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The 9 [Best Cheap] Volunteer Travel Programs Providers 2024

The 9 Best Cheap Volunteer Travel Programs Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer abroad, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you dreaming of volunteering while traveling abroad? Are you often wondering how you can find affordable and trustworthy providers? It can be confusing to find an affordable program with a highly rated company.

If you are intent on traveling with a purpose and making a difference, finding an international volunteering opportunity is the way to go. In this ever-changing world, there is no shortage of amazing international volunteering programs, whether it’s volunteering abroad in Costa Rica or Nepal, doing a medical internship in Africa, or teaching English abroad in Cambodia Thailand; if you are ready to make a difference, then we are here to help. 

But why does choosing the right volunteer travel program to have to be so difficult and expensive? While volunteering abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really make a valuable difference, with so many options available, it can be so difficult to choose the right program. The minute you Google volunteer travel program providers, thousands of results pop up, all claiming to be as good as each other. Some, however, aren’t what they claim to be and others are pure scams, overcharging up to several thousand dollars – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong company to plan your experience could have irreversible effects on your time volunteering. 

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you choosing the wrong volunteer travel program and potentially threatening your entire experience. We want you to find a safe and reputable volunteer travel program provider that will leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied, and will have money left in your pocket too. That’s right – we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching and found the best and most affordable volunteer travel programs for you. 

In this article, we’ll present to you an unbiased selection of the 9 best and most affordable volunteer travel providers and the programs they offer.

Providers Projects & starting Price Reviews
Plan My Gap Year Nepal – ($375 + $249) Go Overseas – 404 reviews
Go Abroad – 77 reviews
RCDP International Volunteers Sri-Lanka – ($150 + $279) Go Overseas – 62 reviews
Love Volunteers Argentina – ($619 + $299) Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews
IFRE International Cambodia – ($420 + $299) Go Overseas – 116 reviews
GoEco Zimbabwe – $1,650 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
International Volunteer HQ Colombia – ($345 + $329) Go Overseas – 2,227 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,675 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers Uganda – $820 Go Overseas – 178 reviews
GVI Thailand – $1,245 Go Overseas – 706 reviews
Projects Abroad Jamaica – $3,200 Go Overseas – 661 reviews
Go Abroad – 413 reviews

Table Updated: May 9, 2024

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an organization founded by experienced volunteers in 2011 aiming to create rewarding and impactful travel abroad volunteer programs. Originally based in the UK, PGMY now also has an office in the US. They place an emphasis on the social aspect of volunteering, putting you in contact with the people you’re going to live and work with well in advance to the project, so that you can get to know each other before starting. PMGY’s projects span worldwide and getting involved in them can gift you some invaluable memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

PMGY Best Volunteer Travel Programs

PMGY runs volunteer travel abroad programs in a long list of countries, but the ones we think stand out the most are their projects in Ghana, Ecuador, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Teaching English in Nepal – English is not the local language of the Nepalese, though it is a language that is important to their tourism industry, as the country is one of the most popular destinations in the world. As a teaching English volunteer, you will be either teaching English to young people or teaching English to monks in monasteries. You will live in a Buddhist monastery teaching monks English and learning about their way of life.

Childcare in Ghana – You can help Ghanaian children deal with the hardships in life through this program. You assist local staff and get involved in essential education tasks for children. From engaging them in creative endeavors to teaching them various subjects like English, math and arts, your duties will be varied and plentiful.

Childcare in Ecuador – As a volunteer in Ecuador, you can be a helping hand to a beautiful child, teaching them how to clean their clothes, speak English or even sing songs; or spend your days with a generation of inspired students teaching them English while learning about the local indigenous culture; or as a medical student, witness a healthcare system unlike your own and learn a lot, and much more.


Plan My Gap Year is very affordable, and most of their travel and volunteer programs are attainable for people on any budget. They charge a $249 registration fee, which is relatively low, and as an example, the projects featured above range from $375 to $555 for 2 weeks of volunteering.

