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Volunteer in Brazil

Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a meaningful difference with their lives..

  • Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there
  • Partner with others who know that a better world begins with changing a single life
  • At $370, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program available
  • Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you... with many life changing projects
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11 Top Inexpensive Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil for 2020

12 Top Inexpensive Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Find out here why every traveler needs to know about these 12 Best Cheap Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil. 

From its vibrant culture, miles of finest beaches, and the lushness of the Amazon basinBrazil is a popular tourist destination. However, despite the wealth and opportunity in this developing nation, there are many people who still live in severe poverty.  This gives you an opportunity to volunteer and share your love to poor people and children.

If you have ever considered spending your vacation or gap year going someplace where your time and talent can be put to good use while you make a positive impact on a struggling segment of the local population, then a volunteer abroad program in Brazil might be just what you are looking for! Your problem may be actually finding the program best for you!

It’s easy to waste time and get confused when searching through the pages of volunteer in Brazil program providers. The prices vary from ridiculously expensive to affordable, some seem trustworthy, others maybe not so much. How can you know which to opt for? Relax, as now you don’t need to.

In this article, we have examined hundreds of volunteer programs of Brazil. And selected few best cheap and highly rated volunteer programs for you. All of our recommended volunteer opportunities are hand selected due to their low cost and the exceptional positive experiences of previous volunteers, and they are all focused on offering a value for money experience.

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ifre volunteer in brazil

IFRE Volunteers is a registered non-profit organization that places travelers in volunteer programs around the globe. The organization was founded in 2005, in the USA. There are over 200 different projects in 18 countries worldwide. Over 17,000 volunteers have successfully completed projects. IFRE Volunteers offers competitive pricing with a high level of trust and safety, which is a large part of their strong reputation in the volunteer community.

IFRE Volunteers Brazil gives people the chance to volunteer in teaching, arts, athletics and other activities, all within beautiful Brazil. They offer affordable program fees and are a registered non-profit, so fees might be tax deductible where allowable by law. IFRE Volunteers offers the chance to live in this vibrant country while working in a volunteer program to help the disadvantaged people

IFRE in Brazil

The main goal of the IFRE Volunteers program in Brazil is to give volunteers a chance to experience the real Brazil, through working with her people, and immersion into the Brazilian culture. Brazil is the largest country in South America, known for its lush rain forest, and the Amazon River with a thriving ecosystem of plants and animals.

It also has a strong party culture, full of entertainment and a chance to connect with local people. While the country has many natural resources and a thriving economy, there are still many poor people. Volunteers have the opportunity to work in Rio de Janeiro, which is the second largest city in Brazil.

One fifth of Rio consists of favelas [slums] where the poor live. This region demonstrates the wide disparity between the rich and the poor of the country. The volunteer works alongside residents and has the chance to make local friends. Each volunteer is placed in a program where their skills will best be utilized.

IFRE Brazil Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Work in childcare: The childcare project in Rio de Janeiro allows volunteers to assist with children and families by providing care to the children.

Teach children in schools: The teaching project in Rio de Janeiro gives volunteers a chance to work beside other Brazilian teachers.

Teach computer skills to adults: The teaching computer project in Rio de Janeiro gives volunteers a chance to teach computer skills to people, providing them with valuable skills that will get them well-paying modern jobs.

Coach children in athletics:On the youth athletics project in Rio de Janeiro volunteers help coach children in athletics.

Project work: On the handicraft project in Rio de Janeiro volunteers help locals to become financially independent.

IFRE Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

IFRE gives volunteers a chance to experience everything Brazil has to offer, while participating in a worthy volunteer program with an affordable fee structure, and a safe and friendly environment. Volunteers are pleased with their supportive teams and the richness of the programs offered. This is demonstrated by the hundreds of glowing online reviews available on various travel abroad websites online.

Going through IFRE was one of the best experiences of my life…. This program was there for me whenever I needed help and quickly responded to all my questions. The program made the process of volunteering in another country as stress free as it can get. They helped me with all the little details, such as where to stay, and transportation… They provided information on what tours and places we should go.…..  I highly recommend. - Ashley

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IFRE Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Fees are affordable for this best cheap volunteer opportunity in Brazil, with an application fee of $299covering advertising, staff and office expenses and more. There is no charge for the first week, but after that time there is a weekly program fee that covers room, board, field support, and more.

  • Fees range from $645 for two weeks to $2995 for twelve weeks.
  • This fee goes directly to host families and projects, and for non-profit purposes.
  • Fees include room, breakfast, and supervision of projects.

Have you always been intrigued with the Brazilian culture? Do you want to explore Brazil while helping the suffering communities?

