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Volunteer In Kenya

Opportunities Waiting For You To Make An Impact In Communities In Kenya And Live Your Volunteering Dreams.

  • Find out what amazing volunteer opportunities are awaiting in Kenya
  • Let your heart, interest, passion and humanitarian dreams guide the way
  • Teach, help, empower, share and learn new skills
  • Empower others to live their dreams through your skills and abilities
  • Join one of the most affordable programs starting at $160 and trusted by over 22,000 since 2006
  • Pick one of many organization making a real difference in Kenya… right now!
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11 Best Budget Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Kenya for 2020

Best 11 Budget and Highly Rated Volunteer Organizations and Programs in Kenya

Would you like to visit Kenya and help those in need there? Would volunteering in Kenya provides you with a cultural experience that you will never forget? Many people go to Kenya to work as a volunteer doing orphanage work, teaching English, helping on HIV/AIDS or general health projects, in the field of community development and so on; however, volunteer opportunities in Kenya are not cheap. Simple internet searches reveal hundreds of local and international volunteer organizations offering volunteer program in Kenya, with prices which range from $200- $3000 for two weeks of volunteering.

This is very confusing and frustrating for the person searching. How can you know which opportunity is worthwhile, value for money, safe or meaningful? Making the wrong decision could have consequences you didn’t count on so you do need to take time to make the right choice.

For this article we have examined hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Kenya and selected a few of the best and cheapest, based on their price, history, online reviews and professionalism. Selecting from these top inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya will help you to have a great and affordable volunteer experience.

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RCDP Volunteer Abroad (Nepal)

 best Volunteer Organizations rcdp

RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a non-political and non-profit volunteer organization in Kenya that was founded by a young graduate student in the United States in 1998. RCDP has placed around 12,000 volunteers in outstanding community based volunteer programs in Kenya.

The RCDP volunteer program is considered one of the best and most inexpensive volunteer abroad programs in Kenya. The organization is effectively running its program all over the world.

RCDP Volunteer opportunities in Kenya

RCDP International works with organizations to offer volunteer placements in Kenya to anyone who wants to experience this captivating and developing country. They offer low-cost volunteer abroad programs in Nairobi and Maasai.

RCDP Kenya Volunteer Program Opportunities

Orphanage work in Kenya (Nairobi)

Volunteers will help both the children and the orphanage clean and tidy, help with cooking, teach the children English, math or whatever subjects they are good at. They are also expected to work in the kitchen and help with administrative obligations. Volunteers organize and play with games, dramas and other activities, as well as educating the children about good health, nutrition and sanitation.

 Teaching English in Kenya (Nairobi)

Volunteers in Kenya can either start teaching straight away, or assist the local teacher at first and go solo when they feel confident enough. The official curriculum should be followed; however, this can be delivered using your own methods if you have experience. Volunteers will also contribute to or organize extra-curricular activities.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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 Healthcare project in Kenya (Nairobi) 

Volunteers undertake general duties such as measuring and recording weight and height, or taking a blood pressure reading, as well as helping the staff with routine activities like giving out medicines or changing dressings.

 HIV/AIDS Project in Kenya

Volunteers are needed to raise awareness of how to both avoid and treat this disease. They may also support counseling groups, give first aid treatments, help the sick and advise them with the help of the local medical professionals.

 Community Development Project in Masailand, Kenya

Volunteers will help with sanitation, school construction and making beads for export. They are expected to give training to Masai to market their arts and crafts, spread awareness of HIV/AIDS and sanitation, participate in clean up campaigns, help children and women in different programs, fundraising and teaching English and other subjects in local schools.

RCDP Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

There are hundreds of positive online reviews for RCDP on the internet, added by volunteers from all across the globe. As an established organization in the volunteering field they are well known and well respected for offering safe, trusted, affordable and flexible programs.

I chose RCDP for its value and great locations. All the neighbors are wonderful and working at the orphanage was one of the greatest experiences ever. It was difficult at times, but eye opening and heartwarming. Being here for three months has really changed my perspective and the way I think. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. I highly recommend this family and this organization for whoever is looking to volunteer. It definitely made me more confident to do other similar things in the future. Happy traveling! -Gaby Aleman

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RCDP Kenya Volunteer Abroad Fees

RCDP is one of the finest organizations and famous for offering inexpensive volunteer all over the world. RCDP offers cheap volunteer opportunities in Kenya which are divided into two parts.

The registration fee is 269 USD, while the weekly fee of 80 USD covers food, room, project donation and coordination expenses. The Fees exclude airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fees, airport taxes, airport drops, any personal expenses on travel and food, gifts to project staffs and host family, mineral water and soft drinks, laundry, immunization expenses and telephone charges.

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IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations  Kenya IFRE

IFRE Volunteers is one of the foremost volunteer abroad programs based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been offering life changing and inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya to volunteers since 2005.  The aim of IFRE is to offer volunteer abroad experience to all.

For as little as $75 per week (plus a small registration fee), you can have an unforgettable experience with IFRE. The company is a leading volunteer organization in Kenya and the USA, with eight years of experience and over 17,000 volunteers under their belt.

IFRE Kenya Volunteer Program Opportunities

Orphanage Work Project (Nairobi)

Volunteers will help to tutor the children in the orphanage, and also help kids with brushing their teeth, showering and personal hygiene. Volunteers have the chance to organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education. They will also help kids to do their homework, monitor academic progress and help in cooking, serving and feeding the children.

Teaching English in Rural Schools (Nairobi, Maasai Land)

Volunteers will work together with a local teacher. They will work for three to five hours per day, Monday-Friday. The weekend is free to explore the beauty of Kenya. Volunteers teach children English language and any other subject that may be assigned to them using books designated to their curriculum and other school materials such as pens, stationery, chalk, etc.

Medical/Health Project (Nairobi)

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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As a volunteer, you will help doctors measure BP, temperature, height and weight and assist doctors and medical staff with any other basic health tasks. You may also be asked to help distribute medicines, provide tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation and counsel patients. Finally, you may be expected to treat minor injuries or wounds, keep patient records, assist in the maternity wards and participate in community outreach programs.

HIV/AIDS Project (Nairobi)

Volunteers on this program have the opportunity to support those living with HIV or AIDS, through counseling and visiting them at home, and participating in testing  Additional tasks may involve  educating the community and raising awareness on HIV related issues, providing tip son health and caring for these undergoing testing.

Community Development (Maasai Region)

Volunteers will engage in a variety of activities depending on each individual's skills and interests. Volunteers help build schools, orphanages, hospitals, community centers, and so on, assist locals in making their crafts and in selling them to tourists, promote HIV/AIDS education, work on community clean-ups, educate and help locals on topics such as community sanitation, organize children's programs, support women's groups and fundraise.