PMGY Reviews

PMGY has received a lot of positive reviews and excellent remarks from their past volunteers and clientele. Organizing a volunteer travel trip is not easy yet, PMGY executes it flawlessly. You can read more reviews of past volunteers on their website. PMGY has 404 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.

RCDP International Volunteers


RCDP International was founded in 1998 in Boulder, Colorado and was the first volunteer organization to offer volunteer programs to Nepal. This company is the best at providing affordable and safe volunteer travel programs in the world. They have expanded greatly since their inception, first to nearby India, Sri Lanka, and Tibet, before going global in 2008, adding destinations across Africa and Latin America. Since then they have established trips to 18 different countries and have served more than 18,000 volunteers.

RCDP International Best Volunteer Travel Programs

Out of the 18 countries that RCDP offers travel abroad volunteer programs in, we think their packages to Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and India are their strongest.

Elephant Program in Sri Lanka – Elephants have long since been exploited and abused for the entertainment of others in Sri Lanka. Do your part as a responsible individual and help care for these gentle animals through this program. You’ll work in a wildlife center and help in cleaning and feeding elephants, grooming them, engaging them in playful activities and maintain their enclosures.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica – This sea turtle conservation volunteer travel project located in the Osa Peninsula, close to Corcovado National Park, aims to preserve the dwindling sea turtle population and give them a safe home. You’ll help nurse sick sea turtles back to health and study the habits and lifestyles of the sea turtles to form conclusions about what can be done to help make them as comfortable as possible in their natural environment. 

Medical Volunteering in India – If you are a healthcare professional or in medical school, this is a unique chance to get hands-on experience in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As a volunteer in a health care project, you will assist local doctors and medical staff with the treatment of patients. You can also involve yourself in other hospital activities such as record keeping, checking blood pressure, and taking patients’ temperatures.

RCDP International Fees

RCDP International does its very best to keep program fees as low as possible. Program fees in some countries go as low as $150 for a week of travel and volunteering! You will have to pay the required allocation of $279 as registration fee first.

RCDP International Reviews

Online review platforms are flooded with raving reviews about RCDP International. The quality of service is where RCDP shines the best. RCDP International has 62 reviews on Go Overseas, making them a highly sought after volunteer travel provider.

Read all reviews of RCDP International on Go Overseas.


Founded in 2009 in New Zealand, Love Volunteers has a long standing history of providing some of the most diverse and impactful volunteer travel programs in the world. This benevolent, charity organization was founded by a brother and sister duo, with the aim of making volunteering more accessible and public-friendly. One of their chief qualities is the complete transparency regarding their program fees. Love Volunteers encourages all of its volunteers to advocate for sustainability, growth and social responsibility.

Love Volunteers Best Volunteer Travel Programs

For Love Volunteers, we especially liked their travel and volunteer programs in Argentina, Portugal and Morocco. Check out some of their most meaningful programs in these countries:

Community Development in Argentina – This is a unique opportunity to engage in a variety of volunteer activities. As a volunteer, you will get the chance to provide educational support to the impoverished and at-risk children of Ciudad Oculta. Other programs include improving the health and long-term wellbeing of the marginalized indigenous community of Perutí.

Midwifery in Morocco – Love Volunteers offers an excellent midwifery internship opportunity in Morocco. You’ll gain some hands on experience regarding Moroccan maternity care through this program. You’ll help out, as per your skills and qualifications, in labor tasks in under-resourced clinics and hospitals of Morocco.

Marine Conservation in Portugal – As a travel volunteer on this program, you’ll get to experience the life and soul of Lisbon while helping to preserve the marine ecosystems on the South Coast of Portugal. Volunteer duties include observing and gathering records on fish species, marking marine pollutants and assist in cleaning ocean waters.

Love Volunteers Fees

While Love Volunteers’ fees are a bit higher than previous entries on this list, they are still very affordable. They charge a $299 USD registration fee, followed by project fees ranging from $439 USD to $839 USD for volunteer travel programs in the countries featured in the section above.