Brazil is a fascinating place to visit. The people embrace life and are passionate about their culture. Millions of tourists visit Brazil each year to experience this place so full of energy, excitement, and history.

Our volunteer programs in Brazil are based in the renowned city of Rio de Janeiro.

You will find something unique on every corner! Inquire today for more information!

Brazil Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a diverse assembly of life altering volunteer opportunities in Brazil. Our programs range from teaching English to working in an orphanage to playing sports. From young or old, working or retired, short or tall, we have a program just for you!

Find out more about:

Available Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

We offer a diverse assembly of life altering volunteer opportunities in Brazil. Our programs range from teaching English to working in an orphanage to playing sports. From young or old, working or retired, short or tall, we have a program just for you!

Brazil Orphanage Volunteer Program

Children having children is a huge issue in Brazil. These young girls have to find jobs and drop out of school just to support their babies. They do not have family to watch their kids and cannot afford childcare.

They urgently need you to help take care of these infants, so they can work or attend school.

Brazil orphanage volunteers will work in the childcare centers watching and playing with the children, preparing meals, or administrative duties, whatever the needs of the center is.

Required Skills: Skills are not required for volunteering in Brazil orphanages. We only ask that you have a love for children and are patient and compassionate. Basic Portuguese is helpful but not a necessity.

Volunteer Chores: Volunteers in the orphanage in Brazil will have a multitude of tasks. You will help with the infants, play with the children, teach the children assist with hygiene and daily care, prepare meals and help with feeding time, and any other chores the center’s staff may need.

Volunteer English Teaching Program in Brazil

English is a necessary skill in Brazil in order to get a good paying job. Students from poor families and low-income communities are unable to afford English classes and have no way to learn the English language.

The prohibits them from ever getting a better job to help their family rise from the poverty level.

Volunteers teaching English in Brazil will dramatically change the lives of these destitute kids giving them a chance for a life with hope and dreams.

Research has shown that volunteering not only makes you happy, it counteracts the stress and anxiety of your daily life. Contact us today to lessen your stress, learn new skills, and make new lifelong friends!

Required Qualifications: Skills and qualifications are not required to teach English in Brazil. You should be eager to play and work with little kids. Be prepared to have fun! Knowing a little Portuguese is beneficial but not a requirement.

Volunteer Chores: As a volunteer in Brazil teaching English, you will take part in planning and teaching lessons in basic English, helping with homework, teach life skills such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.

You will also teach personal hygiene and nutrition to the children and may be asked to assist in other areas such as preparing meals, administrative tasks, or even upkeep projects.

Computer Teaching Project

Brazil is a popular tourist destination requiring people to have computer skills for employment. Many communities are too poor to have computers to use or learn how to use.

This is a crucial issue for the people of low income areas. Without these skills, they cannot obtain jobs and continue to suffer in poverty.

We offer computer teaching projects where you can teach computer skills and help improve the lives of these impoverished people.

Volunteers teaching in Brazil will teach in churches, schools, or community centers. We offer short term teaching programs to fit your needs so don’t worry about a lengthy stay.

Skills Needed: Knowing basic Portuguese will help you communicate better while in Brazil but it is not a requirement. Previous skills are not required. We just want our volunteers to enjoy working with children, be flexible, and have patience.

Volunteer Chores: Volunteers teaching in Brazil will spend a lot of time with the children. You will assist the children with learning basic computer skills. If you have a strong background in computers, we may ask you to develop databases or provide maintenance for the computers.

Youth Sports Programs

Sports and athletics are a deep part of the Brazilian culture. Sports volunteerism in Brazil is a great way to teach kids about healthy lifestyles while having the chance to explore a beautiful country.

Children from low income families do not get the chance play organized sports or work with a coach. As a sport volunteer in Brazil, you will coach these disadvantaged children teaching them all the positive benefits playing sports brings to your life.

Required Skills : You do not need any special skills or education to volunteer teaching sports in Brazil. We only ask that you enjoy helping kids and playing sports. Knowing Portuguese if beneficial but not required.

Volunteer Work : Volunteers will help the local schools and community centers organize programs for the kids. You will coach different sports and teach English if you wish.

Arrangement of Room/Food/Supervision

You can choose from a broad range of volunteer programs in Brazil based on the time of year you want to come. The busiest months are December – February so plan ahead to get satisfactory placement.

Our travel coordinator will organize your volunteer program and lodging. Rooms are shared with other volunteers. Our accommodations are clean and safe. Breakfast is usually fruit, coffee, and a sandwich and will be provided. Some volunteers will stay in an apartment and will need to provide their own meals.

Our local staff is available 24 hours a day during your entire stay for any questions or concerns.

