The 10 Best Cheap Internship Abroad Providers 2023

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Are you currently thinking about doing an internship and looking to travel abroad as well? Do you want to find the highest rated, cheapest and most trusted companies providing internship abroad opportunities?

We all know that doing an internship abroad is one of the top things you could do to elevate your career prospects, but finding the right one isn’t at all easy, we know! There are hundreds of companies and internship abroad opportunities to choose from across many companies and countries throughout the world, so how do you decide which one to go with?

That’s why we’re here to help. We made the research that much easier for you by spending thousands of hours sourcing the most highly rated (in terms of reviews) and cheapest internship abroad providers. After reading this article, you are going to feel more at ease about finding the right internship for you.

Don’t forget to at least read to the bottom of this unbiased list of 10Best Cheap Internship Abroad Programs Providers before making your very important decision.

Company Name Sample Price USD
(Teaching Internship Nepal
2 weeks)
RCDP International Volunteers $479 Abroad Review: 281 reviews
Go overseas: ‎32 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $499 Go Overseas- ‎76 reviews
Abroad Reviews- 327 Reviews
Global Crossroad Volunteers $499 Go Overseas-75 reviews
Abroad Reviews-334 reviews
Frontier $1,395 Go Abroad-962 reviews
Go Overseas-59 reviews
Go Eco $1,850 Go Overseas: ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad: 517 reviews
African Impact $2345
(Zambia-4 weeks)
Go Abroad: 2440 reviews
Go Overseas: 164 reviews
ELI Abroad $985 Go Overseas- ‎31 reviews
Go Abroad-66 Reviews
The Intern Group $1,872
(4 weeks)
Go Overseas: ‎394 reviews
Go Abroad: 342 reviews
GVI $3,895 Go Overseas: 367 reviews
Go Abroad: 2768 reviews
MaximoNivel N/A Go Overseas: 1,025 reviews
Go Abroad: 879 reviews

Table updated: May 4, 2020

RCDP International

rcdp volunteer nepal

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers/Interns: 18,000+
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: A very good deal and people would use RCDP again

Since it started in 1998 as one of the first volunteer programs in Nepal and India, the Rural Community Development Program of Nepal (RCDP), has developed into one of the most widely recognized internship abroad programs of the region. Thousands of interns work annually with local community members to benefit underprivileged children and establish orphanages and schools.

If you are looking for an internship that greatly benefits underprivileged children, this is the provider to seriously consider. RCDP believes the primary purpose of interning and volunteering must always pertain to improving the lives of destitute children and community members.

To date, RCDP Volunteers oversees more than eight schools and orphanages that currently serve over 4,000 underprivileged children and orphans. To ensure their goal of helping destitute chilren, RCDP has partnered with several different UK and USA based organizations in order to build their own orphanages and provide underprivileged children throughout Nepal and India their only means of survival.

Check out RCDP’s Top Internship Abroad Opportunities

Elephant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka (Kegalle)

Are you someone who has a close affinity with animals, and who has also always wanted to spend time with an elephant? If so, Elephant Conservation Internship in Sri Lanka is the perfect internship opportunity for you that will see you caring for young and sick elephants who need as much attention as a child would. These elephants were domesticated in order to help with carrying loads and tourists around the jungle and in many cases were not treated right. You’ll be working directly with the elephant handlers (mahouts) in Sri Lanka to bathe them, feed them and developing a relationship of trust with these gentle beasts.

Orphanage Program in Ecuador

Are you someone who cares deeply about children and knows that deep down, they themselves are the leaders of the future and can positively impact the world? Creating a stable and nurturing environment for children is essential if they are to prosper. Many children in orphanages in Ecuador have come from very bleak pasts, and are in need of help.

In this Orphanage Internship Program in Ecuador, you’ll be able to spend anything from 1-12 weeks helping transform the lives of these children and bringing some semblance of happiness and positivity into their lives, through acting as a mentor, teacher and developing a support system for these children.

Teaching English Internship in Tanzania

English is becoming more important than ever for future generations as Tanzania grows in tourism and commerce. As such, there is a shortage of skilled staff at schools who are able to teach English. As a Teaching English Intern in Tanzania, you could make a valuable difference by going to schools in Arusha, Moshi and Boma to share your English skills with kids ranging from 6 years of age up to 16 years old, who will be so excited to learn from an international volunteer!

Medical Program in Kenya

Are you a medical student, an EMT or a paramedic looking to advance their medical knowledge and understanding while also travelling to Kenya? Medical internship in Kenya is the best abroad internship opportunity that would allow you to be on the frontlines of assisting medical professionals in rural areas treating the sick, increasing basic healthcare access and reducing endemic diseases in rural communities. Although Kenya’s healthcare system is improving in cities, many of the rural areas still have limited access to good health care and locals willing to travel to treat them.

Sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica

Sea turtle conservation Internship in Costa Rica is a wonderful internship opportunity for the individual who is deeply passionate about sea animals and the endangered sea turtle! There is a great need to study the habitat of these sea turtles in order to understand how they live and what threatens their lives, and furthermore how to create a natural and safe environment for them.

In this abroad internship trip, you’ll be at the frontline taking blood samples and analyzing the conditions of these sea turtles, obtaining data, cleaning and feeding them and so much more. In essence, you will be helping secure their future, a very noble way to spend an internship for sure!

English Teaching Program in Buddhist Monastery Nepal

English Teaching Internship in Buddhist Monastery Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to intern abroad and give back to one of the most revered sections of the Nepali population: the monks who live in the Buddhist monasteries of Nepal, some of whom are Tibetan monks living in exile. Here is your chance to help them gain a skill that would greatly help them in the future: speaking English. So long as you speak English fluently, no experience is required to do this yet the positive impact it could have for these monks is endless. What are you waiting for?


