteers to help care for these youngsters. Volunteers will also teach English and help with daily activities in the orphanage.

Work with a Community Development Project (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers will work in various community development projects, and the placements are based on a volunteer’s skills. There are no specific qualifications required for community development in Cambodia, so you can offer labor, creative ideas or any practical skills you have.

Work with Local NGO Projects (Phnom Penh)

There are no specific qualifications required for this volunteer opportunity in Cambodia either, but volunteers should be enthusiastic and creative as they will help NGOs devise and plan profitable fundraising activities which will benefit the poor, and help develop programs to facilitate stability and sustainability in a community. The minimum placement time on this project is 4 weeks.

Health/Medical Project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

Volunteers on these projects must be certified as one of the following: medical/nursing student, EMT, paramedic, nurse, physical therapist, midwife or physician..Your responsibilities will depend on your level of training, certifications and licensing. Volunteers help with physical therapy and rehabilitation; provide basic care, take patient details and vital signs and partner with local doctors, nurses and therapists to assist in various treatment programs.

HIV/AIDS awareness project (Phnom Penh, Pursat)

Volunteers help to prevent and relieve the negative effects of HIV/AIDS by providing care to patients and holding educational and training activities to counsel infected patients, educate locals, assist clinics/hospitals and fundraise.. There is no specific education, experience, skills and/or qualifications needed to volunteer in Cambodia with this project.

IFRE Volunteer Program in Cambodia Reviews

ifre gooverseas review

IFRE offers one of the best and highly rated volunteer abroad program. There are hundreds of online positive reviews about IFRE volunteer abroad experiences. Most of the volunteers seem very happy with its inexpensive volunteer programs and excellent customer services.

Going through IFRE was one of the best experiences of my life. They helped me with all the little deatials, such as where to stay, and transportation. Not only was every day in the orphanage amazing but on the weekends the program allowed us to travel to other destinations throughout. If you are looking for an amazing humbling experience, with beautiful people and places this is the program for you. I highly recommend.-Kailun

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas.

IFRE Cambodia Volunteer Program Fees

volunteer program fee ifre

IFRE offers one of the most affordable volunteer opportunities in Cambodia and their program fee is also tax deductible. IFRE fees may be divided into two separate fees:

  • Application fee of $299 USD
  • Weekly program fee of which
  • Host families receive 60%-80%
  • Project donation which is 10% - 20%
  • Local country office expenses/staff, which is 10-30% of your program fee In their program, you will pay your fee directly to host families and projects. In this way, it reaches the needy directly with no middle-men claiming profit. Your program fee also covers three meals a day, accommodation, airport welcome, airport to project transfer, support from the in-country coordinator, thoroughly researched and personalized projects, safe volunteer placements, pre-departure information, volunteer care and other services, emergency support and a certificate.

All IFRE Volunteers will also be eligible for a $50 discount off a future volunteer abroad program fee.

Reach Out Volunteers (Australia)

Alongside their partners ROV Charity, Reach Out Volunteers focus their programs on two strands of volunteer abroad programs: community development and endangered wildlife.

By concentrating on providing opportunities for local people to work on the projects they support the cycle of poverty is tackled at a grassroots level. The wildlife program aims to protect both the animals and their environment. In Cambodia this involves working with elephants.

Although university students are the main target market there is no barrier to anyone else joining a program to volunteer if they are interested.

Reach Out Cambodia Volunteer Opportunities

Reach Out Volunteers offer three projects in Cambodia: village immersion, marine conservation and an elephant program

Village Immersion (Cambodia):

Volunteers will be working with the local villagers, constructing shelter and education for those in need, or at the local village school, helping children to improve their English skills. Once the construction phase is completed, work on other projects according to local needs will begin. When joining this program to volunteering in Cambodia, volunteers need to be strong as this is a lot of physical work.

Marine Conservation (Cambodia):

Volunteers will work on a building project such as constructing reef pods and placing them on the seabed, to create a marine environment for fish breeding and a sustainable source of protein for the villagers; building a water-catchment to provide clean water to the village; developing a playground; renovating community buildings such as the medical clinic; and installing new infrastructure such as water pumps and rubbish-disposal facilities.