Volunteers may combine this volunteer opportunity in Kenya with an English teaching placement if they wish to.

Cultural Conservation Project (Maasai Land)

Volunteers will share their specific skills with Maasai people as they in turn learn about the local culture, history and customs, work with locals to document and preserve their traditions, plan extracurricular activities such as dancing, singing, sports, or talent shows, and teach English. .

Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program in Kenya (4 Weeks)

Volunteers in Kenyan orphanages can teach English, and organize games and other creative activities like dancing, singing, art, etc. During their free time volunteers can experience Kenyan culture, tradition and the day-to-day lifestyles of the local villagers.

IFRE Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

IFRE offers some of the best and highly rated volunteer opportunities in Kenya, and their program alumni leave many online reviews of IFRE volunteer projects. Volunteers’ reviews show how happy they are, and reflect how supportive and kind their teams are.

Overall, without any doubt, all the people involved in this program were exceptional, kind, helpful and honest. I can't recommend enough IFRE. I'd be happy to provide advice and references to anyone interested in going. -chris macheras

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IFRE Kenya Volunteer Program Fees

IFRE Volunteers provide the best and affordable volunteer program in Kenya. IFRE fees comprise of two separate components: application fee of $299 USD and weekly program fee paid directly to your project. Fees are paid directly to project and host families. See table below.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Kenya opportunity?
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Have you always wanted to volunteer abroad? To change someone’s life? And to live on the colossal continent of Africa while experiencing one of the most environmentally rich countries on Earth? Then Kenya is the perfect volunteer destination for you! When you enroll in a volunteer program in Kenya, YOU will make a real difference. YOU will help young minds grow into exceptional people. And YOU will roam the desert sands, plush fields and cultural bazaars scattered throughout Kenya.

Kenya is home to a rich biodiversity of wildlife and landscapes. From the Nairobi river to the plains of the historic Masai land, Kenya’s east African landscape spans from beaches to desert. Sadly, inaccessible medical supplies, war, natural disasters and other calamities have left much of the country in great need. Students lack the education they need, patients the medical attention and orphans the parental role models that most first-world citizens enjoy, however Kenya is just as deserving and needs your help! As a volunteer working in Kenya, it is your job to help the beautiful east African country rise to the prominence it deserves. Your work will change someone’s life.

IFRE Volunteers is a world-renowned volunteer abroad company. With the cheapest and most affordable programs abroad, IFRE is the perfect company to choose if you’re looking for an immersive, impactful experience abroad. Since 2006, more than 22,000 volunteers have signed on with IFRE for their volunteer opportunities in Kenya and more, and IFRE continues to augment its volunteer database every year.  In Kenya, you can choose to work in an orphanage, teach English, assist with a medical project, education HIV/AIDS prevention techniques, aid with community development, help with cultural conservation and even volunteer as an adventurer. . No matter which realm you choose to embark upon, your volunteer work in Kenya will change the world.  

Interested? For more information contact us with any questions or concerns. We love Kenya and we’re happy to tell you why!

Popular Volunteer Projects in Kenya

From working in an orphanage in Nairobi to aiding with cultural conservation projects in the Maasai land and more, Kenya offers something for every volunteer. Look through this list of popular volunteer projects in Kenya to decide which best suits your interests!

Find out more about:

Work in an Orphanage

  • Organize and enjoy extracurricular games with orphans around the country
  • Help oversee and manage a Kenyan orphanage
  • Dive into the incredible world of Kenya and the cultural beauty that floods through its streets
  • For an affordable price, volunteer abroad in a safe and efficient environment.

Kenya may be thriving biogeographically, but poverty and disease have left many children without families. Thousands of children across the country seek help to combat the growing AIDS and poverty epidemics that are destroying their families, and you can help. IFRE Volunteers partners with 3 local orphanages across the country. An orphanage volunteer program in Kenya will primarily help students with tutoring, home schooling and creative extracurricular activities.

Skills and Qualifications:

To volunteer in a Kenyan orphanage program, IFRE does not require any prerequisite qualifications or experience. However, we recommend a flexible, patient and upbeat attitude as well as a deep-rooted passion and love for orphans. Children are extremely high energy bodies and need constant attention to flourish. As a volunteer, it is your job to meet their needs while maintaining a vibrant smile and attitude. At the end of the day, you’ll see just how much an impact you have when the kids jump to hug you and embrace you like their very own parent.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Volunteer responsibilities will vary for every volunteer depending upon your placement and time of project. All volunteers will help tutor in the orphanages as all children are home-schooled. A volunteer in an orphanage program in Kenya will also help kids with basic personal hygiene, which includes brushing their teeth, showering and cleaning their clothes. Teaching will usually be in the mornings, but in the evenings you will enjoy lively activities. Help organize interactive activities like drawing, singing, dancing and sports. If certain children require it, you will be asked to help with homework and to ensure successful academic progress. While the kids are at school studying hard, other administrative duties including cleanings, cooking and garden work will occupy your time.

Room and Board:

Your room, board and meals will be covered throughout the duration of your volunteer program opportunity in Kenya. The first week of your program will include a language and cultural immersion session to help aid your transition to the east African country. After this, you will be driven to your home ten minutes away where you will shack up with a reliable host family or at the orphanage itself. Always you will have your own room and a shared bathroom.

Possible locations include Nairobi and Limuru

Teach English in Kenya

  • Work beside experienced Kenyan teachers in rural schools across Kenya
  • Provide help as part of an invaluable service trip teaching English in Kenya
  • Work in a safe and comforting school
  • Experience life as a teacher in an east African country

As the number of volunteers rises, the number of healthy kids does too, but unfortunately Kenya still lacks enough teachers to aid their students, especially in the rural villages. Uncontrollable issues have forced many of the teachers to emigrate to Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda, so Kenya needs your help to combat this issue. Since the Kenyan government recently implemented a free education system at the primary level, students can now attend school, but however the shortage of teachers makes a proper education nearly impossible. When you become a Volunteer in Kenya teaching English program, you are a highly-valued resource, and as such, an extremely revered background when applying to jobs in the future.

Skills and Qualifications:

Volunteer teachers abroad in Kenya must either possess a teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree in education, or have a bachelor’s degree in science, math or computer sciences. Without these credentials, volunteers are not permitted to work as volunteer teachers in Kenya. Each Kenyan school requires a copy of your resume as well as an official statement proving your credentials before your arrival. These precautions ensure that the Kenyan children receive the education that they deserve.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

When volunteer in teaching program in Kenya, your work will vary between primary and secondary schools. Each school will provide you with a detailed curriculum and teaching material to ensure a rigid course structure. Your will work in direct association with another teacher and the head of your department. Together, your team of teachers will adjust lesson plans to continually meet the growing needs of your students.