Read through this first-hand account of the best internship abroad programs with RCDP, or search the web and explore over 200 more reviews and testimonies online. RCDP Nepal is widely praised for its combination of high quality programs, comforting staff and cheap prices. Read what one person had to say about RCDP on Abroad Reviews:

RCDP- honest, reasonable and very user friends. I would 100% use them again. VERY GOOD DEAL…

See more reviews on the following links:

Abroad Review

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The Fees:

Unlike many other US and UK-based organizations that charge volunteers up to US $2500 to volunteer for just 2 weeks abroad, RCDP guarantees cheap summer internship abroad programs and ensures that your fees go directly to the orphanage of choice. Fees include a registration fee of US$269 dollars and a weekly fee that pays for room, board and support of local projects. Weekly fees vary depending upon the internship, with the cheapest overseas program starting at $85 in Kenya.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP is widely reputable for its combination of best intern abroad programs, comforting staff and cheap prices. We also love that your fees go directly to the communities of your choice, ensuring most programs are sustainable.

IFRE Volunteers

Ifre Internship abraod

Location: USA
Established: 2006
No of Volunteers/Interns: 22000+
Location & Projects: 20 countries, over 200 programs
Recognition: Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: IRFE has very attentive staff, structured internships, positive lasting impacts and welcoming host families

This is the provider to consider if you’re looking to get involved in grassroots projects that directly help local communities in meaningful ways. IFRE is an American based non-profit organization that offers over 200 affordable summer internships trips abroad in 18 different countries around the world. In just over 10 years, over 20,000 interns have worked with IFRE to unite and bolster local orphanages, schools, NGOs and youth groups. Unlike many of its competitors, IRFE’s programs abroad stress cultural immersion by providing language courses, traveling experiences and in-country volunteering opportunities.

IRFE’s most fundamental belief is that the most meaningful experiences in life are born out of intimate interactions with grassroots projects, local communities and foreign countries. They sculpt every programs they oversee around this philosophy and make it their duty to offer their interns as many cultural immersion opportunities as possible.

IFRE’s Top Internship Abroad Programs

Internship With Orphans In Cambodia

Are you a loving, caring and compassionate person looking to share your heartfelt qualities to orphaned children in Cambodia? Sadly, due to Cambodia’s horrific past and its status as a poor economic country, there are many children living without their parents. As an intern on orphanage program in Cambodia, you’ll be able to do many helpful activities for the children such as teaching them English, facilitate and oversee creative activities with them such as drawing and writing, and play fun games with them too, all in the name of helping them lead more positive lives.

Work In An Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka

If you’re an elephant-lover and have always wanted to get into close contact and spend time with these gentle giants, then this is the best internship abroad program for you. While in Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka Internship Program, you’ll be working with elephant centers that IFRE has partnered with to care and nurturing for traumatized elephants that were once treated poorly. To join the Kegalle elephant orphanage internship in Sri Lanka, you don’t need previous experience, just a firm belief in animal welfare and a willingness to learn about these wonderful creatures and work hard to care for them.

Medical Internship in South Africa

Medical Internship in South Africa is a perfect summer internship program abroad for the medical student wanting to gain more medical experience while working at understaffed medical centers in Cape Town. You will be working in local clinics to assist in giving basic medical care while working alongside HIV/AIDS awareness programs. Alongside shadowing doctors and healthcare professionals, you will also be involved in activities such as wound dressing, taking blood pressure and pulse readings, recording weight and temperatures of patients and helping move patients from one location to another.

Turtle Conservation Costa Rica

Turtle Conservation Internship Costa Rica is an amazing abroad intern opportunity for someone who is studying biology, conservation or a related project who wants to help sea turtles during their nesting periods to ensure their eggs hatch safely (free from predators and poachers) and that the sea turtles return safely to sea. Going on night patrols, you’ll be gathering valuable information to help the cause for turtle conservation and also relocating nests, avoiding predators, releasing hatchlings and more. This is also a great opportunity to advance your Spanish-speaking skills.

Medical Internship in Peru

Medical Internship in Peru is a great chance for medical students to work on the frontlines of medicine in Peru while learning about a foreign culture and medical practice, and visiting and exploring another country different from their own. Interns will be shadowing doctors and sharing their own expertise, whilst also improving their Spanish-speaking skills.

Special Children internship Project in Mexico

Special Children internship Project in Mexico is a great chance to visit Mexico and partake in an incredibly internship program abroad that helps children with special needs and differently-abled capabilities secure a more positive future. You’ll be working directly to benefit children with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome and deafness, and will learn how to take care and handle these children who are challenged.

Photojournalism Internships in Nepal

IRFE’s Nepal programs offer some amazing internship opportunities in and around the cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Photojournalism internship in Nepal give interns the chance to enhance their artistic skills and work under the supervision of a professional journalist. Photographers will explore and document awe-inspiring sights around Nepal, including views of Buddha stupas, Hindu temples and the Kathmandu valley.


Out of 284 reviews, IRFE scores a 9.2 on intern satisfaction, ranking far above many of its competitors. Past participants rave about IRFE’s attentive staff, structured abroad intern programs, positive lasting impacts and welcoming host families. Read the review below, or pop online to read through a long list of reviews from interns all over the world. Read a sample review.

The entire experience was wonderful. - Mary

For more reviews, click the below links:

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The Fees

At nearly 25% its competitor’s rates, IRFE offers extremely low cost internships abroad. The Fees are separated into two costs: a one-time application fee of US$299 dollars, which covers advertising, staff, office expenses etc., and a weekly program fee which covers everything from in-country transportation to accommodation an meals. Weekly program fees vary from project to project with the internship abroad programs beginning at only US$99 dollars.

Why We Chose IFRE

We selected IFRE as the best and cheap internship abroad programs organization because of many excellent reviews from former participants raving about IRFE’s attentive staff, structured internships, positive lasting impacts and welcoming host families. IFRE is also one of the most affordable organizations in the industry.

Global Crossroads

gcr intern abroad

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers/Interns: 20000+
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Low fees and very nice host families.

