Are you interested in experiencing the real India but afraid the cost will make it impossible? Does volunteering work in India sound exciting and worthwhile but you feel confused by the amount of volunteer programs in India to choose from? Are you put off by having to arrange everything yourself? 

India is a country known for its great history, colorful festivals and multitude of cultures. It is also a mystical country where people travel from all over the world to explore inner peace and spirituality. India is now one of the most popular destinations for volunteer opportunities in the world. India offers bustling cities, fascinating architecture and one of the best cuisines in the world, it’s not a wonder why many are keen to visit.

Due to this, there are hundreds of volunteer organizations competing to attract you to their humanitarian work. If you are not familiar with these companies, trying to make a choice, let alone the right one, can feel overwhelming.

It is difficult to know what the right decision is when the volunteering opportunities in India on offer vary greatly in terms of price, quality, cultural exposure, and commitment to the projects they work with.
If you choose an organization without doing the adequate research, you might end up overpaying for your stay, or wasting your time with a subpar program!

Moreover, choosing a wrong company is dangerous when volunteering abroad as you may risk your safety and well-being, as well as ruin your experience.

At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you paying high costs for volunteering in India and potentially ruining what should be a very memorable experience. We want to see you joining a reputable, safe and affordable volunteer program in India where you can make a meaningful difference.  

In order to help you make the right choice, our research team has examined hundreds of organizations to find those which offer the most affordable and best India volunteer opportunities and included them in this article for your convenience.

We have selected 10 best cheap volunteer abroad provider in India that offer programs that will give you a life-changing experience and memories to be treasured forever.

Read on and learn more about the various worthwhile organizations around and their volunteering programs, as you are bound to find the one that best fits your needs.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
Reviews Get more info
IVHQ $599 Go Overseas- ‎1,486 reviews
Go Abroad- 120 Reviews
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Plan My Gap Year (UK) $468 Go Overseas;-314 reviews
Review Center:-297 reviews
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GVI $644 Go Overseas- ‎357 reviews
Go Abroad-2750 Reviews
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GoEco $770 Go Overseas- ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad-517 reviews
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Global Crossroad $599 Go overseas:- ‎74 reviews
Abroad Reviews:334 reviews
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Love Volunteers $848 Go overseas:- ‎135 reviews
Go Abroad:- ‎283 reviews
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RCDP Volunteers $529 Abroad Review:- 221 Review
Go overseas:- ‎47 reviews
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A Broader View $860 Volunteer forever- ‎246 reviews
Go overseas- ‎178 reviews
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A POD Volunteers $890 Go Overseas- ‎39 reviews
Go Abroad-62 reviews
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Frontier $945 Go Overseas- ‎59 reviews
Go Abroad- -950 reviews
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Table updated: October 16, 2019


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Established in 2007, IVHQ offers many excellent and affordable volunteer in India programsfor volunteer travelers to choose from. These include working in the areas of teaching,childcare, community development, medical, construction and renovation, turtle conservation and wildlife conservation.

For IVHQ volunteering is a two way process which facilitates understanding and provides benefits for both parties. This unique approach allows both the international volunteer and the community they work with to gain new skills and experiences, and in turn to share those with others in the future.

IVHQ Programs in India

IVHQ invites volunteers to experience the beauty of India by helping out for a good cause in two cities: Delhi and Dharamsala. Programs offered in Delhi are such as childcare, health, slum teaching, and teaching English. Meanwhile, in Dharamsala, volunteers can experience assisting in programs such as childcare, teaching English, and healthcare. Volunteers need to be 18 years or over to participate, unless volunteering with a parent or guardian.

Low cost volunteering programs in India begin on the first and third Monday of every month, and in most cases can last for between 1 - 24 weeks. [Exceptions being the health project in Dharamsala, which has a maximum stay of 12 weeks.]

Between 10 and 40 volunteers from various cultural backgrounds join programs each month, so you will always have plenty of people around to socialize and travel with.

IVHQ – Teaching English Program in Delhi

This inexpensive volunteering opportunity in India allows volunteers to share their knowledge with local teachers and develop the English skills of poor students. On this program you will teach for approximately 4 hours per day, working alongside local teachers - who you will help with both conversation practice and material development - and other international volunteers. Fluent English skills are a must but no teaching experience or qualifications are required.

IVHQ –Teaching in Delhi slums

Many thousands of children in India live in slums, with little chance of attending mainstream school or finding a decent job when they get older. The slum teachingIndia volunteer project strives to provide these children with a basic education and new opportunities that they would otherwise be deprived of, and it makes a major difference to their lives, and to their family’s future. Volunteer work includes conducting basic lessons in temporary classrooms within the slums, playing games with the children after class, providing one-on-one support, and introducing the children to activities such as painting, that are not usually available.

IVHQ – Childcare in Delhi & Kerala

Many orphanages and childcare centers in India are overcrowded and under-resourced, so volunteer assistance is very welcome. Participants on this type of India volunteering program assist with daily chores such as, cooking and cleaning, caring for the children and babies, and teaching English. Additional duties may involve assisting with homework, teaching life skills, and arranging games and activities for the children.

IVHQ – Healthcare in Delhi & Kerala

Volunteers on this program work in local hospitals and clinics, generally with routine work as the law won't allow unqualified people work alone in this field. This is a good chance to work with local staff and learn how the health care system works in India. Qualified volunteers may have the chance to do more practical work, and to arrange this they must show documented evidence of their experience and certification to hospital staff. If you’re looking for medical experience while you travel, this is one of the best volunteer opportunities in India.

IVHQ – Teaching English Program in Delhi

This English teaching project involves working in local monasteries, teaching English to monks, aged from 5 years old. Volunteers are responsible for making lesson pans, and resources to help with this are provided. In the evenings they may be asked to hold conversation classes with older monks. Teaching experience is not essential to join this program.


IVHQ has received more than 250 positive reviews from its past volunteers. This organization is highly rated for volunteer programs due to their value for money and well organized projects, helpful program coordinators, and really great host family arrangements. Volunteers also appreciated the regular support they got from local staff. More reviews of this organization can be read at Abroad Reviews, Volunteer HQ, and Go Overseas.

