10 Best Affordable Volunteer in Peru Providers 2023

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Are you thinking about volunteering in the beautiful country of Peru? Are you open to reading about ten of the most highly rated and affordable volunteer in Peru programs, organized by companies that you can trust?

Peru is a country with intricate landscapes and an exquisite culture enriched with history and ancient traditions. From climbing history outdoors in Machu Picchu to exploring museums filled with the details of lost civilizations in Lima, Peru is brimming with incredible sights to behold.

While joining a volunteer program in Peru is a life-changing opportunity, it can be very confusing when you start searching the Internet for safe and affordable providers. A quick search on the internet will bring up hundreds of volunteering organizations offering Peru programs, making it difficult to decide which ones are genuine and trustworthy.

Also, some of these companies are very expensive and unreliable. Many demand thousands of dollars for just a few weeks of volunteering. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you paying super high costs for volunteering in Peru and potentially ruining your entire experience abroad.

So, we spent thousands of hours researching and finding the best and safest volunteer providers for you. We examined hundreds of organizations based on company histories, reviews and price, and narrowed it down to the ten bests.

Company Name Sample Price USD
(Reg. + 2 weeks Teaching)
Plan My Gap Year
$639 Go Overseas: ‎350 reviews
Go Abroad – 24 reviews
RCDP International $403 Go overseas: 47 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $702 Go Overseas: ‎74 reviews
Global Crossroad $702 Go overseas: ‎88 reviews
Love Volunteers $778 Go overseas: 139 reviews
Go Abroad: 273 reviews
International Volunteer HQ $715 Go overseas: ‎1,724 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,282 reviews
$920 Go Abroad: 662 reviews
Go Overseas – 85 reviews
Maximo Nivel
$915 Go overseas: ‎1,150 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,224 reviews
A Broader View $890 Go Overseas- 178 reviews

Table updated: Oct 5, 2022

Plan My Gap Year

volunteer in Peru with Plan my Gap Year

Location: UK
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) was started in 2011 in the UK. PMGY specializes in offering affordable, safe and fun adventure-based abroad volunteer programs. Since its founding, the company has grown substantially, handling over 3000 volunteers every year.

PMGY Programs in Peru

Peru Dog Rescue Volunteers

Peru is home to a large number of stray dogs. The sad reality is that many of these dogs are homeless and thus subject to illness, hunger and even abuse. While volunteering at the dog shelter, you will experience the love of animals and help them recover from physical and psychological injuries. Your daily tasks will make a positive contribution to the care and wellbeing of these rescued dogs receive.

Peru English Teaching Program

This volunteer teaching program in Peru is best suitable for volunteers who wants to gain hands-on classroom teaching experience abroad. Due to the growing tourism industry, the English language has been a very important factor for good earning opportunities. However, most of the children from poor families lack quality English education.

As a volunteer, you will teach English and other subjects of your interest to the disadvantaged students in community schools. Your valuable contribution will help these kids make their future better while you will also get a sense of attainment.

Peru Childcare Volunteers

Are you someone with a lot of energy and love to give? In Peru, many children are forced to leave their home due to troubling home environments like low income, addiction, violence and neglect. They are in great need of positive care and support from the kindhearted volunteers like you.

As a childcare volunteer in Peru, you will help to feed, educate and groom these children to become good citizens for their community. You’ll also help them develop their passion of sports or crafts and activities that can engage them and habituate them into positive daily routines.

Other Projects

Have you seen any projects in Peru by PMGY that you might be interested in so far? If not, don’t fret, PMGY has some other opportunities to volunteer in Peru worth considering.

Medical and healthcare students and professionals may be interested in gaining hands-on medical experience and exposure to the Peruvian healthcare system. You will be working alongside doctors and nurses at local clinics and hospitals in PMGY’s special medical volunteering opportunities.

For those wanting to touch up on their Spanish, or advance it to the next level, PMGY’s language immersion program sets the foundations for learning authentically. During the program, you will spend time interacting with and learning from local Peruvians and their traditions.