Room and Board:

Your room, board and food are covered throughout the duration of your volunteer teaching work in Kenya. The first week of your program will include an introductory week of language and cultural immersion to aid your transition to Kenya. After which, you will be transported 10 minutes away to your host family in Nairobi. Your home will either be near the center of the city or you will be asked to commute to the project’s center via a matatu every day. Our staff will assist you in this process. Each volunteer will receive their own room as well as a shared bathroom, and if you choose to learn more prior you can find more details in the placement sheets provided to you upon acceptance. In-country staff will visit you every two weeks to ensure a pleasant stay, but you may contact them at any point in your journey.

Possible Locations include Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Volunteer for a Medical Health Project in Kenya

  • Gain invaluable field experience in a developing world’s medical setting
  • Immerse yourself in a world and culture unlike your own
  • Work beside and under a team of highly skilled Kenyan healthcare professionals
  • Enjoy a safe and secure volunteer abroad experience in Kenya

Kenya does not enjoy the influx of goods that larger, western countries enjoy and thus their local hospital suffer from a lack of manpower and resources. Volunteers in local communities around the country are needed as soon as possible to combat the medical issues that riddle the Kenyan countryside. When you choose to become a medical volunteer working in Kenya, you will be assigned work in a rural health post where you will aid their communal clinics.

Skills and Qualifications

A Medical Volunteer in Kenya hoping to join a healthcare program do not require any previous healthcare or medical experience to apply. Each program is designed to invite a wide variety of volunteers, regardless of their backgrounds. No matter if you’re a student, young professional or retiree, the medical and healthcare clinics in Kenya will find a vital role for you in their system. We do, however, recommend patience, level-headedness and enthusiasm. The medical centers experience a wide range of patients and as an assisting medical professional it is your job to inspire and comfort every patient that comes through the door.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Job duties and responsibilities for a medical volunteer program in Kenya will differ based upon varying education, skill, experience and qualification levels. In all cases, volunteers are not permitted to perform major surgical applications as the program cannot account for such liability. Most work will be carried out as an assistant and subordinate to hired professionals. Prepare to measure BP, temperature, height, weight and other basic readings. Depending upon your clinic, you may also be asked to distribute medicine, advise patients on common nutrition and sanitation needs as well as counsel them with personal dilemma. On occasion, you will be asked to repair and mend minor injuries and wounds as well as maintain and update any new and existing patient records.

Room and Board:

Your room, board and food will be covered throughout the duration of your medical volunteer program opportunity in Kenya. A week-long introductory course in language and cultural immersion will begin your Kenyan program. Once completed, IFRE staff will transport you ten minutes away to your host family’s home. Your home will either be in the center of the city or in the outskirts. If located in the outskirts, you will commute via a Matatu every day, a process which our in-country staff will aid you with. All volunteers will enjoy their private room and a shared bathroom, and more accommodation details and specifications can be found in the placement sheets provided to you upon your program acceptance. Every two weeks, IFRE staff will check in to ensure a pleasant stay, though you are free to contact them at any point along during your medical volunteer program in Kenya.  

Possible locations include Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Work with HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Help satisfy the dire need for HIV/AIDS education in primary and secondary schools across Kenya
  • Share your thoughts, ideas and passion for a cure with thousands
  • Delve into a culturally rich country for weeks or months
  • Volunteer in a safe and secure environment

HIV/AIDS prevention and education has improved a great deal in recent years, but the young people of Kenya still need your help. A lack of resources and manpower make educational efforts unable to reach the local communities and villages that require it most. As an HIV/AIDS volunteer working in Kenya, your will be placed in a rural health post where you will work in active clinics. Most of your work will occur alongside a doctor, but your specific role will vary depending upon your education, experience and skill. 

Skills and Qualifications:

There are no specific prerequisites or qualifications required to become a HIV/AIDS volunteer in Kenya.  You do not need an education in the realm of HIV/AIDS either, but however we do suggest a passion to cure those with the disease. Volunteers must be flexible, open-minded and quick thinking individuals capable of connecting and communicating basic HIV/AIDS prevention methods with a diverse range of patients and communities. Your work can help save the lives of communities all across Kenya and we hope you demonstrate an excitement worthy of your impact!

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Your duties as an HIV/AIDS volunteer abroad in Kenya will vary drastically depending upon your prior experience, skill and qualifications. Most volunteers will engage in general counseling, feeding programs, patient and family visitation and public awareness projects. As a emissary of HIV/AIDS education you will focus on providing patients tips on their health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. In terms of administrative responsibilities,  you will help update and maintain patient records.

Room and Board:

Your room, board and food will be covered throughout the duration of your HIV/AIDS volunteer program in Kenya. A rudimentary course in language and cultural immersion will fulfill your first week in Kenya. Once completed, our trusted IFRE staff will transport you ten minutes away to your new home. Your host family will either live in the center of the city or in the outskirts. If you find yourself in the outskirts, you will commute via a Matatu every day, a process which our in-country staff will help you in understanding. Volunteers enjoy a private room and a shared bathroom, and for more accommodation details and specifications, you can consult the placement sheets provided to you upon your program acceptance. Every two weeks, trained IFRE staff members will visit you to clarify any doubts and ensure a pleasant stay. You may also contact the 24/7 in-country staff at any point along during your HIV/AIDS volunteer program abroad in Kenya. 

Possible locations include Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Volunteer in Community Development in Kenya

  • Work in association with the fabled Massai communities
  • Hone your skills in conservation, community leadership and development and construction
  • Partner with Kenyan professionals to improve daily life across Kenya
  • Volunteer in a safe and reliable environment

The Massai Region of Kenya is developing fast and its infrastructure, sanitation and education realms need matching developmental needs. As a community development volunteer working in Kenya, you will work with the Massai people to improve their outdated infrastructure, which includes roads, buildings, schools and hospitals. Your work will ensure that the illuminating Massai people can enjoy their stunning country with the necessary healthy establishments to ensure a productive life. At the present moment, the lack of infrastructural development has driven many citizens into migration for employment and survival, but your efforts can help reverse this trend and return the Massai people to their homeland. Join this project, become a community development volunteer in Kenya and establish a healthy community for the welcoming Massai people of Kenya.