The Fee

IVHQ offers some of the most reasonable India volunteer program fees in the industry, starting from $250 for a one-week program. All programs also require a registration fee of $279 on top.

The registration fee covers the cost of comprehensive support from IVHQ staff, program marketing, an information pack, administration costs, a donation to the IVHQ Fund, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers. The Program Fee includes airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during the volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.

Volunteers in India are responsible for all costs relating to visas, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check, transfer back to the airport after the program ends, in-country trips and tours, souvenirs, and spending money, (volunteers in Nepal generally find $20 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).

Why We Selected IVHQ

We love IVHQ for their very affordable prices, as well as their unique approach to volunteering that facilitates a greater amount of cross-cultural exchange. As always on our list, their reviews are also excellent.

Plan My Gap Year

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Plan My Gap Year is an excellent volunteer organization founded in the UK that focuses especially on the social aspect of volunteering. They also have very reasonable prices and great reviews with 96% on Go Overseas, 4.9/5 on Volunteer Forever and 4.8/5 on Review Center.


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Since 1998, GVI has been running multiple-award winning, cheap and highly reputed volunteer organization. This organization strives to make a difference because they believe in what they do, and have seen the impact they make in the field first-hand. With most of their staff having started out as GVI volunteers themselves, they have confidence in their projects and are dedicated to ensuring you have the same amazing experience that they did.

GVI Volunteer Programs in India

This organization offers volunteers a chance to make a difference to a cause they are passionate about in the beau. Programs are all based in Kerala. You will be able to help rural communities in dire need of help and attention, and also immerse yourself in the rich culture of Kerala, which has lots of nice places to see and explore. The minimum time commitment for most GVI volunteer opportunities in India is two weeks.

Childcare in Kerala

Your living arrangements will be in a share-house in the heart of the local community of Fort Kochi, where you can experience the rich culture of India. Volunteers work in both schools which support low-income families and a local care centre. Due to the high level of demand classes can be very crowded, so an extra person on hand is a great asset, and gives these children the attention they need to improve there grades.

Women’s Empowerment in Kerala

By volunteering in India program with GVI, you will join a dedicated team of international volunteers assisting on sustainable and invaluable women’s empowerment initiatives. In India, women are born into a society where social inequalities are seldom challenged, despite women having legal rights to education, healthcare an employment. This program aims to assist in creating gender equality through various initiatives.

Healthcare in Kerala

On this India volunteer program volunteers are based at a school for children with special needs, where they lead sessions of games, sports, arts and other activities alongside specialist teachers. There will also be opportunities to assist specialist teachers in early intervention units or the vocational unit of the school.


Are you unfamiliar with GVI? Unsure whether you should volunteer with this organization? They may not be famous, but there are lots of testimonials and reviews about this organization online. Previous volunteers loved working with GVI for many reasons, including their affordable fees, excellent support from the program coordinators, and the attention paid to logistical arrangements. You can read some of the reviews at Tour Radar, Go Overseas, and Volunteer Forever.

The Fee

GVI's India volunteering program fee is very inexpensive, although the exact price depends on the program. All programs listed above require a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks, for which the fee for the childcare program and women’s empowerment program start at $1700, while the healthcare project fee starts at $1900.

These fees are inclusive of accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers, food, airport pick up and drop off, pre-departure info pack, and transfers to the project. Volunteers will need to bring extra cash for airfare, visa, and travel insurance.

Why We Selected GVI

GVI earns a place on this list of the best volunteering work in India with their many awards from prestigious organizations, highly prolific nature and while their prices are somewhat high, their reviews are absolutely excellent.


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GoEco was established in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. They both hold University degrees in Environmental/Geography studies, and have participated in and created international ecological projects. Gilben and Tal introduced the concept of volunteer tourism in Israel based on their numerous experience and created volunteer projects locally for international volunteers. They successfully organized their first volunteer project at the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Michmoret during the summer of 2006.

GoEco in India

This organization is well-known for offering interesting and cheap India volunteering programs. You can choose between helping with teaching or community work at Goa, a healthcare program in Palampur, and community aid work at Rajasthan. The minimum required time to volunteer for any of these projects is 2 weeks.

GoEco Volunteer opportunities in India

GoEco – Teaching& Community Work in Goa

This project is designed to support and educate Thivim's community members who are most in need, which includes young orphan children, abused women and elderly people without families. Volunteers will be sent to different locations, depending where there is a need.

You could choose to assist in the slums outreach project, organizing fun educational activities for the children who live there. A second option would be to assist in the women’s shelter that provides support for abused women and children, by helping the women find work or improve their computer skills while their children are at school, and then helping the kids with their homework when they return home. Lastly, you can help with the teaching project in Goa, where you will help to teach basic English in a creative way, which is a great way to spend your time in volunteering programs in India.

GoEco – Healthcare Program in Palampur

This project provides medical/nursing students with a unique medical internship in Palampur. There are also specialized placements for physiotherapy, midwifery and speech therapy students in Palampur, for those with related qualifications.

As an intern volunteers work with experienced medical staff while they carry out their daily routine. Pre-med/nursing or those in their first or second-year of medical/nursing school will primarily shadow the team. Medical and nursing students will have the opportunity to observe as well as help the doctors. Medical Volunteers in Indiaare given tasks according to their level of knowledge and skills.

Most of the work revolves around general medicine or the operating department, with occasional opportunities in other areas.

GoEco – Community Aid in Rajasthan

This project involves helping to deliver educational initiatives at a school for the hearing impaired, and a school for children with special needs, as well as running an outreach program for children living in a local slum.

At the school for the hearing impaired, volunteers help teachers with daily lessons while also learning basic sign language so they can communicate with the children. In the special needs school, they help the students learn in a way that caters to their specific needs, a vital part of gaining personal confidence, Volunteers in the slums outreach program hold outdoor classes for children, where much of the learning is done through games and other fun activities.