If you’re looking to focus on the cultural exchange aspect of going abroad, then choosing an internship with Global Crossroads is a sure-fire way to do just that. Since its inception in 2003, more than 18,000 eager travelers have teamed up with Global Crossroads to experience the time of their life in one of 18 countries around the world. Global Crossroads stresses cross-cultural exchanges and exotic journeys and invites all to join one of their affordable interning abroad opportunities during summer. A list, which includes Volunteer, Mini-Ventures, Summer Escapes and Asian Combos.

With Global Crossroads, interns can work communally with orphaned children, disadvantaged local residents and rural women’s groups as well as establish themselves as part of the community by living with a caring host family and fellow coordinators and staff members. Interns can even enjoy the ‘learning and earning experience,’ in which they can get paid to teach English during their stay.

Global Crossroad Top Internship Programs

English Teaching Internship in Cambodia

English is a language and skill much needed for a brighter future, but is something that is only really taught at private schools. For the majority of economically disadvantaged Cambodian families, sending their kid to a private school just isn’t an option. That’s why interns to teach English at schools and universities are greatly needed. As an English teaching intern abroad, you’ll be doing just that, while also taking your students on educational tours to complement their comprehension and improve their listening and speaking skills.

Medical Internship in India

If you’re a medical student looking to enhance your experience and increase future prospects, spending time in a hospital in India is one of the top ways to do just that, namely because the field of medicine is very advanced in a lot of places in India. While in Medical Internship in India, you’ll spend time acquiring knowledge from incredibly qualified and experienced doctors and healthcare professionals, working with a range of patients and health situations, which is really the only way to improve as a healthcare professional.

Photojournalism Internship in Nepal

If you’re a budding photographer or looking to make a career out of being a photojournalist, there is no better internship opportunity abroad you could possibly find. This photojournalism internship in Nepal will have you reporting daily to a supervisor/mentor and going to multiple locations to shoot beautiful and important photographs for anything from event happenings and cultural activities to scenic views, day-to-day happenings, festivals and more.

Medical Internship Guatemala

As a medical professional or perhaps on the way to becoming one, this medical internship in Guatemala is an important stepping stone to ensure you get hands-on experience in the medical world of a completely different culture. While in this medical internship program overseas, not only will you be upgrading your medical knowledge and taking it to the next level, but you’ll also be spending time in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Intern in South Africa in Orphanage Program

With many kids in South Africa coming from bleak pasts and having no families, people are desperately needed to ensure these children have a nourishing present to pave the way for a brighter future. As an intern in this orphanage program in South Africa, you will be teaching subjects such as English, Maths, Science, PE and fun extra-curricular activities while also helping the orphanage program with administrative tasks and more.

Turtle Conservation Internship Costa Rica

If you are an animal-lover at heart and deeply passionate about helping sea turtles have a future, and you’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica, then you need to consider doing this turtle conservation internship in Costa Rica.

The hatchling season for sea turtles is the time when they come close to shore and also the time when they are at risk of being taken by predators or human poachers. During your internship overseas trip, you’ll not only be contributing to scientific research that will help secure their futures, but you also will be giving them a future, by ensure they have a safe hatching environment and return safely to sea.

Teach English in Ghana

In this amazing teaching internship opportunity in Ghana, you will be providing underprivileged families their first opportunity to have an education and as you teach them English as part of local community governments and organizations. Global Crossroads invites all to apply as these projects as they require no skills or certification, just a working knowledge of English.


Global Crossroads rates right behind IRFE with a score of 8.8 out of 295 reviews. Interns participated in abroad internship programs praise the family friendly atmosphere, the generous caretakers and the cultural immersion. Read the review below, or look online to read through a long list of reviews from interns all over the world.

“When I signed up for my 12-year old son, 16-year old daughter, and I to volunteer in Costa Rica for February school vacation week…Julie of Boston, MA. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Abroad Reviews

The Fees

Global Crossroad’s prices sit amongst the cheapest of all opportunities in the world. Interns incur a flat rate registration fee of US$299, and then a program fee associated with their selected internship abroad programs. Fees start as low as US$135 and cover all in-country necessities. Furthermore, they are paid to directly to host families and programs to ensure maximum production.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Past volunteers who have worked with Global Crossroad praise its family-friendly atmosphere, the generous caretakers and the cultural immersion. Their prices sit at amongst the cheapest of all summer internship programs abroad in the world.


Location: UK
Established: 1989
No of Volunteers/Interns: volunteers of more than 30 nationalities take part in projects
Location & Projects: 70 countries over 400 programs
Recognition: Only gap year organization to offer BTEC qualifications, trained over 600 host-country university students, fisheries and forestry officers, community representatives and teachers, produced hundreds Biodiversity Research
Price: Affordable
Experience to Expect: Low fees and very nice host families.

If you are truly passionate about learning more about the world of conservation, medicine, and even politics, an internship with Frontier should be at the top of your list. As one of the longest running companies in the world, Frontier recently celebrating its 25th year of hosting altruistic interns, staff and host country counterparts. Since their first overseas project alongside the WWF in Tanzania, Frontier now operates over 400 conservation buildings in 60 countries across 5 continents. Frontier is truly an international hotbed for top-flight internship abroad programs.

Hospitality Internship in Jerusalem

Frontier offers participants the perfect hospitality internship in Jerusalem to garner hands-on experience within the hospitality industry in one of Jerusalem’s most energetic and popular hostels. Interns will explore the historical city of Jerusalem, discover the mixed cultures of Arabs, Jews and Christians and meet amazing like-minded adventurers.

Frontier’s missions are propelled by the desire to change the world for the better. Therefore, programs focus primarily on economic and welfare gains, ecosystem regeneration and skills transfer. Staff members and mentors realize how pivotal interns are for strengthening communities so they push interns to discover how truly helpful they are.

