The 8 Best Cheap Mexico Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer in Mexico, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we'll send it off to multiple providers and they'll contact YOU! You'll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you dreaming of exciting adventures in Central America? Do you want to experience Mexico by volunteering your time in a meaningful way with a trusted and affordable company?

An exciting mix of Spanish culture, Mexican lifestyles, and incredible natural landscapes, including beaches and mountains, will be waiting for you when you get off the plane in Mexico. The diversity of history and culture in this Central American country will intrigue and fascinate you when you embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Although volunteering trips to Mexico is a wonderful opportunity, it can be very confusing when you start searching on the internet for safe and affordable providers. Many companies are untrustworthy and demand thousands of dollars in upfront fees. Nonetheless, there are many cheaper options that will give you a chance to work in schools, hospitals, or community centers around Mexico – but do you know where to look for them?

In order to assure you choose the right provider, you need to see endless reviews, company histories and the prices that can reach as high as several thousands of dollars. It turns your planning experience into a very off-putting experience.

At TravellersQuest, we to see you join a reputable, safe and affordable volunteering program in Mexico. Thus, you can make a lasting difference and treasure the memories you take home, forever. So, we spent thousands of hours researching and finding the best and safest volunteer providers for you.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
RCDP International $670 Go overseas: 47 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $939 Go overseas: ‎1,724 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,282 reviews
IFRE Volunteers $690 Go Overseas: ‎103 reviews
Love Volunteers $758 Go overseas: 139 reviews
Go Abroad: 273 reviews
Global Crossroad International Volunteers $690 Go overseas: ‎88 Reviews
Centro Infantil de Los Angeles $395 Go Overseas - 40 reviews
GVI $1,646 Go overseas: ‎ 581 reviews
Volunteer Forever: 52 reviews
Fundacion En Via (Mexico) - TripAdvisor: 621 reviews

Table updated: Oct 1, 2022

RCDP International

RCDP International Volunteer Mexico

RCDP Volunteers is a highly reputed US based volunteer organization established in 1998. The volunteer in Mexico programs offered by RCDP are focused on giving people a chance to enjoy the exhilarating and exotic beauty of a new country. Projects are centered on language, cultural, and observational tours of your choice. In Mexico, volunteers can get involved by working with children in different settings or taking part in environmental conservation.

RCDP is committed to providing cheap volunteering opportunities so that more people can take advantage of these prospects. Read more about the fantastic affordable volunteering opportunities below.

RCDP’s volunteer opportunities in Mexico

Special Education:

Do you enjoy working with differently able children? Do you feel called to help make their life better? Join RCDP’s special children education program to live your dream.

The goal of this project is to provide adequate support to children with autism, learning difficulties, and cerebral palsy. Volunteers will assist at a special needs school and work with the staff, students, and families to deliver better outcomes for this vulnerable group.

Sea Turtle Conservation

The turtle conservation volunteer program in Mexico is the most fascinating program for those who loves soaking up sun in the beaches and conserving sea turtles.

The project in collaboration with local conservationists addresses the problems facing the sea turtle population. Volunteers work on campaigns that preserve natural habitats, educate communities, and collaborate with local professionals to save the sea turtles.

RCDP Volunteers’ Reviews

RCDP is one of the best and highly rated Mexico volunteering program providers. Over 12,000 happy volunteers have gained exceptional life experience from their time with RCDP, and most of them have given this organization a five star. You can read their reviews on Go overseas.

The Fees

The Mexico programs on offered by RCDP add an excellent value for the money spend. The fees definitely include your accommodation and homestay experience but also gives you a life-changing experience abroad. Price starts as low as $258 for 1-week special children program and $500 for one week turtle conservation program.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP stands out with their commitment to grass-roots initiatives and affordable volunteer in Mexico programs. They ensure to provide sustainability and for this RCDP have received. Their programs are also very affordable and of high value, making us give them the 1st position in this list.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ is an excellent volunteer abroad organization with an extremely positive reputation internationally. The organization is very experienced in placing volunteers in affordable volunteering opportunities around the world. Since 2007, IVHQ has served over 42,000 volunteers in 30 countries across the globe.

IVHQ’s Best Mexico Programs

IVHQ welcomes volunteers from all walks of life. The five major volunteer in Mexico programs range from community development, childcare agriculture to animal care. All programs are located in the city of Merida.

