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11 Best Cheap Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Ghana for 2020

15 Best, Cheap, Highly Rated Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Ghana

Do you have dreams of experiencing West Africa? Volunteering in Ghana can be a really great way to see this part of the world: a country with such diversity in landscapes and culture. Ghana is home to unique wildlife, a stunning coastline, and a rich history. From old forts to colonial buildings and secluded beaches to native shrines, Ghana has many unforgettable experiences waiting for anyone who chooses this country as a destination.

The outdoors is yours to explore in Ghana with national parks and tree-top canopy rainforest walks to be the backdrop of your adventure. A range of delicious meals of local soups and stews will and fresh and tasty seafood dishes will satisfy your taste buds on a daily basis.

Volunteering in Ghana opens up many opportunities to become immersed in local communities and really get to know the culture. From working in local communities to engaging in school education, there are many great volunteer opportunities in Ghana.

While this country has priceless memories just waiting to be made, volunteering in Ghana can be rather costly and expensive. It you check the internet you will see prices for volunteer opportunities in Ghana can go up to $3000 for just 2 weeks. When you add up the program fees of volunteering organizations, airfares, as well as visa, vaccinations, and insurance, the cost of volunteering abroad can be quite unattainable for many.

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For this article, we have examined hundreds of organizations offering volunteer opportunities in Ghana by checking their prices, internet testimonies, history and commitment to local communities, and selected 12 of the least expensive yet highly rated volunteer opportunities in Ghana.  Choosing any of these organizations will save you money and time, leading to a meaningful volunteer experience in Ghana.

Here are 12 of the best rated and most inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana.

1. RCDP International

Based in Nepal, and in operation since 1998, RCDP International stands out from the crowd in the field of volunteer organizations, They combine a strong focus on creating and facilitating programs which primarily benefit youngsters, whether they are orphans, or simply poor, in schools or in their communities, with a commitment to providing great but affordable volunteer abroad opportunities.

If you have the desire to make a genuine difference to the world there's no need to hurt yourself financially when RCDP program fees start from as low as just $50 US. Lower prices don't mean volunteers get less of an experience or a lower level of support - as food, accommodation and the full benefits of a dedicated local team are all included in the fee paid.

RCDP International Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

All Ghana based volunteer programs start on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month, and are based in either Accra or Kumasi.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
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Accra is a densely populated seaside city which offers visitors a nice blend of beach, culture, history, shopping and nightlife. Kumasi, on the other hand, combines culture with open spaces such as parks and gardens, and there are many small villages on the outskirts of this city where traditional crafts are practiced, and the end results sold.

Ghana volunteer programs are available in 2 main categories: with children (in orphanages and as an English teacher) and in the health care arena, (either on health or HIV/AIDS focused programs).

Volunteers on Ghana projects should expect to work for 3-40 hours a week, and commit to a stay of between 1 and 12 weeks. Housing is either with a host family or in a hostel, and three meals based on local food are provided daily.

Orphanage Based Projects

Volunteering your time and skills at an orphanage in Ghana helps children stay away from a life on the streets and petty crime. Most orphanages are short of staff and resources, so your help is invaluable. Volunteers should be caring, patient, kind, upbeat, and open to experiencing new things. Tasks include teaching English (and any other subject you can offer) leading dance, art and music activities, helping with admin tasks, fundraising, and general household duties such as cleaning and cooking.

English Teaching Projects

Growing up with weak or nonexistent English skills means children will be excluded from so many opportunities as young adults. Native or near native English speaking volunteers who are patient, caring, and resourceful are badly needed. No teaching experience is necessary as Ghana volunteers can work alongside a local teacher to gain confidence and experience before manage a classroom independently.

HIV/AIDS Projects

Working on this project involves offering support to those living with HIV/AIDS, and those living with the consequences, such as orphans or families left in poverty after the death of the main breadwinner. Alternatively, some volunteer work on the locally organized HIV/AIDS prevention education program which RCDP supports. Volunteers should be committed to the ethos of the program, and be both open-minded, tolerant and understanding in nature.

 Health Care Projects

If you are a student or already have medical related qualifications you'd be welcomed onto this program, which delivers healthcare to those who struggle to access the system due to poverty. By assisting local professionals deliver care and promote health education campaigns you will help provide both immediate and long term health benefits to the poorest people. A volunteer's tasks will depend mainly on their individual background and experience level, ranging from undertaking basic health assessments and admin duties to hands-on treatment.

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RCDP Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Online reviews from RCDP Ghana volunteer program alumni praise every aspect of the experience, from the reliable airport pickup service and authentic homestay to the supportive staff and interesting projects. Read more about what previous volunteers have to say here.

I had a fantastic stay in Ghana which is a very welcoming country. During my two-week stay at an orphanage teaching children of different ages school the children are so caring, sometimes stubborn but enriched my experience here in so many ways. In our spare time, we visited the market, the beach, a slave castle in Cape Coast and went on a canopy walk. These activities permitted for me to discover Ghanaian culture and made my trip very exciting and full of emotions. i would greatly recommend my experience in Ghana if you wish to discover a new culture, help children and come back as a different human being. This trip was eye-opening, so gratifying and a magical experience. - Capucine

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RCDP Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

As well as having a very low price point RCDP have a clear commitment to directing the fee a volunteer pays directly to the project providers and host families involved. By doing this RCDP protect the orphanage, NGO or school and host family from losing out financially due to a volunteer's presence.

The registration fee, (currently $269), covers RCDP's running costs, while the weekly fee, (currently $80 per week) is split equally to cover a volunteer's room and 3 meals a day with an experienced host family, and to fund both local coordination and a donation to the project you will help out on.