Medical Internship in Ecuador

Journey outside of traditional medical practices and experience an apprenticeship in the beautiful country of Ecuador. This summer medical internship program in Ecuador offers an off-campus study allowing interns to collect unique hands-on experience that will provide them with a new and worldly perspective.

Media and Journalism Internship in Tanzania

Delve into a remote rural community that is teeming with wildlife species ranging from strange invertebrates to colossal whale sharks and immerse yourself in a welcoming rural culture. Join media and journalism internship in Tanzania, a top internship programs abroad and improve the lives of community members through education and community development projects. Without a doubt, you will be able to experience the life of a real journalist or photographer within the field of wildlife conservation.

Conservation N.G.O. Internship in London

Joining conservation N.G.O. internship in London and living in one of the most thriving cities of the world will no doubt stand you in good stead for future career prospects. Fine-tune your conservation and development skills and forge life-long friendships while helping analyze, research and promote for a popular N.G.O.

South Africa Game Ranger Internship

If you are truly passionate about wildlife and conservation, and you’ve always wanted to see some of the remarkable big 5 animals of Africa, then this South Africa game ranger internship is just for you. During your time wildlife conservation intern abroad trip, you will be undertaking a fully-accredited FGASA field guide training course in order to become a skilled natural guide and offer your skills to South Africa.

Kenya Healthcare Internship

Kenya Healthcare Internship is a wonderful opportunity for healthcare students and professionals to advance their career prospects, get hands-on medical experience working for a local community in Kenya while also getting to experience all that the beautiful country has to offer. Most notably, you will be directly assisting healthcare professionals in Malindi / Mombasa and administering basic healthcare activities.

Madagascar Marine Conservation N.G.O. Internship

If you’re passionate about diving, snorkelling and experiencing some of the notoriously beautiful marine life in the world, then this internship with an NGO in Madagascar is the best internship abroad program for you. You will be directly contributing to research and the running of the marine conservation program that Frontier has been partnered with since 2000, while learning about an array of marine species and teaching new volunteers all they need to know to help. This is a great stepping stone for budding marine biologists.


Frontier runs over 300 overseas projects in 50 countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, granting interns unlimited access to adventures and excursions around the world. With 25 years of experience in managing volunteering and adventure travel projects, Frontier finds the best internship abroad programs based on your interests. Read the review below and/or those online to discover why Frontier has a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

“My trip to Fiji this summer was life changing. This was my second time traveling with Travel for Teens, but my first community service trip with the company...Alexa From California:”Read reviews:

Go Abroad

Go Overseas

The Fees

For the amount of time, access and services interns receive; Frontier provides highly competitive and cheap internship opportunities abroad. Prices follow directly from the selected project of choice and include accommodations, food and in-country travel. Additional benefits may follow depending upon the internship selected. The cheapest internship abroad begins at $945 for 6 weeks.

Why We Chose Frontier

With over 25 years of experience with internship abroad programs, Frontier provides highly competitive and affordable opportunities abroad. They are also best known for granting interns unlimited access to adventures and excursions around the world.

Go Eco

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers/Interns: 17,000+
Location & Projects: 42 countries, Over 160 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: The company is known for its ability to place interns in the right summer interning abroad programs with reputable projects

Established in 2006, Go Eco offers best internships projects abroad on all seven continents with a crystal-clear focus on ecological and humanitarian programs. Pick from an endless list of internships which all offer personal attention and guidance under mentors while working in a responsible, friendly and gracious community.

Target interns should be adventurous travellers with a love for conservation ecology.Go Eco organized the arrangement of all logistical aspects along the way guaranteeing a safe and smooth journey. After completion, interns receive a professional reference which will uniquely distinguish them from competition while applying to jobs in the future.

Intern in a hostel in Tel Aviv

Have you always dreamed of going to Tel Aviv? Now’s your chance! In this Intern in a hostel in Tel Aviv, you will live near the beach and gain invaluable experience of one of the best abroad internship programs at one of Tel Aviv’s premier hostels. Interact with guests from all over the world, plan events and carry out housekeeping duties.

Porto Hospitality Internship in Portugal

For 6 to 10 weeks, become part of a fun-loving, and eccentric team of travellers and interns like yourself while staying and working at the fourth best hostel in the world by joining Porto hospitality internship in Portugal. Work in reception, the kitchen and general maintenance in order to provide guests the stay of their dreams.

Medical and Health Care Internship in India

Are you a medical student seeking to enhance your career prospects? Intern in medical and health care internship in India for anything from 2 to 12 weeks. Interns assist medical professionals in their daily work and must apply 1-2 months before their departure date in order to receive their visa on time.

Coastal Community Aid in Ghana

Coastal Community Aid in Ghana is a great intern opportunity abroad to directly help elevate and develop rural communities around Ghana and get involved with grassroots initiatives. Travel to the beautiful area of Ada Foah in Ghana to work with schools, hospitals, radio stations and sports teams, your choice! Interns stay between 2-4 weeks and can receive a $100 discount if they join in July or August.

Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona

Are you a budding hotelier or a hospitality student looking to gain hands-on experience in one of the most exciting cities of the world that receives one of the highest influxes of travellers? Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona is a great opportunity for you to spend 6 weeks working in a hostel, enhancing your Spanish skills and also taking care of guests in a place that is passionate about sustainable tourism. Meet new people, make new friends, see new sights and learn new things!

San Jose Medical Internship

If you are currently undergoing medical training, this medical internship opportunity abroad is too good an opportunity to pass up on. Try this medical internship in San Jose, Costa Rica, where you will be developing your understanding of healthcare at a global level while assisting doctors and healthcare professionals and learning about a new culture too.

Antigua Medical Internship

Another medical internship worth considering by GoEco is its program in Antigua, Guatemala. Not only will you be living and working in one of the most beautiful countries of the world, but you’ll also be gaining valuable experience as your work one-on-one with a medical professional.