This organization has received numerous positive testimonials from its past volunteers, with special praise for GoEco's popular volunteeringopportunities in Indiawhich offer excellent logistical arrangements, affordable program fees, and very good support from the local staff throughout. You can read more reviews about this organization at Go Abroad , Go Overseas, and Abroad Reviews

The Fee

This organization offers very inexpensive India volunteer program fees! Both the teaching program in Goa and community project in Rajasthan cost from only $770 for a two-week project, with the healthcare program in Palampur starting at $900.

The fees cover the costs food and housing for volunteers, training, supervision and safety precautions as well as a contribution to the project to help it run successfully. in most cases full travel health insurance coverage for the volunteer is also included, as is the airport transfer on arrival.

Why We Selected GoEco

GoEco stands out based on their amazing ecological efforts as well as their excellent programs focused on other areas. Their prices are also very reasonable, and reviews rave about their great experiences with the company.

Global Crossroad

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socail work in india

This organization was formed in 2003 and offers various cheap India volunteering programs. Global Crossroad offers volunteers rewarding volunteer programs, a caring host family, and extensive support from their professional staff members. Since 2003, more than 18,000 volunteers have experienced Global Crossroad's wonderful volunteer opportunities in many different countries.

Global Crossroad Volunteering Opportunities in India


Volunteers teach English to students aged 6 to 16-years-old, supported by local English teachers. Although the text for these classes is set you may be asked to develop additional projects to help students learn English. If you have other skills, such as computer or art knowledge, you may be asked to teach these other subjects. This project is available in Delhi and Jaipur.


Volunteers working in India programassist local staff with various health and medical tasks, based largely on their relevant education, skills, experience and qualifications. You may help with routine jobs such as measuring blood pressure, temperature, height, weight, etc, or shadow local doctors and observe their work. Due to medical regulations, volunteers cannot treat patients or become involved in surgery during the project. This project is available in Delhi.


Global Crossroad offers highly rated volunteer opportunities with excellent testimonials from its past volunteers. This organization is well-known for its affordable program fees, friendly coordinators, responsive staff, and great logistical planning. You can read hundreds of reviews for Global Crossroad volunteer programs

The Fee

Global Crossroad strives to provide low cost volunteer programs in Indiaso that volunteers benefit from the lowered program fees. This organization’s application/registration fee is US $299, which covers company expenses incurred for costs such as advertising, program promotion, and office expenses, (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in the USA office).

In addition to the application fee, volunteers are required to pay a weekly program fee directly to your host families and projects (not for company profit). The program fee starts at $135 in Delhi and $145 in Jaipur.

Separate fees apply for airport pickup and transfer ($50), travel insurance ($3.49 per day), and Language and Culture Program participants ($250).’

Why We Selected Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad excels in offering great logistical support, fair prices and amazing homestay experiences for those participating in their volunteer in India programs. Their work also receives great reviews across the board.

Love Volunteers

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help rural community in india

Love Volunteers was established in 2008 and offers lots of cheap volunteer works in India. Their entire partner organizations have been fully vetted to ensure that there is a genuine need for assistance and that volunteers are placed in safe environments. They also connect every volunteer with one local staff member who will be their main point of contact throughout the duration of the placement. Admin costs are kept low as Love Volunteer works with local organizations wherever possible. This has the added benefit of providing work and a financial boost to local communities.

Love Volunteers in India

Love Volunteers believe that to be truly rewarding for all involved volunteering should involve two key things: a lot of natural or authentic interaction between the volunteer and the local community, and the India volunteering programs which offer real benefit for growth and development. The various programs on offer in India will allow volunteers to increase their personal skills, especially in the areas of decision-making and creative problem-solving.

Love Volunteers programs in India

Love Volunteers – Teaching in Jaipur

The teaching program plays a key role in helping all children access at least a basic education. Classes are taught using a special method called “Play-Way”, which involves teaching English through creative activities such as painting, playing games, singing and so on. Volunteers will also help teach other subjects, such as hygiene and environmental education. The minimum required participation time for the English teaching program is one week.

Love Volunteers – Street Children in Jaipur

Love Volunteers works closely with a local organization that has started a school to provide free education, educational materials, uniforms and play materials to street children. Volunteers will help to teach basic English & Mathematics, creativity exercises like drawing, painting, music and dance, and basic hygiene awareness. This program has a minimum commitment time of one week.

Love Volunteers – Women Empowerment in Jaipur

On the women’s empowerment volunteers in India help improve disadvantaged young females to gin confidence through skill building in both IT and English literacy, alongside some physical activities. The minimum required commitment time for this program is four weeks.

Love Volunteers – Orphanage Program in Jaipur

If you have at least four weeks to commit to a program and love working with babies and small children this is a great option. This India volunteering program involves working with both orphans and mentally disabled youngsters aged from newborn to six years old. Help is always needed to supplement the understaffed centers, undertaking tasks such as bathing and feeding the children, planning exercise activities, general cleaning and washing, as well as educating the children about personal and environmental hygiene.


Love Volunteers has many highly reviewed programs, praised by alumni for the value of the programs offered, the safety of project sites, as well as the support provided prior to and during the volunteer trip. Volunteers also rated the staff as dedicated to providing programs which offer real benefit to a community. You can read reviews of this organization on Go Overseas, Go Abroad, and Volunteer Forever.

The Fee

Love Volunteers is well-known in the industry for its inexpensive program fees, which start from just $310 for a one-week program. The volunteering in India program fee covers accommodation, food, orientation, transport, and in-country support staff throughout the duration of your volunteer placement.

An additional registration fee of US$249 covers comprehensive pre- and post- placement support from Love Volunteers staff, and a comprehensive information pack; but it also helps cover the hidden costs which make Love Volunteers' programs so successful. These include their commitment to thoroughly checking and vetting local organizations before a project is created, and regularly reviewing their standard of volunteer experience on 100+ programs, plus of course the usual administration and marketing costs.

Volunteers in Indiaare responsible for arranging additional expenditure for their own flights, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations (if required), as well as any spending money they may require.

Why We Selected Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is among the best choices for volunteering programs in India due to their very transparent behavior and fees, large number of programs and reviews praising every aspect of the company from project planning to support staff and accommodation.