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ifre volunteer in brazil

RCDP Volunteer Abroad was founded by a graduate student in Colorado, USA after he discovered how wonderful was. He wanted to reach out to the less fortunate in other areas, and so he founded RCDP Volunteer Abroad, one of the first volunteer organizations to offer programs in Nepal and India.

Within one year, approximately 100 volunteers joined the efforts in Nepal. In the past ten years, the organization has grown dramatically, serving over 12,000 volunteers and allowing RCDP Volunteer Abroad the opportunity to expand and offer cheap volunteer opportunities in Brazil and various other countries.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Childcare: Volunteers have the opportunity to assist low income families with child care by volunteering at a local day care center. Working with children to teach them various skills, such as writing and speaking English is a part of this project.

Teaching EnglishThe ability to speak English has become critical for success in today’s world, yet many people in other countries do not have the means necessary to learn this language. Help other people learn to speak English by volunteering alongside local staff to teach individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Teaching Computing: As technology continues to evolve, computers are taking the place of mainstream jobs. Help low income families learn important skills such as word processing, how to create spreadsheets and more when you participate in this affordable volunteer program.

Youth Athletic Project: Help keep children away from drugs and encourage physical activity by working with children of all ages, teaching them to participate in sports and fun physical activities. Volunteers help to supervise and organize sports activities and events as well as teach the children to play new sports and games.

Handicraft Project: Help teach women new skills by participating in the Handicraft Project. Women learn valuable skills that can help them supplement their income, such as sewing. This volunteer effort in Brazil helps to empower women while they learn to provide for their children.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers rave about how wonderful the team at RCDP Volunteer Abroad is, and enjoy how informed they are before going on their trips. More than anything, volunteers enjoy the low cost of these affordable volunteer opportunities in Brazil.

Many volunteers appreciate the support that they receive throughout their stay, and that a support team is available around the clock in the event of an emergency.

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

It is only $645 for one volunteer to participate for two weeks, making this one of the cheapest volunteer opportunities in Brazil. It should be noted that fees may vary according to the project, and do not cover personal expenses. For a complete breakdown of the cost and what the fees cover please check out their website.

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Global Crossroad (USA)

gcr volunteer in brazil

Global Crossroad is well known for offering affordable volunteer programs in twelve desirable locations to participants. Volunteers that choose this UK based organization to organize a low cost volunteer opportunity in Brazil will have the opportunity to participate in one of five projects. All are located in Rio de Janeiro.

Global Crossroad Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Childcare: Many families in underprivileged areas struggle to afford day care, creating a barrier that prevents them from working and pushes them further into poverty. Children that are in daycare centers may not receive the time and attention that they need due to the overcrowded and understaffed daycare facilities. Provide children with valuable skills that will last a lifetime, and assist poor families, by volunteering at a local daycare center.

Teaching: Volunteers participating in the teaching project work with children from low income families, teaching them skills such as, speaking and reading English, sewing, cooking and cleaning. Teaching volunteers will also help to maintain school buildings, teach extracurricular activities, such as dancing, music and painting, and tutor children in their subjects.

Teaching Computing: Underprivileged families and individuals often do not have access to computers, or the means necessary to learn valuable computer skills. Help a family work their way out of poverty by teaching them the basic computer skills that have become a necessity in the modern world. Volunteers work with students of all ages to teach them basic computer skills, such as Word and Excel.

Youth Athletic Project: Volunteers participating in the Youth Athletic Project will work with local schools, organizations and young people to teach individuals sports and other athletic activities, encouraging them to stay away from drugs, introducing them to English and encouraging positive social interactions.

Handicraft Project: Help women become independent and able to afford food for their family when you participate in the Handicraft Project. Volunteers will work with low income women, teaching crafting skills such as candle making, sandal painting and other products that they will be able to sell. Volunteers also work with women to help them develop market skills.

Global Crossroad Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteer reviews share stories about how well organized their trips were, and that they were very happy with the hospitality offered from both host families and organizations they volunteered at. They go on to state how safe they felt during their stay. Hundreds of online reviews on various sites from satisfied volunteers place Global Crossroad on the top of our list of respected organizations.

My experience with Global Crossroad was very good. They were very helpful, and assisted me throughout my entire time. It was a very pleasant experience for me and my parents, as the staff were very good at answering all of my parent's questions and alleviating their fears. All information was provided as we requested, and when we requested. The efficiency of the company is what helped make my experience great.-Volunteers

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas.

Global Crossroad Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
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Global Crossroad provides volunteer opportunities in Brazil at a low cost when compared to other organizations. A weekly program fee for two weeks starts at just $645! Volunteers are able to make payments directly to their host family and the project they are working on, guaranteeing that their money is not for company profit.


ifre volunteer in brazil

Established in 1994 by Phil and Jennifer Perkes, Travellers Worldwide is a premier international provider of work experience internships overseas, voluntary placements and inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Brazil. They have a 20-year solid safety record.

