The 10 Best Cheap Uganda Volunteer Providers 2022

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Can you see yourself making a real difference in East Africa? Is Uganda a destination you want to visit and contribute positive changes to? Are you wondering how to find the safest and most affordable volunteer programs in Uganda?

From the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains to the picturesque Lake Victoria, Uganda is a landlocked country in Eastern Africa with diverse and rich landscapes just waiting to be explored. While Volunteering in Uganda is an amazing life-changing experience, it can be quite confusing when selecting the best volunteer provider. When you start searching on the internet, you see many organizations providing programs which range in price, safety and usefulness.

So, we did the hard work for you. We spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best and safest volunteer providers in Uganda for you. We are able to save your time by sourcing a number of cheap volunteering opportunities in Uganda with great ratings to help get you on your way to making a real difference in this beautiful country.

Keep reading to discover the 10 best and cheapest volunteering programs in Uganda with some of the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Sample Price USD
(Reg. + 2 weeks Teaching)
RCDP International $479 Abroad Review: 64+221 Reviews
Go overseas: 28 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $549 Go Overseas: ‎58 Reviews
Sitejabber: ‎7 Reviews
Global Crossroad $549 Go overseas: ‎60 Reviews
Abroad Reviews: 334 Reviews
ELI Abroad $595 Go Overseas- 31 reviews
Go Abroad- 62 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $679 Go overseas: ‎1,364 Reviews
Go Abroad: 1,008 Reviews
Love Volunteers $698 Go overseas: 134 Reviews
Go Abroad: 282 Reviews
FRONTIER $945 Go overseas: ‎59 Reviews
Go Abroad: 939 Reviews
A Broader View Volunteers
$995 Go Abroad: 46 Reviews
Volunteer forever: ‎234 Reviews
African Impact
$1524 Go Abroad: 2440 Reviews
Go Overseas: ‎164 Reviews
Save Volunteering
- Volunteer World- 59 Reviews
Go Overseas- 110 Reviews
Original Volunteers
$304 Abroad Reviews- 98 Reviews
Review center- 71 Reviews

Table updated: May 11, 2020

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

volunteer in Uganda with RCDP Volunteer

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: A vast array of amazing volunteering opportunities acroos healthcare, childcare, medical initiatives such as HIV/AIDS and teaching opportunities.

Having established an A-rated reputation in the international volunteering abroad community, RCDP was the first organization to set up volunteering placements in Nepal. Since its establishment in 1998, they have placed over 12,000 volunteers across the world, including in Kampala, Uganda.

Today, they have projects in childcare and health available for volunteers to get involved in.

RCDP Volunteers offers inexpensive volunteer opportunities in Uganda as they believe that it is more important for the community to benefit, rather than the company earning millions of dollars. This makes them a legitimate grass roots company that is not-for-profit and they will offer you a genuine experience volunteering in Uganda.

The benefits you gain from a highly rated volunteering organization Uganda abroad for your professional development and your personal life are endless and completely priceless. With RCDP you will be supported on your volunteering journey and have someone available to provide assistance at every step of the way.

There are more details on the Uganda volunteering programs listed below to help you find the one that is most suitable for you and your skills.

RCDP Uganda Volunteering Opportunities

Health Care:

Uganda is a beautiful country with a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions. However, the country remains poor due to several tragic circumstances. Poor Ugandan people are dying from simple curable diseases due to the lack of adequate healthcare professionals and hospitals.  This project aims to decrease the prevalence of preventable diseases in rural communities and improve access to basic healthcare.

As a Uganda medical volunteer, you can help at a doctor clinic or hospital, or help with educational campaigns to teach the community better hygiene practices. You will work in public and community hospitals as an assistant to the doctor. You will learn from observing real-life cases and provide much needed help to patients struggling to navigate an underfunded healthcare system. This will give you invaluable experience in the medical field that will greatly benefit you in the future.


With stunning natural and cultural beauty there also exists darkness in Uganda. More than half of the population is living in abject poverty. Also, there are a great lack of schools and professional English teachers in rural and poorer areas. Due to this, most Ugandan children are deprived of English education. English language skill is required to get a job in Ugandan blooming tourism industry and in other filed.

This project aims to improve English language skills across rural school communities. English teaching volunteer Uganda will work alongside local teachers and deliver engaging and fun English language lessons to students. You’ll teach conversational English, organize extracurricular activities, and offer support to the rural school you are working at.

As an English teacher volunteer, you’ll open up a world of opportunity to the disadvantaged children and change the course of their futures. You’ll get great experience teaching in an international classroom and feel amazing knowing you are making such a profound difference in the lives of children in need.


Due to lack of education, governmental support and medical facilities, HIV/AIDS is widespread in Uganda. This debilitating disease needs to end and this project is working towards a way to prevent the spread of it. Through helping affected patients by distributing clothes and food, or educating communities on ways to prevent HIV/AIDS through workshops and seminars, volunteers can be part of the change that stops this disease.

This Uganda HIV volunteering program is indeed an ideal opportunity for sharing your love for people suffering from HIV and doing your part in stopping spread of the disease. Your invaluable support will relief the infected and help them get proper treatment. During the project, you will also be able to educate the people to stop the spread of the disease and advice the infected ways of caring for themselves & avoiding social stigma.


There are huge numbers of vulnerable children in Uganda, and many have no home except orphanages. However, orphanages in Uganda are underfunded and they are lacking resources to provide adequate care to these disadvantaged children. There is a great need of volunteers in Uganda like you who could make the difference to their future. Join this volunteer in Uganda orphanage program and give these kids a chance at a new life.