This course may not include a Peru volunteer program, but it would be the perfect complement to your volunteering experience, if enhancing your Spanish skills is a top priority.


Very positive and impressive online reviews about PMGY include testimonies like “best experience in Nepal” “very affordable program” and “best interactions with young monks.” Past volunteers rave about the transparency of PMGY’s programs and how affordable they are.

On Go Overseas, 95% of past volunteers rated PMGY’s programs 9.56/10 and on Review Center, PMGY receives an average rating of 4.8/5. Read PMGY’s reviews here: Go Overseas, Review Center.

Why We Chose PMGY

We selected PMGY because they offer the most affordable Peru volunteering opportunities are of great value. PMGY’s the best appealing work is that they target young and first-time volunteers. It is indeed a unique opportunity to meet and make new professional contacts with like-minded volunteers like you!

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

volunteer in Peru with RCDP Volunteer

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA

RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a top rated yet extremely affordable Peru volunteer providers. Since its inception in 1998, RCDP has served over 12,000 happy and satisfied in many overseas volunteer programs. RCDP works with the local Peruvian communities to improve education, healthcare, wildlife conservation, environment conservation and in several other areas.

RCDP Programs in Peru


Do you enjoy giving back to the disadvantaged children? RCDP’s orphanage volunteer program is calling you to make a difference! The Peru orphanage volunteer program supports a local orphanage in Cusco that cares for children who have been victim of abuse, abandonment, and neglect.

When you join this program, you will get involved in several activities such as teaching children, organizing various sports activities, cooking, cleaning and so on.

Street Children Project

Many children in Peru have lost their parents, been abandoned, or have run away from home and with nowhere to go, end up turning to the streets to survive. When you join this street children project, you will help support the childcare centers and orphanages to take care of these street children.

Teaching English:

Are you thinking of sharing your English language skills to the ones who doesn’t have access to it, however, greatly need for their future? Join your hands with RCDP volunteers to make a difference in the life of underprivileged Peruvian children.

Teaching English volunteers work alongside local teachers to deliver engaging and interactive English lessons for the students. Their chances of learning the language are much higher when interacting with a native speaker.


If you’re a medical student or professional and looking forward to changing the world by contributing your skills, consider joining this program. RCDP’s Peru medical volunteering program is indeed an ideal opportunity for you to shadow local doctors, gain hands-on medical experience while also experiencing the best of Peru.


With one of the best reputations worldwide, RCDP have certainly earned their positive reviews. Past volunteers have spoken highly of the quality communication and ongoing support offered by RCDP during their volunteering experience.

Wonderful experience with RCDP. I'd definitely recommend it ! I already miss my everyday life back there.- Eloise

Read more reviews at Go Overseas.

The Fees

RCDP make an effort to keep volunteer in Peru program fees low so that they can provide affordable volunteering opportunities to maximum people. For one-week, all-inclusive program fees start at $239 and for two weeks the price starts at $403.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP has over 20 years of experience organizing volunteer programs. We are highly impressed with this provider’s 100% commitment to change the world. They offer you a full cultural immersion opportunity, living with local host families.

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Volunteer in Peru with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
No of Volunteers/Interns:
Location & Projects:
20 countries, over 200 programs
Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit

A trustworthy American non-profit organization, IFRE Volunteers was established in 2006 and since then has created over 200 projects in 18 countries. IFRE Volunteers have served 17,000 passionate and enthusiastic people around the world in suitable and affordable international volunteering opportunities.

IFRE Volunteers love helping passionate people who want to help people in need. With an extremely affordable fees, the organization makes your dream of volunteering abroad and making this world a better place true.

Through IFRE Volunteers, you can make a genuine difference in an orphanage, working with street children, teaching in rural schools, and improving the overall health of communities. Learn more about each of the unique volunteer in Peru on offer.

IFRE’s Peru Program


If you are someone who has a lot of positive energy to share, and you love being with children, this is indeed the right fit for you. This orphanage volunteer experience in Peru is aimed at adding a touch of brightness to the lives of orphaned children.