With Travellers Worldwide a placement becomes the ideal environment to nurture personal and professional development. Thousands of like-minded individuals travel to places where they really make a difference, and have the adventure of a lifetime too. For the best cheap volunteer opportunities in Brazil, think Travellers Worldwide.

Travellers Worldwide has over 300 opportunities in more than 20 countries. People from all over the world are able to experience the joys of working and living in foreign countries. Travellers, a founder member of the Year Out Group, is widely recognized as a leader in providing worthy voluntary placements overseas.

They provide projects with volunteers, funding and assistance, which helps fulfill both short-term needs and far-reaching goals.

Travellers Worldwide Volunteer Opportunities in Rio de Janeiro

Care for children in crèches on the island of Florianopolis. Volunteers teach, entertain and care for children. The activities are based on playing educational games and rudimentary English lessons. Children will also be taught colors, alphabet, names of animals, and so on with flashcards, and enjoy singing, organized games and narrated nursery rhymes. These activities will bring huge smiles to the children’s faces.

Care for children in crèches in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the children involved in this program are from extremely poor backgrounds. Volunteers work in a crèche in a favella, caring for children between 1 and 5 years. The program involves helping the teachers to take care of the children, developing educational games, and leading recreational activities. 

Teach children on a project on the island of Florianopolis: Here, volunteers will not teach students in school, instead they will work in a center that provides unorthodox learning outside a formal environment, which makes the lessons very unique. Volunteers teach a variety of subjects to children, with the goal of keeping them off the streets during non-school hours. The freedom is given to teach any type of subject, including lessons based around your own culture or country.

Teach underprivileged children in schools in Rio de JaneiroChildren who are full of enthusiasm and spirit are well taken care of here. Volunteers primarily teach English to these deserving children, but they can also teach music, ballet and physical education too, if able and willing. They should expect to teach students from different backgrounds, including those from some of the poorest areas in Rio.

Coach football to children in Rio de Janeiro: Volunteers teach football skills to school children in Rio de Janeiro. The name Brazil is synonymous with football, so volunteers may have the opportunity of coaching a star of the future at one of the two soccer centers in the city. They will work with teenagers and young children with a passion for football, and no specific qualifications are needed.

Travellers Worldwide Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Travellers Worldwide have helped many volunteers have an amazing experience with Travellers. Safety always comes first with Travellers, so you can enjoy your life changing experience without worrying.

They are committed to upholding firm ethical standards that ensure a helpful and long-lasting impact upon the communities, environments, institutions, volunteers, children, animals and people they work with; leading to happy volunteers who review their experience as incredible, awesome and an amazing adventure.

Travellers is fantastic! I have only been abroad one other time before, to Greece, but never go far on my own. I was extremely nervous but I can't tell you enough how helpful they were, the team back at home and the team in Brazil were brilliant. The staff were very concerned for your safety and took good care of you. I would definitely recommend them, 10/10, great value for money and you will have the time of your life! - Anonymous

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas.

Travellers Worldwide Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

The fees include food, accommodation and transport, but exclude flights. Prices are based on recent exchange rates, which may either increase or decrease. With the following fees, you can have access to Travellers worldwide low cost volunteer opportunities in Brazil:

  • Teaching English (Rio De Janeiro) will cost $1,050
  • Coaching Sports (Rio De Janeiro) will cost $1,427 
  • Childcare (Rio De Janeiro) will cost $1,350

Discounts are given on 2 or more projects of 4 weeks or longer in the same country. A discount of £300 on each additional project is given. Booking two plus projects in different countries attracts 10% discount on the second, subject to terms and conditions.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
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ivhq volunteer in brazil

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is a volunteer travel organization dedicated to offering affordable volunteer travelling experiences that are top notch, safe, and trustworthy. Founded in July 2007, IVHQ has grown into the world’s top volunteer travel company, doing work in over 30 countries all over the world and placing 1000s of volunteers abroad each year.

IVHQ volunteer programs enable anyone to visit locations as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Phnom Penh and Nairobi, and take part in various projects like turtle conservation, construction or teaching.

Its purpose is to improve education and increase global awareness by matching the expertise and skills of volunteers to the needs of their host communities. Connecting with local organizations minimizes the costs related to accommodating volunteers, resulting in affordable programs.

IVHQ volunteers provide unique opportunities for cultural engagement, achieved by working and living with regular people from the organizations, local communities and host families.