The goal of this orphanage program is to give orphaned children a brighter future and better care.  When you join this program, your skills are identified and used in the best way possible. This means you could be teaching young Ugandan children math, music or English skils as well as helping with things like cooking.

This Volunteer Uganda program is very impactful. Your valuable attention and care the children rarely have the chance to experience help them lead a harmonious life. It will make the children feel more like part of regular society, and help them develop useful skills for their future.


Just like you, many other passionate volunteers have sought out the assistance of RCDP in finding the best placement for them. Check out their reviews below to learn more about their experiences.

The Fees

RCDP Volunteer abroad Uganda Program fee

RCDP is proud to offer affordable volunteer in Uganda programs. Starting at $150 for one week and $250 for two weeks, the costs cover your living and eating expenses while involved with the project.

Why We Chose RCDP

This organization runs years of experience in Uganda offering orphanage programs throughout the year for as low as $299. The programs are designed to allow you a lot of free time to travel, learn new language and immerse in the culture.

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Volunteer in Uganda with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
No of Volunteers/Interns:
Location & Projects:
20 countries, over 200 programs
Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect:
Volunteers can expect to really build powerful relationships with local communities and to be transformed by the experience.

A company committed to making a difference around the globe, IFRE Volunteers was established in 2006 and now has over 200 projects in 18 different countries. Since they first began, IFRE has placed over 17,000 volunteers in the best and highly rated volunteer opportunities Uganda IFRE Volunteers offers programs in the childcare and healthcare fields where volunteers have a chance to make real, positive changes.

IFRE Volunteers makes an effort to offer low cost volunteering opportunities in Uganda so that young and passionate volunteers are able to achieve their dreams of going abroad and helping communities develop.

With years of experience in the volunteering field, IFRE Volunteers has proven themselves to be focused on community development and remain a not-for-profit organization, earning them an A+ reputation.

With IFRE Volunteers you can find yourself in the Kampala region of Uganda where you will make genuine connections with the local community through the project you are involved in. challenge personally and professionally while gaining new perspectives on the world. Not only this, but you will also be making huge changes in the developing communities who will gain endless benefits from your presence.

Keep reading below to learn more about the affordable opportunities in Uganda on offer from IFRE Volunteers.

IFRE Uganda Volunteer Opportunities


This African country attracts thousands of international tourists because of its fascinating natural and cultural splendors, including the country’s amazing wildlife. Unfortunately, Uganda struggles with poverty and a lack of quality education for its young people.
Being able to use English effectively really boosts the chance of a good job in Uganda, but in most cases only rich families can afford to pay for private tuition, leaving poor children locked out of the opportunities offered by the tourism industry.
This teaching volunteer project in Uganda aims to improve the English language standards in schools in rural villages in Kampala by engaging the students with native English speakers. Volunteers will be responsible for teaching fun lessons that get the students more confident speaking English. 

Your support will really help the children improve their English skills and give them a chance to win a better future. You will also gain a sense of attainment seeing your humanitarian effort help change the life of disadvantaged Ugandan Children.


Across Uganda, many children have been left orphaned for a number of reasons such as the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS virus and poverty.  This volunteering in Uganda orphanage program aims to give these helpless children a better life and more hope for the future. Volunteers connect and bond with these children by playing games, singing songs, and spending time with them.
Your time, compassion, energy, and love will make a significant difference in the life of disadvantaged children. You will provide the children with hope for the future and valuable life skills. This will help them in the future, allowing them to lead a confident adult life for themselves.

Health Care:

If you are interested in healthcare, this Uganda medical volunteer trip is an amazing opportunity for you. You will gain hands-on eye opening experience while giving back to the communities in need.

The overall aim of this project is to reduce the prevalence of preventable and endemic diseases in rural communities by increasing access to healthcare. Education is the best way to do this and a medical volunteer Uganda will have an important role in delivering workshops and seminars to raise awareness of health in the community.

This is a very meaningful project. You will have the opportunity to help bring basic healthcare to the Ugandans who unfortunately don’t have the financial means to seek treatment elsewhere. Besides, you will also gain hands-on medical experience in a developing country.


Most of the Ugandan people are still unaware about HIV/AIDS and the causes of its transmission. As a result, a huge number of Ugandan people are infected with this disease and the spread rate has been increasing day by day. You can join to make a difference!

This HIV volunteering program in Uganda focuses on educational campaigns to deal with the prevention of this debilitating disease as well as giving support to doctors and nurses who offer treatment. The role of volunteers is to create comfortable conditions for affected patients by giving them food and clothes, as well as educating the community on how to prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading further.

This is a perfect chance to share your love and affection for HIV infected people and stopping the spread of this fatal disease. Your selfless humanitarian work helps the infected get adjust in the society and proper treatment.


With a long term involvement in the highly rated volunteering abroad community, IFRE Volunteers has placed many people across the world. See what they have to say in their testimonials.

The Fees

IFRE Volunteers Uganda Program fee

For one week, Uganda volunteering programs prices start at $150 and for two weeks sit at $250. This covers your living and meal expenses for the duration of your placement. There may be some additional costs for your transport in the country.

Why We Chose IFRE

IFRE supports volunteers to learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life. We not only selected them for their program flexibility but they are also affordable and very patient with volunteers to ensure they have a satisfying volunteer experience in Uganda orphanage.

Global Crossroad (USA)

volunteer in Uganda with Global Crossroads

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: A number of amazing medical volunteering opportunities that would be truly beneficial for students of medicine.

A company that has been invested in and committed to global development since 2003, Global Crossroad is a reliable organization that can get you started volunteering in Uganda. With inexpensive volunteering opportunities, Global Crossroad ensures that all the money you pay goes directly back into supporting the project and community you will be part of it.