Rated the best volunteer organization of 2015, Go Eco leads the pack with a 9.6 customer satisfaction rate on 64 reviews. The company is known for its ability to place interns in the right summer interning abroad programs with reputable projects so that participants can make as big an impact as possible. Read the review below or go online to scan through several more.

Go Eco Project Review in Vietnam, Mihindu Australia

“I went to Vietnam on a last minute voyage to do some volunteering in relation to the medical field as I am currently a medical student. The best part of the trip was the people I met there, they will be life-long friends. At the internship abroad program....” Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

The Fees

For the amount of entities Go Eco grants its interns, the international opportunities Go Eco offers are some of the most cheap internships opportunities abroad in the market. Fees provide food and housing for interns, training and guidance. Most projects fees even include complete travel health insurance coverage for interns. The cheapest internship begins at $350 for 6 weeks.

Why We Chose Go Eco

Go Eco is best known for its ability to place interns in the right programs with reputable projects so that participants can make as big an impact as possible. It also a very Eco friendly organization that works to provide conservation internship opportunities abroad which we love.

African Impact

Location: South Africa
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 7 countries over 50 programs
Awards and Recognition: Innovation in Philanthropy
GoAbroad Foundation – 2019, Innovative New Intern Abroad Program
GoAbroad – 2019, Top Rated Volunteer Organization
GoAbroad – 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016, Outstanding Volunteer Project
Global Youth Travel Awards – 2017 & 2014
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: The company is known for its meaningful internship programs in Africa.

If you’ve always wanted to explore the African continent in a meaningful way, then checking out one of the abroad internships trips hosted by African Impact should definitely be your primary go-to. African Impact is an award winning Zimbabwe organization providing cheap internship and volunteering opportunity abroad. Founded in 2004, African Impact has grown into a leader among internship abroad organizations. Over the years they have hosted 12,000 volunteers 12 countries across Africa.

Social Development & Entrepreneurship Internship, South Africa

If you’re interested in farming practices, this is definitely an internship worth checking out. During your social development & entrepreneurship internship South Africa, you will work side-by-side with community members in various aspects of their economic development. In partnership with innovative Farmers of the Future initiative, you will spend time working in the gardens, while also helping to develop efficient and profitable outputs.

Public Health Internship, Zambia

Are you a healthcare student? Have you always wanted to travel to Zambia, while also making a difference? While on this abroad internship project in Zambia, you will engage with healthcare workers, professionals and NGOs in varied settings to acquire an in-depth view of the current health challenges facing Zambia. In addition, during the public health internship in Zambia, you will get practical experience as part of a 360-degree internship through exploring key issues in Zambia’s public healthcare system and bringing about research-driven change.

Gender Equality Internship in Cape Town, South Africa

Are you passionate about gender equality and women’s rights? If so, check this program out where you will spend 8 to 12 weeks living at the project base in Cape Town, South Africa, supporting young girls and women restricted by traditional patriarchal structures. By working within a whole community to bring about change, you will be able to reduce poverty, eliminate stigmas and increase knowledge of human rights for girls and women.

International Development, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Internship, Tanzania

Do you want to help others succeed? In this international development, enterprise & entrepreneurship internship in Tanzania, you will empower locals with the entrepreneurial skills they need to create business opportunities that will contribute to socio-economic development and significantly transform their lives at the internship abroad programs. It will also be an opportunity to expand your theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience in developing and implementing long lasting and sustainable solutions for pertinent issues.

NGO Internship – The African Impact Foundation

Many of the projects African Impact works on in Africa is supported by its very own foundation, The African Impact Foundation. Being a registered charity and definitely an interesting one to work for, the NGO has many opportunities available for enthusiastic interns who are passionate about making a difference at the grassroots level. This NGO Internshipis the best abroad internship program in the sense that you can tailor-make it to suit your own skills and interests, to maximize the impact you have during the internship.

Gender Equality Internship, Zambia

Are you passionate about gender issues and female empowerment, and do you want to gain hands-on experience with an NGO that makes a difference? Have you always dreamed of going to Zambia? Gender equality internship in Zambia is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking who is committed to improving gender equality, promoting female empowerment while gaining professional experience with a highly-skilled team.


As an award winning organization African Impact offers best internship abroad programs throughout the world. They have great and amazing reviews for websites and social media. Past volunteers have loved the high value and cheap programs that is changing lives. African Impact has a 94% recommendation rate on Go Overseas, and a 9.21 out of 10 rating on Go Abroad. Read one amazing review here below:

African Impact exceeded all my imaginable expectations.- Kenzie2020 - United States

Read some more reviews at the following links:

Go Abroad

Go Overseas

The Fee

African Impact offers affordable internship programs fee starting from $1,250 for a two-week stay. Fees cover your accommodations and meals, a safe airport pick-up, and the 24/7 support of the in-country staff.

Why We Chose African Impact

African Impact internship abroad programs are wide in their scope and they have high value and very sustainable with affordable fee. Unlike most other companies, each program fee goes to the communities to ensure Internship programs abroad remain sustainable.

ELI Abroad

Location: USA
Established: 2011
Location & Projects: 29 countries over 100 projects
Recognition: 501(c)3 non-profit status granted by the US government,
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Interns and Volunteers love how safe each and every program is from the project environment to the living situations.

ELI, or Experiential Learning International, welcomes travellers of all ages from all over the world to come experience the plethora of international opportunities that they offer. Since its inception in 2011, interns from over 44 countries ranging between the ages of 18-82 have engaged in anywhere from 10-day to year-long internships. Above all else, ELI stresses forming relationships and implementing lasting changes.

They believe that the most memorable experiences in life stem often from international experiences, and therefore strive to make their programs some of the most affordable programs on the market. By joining ELI’s internship abroad programs, you will forever take pride in your experience abroad.