RCDP Volunteers

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india volunteer care

Rural Community Development Program is a non-profit volunteer organization established in 1998. Each year, they welcome over 1000 enthusiastic volunteers who wish to assist in sustainable community development that benefits the rural and extremely poor communities. RCDP teams up with local grass root organizations.

RCDP Volunteer Opportunities in India


As an orphanage volunteer, you will contribute in the development and growth of some of the most deprived and neglected children in the world. You will help the local staff as they work with children, and get directly involved with various skill-developing activities, such as games, art, sports, and music, and when teaching English. This program is available in Delhi and Jaipur.


As a volunteer on an English teaching project in India, you will work in community schools for deprived children, consisting of both boys and girls from 5 to 14 years. The approximate class size of the class about 20 to 35 students. Volunteers may be asked to teach according to their capacities, o along with English lessons, you may teach other skills like computers and arts. Most volunteers will teach English following the official curriculum, though you may be asked by school authorities to develop your own projects to help students learn English. This program is available in Delhi and Jaipur.


RCDP Nepal is a very highly rated and respected volunteer organization with hundreds of positive reviews. Read through these reviews and get first-hand accounts of volunteers’ experience, or search the web to read the more than 200 online reviews and testimonies. RCDP Nepal is widely praised for its high quality volunteer programs, warm and helpful support staff, and reasonable prices.

The Fee

RCDP offers very affordable volunteer programs in India fees compared to many US and UK-based organizations that charge volunteers up to $2500 to volunteer for 2 weeks. The program fee is divided into a registration fee ($269) and a weekly fee. Weekly fee is divided between room/3 local foods a day (50%) and project donation/support of local project staffs (50%). This division may differ, depending on location and project. Weekly fee starts at $93 in Delhi and $98 in Jaipur.

Why We Selected RCDP

We chose RCDP for their commitment to sustainable development in rural and neglected areas, coupled with their incredible prices, great reviews and fascinating volunteer projects in India.

A Broader View

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A Broader View is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in the USA. This organization was established in 2007, created on the principle that one person can make a big impact in the lives of others. Volunteers are given the opportunity to live with local people and working one of the various programs available, in the field of orphanage work, day care, community development, teaching and much more.

A Broader View in India

This organization offers various volunteer opportunities in Jaipur and Udaipur, including opportunities which range from animal welfare, construction and teaching, to working with children or in the healthcare field. Whatever your passions and interests lay, you are sure to find the best and most affordable volunteer project in India to suit you with A Broader View!

A Broader View ‘s India volunteer opportunities

Animal Care In Jaipur

This project is perfect for veterinary students or animal lovers who are interested in providing care and shelter to animals in need. Volunteer responsibilities include taking care of the animals & birds, cleaning their cages, feeding them, washing them, giving vaccines, maintaining records, preparing their food, educating the people about animal rights and motivating local people to adopt them.

Elephant Conservation in Jaipur

Elephants are mainly used in the tourism industry of Jaipur. You will have a very rewarding learning experience and be able to help elephant mahouts with their daily work of preparing food, feeding, cleaning the elephant shelters, and washing them. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to ride the elephants when participating in these India volunteering program!

Construction in Jaipur and Udaipur

The focus of this project will be on making or building small structures like toilets, desks and tables in the schools, or painting walls and murals. Anyone is encouraged to help, as professional trade skills are not essential. Volunteers on this program are responsible for paying the daily tuktuk fee to get to the worksite.

Teaching English in Jaipur and Udaipur

By volunteering to teach a second language you give students the chance to sharpen their skills and find jobs in the tourism industry. This volunteer program in Indiarequires a minimum commitment of 8 weeks, and volunteers are responsible for creating their own class syllabus. Lessons may be held at a local school, orphanage, or woman’s' empowerment centre.

Women's Empowerment in Jaipur

Volunteers will teach women English, help to develop micro-finance development plans, educate students on. Topics including gender equality, income generation and computer literacy, and help guide them towards financial and social independence. Volunteers are required to support the project by contributing new ideas to boost the empowerment programs and help in obtaining micro-finance to start micro business like food truck, handicrafts and embroidering. Daily commutation costs are not included in the program fee so students should budget a couple of dollars a day for those.

Special Needs Children in Jaipur

Volunteers with relevant training or experience working with special needs children are very welcome to work on this volunteer opportunity in India. It is based in an orphanage which cares for disabled children with varying levels of mental and physical disabilities. Volunteers give each child some individual attention, as well as helping with physiotherapy, music therapy, vocation training like sewing/tailoring, and feeding the kids who need help.

Childcare in Jaipur and Udaipur

Volunteers working on this India volunteer projecthelp provide regular daily care to children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. This day care centre gives parents a safe environment to leave their children in while they are working. The centre provides shelter, food and some limited education opportunities to children who spend around 5-6 hours a day there.

Healthcare in Jaipur

Volunteers will learn about the medical system in India and assist the qualified local medical workers. Assignments are based on your qualifications, experience, and understanding of Hindi. You may find yourself taking vitals, creating awareness campaigns on hygiene & nutrition, performing maternity checks, distributing medication and taking patient records. You have to bring your own medical equipment, as resources are scarce.


This organization is highly rated for its affordable volunteer programs in India, wonderful host families, and great logistical arrangements. Past volunteers rated A Broader View highly for its helpful staff and extensive pre-departure support. You can find out more by reading reviews on Volunteer Forever and Go Overseas.

The Fee

This organization offers very affordable fees! A Broader View Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, hence US tax payers' program payment and related travel expenses are tax deductible. Programs in India require a minimum time commitment of two weeks and start as low as $860. The program fee pays for airport pick up, in-country orientation, meals and accommodations while in the project, support by program coordinators, and departure transfer at the end of the program. You should have money prepared for extra expenses such as flights, vaccinations, visa, insurance, souvenirs, Internet, laundry, and transportation.

Why We Selected A Broader View

We selected A Broader View for their extensive range of programs, great fees and excellent reviews across the board. Their network of host families is also fantastic, as it allows you a more immersive cultural experience during their volunteering programs in India.