Volunteering abroad is an excellent way to gain new skills, both personally and professionally, and become immersed in a whole new culture. You will gain a new global perspective and have a better understanding of community on a whole new level.

With Global Crossroad you can volunteer in Uganda in the medical field with their health and medical volunteering projects. If you are studying or training in this field, already qualified, or have a keen interest in supporting the health of developing communities, this is an ideal project for you. Find out more about it below.

Global Crossroad Uganda Volunteer Opportunities

Medical Program

Located in the towns within the Wakitaka region of Uganda, Global Crossroad has an excellent health and medical volunteering project set up. You will be working in the health center which services the community on a range of levels.

There are elements to this community center such as blood tests, family planning, administering vaccinations, and supporting outpatients that you will be part of. Any skills and knowledge in these fields will be greatly appreciated to alleviate the pressures on local nurses and doctors.

Global Crossroad seeks volunteers to have certifications in the medical field to take part in this project. This includes medical students, paramedics, nurses, EMTs, or physicians. You will be involved in supporting the day to day running of the healthcare center and should be prepared to help out with anything.

Where you are placed will be dependent on what area of the healthcare center needs the most assistance that day. Much of this role involves supporting doctors during their Uganda volunteer work which is an invaluable learning opportunity for you.

Orphanage Program

Because of poverty and deprivation is widespread in Uganda, many children are homeless and live on the street. The only hope is to find an orphanage that can live in while getting educated and fed. However, most of them are underfunded and resource poor.

Uganda volunteer orphanage project aims to provide homes, education, love and hope to orphaned children who need extra care and love. As a volunteer, you will be required to take care of the children and teach them. You will provide much needed relief for the local existing staff to take care of the children and show great and much needed love.

Your dedication and love will make a meaningful difference in the life of these helpless children. The children will lead a confident adult life for themselves.

HIV/AIDS Projects (Kampala)

Many countries are reeling from the wrath of the life threatening disease of HIV/AIDS and Uganda is no exception. Every year, thousands of adults and children are infected and killed by the deadly disease. To end this situation, you can join and contribute to this HIV Volunteer Uganda program.

Volunteers in this HIV volunteer program will get involved in educational training and other activities. You will be providing support, treatment and psychological support to the HIV/AIDS victims. You will also spreading awareness regarding the disease along with its preventive measures. Volunteers will be contributing to the counseling and education programs in major hospitals and communities targeted at young men and women.

Teach English In Rural Schools (Kampala)

English is a universal language. Proficiency in this language can opens new opportunities for Ugandan students and their families. However, due to illiteracy and poverty, several Ugandan children are deprived of receiving quality English education. 

After joining this teaching English volunteering program in Uganda, you will focus on teaching the deprived children both written and spoken English. You may also help arrange and implement extracurricular activities like art, music, and sports, or help the school with administrative tasks.

Through this Uganda volunteer trip, you will help disadvantaged Ugandan children flourish personally and professionally. You will feel rewarded knowing that your contribution help the students find a job and pull their families out of poverty later in life.


With over 18,000 volunteers placed, many have had excellent experiences with Global Crossroads You can read some of their reviews and get a feel for how volunteers are treated with this organization.

The Fees

Global Crossroad Uganda Program fee

With your accommodation at a host family and traditional meals provided three times a day, this inexpensive volunteering opportunity Uganda is very worthwhile. The fee at $150 a week and you can volunteer for as long as suits your schedule.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

This organization caught our attention because they aim for high quality by providing excellent support throughout the volunteering period. Global Crossroad is also a best Uganda provider for offering reasonably affordable prices, with a huge percentage of the fees going back to the communities

ELI Abroad

volunteer in Uganda with eli Abroad

Location: USA
Established: 2001
Location & Projects: 29 countries over 100 projects
Recognition: 501(c)3 non-profit status granted by the US government,
Price: Highly Affordable
Experience to Expect: The company truly believes in experiential learning within a global context and as such, you can expect to learn a lot of new things in the most profound of ways.

ELI Abroad is non-profit that was founded in 2001. ELI has worked with thousands of participants from 44 countries, providing them an amazing array of 100+ programs in 29 countries worldwide. The organization partners with local communities from around the world that make a difference in their communities through meaningful experiences at reasonable prices.

ELI Abroad  Programs in Uganda

Volunteers in Uganda programs are welcome to assist with teaching, and are encouraged to lead other activities such as sports and arts in order to enrich the lives of the children. Volunteers working in this school will assist with the day-to-day care of the children, teach reading and arithmetic, and assist with improving the facilities.

Medical Program

Uganda is a diverse country, with many fascinating cultures with distinct tribal and ethnic histories sharing the land. It’s beautiful nature and wildlife is equally diverse, with breath-taking scenery and exotic animals abounding. Unfortunately, Uganda struggles to provide adequate access to healthcare to citizens living in outlying areas surrounding the major cities.

The hospitals and clinics located here are underfunded and undermanned, and you are desperately needed to cover this gap. Medical volunteer program in Uganda will offer various services, such as outpatient care, blood tests, community outreach, family planning, treatment of minor injuries and antenatal services. You will work closely with local doctors, giving you valuable hands-on experience in the medical field.

Women's Empowerment

Ugandan women live under poverty and racial discrimination due to illiteracy and lack of saleable skills. As a result, they depend on others to care for themselves and for their children as well. There are organizations that help to provide comfort and empower them, but it’s not good enough. Join and contribute to improve the destitute life of Ugandan women.  