  • Animal Care
  • Childcare
  • Special Needs Care
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Teaching English

Volunteer teaching English program in Mexico seeks volunteers to inspire students who attend public schools to be more motivated to learn English. Volunteers will help in the classroom planning lessons and teaching English around 4 hours a day.

IVHQ’s special needs care program is designed for supporting learning centers where children with special needs attend. Volunteers aid teachers, help with daily operations and classroom maintenance, and oversee activities with small groups of students.

This Mexico childcare and orphanage volunteering program supports economically disadvantaged children who have come from backgrounds of domestic abuse and ended up in a childcare centre. Volunteers work with school-aged children and provide educational and emotional support, as well as love and attention.

The animal care project of IVHQ addresses the issue of cats and dogs being abandoned on the streets of Merida. Volunteers help staff to bathe, brush, walk, and train these stray animals in preparation for them to be adopted.

The sustainable agriculture program is suitable for volunteers who are interested in farming. This is indeed a unique chance to support local farmers grow crops while also learning unique farming techniques.


IVHQ is one of the most reviews and most highly rated volunteering organizations. There are thousands of excellent independent reviews of IVHQ. You can read International Volunteer HQ reviews on Go Overseas, Go Abroad and other directories.

The fees

IVHQ offers inexpensive yet highly rewarding Mexico volunteer opportunities. Their program fees depends on the program you choose, but include all your living and food expenses during your stay. Their price for teaching English program starts as low as $320, excluding $299 one time registration fee.

Why We Chose IVHQ

IVHQ was an easy selection going by the number of past Mexico volunteers they have hosted in their programs abroad. They are also very affordable and ensure that you have the best culture immersion abroad by providing community integration programs.

IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers Mexico

Based in the USA and established in 2006, IFRE Volunteers is one of the best and most highly rated Mexico volunteering programs providers. IFRE Volunteers recognizes that people who are passionate about helping others in need are often unable to volunteer due to the hefty fees associated with it. Thus, they offer studen affordable projects ranging from 1 – 12 weeks.

IFRE’s best programs in Mexico

IFRE’s special education program is apt for you if you enjoy making a difference in the life of differently able person. You will be placed in a school where children suffering from autism, paralysis and other diseases studies. Your main duty is to provide these children with care and attention they truly crave and deserve.

Volunteer in Mexico in Sea Turtle program calls for international volunteers who wish to preserve rare turtle species while also exploring the Mexican beaches. While sea turtles are endangered and protected by law in Mexico, their population is still decreasing. IFRE’s this project is working hard to stop the poaching and trade of turtle species. Volunteers gain hands on conservation experience by cleaning and caring for the turtles’ natural habitat.


IFRE is one of the best rated volunteer organizations offering volunteering opportunities in Mexico. It has hundreds of online Internet reviews praising its program, quality, and customer service. Past volunteers, working in 18 countries around the world, have truly loved their experience with IFRE and had an incredible time. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

IFRE offers extremely affordable volunteer in Mexico programs. The program fees include your meals and accommodation during your time in Mexico. For one week you will pay from $258 to for volunteering with special needs care program and $500 for turtle program. The price excluded one time registration fee of $299.

Why We Chose IFRE

We choose IFRE because their affordable prices and useful Volunteer in Mexico projects stood out from the rest. With flexible and rewarding programs, IFRE is a volunteers favorite and clearly shown by the raving reviews on websites such as Go Overseas.

Love Volunteers

New Zealand based company Love Volunteers was created in 2009 and since that time has established highly rated and inexpensive volunteer travel opportunities in 35 countries. Love Volunteers considers the needs and desires of every volunteer to ensure that they are placed in a program that is most suitable for them.

Love Volunteers’ ChildcareProgram in Mexico

Love Volunteers proudly offers safe, rewarding, and affordable enriching orphanage volunteering opportunity in Mexico. The program is located in the colorful and vibrant Oaxaca city of Mexico. The city is the most ethnically diverse region in Mexico and you will provide teaching support in the schools and care centers. Besides, the project will also give you an exceptional inter-cultural exchange opportunity with the locals.


