The 10 Best Cheap Kenya Volunteer Providers 2023

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Are you thinking of visiting Kenya to help those in need living there? Are you open to reading about the most highly rated and affordable volunteer programs in Kenya, provided by safe and trusted organizations?

Volunteering is an important statement about yourself. It shows you are committed to making the world a better place and at the same time it also says a lot about your character. Visiting and volunteering in this majestic country in East Africa is indeed a once-in-a-life time experience, and one of the most rewarding.

However, choosing the best yet affordable organization is quite a complex bit of research. You do need to invest a lot of time and effort in selecting the best organization. At TravellersQuest, we spent hundreds of hours researching the best, cheapest and most highly-rated providers and their programs in Kenya – we did it to help you!

Keep reading to discover the 10 best, highest rated and most affordable Kenya Volunteer Providers in the world.

Company Name Sample Price USD
(Reg. + 2 weeks Teaching)
RCDP International $320 Go overseas: 47 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $619 Go Overseas: ‎74 Reviews
Global Crossroad $619 Go overseas: 88 Reviews
Love Volunteers $658 Go overseas: 139 Reviews
Go Abroad: 273 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $859 Go overseas: ‎1,724 Reviews
Go Abroad: 1,282 Reviews
Agape Volunteers (UK)¬ $958 Go Overseas: 20 Reviews
Review Centre: ‎30 Reviews
GoEco $2590 Go Overseas: 85 Reviews
Go Abroad: 5662 Reviews
African Impact
$1,695 Go Abroad: 2750 Reviews
Go Overseas: ‎180 Reviews
A Broader View Volunteers
$995 Go Abroad: 6 Reviews
Go Overseas: ‎178 Reviews
Working Abroad
$1213 Go Abroad: 294 Reviews
Go Overseas: ‎635 Reviews

Table updated: Sept 27, 2022

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

volunteer in Kenya with RCDP Volunteer

Location: USA
Established: 1998
No of Volunteers: 18,000
Countries & Projects: 19 countries and over 200 programs
Credentials: Partnership with AIDCamp, UK, Partnership with YETI, USA
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: A very good deal and people would use RCDP again

RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a non-profit organization founded in the United States in 1998. Since its inception, RCDP has placed around 12,000 volunteers in enriching community-based volunteer programs in Kenya and several other countries. The RCDP’s volunteer programs are the cheapest yet highly enriching for both, volunteers and the communities in need.

RCDP’s Top Meaningful Kenya Programs

RCDP International works with several local organizations in Kenya to offer highly enriching programs in Kenya. Their programs are based in Nairobi and Maasai.

Orphanage work in Kenya (Nairobi)

Contributing to a Kenyan orphanage volunteering program is indeed a great way to help improve the lives of several destitute Kenyan children. When you join, you will mostly help children learn English, Math and other subjects.

At times, you will organize various fun and enriching activities like dance, sports. You’ll also help in cooking, feeding, cleaning and other basic administrative tasks.

Teaching English in Kenya (Nairobi)

Many disadvantaged students in Nairobi desperately want to learn English. However, there is a great lack of qualified English teachers in community schools. Aiming to eradicate this situation, RCDP volunteers calls for English teacher volunteers.

After joining this program, you will teach English in understaffed community schools. You will teach English, organize other extracurricular activities by following the official teaching curriculum.

Healthcare program in Kenya (Nairobi)

RCDP’s medical volunteer program in Kenya is indeed the best program for medical students and professionals. You will gain hands-on medical experience in a different country while also giving back to the needy communities.

During this program, you will work at local hospitals in Nairobi. Your general duties include shadowing local doctors in treatment of major and minor injuries. Some of your tasks include taking blood pressure, distributing medicines, organizing health campaigns etc.

HIV/AIDS Program in Kenya

HIV/AIDS is a huge concern in Kenya and there are many who still don’t know enough about how to prevent it. Volunteers joining HIV/AIDS programs in Kenya help raise awareness on how to both avoid and treat this disease.

They may also support counseling groups, give first aid treatments and advise them with the help of the local medical professionals.


There are hundreds of positive online reviews for RCDP on the internet, added by volunteers from all across the globe. As an established volunteer in Kenya provider, they are well known and well respected for offering safe, trusted, affordable and flexible programs. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fee

RCDP is the best and most inexpensive Kenya volunteer provider across the world. RCDP offers extremely affordable programs, which are divided into two parts.