Love Volunteers Reviews

Reading some of the past volunteer reviews on Love Volunteers’ own website will surely encourage you to embark on your own travel volunteer trip to exotic countries. Love Volunteers has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Abroad.

IFRE Volunteers

ifre volunteers

Founded in 2006 in Dallas, Texas, IFRE Volunteers is committed to providing the most affordable travel volunteer programs without sacrificing essential services and facilities in any area. They encourage and push their volunteers to have the best experience and generate the greatest impact possible. All of their operations and efforts in foreign countries are conducted in coordination with local organizations. IFRE Volunteers adopts a grassroots approach to maximize the impact they have on needy communities all over the world. You’ll definitely not regret choosing IFRE as your volunteer travel provider!

IFRE Volunteers Best Volunteer Travel Programs

Out of IFRE’s many great destinations for travel abroad volunteer programs, we think their initiatives in Cambodia, Tanzania, and Costa Rica, are among their best. These four countries also provide a great deal of variety both in terms of project types but also in culture, nature, and history.

Orphanage Volunteer in Cambodia – With a huge number of orphanages and abandoned children rife in Cambodia, giving your time to help improve Cambodia’s people of the future is so important. In this volunteering travel abroad program, you can provide love, care, and attention to orphans who are otherwise overlooked and neglected by society and inspire these children to break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

Teaching English in Tanzania – This program is conducted to ensure young Tanzanians have opportunities in the job market in the future. Teaching English volunteers in Tanzania are desperately needed to bridge this gap in resources and provide disadvantaged children English-speaking skills that will stand them in good stead. Through IFRE’s volunteer project, you will get the chance to teach English and impact the lives of kids of all ages.

Dental Project in Costa Rica – If you’re an aspiring dentist or somebody who wants to gather more experience in your field, then the dental project is well-suited for you. You’ll assist in activities as per your skills and qualifications. General duties may include doing paperwork, helping in teeth cleaning and check-ups and teaching patients about basic dental hygiene.

IFRE Volunteers Fees

IFRE is among the most affordable organizations on this list. After paying a $299 registration fee, which is lower for returning volunteers, project fees can go as low as $150!(which is the lowest price we’ve managed to find for any individual project).

IFRE Volunteers Reviews

IFRE Volunteers is hailed as one of the best volunteer travel organization by many of its past volunteers as well as some of its peer companies. Their services are stellar, their placements are excellent and their staff support is as impressive as it gets! IFRE Volunteers has 116 reviews on Go Overseas. Read all reviews of IFRE Volunteers on Go Overseas


GoEco is a well-renowned international responsible travel and volunteer organization that was established in 2006. It is a leading eco-tourism company with a varied selection of ethical, best volunteer travel programs in the world. The company’s team is made up of experienced and passionate specialists who are eager to organize for you, your own volunteering vacation of a lifetime! The company has over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife and environmental initiatives all over the world, ranging from partnerships with various community groups to renowned global organizations.

GoEco Best Volunteer Travel Programs

Out of all the destinations that Go Eco runs travel volunteer programs, we think that they’re at their best in Israel, Zimbabwe and Guatemala.

Desert Wildlife Program in Israel – If you are passionate about wildlife and have always wanted to visit Israel, this program is for you. Beginning in Tel Aviv, you’ll have the chance to work with unique, desert wildlife species from tiny tortoises to leopards and onyxes and gain experience in animal care through working alongside professional wildlife reserve rangers and more.

African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe – This is a superb chance to volunteer travel abroad at one of the largest and most successful wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centers in Africa. As a volunteer, you will provide care for injured animals that cannot be released into the wild, assist with releases whenever possible and work alongside animal professionals at this world-renowned center and a range of other ethical wildlife interactions and volunteer tasks.