Volunteers may also teach the local children and villagers about environmental awareness and disposing of rubbish responsibly. Volunteers will also help on marine-conservation projects, after being taught how to dive from a SCUBA instructor. Volunteers will then be able to work safely underwater.

Elephant Program (Siem Reap)

Volunteers will work at an elephant sanctuary on such tasks as harvesting and replanting food supplies, improving infrastructure, and participating in general maintenance, such as planting trees to conserve the jungle. They may also work in the garden to help the elephant sanctuary become more self-sufficient and grow its own produce. Volunteers will be bathing, feeding, and hanging out with the elephants every single day!

Reach Out Cambodia Volunteering Program Reviews

Reach out volunteer has positive reviews on the review site Go Overseas. These online reviews show the company as being caring, professional and committed to community development.

I can't say enough about ROV. Great people, great experience. Can't wait to do it again! I'm really looking forward to going with this organization.- Mandy

Read more reviews at Go Overseas and indeed.

Reach Out Cambodia Volunteer work Fees:

Reach out volunteers offers inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Cambodia with program fees of around $1695, though the actual cost varies depending on the program type and duration of stay. Fees includes volunteer accommodation, food and ground transportation.

WLS International/GapXperience

School Project (Samraong)

Free education is provided to two hundred and thirty children arrive at the Greenway School in Samraong. Volunteers are encouraged to provide their creative input for a workshop on drawing, art, singing or other related activities. Volunteers may also assist in the construction of new pathways, toilets, walls and renovation work, or help students manage their plot of vegetables.

Construction Project (Samraong)

Volunteers working on this volunteer project in Cambodia help at the main construction site - a local school for poor children, and other development sites which will aid community development.

WLS International/GapXperience Asia Cambodia Volunteer Program Reviews

Online reviews show GapXperience as a company offering the best life changing and low cost volunteer opportunities. Volunteers described their volunteer experience as 'a meaningful experience, which they cannot wait to do again.’ It has also been called an 'unforgettable experience'. They said GapXperience offers cheap volunteer programs in Cambodia and does an excellent job organizing programs and supporting volunteers. Everyone loved getting involved with the children and the local staff, saying they were very welcoming.

I had a wonderful experience with WLS International during my 2 week program. From the moment you are picked up at the airport, you have not a thing to worry about. All the issues of accommodations, volunteering, and transportation are settled and organized. I had the flexibility to make changes in my plans and Prachit was there to promptly assist me whenever I needed her. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to volunteer abroad in the land of smiles.- Oksana Simakina - Mississauga

Read more reviews at abroad reviews and Go Overseas and go abroad.

WLS International/GapXperience Asia Volunteer in Cambodia Program Fees

GapXperience Asia volunteer in Cambodiafee is highly affordable. The volunteer pays only the fixed prices that is advertised, there are no hidden charges to deal with. Fees start from $595 for 2 weeks, and include the volunteer program, airport pickup, accommodation, meals, support, and pre-departure information. The construction project has a surcharge of $50 weekly.

POD Volunteers (UK)

POD, established in 2001, runs a highly rated program to volunteer in Cambodia with. This is a non-profit organization, where volunteers work for 1-12 weeks with disadvantaged children, communities, animals and conservation projects in Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2014, through this organization $470, 276 worth of money and grants were sent overseas. It was also voted as a finalist in 2015’s best volunteering organization.

POD Cambodia Volunteer Opportunities

POD is largely based in Phnom Penh, and is extensively involved in helping the local communities. Volunteers may stay from 2 to 4 weeks, or sometimes more.

Bear Rescue (Phnom Penh)

Volunteers assist local keepers to care for about 150 bears..They will be required to prepare bear food, assist in feeding the bears, clean both their inside and outside enclosures, and make enrichment items and activities for the bears. Other tasks might include constructing new play areas for the bears. Volunteers should be 18+ and they may stay any length of time from one to eight weeks.

Childcare and Education (Phnom Penh)

Childcare is divided into two areas, either caring for children alongside nannies, or teaching them English through games and activities. Volunteers in Cambodiawho work with local Khmer nannies will care for babies, toddlers and young children with learning disabilities. Educational programs involve teaching English, math, games, and arts and crafts, and volunteers should be able to produce their own original lessons and activities. Volunteers should be aged 18+ and able to stay any time from four to 12 weeks.