Skills and Qualifications:

You do not require any special qualifications to become a community development volunteer in Kenya, but however we do suggest a background in engineering and construction. Daily work will entail a lot of design and hands-on construction so a resilient mind and a background in respective fields will drastically increase your ability to make an impact. Apart from a cultural conservation and community leading background, all we ask is that you apply with a positive attitude a caring, courteous spirit and a flexible personality.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Responsibilities for a community development volunteer in rural areas of Kenya will vary largely depending upon your prior skills, interests and qualifications. Throughout the duration of your project you may find yourself doing any number of the following activities

  • Constructing schools, hospitals, orphanages, community centers and more
  • Aiding local communities in crafting goods and selling to tourists
  • Boosting HIV/AIDS awareness and education efforts
  • Help clean-up the community
  • Educate and expand all community sanitation methods and responsibilities
  • Directly support women’s right’s movements
  • Oversea and direct interactive children’s programs
  • Organize fundraising efforts
  • Educate disease prevention tactics, promote sustainable health methods to survival and personal hygiene techniques
  • Establish firm and achievable community goals and future projects
  • Teach English
  • Develop interactive extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, talent shows, art, games, sports and more.

A Community development volunteer in Kenya may also combine their project with another English teaching position if so desired.

Room and Board:

Your room, board and food will be covered throughout the duration of your community development volunteer program in Kenya. Your host family will live somewhere in the Massai Region, and you can rest assured in your safety, because each host family is carefully pre-screened, well educated and experienced in hosting prior volunteers. All rooms are private, and bathrooms are often shared. Host families will usually cook three meals a day for you and will pack ‘to go’ lunches if you work far from home. If you have any dietary restrictions make sure to inform the in-country staff upon or prior to your arrival. In all cases, our in-country staff will visit volunteers once every two weeks to check up on their needs, but however volunteers may contact the support team at any time that they wish.

Possible locations include the Massai Region

Volunteer for a Cultural Conservation Project in Kenya

  • Develop an open mind and the organization skills necessary to sustain a foreign culture
  • Share your skills and passions with the Massai people and their communities
  • Live as part of a true Kenyan community to experience authentic culture.
  • Volunteer in a safe and reliable community

Distinctly patterned clothing and a unique culture denote the Massai people as one of the most well known ethnic groups in all of Africa. You will work on as part of a cultural conservation volunteer program in Kenya with the sole purpose of sustaining the rich Massai culture. To ensure a successful trip, you will seek to educate locals, teach valuable business skills, construct strong infrastructure and promote tourism throughout the Massai tribe. Although the area has suffered greatly from poverty, disease, migration and droughts, beautiful lands continue to attract tourists and it is your job to ensure the locals understand how to manage their businesses in a foreign presence. With your knowledge, the Massai people can live proudly on their land will enjoying the wealthy and productive lifestyles they deserve.

Skills and Qualifications:

Responsibilities for a cultural conservation volunteer in Kenya vary greatly depending upon your skills, interests and qualifications. Daily activities could include any of the following activities:

  • Help teach the Massai people the skills necessary to efficiently increase the tourism sector and possible income. For example, spend time honing local’s artistic skills and the ability to sell finished goods to prospective tourists
  • Immerse yourself into the local culture in order to understand its depth of history, traditions and customs.
  • Plan and execute extracurricular activities such as sports, talent shows, singing and dancing.
  • Teach locals the importance of documenting their traditions in customs for historical purposes.
  • Share your own culture with the Massai people
  • Teach rudimentary business skills in relation to the tourism industry
  • Teach English
  • Help locals understand the origins and goals of the Massai culture across language barriers
  • Improve local marketing and business strategies
  • Partner with community leaders to create proud inspiring cultural events throughout the region

Room and Board:

Your room, board and food will be covered throughout the duration of your cultural conservation volunteer program in Kenya. Your host family will live somewhere in the Massai Region, and IFRE ensures that each host family is pre-screened, well-educated and experienced in hosting prior volunteers. All rooms are private, and volunteer’s bathrooms are often shared with the rest of the host family. Your host families will usually cook three meals a day for you and, if you desire, will pack ‘to go’ lunches for work. Make sure to inform the in-country staff upon or prior to your arrival if you have any dietary restrictions although most homes can accommodate vegetarian needs. In all cases, the IFRE in-country staff will visit volunteers once every two weeks to satisfy any outstanding desires and ensure a pleasant stay. Volunteers may contact the support team at any time that they wish.

Possible locations include the Massai Region

Volunteer with an Adventure Program in Kenya

  • Enjoy a uniquely tailored orientation course in the history, culture and traditions of Kenya and its communities
  • Spend time volunteering in a Kenyan orphanage and sharing your passions with the kids you interact with
  • Explore the meadowlands of Kenya on a once-in-a-lifetime 5-day safari trip
  • Volunteer in a safe and reliable community alongside other like-minded individuals

Enjoy a memorable summer volunteer opportunity abroad in Kenya when you choose to become an adventure volunteer participant. Kenya is home to some of Africa’s most enriching landscapes. From tropical beaches alongside its western coast to the remarkable safari lands of the west, you will travel throughout the country exploring traditional Massai communities and their ancient history, diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Undoubtedly, if a beautiful country with welcoming people is what you want to explore, Kenya is the perfect place for you.

Skills and Qualifications:

You do not require any prerequisite qualifications or skills to apply to become a summer volunteer abroad in Kenya, although we ask our volunteers to carry an exciting, upbeat and patient attitude. The plan is always changing when you travel, so as an adventure volunteer, you must be prepared to adjust your day accordingly.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Enjoy a day long orientation in the heart of Kenya upon your arrival. During this time participants may enjoy a general question and answer session in which they can hash out any unanswered doubts they have about the next four weeks. An orientation in Kenya’s culture, history, traditions and health issues will give volunteers the information they need to safely enjoy their time abroad.

You will then travel to a Kenyan orphanage for the following three weeks of your summer volunteer abroad opportunity in Kenya. During this service project, you will share your passion for exploration and develop others along the way. Help teach English, organize interactive games and direct extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, art, sports and more. In the evenings during your free time, feel free to explore the thriving Kenyan culture and traditions that flood local streets and markets. You may also hike around local villages for picturesque views of the Kenyan countryside.

You will conclude your summer volunteer abroad program in Kenya with a five day, four night Kenyan safari through the Amboseli National Park, around Lake Nakuru and into the Massai Mara Game Reserve. As you travel, relish in the incredibly diverse landscape unique to only Africa. Wildebeests, zebra, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, hippos, lions, giraffes, antelopes, elephants, lions, cheetahs and more roam these fabled lands. You will journey across the famous Serengeti as so many have before you and in an instant, you’ll feel more rejuvenated than ever before!