The fees exclude airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fees, airport taxes, airport drops, any personal expenses on travel and food, gifts to project staffs and host family, mineral water and soft drinks, laundry, immunization expenses and telephone charges.

Why We Chose RCDP

RCDP is a top pick in volunteering in Kenya providers list because they are the most affordable provider, and the programs are set out to fit young and learning first-timer volunteers. With several enriching programs, RCDP allows you to experience communities and culture without compromising quality of the programs.

IFRE Volunteers (USA)

Volunteer in Kenya with IFRE Volunteers

Location: USA
No of Volunteers/Interns:
Location & Projects:
20 countries, over 200 programs
Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect:
Volunteers feel safe and supported by IFRE’s programs and staff, and the host family

IFRE Volunteers is a leading non-profit international volunteer organizations based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2005, the organization has been offering inexpensive yet life-changing opportunities to volunteer in Kenya. With over 2 decades of experience in the field, over 18,000 happy and satisfied volunteer have participated in their programs across the world.

IFRE’s Top Programs In Kenya

For as little as $200 per week (plus a small registration fee), you can have an unforgettable experience in Kenya with IFRE Volunteers.

Orphanage Program (Nairobi)

IFRE’s orphanage volunteer program in Kenya is the best program if you love to change the life of disadvantaged children. When you join, you will tutor children as well as help them with daily activities such as eating and getting dressed every day.

You will also have the chance to organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative educational activities. Volunteers will also help kids do their homework, monitor academic progress and help in cooking, serving and feeding the children.

Teaching English in Rural Schools (Nairobi, Maasai Land)

This teaching English program is a great opportunity for you to help improve the English skills of underprivileged Kenyan children. In this volunteer in Kenya program, you will work together with a local teacher, for three to five hours per day, Monday-Friday. The weekend is free to explore the beauty of Kenya.

Medical/Health Project (Nairobi)

Are you a passionate medical student looking to increase your experience and understanding of the world? IFRE’s medical program in Kenya is indeed the best choice for you. This program allows you to shadow local medical professionals in minor treatments.

As a medical volunteer, you will help distribute medicines, provide health, sanitation and nutrition tips to patients, and participate in various health campaigns.


IFRE offers some of the best and highly rated opportunities to volunteer in Kenya. Their past volunteers have spoken great regarding on their support, enriching programs, affordable fees, quality cultural immersion opportunities and so on. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fee

IFRE provides the best and affordable program in Kenya. IFRE fees comprise of two separate components: application fee of $299 USD and weekly program fee $200 for a week paid directly to your project. Fees are paid directly to project and host families.

Why We Chose IFRE

We have kept IFRE in the 10 best list because they offer impactful volunteering programs at an affordable price and past volunteers’ reviews prove this. Also, costs are very affordable and IFRE reinvests money back to the community with no profit out of volunteering activities.

Global Crossroad (USA)

volunteer in Kenya with Global Crossroads

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 Countries, Over 200 Programs
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: In most of the reviews, volunteers seem very happy with the program, price, and over all experience.

Global Crossroad is one of the most trusted overseas volunteer organizations registered in the US. The company offers several impactful programs 19 countries across the globe. Since its inception in 2003, more than 18,000 volunteers have participated in their meaningful programs.

Global Crossroad’s volunteering opportunities in Kenya involves more than simply placing a volunteer in a grassroots project. They offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of clients like travel and adventure, individualized placements, cross-cultural learning experiences, free-time exploration, in-country travel arrangements, and more.

Global Crossroad’s Top Programs in Kenya

Work in Orphanage (Nairobi)

This is an opportunity for the person who is passionate about working with disadvantaged children. Volunteers in orphanage program stay with the orphans and act like a family member.

Kenya Orphanage Volunteers teach conversational English, engage the children with educational activities and games and also help with many health or sanitation needs. This experience greatly helps many Kenyan children who came from dark pasts.

Teach English (Nairobi, Maasai land)

This teaching program in Kenya calls you if you are passionate about teaching in a real-world situation. As a Kenya teaching English volunteer, you will teach disadvantaged children in an informal or understaffed community schools.

Your invaluable support will definitely help change the life of these kids and opens several doors of opportunities for them in the future.