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2. Volta Aid Foundation (Ghana)

Delivering community development, empowerment and education to the Volta region of Ghana since 2010, this organization has made a huge impact on local communities. They have a range of low cost volunteer opportunities in Ghanaon offer, ranging from educational positions to work in the medical field. Volta Aid Foundation is a non-government organization, and accepts volunteers in Ghana from all religious backgrounds and from all walks of life.

These top volunteer opportunities in Ghana that Volta Aid Foundation has on offer are flexible, and do not have specific start or finish dates. These programs, no matter what field you choose to volunteer in, offer you the chance to really become submersed in the local culture and experience the everyday life in Ghana.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or someone looking to find experience in the economic world, Volta Aid Foundation will have a placement for you. There are many professional and educational benefits as well as personal learning to take away from any volunteer opportunities in Ghana.

All of the programs offered by Volta Aid Foundation give volunteers a genuine chance to make a positive difference in the community. All the placements focus on grass-roots development so you can rest assured that after you leave, the difference you have made will continue growing. Keep reading below for some of the fantastic opportunities on offer.

Volta Aid Foundation Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


Through teaching English, math, and computer studies this project aims to boost the knowledge of children in local schools. The role of volunteers is to teach classes, assist in extracurricular school programs, and broaden the horizons of the children. 


This project seeks to enable children who are disadvantaged due to health problems, family loss or extreme poverty to have a better life. Volunteers can get involved in the orphanage by tutoring, reading to children and helping staff by doing some cooking and cleaning.


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Improving the business sector in Ghana is the aim of this project and seeks the help of students from business studies backgrounds. Depending on the loan life cycle, volunteers will have a variety of tasks to do, such as assessing potential beneficiaries or training beneficiaries.


This project calls for students from a medical background, either studying or qualified, to help ease the burden of over-crowded waiting rooms and under-resourced doctors in hospitals. Volunteers will go on rounds with doctors and assist with procedures and operations. 

Volta Aid Foundation Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Many young and enthusiastic volunteers just like you have had their world perspective changed for the better thanks to a volunteer placement through Volta Aid Foundation. Check out these positive reviews from people who loved their time there.

I have recently returned from a two week trip volunteering in a hospital in Ghana with VAF. I can honestly say that this was the best experience I have ever had! I made a lot of friends during my short stay in Ghana, and my only regret is that I didn't visit for longer than two weeks! The work VAF do to help the people of the Volta region is brilliant, and a VAF is an organisation worth supporting! Also our volunteer co-ordinator Eric was very helpful before and during our stay, and was always available to help us with anything we needed during our time in Ghana. Thank you VAF! -Rose

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Volta Aid Foundation Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Volta Aid Foundation offers very reasonable and inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana. All fees include accommodation with a host family and meals three times a day. What’s more, for a small cost you will get a priceless life experience. For a month long program, fees start at $500.

3. Original Volunteers (UK)

Making a difference in West African communities since 2006, UK company Original Volunteers have earned their reputation as one of the most affordable and trustworthy organizations when it comes to low cost volunteer opportunities in Ghana. With over 100 projects across 18 companies, Original Volunteers works hard with you to find the right volunteer placement to suit your circumstances, personality, and lifestyle.

Whether you are interested in teaching or childcare, working in the sports field, conservation or construction, or even gaining experience in the health industry, Original Volunteers will have something that sparks your attention. All of these are cheap volunteering opportunities in Ghana that will certainly change your life for the better.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
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Original Volunteers Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


this project sees the power of engaging children and teenagers through sports and learning new sports skills. Volunteers teach participants a range of sports, and in doing so boost the confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork abilities of members in the community.

Teaching/Child Care:

The aim of this project is to improve the educational standards of the English language in students and schools. The role of a volunteer teacher is to use their native English skills to encourage students to speak with confidence.


This project is designed to protect the environment and give a better future to the natural landscapes and plants. Volunteers will be involved in planting trees, harvesting crops, and creating sustainable vegetable gardens in the community. 


This project aims to fill the gap between medical resources and education, and calls on volunteers in the health field to help close this. Volunteers, depending on their experience, will work with local nurses and doctors in hospitals or clinics to do basic day-to-day health checks. 


There are many buildings that are not constructed to appropriate standards, and this project aims to change this. Ghana volunteers with a handyman background and tradesman skills will create better structures for schools, libraries, and community buildings.

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Original Volunteers Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Check out the following reviews to see how volunteering through Original Volunteers has changed the lives for many like-minded volunteers. These words reflect the life-changing journey that volunteer opportunities in Ghana can give you.

I have used Original Volunteers on Ghana and I highly recommend this company if you would like to be involved in volunteer projects. For those who have concerns about what company to choose when volunteering, my honest opinion is that Original Volunteers offer rewarding experiences and are very good value for money. Everything ran very smoothly from beginning to end on my trips. In summary, I genuinely recommend Original Volunteers, they are affordable, supportive and very reliable. Working and traveling in a foreign country proves your ability to move out of your comfort zone, to take risks, and to adapt and confront new challenges. Thank you OV! - KiranK

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Original Volunteers Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Ghana opportunity?
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The all-inclusive fees with Original Volunteers ensure that the money goes directly back to the local community and host family you live with. Much of the fees also cover your accommodation, meals, and some transport in the community. For a one week program you will pay $150, and for two weeks the cost is $300.

4. IFRE Volunteers

Best 15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Ghana

Helping kind-hearted and eager travelers fulfill their dreams of volunteering abroad by offering low cost volunteering opportunities in Ghana since 2006, IFRE Volunteers is an established organization that can help put you in touch with your dream placement to make a genuine difference in a community in Ghana. With over 200 projects in 18 countries, IFRE Volunteers has earned a strong worldwide reputation.