POD Volunteers

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Pod Volunteer is a leading non-profit organization arranging ethical and affordable India volunteering opportunities around the world. Volunteers are needed for 1-12 weeks to help work with disadvantaged children, communities, animals and conservation projects in Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. They aim to relieve poverty and improve education, health and living conditions for socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

POD Volunteers

This organization offers various volunteering programs in Udaipur. You can choose to assist in animal rescue, construction, childcare, community education programs, or summer camps. The program fees vary for each project. The minimum time commitment for these projects is two weeks.

POD volunteering programs in India

Animal Rescue in Udaipur

The centre is home to a variety of animals including dogs, cows and donkeys, many of whom have been rescued from the streets of Udaipur. Volunteers may be involved in caring for animals after their initial treatments, cleaning the animal enclosures and preparing food, bathing, feeding and walking dogs, assisting the vets and nurses, helping the local team care for abandoned puppies, monitoring the animals and helping with their rehabilitation, and working alongside the local team giving physical and hydro-therapy to disabled animals. If you love animals, volunteering opportunities in India like this are a perfect fit.

Building Project in Udaipur

Volunteers assist local craftsmen to complete specific building projects. You will work on buildings that are in dire need of renovation including child care centres, children's homes and schools as well as building new community education centres. Volunteers will help in laying cement, building walls, plastering, and painting. Volunteers normally work for 5 days a week.

Childcare in Udaipur

Volunteers usually organize sessions to help encourage the children to develop their speaking and listening skills in the morning. You will assist in running educational activities, organising creative games, assisting the day care staff with meal times, and ensuring that all children wash their hands before eating. In the afternoons, our India program volunteers will work alongside Community Education volunteers and run after-school activities at local children's homes and a disabled school for children aged between 3-16 years old. Volunteers normally work for 5 days a week.

Community Education in Udaipur

In the morning, you will work alongside the local team to create fun and playful games and art activities which help to develop skills, inspire learning and to boost the children’s confidence. The lessons will help to develop the children’s English and maths skills as well as promoting health and hygiene awareness. In the afternoon, volunteers will organize after-school activities at children's homes and with disabled children at a local school.

Summer Volunteering Camp in Udaipur

Volunteers can join this 2-week group volunteer project in Indiawhich supports underprivileged children in local schools, children’s homes and community outreach projects to learn through educational activities. You will run fun English sessions such as creative, educational lessons, games and music, organizing group sports, arts and crafts sessions, English and maths projects, and fun competitions and quizzes. In the afternoons, you can play games and support art activities at a community outreach project, children’s homes and disabled school.


POD Volunteers has popular programs in Indiain the industry not only for their inexpensive program fee, but also for carefully-planned and organized programs, helpful program coordinators, responsive staff, and welcoming host families. You can find out more testimonials from past volunteers at Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

The Fee

The volunteer in India program fee is very inexpensive for this organization varies according to the program. All programs offered in India require a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. The childcare program and community education program start at $1025, summer volunteering camp at $1425, animal rescue at $1105, and building at $1215. These fees include airport pick up (Udaipur) and return transfer,

Accommodation, induction to the placement and culture, Hindi language lessons, food, onsite support from local team, crisis management plans and insurance.

Why We Selected POD Volunteers

POD Volunteers belongs on this list for their very interesting volunteer projects, carefully planned volunteer programs in India and great prices combined with rave reviews on several websites.


Contact Provider

Established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation organisation, Frontier has been a leader in creating quality volunteer programmes across the globe. Frontier’s first projects started in Tanzania as a partnership with the WWF to create the world’s first successful multi-user marine park in a developing country, a marine park which volunteers still work in today and one that shows Frontier’s aim of creating long lasting and sustainable results. Since then, Frontier has grown to run over 400 capacity building conservation, community and adventure projects in more than 60 countries spanning 5 continents.

Frontier in India

Frontier is one of the few organizations that offer volunteer in India program for extremely reasonable fees. You can assist with teaching, yoga, women’s empowerment, caring for street children, and go to amazing places such as Rajasthan, Goa, Mysore, and Kerala.

Frontier Volunteer in India programs


In teaching, your activities could involve helping with study and education, or making music and art together. Schedules are not strictly structured and there is plenty of room for you to use your creativity and implement your own ideas. You will discover the difficulties these marginalized children face each day and bring them some unfamiliar attention and some much deserved affection.

Madikeri Volunteering

If you are volunteering in India at Madikeri, you can assist in orphanage work where you will involve yourself in teaching, games, workshops, and construction and renovation work. Volunteers can also participate in kindergarten programswhere your time with the kids could be spent colouring, drawing, teachingbasic English and singing songs. Elderly care volunteers will help with maintenance and improvement work, decoration and gardening work, and learn about the India of the past from the resident.

Goa Volunteer

In Goa, you can assist in orphanage work where you will involve yourself in teaching, games, workshops, and construction and renovation work. Volunteers in India programcan also participate in kindergarten programs where your time with the kids could be spent colouring, drawing, teachingbasic English and singing songs. Women’s shelter help to give women from broken homes an incredible opportunity to rebuild their confidence, further their education and regain their independence. Elderly care volunteers will help with maintenance and improvement work, decoration and gardening work, and learn about the India of the past from the resident.

Rajasthan Volunteer

Volunteers in India can assist in slum outreach program at Udaipur that focuses on teaching underprivileged children from slum areas where their parents cannot afford to send their children to school. You can also volunteer at a school for learning difficulties, where you will help with the day-to-day operation of the centre as well as supporting the children and rehabilitation work. In the school for hearing impaired, you will coordinate with qualified teachers, assisting them in various tasks to engage the students. Volunteers can also help at a homeless centre, many of whom are physically and mentally disabled.

Women’s Empowerment in Kerala

In this placement, you will lead group and one-on-one classes as well as prepare and develop lesson plans for the sessions. There is high demand from women to learn spoken English and computer skills. However, you will also have the opportunity to start workshops based on your own skills and expertise. Your classes will provide a safe haven for these women where they can develop their self-esteem and independence.


Frontier is highly reviewed for volunteer opportunity in Indiaby past volunteers for making them feel at home throughout their volunteering experience. There are hundreds of positive testimonial about this organization online, praising their supportive support staff, structured programs, and cheap program fees. You can read more reviews and ratings of Frontier at Abroad Reviews, Go Abroad, and Go Overseas.