Room and Board:

All room, board and food will be covered throughout the duration of your summer volunteer abroad program in Kenya. Your housing will change as often as your group moves, but will include long stay in the Massai Region, orphanages and more.

Family Volunteering Vacation

Traveling as a family is the perfect way to see the world and grow closer as a family. , We recommend a volunteer vacation program abroad in Kenya as the perfect destination for all your family’s desires.  Explore a beautiful landscape with new and unpredictable challenges that will strengthen the bonds between family members. In a foreign abroad setting, parents will teach their children qualities of motivation, diligence, acceptance and social awareness throughout their journey abroad.

Skills and Qualifications:

No prerequisites or prior skills are required to apply for a volunteer vacation program abroad in Kenya.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Begin your volunteer family vacation in Kenya with a large segment devoted to family bonding. Depending this time feel freer to explore the local society, religions, culture and more. After a short orientation session, you will travel to your project location where you will work within a local community of valued relationships. Your family trip to Kenya will be personally tailored to your family, and thus will undoubtedly change your life.


Curious about travel?

For your volunteer program in Kenya, you will fly in to Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi-Kenya. Once you establish your flight information, pass it along to IFRE and our officials will organize an airport pick-up and transportation vehicle for you. The country coordinator or assisting members of our team will great you upon your arrival and transport you to your accommodation. If you accidentally miss your flight, do not worry. Simply contact our local coordinator and our team will reschedule transportation to accommodate your needs. When you arrive at the airport, our team member will flag you down with a sign and your name on it. He will be waiting for you a the international gate arrival section of the airport. We suggest you arrive in Nairobi a day before your program starts to settle in before your project. If you choose to come earlier, our company will make arrangements for you for a similar rate to your volunteer program’s rates. At the conclusion of your trip, transportation will be arranged back to the airport. For the cheapest flights, contact our staff before hand and they’ll provide you with the best reccomendations

Wondering about food and accommodation?

Throughout your project’s duration, you will be served local Kenyan dishes including beef, vegetables, cereal, chaptis, ugali, tea and seasonal fruits... As a volunteer in Kenya, you will enjoy electricity at both their host family and project locations, but you can check prior with your host family to ask whether or not they have internet access. Hot showers are plentiful in Kenya, although at some locations across the country, water is heated by gas and firewood.  Feel free to leave any valuables in your home. We recommend that volunteers carry a Visa card instead of large sums of cash while traveling in town. When you find yourself out, you can readily enjoy safe, potable water at your home and project site, though many volunteers still purchase water bottles when they want to.  Please inform your host family prior if you have and dietary restrictions. You will either receive your own room or share a large dormitory with fellow volunteers. English and Swahili are the national languages of Kenya, so do not fear a language boundary. If you have any outstanding circumstances, such as you aim to arrive with a partner, please advise your host family prior. The only extra cost to accommodate for is a $5 USD fee for laundry.

What about staff support and communication?

Feel free to reach out to your local coordinator by phone before you arrive in Kenya. A thorough orientation will explain all field conditions, local practices, taboos and cultural obligations that you should follow while volunteering in Kenya. There will be internet access if you so wish to contact your family or loved ones during your stay abroad. We will also provide you with a list of emergency numbers upon arrival. We advise volunteers to anticipate a cost for a local phone, in the case that theirs doesn’t work.

How is the climate in Kenya?

The climate is Nairobi, Kenya is constant and nothing to fear. Between Decemeber and March, the temperature sits between the upper 50’s and upper 70’s. In the winter months of June to September, the temperature only drops slightly between the lower 70’s and lower 50’s.

Wondering about your Visa and required paperwork?

As a volunteer in Kenya will need to purchase a $50 tourist visa upon their arrival. The visa process only takes about twenty minutes to complete and to do so, you will be directed to the immigrations office when you arrive in Kenya. The visa is valid for six months and renewable at your own discretion. Be sure to carry your passport, but rest assured that a country coordinator will help you through the process.

How safe is Kenya?

Kenya is a very safe country. The people are very welcoming. However, when volunteering in Kenya you should prepare to act cautiously considering your foreign surroundings. Our country coordinator and support staff will ensure that you are always properly taken care of and in distance of emergency services if need be.

What about money? 

Nairobi is a thriving city, so numerous ATMs are available within a short walk of any location. As mentioned before, it is best to carry a Visa card as opposed to money to reduce any risk of lost money. Theft is not a threat, and you do not need money for any meals. All is provided by our IFRE team as part of the project fee.

Necessary vaccines?

Please consult your physician for a specific answer.

What to pack?

We recommend the following items for your best and cheap volunteer trip to Kenya.

  • Clothing
  • Bathroom kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Sun block
  • First-aid kit
  • Laptop (optional)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Rain gear
  • Sneakers
  • Hiking Boots
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

When deciding on volunteer work in Kenya, take your time to exploring the options to decide the right program for you. Some are challenging, some more physical, but all will broaden your horizon with an experience like no other. Kenya is a wonderful, stunning country and volunteering in and around Nairobi is the best way to serve the world while exploring a scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Global Crossroad (USA)

Best and Highly Rated Kenya Volunteer Organizations Global Crossroad

One of the world's fastest growing international volunteer organizations is Global Crossroad. The company offers international volunteers many inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya and 17 other countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Since 2003, more than 18,000 world-travelers/volunteers have participated in Global Crossroad's volunteer abroad, mini-ventures, adventure travel, seasonal escapes, teach abroad and many more.

Global Crossroad volunteer program involves more than simply placing a volunteer in a grassroots project, they offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of clients like travel and adventure, individualized placements, cross-cultural learning experiences, free-time exploration, in-country travel arrangements, etc.

Consider Global Crossroad for your next volunteer program, they are a famous volunteer abroad organization that provides professional, and low cost volunteer opportunities in Kenya.

Global Crossroad Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

Global Crossroad offers meaningful volunteer abroad experiences to international volunteers in countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. They offer highly-affordable, unique, life-changing and stimulating volunteer opportunities in Kenya

Work in Orphanage (Nairobi )

Volunteers stay with the orphans and act like a family member. They teach conversational English, engage the children with educational activities and games and also help with many health or sanitation needs.

Teach English (Nairobi, Maasai land)

In this project, volunteers will work in informal or formal teaching situations. Volunteers will teach Math, Science or any other subject that might be of interest to the students in school. Volunteers will encourage local teachers to use English to interact in order to develop their English speaking skills.