Medical Volunteer Project (Nairobi, Maasai land)

Global Crossroad’s volunteer in Kenya projects are located in Nairobi and Maasai Land in Kenya. This project is open to medical students or practitioners who wish to gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

As a Medical volunteer, you will be shadowing local doctors and medical professionals. Your major duties while in the project involves dressing wounds, counseling patients, dispensing medicines and providing moral support and assurance to patients' families.


Global Crossroad is a highly reputable volunteer organization. There are many positive online reviews on the internet. In most of the reviews, volunteers seem very happy with the Kenya volunteer programs, price, and overall experience. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fee

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality and inexpensive opportunities to volunteer. Global Crossroad's application/registration fee is US $299. The application fee covers program promotion, cost of advertising and office expenses. The program fee starts at $200, which is directly paid to the host families and the projects.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad’s affordable prices, professionalism and experience they have in the industry is the reason we have kept this organization the 10 best list.

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Location & Projects: 38 countries over 100 projects
Price: Highly Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: People who have no previous volunteering experience have found Love Volunteers to be extremely helpful.

Established in 2009 in New Zealand, Love Volunteers offers unique and cost-effective volunteer travel programs in 36 countries across the world. The organization is established by two former volunteers, aiming to offer the enriching programs at the most affordable prices.

Love Volunteers Top Programs in Kenya

Childcare Volunteering

Childcare volunteering is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves taking care of children. In this orphanage volunteer program in Kenya, you work with underprivileged children in community-care centers in either Mombasa or Diani Beach.

In Mombasa the local team work closely with two schools. One center is home to 25 children from aged 2-14 years and the other center hosts 38 orphans. You will assist with teaching English and other subjects, organize dance classes, sport activities and so on.

Healthcare Volunteering

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who is a healthcare student wanting to make a valuable difference. Volunteers in Kenya medical program play an essential role in providing access to basic healthcare facilities in disadvantaged communities.

Your major tasks include delivering essential services relating to the huge challenges faced by drug users and the community in Diani Beach.

Volunteer Teaching

Love Volunteer’s volunteer teaching program in Kenya is apt for you if love teaching and playing with young kids. The program aims to help improve the English skills of Kenyan children who don’t get enough access to English education.

When you join this volunteer teaching program in Kenya, you can choose to work in a regular community school, a special needs residential school or a language school. Schools are greatly under resourced, so this volunteer support makes a huge difference to students. The Special Needs School Love Volunteers works with is extremely large with over 480 residential students. The school greatly needs help to teach and care for these vulnerable children.

HIV Volunteering

Are you passionate about raising awareness about AIDs, and helping people living with HIV? As a volunteer in Kenya, you will play an essential role in supporting this program deliver essential services relating to the massive HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kenya.

The mission of this program is to educate children and adults on HIV/AIDS to reduce the infection rate, and to support those affected by the disease. Health workers in Kenya are under great pressure, given the unprecedented surge in the number of HIV/AIDS patients you are greatly needed to bridge the gap.


With over 500 great reviews online, Love Volunteers offers amazing cultural exposure and exchange at the Kenya volunteering programs. Previous volunteers have also given this organization positive feedback with 9.1 on Go Overseas and 9.7 on Go Abroad. Read all reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

The Fee

This organization maintains affordable prices . You’ll pay $299 for registration, while a minimum of two-week stay at the programs will be $449. The program fees cover for the housing and food by the host family, local support and security, including airport pickup and transfer.

International Voluntee HQ(New Zealand)

Location: New Zealand
Established: 2007
No of Volunteers: 112,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries over 200 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Certified B Corporation, Member of the Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: People who have no previous volunteering experience have found Love Volunteers to be extremely helpful.

IVHQ is one of the world's most affordable volunteer abroad organizations a wide range of volunteer programs. Trusted by thousands of international volunteers every year, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) provides safe, responsible and affordable volunteer abroad programs that are obtainable in 30 countries around the world.

With volunteer program fees starting from USD$180, IVHQ is definitely an affordable, trustworthy and high-quality international volunteer travel company.

IVHQ’s Top Programs in Kenya

IVHQ is a unique, safe and meaningful volunteer organization in Kenya. IVHQ programs in Kenya include childcare, special needs care, community development, sports education, teaching and arts and music. IVHQ has a variety of programs ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks to fit the busiest schedule.

Childcare, Mombasa

Are you someone who is deeply passionate about caring for children? This Kenya childcare volunteer program will assist in day care centers, community centers, orphanages, feeding programs and afterschool programs to help better the lives of many young children.