While in Uganda volunteering work, you will be working with vulnerable women to empower and embolden them. Your role is to create educational awareness, and impart skills to fend for themselves. Your impactful contribution will make these women independent and a chance of a better future


ELI has an admirable collection of positive reviews from past volunteers that will definitely help inspire you to book your Uganda volunteer orphanage project. Volunteers love the openness to experience culture, the cost and uniqueness of the program. Read 93 great reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fees

Eli Abroad Uganda Program fee

ELI has always provided volunteers with some of the most affordable fees for volunteer Uganda program. Your program fees will completely cover your accommodations, breakfast and dinner, airport pick-up and transfer, and the constant support of a local team in Uganda. There is also a one-time registration fee of $200. Weekly program fees start as low as $490!

Why We Chose ELI Abroad

We liked this provider because whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree, it has endless options for you to choose from. The volunteer works in Uganda are available from the age of 18-82 years. They are also very affordable and safe with 24/7 support by local staff.

International Voluntee HQ(New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect a very affordable program doing meaningful work in fields ranging from construction to women’s education.

To make sure you get the best out of your volunteer experience abroad, you want to go with a company you can trust. Since 2007, International Volunteer HQ has established themselves as a reputable and renowned organization for providing low cost volunteer opportunities abroad. Servicing the Mutungo region of Uganda, International Volunteer HQ has placed over 42,000 volunteers across 30 countries around the world since beginning.

International Volunteer HQ seeks volunteers from all different backgrounds and professional areas. They offer a range of affordable Uganda volunteering work opportunities in fields ranging from construction to women’s education.

Taking part in a volunteer project with International Volunteer HQ will help you use your skills from work or education in a meaningful way abroad, while challenging yourself and developing new personal skills.

For more information on the inexpensive volunteer opportunities Uganda International Volunteer HQ has on offer, keep reading below and find your ideal placement.

IVHQ Uganda opportunities


Unfortunately, the children from underprivileged families in Uganda attend schools that aren't well funded. These schools lack well-trained teachers and the children find it difficult to improve their English skills.

This teaching English volunteer experience in Uganda connects with schools in Mutungo to improve the educational standards of English language. Volunteers share their native English skills by teaching through engaging lessons and games. 

When young Ugandan children learn good English they can enroll in a better higher education institution, get better paying jobs and more work opportunities, especially in tourism and hospitality industries.

Child Care:

Due to poverty, illiteracy, and epidemic diseases, thousands of Ugandan children are left as orphans. These orphans are leading a miserable life in orphanage as the orphanage also lack sufficient funds and resources. You can join and contribute to help improve this tragic situation.

As a childcare volunteer Uganda, you will support in orphanages, day care centers, and community centers, to give children a better life. Volunteers will play games, sing songs, read stories, and do arts and crafts with the children. Your valuable attention and care help the children lead a harmonious life and adjust in a society later.


Uganda is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and wildlife. Unfortunately, the country struggles to provide its people with sufficient healthcare facilities. The hospitals and clinics located here are underfunded and undermanned. As a result, poor and marginalized Ugandan people are dying from curable diseases. You are desperately needed to cover this gap.

This medical project seeks to increase health awareness and benefit the overall health standard of rural communities. Uganda volunteers will help out in hospitals and doctor's clinics by supporting the local workers and helping them to take care of the community. This project will give a hands-on and eye-opening medical experience.

HIV/AIDS Support:

Due to extreme poverty, lack of education and other social causes, thousands of Ugandans are infected with the HIV virus. Every year, a lot of Ugandan families lose their family members due to this fatal disease. You can join and contribute to stop the spread of this disease.

The important goal of this HIV volunteer project is to lessen the effect of HIV/AIDS on current and future generations. Volunteers help to treat and prevent this awful disease in the Mutungo region by supporting doctors and nurses as well as working on campaigns to educate the community about better health care.

Joining this volunteer Uganda project is a perfect way to share your love and passion for HIV infected people and stopping the spread of this fatal disease. Your valuable altruistic work supports the HIV victims adjust in the society and get appropriate treatment.

Women’s education:

Popular as a well-known travel and tourist destination, Uganda is still a country where women in particular are commonly discriminated against no matter their caste, religion or family status. This mainly happens because of age-old traditions and superstitions.

This women’s education volunteering project in Uganda is focused on creating better equality for women and giving them education to have a sustainable and self-supported income. By teaching women English skills among others, volunteers can help them to feel empowered in their social setting. Your invaluable support will make these women independent and a chance of a better future.


Since 2007 International Volunteer HQ has been helping volunteers find their place abroad to make a big difference in communities in need. Read more about past volunteers experiences.

The Fees

Starting at $550 for one week and $650 for two weeks, International Volunteer HQ has reasonable fees that are invested back in the community and the project. Affordable volunteering trips to Uganda in the construction field have an extra fee of $50 per week.

Why We Chose IVHQ

IVHQ has an admirable collection of positive reviews from past volunteers. Volunteer Uganda love the openness the organization offers to the program fees and the free online they are afforded to be able to take up volunteer opportunities in Uganda.

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Location & Projects: 38 countries over 100 projects
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: People who have no previous volunteering experience have found Love Volunteers to be extremely helpful.

If you want a company that genuinely cares about their local community that is developing to support you in Uganda volunteering trip, then New Zealand based organization Love Volunteers will certainly tick the right boxes. Since 2009, Love Volunteers has served 35 countries across the globe and helped passionate and enthusiastic volunteers to find the best program to suit their goals volunteering abroad.

Love Volunteers is committed to making sure volunteers are comfortable and safe abroad while making significant impacts in developing communities.

Love Volunteers believes that for volunteers to get the most out of their time abroad they should spend at least two weeks in a community, which is why program placements start at this time frame and can be extended.