IFRE Volunteers understands that not everyone can afford outrageous prices when all they want to do is share their kindness and caring attitude with communities in need. This is why IFRE Volunteers offer cheap volunteering opportunities in Ghana where the fees go directly to host families and projects.

If you are interested in volunteering in Ghana by doing some work with children or in the health industry, than IFRE Volunteers will be able to get you connected with a life changing project. Not only will you gain invaluable skills along the way, but you will also contribute to grass-roots development in Ghana.

IFRE Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Orphanage Work:

This project is involved with supporting street children who have been orphaned due to extreme poverty and health diseases. Volunteers are needed to assist with basic English skills, cook food for the children, and provide them with love and nurturing. 

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Ghana opportunity?
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Teaching English:

The demand for English language skills is very high for children and teenagers, and this project creates more opportunities to learn. Volunteers share their English skills with students, giving them a chance to interact with and learn from a native speaker.

HIV/AIDS Projects:

the goal of this project is to reduce the threat of this serious health problem across Ghana. Volunteers of any background can find a role here, from working with infected patients, distributing clothes and food or educating the community on ways to prevent this disease.

Health Project:

This project aims to increase access to healthcare for rural communities and subsequently decrease the prevalence of endemic disease. Volunteers give a helping hand to local nurses, work in consultation rooms, dispensing medicine, or assisting in the operating theatre.

IFRE Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Just like you, many other young and passionate volunteers have contacted IFRE to make their dreams abroad become a reality. Read below to find out just how life-changing and positive their experiences were.

The flexibility and yet security and support we received from IFRE was perfect. We were given proper information and never felt unsafe or unaware of what to do next. The experiences and times spent at these places totally broadened my worldview and outlook for the future and the value I now place on volunteering. I was in a group of 7 people and everyone agreed that this was a crucial trip at this transitional age in our lives. Transportation was clear and planned for us on both occasions. My next trip will definitely be with IFRE! - Lululebowitz

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IFRE Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

The charges associated with IFRE Volunteers programs are very reasonable and cover the majority of your living expenses while you are making use of the many volunteer opportunities in Ghana. For a one week program you can expect to pay around $435, and for two weeks or more the price increases to $560 plus.

Are you passionate about helping the disadvantaged? Is Ghana your next destination for a volunteer trip?

Ghana is a very self-governing, peaceful, and educated country who has freedom of the media. They have had an influx of tourism and have discovered oil, both which are enabling them to reach for success.

Unfortunately, Ghana is still ridden with poverty, high unemployment rates, and rural schools and hospitals lacking properly trained physicians and teachers.

Our volunteer programs in Ghana work closely with organizations to help these disadvantaged locals to become self-sufficient and have a chance for a positive future.

Volunteers in Ghana will have the chance to explore this stunning country with it’s colorful culture while helping these destitute people.

What volunteer opportunities are available in Ghana

We offer many heartwarming programs that will benefit the people and their communities. You can help take care of the abandoned children in the orphanage, teach English to local students, or help with health education projects. All of these are very important to the future of these people.

Find out more about:

Ghana Orphanage Program

Ghana is overwhelmed by children being abandoned and left in the streets. Multiple social issues including poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic have left these innocent children without a family or home.

We work with the orphanage in Ghana to help provide a safe place for these orphans to sleep, receive proper nutrition, education, and love and compassion.

Volunteers in the Ghana orphanage will help with daily tasks to help run the orphanage. You will cook, serve food, help with elementary schooling, teach English, and share your love and compassion. These children desperately need to know they are loved and worthy. This is your opportunity to make a difference!

Needed Skills There are no required skills to volunteer in the Ghana orphanage. You only need to have a passion for helping children and eager to show your love.

Tasks for Volunteers Ghana orphanage volunteers will be responsible for helping with daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, assisting with feeding the children, teaching English, and any other activities needed by staff. You may also be asked to help with administrative duties or simply play with the children and showing them, you care.

Ghana Teaching English Project

Learning English is becoming more and more needed for the kids of Ghana. Unfortunately, many of the students and families are too poor and unable to pay for schooling. Volunteers will teach English in the rural public schools.

This is the only way some of the disadvantaged students will have a chance to learn this much needed language.

Volunteers teaching English in Ghana will assist local teachers and show how a native English speaker teaches English. In return, you will learn different styles of teaching from these local teachers. Teaching English is greatly respected in Ghana and enables you to help these poor people and make a positive impact on the community.

Ghana has 3 trimesters per year. January to March, May to July, and September to December. Your schedule may vary depending on the school holidays.

Required Skills Teaching volunteers can choose to teach more than just English. You can help with math, science, or physical education. You do not need any skills or experience to volunteer teaching but, a degree or certification in education is valued. Volunteers are expected to have a passion for working with kids and be eager to teach.

Volunteer Assignments Volunteers teaching in Ghana will primarily teach English to all level of students. You can assist in other subjects if you have some experience in those subjects. The majority of classes are overcrowded with 20-60 students at one time. However, these children are very eager to learn English and will welcome you with open arms.

Health and Medical Programs

Ghana is in desperate need of health volunteers to help provide basic healthcare for the poor disadvantaged communities.

Volunteers will help nursing staff at the local hospital as well as assist with health promotion projects to teach disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.

You will help with basic first aid, giving out medicine, the operating room, and even the maternity ward. You might also be able to help with home visits and verifying patient information.