About the Brazil program

The IVHQ Brazil volunteer program offers volunteer positions in Rio de Janeiro. Childcare, sports and Carnaval projects require a minimum commitment of 2 weeks, while English teaching and community development project volunteers must commit to at least a 3 week stay. All volunteers must have appropriate volunteer travel insurance as well as a criminal background check in hand before arriving in Brazil.

IVHQ Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

The Brazil One Week Experience allows volunteers to participate in several projects, including touring Santa Teresa and central Rio De Janeiro, surfing in São Conrado, working in a community garden, local arts exhibitions, and making souvenirs from recycled materials.

The Teaching English project exposes pupils from low-income areas in Brazil to the world’s most widely used language, and one which fuels the global economy. This project is open to local residents varying in age from primary school age to elderly.

The Sports projectis designed to give children friendly competition in a secure and enjoyable environment. Volunteers help children learn and play popular Brazilian sports, like rugby, futsal, futebol, capoeira and surfing.

The Community Development project assists local organizations in Rio, delivering support in health education and awareness, arts, ecological development, technologies, media and design. Volunteer tasks involve building new community development programs, restoring community sites, and helping with neighborhood garden and arts programs.

The Children project enables children to have a safe, academic and supervised environment. These children get the care and attention necessary to cultivate their social skills, and hopefully to spark a passion for higher education. Either way, volunteers teach them skills essential to be competitive in a quickly developing economy.

The Carnaval project assists in the preparations for one of biggest parties on earth! Samba schools competing in Carnaval work intensely throughout the year to prepare the many floats, costumes, music and dances for the celebration, and volunteers get to help the best of them.

IVHQ Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

IVHQ is a highly rated volunteer company, and their wide selection of programs which run from 1 week to 24 weeks means there’s something to fit everyone’s schedule. Many people praise IVHQ for their great services and quality. Click this link to check out some of the many positive reviews.

Going to Brazil seemed like a distant dream before I learned about this program. IVHQ gives you plenty of independence, while providing you with support when and if necessary. IVHQ helped me make amazing friendships and gave me an unforgettable experience and for that I am forever grateful. - Angelyce LP - Philadelphia Temple

Read more reviews at Abroad ReviewGo abroad and Volunteer Forever.

IVHQ Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Fees range from $365 for one week, $495 for 2 weeks up to a 24 week stay for $3355. Program fees cover airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation and meals program supervision, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and administration costs. Each program carries an additional registration fee of $279 USD. Choosing a week during Carnaval comes with an extra fee of US$135, this covers the rise in the cost of living and accommodation in Brazil during Carnaval. The registration fee is refundable if you decide not to go.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
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working abroad volunteer in brazil

Working Abroad, an organization that was established in the UK in 1997, currently serves thousands of volunteers, and offers interesting volunteer vacations in 25 countries across the world. Working Abroad offers programs that help both families and communities, such as preparing for Carnival. Volunteers have enough free time to enjoy the exceptional night life and sandy beaches that Rio de Janeiro is known for.

Working Abroad Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Art and Design: Enjoy immersing yourself in the culture of Brazil while benefitting the youth in urban slums by volunteering with the Art and Design program. Volunteers teach youth music, dance and other art forms to help steer the youngsters in a positive direction, while helping an underfunded program.

Sports Volunteering: Underprivileged families and neighborhoods often do not have the means to offer the younger generation much needed entertainment, making participating in sports almost a necessity. Help these youths and contribute to a great cause by volunteering with a sports program. No previous experience is necessary.

Childcare: Volunteers that choose to participate in the child care program will work with groups of children, encouraging healthy social interactions, teaching various skills and encouraging a higher education. While there are no pre-requisites for this opportunity, creativity goes a long way in childcare establishments with few resources.

English Teaching: As English continues to be the primary language of the business world, many are falling behind because they are not able to speak the language. Volunteers on this affordable volunteer vacation work with individuals of all ages, helping them gain skills which will lead to viable employment.

Environmental Conservation: Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful landscapes, providing visitors with breathtaking views of gorgeous beaches, tropical forests and beautiful mountains. Volunteers help to maintain that beauty or work on community garden projects.

NGO Development: Volunteers that want to assist with NGO (non-governmental organization) development will work with other like-minded individuals to develop programs that will benefit under privileged people.

Carnival Preparation: Samba schools spend an entire year preparing for Carnival. Help them prepare by decorating floats, making costumes and building floats. Volunteers will work hard, but a stay during Carnival week will allow them to see all of their hard work come together.

Working Abroad Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers love how accommodating and friendly the staff are. They enjoy the opportunity to see the world in their free time, the variety of projects available, and the low cost of participating in a low cost volunteer program in Brazil.

Read more reviews at Abroad ReviewGo Abroad and Volunteer Forever.