These children have been abandoned due to unfortunate circumstances. As a volunteer, you are responsible for helping with the day-to-day running of the center and providing love and emotional support for the children.

Street Children Project:

Due to unfortunate circumstances, many Peruvian children find they either can’t stay at home any longer, or that they don’t have a home at all. Many ends up living on the streets as a result.

This street children volunteering opportunity in Peru addresses the equality gap for children on the streets that has been caused by social and economic inequalities. As a volunteer, you will teach these children different life skills, English subjects, sports and more and give these children more opportunities to expand their horizons.

Teaching in Rural Schools:

If you love teaching English to the disadvantaged children, this would be a great opportunity for you. The goal of this English teaching volunteer program in Peru is to boost the educational standards of understaffed and underfunded community schools.

When you join, you will teach English to disadvantaged students. You will also organize a variety of sports activities, dance and music classes and son.


If you are a medical student looking to gain hands-on experience while also broadening your understanding of another culture, this might be worth considering. This medical volunteering work is aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of rural communities in low-income areas of Peru.

You will shadow local nurses and doctors in hospitals and clinics to provide support where needed. Though you are not allowed to perform major treatments, your duties involve measuring blood pressure, distributing medicine, helping in health camps, immunizing, treating minor injuries.

Other Programs

Dental students would join IFRE’s Dental project, where you’ll get the chance to work alongside qualified dental professionals. In Peru, the local professional dentists will be more than happy to share their hard-earned experience with you.

You can also consider empowering young girls who were stuck by unfortunate circumstances, through IFRE’s Teenage Mother Project. Animal-lovers might consider helping animals in need and exploring conservation efforts in IFRE’s Peru wildlife volunteering experience. And for those looking to combine volunteer in Peru program with adventure and seeing all the sights and sounds, do consider the Summer Volunteer and Adventure in Peru.


There is a reason that IFRE has such a solid reputation worldwide for their reliability and trustworthiness. It is indeed reflected in past volunteers’ reviews. Read one positive review of their past volunteer:

I did a lot of research to decide which program to volunteer abroad with, and IFRE seemed like an organized program with opportunities…katieguty

Read more reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

The low-cost Peru volunteering opportunities on offer from IFRE make volunteering more affordable and achievable, regardless of your budget. Program fees for one week start at $239 and for two weeks start at $403, living expenses included.

Why We Chose IFRE

IFRE has such a solid reputation worldwide for their reliability and trustworthiness and it is reflected in past volunteers’ reviews. The low prices also drew our attention, for as low as $239 you will be able to stay in Peru for a week, which is real value for your money!

If Peru is not in your list now, you can check out the best affordable volunteer providers articles in Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Global Crossroad (USA)

volunteer in Peru with Global Crossroads

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs

This reliable United States best program provider was founded in 2003 and has destination projects in 18 countries. Global Crossroad has served over 18,000 volunteers in meaningful and inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Peru and around the world since its founding.

Global Crossroad combines the dream of traveling with meaningful volunteer work abroad, providing professional and need-targeted assistance to communities in need.

Global Crossroad Peru Opportunities


Due to poverty, abuse, and alcoholism, many children have been left orphaned in Peru. IFRE’s orphanage project seeks to help provide them with adequate care and attention, improving their quality of life. Your main role as a volunteer in Peru is to provide the kids with love and emotional support and organize various activities depending on their skills.

Street Children and Education Program:

Do you feel called to help change the life of street kids of Peru? This street children and education project provides needed care and support to childcare centers in Peru. These childcare centers are home to several disadvantaged children.

Teaching English:

The intention of this teaching English Peru volunteer program is to boost the English language skills of underprivileged students in community schools. Today, English skill has been one of the most important tools for Peruvian students to lead a happy and harmonious life.

Your major tasks during the program is to assist teachers in the classroom and provide engaging English lessons to the students. This is indeed something that will make these unfortunate children’s future better.


This Peru medical volunteer opportunity is the perfect fit for medical students and professionals to gain hands-on medical experience in a different country. You will assist local nurses and doctors in their daily tasks. This will indeed help a lot for the betterment of healthcare status of poorer areas in Peru.