Required Qualifications Any person that would like to volunteer with our public health project in Ghana is welcome. No prior experience or training is needed. We will place you based on your background in a spot that will be most rewarding for you.

Volunteer Tasks Public health care volunteer’s tasks can vary from moment to moment. You can watch the physicians and nurses at work one minute and help with basic assistance the next. We will place you based on your education and background. Due to liabilities, as a volunteer you will not be allowed to do major surgeries or exams.


As a volunteer in Ghana, we will be responsible for all your needs. We will place you with a friendly host family who will provide you with 3 meals a day. Our local staff will be available 24 hours a day during your entire program for any questions or concerns.

5. Global Crossroad

Best 15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Ghana Global Crossroad

Placing enthusiastic volunteers in positions to share their skills and abilities with communities in need since 2003, Global Crossroad is a leading provider of low cost volunteer opportunities in Ghana and 18 other countries across the world. With over 18,000 volunteers placed in suitable programs, this is a company you can trust.

Since not everyone has excessive money to spend on volunteering programs, Global Crossroad provides cheap volunteering opportunities in Ghana to suit a range of budgets. This is how Global Crossroad is making volunteering dreams come true for people around the world.

If you are interested in taking your teaching or medical skills abroad, Global Crossroad can place you in one of many volunteer opportunities in Ghana where you can assist with orphaned children, teaching English, or on medical projects. All of this type of work makes a huge different in grass-roots development for communities in Ghana.

Global Crossroad Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Orphanage Work:

This program accommodates street children and underprivileged children displaced by poverty and disease to have a home. Volunteers are integral in giving these children the opportunity to learn, play, and have a chance for a better life. 

Teaching English:

The goal of this project is to improve English language skills in rural and remote schools so that future generations have better global opportunities. Volunteers with excellent English skills will teach classes and engage students in this language, giving them more confidence to speak and read English. 

Medical Volunteering:

The overall goals of this project are to increase access to basic healthcare, improve village health, and decrease the prevalence of common diseases. Volunteers assist in this by promoting health education in villages and helping local nurses and doctors at clinics.

HIV/AIDS Projects:

This project focuses on decreasing the prevalence of this disease through preventative measures and education, focusing on promoting behavioral changes and facilitating discussions in the community to raise awareness. Volunteers run seminars, workshops, and educative lessons to help with this and make a genuine difference. 

Global Crossroad Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteer opportunities in Ghanaare, ultimately, life altering experiences that will give you many new skills and a whole new outlook on life. Check out these reviews to see how Global Crossroad has positively impacted other volunteers’ lives.

My trip to Africa was by far one of the best life experiences I have had yet. My experience with Global Crossroad was wonderful. The week spent going to the orphanage for street children was remarkable and eye opening. The relationships that were created with people on this trip I will cherish for a very long time.- Egdaly

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
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Global Crossroad Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

For a small cost you will have an incredibly enriching experience with Global Crossroad. One week programs with all-inclusive fees start at $435 and for two weeks you will pay $560. These funds cover your living and food expenses, and the money goes directly to the project and host family.

6. Ubelong

Since 2009, American based company Ubelong has been assisting eager volunteers to find a suitable placement abroad where they can make a genuine difference in communities. Ubelong has inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana in a range of different fields.

If you have expertise in teaching or the medical industry, but do not have a lot of money to fund volunteer opportunities in Ghana, then Ubelong is a company worth looking into. Ubelong understands that sharing your kindness and good-will should not come with an expensive price tag.

With a range of volunteer opportunities in Ghana on offer from education to law based projects, Ubelong can get you in touch with a program to suit your skills and personality. This is a fantastic way to experience Ghana at a local level and contribute to positive grass roots changes in the community.

Ubelong Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


This project seeks to improve the education standards and keep students, particularly girls, in school rather than them dropping out in order to work. The role of volunteers is to create interactive and student-centered lessons while helping teachers to keep students engaged in class.


This project has a strong focus on both public health education and medical treatment aimed at treating and preventing diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Volunteers support local nurses and doctors in medical centers in and around small communities outside Accra.

Law and Human Rights:

This project aims to stop the employment of children under the legal age of 16 in fishing industries. Volunteers help by educating children, families, and fishermen about children’s rights and the need for better working conditions for children once they are of the legal age. 

Construction and Infrastructure:

The aim of this project is to improve run-down buildings such as schools, hospitals, and centers that are crucial to the community. Volunteers bring their manpower and energy to help renovate and reconstruct these buildings to a better standard.

Ubelong Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

UBelong is proud to have made a positive change in volunteers’ lives while they make positive changes in local communities in Accra, Ghana. Have a read below to see what other volunteers like you have to say about their experience

I had a phenomenal experience with UBELONG. I communicated a lot with my mentor before the trip, so I was comfortable when I got at project. This was my first volunteer trip abroad and I can't wait for my next with UBELONG! -Jeri

Read more reviews at Go abroad and Go Overseas.

Ubelong Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Programs fees vary depending on which project within these volunteer opportunities in Ghana you choose. All fees include your living, accommodation, and meal expenses while completing the project. For one week the cost is between $525-$725, and for two weeks the price is between $635-835.

7. International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

If you are determined to volunteer your skills in West Africa, whether it is in the teaching or medical field, but cannot afford outrageous program fees, then you will be pleased to know that International Volunteers HQ can help you find inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Ghana.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Ghana opportunity?
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With a range of low cost volunteering opportunities in Ghana across the Accra area, International Volunteer HQ has been placing young and enthusiastic volunteers like you in programs since 2007. With over 30 countries and 42,000 volunteers served, this is a company you can trust.