Love Volunteers aims to provide inexpensive volunteering opportunities in Uganda so that volunteers like you can fulfil dreams of spending time abroad.
With Love Volunteers, you can get involved with projects in teaching, childcare and healthcare and help develop real changes in local communities in different parts of Uganda. Find out more about the projects on offer in Mukono, Kampala, or Lugazi and see what is most suitable for you.

Love Volunteers Uganda Volunteer Program


The good knowledge of English language plays a crucial part in the career growth of poor Ugandan children. However, due to extreme poverty and several other tragic circumstances, thousands of poor Ugandan children are being deprived of English education. The schools in Uganda are over-flooded and also lack fluent English language tutors. Join this project and help improve the English skills of destitute Ugandan children and help them achieve a bright and successful career.

The aim of this teaching Uganda volunteer project is to place volunteers in schools that have high levels of staff shortages and limited funding for resources. The role of volunteers is to plan and teach lessons in a variety of curriculum areas, such as English, math, and health education. Volunteers will also be teaching the local teachers new ways of managing their classroom and passing on valuable knowledge for them to improve the education system at a grass roots level.

This volunteer Uganda is indeed a great chance to help disadvantaged Ugandan children while gaining international teaching experience. Your love and attention to these poor Ugandan children will leave a lifelong mark.


Despite being one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, thousands of children are left as orphans in Uganda. These orphans have not been getting needed support from the government, and most of the local care centers are also lacking sufficient resources. You can join and contribute to provide much needed care and attention to these children.

This childcare project supports orphanages which also double as primary schools, secondary schools, and special needs school for children who do not have a chance to attend other schooling. Uganda orphanage volunteers are needed to tutor students, teach them English, as well as develop fun activities for outside school hours. 

Your admirable determination, compassion and care to these disadvantaged children will enhance their life skill, enabling them to lead prosperous and harmonious lives.

Health Care:

Uganda’s healthcare system has not been satisfactory, and there is still the lack of enough medical professionals and resources. Due to this, thousands of underprivileged Ugandan people are dying from simple curable diseases. You can join this medical program and make difference while gaining invaluable medical experience abroad.

This Uganda medical volunteering project has the intention of giving much needed support to the health and medical systems in Lugazi. Volunteers with a medical background will help patients in waiting rooms, file reports, and assist in other day-to-day running of the hospital. 


Love Volunteers has proudly placed many kind-hearted volunteers in affordable volunteer Uganda programs. Read past volunteers experiences.

The Fees

With low cost Uganda programs on offer, Love Volunteers is a not-for-profit organization that invests directly back in the community. For two week placements the cost is $360 and for three weeks you will pay $465.

Why We Chose Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers was selected not only because they offer unique programs but also because they are affordable offering life-changing opportunities in Uganda. Love Volunteers is renowned for best programs suited for first timers and young volunteers.

Frontier (USA)

volunteer in Uganda with Frontier

Location: UK
Established: 1989
No of Volunteers/Interns: volunteers of more than 30 nationalities take part in projects
Location & Projects: 70 countries over 400 programs
Recognition: Only gap year organization to offer BTEC qualifications, trained over 600 host-country university students, fisheries and forestry officers, community representatives and teachers, produced hundreds Biodiversity Research
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Low fees and very nice host families.

Established in 1989, Frontier has a long time reputation of serving developing communities around the world by sending volunteers to assist on different elements of grass-roots development. With low cost volunteer opportunities available in 50 countries, including Mukono and other regions of Uganda, Frontier is a trustworthy and reliable organization.

Frontier seeks volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who can help out in some of the best volunteer programs Uganda from teaching to missionary work. All of the programs, which are a minimum of two weeks, have a strong community focus and aim to boost the development of the area by teaching locals new and ongoing skillsets.

Whether you are studying in a certain field or looking to gain hands-on experience, volunteering in Uganda is the best way to challenge yourself personally and learn new abilities you didn’t even know you had. Find out more about the programs on offer from Frontier by reading below.

Frontier Uganda Programs

Community Development:

Uganda is a beautiful country often referred to as the "pearl of Africa". During your volunteer travel, you get to witness equatorial mountain forests, island dotted lakes, colorful vibrant cities and dramatic wildlife encounters. However, Uganda remains poor due to widespread HIV/AIDS, poverty and other tragic circumstances. 

Keeping the community spirit alive is the overall goal of this community development volunteer project in Uganda. Volunteers help organize events and establish better community spaces such as recreational parks and libraries, keeping the community strong and cohesive. Through your invaluable support, the disadvantaged communities in Uganda get direct benefit.

Missionary Work:

Despite its remarkable cultural and natural beauty, the Ugandan people have been facing challenges for a long period of time. In Uganda, over 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. There is a great lack of basic infrastructures like electricity, water, health care and education. You can join and make difference to this devastating situation.

When you join this missionary volunteer project, you will contribute to sustainable development in helping to tackle poverty. Besides, this volunteer Uganda program also gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes, wildlife and immerse in the fascinating local culture. 

It is indeed a wonderful opportunity for you to make a real meaningful difference in the life of disadvantaged Ugandan communities. Your dedication and love will help poor Ugandan communities lead a prosperous and harmonious life.


This construction volunteer experience has the goal of improving buildings in the community. Volunteers with manual labor skills will be highly sought after when it comes to repairing and building important community buildings such as schools, hospitals, and community centers.

Volunteering in the rural community of Uganda, helping in building educational infrastructure is very meaningful work. You will help deprived Ugandan children study in well maintained buildings and put smile on their faces. You will also gain a sense of achievement knowing your selfless humanitarian work help change the life of destitute Ugandan children.