Other Programs

Budding dentists might want to consider Global Crossroad’s Dental Volunteer Program, where they will gain insight into dental illnesses and treatment while working alongside highly qualified Peruvian dentists.

Other programs of interest might be the Teenage Mother Project, being a Wildlife Volunteer, doing a 2-week mini volunteer and travel escape in Peu, or opting for the Summer Volunteer and Travel Program in Peru (4Weeks).


For many years, Global Crossroad has been delivering top quality volunteering opportunities in Peru and so many people have loved their time. Past volunteers praise the organizations meaningful projects, quality support and inexpensive fees.

I first found Global Crossroad online and entered my email to receive some free information. The next day a very nice lady called and talked to me…David

Read more reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fees

Global Crossroad’s program fees for volunteering in Peru is indeed the most affordable. Though the fees are inexpensive, the programs are indeed highly enriching and provides you with a true insight into the real-world situations. Prices for one week starts at $239 and for two weeks cost $403.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad is an affordable and reputable organization that offers top-notch, fulfilling and life-changing experiences abroad. They had to be top in our list for all the positive aspects they simulate.

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Location & Projects: 38 countries over 100 projects

Love Volunteers is a New Zealand based volunteer organization. The organization was founded in 2009 by a brother and sister duo who loved volunteering abroad themselves. They were often left feeling dismayed by the high costs of volunteering, so with a mission to offer cheap yet meaningful programs, they founded Love Volunteers.

Today, Love Volunteers has stunning volunteering programs in Peru and other 30 countries worldwide, with an endless array of past volunteers praising their programs.

Top Programs in Peru

Childcare & Development

Love Volunteer’s childcare program in Peru aims to create a better future of disadvantaged children in Peru. If you love children and enjoy playing with them, teaching them, and putting smiles on their faces, you can join and help change their life.

When you join this childcare and development volunteer work in Peru, you will be placed in childcare centers in Cusco for a minimum of 2 weeks. Your daily tasks include caring for at-risk, impoverished and vulnerable children.

This will in turn improve the children’s future prospects. By sharing your love and passion and by teaching them life skills, you will help them develop positive mindset. The centers often run understaffed, a major reason so many volunteers are needed.

Disabilities & Special Needs

In this disabilities and special needs program, you will be stationed at a school in Cusco. Mentally disabled and deaf children and adults from the ages of around 3 to 25 years of age read in the school. There is a variety of age groups and varying levels of disabilities.

Thus, you can choose one amongst five sections: a deaf school, kindergarten, primary school, practical training, and a division for students with multiple complex behavioral types.

These Peru volunteer programs are greatly understaffed and require the assistance of volunteers who can impact greatly by serving and protecting and caring for those who need it most. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about special needs in all the varieties they come.

Medical Internship/Volunteer

Cusco is known by locals to be the gateway to the “Lost city of the Incas” in Machu Picchu. The mission of this medical program in the tourist town is to give impoverished people access to healthcare and medical assistance. Even though the city is booming with tourism, most of the Peruvian population there do not have enough money to survive and thrive.

In this Peru medical volunteer program, you will be making a real difference in the lives of underprivileged Peruvians. You will be supplying them with medical assistance and sharing your skills and knowledge of medicine. This program is recommended only for medical and students and professionals.

Teaching English (Pre-School)

There are many impoverished children in Cusco who lacks even basic English education. Speaking English is the known gateway to success, as it opens several doors of opportunities for young students. You can help change!

In this amazing volunteer teaching English experience in Peru , you will be opening many doors for these kids simply by teaching them basic English skills. The schools are largely unorganized and are also understaffed, one of the main reasons why volunteers are so desperately needed. Do you feel called to make a difference?