The Fee

The India volunteering program fee for this organization varies according to the program. All low cost programs offered in India require a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. The teaching program starts at $1045 while the Madikeri, Goa, and Rajasthan volunteer programs start at $1295. The women’s empowerment program in Kerala starts at $1195. These program fees are inclusive of food, accommodation, airport pick-up, ground transfers & in-transit accommodation, project orientation, project equipment, in-country emergency support, and 24-hour international HQ back-up.

Why We Chose Frontier

Frontier earned its place on this list with their varied volunteer opportunities in India, extensive experience spanning three decades, and great reviews coupled with affordable prices.

Other honorable mentions are:

IFRE Volunteers

Contact Provider
volunteering in india for free

Established in 2006, this organization has so far placed over 17,000 volunteers in projects in over 18 countries. Volunteer program fees are paid directly to the host families and communities who benefit from the 200+ projects IFRE operate. IFRE's philosophy underpins all the work they do, and this belief that authentic and meaningful experiences are born from complete immersion in another country's culture is what makes their programs so successful.

IFRE volunteer programs in India

Whether you want to work with animals or children, teach, or help out on women’s projects and medical programs, you’ll find the cheap India volunteering program that best fits you with IFRE.

Teaching English

Your role as a volunteer in India Programcan help make a difference in children's lives. Volunteer teachers in India are a prized and welcomed resource! As a teacher volunteer, you will work in underprivileged government schools and mostly work under the direction of a head teacher. Between May 15 and June 30 the schools are on vacation, so volunteers arriving during that time will teach in an orphanage or on the slum project instead.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Volunteers work directly with those who have HIV or AIDS, and also help run educational awareness programs intended to change attitudes towards those infected. Volunteers with a background in health care may also get involved with treatment programs.


IRFE volunteers have more than 200 reviews online, citing the valuable cultural exposure and exchange their programs offer. Previous volunteers have also given this organization positive feedback on their very helpful program coordinators, responsive staff, the focus of the programs, as well as their affordability! A lot of volunteers commented that programs offered by IRFE are well-planned to provide them with the best experience.

The Fee

IFRE is a 501(c)3 organization, so your already cheap India volunteer program fees will be tax deductible. IFRE Volunteers staff take care to keep prices low as they value volunteers’ donated time and efforts.

IFRE programs have two separate fees. There is an application fee of $299 USD, (covering advertising, staff/office expenses, etc), and a nominal weekly program fee, (covering room and board, field support, etc). Program fees are paid directly to host families and projects.

Separate charges apply for airport pickup and transfer ($50), travel insurance ($3.49 per day), and Language and Culture Program participants ($250). Program fees in Jaipur start at $145/week, while the fees for Delhi programs start at $135/week.

Why We Selected IFRE

IFRE was selected for their spot on this list because of their transparent pricing, commitment to cultural immersion and excellent support staff. This on top of great prices and reviews makes them an excellent choice for volunteer opportunity in India.


Contact Provider
volunteering functions

Cedric Hodgeman and Raul Roman, the co-founders of Ubelong, met at Cornell University in 2004. In 2009 Ubelong grew from their shared interest in changing the way people interact with their surrounding communities, as a means to create global connections between ordinary people which would lead to positive change. They offer many highly reputed and low cost volunteering programs in Indiathat offer you the adventure of a lifetime!

Ubelong in India

Ubelong offers several cheap India volunteer opportunities around Delhi. These range from caregiving projects which provide disadvantaged people with both emotional and social support, to educational programs which allow the poorest of students the chance to interact in and learn more English. Whichever program you join, what is guaranteed is that both you and the people you meet will share meaningful connections, and your skills, energy of passion will make a real deference to others.

Ubelong Volunteer Opportunities in India

Ubelong – Caregiving in Delhi

Volunteers who help in an after-school centre will spend between 4 - 6 hours every weekday helping local staff with children aged from just four, through to sixteen. They are all from poor families, and attending this kind of center gives them the opportunity to stay safe and off the streets.

Volunteers help with homework, or organize educational and leisure activities. The minimum time commitment for this project is 2 weeks. The project starts every second and fourth Monday of the month and runs year-round.

Another care giving opportunity is offered in Delhi, and this India volunteer project supports people of various ages who have disabilities. Volunteers help at an organization that offers special education to middle and high school aged children with disabilities, as well as vocational training in cooking and tailoring for disabled adults.

Volunteers spend 5 - 7 hours a day helping local staff organize activities focused on arts and crafts, or basic life management tasks such as laundry and cooking. Some opportunities to help with fundraising, bookkeeping or website design and management may be available to volunteers with those skills.

The minimum time commitment for this volunteer project in India is 4 weeks. The project starts every second and fourth Monday of the month, and runs from April 15 to December 15.

Ubelong – Support NGOs in Delhi

On this program volunteers work with NGOs which offer support to girls. The daily schedule involves spending around 5 - 7 hours a day on the projects, which help provide a better future for young girls by teaching them to produce and market traditional textiles. You can help by designing marketing materials, managing social media and doing some logistical planning. The minimum time commitment for this project is 8 weeks. It starts every second and fourth Monday of the month and runs year-round.

Ubelong – Education in Delhi

Volunteers work four to six hours a day alongside local teachers, both helping to plan and then teach classes to children 7 to 14 years old. Topics taught include English, computer, math and extracurricular activities such as, physical education, art, and dance. You may teach alone or with other teachers, and the minimum time commitment for this volunteer program in India is 4 weeks. The project starts every second and fourth Monday of the month and runs March through December.

You can also volunteer with NGOs that support disadvantaged women and children across India. Based in the Delhi office, volunteers spend five to seven hours a day helping with tasks such as producing marketing materials, managing social media, researching and writing, The minimum time commitment for this project is 8 weeks. The project starts every second and fourth Monday of the month and runs year-round.