Volunteers will give personalized attention, mentoring and provide educational support to the kids, assisting with daily operations and playing games.

Arts and Music, Kenya

Do you believe in the power of art and music to change and enliven lives? If so, this arts and music program in Kenya is for you. Volunteers will teach their skills to local communities, while submerging themselves in a new artistic environment with diverse cultural influences.

Teaching, Maasai, Mombasa

IVHQ’s volunteer teaching opportunity in Kenya is located in Maasai and Mombasa. When you join, you will teach English and other subjects to disadvantaged students. You will also provide support to local teachers and team up with international volunteers organizing various sport, dance and other extracurricular activities.

Special Needs Care, Kenya

Are you someone looking to learn about and help children living with special? This special needs care program in Kenya is indeed a great option for you. Medical professionals are also invited to join for physiotherapy volunteering opportunities.

In this program, you will help with daily care, feeding, physical therapy, education, vocational skills-development, recreation and stimulation.


IVHQ enjoys thousands of excellent reviews from their past volunteers. You can read their reviews on on Go abroad, Go Overseas and volunteer forever.

The Fee

IVHQ offers affordable volunteer trips in Kenya. The registration fee is $279 and there is weekly program fee. The Program Fee includes orientation, airport pick-up, program supervision, meals, and accommodation and it does not include flights, visa and personal expenses.

Why We Chose IVHQ

The company is kept in the 10 best list because it offers FREE online courses for volunteers before they engage in volunteer in Kenya programs. With the best programs, IVHQ inspires prospective volunteers who want to make a meaningful difference to both their own life and the communities they work.

Agape Volunteers (UK)

volunteer in Kenya with agape volunters

Location: UK
Established: 2011
Location & Projects:4 countries, over 13 Programs
Awards and Recognition: registered with the UK Charity Commission
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A
Experience to Expect: Volunteering experiences are all-round positive as volunteers know more than 90 percent of the program fee is reinvested back to communities.

Agape Volunteers, a UK based non-profit organization, provides charitable support to communities through the use of volunteers internationally. The company was founded in 2011 and is now running some of the best volunteering trip to Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Agape’s Top Programs in Kenya


Are you passionate about physical education and looking to share that passion? Whether its football or other sports, there are many Kenyans who would benefit greatly from your knowledge.

As a sports volunteer in Kenya, you will be working with groups of incredibly enthusiastic Kenyan children and a local football club. You may introduce your own ideas and games and also bring kits for new sports. Volunteers will do classroom-based teaching during the day and sports in evening time.


Are you passionate about education and helping future generations have a brighter future? By joining this Kenya teaching volunteering opportunity, you will teach a primary curriculum of English, Math, Science, Religion and Social Studies.

Volunteers may work alongside a local teacher to get used to the new system before handling a class. Volunteers may develop their own style of teaching.


Are you a medical student looking to gain some valuable experience and learning about medical care in Kenya? Kenya Volunteers will be working in a clinic or hospital supported by Agape; they will be helping to lessen the burden on the resources of the medical services.

This volunteering opportunity is for a medical students or practitioners. Volunteers’ general responsibilities include taking rounds, dressing wounds, prescribing, and distributing basic medicines and assisting births.


Are you passionate about the fight against AIDS? Are you committed to raising awareness of the disease and helping people who suffer with it?

Kenya HIV Volunteers are expected to work in clinics as well as in the community with support groups. Volunteers will be counseling sufferers, carrying out HIV tests, educating young people in the community as well as carrying out home visits.


Agape has a solid reputation for providing safe, reliable, and affordable volunteer programs in Kenya. Hundreds of raving reviews from past volunteers shows it all. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

The Fee

Agape is one of the least expensive volunteer programs providers in Kenya. There are no registration fees and there are no differing costs between programs, no hidden charges, it is just one clear price. The fee is the price that will be paid for the total stay with Agape volunteers.

Why We Chose Agape Volunteers

We selected Agape as best provider for Volunteer in Kenya programs based on their reviews online that show many satisfied past volunteers. Besides, we love how the 90 percent of the program fee they reinvest back to communities.

Go Eco

volunteer in Kenya with goeco

Established: 2006
No of Volunteers: 17,000
Location & Projects: 42 countries, Over 160 Programs
Awards and Recognition: Top Eco-Enthusiast in 2017 by Greenmatch, 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Organization from GoAbroad, endorsed by the United Nations
Price: Affordable
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect to work hard but also feel very rewarded.