Wildlife and Conservation Internship in Kenya

Are you passionate about wildlife and would you love to experience the wildlife of Kenya? ELI unites with the reputable Kenya Wildlife Service to create highly-rated overseas internships in the wildlife and conservation fields. Interns work with park rangers and other conservationists to manage the large wildlife reserve in the picturesque area of Lake Nakuru. Please note that a minimum of 8 weeks is required to really get the most out of this amazing experience.

Architecture Internship in Chile

Are you currently studying architecture, or super passionate about how amazing structures are built? Then check out this Architecture internship in Chile! Interns in this abroad program work with public and private companies in Chile to design and construct both commercial and residential properties. Your other responsibilities include project development, landmark building restoration efforts and the freedom to compete in international competitions.

Media Internship in Ecuador

Writers, photographers and other journalists can gain invaluable experiences abroad in media outlets based out of Quito and the Galapagos Islands. While in media internship in Ecuador, interns pick to work with either one of the best journalism outlets in Latin America, a popular television station, a sports magazine or a project of their own design. This summer media intern program abroad is a great chance to improve your career prospects, as well as your Spanish!

Promote Human Rights in Argentina

Are you a politics major, or studying law? Are you passionate about human rights, and keen to understand how other political systems administer them? Take your political and human rights interests to Argentina and work with NGO intern programs overseas to promote democratic processes, citizen participation and human rights. Interns spend time educate Argentineans about civic engagement and other governmental processes.

Medical Internships Internship in Cambodia

Are you a medical student looking to gain some experience in the healthcare systems of a developing South-East Asian nation? In this medical internship in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, you will be working at one of many hospitals in the city of Phnom Penh, shadowing doctors and pre-med students and learning about medicine in a developing ecomomy. This would truly help you stand out in your CV, and give back to a nation.

Women's Program/Human Rights Internship in Nepal

Many Nepali women between the ages of 15-30 are trafficked across borders and often end up in Indian brothels or other dire situations, almost never because they chose to do so. This women's program/human rights internship in Nepal is the best internship abroad programs. It is an incredible opportunity to partake in a placement with grassroots organizations who are working tirelessly to change the lives of these women by promoting gender justice and basic human rights. During your internship here, you would be contributing to valuable research that could really shape the futures for these women. Please note, you must bring your own laptop for the research!

Teaching Internship in South Africa

With many schools in South Africa experiencing a genuine lack of staff, intern teachers are needed to step in to teach subjects such as English, Maths and Social Studies. If you are passionate about teaching youth, and have at least 2 months to spare, then this teaching internship in South Africa is definitely worth considering.


With 59 reviews under its belt, ELI Abroad ranks with a score of 8.1 Interns and Volunteers love how safe each and every abroad intern program is from the project environment to the living situations. Read the review below or check online to see what others have to say about ELI. Internship Teaching in Kenya Review, Mariana 2016 “My volunteering experience was life changing. I spent 4 months in Nakuru, surrounded by beautiful children and having the opportunity to give them hope was amazing…Read reviews:

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The Fees

ELI offers some of the internship abroad programsin the world with a low cost application fee of only $200 dollars. Program fees begin at $520 dollars for two weeks and vary in relation to your selected internship. Both fees grant access to accommodations, meals, 24/7 emergency services and a long list of other essential benefits.

Why We Chose Eli Abroad

Past volunteers love how safe each and every program is from the project environment to the living situations. They also rightfully made to this 10 list because they have a very high profile that is fairly priced.

The Intern Group

Intern Group Internship Program

Location: UK
Established: 2011
Location & Projects: 16 countries
Awards & Recognition: winner of the Entrepreneurship Award at The Summit of The Americas attended by heads of state, including Barack Obama. Top internship abroad provider for growth and safety, Top rated internship abroad opportunity in Tokyo, Top internship abroad provider by Go Abroad
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Expect extremely professional internships with high-brow and/or blue collar companies in developed cities across the world.

Here is a company solely dedicated to providing internship and volunteering opportunities abroad and definitely worth considering. The Intern Group is an American based organization focused on inspiring and encouraging people to believe in themselves by challenging them to discover their passion and realize their full potential. They partner with over 100 universities across the globe to offer best internships programs abroad. To increase access, they also have needs-based grants, internal scholarships, as well as partnering with organizations like FEA (the Fund for Education Abroad) to offer scholarships every year.

Internships in Chicago

USA and Canada are home to some of the world’s most impressive companies and organizations. No matter what your professional interests are, you are sure to find the right experience for you with a Canada or US internship. Internship abroad opportunities in Chicago range from eight weeks to six months in North America. Alongside an internship, the program also includes advanced professional development training and workshops, social and cultural events, and 24/7 support from staff in each location during your internship.

Internships in Australia

In this internship program, you can combine travel and adventure with a leading internship program in Australia. An internship in Melbourne is the perfect blend of culture, adventure and commerce. This intern abroad program in Australia will allow you to gain professional experience in your specified career field, all within a globalized context to ensure you truly stand out in your resume.

Internships in Chile

Internship abroad programs in Chile will offer you a comprehensive professional development opportunity and a cultural immersion experience. It will also allow you to brush up on your Spanish! Chile is the perfect place to gain hands-on experience while seeing a new part of the world. Chile internship abroad programoffers opportunities across all career fields and are proud to partner with a range of leading companies and organizations in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Internships in Colombia

This internship program in Cambodia is a perfect opportunity to spend time in Colombia which houses the second largest population in South America and has been named by JP Morgan as “the next star of the continent”. You’ll be spending time in Medellin in Eastern Colombia, known to be the country’s leader in technology, innovation and business. The Intern Group has partnered with a number of reputable Colombian government and blue-chipped companies for you to choose from to ensure you have the most fulfilling and career-driven internship.

Shanghai Internship Program

Shanghai is definitely a destination worth considering for an internship, as through gaining an understanding and cultural insight of one of the world’s leading, complex and foreign economies, you will get the attention of many future employers. The Intern Group has partnered with many leading companies and organizations in Shanghai for you to pick from a career field of your choosing.