Working Abroad Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Volunteers enjoy the low cost of this exceptional experience. A two-week volunteer vacation will only cost about $1060, with an additional $390 during Rio Carnival, and an additional $265 around New Year’s Day. When compared to many other volunteer vacations, Working Abroad makes it to the top of the list in both the low cost and volunteer satisfaction stakes.


frontier volunteer in brazil

Frontier is a UK based organization. After Frontier was established in 1989, it began to grow rapidly. Since then, Frontier has served thousands of volunteers, and now organizes affordable volunteer opportunities in over fifty countries.

They offer various exciting volunteer projects across Brazil, some available nationwide and others based in Rio de Janeiro.

Frontier Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Community Development (Rio de Janeiro):Enjoy using your time to help improve the lives of the individuals residing in the poorer parts of this magnificent city. Help to develop the surrounding community while you enrich the lives of others, and give them a better future with this unique, affordable volunteer program.

Construction and Renovation (Rio de Janeiro): You will find this work deeply rewarding as you work with low income families and their communities. You will rebuild buildings and structures, giving children shelter from the rain and a place to play.

Women Empowerment (Rio de Janeiro):Help disadvantaged women provide for their families by teaching them new and valuable skills. Learning trades such as candle making and sandal painting can help feed a family for a night, or give an uneducated woman a chance to do something with their life. Volunteers will develop and deliver their own lesson plans.

Teaching and Community Work (Nationwide): Enjoy the vibrant culture of Brazil while working with other volunteers to make a difference in the community. Activities include: teaching English, garbage clean up, community projects, cultural tours and more! This rewarding experience will help you form lifelong friendships while truly making a difference with this affordable volunteer opportunity in Brazil.

Childcare (Nationwide): Become both a mentor and friend to impoverished Brazilian children when you volunteer to help out with childcare. Volunteers bring light into these young lives by working on crafts together, and by providing a positive role model in their life.

Frontier Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers that have worked closely with Frontier rave that it is a knowledgeable, passionate organization that cares about volunteers. They go out of their way to guarantee that volunteers are placed in a program that they will enjoy. Many volunteers are also happy that the other volunteers make them feel more than welcome.

On the last day of the project, one of the children gave a speech. She said that she was so happy people had come to Tuiuti (her favela) from all over the world. She said she was grateful that we had given them opportunities to learn English, and that she would never forget what we'd taught her. She said she was happy that now her favela would be known all around the world, and that this would bring more opportunities to them. It was not something I had expected, and it was very emotional. I will remember it always, even though it was in Portuguese. So yes, my time was appreciated and it was worthwhile.

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas and Go Abroad and Great Non Profits.

Frontier Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

The cost of a volunteer program in Brazil through Frontier varies depending on the program that you choose to volunteer with. Prices start at just $1095 for three weeks. Enjoy helping others and improving their quality of life, in addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches of Brazil in your free time.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Brazil opportunity?
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real gap volunteer in brazil

Make the most of your gap year by participating in the one of a kind experience that a volunteer vacation offers. These projects all take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Work with children and individuals in the favelas (slums) during the day, and bask in the culture of Brazil during your off time.

Real Gap Experience Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Coaching Football: Many favelas do not offer outlets like playgrounds or community centers for children. This has made participating in sports a necessity for children if they are to stay off of the streets and away from drugs. Help children have a brighter future by coaching a neighborhood football team.

Education: Teach children to let their creative side flow and enjoy life again when you participate in this low cost volunteer program. Volunteers will work with youth of various ages, completing art projects and assisting them with their studies. Help put a smile on a child’s face and give them something to look forward to.

Community Development: Community development projects often consist of everything from teaching women skills and trades, such as candle making, to child care or planting community gardens. Volunteers will work with others to make favelas a better place to live.

English Teaching: Knowing how to speak English has become almost a necessity, and, unfortunately, there are many people that are behind the curve, limiting their earning potential. Volunteers will work with children and adults of all ages to give them a brighter future when they choose to go on this affordable volunteer vacation.

Real Gap Experience Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers that have traveled with Real Gap Experience enjoy how helpful the staff are, and they note that the staff answer any and all questions that travelers may have. Students participating in travelling for their gap year enjoy the unique experiences that this organization offers.

“I booked with Real Gap for the 4 week teaching in Rio experience, the experience was one of the best of my life. You meet great people and get to truly experience how the culture works. Real Gap was extremely helpful as well I had many questions about things about the experience and they even helped me choose which experience was best for me, the staff at Real Gap were extremely helpful and answered all my questions (which were a lot), and I'm extremely grateful for this because without their help it was possible that this trip may have been more stressful than it needed to be. Thanks for the great experience Real Gap. They provide a lot of information to you about what you will be purchasing, and they are willing to answer any questions you may have about it.”