Now is the time to find the best teaching, child care, sports, medical, construction, or agriculture volunteer opportunities in Ghana to fulfill your volunteering dreams, while making a huge difference in a community who needs it.

IVHQ Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


This project recognizes the importance of education to create better futures for future generations. Volunteers are involved in creating engaging lessons, particularly for teaching English, which is a highly important skill for young children to have. 


This project is focused on the physical training of sports and teaching team- work, coordination, and confidence through sports skills and playing games. Volunteers can teach their favorite sports from home, and bring suitable equipment that may not be available locally.

Child Care:

The goal of this project is to provide education, attention, love, and care to children who have been left orphaned due to extreme poverty, health issues, or other unfortunate circumstances. The responsibilities of volunteers include creating teaching programs, engaging activities, and helping with the day-to-day running of the centre. 


The focus of volunteer opportunities in Ghana such as this is to improve access to basic healthcare services for rural communities. It seeks professionals from the medical field or students in this sector to provide medical care on site at a hospital or in local orphanages. 


The stability of buildings such as orphanages and hospitals is crucial to providing adequate support to communities and this project recognizes that. Volunteers work with locals on tasks such as brick-lying, painting, plastering, and digging to improve such buildings.


This project supports the agricultural farming industry in local communities and addresses concerns of sustainability. Volunteers will get their hands dirty by planting more trees and creating sustainable vegetable gardens in orphanages and schools. 

IVHQ Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Just like you, many other volunteers have been eager to go abroad with inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Ghana and gain new life skills. Read below to see how volunteering with International Volunteer HQ has changed the lives for these people.

My volunteer experience was better than I could have ever anticipated. IVHQ works with you from beginning to end to ensure that you are not only prepared but happy, comfortable, and adapting well in country. It made the culture shock bearable and the new experiences exciting! I taught a school where I fell in love with the kids, was constantly welcomed with open arms by the other teachers, and met so many different people from different places. If anybody wants to volunteer overseas IVHQ is the absolute best option and best deal for your money! It's the cheapest and most amazing program out there. -ckellogg

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IVHQ Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Ghana opportunity?
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With reasonable prices and fees that include your living and food expenses, International Volunteer HQ is a great choice. For a one week program you will pay $550, with an additional $35 a week for the construction project. For two weeks, the cost is $650.

8. Volunteer Partnership for West Africa

Volunteering abroad through some of the best volunteer opportunities in Ghanais an exceptional way to advance your professional and personal development while making significant changes to local communities. If you are interested in inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana that focus on grass-roots development, Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa is a company to consider.

Without the expensive program fees of large international companies, Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa focus their expenses on food and accommodation for the volunteer and ensures all the money goes directly to the host family and local community.

If you have expert skills in anything from education to construction, your knowledge and talent will go far with Volunteer Partnership for West Africa. This is an amazing chance to have a real impact on local communities that will gain invaluable experiences from your abilities.

Volunteer Partnership for West Africa Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

NGO Management:

This project works closely with the NGOs in the area and aims to improve their efficiency and the impact they have on the community. Volunteers will be help to manage paperwork and implement programs in the community.


This project involves teaching in a range of locations, such as in schools, orphanages, and libraries. Volunteers share their English skills to give students more confidence in both speaking and understanding the language.

Special Needs:

The aim of this project is to create better opportunities for people living with special needs. Volunteers in Ghana can engage them in arts and crafts projects and help them sell handcrafted goods at local markets. 

Health and Nutrition:

The goal of this project is teaching local communities about personal hygiene, and eating habits which will improve their health.

Conservation and Environment:

This project focuses on grass-roots change. Volunteers will plant trees and dig water wells will have huge benefits for local communities.


This project works with orphaned children to give them a better quality of life and improve their circumstances. Volunteers will play games, run activities, and assist with cooking and cleaning tasks around the centre. 


The goal of this project is to improve the infrastructure of important community buildings such as schools and hospitals. Volunteers will help out with bricklaying, painting, and plastering.

Waste Management:

This project focuses on a sustainable future for local communities and reducing waste around the village. Ghana volunteers will work on educating local people about the benefits of recycling and the harmful effect of rubbish pollution the community through seminars and workshops.

Women's' Empowerment:

This project is about teaching women life skills, from cooking to craft or sewing to writing, as this changes the way they contribute to their own society. Volunteers also help teach the women English, so they can sell their goods to tourists more easily

Sports and youth development:

In this project, children and teenagers are given new ways to get involved and engaged in team-work by playing sports. Volunteers teach a sport of their choice, play active games, and teach new skills. 

Volunteer Partnership for West Africa Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteering through Volunteer Partnership for West Africa really does make a difference for the local communities as well as the volunteer personally. The proof is in these positive reviews below.

My time at VPWA was the best time of my life! VPWA is a small organisation with big projects and it's flexible. so you can try out different things and visit different sites during your time, and really get a taste of all aspects of an NGO's workings. But it's also perfect for volunteers who want to learn. I learnt so much about Ghanian culture whilst at VPWA as everyone there, from the people you live with to the people you work with or get on the tro-tro with are desperate to welcome and host you! I couldn't recommend VPWA or Ghana more - the best people, most interesting culture and a charity with genuine, ambitious, and truly effective projects. Ultimate value for money! -adjoa

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Volunteer Partnership for West Africa Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

The money you pay will be going straight back to the community on whichever of the many volunteer opportunities in Ghana that you participate in, which is the point of grassroots development. For one week you will pay $590 and for two weeks you will pay $700. This is a small cost to be part of a community rich in gratitude and appreciation.