Health Care:

Ugandan government cannot provide adequate healthcare facilities to its citizens. Also, there is a great lack of hospitals and medical professionals. This project aims to fill this gap and help disadvantaged Ugandan people get proper medical facilities.

The Uganda medical volunteers help out nurses and doctors in various ways. Volunteers will be placed in a clinic or hospital and perform daily tasks depending on the needs of the staff they are assisting. Volunteers will also participate in health education campaigns to improve the general well-being of the community.

This medical program in Uganda is very impactful. You will not only gain invaluable and eye-opening medical experience but also help poor Ugandan people get proper medical facilities. 


Most of the Ugandan schools are resource poor, and lack services of skilled and experienced teaching professionals. As a result the children attending these schools do not get adequate guidance to improve their English language skills. In the longer run they are unable to grab upon an opportunity that comes their way to lead a meaningful life. You can contribute to change the future of the disadvantaged Ugandan children through this Uganda teaching English volunteer program.

This project aims to make a real difference in students’ learning of the English language. Volunteers’ native English speaking background is the best way for students’ to learn and improve conversational English.

This teaching English program will have a vast impact on the deprived Ugandan children’s lives. The children will have the chance to get well-paying jobs available in Uganda’s tourism industry. Besides, the knowledge of the English language will open many more career paths to them. Help give back while gaining professional teaching experience!


With a long history in the volunteering abroad scene, Frontier has placed many Uganda volunteers. Read some of their positive reviews on the company below.

The Fees

Frontier starts their volunteer placements at two weeks with prices ranging from $1,095 to $1,145. For the construction project, a minimum of a four-week commitment is required with a cost of $1,895.

Why We Chose Frontier

Frontier has remained a leader by providing safe, high quality, exciting, and rewarding volunteer travel experiences in Uganda, which we love that about this provider! Comments such as “affordable and secure” “best abroad experience ever” and “worth every penny are seen all over Frontiers reviews online.

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

volunteer in Uganda with A braoder view volunteers

Location: USA
Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 32 countries, over 345 programs
Awards and Recognition: Registered 501 c(3) organization
Price: Affordable
Review: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect full cultural immersion activities in Uganda.

If you are ready to take the challenge of volunteering abroad and leaving positive changes behind you in a community in Uganda, then A Broader View can certainly help get you started with their low cost volunteering trips to Uganda. Since 2007, this United States organization has been placing volunteers in 24 countries.

A Broader View accepts volunteers from a range of backgrounds and seeks diversity in the people they place in communities across Uganda, including in the Bulenga and Mukono regions. Here volunteers can undertake placements in fields such as midwifery and education.

To help you choose the highly rated volunteer program that is best for you, more information on each project is listed below.

A Broader View Opportunities to volunteer in Uganda


Volunteers support is needed in two health centers in the Bulenga community in Uganda. Due to the lack of sufficient healthcare facilities, medical professionals and high number of patients, many patients are referred to other larger hospitals. These health centers depend on few health workers, making medical access difficult for the disadvantaged Ugandan communities.

The goal of this Uganda health volunteering project is create better health conditions for the community and increase basic access to medical care. Volunteers can get involved in the healthcare field by helping out nurses and doctors, supporting them and teaching them new skills in clinics and hospitals.

Community Development:

Due to rampant poverty, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and many other tragic circumstances, most of the Ugandan people are leading a miserable life. You can join this community development volunteer project and help deprived Ugandan communities uplift their living standard. After joining this volunteer Uganda project, you can contribute to the ongoing project like Craft making program, Energy saving program, Home visits program and Chicken program.

This community development program in Uganda is very impactful. You will share your passion and skills with disadvantaged Ugandan communities so that they can uplift their lifestyle. This will also provide you a real sense of achievement as you get to change the life of poor communities.


There is limited means and supplies in village schools of Bulenga. The children studying in these schools are not getting proper education. This education volunteer project is working to create a better level of learning in these underfunded schools. Volunteers are most needed in teaching English and giving student’s confidence with this language. 

When you join this volunteer teaching English opportunity in Uganda, you will teach English, math, music and other subjects. Your passion and love will help the disadvantaged Ugandan children develop their English skills, providing them better job opportunity in future.


Thousands of Ugandan children have been left as orphans, due to poverty, HIV/AIDS epidemic and other social causes. These children are living in orphanages and care centers. However, these orphanages and care centers are also underfunded and understaffed and struggle to manage the ever increasing number of orphans. Join this childcare program and provide much needed care and attention these children crave and deserve.

This Uganda orphanage volunteer program supports children who have been left orphaned due to extreme poverty or disease by supporting local centers. Volunteers are needed to support staff members with the day-to-day running of the center as well as engaging kids in learning English and playing games. 

The effort you put in these disadvantaged kids will help them grow up well and adjust in society. Your humanitarian work will last a lifetime and have an extensive impact on their communities and families.


If you are trained as a midwife or studying to be, you can get some invaluable experience via Midwifery volunteering opportunities in Uganda - by helping to deliver babies in a rural community in Uganda with this project. With your expertise and knowledge, volunteers can support local staff members to ensure the safe and hygienic delivery of newborns and ensure the mothers are looked after properly.


With over 10,000 volunteers placed around the world since 2007, many people have positive things to say about A Broader View. Check out some great reviews about past Uganda volunteers experiences.

The Fees

With food and accommodation covered and costs being invested back in the community, a one-week program fee is $820 and two weeks will cost $995.

Why We Chose A Broader Views

A Broader View Volunteers has extensive experience working with students, teachers and families providing tailor-made service trips for small groups.  We selected this organization because it provides quality opportunities for volunteers in Uganda at very reasonable prices.