Read more reviews at abroad review and Go Overseas and Review Center.

Real Gap Experience Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Brazil based Real Gap Experience programs offer unusual opportunities at great prices, with most having a minimum stay period of 2-4 weeks.

For example, the football coaching project runs a minimum of 4 weeks and costs from $1024, while a community development project costs from $896 for a three week stay.

These competitive fees include: transfer from the airport to your shared accommodation, (4 volunteers in one room with a bathroom between you); program orientation on arrival, full support from staff in Brazil, and breakfast.

Not included are: flights, visa fees, travel or health insurance, local transportation and lunch or dinner.

*Dorm rooms are fully air conditioned, clean, safe and have a private bathroom. Bedding is provided, as is WiFi. Accommodation is situated very close to your project base, and a short walk from Sao Conrado beach. 

** A continental style breakfast is prepared for you. Other meals may be prepared in the shared hostel kitchen or eaten out.

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api volunteer in brazil

API was established in 1997, and has now grown to provide volunteer opportunities in over 50 desirable locations. Individuals that volunteer through API have a unique variety of opportunities to choose from, including construction and environmental conservation projects, or helping to protect jaguars. These low cost volunteer programs provide chances to do things you would otherwise never have the opportunity to do, while helping others and exploring the world.

API Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Jaguar Conservation (Curitiba):This volunteer vacation gives individuals the chance to interact with and help protect jaguars. If you love animals, particularly big cats, this vacation is for you. Help take care of jaguars and work with a great team at the Jaguar Reserve.

Environment Conservation (Rio de Janeiro):Work with a team of kind, caring people as you help preserve the spectacular beauty that Brazil has become known for. Help others when you participate in this low cost environmental conservation project, and enjoy the sights and nightlife that Brazil has to offer on your days off.

Childcare (Rio de Janeiro):Many families in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro cannot afford adequate care for their children. Help keep children of the streets and provide them with the safe, loving environment that they need, by being both their mentor and friend. Check out this low cost volunteer vacation now and help bring a smile to a child’s face.

Construction (Rio de Janeiro): Many of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are crumbling. Help restore a town, give children shelter from the weather and families a place to live when you participate in reconstruction projects with a team as kind hearted as you are.

Teaching (Rio de Janeiro):Help students learn necessary subjects by participating in this volunteer opportunity! You can help teach individuals of all ages English, mentor struggling students or take the opportunity to show children the joy creating beautiful artwork can bring.

Social Justice (Rio de Janeiro)" Help underprivileged families find valuable resources when you volunteer to work with the social justice team. Social justice projects vary, and may include: organization of community events, serving food to the needy and various other projects. Contact API to see what projects are currently available.

Coaching Sports (Rio de Janeiro):Help give young people a brighter future by volunteering to coach a local sports team. There are many children that do not have toys or other forms of entertainment, which makes teaching children how to play sports very important. While experience is not required, it is helpful.

API Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers enjoy the variety of projects available, particularly the opportunity to work with wildlife. Many volunteers rave about the wonderful hospitality from both host families and the staff at API. They enjoy how structured the trips are, and how informative the staff are. Here is what one volunteer had to say:

“This experience changed me, it opened my eyes and gave me more confidence in who I was and who I wanted to be. I chose to go with a host family to give me the full experience and they became like my family there. I still keep in touch with my host mom today, almost 6 years later.”

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

API Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Fees for most of the projects are $1205, with the Jaguar Reserve program is a little bit more expensive at $1695. Enjoy a vacation in Brazil in your free time! Many volunteers work during their allotted hours and then enjoy the fantastic cuisine, amazing nightlife and beautiful scenery of Brazil when they take a volunteer vacation in Brazil.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Brazil opportunity?
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geo vision volunteer in brazil

GeoVision is a newer volunteer organization, having been established in 2001, and it continues to grow. GeoVision prides itself on offering high quality, low cost volunteer opportunities in Brazil as they teach individuals critical skills.

GeoVision Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Teaching English (Rio de Janeiro): English has become a necessity to communicate with individuals of other countries. Families in favelas often cannot afford things like private lessons, and rely on wonderful people like you to help them learn this vital language.

GeoVision Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers are assigned an agent, a person who is available to answer any and all questions both before the trip and during the trip. Many volunteers enjoy this level of support during their volunteer experience, as they grow as a person, learn about a new culture and get to see the world, one country at a time.

“I have been here for just over a month. GeoVision was extremely helpful in the time before I came. This is my first time living abroad, so of course, I was a bit anxious in the time before I left. I had a person from GeoVisions assigned to me, so I had someone to answer any questions, both over phone and email. This definitely made me feel more comfortable about leaving. Since arriving, my agent has checked in with me several times, and is always available for questions. As of right now (I'm only 1 month in), I would recommend this trip to anyone looking to take a year off of school, or for after graduation. Great way to experience a new country!”