Agriculture (Phnom Penh)

Agriculture program volunteers get involved in clearing areas, planting and maintaining crops and putting up protective fences. Composting, and caring for farm animals like poultry and fish is also required. Farming volunteers are also encouraged to spend time at a local children’s home too, where they may play games, assist at meal times and help the children practice their English. Volunteers should be 18+ and be able to stay from 4 to 12 weeks, which can be extended further if a volunteer wishes to.

POD Cambodia Volunteering Program Reviews

There are great online reviews of Pod's volunteer program. 96% of Pod volunteers rate the overall experience as good or very good, and 97% of Pod volunteer alumni would recommend POD to their friends

PoD were very helpful and organised from start to finish. There was plenty of information provided both on the website and the information booklet. I cannot recommend this project highly enough! It was such a great experience and one I will never forget... a dream come true! 2 weeks was definitely not long enough!-Chantelle

Read more reviews at go abroad and Go Overseas.

POD Cambodia Volunteer Program Fees:

Pod runs one of the best affordable volunteer in Cambodiaopportunities. The cost for four weeks is $1,390, with $165 charged for each extra week. This includes airport transport, accommodation, lunch & dinner, on-site support from the local team, crisis management plans and insurance.

Kaya (UK)

Kaya Responsible Travel was established in 2008, and has over 150 community development and conservation projects in 27 countries all over Asia, Africa and Latin America. They provide inexpensive ways to volunteer in Cambodia. They work with both the community and volunteers to provide valuable funding, and promote responsible travel in developing countries and areas of environmental concern.

Kaya Cambodia Volunteer Program

Teacher and Curriculum Development (Siem Reap)

Volunteers teach English to students in schools, daycare centers, community centers for former street children, a school for blind children, residential centers, on programs targeting child landmine victims, and even in a center for trainee primary school teachers. Since being able to speak English is fast becoming a way for many locals to make more money from the growing tourist market there is a real need for more teachers to facilitate this learning.

Volunteers must be 25 or older, and willing to stay on the project for anything from 2 months to 1 year. The work may involve any or all of the following tasks, assisting teachers with lesson planning, managing classrooms and developing curriculums, running one off classes & courses, and observing and developing local teaching staff.

Classroom and Childcare (Siem Reap)

Volunteers are placed as teaching assistants in classrooms to help improve students English- speaking abilities, and to make the curriculum fun so students are eager to learn. Volunteers are assistants to the local lead teacher, so you can help manage large groups of children and give individual attention to those who need it. Requirements include being a native English speaker aged over 18 years of age, and being able to commit to a stay of between eight weeks and one year.

NGO and Community Development ( Siem Reap)

These NGO’s require volunteers’ help in a wide variety of areas, to help create an infrastructure for well-structured projects, and to market them effectively when liaising with donors, These NGOs do not have the funds to pay skilled workers to run their projects effectively, so rely on volunteers to help out. Applicants must be older than 21 years to volunteering in Cambodia with this program and willing to commit to a stay of eight weeks to one year.

Music, Drama, Dance (Siem Reap)

Volunteers with a penchant for teaching singing, dancing and music are much needed to help make learning fun for children, and to help develop resources in these areas. Most NGOs do not have the time to do more than simple music, dance and drama classes so having volunteers teaching these topics is a great asset to the project. To be eligible a volunteer must be aged over 18 and have relevant skills in at least one of the topics covered.

Health Care (Siem Reap)

The main role of health care volunteers is to run education programs teaching local community residents how to prevent and protect against disease and poor health. Some projects already do teach about health, nutrition and dental hygiene, and in these cases volunteers can help improve the teaching materials and aids further. This program requires volunteers aged over 18 who are looking to stay for anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 year.

Kaya Volunteer Program in Cambodia Reviews

Kaya volunteers has positive reviews on various online review sites, including Go Abroad, Go Overseas, Abroadreviews. Plus you will find extensive blog articles and commentaries on their experiences written by alumni on Kaya's own website.

Booking my volunteering trip with Kaya Volunteer was such a great experience! The staff was very helpful and friendly, and they were able to address all of my questions and concerns through the booking process. Volunteer with Kaya, you will not regret it. The Kaya team will ensure you have a rewarding trip. -EllenHansen

Read more reviews at go abroad and Go Overseas and abroad reviews.