Established in 200, GoEco’s focus is on providing affordable volunteering opportunities abroad which don’t hurt the environment and furthermore positively impact it. In Kenya, this means all animal or other projects are focused on helping sustain a natural environment rather than create cosmetic but meaningless changes.

GO Eco Kenya Volunteer Opportunities

Sustainable Village Agriculture

Sustainable Village Agriculture volunteer opportunity in Kenya is a great opportunity to immerse oneself in local Kenyan culture while working closely with farmers who are currently developing new methods of farming without soil.

You’ll be the extra pair of hands they need to continue in their farming efforts. You’ll be sure to learn about agriculture and hydroponic farming, harvest fruit and vegetables, care for livestock, support the community by helping its farmers with day-to-day activities and more.

Teaching, Maasai Mara and Beach Road Trip

This teaching, Maasai Mara and beach road trip is great for someone who wants to combine some rewarding teaching with some exciting adventure. In this volunteer in Kenya program, you’ll be road tripping to volunteer with children before heading to the Maasai Mara National Reserve to see some spectacular wildlife. Then you’ll head on to enjoy a relaxing weekend at Diani Beach.

Maasai Mara Lion and Wildlife Conservation

Have you always dreamed of meeting real wild cats? Maasai Mara Lion and Wildlife Conservation Kenya volunteer trip is a terrific opportunity for someone who is passionate about wildlife conservation.

Not only will you get to learn with the local Maasai culture as you volunteer with locals, but you’ll also get to witness amazing spectacles such as the wildebeest migration, deemed to be one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife experiences of the world.


This was a fabulous opportunity - from the beginning to the end. Yes you will work hard - but this will be well worth the effort. -Suzette Holm

Read more reviews on go abroad and Go Overseas.

The Fee

GoEco offers very inexpensive volunteering work opportunities in Kenya. The fees cover housing, food, and training. The fee is $1,200 for two weeks and $1,700 for four weeks

Why We Chose Go Eco

Go Eco is an efficient organization with amazing reviews online. It is highly praised by past volunteers for its transparency, impactful projects, and affordable cost. We were also highly attracted by their environmentally friendly programs.

African Impact

Location: South Africa
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 7 countries over 50 programs
Awards and Recognition: Innovation in Philanthropy
GoAbroad Foundation – 2019, Innovative New Intern Abroad Program
GoAbroad – 2019, Top Rated Volunteer Organization
GoAbroad – 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016, Outstanding Volunteer Project
Global Youth Travel Awards – 2017 & 2014
Price: Moderate
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect a responsible and meaningful volunteer experience in Kenya.  

African Impact is an award winning organization running affordable Kenya volunteering experience. The company was founded in 2004 and has grown into a leader amongst the volunteer organizations. Since inception, the company has served 12,000 volunteers.

African Impact’s Top Program in Kenya

Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation, Masaai Mara

Do you want to see big cats, and do some meaningful conservation work? You will assist in conservation efforts and conduct significant research. As a wildlife volunteer in Kenya, you will mainly go out on research drives to document big cat sightings, do game counts, locate big cats for the reserve’s tourists and assist with teaching and other development work in the local community.

In addition, you will also go out on research game drives two times a week to collect data for conservancy management. Participating in a wildlife photography internship is another major role of volunteers.

Hospital and Clinic Medical Support

Are you a medical student or a professional looking to gain hands-on medical experience? Hospital and clinic medical support volunteer program in Kenya is an amazing opportunity to support Kenya’s healthcare system in Limuru. It is a tea town in Kenya that has inadequate infrastructure, limited resources and overcrowding.


African Impact is a multi-award-winning volunteer organization in Kenya. The organization manages and runs responsible and meaningful volunteer experiences throughout Africa. Many positive online reviews support this statement. You will feel at home immediately with African Impact. The other volunteers and staff are extraordinarily welcoming. Read reviews on volunteer forever, Go abroad and Go Overseas.

The Fee

African Impact offers a bit expensive program. The price starts as low as $1422 for two weeks. The fee covers room, food, and field support. The fee excludes airfare, pocket money.

