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Are you thinking of a meaningful volunteer trip to Uganda? Do you want to make a real difference in the life of needy Ugandan communities while also experiencing its delights? Are you wondering where to find the safest and most affordable Uganda volunteer programs their providers?

From the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains to the picturesque Lake Victoria, Uganda is an amazing landlocked country with rich landscapes just waiting to be explored. Your dream of changing the lives of underprivileged Ugandans and exploring the best of Uganda comes true once you join a safe and impactful volunteer program.

However, finding the best and inexpensive volunteer provider in Uganda can be a daunting task for you. When you start searching on the internet, you see several organizations programs that range in price, duration and usefulness.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you join the most useful yet most affordable program in Uganda. Thus, our research team has spent hundreds of hours to find the 5 best, safest and most inexpensive providers in Uganda for you.

Keep reading to discover the 5 highest-rated, safest and most affordable volunteering providers and their programs in Uganda.

Company Name Sample Price USD Reviews
ELI Abroad $695 Go Overseas- 32 Reviews
Go Abroad- 63 Reviews
Love Volunteers $698 Go overseas: 140 Reviews
Go Abroad: 271 Reviews
A Broader View Volunteers
$820 Go overseas: ‎ 178 Reviews
The Real Uganda
$855 Go overseas: ‎ 37Reviews
Go Abroad: 61 reviews
Go Volunteer Africa
$280 Go Overseas: 17 Reviews
Go Abroad: 34 Reviews

Table updated: April 5, 2024

ELI Abroad

volunteer in Uganda with eli Abroad

ELI Abroad is non-profit volunteering organization founded in 2001. The organization partners with local grass roots communities to make this world a better place. ELI’s prices are affordable, and programs are highly impactful. The company wants their volunteers to get real, hands-on experience in the field and encourage learning through experience. ELI Abroad’s volunteers in Uganda will have a meaningful, eye-opening experience.

ELI Abroad Top Volunteer Programs in Uganda

ELI Abroad has a wide selection of volunteer opportunities that truly aim to bring change from the local level.

The medical program is apt for medical students who wish to gain hands-on medical experience. As a volunteer, you will offer various services, such as outpatient care, blood tests, community outreach, family planning, treatment of minor injuries and antenatal services.

Ugandan women live under poverty and racial discrimination due to illiteracy and lack of saleable skills. As a volunteer in Uganda working on the women empowerment program, you will be working with vulnerable women to empower and embolden them. Your role is to create educational awareness and impart skills to fend for themselves.

The wildlife conservation program is a good choice for those looking into environmental conservation. Help protect the biodiversity of Uganda while also helping out at animal rescue centers. You’ll be tasked with recording animal behavior, taking care of endangered species of animals, managing educational programs etc.

ELI Abroad Reviews

ELI has an admirable collection of positive reviews from past volunteers that will definitely help inspire you to book your volunteer program with them. Volunteers love the openness to experience culture, the cost and uniqueness of their Uganda volunteer programs. ELI Abroad has 32 reviews on Go Overseas and 63 reviews on AbroadReviews.

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ELI Abroad Fees

ELI has always provided volunteers with some of the most affordable fees for Uganda volunteer opportunities. Your program fees will cover your accommodations, breakfast and dinner, airport pick-up and transfer, and the constant support of a local team in Uganda. There is a one-time registration fee of $200 and weekly program fees start as low as $495!

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Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Founded in 2009 and based in New Zealand, Love Volunteers is one of the best and most trusted international volunteer travel program providers. Established by former volunteers, the organization genuinely cares for local grass roots communities, and aims to make real change in the world.

Love Volunteers believes that, for volunteers to get the most out of their time abroad, they should spend at least two weeks in a community. This is the reason their placements start at two weeks and can be extended.

Love Volunteers Top Volunteer Programs in Uganda

Love Volunteers aims to provide useful yet affordable volunteering opportunities in Uganda. This helps all types of volunteers to full their dreams of spending time abroad for a noble cause.

The aim of their teaching volunteer program in Uganda is to place volunteers in schools that have high levels of staff shortages and limited funding for resources. The role of volunteers is to plan and teach lessons in a variety of curriculum areas, such as English, math, and health education.

Love Volunteers’ childcare program supports orphanages and local childcare centers. Uganda orphanage volunteers are needed to support children in these orphanages, teach them English, as well as organize fun activities during free time. Your admirable determination, compassion and care to these disadvantaged children will enhance their life skill, enabling them to lead prosperous and harmonious lives.