Ubelong offers highly rated India volunteer programs, with previous volunteers praising the inexpensive program fees, professionalism of the staff, as well as the pre-departure support offered. This organization has received lots more positive feedback from its volunteer alumni, and you can read more about their experiences with this organization on websites such as Go Abroad and Go Overseas

The Fee

This organization offers very affordable volunteer program fee in India, which are as low as $320 for a one week program. In addition to the program fee, there is a US$200 reservation fee due upon your being accepted into a project.

The program fee includes airport pickup, an extra R&R day in the first week, orientation, housing, breakfast and dinner every day, and in-country support. You will need to have extra money for airfare, airport drop-off, travel medical insurance, and visas. Most volunteers also budget US$8 to US$15 for each day of their placement for additional expenses in the field.

Why We Selected Ubelong

Ubelong’s special commitment to ensuring that you experience genuine and deep connections with people from around the world earns them a place on this list of the best volunteer in India programs. Throw in great fees, excellent service and stellar reviews and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Kaya Volunteers

Contact Provider

Kaya was set up in 2008 by Heilwig Jones, after her own volunteering experiences and many years’ involvement with community projects. Kaya aims to bring together the quality and impact of grass roots projects with the breadth of choice and level of service that enables everyone the opportunity to contribute to positive action. This organization strives to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development through its reputed volunteering opportunities in India.

Kaya Volunteers in India

This organization offers a variety of volunteer programs in many parts of India at very affordable prices. Volunteer participants will not only be able to assist people in dire need and improve their lives, but also experience the rich culture and heritage of this magnificent country. All of Kaya’s programs in India require a minimum time commitment of two weeks.

Kaya Volunteers Volunteer opportunities in India

Women’s Empowerment

In disadvantaged communities, women are often mistreated, and this project focuses on educational and confidence building activities geared towards expanding the horizons of women, both within and beyond their communities, to give them the opportunity for a better future. This project is available in Palampur, Himachal, Jaipur, or Goa.

Renovation & Community Building

You can assist with renovation and building volunteer work in Himachal, Goa or Jaipur, and help local communities change their environment. This project focuses on improving and maintaining important facilities in poorer communities. You will be working on manual development and renovation volunteer projects in Indiadesigned to improve the cleanliness and appearance of public areas. This in turn provides a more stimulating environment for both students to learn and community activities to take place.


Hospital services are provided to the young, old and everyone in-between, and medical assistance volunteers are urgently needed to help fulfil this basic level of service to India’s citizens, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. A range of free treatments and services are provided by the government to encourage poorer people to address their health needs, along with health awareness programs which aim to promote good hygiene and personal care. Volunteers on this project will work in a hospital setting alongside local medical professionals.


Kaya Volunteers is highly rated for India volunteering programs by past volunteers, who enjoyed the overall value of the programs offered, the safety of project sites, as well as the support provided prior to and during the volunteer trip. Volunteers also praise the dedication of the staff and program coordinators in making their programs a positive exposure to the participants. Many testimonials describe this organization as cost-effective, and passionate about the causes that they are fighting for. You can read more reviews of Kaya volunteers on Go Abroad, Go Overseas, and Abroad Reviews.

The Fee

Kaya' svolunteering opportunities in India fees are all very cheap, with exact prices ending on the program chosen. For the minimum time commitment of 2 weeks Kaya's women’s empowerment program starts at $1733, the renovation project at $1846, and healthcare programs at $1846. These fees are inclusive of accommodation, food, airport pick up and drop off at Delhi for Himachal, Goa or Jaipur placements, pre-departure info pack, and transfers to the project. Volunteers will need to prepare extra cash for airfare, visa fees, and travel insurance.

Why We Selected Kaya Volunteers

Kaya’s foremost quality is their commitment to grass-roots efforts that promote sustainability. They also spend quite a lot of effort ensuring great cultural experiences for those participating in their volunteer programs in India.


Contact Provider

ISpiice strives to directly contribute to the sustainable development of communities living in Dharamsala, India; through reputed India volunteer opportunities. They aim to provide volunteers with opportunities to assist in their work and for travel experiences in India. iSpiice is always ready to assist the local community in practical ways.

ISpiice Volunteer Opportunities in India


Volunteers with construction or interior design skills are needed to build, convert, repair, paint or decorate Use your creative skills to help create bright and cheerful learning spaces in village day care centers and schools. Spaces are first cleared, flaking paint is brushed from the walls and holes in the walls are repaired. After a few coats of white paint the classroom is already transformed into a clean bright space for students and teachers.

Computer Skills

Teach computer skills to students from primary age to adult. You will be teaching complete beginners how to use the computer and some basic word processing skills. Those students who already have some knowledge of computers will be taught intermediate skills such as using the internet, email, spread sheets, presentations, and printing documents.


ISpiice is well known for offering inexpensive volunteer program in India, and the amazing cultural exposure and exchange opportunities that their volunteer programs offer. Past volunteers have given this organization positive feedback on their very helpful program coordinators, responsive staff, focus of the programs, as well as their affordability! A lot of volunteers commented that programs offered by ISpiice are really well-planned, which provided them with a great experience. You can read reviews from past volunteers at Go Overseas and ISpiice.

The Fee

All the programs offered by this organization require a minimum time commitment of two weeks. The volunteer in India program fees are very cheap, starting at $400. This fee is inclusive of pre-departure preparation handbooks, pick up at Delhi airport, daily meals, accommodation, daily private car transfers, (to and from work placements), and morning or evening yoga classes twice a week for two weeks. A $200 application deposit, (in addition to the program fees mentioned above), is required at the time of application, to confirm your spot.

Why We Chose ISpiice

We really like ISpiice’s commitment to local communities and their approach to making life better for entire groups of people. Their reviews also praise the cultural exposure you get during their volunteering programs in India and their fees are reasonable.

Rainbow VolunTours

Contact Provider

These programs are designed to allow participants to combine responsible travel and volunteer work on programs which help disadvantaged local communities. Rainbow VolunTours are offered in three regions of India: scenic Kerala in the south India; the cultural capital of Kolkata in the east, and Dharamshala, close to the Himalayas in the north.

Rainbow Voluntours Volunteer Opportunities in India


All three locations have slum areas which are mostly home to the marginalized and disadvantaged members of society. India volunteers teaching in local schools or community centers located in these slum areas make a huge difference to the future prospects of their students, who will be aged anywhere from six to sixteen.