Why We Chose African Impact

As an award-winning organization, we were highly attracted to their specific and high value Kenya wildlife volunteer programs that have the community participation as the main objective. They also are highly reviewed, with previous volunteers citing local support and full cultural immersion opportunities in Kenya

Do you want to volunteer in other African countries? Discover the best and most affordable volunteer organizations in South Africa, volunteer organizations in Tanzania, volunteer organizations in Uganda and volunteer organizations in Ghana.

A Broader View Volunteers (USA)

volunteer in Kenya with A braoder view volunteers

Location: USA
Established: 2007
Location & Projects: 32 countries, over 345 programs
Awards and Recognition: Registered 501 c(3) organization
Price: Affordable
Review: A+
Experience to Expect: Expect full cultural immersion activities in Kenya.

A Broader view (ABV) is a registered non-profit charity founded in 2007 and based in Pennsylvania. The organization offers more than 345 programs in 32 countries across the world. ABV is one of the best organizations offering the most affordable volunteer in Kenya providers, price starting at $995 for a two-weeks stay.

A Broader View’s Top Programs in Kenya

Teaching Education

Are you passionate about teaching disadvantaged young children? This teaching education program gives volunteers the opportunity to teach in public schools in Nairobi slums. As a volunteer in Kenya, you will focus on promoting quality education and reducing illiteracy.

The school has only limited facilities with shared desks and limited resources. Volunteers need to be resourceful, hard-working, pro-active and enthusiastic.

Orphanage / Child Care

Are you a kind and compassionate person who is passionate about helping kids from disadvantaged background? There are a lot of orphaned Kenyans who could benefit from having someone care for them.

This orphanage/childcare Kenya volunteering program has three options: orphans, street children and vulnerable children with behavioral issues. The program’s main focus is in the Kawangware slums and the goal is to rescue child from the streets.


Affordable yet inspiring volunteer opportunities have placed ABV at a high standing with past volunteers who have great things to say about the organization. Read reviews on Go Abroad, Volunteer forever and Go overseas.

The Fee

ABV has very affordable program fees in Kenya. Program fees start at $995 for a two-week stay, and the fees cover the cost of food, accommodation and local staff support.

Why We Chose A Broader View

A Broader View was selected because of their commitment to ensure that you are safe and secure while in the projects. They are also very affordable with sustainable high value Kenya volunteer opportunities.

Working Abroad (Switzerland)

volunteer in Kenya with working abroad

Location: UK
Established: 1997
Location & Projects: 30 countries over 200 programs
Price: Moderate
Reviews: A+
Experience to Expect: The company organizes volunteering programs that are known to be very professional and ethical.   

Founded in 1997 and based in the UK, Working Abroad is one of the first volunteer abroad agencies providing worldwide volunteering abroad programs. The organization’s volunteer in Kenya projects mainly focuses on the areas of ecosystem conservation, wildlife preservation, environmental education, biodiversity maintenance and sustainable community development.

Working Abroad Top Program’s in Kenya

Working Abroad mainly offers Kenya programs in three areas: Climate and Geography, Culture and History and Wildlife and Biodiversity. Amongst all, their turtle program in Kenya is most popular.

Watamu Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Kenya

This Sea Turtle program in Kenya is indeed an awesome program for you if you love saving the endangered sea turtles while also exploring the best Kenyan exquisites.

When you take part in this Kenya animal volunteer program, your work involves in research and monitoring of nesting turtles and turtle rehabilitation in Watamu, Kenya. In addition, you will help to conserve local sea turtle populations, whilst also experiencing the local culture and stunning beaches of the Watamu coastline.


Working Abroad is an efficient organization with amazing reviews online. On Go Overseas they have a rating of 9.5 /10, while on Volunteer Forever they are at an average of 4.6/5. The organization is highly praised by past volunteers for its transparency, impactful projects and affordable cost. Read reviews on Volunteer Forever and Go Overseas.

The Fee

Working Abroad is dedicated to keeping the prices for Kenya volunteer program inexpensive to ensure that anyone from all economic background can participate. Registration fee is $299 and the fees covers for food, accommodation and donation to the local community.

Why We Chose Working Abroad

Working Abroad has very high value programs with a commitment to support local communities to attain sustainability. They have been reviewed for being very professional and ethical.