On the medical volunteering program, medical student volunteers will be giving much needed support to the health and medical systems in Lugazi. Volunteers will be tasked with helping patients in waiting rooms, filing reports, and assisting in other activities required for the day-to-day running of the hospital.

Love Volunteers Reviews

Love Volunteers has proudly placed many kind-hearted volunteers through their affordable volunteer in Uganda programs. Past volunteers often express deep gratitude towards this benevolent organization for all their efforts and services. You can even read some past volunteer reviews on their website. Love Volunteers has 140 reviews on Go Overseas and 271 reviews on Go Abroad.

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Love Volunteers Fees

Love Volunteers has some amazing low cost programs. The company doesn’t sacrifice quality of service for low costs, so you can get the full experience without worrying about tiny inconveniences. Their program fees start as low as $399 and there is a one-time registration fee of $299.

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

volunteer in Uganda with A braoder view volunteers

If you are ready to take on the challenge of volunteering abroad while leaving behind a positive impact on the world then, join hands with A Broader View. Since 2007, this US-based charity organization has been placing volunteers in developing countries all over the world. They believe that every individual can make a difference and encourage all of their volunteers to strive for real-world change. A Broader View accepts volunteers from a range of backgrounds and seeks diversity in the people they place in the Bulenga and Mukono regions of Uganda. Volunteers in Uganda can undertake placements in fields such as midwifery and education.

A Broader View Top Volunteer Programs in Uganda

With the help of ABV’s volunteer programs, volunteers can help bring basic facilities and provide much needed care to struggling communities in Uganda.

Volunteer support is needed in two health centers in the Bulenga community in Uganda. There is a great lack of medical equipment and professionals. The goal of this Uganda medical volunteering program is to create better health conditions for the community and increase basic access to medical care. You can get involved in the healthcare field by shadowing local nurses and doctors.

This community development volunteer program in Uganda is very impactful. You will share your passion and skills with disadvantaged Ugandan communities so that they can uplift their lifestyle. This will also provide you a real sense of achievement as you get to change the life of poor communities.

ABV runs a children’s education project that works to create a better level of learning in local, underfunded schools. Volunteers are most needed in teaching English and giving student’s confidence with this language. When you join, you will teach English, math, music and other subjects.

If you are trained as a midwife or studying to be one, you can get some invaluable experience by participating in the mid-wifery program. Midwifery volunteers help in deliveries in rural community. Your major task is to help local staff members to ensure the safe and hygienic delivery of newborns and also ensure that mothers are looked after properly.

A Broader View Reviews

With over 10,000 volunteers placed around the world since 2007, many people have positive things to say about A Broader View. Volunteer work in Uganda has been made easier and more accessible because of ABV’s benevolent efforts. Read through past volunteer reviews to get a better picture of ABV’s work in the world. A Broader View has 178 reviews on Go Overseas.

Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.

A Broader View Fees

As long as volunteers create positive change in the community while also learning something about themselves, ABV won’t increase its program costs. Their low costs motivate people more than expensive fees. With food and accommodation covered and costs being invested back in the community, a one-week program fee is $820 and two weeks will cost $995.

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The Real Uganda

volunteer in Uganda with A braoder view volunteers

Founded in 2005, The Real Uganda is an initiative that provides skills and funding to small, locally led community-based organizations offering volunteer in Uganda programs. In just over a decade, the organization has grown into a network of international volunteers and Ugandan leaders dedicated to transforming rural communities. Their volunteer opportunities in Uganda focus on cultural exchange, building meaningful relationships and creating sustainable, local solutions to local problems.

The Real Uganda Top Volunteer Programs in Uganda

Volunteers will not only help to make a difference but also learn about the way of life in Uganda through The Real Uganda’s top-notch volunteer programs.

You can start with their community outreach program and help in grassroots development efforts. Volunteers will help women in handicraft making and small businesses, teach young children about arts and crafts, help in renovation efforts and manage micro-finances through this program.

On the public health improvement program, volunteers will work with local healthcare officials in clinics and maternity hospitals. Besides primary care, they can also get involved in community education and disease prevention efforts.

The agriculture and conservation program is needed to maintain communal gardens in Uganda. As a volunteer, you’ll work to clear land, weed out gardens, chase pests, harvest crops and prepare the soil for harvest.