Love Volunteers is a highly rated volunteer organization. There are multiple online reviews of Love Volunteers. Love Volunteers has taken pride in finding a suitable volunteering experience abroad for passionate people like you since 2009. Read Love Volunteers’ reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

The fees

Love Volunteers offers one of the least expensive opportunities to volunteer in Mexico. The program fees are not-for-profit, so are invested back in the community and project you are part of. Despite doing this, they still offer very affordable volunteering opportunities, starting at $259 for one week and $459 for two weeks.

Why We Chose Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers caught our attention as a best provider to volunteering in Mexico because of the great industry reputation in addition to affordable prices. Several years in the volunteer abroad industry they offer you the safety and confidence you need to change the world.

Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad Mexico

Registered in the USA in 2003, Global Crossroad is a leading international volunteer abroad organization. The organization is best praised for their useful programs and fees across the globe.

Global Crossroad is committed to providing need-targeted assistance in the beautiful country of Mexico. Their programs in Mexico range from the chance to work with disabled children to sea turtle conservation.

Global Crossroad Best Programs in Mexico:

  • Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Special Education to Differently Able Children

Special education program of GCR focuses on creating better living conditions for children with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome. Volunteers will be involved with a special school supporting classrooms and workshops.

The Mexico sea turtle conservation volunteer program supports turtle conservation efforts on the beaches of the Colima region. Volunteers will work in the conservation park to rehabilitate turtles and clean their natural habitat. You will also have plenty of free time and weekend off to explore the beaches and stunning surrounding areas.


Global Crossroad is the most highly rated and reviewed volunteer organization. It has many positive online reviews from volunteers praising them as having the best and low-cost programs in Mexico and other countries. Read Global Crossroad reviews on Go overseas.

The Fees

Global Crossroad’s volunteer in Mexico programs fee is affordable and also include your accommodation, delicious local meals, and some internal transportation. Their special education program fee starts $ 258 for 1-week and at $500 for the turtle project. You will need to pay $299 more as a onetime registration fee.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad caught our attention as the best provider to volunteer in Mexico because of the great industry reputation in addition to affordable prices. With over 18 years in the volunteer abroad industry, they offer you the safety and confidence you need to change the world.

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Centro Infantil de Los Angeles

Volunteers coming from abroad find a home with Centro Infantil de Los Angeles in their grass roots volunteering projects in Colonia Santa Julia. This Mexican company was established in 2000 with the intention of promoting positive grass roots development in the community through inexpensive volunteering opportunities.

Centro Infantil de Los Angeles has a childcare volunteer program to offer in Mexico. The mission behind Centro Infantil de Los Angeles is to nurture children and serve the needs of the less fortunate.

Centro Infantil de Los Angeles Childcare/Teaching Program in Mexico

The ultimate mission of this childcare and teaching volunteer program in Mexico is to ensure offer needed care and support to the less-fortunate children. When you join, you will help teach at the preschool in one of their five classrooms. Your major activities include:

  • Assisting the teachers in the classroom
  • Playing various sports with children
  • Organizing arts and crafts projects
  • Leading field trips
  • Help in fundraising
  • Assisting with set-up and clean-up activities

Apart from volunteering, you will also have the opportunity to interact with locals and get yourself immerse in their cultures and traditions.


Centro Infantil de Los Angeles has several raving reviews left by their past volunteers with exceptional 9.8/10 ratings. The reviews read this organization as one of the best and indeed most affordable local organizations offering meaningful Mexico volunteering trips. Read their reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

Centro Infantil de Los Angeles offers its childcare/teaching Mexico program at an extremely affordable price. Their 1-week program cost starts as low as $180 for an individual and $130 for group volunteers. Apart from this program fee, you need to pay one time application fee of $35 for an individual and $100 for groups.

Why We Choose Centro Infantil de Los Angeles

Centro Infantil de Los Angeles tops this list because of the raving reviews left by their past Mexico volunteers. They enjoy an excellent 9.8/10 rating on Go Overseas where volunteers talks about their extremely affordable and high value their program, amazing cultural immersion opportunity and outstanding in-country support.


GVI is one of the best abroad volunteer organizations in the world. GVI has been working with passionate volunteers since 1997 to make this world a better place. With projects in 25 countries, GVI has served over 20,000 volunteers since its inception. The company has received multiple awards and has created an unbeatable reputation in the field of abroad volunteerism.