Internship - Thailand Program

If you’ve always dreamed of going to Thailand, and you’re looking for an internship that will increase your cultural awareness and enhance your professional and business acumen, then look no further. This Thailand internship program is for you! Choose from a range of fields offered by The Intern Group’s many company partners and you’ll be sure to enhance your career prospects for the future, while having a great time too!


Reviews from previous volunteers are raving, confirming this program is satisfactory. With over 700 reviews on Go Abroad and Go Overseas The Intern Group is a very popular internship program abroad. Most reviewers love the travel and the culture experience abroad. Read one positive review below:

It is a decision I will be thanking myself for for many years to come. I was able to apply myself in a new direction and experience new and exciting things with an amazing group of people. - Emma

For some more reviews, check out the links below:

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Go Abroad

The Fees

Programs start at US$4,880 for a standard stay while during summer it is US$5,200. The cheap abroad intern program fee covers on-going support from staff, transport and airport transfers, food and accommodation, administrative costs, and program orientation support.

Why We Chose The Intern Group

This provider is a top best company and has been selected because of the high quality of the programs and diversity of the internship abroad programs. It is slightly limiting because it is quite pricey but it is very cost efficient with proper allocation of program fees.

GVI World

gvi intern abroad

Location: UK
Established: 1998
Location & Projects: 13 countries, Over 100 Programs
No of Volunteers & Interns: 3500+
Awards & Recognition: GoAbroad's Top Rated Organizations & Programs, Go Overseas Community Choice Awards, GoAbroad Innovation Award
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Transforming the lives of all parties involved, including yourself.

GVI World runs over 450 impactful internship abroad opportunities across 25 different countries. In just 15 years, over 25,000 interns have helped GVI make a real difference in the communities they visit. Internship programs dedicate their focuses towards developing leadership and teamwork skills.

More importantly, programs aim to transform the lives of all parties involved. From their first project along the Caribbean island off of Honduras, GVI now offers a chance to live a more globally aware and therefore enjoyable life. Come meet local GVI offices in the UK, North America and Australia if you’re interested.

Wildlife Conservation Internship in Thailand

Capitalize on a rare opportunity to join one of the best internship abroad programs to combine your love for animals and teaching in the jaw-dropping and beautiful region of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Help the famous Karen elephant-keeping communities conserve population sizes, maintain biodiversity and rehabilitate maltreated animals. This wildlife conservation internship in Thailand is a great opportunity for biology and conservation students and majors.

Community Development Internship in Mexico

Are you passionate about helping children? Have you always wanted to make a difference in Mexico? Community development internship abroad program allows you to instruct children on how to learn and develop necessary skills for success at a Save the Children center in the coastal town of Playa del Carmen. Similar minded interns from around the world unite to positively impact the future youth, learn Spanish and discover an extensive local culture.

Teach in Nepal

Here is another childcare internship to consider if you are passionate about teaching and children. This is a chance to provide invaluable lessons to neglected and underprivileged children living in the heart of Nepal’s scenic Himalayan Mountains. Intern to teach English in Nepal and join a welcoming host family, succumb to a fascinating culture and create massive contributions to children’s centers throughout the communities you visit.

Marine Conservation and PADI Dive Master Internship in Fiji

How about doing an internship where you spend most of the time in water? If you’re a qualified PADI Open Water or equivalent, you’ll certainly enjoy diving in some of the top regions of the world while simultaneously conducting underwater surveys in the ocean waters of the Pacific. You’ll be studying beautiful coral reefs and marine creatures, while learning all about Fijian way of life while interning in marine conservation and PADI dive master internship in Fiji.

Mexico Marine Conservation Short Term Internship

If you’re looking for a future career in ocean conservation, there’s no better way to start than by completing an internship in marine conservation program with GVI in Mexico. You’ll be involved with coral reef research, doing Coral Watch surveys and conducting coral restoration activities, as well as other marine conservation initiatives.

Costa Rica Conservation Internship

Another best internship abroad program to consider if you’re truly passionate about kick starting your career in conservation, would be to spend 3-months in one of the most eco-conscious countries of the world, and in the lush Costa Rican rainforest. During the Costa Rica conservation internship, not only will you experience new cultures and way of life, but you’ll also see nature at it’s finest, and learn how to keep it at its finest.

Environment Conservation in Seychelles

Visiting the Seychelles is something most only dream of, but doing an internship there seems all the sweeter. What a great place to spend time “working”. But you will be working, on some fantastic and rewarding environment conservation internship designed to give you insight into the conservation policies that are shaping one of the most beautiful islands and sceneries of the world.


GVI’s acclaimed projects welcome over 2,000 participants every year, with the majority of interns describing their abroad internship experience as nothing short of 'life changing'. GVI’s approval rate from over 22,000 participants since 1997 is over 95%. Read through the following review or scour the internet and pick from 1,000 others online.

Read the following glowing review below:

I would completely and 100% recommend this to everyone and anyone! – Amber

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The Fees

Much like the previous companies, GVI World’s cheap internships abroad programs all have separate fees. For each project fee, 65% of all funds go directly to the project while 35% covers operations costs. GVI World’s first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety and happiness of its interns.

The lowest cost internship program begins at $3,590 and lasts 6 weeks. We’ve selected only what we believe to be the top 10 best internship abroad programs and opportunities, but if you scour the internet, you might fund hundreds more accepting applications. If you stumble upon one you truly think could top this list, send it our way, and if it’s good enough will add it in!

Why We Chose GVI

We selected this organization because it has a very high rating of more than 95% from previous volunteers. Another thing we loved was that each project fee, 65% of all funds go directly to the project only 35% covers operations costs.


Location: Costa Rica
Established: 2003
Location & Projects: 3 countries
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: top-rate internships in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.

Whether you wish to study abroad, embark on a gap year, work internationally, or simply enjoy foreign cultures and languages, MaximoNivel provides the perfect solution. MaximoNivel, established in 2003, places a premier focus on best abroad internships opportunities in the countries of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, making interning anywhere affordable and easy.