Kaya Cambodia Volunteer Program Fees

Kaya programs to volunteer in Cambodia starts at $2897 for 8 weeks of program. This includes accommodation, breakfast, transport to and from the airport, training, Wi-Fi, work permit, provision of a bicycle for your use and trips to Angkor Wat and the floating village.

New Hope Volunteers

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1998, New Hope Volunteers partners with RCDP, who you can find on the main list, and offers opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia at very reasonable prices. While they don’t have a lot of reviews, their score on Abroad Reviews is 8.9, and their partnership with RCDP is also a great sign.

Volunteering solutions

Volunteering Solutions offers very affordable volunteer programs in Cambodia, and you can help out with NGO support, childcare, teaching Englis and medical volunteering. Their reviews are excellent, with a 9.4/10 on Go Overseas and 4.6/5 on Tour Radar with roughly 500 combined reviews.

Working abroad

Working Abroad’svolunteer programs in Cambodia focuses on animals. You can either work in an elephant sanctuary or a bear sanctuary and given the unique nature of these programs the rates are eminently affordable. Reviews are also good, with a 4.6/5 score on Volunteer Forever and a 9.5/10 on Go Overseas.

Volunteer for Peace

Formed all the way back in 1982 in Vermont, Volunteer for Peace has an incredible amount of experience facilitating volunteers worldwide, including in Cambodia. While they only have one project, it involves varied tasks like teaching, community development and construction, and feedback is great with 9.1 on Go Overseas, 9.27 on Go Abroad and 4.6/5 on Volunteer Forever.

This article summarizes the 10 best and cheap volunteer opportunities in Cambodia. If you are planning to join a volunteer program please contact any of them and find the best option for you. If you have already joined or completed a Cambodia volunteer program with a company mentioned here it would be great to hear how you found it. And of course we'd love to hear about any other companies you believe should be in this article.

P.S. If Cambodia is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Nepal, Sri Lanka,

How to find the best volunteer providers in Cambodia?

While this list presents what we think are the best volunteer providers in Cambodia, you might want to do some research on your own as well. If you’re wondering exactly how to evaluate whether a company you’re considering to volunteer in Cambodia with is good or not, we have some steps that you can follow:

Check out the company’s social media presence. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or elsewhere, they should be actively updating and engaging with the public. If there are no recent posts and little to no activity on any of their social feeds, you should steer clear.

Another thing you should always check when evaluating a volunteer provider and their Cambodia volunteer opportunities is their reviews. This might seem obvious, but if you don’t know where to look it can be hard to find proper feedback. We recommend Go Overseas, Go Abroad, Volunteer Forever, Abroad Reviews and Trust Pilot. Generally, we tend to avoid anything with scores lower than 8.5/10.

Most volunteer companies will say on their website how many volunteers they have served in the past. Depending on the age of the company, you should expect several thousands at least, and companies with extensive experience should have an influx of volunteers numbering in the tens of thousands.

As volunteering abroad is an incredibly competitive field, the best companies will want to offer reasonable prices for their Cambodia volunteer work. If you find programs that seem expensive to you compared to those listed in this article, have a look if they offer anything out of the ordinary such as tours or cultural experiences. If not, you should probably avoid them.

The best companies will also regularly update their website, and you should be able to find recent posts on there about their volunteer work, whether it’s about their volunteer programs in Cambodia or elsewhere. Furthermore, they can sometimes also put you in touch with former volunteers, giving you a direct window into their experience with the company.

People who have already went there spread the positive message and honest review about the volunteer provider.

If Cambodia is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bali, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

You might also want to check out our other articles on Volunteer Abroad Programs , 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Cambodia Orphanage Providers, 10 Best Cheap Volunteer in Cambodia Medical Providers and 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Teaching English Cambodia Providers. If you are planning a trip to Cambodia and searching for best tour operator, check out our article on 10 best Cambodia tour operators.

Have you ever been a volunteer in Cambodia? What provider did you go with and were you happy with your experience? Do you think we’re missing one of the best volunteering providers in Cambodia on this list? Then please let us know in the comments below!

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