GVI’s Best Programs in Mexico

Global Vision International offers marine conservation based 8 highly impactful Volunteer in Mexico programs. The programs are based in Puerto Morelos and other regions. As per your skills, passion and experience, you can join:

GVI’s goal of these marine conservation volunteering programs in Mexico is to contribute to the ongoing marine conservation projects in Mexico’s coral reef. You will have an exciting opportunity to conserve the second largest barrier reef system in the world while also learning PADI diving skills.


GVI has one of the best reputations in the international volunteering community thanks to their impactful projects and endless support to the grassroots communities abroad. Out of over 6000 online reviews, they enjoy an excellent 9.5/10 satisfaction rate. Read Global Vision International reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fees

GVI offers a bit expensive volunteer program in Mexico than other providers of this list. This is because they offer exceptional opportunity for you to learn PADI get certified while also making this world a better place.

Fundacion En Via (Mexico)

fundacion Mexico

Grass roots development is the aim of international volunteering opportunities, and the best way to achieve this is by working with a local company who understands the community needs. Fundacion En Via was founded in 2008 in Mexico to create a program for volunteers to come abroad and make a genuine difference in the community.

Fundacion En Via is geared towards responsible tourism through their affordable volunteering work opportunities in Mexico. This is an incredible way to gain a special glimpse into Mexican life and have an authentic cultural experience.

Fundacion En Via’s Best Programs in Mexico

Fundacion En Via offers three main volunteering programs in Mexico. Their programs are based in Oaxaca, a vibrant city in Mexico.

  • Microfinance
  • Education
  • Growing Strong

If you want to visit Mexico while also giving back to the communities you visit, than their Microfinance project should be in your radar. As a volunteer in Mexico, you will help provide financial tools to the women living in the Oaxaca region. You will teach various saleable skills and also help Fundacion En Via to offer interest free loan to these women.

The education or Mexico teaching volunteer project focuses on providing English language classes in two communities, Teotitlan Del Valle and Tlacochahuaya. Volunteers run classes twice a week for around 50 students.

This unique volunteer tour guide program aims to promote sustainable tourism though microfinance tours while giving travellers a cultural exchange experience along the way. Volunteers in Mexico meet with local women to learn about their goals for business success.


This grass roots organization has many positive testimonials from past volunteers who have enjoyed getting involved in the community. Check out some reviews on TripAdvisor get a better sense of personal encounters with these projects in Mexico.

The Fee

The breakdown of fees includes a $55 per day charge for a rout package of Oaxaca. This money is then given as a loan to the women of Fundacion En Via. This means that this affordable volunteer in Mexico program is directly impacting the local lives involved with the project you are part of.

Why We Chose Fundacion En Via

Fundacion En Via was selected because it is the best organization, highly trusted and accountable for all the fees paid to the communities. It also ensures that all the volunteers have maximum culture immersion and with the best safety precautions.

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Do you need a visa to volunteer in Mexico?

You do not require a visa to volunteer in Mexico for a period of 90 days. You can simply arrive in Mexico with your prearranged volunteer assignment and use the Visitor's Permit card (FMM) you get on airport. To receive the card, you need to show the proof of your onward travel along with enough funds that earns your living in the country.

How can I help in Mexico?

You can help in Mexico by joining a volunteering program that matches your skills, qualification and passion. If you can speak and understand a basic level of Spanish than that would be awesome to interact with the locals. In Mexico, you can volunteer in the community development project, marine conservation project, education development project, animal care project and so on.

Is it possible to volunteer abroad for free?

It is not possible to volunteer abroad for free since you have to bear your accommodation, food, project cost yourself while volunteering. Instead of free programs, you can choose to join organizations that offer best affordable programs abroad. Some of the low-cost abroad programs providers are IFRE Volunteers, RCDP Volunteers, Love Volunteers, etc.

Is it legal to volunteer in Mexico?

Yes, indeed. It is legal to volunteer in Mexico projects with a valid passport

Can I volunteer in Mexico on a tourist visa?

If you are planning to volunteer in Mexico for less than 90 days, you do not require a visa. When you arrive on the airport, you can simply explain your travel purpose, show proofs and show enough funds for your travel duration to get the travel card. However, if you wish to volunteer over 90 days, you should obtain a tourist visa.

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