Medical Volunteer Project (Nairobi, Maasai land)

As a volunteer in a Medical volunteer program in Kenya, you will engage in some medical treatments such taking patients' histories and vitals, dressing wounds, counseling patients, disbursing medicines and providing moral support and assurance to patients' families. Volunteers will work alongside doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project (Nairobi )

Volunteers will take care of patients infected with HIV/AIDS and engage them in training and educational activities. They will care for and encourage HIV/AIDS infected individuals, counsel and give educational programs in communities and hospitals, increase personal risk perception among the men, women and youth by involving them to actively participate in HIV/AIDS preventive education and assist various HIV/AIDS organizations.

Community Development (Maasai land)

In community development program, volunteers will exchange cultural ideas and experiences. They will guides an organization with fundraising proposals and writing reports, organize income-generating programs for the poor, teach English to Maasai, help the Maasai people sell their goods to tourists and help promote tourism.

Global Crossroad Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

Global Crossroad seems highly reputed volunteer organizations. There are many positive online reviews on the internet. In most of the reviews, volunteers seem very happy with the program, price, and over all experience  

Our experience was very authentic and valuable to our profession as teachers. He even recognized our work in front of the entire school during a ceremony which was really meaningful and unexpected. I am incredibly grateful to them for making our experience so rich. Overall, this was a very humbling and realistic way to experience. -AbigailD

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Global Crossroads Kenya Volunteer Program Fees

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality and inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya. Global Crossroad's application/registration fee is US $299. The application fee covers program promotion, cost of advertising and office expenses (utilities, rent and staff salaries). 

It is compulsory for volunteers to pay weekly program fee directly to the host families and projects to benefit those who deserve it.

 International Humanity Foundation (IHF) (USA)

International Humanity Foundation

International Humanity Foundation is an exceptional and inexpensive Kenya volunteer abroad organization. It believes in transparency and functions through the volunteers’ efforts from all over the world. IHF is led by Carol Sasaki who has been doing IHF work for 24 years. IHF has offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and San Diego, California, in the United States. IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit volunteer organization in Kenya that strongly believes in equal opportunity for all and in preserving the traditions, cultures and beliefs of the communities it works in.

IHF Volunteers Program in Kenya

The Education Program (TEP)

Volunteers will assist needy children who do not have enough to afford the costs of public schooling. They will communicate with each child in order to create links between people of different cultures to grow together and learn about each other. Volunteers will verifies that all TEP applicants are actually the poorest of the poor by going to children's homes

Continuing Education

Volunteers are expected to support the educational needs of children enrolled in TEP Program upon completion of high school. Volunteers in Kenya will inspire these children to have big hopes and dreams. They will help turn these dreams into reality. They will assist children who have shown desire and academic excellence to enroll in sponsorship programs.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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Nakuru Peace Farm

Kenya volunteers are to help in the vegetable garden and also contribute to famine feed and survival program. This is an important economic step and it helps maintain integration between the children and their Pokot tribesman.

IHF Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

I am happily living in Nakuru, Kenya with the International Humanity Foundation family as a Work-Study Volunteer for 2 months. I am very thankful to IHF Kenya for granting me the opportunity to embrace all aspects of local and international work, learn the ins-and-outs of how an international NGO runs, and continue to grow more loved ones around the world with an improved sense of cultural competency and leadership as well. I know already, that IHF Kenya is not only allowing me to love and learn from the Kenyan children and community, but it is also shaping me for great work in the future. -Mary Stuartw

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IHF Kenya Volunteers Fees

IHF offers inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya. Their Kenya fees are $100 US a week for volunteers living with IHF at all of their centers, except for Bali. The fee covers your utilities. It does not cover airfare to the centers, sightseeing trips, special, international calls, or any such form of transportation. You can stay at the school for $50 US per week.

CADIP (Canada)

Best and Highly Rated Kenya Volunteer Organizations CADIP

Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP), a non-profit Canadian organization, has no political or religious affiliation. The aims and objectives of CADIP is to promote volunteer opportunities in Kenya and abroad as an expression of civic contribution, to assist in community development and support the community initiatives, strengthen international contacts, build understanding and tolerance in multi-ethnic and multicultural surroundings and many more. CADIP offers the best, safe, and inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya

CADIP Volunteer Program in Kenya

Education and Rehabilitation of Street Children In Mombasa, Coast Province

In this project, you will assist the rehabilitation, education and psychosocial support programs of the center by counseling, teaching, playing with the children, mentoring, feeding the babies, reading, organizing games and art lessons.

Construction of Water Tanks for the Taita People in Coast Province Voi, Coast Province

Volunteer will help in the construction of community water tanks. They will help in the construction of a gabion. They are expected to spend time with the children in the community, playing and talking with them.

Economic Empowerment and Social Upliftment of Women and Children In Kibera, Nairobi

Volunteers will teach the women about investing and saving, marketing and entrepreneurship and assist the group in marketing their craft products. Volunteers will provide counselling and support to children affected by domestic violence.

Educational And Counseling Support For Women Behind Bars Nairobi

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As a volunteer, you will teach entrepreneurship and microfinance to women inmates, counsel children of the prisoners, teach them literacy, assist in a women's clinic and assist in vocational training like information communication, technology, textiles, etc.

CADIP Kenya Volunteers Reviews

There are so many positive reviews about CADIP and its low-cost volunteer opportunities in Kenya.

Had an AWESOME time through Cadip. By being part of the program I felt like I was truly contributing towards improving their daily lives, especially of the children. I only regret that I wasn't able to stay longer. I feel like experiences like this really change who you are for the better, as people say, and I'm eager to return someday. Overall I'd highly recommend this organization. -HalC

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CADIP Kenya Volunteer Program Fees

CADIP offer inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya. The fee for a short-term volunteer project is $340 US. No application fee is needed as you are charged only when you are placed on a project. An extra fee may occur. The fee includes accommodation and feeding.

International Volunteer HQ (New Zealand)

This is one of the world's most affordable Kenya volunteer abroad organizations offering programs in Kenya and in many other countries. Trusted by thousands of international volunteers every year, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) provides safe, responsible and affordable volunteer abroad programs in Kenya that are obtainable in 30 countries around the world. Thousands of volunteers are placed on volunteer abroad programs yearly by IVHQ. The organization offers a wide range of volunteer travel opportunities. With volunteer program fees starting from USD$180, IVHQ is definitely an affordable, trustworthy and high quality international volunteer travel company.

IVHQ Volunteer Program in Kenya

IVHQ provides unique, safe, meaningful and extremely low budget Kenya volunteer abroad programs. IVHQ programs in Kenya include child care, special needs care, community development, sports education, teaching and arts and music. IVHQ has a variety of programs ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks to fit the busiest schedule.