Love Volunteers is a very reputable and widely adored Peru volunteer program provider that consistently does very well in reviews by past volunteers. Love Volunteers receives a phenomenal 9.64/10 rating on Go Abroad, and a 4.67/5 stars in Volunteer Forever, indicating how well the organization performs. See what one reviewer had to say on Go Abroad:

I learned so much about myself and really learned to take every chance that comes my way so I can look back on my life and say… If you're even considering going to volunteer in Cusco, DO IT. Rachel Arcuri

The Fee

Love Volunteers offer the inexpensive volunteer in Peru programs. The prices of Love Volunteer’s programs are very affordable, with programs starting as low as a total of US$479 for 2 weeks. However, you need to pay $299 extra to register for the program.

Why We Choose Love Volunteers

The Peru volunteering trips organized by Love Volunteers always come from the heart, and it’s obvious that they were planned exquisitely by people who are also passionate about volunteering. Match that with affordable prices, and that’s why we decided to put Love Volunteers on our list.

International Voluntee HQ(New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)

Since its establishment in 2007, International Volunteer HQ has been offering enriching volunteer travel opportunities across the globe. Since its establishment, over 42,000 young and passionate volunteers have happily contributed in their programs.

International Volunteer HQ has a range of volunteering opportunities in Peru on offer, from teaching English to caring for animals. There will certainly be something to suit your skills and interests. Find out more about each project on offer by reading the information below.

International Volunteer HQ Peru Program

English Teaching:

This English teaching Peru volunteer program is a perfect opportunity to create lasting impact in the life of disadvantaged students. This project aims to improve the English skills of impoverished students of the tourist capital of Peru, Cusco.

Volunteers work in local schools, community centers, and rehabilitation centers where they tutor students and run small workshops.

Child Care:

Caring for children is a high-energy process that can at times be challenging but can also be very rewarding. If you love children and want to accept this challenge, consider spending your time in Peru caring for children who need your care the most.

This Peru childcare volunteering program gives needy kids an individual care and attention. Volunteers work in orphanages, community centers, schools, and kindergartens to run activities and games for the children.


If you are a medical student or professional looking to acquire hands-on medical experience, joining a medical program in Peru is indeed the best way to take your vocation to new heights.

This project aims to provide basic healthcare access to low-income families in Cusco. Volunteers support local nurses and doctors to help alleviate the burden of under-resourced hospitals and clinics.

Jungle Conservation:

In this jungle conservation project, volunteers work in one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world, assisting with tasks in the greenhouse and wider forest. You will be based in Cusco enjoying a highly off-the-beaten-track and immersive experience in the heart of the wild Peruvian jungle.

Animal Care:

Are you a dog-lover who can’t stand the fact that there are so many poor canines today suffering unethical treatment in the streets of Peru? The goal of this animal volunteer program in Peru is to help neglected dogs on the streets and protect them from illness and abuse.

Construction and Renovation:

This construction and renovation project works alongside local construction workers to rebuild and renovate rundown schools, colleges, hospitals and more. If you are physically fit and want to achieve a true sense of achievement, joining this program truly worth it.

Other programs

There are a number of other volunteering trips in Peru by IVHQ if you still haven’t seen one you might like. Do note that IVHQ offers programs in Lima and Cusco.

For those looking to develop communities, it would be worth considering IVHQ’s Community Support in Lima. You will take part on a range of initiatives to help support children and vulnerable people at schools and centers.

Another truly interesting Peru volunteer experience by IVHQ is Eco-Agriculture Conservation in Cusco, where volunteers will work with local farmers in Cusco to maximize their harvest and implement sustainable farming practices.


Not only does International Volunteer HQ offer affordable volunteer work in Peru, but they also have exceptional reviews from past volunteers. The past volunteers express their gratitude for their support team during their placement.

The four months that I spent volunteering through IVHQ were awesome. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with IVHQ…gabecarrasco

Read more reviews at Go Overseas and Go abroad and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

This company has very affordable volunteering opportunities in Peru on offer so that money does not stand in the way of your international dreams abroad. For one week, program fees start from $180 and go up to $510 depending on the project you choose. For two weeks the prices vary from $416 to $720, again depending on the project choice.

Why We Chose International Volunteer HQ

With prices starting as low as $ 180 for a one-weeks stay, International Volunteer HQ offers you the highest value of your money.