African Impact

Location: South Africa
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 7 countries over 50 programs
Awards and Recognition: Innovation in Philanthropy
GoAbroad Foundation – 2019, Innovative New Intern Abroad Program
GoAbroad – 2019, Top Rated Volunteer Organization
GoAbroad – 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016, Outstanding Volunteer Project
Global Youth Travel Awards – 2017 & 2014
Price: Moderate
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect a responsible and meaningful volunteer experience in Uganda.  

To have a genuine volunteer Uganda experience with a company that understands the heart of the issues facing Africa’s development, locally established Zimbabwean company Africa Impact is seeking volunteers. Established in 2004, African Impact has earned itself an A+ reputation in the international volunteering community by serving over 12,000 volunteers across the globe.

In the Kigezi region of Uganda, African Impact has set up a number of affordable volunteering programs to enable grass-roots development. From healthcare to education and conservation to sports, African Impact is on the lookout for passionate volunteers like you to make a real difference.

Projects start from a minimum of two weeks so you can really immerse yourself in the community while volunteering.

African Impact Opportunities In Uganda

Health Care:

Are you a medical student looking to broaden your horizons and upgrade your CV and professional experience? Then this medical program in Uganda is for you. Here is a health care volunteering project in Uganda aiming to decrease the prevalence of diseases in the communities and to also increase basic access to healthcare for people in Uganda living in rural communities. Volunteers are needed to teach the community through engaging workshops and seminars that highlight the importance of proper healthcare. 


Are you passionate about wildlife, and are you an animal-lover at heart? Here is your chance to shine and make a difference. This conservation project works in different elements of the environment to improve the conservation standards of Uganda. Volunteers help out in wildlife sanctuaries and agricultural farms, making a mark on the environment in a positive way.


Are you passionate about leading children forward into the future? Are you someone who always wanted to give teaching a go? Aiming to close the education gap and lift standards of English literacy in rural communities, this education program is one of the best Uganda volunteer programs that works closely with under-funded schools. Volunteers will have duties such as creating engaging and fun lessons while boosting students’ confidence to practice their conversational English.


Have you always had a passion for physical education and wanted to share it? Here’s your chance to do so in the wonderful country of Uganda. This Uganda sports volunteering work aims to improve physical health through sports, a very important and lifelong lesson. Through sports coaching, you will be teaching Ugandan kids and teenagers a new range of skill sets as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem along the way.


With a great reputation in the international volunteering community, it isn’t hard to believe that African Impact has been a positive experience for many volunteers. Check out some of their reviews .

The Fees

Volunteer in Uganda placements with African Impact start at two weeks and cost $1,550. This is a not-for-profit organization and funds go directly back into the community and the ongoing support of the project. 

Why We Chose African Impact

African Impact has continued to receive incredible reviews from past volunteers who are happy about the affordable and reputable programs the organization offers.  If you are looking for high quality with a unique and flexible volunteer Uganda program then this is for you.

SAVE Volunteering

volunteer in Uganda with Save Volunteering

Location: South Africa
Established: 2006
Location & Projects: 7 countries over 10 programs
Impact-Built and started six pre-schools for 250 children a year, Started a computer school with computers donated from volunteers, Taught computer literacy to 600 children, Taught 200 children to swim and 60 children to surf
Price: Unknown
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: Seeing the happy faces of a lot of truly happy children happy to learn from you.

Save Volunteering is an organization that was set up in Cape Town, South Africa in 2006 with the sole purpose of providing community support and assistance in 7 countries in Africa. The company was started by Carla Ferreira who saw a much needed boost and support from local communities, pre-schools and schools that suffered from a lack of funding and resources, thus pushed for the need of volunteers.

The company helps many communities across Africa through educational programs, youth development initiatives, sports and skills development that enables the youth to learn and end the vicious circle of poverty they often grow up in. Truly working on the ground, SAVE Volunteering has implemented amazing results, from helping feed 450 children 2 meals every day to assisting teachers within 9 pre-schools for 950 children.

Community Program in Uganda

This community program in Uganda is a great project for someone who is passionate about teaching and / or has a physiotherapy background. In this Uganda volunteering work, you get to travel to the Jinja District to teach at a number of pre-schools, schools, education centers, and even volunteer some time at a local clinic to assist with physiotherapy for children or keep the children entertained with fun activities while they wait for their appointments. Other ways to help include construction and helping out with infrastructure, and that definitely includes painting schools to make them more child-friendly.


SAVE Volunteering is a truly great company to get involved in if you want to create an impact at a truly local level, in Uganda or other African countries. The organization has had an overwhelming number of positive reviews, such as a 95% perfect satisfaction rate on Go Overseas and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Volunteer World. If you have the time, we recommend you read some of the reviews at either Go Overseas or Volunteer world.

The Fee

Although no specific mention is made of the exact price of the volunteer opportunity in Uganda, what it does cover is food and accommodation. What it doesn’t cover and what you will have to pay for yourself is flights, personal travel insurance, travel visa, personal vaccinations and personal spending money. Furthermore, transfers to the projects are not included, with prices for transfer returns being no higher than US$13 and usually around $1 per trip.

Why We Choose Save Volunteering

We chose SAVE Volunteering because of its extremely grassroots approach to helping communities become better. Volunteers can witness firsthand how the lives of many children are transformed because of SAVE Volunteering’s projects.

Original Volunteers (UK)

volunteer in Uganda with Original Volunteers

Location: UK
Established: 2006
Location & Projects: 21 countries over 100 programs
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: B
Experience to Expect: Expect one of the cheapest programs available that does not compromise on its quality, as you truly will get to interact with, and enhance the lives, of locals.