IVHQ primary projects in Kenya are:

Childcare, Mombasa

In this project, Volunteers will assist​ in day care centers, community centers, ​orphanages, ​feeding programs and afterschool programs​. Volunteers will give personalized attention, mentoring and provide educational support, assisting with daily operations and playing games.

Special Needs Care, Kenya

Volunteers` work may include feeding, physical therapy, care, recreation, education and stimulation. Volunteers are expected to help with cleaning and maintaining facilities.

Arts and Music, Kenya

Volunteers will teach their skills with local communities, while submerging themselves in a new artistic environment with diverse cultural influences. They will also teach music and dance to learners.

Teaching, Maasai, Mombasa

In addition to simply teaching English in Kenya, program volunteers will teach other subjects to students who are eager to learn and participate. They will work on extracurricular activities. They will provide support to local teachers and team up with international volunteers in tutoring programs, traditional classrooms, community centers, orphanages and special needs facilities.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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IVHQ Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

Overall I have been having an amazing experience with IVHQ, I couldn't be happier! They provide a safe and comfortable way in which you can really make a difference in less fortunate people's lives. It is also the most affordable volunteer organization I've found, with the coordinators insisting on making sure I knew where my money was going. It's a very legitimate organization, free from any kind of exploitation.  -Kath Curran

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International Volunteer HQ Kenya Volunteer Program Fees

IVHQ offers inexpensive volunteer programs in Kenya.  The registration fee is $279 and there is weekly. The Program Fee include orientation, airport pick-up, program supervision, meals, and accommodation and it does not include flights, Visa, 

Agape Volunteers (UK)

Highly Rated Thailand Volunteer Organizations Agape

Agape Volunteers, a UK based non-profit organization, provides charitable support to communities through the use of volunteers internationally. The company was founded in 2011 and is now running some of the best inexpensive volunteer programs in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa. Hundreds of volunteers are placed by Agape yearly into schools, clinics, orphanages, hospitals and community projects.

Agape Volunteer Program in Kenya

There is a choice of six programs to choose from: orphanage work, teaching, medical, sports, HIV/AIDS work, conservation and music placements. All programs range between one week and one year. It is very possible to start and finish at will with no registration fees at all.


As a volunteer, you will be working with groups of incredibly enthusiastic Kenyan children and a local football club. You may introduce your own ideas and games and also bring kits for new sports. Volunteers will do classroom-based teaching during the day and sports in evening time.


Volunteers will teach a primary curriculum of English, Math, Science, Religion and Social Studies. They may work alongside a local teacher to get used to the new system before handling a class. Volunteers may develop their own style of teaching. 


Volunteers will be working in a clinic or hospital supported by Agape; they will be helping to lessen the burden on the resources of the medical service. This is for a qualified nurse or doctor. Volunteers’ general responsibilities include taking rounds, dressing wounds, prescribing and distributing basic medicines and assisting births.


Volunteers are expected to work in clinics as well as in the community with support groups. Volunteers will be counselling sufferers, carrying out HIV tests, educating young people in the community as well as carrying out home visits. 

Agape Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

Our expectations were exceeded! The highlight of our volunteer trip was indeed visiting the children! It was the hardest thing to say goodbye to the happy, smiling faces of these children. Ones we had grown to love so much! Actually, it was not “Goodbye" it was "Until next time!" -David Melich

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Agape Volunteer Kenya Program Fees

Agape is one of the least expensive volunteer programs in Kenya. There are no registration fees and there are no differing costs between programs, no hidden charges, it is just one clear price. The fee is the price that will be paid for the total stay with Agape volunteers. Agape will release a breakdown of exactly how the money was spent on request.


Best Kenya Volunteer Organizations Goeco

As the name suggests, GoEco’s focus is on providing affordable volunteer which don’t compromise ecological values. In Kenya this means all animal or other projects are focused on helping sustain a natural environment rather than create cosmetic but meaningless changes.

GO Eco Volunteer Program in Kenya

Maasai Community Growth

Volunteers will assist with numerous building projects like improving the sports facilities, building a playground, planting a vegetable garden, building water storage tanks, sanitation blocks, school classrooms, community halls, clinics, basic housing, and much more. Volunteers will tutor small groups or individuals in conversational English. They many also teach English based on interest.

GO Eco  Kenya Volunteers Reviews

This was a fabulous opportunity - from the beginning to the end. Yes you will work hard - but this will be well worth the effort. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Go soon and discover it got yourself!! -Suzette Holm

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GO Eco Kenya Volunteer Fees

Goeco offers very inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Kenya. The fees cover  housing, food, training. The fee is $1,200 for two weeks and $1,700 for four weeks

 African Impact (Zimbabwe)

African Impact is an award winning organization running affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya and many other African countries. The company was founded in 2004 and has grown into a leader among  volunteer organizations in Kenya. The company has served 12,000 volunteers and has had interns placed in 12 countries.

African Impact Program in Kenya

Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation, Masai Mara

Volunteers will assist in conservation efforts and conduct significant research. They will go out on research drives to document big cat sightings, do game counts, locate big cats for the reserve’s tourists and assist with teaching and other development work in the local community. Volunteers will go out on research game drives two times a week to collect data for conservancy management. Participating in a wildlife photography internship is another major role of volunteers.

Teaching & Community Support, Kenya

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Kenya opportunity?
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As a volunteer, you will be teaching vulnerable children in the Limuru community, Kenya.  Many of these children are orphaned, developmentally challenged and affected by HIV/AIDS. You will help to promote their development in impoverished, under-staffed schools. You will spend your mornings assisting children with their classwork as well as practical, creative and resource development activities in the afternoon. 

 Vulnerable Child care & Community  Support, Kenya

Volunteers will provide assistance and gain experience in the under-resourced, understaffed and overcrowded schools and orphanages in the rural Limuru area. They will get involved with African Impact projects like the Body of Christ Children’s Centre. Volunteers will also give to those who are developmentally challenged and in need of a smile, a kind word and some attention.

Disability Support & Skills Development, Kenya

Volunteers will assist with stimulating projects like The Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact farming for food crops and also dairy cow donation projects. They will help patients with motor coordination, speech & communication challenges and personal hygiene. As a volunteer, you will spend time with the kids, share a game and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Mobile Clinics Assistance, Rural Kenya

Volunteers will assist a mobile clinic in bringing healthcare, education and hope to poverty stricken communities. They will assist communities through health care and teach them to be more sustainable and self-reliant.

African Impact Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

African Impact is a multi-award winning low-cost volunteer organization in Kenya that manages and runs responsible and meaningful internship programs and volunteer experiences throughout Africa. Many positive online reviews support this statement. You will feel at home immediately with African Impact. The other volunteers and staff are extraordinarily welcoming.