If you want to get involved in education, we recommend the teaching program. You’ll work at primary schools and teach primary level children a variety of subjects like English, arts and crafts, music etc. You can also help out with cooking, cleaning and with other activities in the school.

The Real Uganda Reviews

The Real Uganda’s volunteer work has been praised by many volunteers and local organizations. This organization has made a positive impact on the lives of many Ugandans. You can read through some volunteer testimonials on their website. With over 37 reviews on Go Overseas and 61 reviews on Go Abroad, The Real Uganda is probably one of the best Uganda volunteer providers on this list.

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The Real Uganda Fees

Even though the Real Uganda is a legit non-profit organization, they still need resources to fund further programs. Their program fees start at just $855 for 2 weeks. Volunteers in Uganda are recommended to carry $30-$50 per week for other facilities as well. The program fees include accommodation, in-country support, orientation, airport pickup and transfer and meals.

Go Volunteer Africa

volunteer in Uganda with A braoder view volunteers

Go Volunteer Africa is one of the highest-rated volunteer travel operators in Uganda. Being a supremely good volunteer provider in Uganda, Go Volunteer Africa has many ethical and sustainable volunteer programs for volunteers to choose from. They are one of the first organizations to introduce the concept of volunteer tourism in Africa. Since 2007, they have run multiple programs across the entire continent. Their main focus is to encourage sustainable development while still offering volunteers the opportunity to explore and engage in the cultural and natural diversity of Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa Top Uganda Volunteer Programs

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer programs are sure to give you a handful of meaningful experiences and memorable moments. Let us look at some of their most popular programs in Uganda.

The farm work volunteer project will have volunteers working on rural farms with local Ugandan villagers. Volunteers will help in tilling the soil, maintaining crops, and help implement organic farming methods and clear farmlands.

For aspiring medical students/professionals looking for some field experience, the medical program consists of volunteer placements in wards and local health care centers. Volunteers get to shadow local doctors while helping patients deal with minor injuries and vaccinations.

The childcare volunteer project in Uganda is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the love, care and support you have for under-privileged children. You’ll help to prepare dinner and breakfast, engage children in fun games and activities and even help with lesson and schoolwork.

If you’re a nature lover, you can volunteer in one of many conservation projects run by Go Volunteer Africa. You’ll primarily be involved with planting trees, educating the public and developing better systems for recycling and waste management.

Help build important developmental infrastructures through the construction project. From run-down schools to homes, volunteers will be involved in daily manual construction and renovation work. You’ll be involved in painting, bricklaying, plastering etc. on this project.

Go Volunteer Africa Reviews

Go Volunteer Africa has many stellar reviews under its belt. It has earned support from past volunteers, the news media as well as several NGOs in the country. Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer work in Uganda has undeniably brought a large-scale positive change in struggling and impoverished communities. Go Volunteer Africa has 17 reviews on Go Overseas and 34 reviews on Go Abroad.

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Go Volunteer Africa Fees

Since they are locally based, Go Volunteer Africa has one of the most affordable program fees on this list. Their program fees start at just $160 per week! This cost covers accommodation, meals, staff support, and airport transfer and project orientation. To secure your placement, you must first pay an initial registration fee of $120.

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Is Uganda safe to volunteer?

. Yes, Uganda is safe to go on a volunteering trip to. It is an East African country that is pretty famous for its cultural and geographical diversity. Volunteers in Uganda can get some memorable experiences of the country while seeing sights and helping out in rural communities.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Uganda?

Most volunteer programs in Uganda cost between $500 - $1000. These include the weekly program fees of various companies as well as their registration fee. As for the cost of living, $20-$40 per day should be enough to cover most expenses.

Why volunteer in Uganda?

Ugandan rural communities suffer from a lack of access to basic education and facilities. You can engage in various teaching, childcare and education programs or you can take part in medical volunteer programs. There are also a lot of wildlife and animal conservation projects in Uganda that you may be interested in so, definitely check them out too!

How much is the visa fee for Uganda?

You can issue a Uganda visa for 80 pounds for short-term stay or transit. These will last for 90 days only. For long term visas, you need to pay 180 pounds. You’ll also need a certificate of vaccination for yellow fever before you can enter the country.


This article has clearly summarized the top companies worth considering if you’re looking for volunteering opportunities in Uganda. We hope you have found this article useful!

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