Medical program in Antigua – This is a wonderful opportunity for those thinking about doing a medical internship – why not become a medical travel volunteer in Antigua? Not only will you be able to experience all the amazing things the beautiful country of Guatemala has to offer, but you’ll also gain hands-on experience in medical care! A volunteer’s usual tasks will include assisting with physical examinations and check-ups, assisting with sutures, conducting lab tests and organizing patient reports.

GoEco Fees

While GoEco’s volunteer travel project fees can be a little higher than others in this list, they make up for that fact in large by charging no registration fees for their volunteer programs. The projects featured above run from $1,080 for 2 weeks of volunteering.

GoEco Reviews

GoEco’s commitment to ethical volunteer travel has allowed them to reap the rewards in terms of excellent feedback. Check out their reviews and awards section for an in depth look at their accomplishments. GoEco has 89 reviews on Go Overseas and 729 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GoEco on Go Abroad.

International Volunteers HQ

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ) was founded in 2007 by Dan Radcliffe, following a life-changing volunteer journey to Africa the previous year. IVHQ focuses on providing affordable travel volunteer programs designed to supply volunteers with plenty of great experiences, all in complete safety and security. They provide excellent support to their volunteers and ensure that all their efforts are responsible and sustainable. This company is one of the best volunteer travel programs providers in the world.

IVHQ Best Volunteer Travel Programs

IVHQ’s volunteer travel programs that we are the most taken with are located in the countries of Guatemala, Columbia, and Tanzania. Here they host a varied range of projects including Homeless support, environmental scuba diving, and even carnival work!

Animal Care in Guatemala – In a country where animals are not often treated as they would be in more developed countries, injured, abandoned, sick, or neglected animals are the norm. This is an excellent volunteering opportunity where there are a number of placements that have a high demand for assistance; everything from volunteering at a dog and cat shelter and a veterinary clinic to and an exotic animal refuge caring for crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles.

Childcare Volunteer in Columbia – Although a beautiful country, Columbia is still rife with much poverty and poor social relations as the country still recovers from ongoing local wars and civil unrest. As a childcare volunteer in Medellin, you’ll help teachers in lessons and at mealtimes with a range of standard day-to-day tasks including games, activities, learning and other chores. Volunteers can also support a foundation for children with cancer, where you’ll get to play games, do arts and crafts and socialize.

Medical Volunteering in Tanzania – Although a beautiful country, most of Tanzania lives below the poverty line and in rural areas with little access to healthcare nor the means to afford it.  This is a medical volunteer travel project that aims to place medical professionals in local clinics to help serve vulnerable people in a country where there are many poor communities who have no access to or can’t afford healthcare. Volunteers will be tasked with assisting in basic medical care, stitching and testing, assisting with delivery and conducting outreach programs.


Considering their high standing, IVHQ’s rates are astonishingly affordable. The organization charges a $329 USD registration fee, followed by project fees that are sometimes as low as $260USD. Moreover, none of their featured travel and volunteer programs will run you more than $525USD.

IVHQ Reviews

Once again, International Volunteer HQ receives excellent reviews across the board. Volunteers are fully satisfied with the level of reception and support they get on their volunteer travel experience. You can check out even more past reviews on IVHQ’s website. This award-winning organization has 2,227 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,675 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

A Broader View is a charity volunteer organization based in Pennsylvania, USA and founded in 2007 by a passionate group of strong-willed people motivated to help others in the world who are less fortunate. As one of the best volunteer travel programs providers, the company was founded upon the belief that one person alone can make a world of difference in the lives of others through meaningful volunteer work. The organization has a number of reputable travel volunteering opportunities, in everything from national parks, orphanages, hospitals, animal conservation centers and women’s shelters to teaching opportunities around the world to help you grow into the global citizen you were destined to be, with a “broader view” of the world.

A Broader View Best Volunteer Travel Programs

The ABV volunteer travel programs that we are the most taken with are located in the countries of Uganda, Chile and Tanzania, encompassing projects in orphanages to HIV initiatives and hospital programs.