GO Eco

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers: 17000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 160 programs 
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations

Each year, over 1,000 volunteers find happiness and fulfillment in their adventures abroad, thanks to GO Eco. Since its establishment in 2005, this company has been placing volunteers in across 33 countries around the globe.

GO Eco has a focus on mutual cultural exchange, meaning they encourage and support volunteers to become immersed in the culture and language of the community they are in. GO Eco offers significant Peru volunteering projects in underprivileged areas of Peru.

GO Eco Peru Programs

English Teaching Experience

This English teaching program is located at a primary and secondary school in Cajamarca. When you join, you will teach basic English skills to the students who do not get the opportunity otherwise.

Peruvian Endangered Animals Sanctuary

There are various endangered wild lives in Peru such as monkeys, sloths, penguins, crocodiles and they are in great need of care and loving hands. As a volunteer in Peru on this endangered animals sanctuary, you will be directly involved taking care of these animals.

You will assist in daily operations that ensure the upkeep of the sanctuary, while also learning about how to take care of endangered species. Recommended for fearless and compassionate animal-lovers.

Amazon Conservation and Machu Picchu Expedition

If you’re looking for a program that allows you to explore all the best Peru has to offer, while also doing meaningful and impactful work, then look no further.

This Amazon conservation and Machu Picchu expedition program by GoEco comprises 6 days of volunteering at an ecological reserve in the incredible Amazon rainforest, which also features guided tours of the southern section of Peru.

Highlights of this volunteer program in Peru include taking a four-by-four motorbike tour of Maras and Moray National Park and a visit to the remarkable Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the Aguas Calientes.

Kindergarten Assistance

If you’re someone who is super good with young kids aged 2-6, then perhaps you might want to consider GoEco’s Kindergarten Assistance program. You will spend time anything from 1 to 12 weeks in the mountains of Cajamarca teaching English and brightening the futures of these children.


Go Eco’s past volunteers rave about their experience. In past reviews, volunteers speak highly of GO Eco in getting them set up at the school, in the community, and feeling positively immersed during their time abroad.

I saw the GoEco site and decided spending a month with GoECO. The staff and volunteers at the project were great, and I made some lifelong friends… Sarah

Read more reviews on Go Overseas, Go Abroad and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

GoEco’s Peru volunteer program fees include living expenses such as accommodation and meals for the duration of your stay. For one week, volunteers pay $760 and for the cost is $920 for two weeks.

Why We Chose Go Eco

This provider made our list because they offer the best immersion experience to volunteer by hosting them in local family homes, travels and excursions around the world. They are also very affordable and popular going by the reviews online with a niche for environmentally friendly programs.

Maximo Nivel (Peru)

Location: Costa Rica
Established: 2003
Location & Projects: 3 countries

Maximo Nivel, one of the best and most highly rated volunteer organization, was established in 2003 and focuses on grassroots development. This organization mainly offers amazing volunteering, travel, teaching, internship, study abroad and other opportunities in Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Maximo Nivel has a range of volunteer projects across Cusco, Peru, as well as other parts of the country including the Sacred Valley and Puerto Maldonado. The aim of the projects is to encourage cultural exchange, giving volunteers in Peru the opportunity to live and work in Latin America in a meaningful way that really connects with the culture.

Maximo Nivel Peru Programs


This childcare program in Peru aspires to change the unfortunate situations that children have ended up in due to poverty or illness. Volunteers provide nurturing and caring support for the kids at the center through games and activities.

Wildlife and Conservation:

This Peru wildlife conservation volunteer program helps protect the biodiversity of the natural environment and improve the habitats of turtles and birds. Volunteers work with environmentalists and scientists, researching methods for conservation and putting their findings into practice.

Teaching English:

Share your English skills with the disadvantaged children in Peru and help make their future better. This English teaching project invites native English-speaking volunteers and help students improve their English skills through meaningful and interactive lessons. You will work alongside teachers in local understand and underfunded community schools.