Other Best Volunteer Projects Providers in Kenya :

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers 150 voluntary works abroad opportunities in over 20 destinations around the globe. Founded in 1994 in the UK, it has hosted over 115,000 volunteers in great projects worldwide with low-cost programs. Projects Abroad’s best program is elephant orphanage Kenya volunteer program. Many past volunteers have nothing but good things to say about this organization. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Global Vision International

Global Vision International is an American based organization offering high value volunteer in Kenya program. It has 9.5/10 on Go Abroad, 9/5 on Go overseas making it one of the most highly rated volunteer program provider with process starting as low as $499 for a week. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Volunteer Forever

Naturally Africa Volunteers (South Africa)

Naturally Africa offers unique and affordable volunteering opportunity in Kenya. They have outstanding reviews with a 4.9/5 on Volunteer Forever, Go Abroad at 9.7/10, and Volunteer Forever at 4.9. Prices are affordable to ensure many volunteer can afford to volunteer. Read reviews:

Go Overseas

Go Abroad


Kaya, a company that was set up by Director Heilwig Jones in 2008 after her many years of volunteering experiences with community projects, brings together the impact and quality of grass roots projects with the quality of structure and organization, breadth of choice and level of service that allows all and sundry the chance to contribute to positive action while enjoying traveling the world more responsibly. Kaya has exceptional, functioning and affordable programs, that cater to both volunteers and the people they are assisting. Their best program is Kenya elephant sanctuary volunteering. Read reviews at Go Overseas, and Go abroad.

International Humanity Foundation (IHF) (USA)

International Humanity Foundation is an exceptional and inexpensive Kenya volunteering organization. It believes in transparency and functions through the volunteers’ efforts from all over the world.

IHF is led by Carol Sasaki who has been doing IHF work for 24 years. IHF has offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and San Diego, California, in the United States. IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit volunteer organization in Kenya that strongly believes in equal opportunity for all and in preserving the traditions, cultures and beliefs of the communities it works in. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

Village Volunteers (USA)

Village Volunteers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works hand in hand with capacity-building programs and rural villages, supports the growth of sustainable solutions to community encounters. Village Volunteers offers affordable volunteer in Kenya program that are dedicated to assisting communities in their mission to attain a healthy, self-sustained life. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

If you are interested in volunteering in Asian countries and searching for the top-rated and affordable providers, check out volunteer organizations in Nepal, volunteer organizations in India, volunteer organizations in Sri Lanka, volunteer organizations in Thailand, volunteer organizations in Cambodia and volunteer organizations in Bali.


How can I volunteer in Kenya?

Kenya is an awesome country to visit and volunteer. There are several areas you can volunteer, like in wildlife conservation volunteer program in Kenya, elephant conservation, ecology, biodiversity education, health and so on. Thus, first identify a program of your interest and you can look for a trusted and highly rated volunteer organization to get yourself on board into a noble journey. Volunteer in Kenya is a perfect way to immerse yourself into the culture of the Kenyan people and closely interact with the local community.

How can I volunteer for free in Kenya?

Free volunteer programs are almost impossible to find as you need to cover your accommodation, food, project donation yourself. Your weekly program fees and registration fee help volunteering organization improve their services quality to you as well as the local community you work with.

How can I help Kenya?

You can take part as a volunteer to help in Kenya by joining a wide variety of volunteering programs. Kenya is in great need of volunteers in several sectors such as wildlife conservation, turtle conservation, ecology conservation, education, health and more. You can participate in any of these areas as per your skills, qualifications and interests and make a valuable contribution to change the world.

Is volunteering in Africa safe?

Yes, it is safe to volunteer in Africa. Africa is one of the most exciting and safest volunteer abroad destinations. Africa needs volunteers more than any continent in the world, and of course the programs are safe and very meaningful. Volunteer program providers insures you 24/7 that you are safe and sound throughout your stay in Africa. However, we suggest you do a thorough research before joining any organizations to avoid fraud and scam.

Do you have to pay to volunteer in Africa?

Yes indeed! you need to pay a certain amount as a weekly program fee and registration fee to volunteer in Kenya and all Africa. The volunteering organizations generally collect a small amount of registration fee to run their offices. They collect weekly program fees to donate project, to provide you food and accommodation, in-country support and other things.


This article has introduced lots of fabulous, well-organized and inexpensive Kenya volunteering opportunities. Whatever you want to do, and wherever your interests lay, there is bound to be one or maybe several programs that seem perfect for you.

Making a final choice is not always easy, but knowing your options are all equally trustworthy, good value for money and meaningful certainly helps.

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