Volunteer in Uganda – Uganda, famously referred to the “pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, though beautiful, is a country that is in need of volunteers in all sorts of disciplines, as even though it is stunning, it is far from developed. ABV has a number of volunteering options for those who want to help, from community development projects that focus on clean waterworks and energy saving programs to chicken projects, vocational skills training, family planning, and reproductive health programs.

Volunteer in Chile – ABV’s volunteer programs in Chile are based in the coastal city of La Serena, with initiatives to help improve the daily lives of Chilean orphans and children. As a volunteer, you’ll be able to contribute to the improvement in literacy levels in the pre-school and provide hours of caring and concern for the young children.

Volunteer in Tanzania – If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the African continent, a trip to the largest of the East African countries might pique your interest. ABV’s Tanzania volunteer programs are based around the city of Arusha in northern Tanzania. You can get involved in the programs that have helped hundreds of families by working in the local pre-school, at local orphanages, in a maternity clinic, regional hospital, and also with HIV awareness outreach projects. Other opportunities include programs for medical outreach, woman vocational support and university led service trips.

A Broader View Fees

A Broader View is all about affordability when it comes to volunteer travel opportunities. Their program fees are all condensed into one price – usually somewhere between $800 and $1000. You can check more of their prices on their website.

A Broader View Reviews

ABV has impressed its client base through and through with top-notch services and staff support. They should certainly be considered if you want to plan a volunteering experience abroad. You can view some of their volunteer reviews for more insight into the company. A Broader View has 178 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.


Global Vision International (GVI) is an incredibly prolific volunteer abroad organization with accolades from esteemed universities and publications like Stanford, NYU, and National Geographic. GVI is one of the best volunteer travel programs providers in the world. The organization was founded in 1998 in the US and offers travel and volunteer programs to a wide variety of destinations. With GVI, a lot of people have turned into social workers and change-makers aspiring for shared growth.

GVI Best Volunteer Travel Programs

GVI’s best travel volunteer programs are located in the countries of Nepal, Cambodia, and South Africa. The programs are incredibly varied and include internships, teaching, conservation work, and much more.

Volunteer for Public Health in Nepal – Nepal is a developing country where the majority of people still have limited access and financial means to receive medical care. In this abroad travel volunteering opportunity, you’ll be able to contribute directly to the health and wellbeing of the communities in Pokhara and surrounding areas. You will work with local staff and students to facilitate workshops concerning a range of health-related topics such as teaching the principles of UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, basic first aid skills, road safety, puberty and menstruation, and vocabulary related to other broad health topics.

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Cambodia – Experience the famed culture and mysticism of Cambodia while helping Buddhist monks grasp a better understanding of the English language. GVI’s volunteer travel program in Cambodia is based in the city of Seam Reap, where volunteers will teach English to monks in the mornings and then help the monastery run extra classes during the evenings.

Volunteer with Children in South Africa – This volunteering initiative works with a number of edu-care centers across Cape Town that provide early childhood development education to local children. As a South Africa volunteer, you will get the chance to teach the children English, which stands them in good stead for the future, as well as is involved in planning and implementing practices that use educational games, song and dance, arts and crafts, gross and fine motor coordination and storytelling to allow these children to have fun while learning and developing at the same time.

GVI Fees

GVI may appear to be an expensive organization at first but, if you look closer, you will find out that they do not charge any registration fees. There are also no hidden fees and prices are 100% transparent. GVI’s programs in Nepal start at a mere $1,395 for a week of volunteering. Similarly, their program in Cambodia runs for $1,895.

GVI Reviews

GVI is a highly-trusted organization and some of their projects have been covered by the media as well. As for volunteer travel, they are the best you could ask for! Even their past volunteers seem to agree, as you can read from some of the past volunteer reviews. GVI has 706 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of GVI on Go Overseas.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is a name that is all too familiar in the volunteer market. This splendid non-profit volunteer organization was founded in 1992 by Dr. Peter Slowe, an English professor in the United Kingdom. The company focuses on providing excellent gap year experiences and some of the best volunteer travel programs for those looking for a career break. Dedicated to sustainability, responsible travel and meaningful impact, the organization has launched and designed many different projects to help young individuals flourish into well-spoken adults that truly want to bring some good into the world.