9. uVolunteer

15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Ghana Uvolunteer

With an outstanding reputation in the international volunteering community uVolunteer have been helping volunteers make a difference in local communities since 2006. uVolunteer offers inexpensive volunteering opportunities in over 13 countries, including Ghana.

Focusing on volunteer opportunities in Ghana which benefit children, the education and health systems, and nature conservation, uVolunteer are experts at helping kind-spirited volunteers find the most suitable program for the best price.

Donating your time, knowledge, education and specialist skills in your expert area by participating in volunteer opportunities in Ghana will make life-changing differences for the local community you find yourself in. While making a difference where it is needed, you will also find yourself making unforgettable memories.

uVolunteer Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


By volunteering in an orphanage in the Koforidua region of Ghana you have the chance to bring hope and happiness to children who have otherwise felt abandoned. You may never understand the warmth you can bring to a small child by simply bringing your positive energy and smile, but this volunteer opportunity in Ghana will help.

Teaching English:

This project seeks native English speakers to teach underprivileged children at schools and after-school clubs. Volunteers will design engaging lesson plans boost each student’s confidence with English. 

Teaching Sports:

In this project, the aim is to engage children and teenagers in physical activity and improve their health. Through teaching skills and playing games, volunteers will show students new ways to have fun, while improving their coordination and teamwork abilities.

National Parks and Reserves:

By connecting communities with national parks this project focuses on sustaining such spaces. Volunteers will work with community outreach programs and special needs schools to engage locals in conserving the environment.


This project aims to reduce the prevalence of common healthcare issues and increase access to healthcare across rural communities. Volunteers will work in a regional hospital, and assist local nurses and doctors where needed. 

uVolunteer Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

A number of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers similar to you have had their outlook and attitude on the world changed for the better thanks to volunteer opportunities in Ghana through uVolunteer. Check out what they have to say below.

My experiences with uVolunteer were great. From the first minute I was in Africa I enjoyed it. I was teaching at a school. The children were really nice and I loved to teach there. I have seen a lot in Ghana. I traveled to Cape Coast and Kumasi and other places. I had a great time. It is definitely a life time experience. When somebody is hesitating to come to Africa for holiday or better for volunteering, the only thing I can say: just do it! You will never feel regret, I'm sure. -Charlotte D

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uVolunteer Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

With uVolunteer, you will pay a small fee that covers your accommodation and meal. One week programs cost $670, and for two weeks the price is $830. For a month long program in the national parks and reserves the cost is $1,155.

10. Love Volunteers

15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Programs in Ghana Love Volunteers

Volunteering abroad is an empowering and worthwhile experience for you personally, as well as the community you serve. New Zealand based company Love Volunteers understands the positive impact volunteer opportunities in Ghanahas, and offers a range of placements to help volunteers share their kindness with the world.

Love Volunteers realize that volunteering abroad should not come with excessive fees, which is why they have established a number of inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana which enable volunteers to make a big difference in local villages without the big price tag.

From working in the health field to supporting children through childcare, teaching, or arts and crafts, Love Volunteers can help find the best volunteer opportunity in Ghanafor you. Taking your skills, knowledge, and positive energy to a community in Ghana will have endless benefits, and will be a life-changing impact for both you and the people you meet along the way.

Love Volunteers Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


This project seeks the assistance of volunteers from a medical background to support local hospitals, clinics, and community health programs. Volunteers will shadow doctors and nurses and assist them with health care tasks. 


Through this project, children who have been left orphaned by poverty or disease are given a better quality of living. Volunteers teach English, play games, bathe and clean children while providing them with love and affection. 


In primary schools, nurseries, and secondary schools, this project aims to increase English language skills in students. Volunteers are responsible for teaching under the supervision of a local teacher and providing creative and engaging lesson ideas. 

Kids’ Creative Art:

This project seeks to engage children through creative art based learning and play. Volunteers help children to develop their cognitive abilities through creative methods using paint, clay, and drawing.

Love Volunteers Volunteer Program Reviews

A number of volunteers with a heart and mind just like you have had the time of their life throughvolunteer opportunities in Ghana thanks to Love Volunteers. Find out how their experience changed their world by reading the reviews below.

The past couple months I spent in Ghana were full of some of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in life thus far. I was ready for adventure and prepared to work hard to have a positive impact on the community that became my temporary home. Just thinking back to the moments I spent with the kids at the orphanage brings a smile to my face! I’ve been back for two days and I already miss Ghana and all the people I met on my adventure so much! I hope to return someday! Thank you for making this adventure possible . -Amanda Kelly

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Love Volunteers Volunteer Program Fees

All programs start at 2 or 3 weeks with Love Volunteers so that you can really become immersed in the community. The price ranges from $610-710 depending on the program you choose. Whatever the cost, the experience you have will be entirely priceless.

11. Agape Volunteers

15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Programs in Ghana AGAPE

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Across West Africa a number of volunteers have been making huge changes, without a huge price tag, thanks to Agape Volunteers. Since 2009 this company has made cheap volunteering opportunities in Ghana available for countless enthusiastic volunteers.

Agape Volunteers understand that hefty program fees make the best volunteering opportunities in Ghana an unrealistic dream for many people. This is why they have reasonable prices and expenses so that you do not have to miss out on your dream to make a difference.

With Agape Volunteers, you can take your musical, educational, or medical skills and talents to a community in Ghana and make a significant impact with positive grass-roots development changes.

Agape Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


This project recognizes the value of communication and education through music by giving students the chance to learn a new instrument. Volunteers work with students aged under 25 and teach them new musical skills. 


The importance of education and improving standards is the aim of this project. Volunteers will mainly be involved in teaching English to students, aiming to boost their abilities in this language.