Women’s Empowerment

Many Indian women miss out on education, and consequently are left with few practical skills and lacking in confidence about their potential. As a volunteer on a women’s empowerment program you will teach basic numeracy and literacy classes, along with computer skills, life and health care skills to girls and women in schools, colleges, orphanages and community centers.


You can find hundreds of positive reviews about this organization online from past volunteers. It is highly rated for cheapvolunteering programs in India, the good mixture of local and international volunteers, great pre-departure support, and very helpful staff as well as experienced program coordinators. You can read more reviews about Rainbow Voluntours at Review Centre, Go Overseas , and Go Abroad

The Fee

All of the low cost programs listed above require a minimum time commitment of two weeks. The teaching program and yoga program both start at $1100, which is inclusive of airport pickup and drop off, accommodation, meals, a pre-departure information pack, and local SIM Card. You will need to budget extra cash for airfare, visa, and travel insurance expenses.

Why We Chose Rainbow VolunTours

Rainbow VolunTours hosts both international and local volunteers, which makes for a great cultural experience for everyone involved in their volunteer work in India. Furthermore, their projects take place in a diverse list of regions and they receive great reviews for their low prices.

Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures, founded in the US in 2004, is another excellent organization that offers volunteering program. They’re not on our main list as they work mainly with teenagers, but for any young people wanting to experience India, these guys are a great choice. They have a 9.8/10 score on Go Overseas and 9.53/10 on Go Abroad.

Volunteers For Peace

Volunteers for Peace has incredibly extensive experience organizing volunteering opportunities in India, having operated since its foundation in Vermont in 1982. While they don’t have a lot of reviews online, which is why they’re just an honorable mention, the reviews they do have are great, as the company enjoys a score of 9.1/10 on Go Overseas, 9.27/10 on Go Abroad and 4.6/5 on Volunteer Forever.

Working Abroad

If you want to work with animals, Working Abroad is an excellent choice. While they’re not on the main list as they only have one volunteer work in India, working in a bear and elephant sanctuary sounds like an amazing time, and they’ve received great reviews both on Volunteer Forever (4.6/5) and Go Overseas (9.5/10).

Original Volunteers

Founded in the UK in 2006, Original Volunteers only has about 100 reviews, but they have a great score of 5/5 on Volunteer Forever and 8.2/10 on Abroad Reviews. They only organize teaching projects, which is why they’re not part of our main 10, but their fees are very affordable, and they also offer to arrange various free time activities.

Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year, founded in the States, is another organization that focuses on providing volunteer programs in India and elsewhere to teenagers and high school graduates during their gap-year. This narrow focus keeps them out of our main list, but they still receive great reviews with 9.6/10 on Go Overseas. Their prices are also reasonable and any young person about to graduate high school should consider them.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions, founded in 2004, is a local Indian volunteering organization that offers a range of programs all over the country. Their prices are reasonable and reviews stellar, enjoying a 9.4/10 on Go Overseas and 9.55/10 on Go Abroad.

Volunteering journeys

Founded in Asia, Volunteering Journeys makes India (along with Nepal and Sri Lanka) their utmost focus, which makes them a great option for volunteering on the subcontinent. Couple this with great prices and top-notch scores on Go Overseas (8.7/10) and Volunteer Forever (4.4/5).

New Hope Volunteers

Partnered with RCDP (which you can find further up on this list), New Hope Volunteers was founded in 1998 in Dallas and has since then offered amazing volunteer experiences in India to many people. They have an 8.9/10 review score on Abroad Reviews which paired with great prices makes them an excellent choice. However, their fairly low amount of reviews keeps them off our main list.

Volunteer Programs in India :Conclusion

India is a beautiful country rich with cultural diversity and magnificent sceneries. You will surely have an adventure of a lifetime by volunteering in India with any of the organizations discussed above! They offer you the opportunity to help improve hundreds of lives while also developing your own leadership skills and perspective of life, and all at a price that is fair and very affordable. What are you waiting for? Apply now and be a change maker!

If you already experienced we would love to hear about how you found it; and if reading this has inspired you to take up a volunteering opportunity we’d love to hear about that too.

How to find the best volunteer provider?

Even with this list of the best cheap India volunteer opportunities at hand, you might want to do some additional research on your own into other companies not listed here. To help you do this, we’ve collected a list of things you should keep in mind in order to properly evaluate the quality of each company.

First up is the company’s social media presence. They should have active accounts on at least some of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tripadvisor or Google. Here you should be able to find recent posts, as well as plenty of engagement with the volunteer community.

Next up is the company’s reviews. You can check out sites like Go Overseas, Go Abroad, Trust Pilot, Abroad Reviews and Volunteer Forever to find out what previous volunteers say about the company. We recommend setting the bar at around 8 or 8,5 out of 10, with any company averaging lower not worth your time.

The best volunteer providers also have a large influx of volunteers. Generally, you can find a total number on the company’s about page, which should number in the thousands or tens of thousands depending on their length of service.

Prices are another important factor. While you might think cheap prices means a substandard volunteer experience in India, the opposite is often true. As the field is highly competitive, the best organizations know they need to offer reasonable rates. If the prices are high, and the company doesn’t offer anything special like insurance or tours/cultural experiences, steer clear.

Like with social media, a quality volunteer organization should also be regularly updating their website or blog. If you see very little activity on the company’s website, that should raise some serious red flags.

Finally, many great volunteer providers will put you into contact with past alumni, which lets you get a clear and first-hand account as well as let you ask any questions you may have about the company.

If India is not on your list for now, you might be looking for the best and affordable volunteer programs in Sri Lanka.Bali, Cambodia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, Nepal and Thailand.

You might also want to check out our other articles on 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Orphanage India Providers, 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Teaching English India Providers and 10 Best Cheap Medical Volunteer India Providers. If you are planning a trip to India and searching for best tour operator, check out our article on 10 India tour operators.

Have you ever joined volunteering programs in India? Who did you go with? Are they on our list? Were you happy with your experience? If so, and you if you think we missed an important volunteer organization, let us know in the comments!

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