Medical and healthcare students looking to gain exposure into another culture’s healthcare system, and to build on their already existing medical knowledge, then look no further. This medical volunteer Peru provides support to under-resourced hospitals and clinics. Volunteers assist with the day-to-day running of the center and perform basic tasks to support local nurses and doctors.


Do you love outdoor activities? Are you physically fit and ready to get your hands dirty to contribute something valuable? The Peru construction volunteer program is the right fit for you.

The project repairs buildings for orphaned children, community schools and hospital. When you join, you will do a lot of physical work such as digging, removing dirt, carrying bricks and other manual labor tasks.

Other Programs

Now there are a number of other programs worth considering if you are looking for more projects in Peru by Maximo Nivel. There are programs that cater to volunteers who enjoy working with kids. There is also a great program volunteering in a dog shelter in Cusco, providing care and comfort to abused, neglected or abandoned dogs.

Animal-lovers could also opt for working on an Alpaca farm operated by a Peruvian family in the Huayllarcocha village. You’ll be caring for the animals and helping the family produce Peruvian textiles from alpaca wool.

You could also opt to volunteer at the Unversity Zoo in Cusco, a chance to help care for and rehabilitate rescued and injured animals from people who uprooted the animals from the wild. Do any of these opportunities to volunteer in Peru by Maximo Nivel pique your interest?


In the past, volunteers have appreciated the ongoing support of Maximo Nivel in getting organized with their placement. The on-ground experience from the local company has helped volunteers feel welcomed and ready to be part of the new community.

I had the pleasure of volunteering for two weeks during the holidays with Maximo Nivel. I honestly did not know what to expect and to my surprise…Christina

Read more reviews on Go abroad, Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

The Fees

This company strives to keep their Peru volunteering program fees cheap for more and more volunteers. All the fees are invested directly back in the community you are supporting. For one week, you will pay $665 and for two weeks you will pay $915.

Why We Chose Maximo Nivel

Maximo is an organization with years of experience offering several volunteers programs in 3 countries. Maximo Nivel was chosen for their reputation of safe and life-changing experiences including their great prices and reviews.

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 20 countries

With an intense love for mankind and a determined essence to change this world, A Broader View Volunteers was founded in 2007. ABVV is a registered 501 c(3) organization based in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania USA. The organization’s major goal is to provide you with culturally immersive and fulfilling travel experiences abroad. ABVV’s all programs are safe, affordable, meaningful and worthwhile.

A Broader View Volunteers’ Top Programs in Peru

A Broder View Volunteers offers over ten highly enriching programs in Peru. Their Peru volunteer programs are located in Inca, Cusco, Lima and many other locations and run for one to twelve weeks. You need to demonstrate police clearance report and must travel with parents if you are below 18 years old.

They offer highly enriching language and cultural program. You will volunteer half day with disadvantaged communities in Cusco and learn Spanish language half day. For medical students and professionals, they provide an amazing medical program in Peru. Medical volunteers will get hands-on experience while shadowing local professionals.

Volunteers who love teaching young students, there is teaching English program. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to evade poor lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with valuable English skills. You can either choose to teach in Kindergarten or primary school as per your wish.

There is a great scarcity of dental facilities and dentists in Peru. To eradicate this situation, ABVV offers dental volunteer program in Peru for dentists or dental students. You can join and volunteer along side of local professionals in non-evasive tasks.

If you are keen to help disadvantaged children, you can consider joining ABVV’s fulfilling childcare program. When you join, you will volunteer at residential home for orphaned and abandoned children. You will help with children’s homework, teaching English and basic computer skills, vocational skills and more.

They also offer senior volunteer program, suitable for volunteers who loves working with senior citizens. Besides, their women’s empowerment program helps disadvantaged young women, animal rescue program which helps protect the ecosystem of the Cordillera.

A Broader View Volunteer’s Reviews

Hundreds of former volunteers praise ABVV’s volunteer in Peru trip in reviews online. Here volunteers speak of the dedication and organization of the company both before departure and on arrival into the host country, which made their experience safe and secure.

ABVV is a very motivated organization whose goals are to help you make a difference in the lives of the people in the communities they serve… paige

Read more reviews on Go Abroad, Volunteer forever and Go overseas.