I have had the most amazing time in the most stunning place with the best people. A truly fantastic experience, i would not change a moment of it. I have especially enjoyed being a part of the community, and exploring a different way of living. -Chizi Katie

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African Impact Kenya Fees

African Impact offers affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya. The price starts as low as $1422 for two weeks. The fee covers room, food, and field support. The fee excludes airfare, pocket money. 

For more details about the price

Village Volunteers (USA)

Best and Highly Rated Kenya Organizations Village Volunteers

Village Volunteers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works hand in hand with capacity-building programs and rural villages, supports the growth of sustainable solutions to community encounters. Village Volunteers offers affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya that are dedicated to assisting communities in their mission to attain a healthy, self-sustained life. Kenya is particularly vulnerable to poverty as a result of the high rates of HIV/AIDS infections and as a result, the country has over one million orphaned children.

Village Volunteers Programs in Kenya

Join Village Volunteers program in Kenya in order to get yourself immersed in Kenyan culture and to be able to offer volunteer opportunities to people from all capabilities. Village volunteers have affordable volunteer programs in Kenya, they works alongside partner organizations and volunteers will have chances to serve in all areas of the village.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteer in Kenya opportunity?
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Agriculture – Sustainable Farming

Volunteers will teach villagers how to sustain contaminant free and nutritious resources in order for them to be self-reliant. They will teach farmers on propagation, seed saving practices and tree nurseries which are vibrant part of Business Development. They will coach villagers on developing modest marketing and business plans and teach basic bookkeeping.

Children: Care and Feeding

Volunteers will help to ease the sufferings of those affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. They will work in feeding programs, reading to children, providing medical care as well as educating children. In other words, they will work and play with children.

Environmental Conservation

Volunteers will work with youth groups to protect valuable natural resources essential to community survival. This is to maintain, protect and preserve the environment and habitat.

Medical / Health Care

Volunteer in a village clinic, nursing college, hospital and outreach clinics. Will support a local medical team in their daily treating and diagnosing of patients.

Public Health Awareness

Raising public health awareness and helping to improve the quality of village life are the major function of volunteers. This will be done through education about disease prevention. They will teach villagers about the prevention of HIV/AIDS, importance of clean water and many more.

Women’s Issues

You can help as a volunteer to empower women who are often left without basic access to sanitation, clean drinking water, medical care, protection from violence and decent employment. You will teach gender equality, the art of mentoring and leadership skills to communities as a whole.

Village Volunteers Kenya Volunteer Program Reviews

I have had three trips to Kenya via Village Volunteers and will be doing a fourth next summer. Shana Greene and her organization are doing more to help the world be a better place than any group I have ever worked with. They work incredibly hard, are very professional and are always willing to take on the tough tasks that make living in this world so difficult for so many people. Please support and help Village Volunteers in any way you can. Your resources could not be put to better use!! -Brett

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Village Volunteers Kenya Program Fees

Village Volunteers is one of the best of the low cost volunteer opportunities in Kenya.  95% of payment or donation will go straight to support projects abroad while 5% will go for supplement costs such as bank fees, wire transfers, etc. $1,580 is the total amount payable for 2 weeks program. For more details on fees.


Best and Highly Rated Kenya Volunteer Organizations KAYA

Kaya, a company that was set up by Director Heilwig Jones in 2008 after her many years of volunteering experiences with community projects, brings together the impact and quality of grass roots projects with the quality of structure and organization, breadth of choice and level of service that allows all and sundry the chance to contribute to positive action while enjoying traveling the world more responsibly. Kaya has exceptional, functioning and affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya that cater to both volunteers and the people they are assisting.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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Kaya Volunteer Program in Kenya

The one major project that seeks to preserve Kenya’s wildlife and provide Kenyans with the chance to profit from the tourism opportunities brought by their native wildlife, is the Masai Mara Lion Wildlife Research and Conservation Project. As a volunteer, this project offers you the chance to help conserve the population of lions by carrying out vital research. It also provides you with the opportunity to assist in a school which offers local people the knowledge needed to become guides, and profit from the tourism in the area.

Kaya primary project in Kenya is:

Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research and Conservation Project

Volunteers will take part in environmental education, scientific research and get unique hands on experience. Volunteers will be trained in the accurate and consistent collection of data in the conservation area of Naboisho, which includes regular counts of the population of wild animals, and monitoring the population and movements of big cats like the cheetah, leopard and lion.

As someone in this volunteer program in Kenya, you will be involved in running an environmental club which is a Community Outreach Project at a primary school once a week. This will take place with a selected number of students at the school concentrating on developing English skills, and at the same time encouraging passion for the environment, wildlife and conservation. The selected students will transfer their skills and learning to other students at the school through presentations and workshops.

Lastly, volunteers in Kenya will help to support the local school staff with a focus on photography, first aid, visitor management, cuisine, camp management, driving skills, animal behaviour, natural history and many more.

Kaya Volunteers Reviews

This trip was unbelievable! It was a fantastic way to see A fantastic culture. We just blended in with the locals and our guide was just amazing. That was an unbelievable experience. Every day of the trip felt like a completely different trip and every day was better than the previous. Kaya did an unbelievable job at making sure everyone was happy and that everything went smoothly if a problem arose. It was so sad saying goodbye, but I kept reminding myself it wasn’t a goodbye, it was a see you later… -Emily

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Kaya Fees

Kaya Kenya volunteer program very is very affordable. The duration of their program is two to six weeks, and it costs £1365 / $2,389 for two weeks and £350 / $613 per extra week. The fee will cover accommodation, food and some other necessary things.

This article has introduced lots of fabulous, well organized and inexpensive Kenya volunteering opportunities, so whatever you want to do, and wherever your interests lay, there is bound to be one or maybe several programs that seem perfect for you.

Making a final choice of volunteer program in Kenya is not easy, but knowing your options are all equally trustworthy, good value for money and meaningful certainly helps.

We would love to hear which Kenya volunteer program caught your eye, and to read about your experience; so if you plan to, or if you have done one of these programs please do drop us a line and let us know.

In the meantime – happy volunteering.

If Kenya is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Sri Lanka., India, Argentina, Cambodia, Tanzania, Bali, Ghana, South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, Nepal and Thailand.

You might also want to check out our other articles on 10 Best Cheap Volunteer Teaching in Kenya Providers, 10 Best Cheap Kenya Orphanage Volunteer Providers and 10 Best Cheap Kenya Medical Volunteer Providers. If you are planning a trip to Kenya and searching for best tour operator, check out our article on 10 best Kenya tour operators.

Are You Planning to Volunteer in Kenya?
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