This project is working to lessen the burden and stretched resources in the local medical field. Volunteers who are either studying, or a qualified healthcare professional, will shadow doctors for a few days before performing procedures under supervision.


This project is aiming to improve the overall living conditions of children who have been left orphaned because of disease and poverty across Ghana. Volunteers will teach English, cook, clean, and engage children in the centre in fun games and activities. 

Agape Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

It is always good to know that other people like you have had the same thought - to participate in volunteer opportunities in Ghana and share their positive energy and attitude. Read some of these great reviews below to find out what experiences other volunteers have had through Agape Volunteers.

I had heard about Agape Volunteers through a university advertisement, the prospect of doing something different and fulfilling for summer was exciting for me, so I applied.  All of my expectations for a memorable summer were met and more. There were many projects to get involved with but my main placement was teaching at a local school. I found this extremely rewarding and also challenging since I was in charge of a class of 20 children 5 days a week. However, this allowed me to really get involved with their education and form some lifelong bonds with the children. I would highly recommend volunteering through Agape for a memorable, rewarding experience which you'll never forget! -Ben Leftwich

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Agape Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

All placements through Agape Volunteers run for at least 3 weeks and come at a cost of $741. This fee includes your accommodation, meals, and some domestic transport. This is a small price to pay for an entirely worthwhile volunteer opportunity in Ghana.

12. Thrive Africa

Grass-roots development is the best way for communities to really change and grow. Thrive Africa is a local volunteer organization in Ghana which needs assistance from talented volunteers with expert knowledge in a range of fields.

Thrive Africa understands that the best help comes from the kindest people, not necessarily the richest. This is why they offer inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana where caring people can make a positive impact while becoming immersed in the local community.

There are a number of programs that Thrive Africa needs help with, including building libraries and caring for orphans and the elderly. Your labor, love, and patience will go a long way in helping local communities in Ghana.

Thrive Africa Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Building Libraries:

With Thrive Africa, you will have a unique opportunity to get involved in creating libraries in local communities in the Ashanti region. From the actual building process of the structure to interior design and decoration, the development of a library will have endless benefits. This will give children, youth, and adults a place to learn and read and gain a range of new literacy skills. Volunteers are welcome to bring donations of English language books and novels to contribute to the library.

Orphan Welfare:

This project works closely with street children who have been left orphaned due to circumstances of poverty and disease. Volunteers can make their lives unbelievably better by sharing your warmth and compassion with them. From playing games to creating art projects, these children will appreciate you in a way you did not even know was possible.

Caregiver Housing:

In the upper east region of Ghana, Thrive Africa has started a project to create better living conditions for caregivers. These are places where orphaned children can go to have a home, but the homes are often of poor quality. The project needs volunteers in Ghana to build better houses, renovate current ones, install better plumbing systems, and make the house feel like a home for both orphaned children and the caregivers. If you have skills in trade, construction, or plumbing, this project would love to have you on board.

Thrive Africa Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Thrive Africa have worked with many volunteers, and always strive to find the most suitable placement for each person from the many volunteer opportunities in Ghanathey have available. Have a look at these reviews below to see the positive experiences of volunteers.

My trip with Thrive Africa was on of the best of my life to date. Thrive Africa boasts a great scheduel, accommodation, staff, support, meals and excursions. All the volunteers on my trip were super friendly and the staff make you feel very comfortable. The library building and time spent in the schools and children’s home is amazing but extremely moving and heart wrenching at times. So if anyone hasn’t got it yet, I would strongly recommend visiting Ghana with Thrive Africa. -Stevens

Thrive Africa Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Thrive Africa offers highly rated volunteer opportunities in Ghana that require a minimum 2 week commitment, which is a good amount of time to really get to know the local culture and community. For this amount of time, volunteers pay $1,230, which includes meals and accommodation while you are staying in Ghana.

13. Madventure

15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Programs in Ghana Madventure

Since 1998, UK company Madventure have been making dreams come true for volunteers who want to share their compassion with the world. With a variety of low cost volunteering opportunities in Ghana on offer Madventure can certainly do the same for you.

If you have big dreams of helping a local community, but lack the bulging bank account to fund your vision, then you will be pleased to know that for a reasonable price Madventure can connect you with the right volunteering opportunity in Ghana.

From construction to sports and education to health, Madventure looks forwards to being a part of journey in sharing your talents and skills. Now is the best time to realize just how much of a difference you can make in a local community who will never forget you.

Madventure Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


This project works with the Dangme East District in Ghana to improve building standards. The role of volunteers is to support local workers and help out with painting, refurbishing, brick-laying, and plastering important community buildings such as hospitals and schools.


The importance of education is the focus of this project, and the overall aim is to improve English language skills in schools. Volunteers share their native English skills through devising fun learning activities for kids. 


This project aims to improve the overall physical health and wellbeing of children and teenagers by getting them involved in sports. Volunteers can teach their favorite sport through skill drills and games that will boost participant’s self-esteem, coordination, and teamwork.  


This project is aiming to close the gap on basic healthcare access in rural communities and improve health awareness. Volunteers work with local nurses and doctors in hospitals and clinics, as well as delivering education seminars in communities on how to improve personal health.

Madventure Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Take the word of these past volunteers to see just how positive an experience through Madventure can be. This is the start to your journey of making a difference in Ghana, and making a difference to your own life as well.