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

GeoVision Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

The cost for this exceptional experience is only $1399. If you choose to stay for either one or two months, the price stays the same! This cheap volunteer vacation is a great way to spend part of the summer or to help fill up a gap year.


amizade volunteer in brazil

This United States based organization was established in 1994. Amizade has grown, and has now served over 8,000 volunteers. Amizade offers low cost volunteer vacations in Brazil and several other destinations. The following volunteer programs are located in Santarem.

Amizade Volunteer Opportunities in Brazil

Community Development: Help residents in an impoverished community learn to love where they live again. Volunteers help to transform the slums into thriving communities when they participate in a community development project.

Teaching English: Knowing how to speak English has become a necessity in the 21st century. On this project you help individuals of all ages learn a new language that will allow them to interact with more people, and increase their earning potential.

Teaching Art: Bring a smile to the face of children of all ages when you teach them to create their own art projects. Art projects create a much needed creative outlet for children, can boost a child’s self-esteem and help youth stay away from drugs.

Health: Underprivileged individuals often do not have access to proper health care. Children die from diseases that are preventable, while men and women are uneducated about common health problems and diseases, such as STD’s. You can help the part of the population that lives in poverty by volunteering in this program.

Environment Conservation: Brazil remains unrivaled in its beauty. When you volunteer with this program you will work closely with a team of kind hearted people to preserve the beauty of this country.

Amizade Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers enjoy the study abroad program. It allows students to learn in a new environment while still receiving class credits. Volunteers receive exceptional service from the staff located in the United States as well as in the country they travel to.

I can't say enough about the great experience I had with Amizade. The staff did a great job at making sure we were safe and enjoying our work and recreational time as well. It was a great way to start off 2014. I can't wait to go back and see more of what we didn't have time for! If you have the opportunity, go! - Tess

Read more reviews at Volunteer Forever and Go Overseas and Great non Profits.

Amizade Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

The cost of these unique and affordable volunteer opportunities in Brazil is $1440. Enjoy helping others during the day, and then you can enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of the culture of Brazil after work. Make new friends and form lasting bonds when you go on a low cost volunteer vacation. There are hundreds of satisfied volunteers sharing positive experiences about Amizade on various travel abroad websites. Check them out!

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Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Brazil opportunity?
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kaya volunteer in brazil

This United Kingdom organization was established in 2008, and currently offers programs in 28 destinations. Kaya offers students taking a gap year the chance to truly experience another country while learning about the history and culture and helping others.

Wildlife and Botanical Research (Pantanal Highlands): As ranchers are in need of more land and water control projects are underway, the wildlife found in the Pantanal, Brazil is quickly becoming threatened. Forced to share land with humans, the wildlife is often on the losing end. Help to save endangered species and preserve the natural beauty of Brazil with this low cost volunteer experience.

Kaya Brazil Volunteer Program Reviews

Volunteers are comfortable traveling with Kaya due to the exceptional staff. The staff are able to answer any questions you may have, and they work with you to ensure that you find the perfect volunteer experience.

“Booking with Kaya was a great experience, and they were very accommodating for me even though I was only booking a few months prior to my desired departure date. They helped me to find a program that was a great fit for me- and they succeeded!”

Read more reviews at Abroad Review and Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

Kaya Brazil Volunteer Program Fees

Learn about the culture of Brazil with a volunteer program in the heart of Brazil for just $1908. While this may be a bit more expensive than other organizations, this one of a kind experience is more than worth it. Volunteers will be up close and personal with both rare animals and breathtaking scenery.


Individuals volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some want the opportunity to help those that are less fortunate, while others may simply want to experience a new culture. Whatever the reason may be, there is a program available that is able to provide a low cost volunteer programs for you. These companies are reputable, have excellent reviews, and are well known for providing quality volunteer opportunities in Brazil at an affordable cost.

If Brazil  is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in  Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and  Mexico

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Brazil?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Brazil opportunity?
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Highly Reviewed Companies of Brazil

Company Go Overseas Go Abroad Abroad Reviews
Eli Abroad 3 reviews/100% rating 8 reviews/94% rating 60 reviews/81% rating
Iko Poran                  _ 23 reviews/96% rating 1 review/100% rating
API 227 reviews/94% rating 193 reviews/93% rating 6 reviews/90% rating
Cultural home stay International 12 reviews/88% rating 14 reviews/91% rating                _ 
United planet 40 reviews/90% rating 314 reviews/94% rating 19 reviews/80% rating

Other Companies


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