Paving a positive way forward for developing communities since 2006, Original Volunteers has developed a solid reputation in the world of cheap volunteer opportunities by establishing programs across 21 countries, including the Ntungamo region of Uganda.

From sports coaching to educational teaching or construction work in the community, Original Volunteers have volunteering opportunities that are suitable for people from all walks of life.

The volunteering opportunities in Uganda start from one week in length and can be extended as you desire. There are no specific start or finish dates so you can make the program work around your flight bookings and schedule. Whichever project you choose, you will be stepping into a fantastic opportunity to become immersed in the local culture and really get to know the community.

An affordable volunteer Uganda program through Original Volunteers will really boost your professional experience in your field, or give you a chance to explore new options and interests abroad, while making a genuine difference.

Original Volunteers has a strong focus on grassroots development so you can be part of a fulfilling project, knowing that the skills and knowledge you pass on will remain in the community and continue to develop. Read below to find out more about the projects on offer from Original Volunteers.

Original Volunteers Uganda Volunteer Opportunities


Despite being one of the best travel destinations in Africa, Uganda has been hit hard by poverty, illiteracy and many other difficulties. As a result, several Ugandan children are left as orphans. The government and other non-governmental agencies are trying their best to provide care to these children. However, due to the lack of sufficient resources, the situation has not been changed. You can join this orphanage volunteer program in Uganda  and make a real meaningful difference in the life of destitute Ugandan children.

This highly rated child care and program is focused on working with children in different settings, such as orphanages or day care centers in the Ntungamo region. You will be helping with the day-to-day running of the center while engaging kids in fun activities and teaching them English along the way.

This child care volunteering program is very meaningful. Your invaluable support will help the disadvantaged Ugandan children live a happy and harmonious life. You will gain a real sense of achievement seeing the smiles on the children’s faces because of your selfless care and affection.

The Fees

Original Volunteers abroad Uganda Program fee

For a one-week Uganda volunteer experience, the fees start at $195 for your accommodation and $390 for two weeks. Additional costs are associated with meals and transports, but these are not excessive. The accommodation fees go directly to supporting the host family you will stay with.

Why We Chose Original Volunteers

Past volunteers are happy with their experiences in Uganda, more than 400 great reviews online have rated this provider at 9.1/10 on Go Overseas website. Most reviews reflected the high quality of the program, affordability and the 100 % support from the organization to experience culture while volunteering in Uganda

Other Honorable Mentions are:


When United Kingdom organization Madventure first entered the international volunteering abroad scene in 1998, they had a strong vision to make a genuine difference in communities. They have successfully done this by placing enthusiastic and compassionate volunteers in the most affordable volunteer opportunity Uganda for them. If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda and getting involved with a community, Madventure has a program that may interest you.

Beacon of Hope Uganda

Established in 2006, Beacon of Hope is a company with a local approach and commitment to regions all across Uganda. With a range of projects in a variety of fields, Beacon of Hope has developed a strong relationship with its international volunteers and proudly offers low cost volunteering opportunities Uganda in this incredible country.

With Beacon of Hope, volunteers from all different backgrounds and professions can get involved in some of the best volunteer programs in Uganda ranging from community outreach to wildlife conservation and just about everything in between. Programs dates are flexible to suit your schedule and start from just one week.

Naturally Africa Volunteers 

Naturally Africa Volunteers was established in 2004 in the United Kingdom. The organization has been offering affordable volunteering opportunities in Uganda for over 12 years. Fees for a program in Uganda start as low as $180 for a week stay at the program. Read reviews:

Go Overseas
Go Abroad

The Real Uganda

Founded in 2005, The Real Uganda is an initiative that provides skills and funding to tiny, locally led community-based organizations offering volunteer Uganda programs. In just over a decade, it grew into a network of international volunteers and Ugandan leaders transforming rural communities. The rating remains quite high since it does not have many reviews online but it is also very affordable. Read reviews:

Go Abroad
Go Overseas

Volunteering Solutions

From 2007, Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been working to provide support to the underprivileged societies of the world in order to make a difference even for Uganda volunteer work. Over the last 11 years, VolSol has placed more than 14500 volunteers across 20+ countries in different parts of the world that have highly reviewed VolSol standing at 9.5/10 on Go Abroad and 9.5/10 on Go Overseas. Read reviews:

Go overseas
Go Abroad

Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide is a respected gap year and responsible travel organization. Since 2006, we have been sending volunteers and workers overseas to 24 destinations including volunteering in Uganda program. We loved how flexible and supportive this organization is. Oyster can help you plan the entire details even book flights for you! The programs also start from just one week to up to a full year, whatever you are looking for you will find with Oyster! Read reviews:

Go Overseas
Go Abroad

Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad

Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad offers a wide range of safe, meaningful, and affordable volunteer projects in Uganda and other many countries. A Brazilian non-profit IKPVA, was founded in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro. They offer a wide variety of volunteer programs that are cost efficient, safe with meaningful unique experiences. Read reviews:

Go Overseas
Go Abroad

This article has clearly summarized the top companies worth considering if you’re looking for volunteering opportunities in Uganda. We hope you have found this article useful!

If you have already been to Uganda with one of these volunteering providers, do get in touch and tell us all about it!

If Uganda is not in your list for now, you might be looking for best and affordable volunteer programs in Sri Lanka.IndiaArgentina, CambodiaTanzaniaGhanaKenyaSouth AfricaCosta RicaBrazilPeruEcuador,  GuatemalaMexicoBali , Nepal and Thailand.

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