When I decided to do volunteer work, a good friend of mine recommended me Madventurer... She described the volunteer experience as an unique moment and that she would never forget all the incredible things she did. my experience was exactly the same. From the helpful team leader I had "Natasha Hope" , the three incredibly funny and cool volunteer colleagues, the local people, the well structured programme, the natural beauty of the country, The combination of these all elements makes Madventurer and its projects the best NGO to volunteert for.. I will defitinetely repeat the experience. -Luisa

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Madventure Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

Madventure offers programs that run for 2 weeks. For this time you can expect to pay $1,300. This is a low cost volunteering opportunity in Ghana that will have priceless benefits to local communities as well as your own life.

14. POD Volunteers

15 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Programs in POD

When you volunteer your time abroad, you not only make a remarkable difference for the local community, but you also grow and develop as a person. POD Volunteers recognizes how life changing volunteer opportunities in Ghana can be, as they've been placing volunteers on such schemes since 2001.

The expensive program fees of some volunteering companies can make volunteering abroad unattainable for many. This is why POD Volunteers are proud to offer inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Ghana.

Focusing on development in East Ghana, POD Volunteers have plenty of projects to suit all different skills and talents. If you have knowledge to share in construction, childcare, film and photography, sports, or teaching, then POD Volunteers look forward to hearing from you.

POD Volunteers Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana


Working alongside carpenters and builders in a local village, this project is focused on building and renovating schools and community places. Volunteers have the chance to build proper hand washing facilities and improve the health of local communities in eastern Ghana.


This project is connected with local orphanages in the local village and seeks to improve the living conditions of children. From playing games to assisting local workers, volunteers will truly make a real difference in the lives of these children.

Film and photography:

The aim of this project is to increase the media and online presence of rural communities to draw more funding and support from international bodies. Volunteers will be working with a team to produce media and support the charity’s community initiative, as well as producing interactive health sessions. 


This project promotes health care and education; all while the participants are having loads of fun. Volunteers will get involved with sports coaching in local villages in eastern Ghana and help to improve kids’ and teenagers’ concentration and confidence.


This project supports educational improvement goals across rural schools in villages in Ghana. Volunteers will mainly be needed to teach English, and assist local teachers with engaging students and managing over-crowded classes.

POD Volunteers Volunteer Program Reviews

Find out what other like-minded volunteers have to say about POD Volunteers and just why it is such a great program to participate in from the many volunteer opportunities in Ghana. Read some positive reviews from past volunteers below.

PoD were incredible and could not do enough for us,  It was such an honour to be the only westerners in the area and to be welcomed into a families home (as well as having all the teachers come to our resort for a meal and karaoke!). We were an amazing team and I have definitely made some friends for life. I can't wait to volunteer again. Thank you for everything Gemma and the rest of PoD!!! -Nikki Lonsdale

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POD Volunteers Volunteer Program Fees

All of POD Volunteers placements start at 2 weeks. This is so you can really immerse yourself in the community and ensure you are supporting grassroots development. The program fees start at $1,425 for your accommodation and meals, as well as a priceless volunteer experience in Ghana.

15. Kaya

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
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Since 2008, Kaya has been helping volunteers from across the world make big differences in education, healthcare, and economic development throughinexpensive volunteer opportunities in Ghana. This country in West Africa has benefited invaluably from the assistance of talented and enthusiastic participants who have found volunteer opportunities in Ghanajust like you.

Kaya understands that while volunteers are rich in passion and compassion to make a better world, they aren’t necessarily rich in money. This is why Kaya offers low cost volunteering opportunities in Ghana.

There is no better time to use your knowledge and talent in literacy development, economic empowerment, agriculture, healthcare, or science to make real changes in Ghana. You can be part of a larger grass-roots development movement to help Ghana advance in the world.

Kaya Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Literacy Development:

The literacy rates in the Accra region of Ghana are alarmingly low. With this program the aim is not only teach the students, but also share knowledge with the teachers so they can continue improving their practices. With your knowledge and background of being a native English speaker you have the chance to get involved with local schools, and impart some much needed wisdom on young children. Literacy is highly important in students’ education and needs to be done right from a young age.

Economic Development:

This project aims to help empower communities through microfinance, and support local business by improving the way they handle their money. Volunteers with accounting and business backgrounds are an integral element of this.


This project is involved with supporting farmers on the land and support the agricultural nature of Ghana’s society. Volunteers help farmers with planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting crops.

Health Care:

this project aims to increase basic access to healthcare and improve awareness on personal health standards amongst the communities. Volunteers have the chance to empower through education, and teach locals how to improve their health conditions. 

Laboratory Work:

In northern Accra, Kaya offers clinical medical placements where you will be involved in laboratory work. Volunteers with skills and education in the science and health field are needed to improve knowledge and create more efficient methods of work.

Kaya Ghana Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers have been trusting Kaya to find the right overseas volunteer placement for them since 2008, and many have been left very impressed. Check out some of these positive highlights from former volunteers who gained life changing skills from their time with Kaya.

Incredible project, incredible community, incredible wild life. The project is extremely well organised with everything taking into careful consideration including the arrangement of airport transfers. Cannot recommend this project enough - I have personal participated twice in 4 years!!! -Kelly

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Kaya Ghana Volunteer Program Fees

All of the programs offered by Kaya start from a two week minimum, and the costs range from $1,480 to $1,490 for this duration. These costs cover your housing and meals while you are staying in Ghana.


Now you've had the chance to read about 17 of the top affordable volunteer programs in Ghana you can feel confident about choosing the organization that suits your skills and schedule, without having to worry about it being poor value for money, or ending up disappointed with the experience you had.

If you have already taken part in a volunteer program in Ghana with one of these top 17 companies we'd love to hear your experiences on the project.

For those reading this and planning to volunteer in Ghana, let us know which company you choose, and if this article was useful to you.

Happy volunteering!

P.S. If Ghana is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in  Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Ghana?
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