Program opportunities include: Spanish Immersion, Volunteer Abroad, Service Learning, International Internships, TEFL Certification, Semester Abroad, High School Abroad, and other unbelievable adventures. MaximoNivel provides all interns with a professional staff and first-rate facilities to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Education Internships Abroad

Are you passionate about education and willing to take your passion abroad? Strengthen your skills and perspective by working alongside professional teachers in international educational internship programs. Spend time in schools observing instruction, management and lesson plans as well as forging your own lesson plans based upon the school’s curriculums and standards.

Hospitality and Tourism Internships

Are you currently studying hospitality or tourism and looking to enhance your practical knowledge of the subject? Doing so could only stand you in good stead with future employers. Lucky for you, MaximoNivel places travelers in small tour operators, boutique hotels, and travelers’ hostels in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. This hospitality and tourism intern abroad program focuses on website management, social media interaction, marketing and improving updates in English, German and other languages.

Human Rights Internships

Are you passionate about the rights of your fellow human in different countries? With the help and vetting of MaximoNivel, Community organizations, NGOs and government agencies welcome interns to help promote communal empowerment and social justice. International human rights interns help with community outreach, education, research and fund raising all while discovering a new culture, value system and government.

Medical Internships

Are you a medical student and pretty sure you need to join medical internship overseas program to enhance your medical knowledge and broaden your future horizons as a doctor or healthcare professional? Practicing medical interns are exposed to a mass of medical practices in the developing worlds of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Improve your knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish and intern abroad at a number of reputable hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and private practices.


MaximoNivel’s internship abroad programs are all internationally accredited and recognized worldwide. The company focuses on a commitment to quality customer service. With a fantastic staff and exceptional home-base facilities, nearly every intern leaves in awe of their experience. Read the review below or open up their webpage to pick from 299 reviews that project a 96% satisfaction rate. Read the positive review below:

I could not have asked for a better experience than with MaximoNivel. -Roxie

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The Fees

MaximoNivel guides interns through the registration and pre-arrival process guaranteeing a fulfilling experience. Cheap abroad internship program fees include services from Airport pick-up to walking tours to long classes and free WiFi. Programs begin at $1,525 for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Why We Chose MaximoNivel

MaximoNivel is internationally accredited and recognized worldwide. We were encouraged because the company focuses on a commitment to quality customer service. With a professional local and international staff and exceptional home-base facilities, they make sure each intern leaves in awe of their best and cheap internships abroad experience.

Other honourable mentions are

Intern Abroad HQ

connects students and young professionals with international internship programs. If you’re seeking practical experience to support your study, or enhance your career prospects Intern Abroad HQ offers a diverse range of trusted and affordable option. Each week at the project you will have a relevant topic, which relates to specific skill building, presents learning objectives. It is also a highly rated organization. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Love Volunteers

In June 2009, brother and sister team Julian and Kelly started Love Volunteers in New Zealand. After months of visiting different countries and projects, they started with a simple website, which was complete with 20 projects in 12 countries and never looked back. They have continued to grow adding new projects and locations with the best volunteers abroad program options. They offer affordable internships abroad programs starting as low as $299 and greatly loved by previous volunteers. Read reviews:

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Project Abroad

With more than 750 reviews on both Go Overseas and Go Abroad, Projects Abroad is a UK based organization with over 25 years helping volunteers follow their passion to change the world and make it a better place. We like their hassle-free travel, with secure abroad interning projects that work to change poor communities around the world. Since inception they have sent worked with 115,000 volunteers on incredible and fulfilling projects in over 20 countries. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventure is an American based organization offering life-changing, safe internship abroad programs. It has 9.5/10 on Go Abroad, 9/5 on Go overseas making it one of the most highly rated internship program providers. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

IES Internships

IES Internship grows your professional skills by combining with ability to communicate across cultures, by providing substantive work experience to jump-start your career in today’s competitive job market. We love that with this organization you will be able to find any internship programs abroad that fit you. In addition you will be able to travel and learn new language and culture. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

CIEE Study Abroad

A nonprofit, CIEE is aworld leader in international study, exchange programs and best abroad internship programs. For 65 years, CIEE has helped thousands of volunteers to experience cultural diversity by offering the most comprehensive, relevant, and valuable exchange programs available which are cheap and high value. Read reviews:

Go Overseas‎

Go Abroad

Connect 123

Founded in 2011 in the South Africa, Connect 123 has almost a decade’s worth of experience and has assisted thousands of volunteers to go around the world each year to work with impoverished communities. This organization is excellently reviewed online with over 250 positive reviews on on Go Overseas and Go Abroad. Prices start as low as $899for a one-week stay at internship opportunities abroad. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Travellers Worldwide

Established in 1994 to foster interactions between travelers and foreign countries, Travellers is widely recognized as a pioneer in creating the best internship abroad programs available. With 300 projects worldwide, Travellers relocates interns from all over the world to practically any destination they desire.

Travellers ensure fulfillment of projects both short and long term goals. Interns for Travellers Worldwide find roles teaching, coaching, nursing, researching, building etc. While nearly all responsibility falls to the intern, around the clock support guidance and instruction provide interns with confidence and guarantee project success. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Volunteer World


While we have done the majority of the research for you and presented you with a range of low cost intern opportunities abroad, it’s down to you to make your final decision. We hope you found this article interesting and informing.

We hope it will help you choose wisely and ensure the company you choose communicates with you well before you commit to them. Find a company that responds well to your passion and life goals. It is important that you volunteer with a company that you really believe in and see through your passion to make positive change in the world.

Good luck. Remember to keep in touch and give us your feedback after your trip abroad. Other than this mentioned: Contact us now to find out more about these once in a lifetime opportunities!

You might also want to check out our 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Program Providers, best and cheap volunteer program providers in Sri Lanka, India, Bali, Cambodia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

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