Projects Abroad Best Volunteer Travel Programs

We have always been fascinated with all of Projects Abroad’s projects but the ones that really convinced us of the magnificence of this organization are those based in Mexico, Jamaica and Philippines. All of these countries are out of pocket countries when it comes to volunteering, so it’s really fascinating what Projects Abroad has done here. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico – Mexico is a top-rated travel destination and a perfect place to choose your volunteer travel program in. The sea turtle conservation program here will have volunteers working with marine experts near Cuyutlan. There volunteers will work to protect endangered species like the Olive Ridley Turtle by maintain hatcheries, watching over baby turtles and collecting scientific data for research.

Teaching in Jamaica – In Jamaica, there is a high illiteracy rate, especially in rural areas. Classes are overcrowded, and teachers don’t have enough support in the classroom. This volunteer travel program aims to improve literacy in Jamaica. You’ll work with children, teenagers, or adults, and give more people access to education. You will work in a primary or secondary school and you can also volunteer in Project Abroad’s community literacy programs for adults. 

Occupational Therapy in Philippines – Have you always wanted to help people deal with their disabilities? Well, luck for you, this here is a splendid opportunity to volunteer travel and make a difference in Philippines. This occupational therapy program will have volunteers working with experienced professionals who make lives easier for disabled people. You will organize home visits, learn new techniques and spend your time learning about a wide range of special disabilities and conditions on this program.

Projects Abroad Fees

Much like GVI, Projects Abroad also does not charge a registration fee. Instead, they display a singular price for their program and that’s it – no hidden fees, no extra costs. The featured programs on this list run for $1,880 (Philippines), $1,850 (Mexico) and $3,200 (Jamaica, 2 weeks).

Projects Abroad Reviews

Projects Abroad gets rave reviews for their excellent volunteer travel abroad programs. Most of their past alumni and volunteers speak fondly of their volunteer travel experience. You can read volunteer reviews to your heart’s content on Project Abroad’s own website as well. Projects Abroad has 661 reviews on Go Overseas and 413 reviews on Go Abroad.

Read all reviews of Projects Abroad on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of Projects Abroad on Go Abroad.


What is it called when you travel to volunteer?

A growing industry inside tourism is that of voluntourism. The concept of voluntourism has been on the rise lately and it basically combines the aspects of a vacation with voluntary work. You’ll get to do something good while soaking in the culture of another country, therefore providing tourists with a whole and full experience.

Is volunteer tourism good?

Absolutely! As a volunteer tourist, you get all the perks of normal tourism while still getting to make a difference in people’s lives. We think volunteering abroad is a must-do activity for all people since it provides such a powerful and meaningful experience – one that cannot be easily replicated in life.

What are the benefits of volunteer tourism?

There are two main things that a person benefits through volunteer tourism. One is the experience – soaking up the culture and tradition of another country is always soothing to a person’s soul. The other is impact – as a volunteer, you’ll help bring smiles to many faces, to those faces that had previously known pain and sorrow, which is always a plus point in our book!

Is volunteer tourism ethical?

The ethics behind any volunteer trip lies behind the volunteer provider you choose. Many volunteer providers on this list like RCDP International, IVHQ, IFRE, and Love Volunteers hold high standards of safety and work with local grassroots organizations. They ensure development and growth all across the board. However, there are many sketchy organizations that may scam you thousands of dollars and instead of doing good, they will instead exploit poverty-ridden localities to further their own capitalistic goals.

How can I volunteer overseas?

There are plenty of ways to volunteer overseas. The first step is to choose a suitable volunteer provider. Any provider out of this list is excellent at their craft and you can rely on them fully! The next step is to choose a program and plan your trip. There are many volunteer travel opportunities in sectors regarding childcare, education, medical, special needs, women empowerment and animal conservation. Choose the one you like and consult with your provider for further involvement.


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