The Fees

A Broader View Volunteers aims to keep volunteer in Peru program fees low just to benefit maximum volunteers and local communities. The costs include living and meal expenses while you volunteer. Their program fee starts $890 a week, with no any hidden fees involved.

Why We Chose A Broader View Volunteers

A Broader View Volunteers has years of experience provide highly enriching yet affordable programs. We love their determination and commitment to make this world a better place by sending volunteers across the world. Also, past volunteers raving reviews and ratings to them.

Globalteer (UK)

Globalteer, a reputed non-profit organization, was established in 2006 and based in UK. This company has placed over 2,000 volunteers in meaningful and sustainably affordable volunteering in Peru programs and around the world since it was founded.

Volunteer placements range from helping children to working with wildlife. All projects are sustainable and responsible, meaning your help will go to where it is most needed in the community. Each of Globalteer’s Peru volunteering travel programs have lots to offer to a community in need and you are sure to find one that suits your skills and interests. Globalteer’s projects in Peru include Community Projects, Dog Rescue and Rainforest Project and Wildlife Sanctuary, be sure to check them out.

POD Volunteers (UK)

POD Volunteers is a United Kingdom based company that was established in 2001 to give people the chance to travel in a meaningful way. They give you an amazing chance to experiencing a new country while giving back to a community in need. Thanks to the affordable volunteering opportunities they offer.

This award winning non-profit organization arranges ethical, inspiring, and well-supported experience in Peru. This company gives you the chance to explore the diverse landscapes of this South American country.

Projects Abroad (UK)

This organization caught our attention because they aim for high quality by providing excellent support before, during and after Peru volunteer program at a reasonably affordable cost. Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad has over 100,000 Alumni. Read over 2,000 great reviews here:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Working Abroad (Switzerland)

Founded in 1997, Working Abroad focuses on creating opportunities for young people to contribute to world change, particularly in the areas of conservation and quality of human life, and they now have over 2500 projects linked to legitimate organizations in 100+ countries all around the world. Volunteer in Peru prices for a one-week stay start as low as $360. Read reviews here.

Volunteer Forever

Go Overseas

We have also compiled a list of the Best and Affordable Volunteer Providers in Asian and African countries. Check out the best and most affordable volunteer providers in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana.


How can I volunteer in Peru?

You can volunteer in Peru by simply choosing the best and safest provider and choosing a program of your interest and area. Volunteering in Peru provides you a truly cultural immersion experience while also exploring the best Peru has to offer. You will not help make this world a better place but also experience amazing Peruvian cuisine, learn Spanish, explore Inca, Machu Picchu and more.

What is the best country to volunteer in?

There are several countries in the world, especially undeveloped countries, that are in great need of international volunteers. One of those country is Peru, where volunteers are greatly needed in the areas of education, healthcare, dental care, dog rescue, conservation and many more. You can join, make a real meaningful difference and attain a true sense of attainment that you can cherish all your life.

Is it possible to volunteer abroad for free?

You can enroll in a volunteer project with no fee with many organizations which doesn't charge program fee. However, you need to bear the cost for food and accommodation during your volunteering program in Peru.

What countries need volunteer work?

Several underdeveloped and developing countries across the world need volunteers in various sectors. Countries like Peru, Nepal, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. faces a great lack of facilities in education, healthcare, conservation, women’s empowerment, childcare, orphanages and much more. Thus, you can choose an area of your expertise and help these countries eradicate this scarcity.

Can I volunteer abroad without a visa?

You need to have a tourist visa to volunteer abroad programs. Some countries also offer volunteer visa, but in most of the country you need to obtain tourist visa. You can get the visa upon your arrival at the airport in many countries.


In this article, we clearly mapped out all the wonderful Peru volunteering opportunities by some of the world’s most reputable organizations. Did you come across anything that you might consider doing? Did this help you in any way?

If you have already travelled with one of these organizations and done any one of their volunteering programs, be sure to get in touch and tell us all about it, because we want to know.

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